How to Boost Signal on Samsung Phone

Reasons for poor internet

Before looking for tools that will tell you how you can improve the mobile Internet signal in different conditions, it is recommended to study for what reasons the signal may be bad. Signal quality decreases due to:

  • the presence of irregularities in the terrain (ravines, hills, mountains);
  • buildings and constructions;
  • a large amount of metal and concrete;
  • a lot of interference from other frequency emitters;
  • user movement. The higher the movement speed, the worse the connection quality will be.

Important! Poor signal quality can also be due to malfunctions in user equipment or operator base station.

How to Boost Your Cellular Signal on Android

There is essentially one reason for poor mobile communication. a weak signal from the base station to the mobile phone. This radio signal is greatly weakened by obstacles in the path of propagation. forest, terrain, neighboring houses, energy-saving glass that contains metal, and just the walls of the room in which the subscriber is located.

DIY Samsung Galaxy S bad, poor, no signal, FIXED!

On the Internet, it is proposed to download a considerable number of programs that, allegedly, are amplifiers of a cellular signal, the link discusses in detail the real types of amplifiers. But judge for yourself. after all, not a single program will force a signal to be emitted from a base station of a cellular operator with increased power, or to penetrate the premises through the walls to the subscriber with less losses. Typically the purpose of these programs is inline ads.

But there is a way to improve cellular connectivity on your phone using Android settings. To begin with, a little theory: cellular communication operates in 5 frequency ranges 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz. And the higher the frequency, the shorter the range of this frequency, since the greater the signal attenuation in the propagation medium. Here is a diagram of the base station range versus frequency:

The next point: we have different communication standards 2G, 3G, 4G, which operate at different frequencies. Table of distribution of communication standards by frequency ranges:

Frequency bands are highlighted in yellow, which are allocated for 4G / LTE, but are practically not used anywhere else.

The end point of the settings is to force the phone to switch to the communication standard with the highest signal strength. For example, in the city our telephone “sits” in the 2600 MHz range. By forcibly switching the phone to 3G, it “sits down” in the range of 900 or most likely 2100 MHz, where the signal level is slightly higher. Or while in the country, you can forcibly switch the phone to 2G, where the signal level is much higher.

The real disadvantage of switching to 2G is that the phone is left without the Internet. And when leaving a room where a mobile phone is poorly caught, one must not forget to turn on the automatic mode for determining the type of network.


So, guys, I don’t know how, but personally, this program works for me and actually restores the Internet on my Android smartphone Xiaomi redmi note 5 pro 6 × 64 GB, since earlier when the Internet was on, the Internet seemed to freeze and it did not work. only the activation of the flight mode and its shutdown saved.

But bad Internet was only at work, where the connection was very bad and only the way to put the smart into flight mode helped!

But now the connection keeps better and the Internet does not “fall off”, I am satisfied. What do you say?

Low speed and quality of mobile Internet is a common unpleasant feature of this type of communication. The transmission of information is carried out using a cellular signal, which can directly catch the user’s phone or a special attachment, modem, router, which distribute communication to several devices at once. However, if the digital signal is weak, then there will be nothing to distribute.

You need to know what you can do to increase, amplify and improve the quality of the received signal. What software and hardware can be used for this, how to strengthen the Internet signal on the phone or other received device.


Previously, almost all mobile phones had a physical antenna that was visible externally on the body. Modern devices are manufactured with an antenna hidden in the housing. It is used to receive and send a signal to the operator’s cell tower.

Holding the device upright in your hand may cause additional interference with your hands as they obstruct the antenna. It is advisable to hold the device upright, it is believed that this contributes to the best signal quality. Any other phone cases and accessories may cause additional interference.

Changing the position of the antenna can affect the signal quality. You can twist the phone in different directions and find the best location.


There are many different stickers on the market that fit under the cover of a smartphone and enhance the connection. They are made in the form of a thin plate with a pattern of metal strips. It is generally accepted that they contribute to better capture, but the effectiveness of the devices has not been proven. Most users do not see any effect from the application.

Search station

The further the distance from the base station, the worse the communication will be. The tower map from the operator used can help. You can measure the quality of the received signal in the immediate vicinity of the station. It may be possible to direct the Internet signal booster for the phone towards the nearest tower.

It is desirable that the user’s device be located at a distance from other phones, routers and others. Even a microwave oven can dramatically change the quality of the connection if it is located near the phone. It is better to put the modem or phone on the window, where concrete and metal interfere least of all.


A repeater or repeater is a device that is designed to ensure the maximum quality of the received and sent cellular signal. These are more advanced devices than antennas.

Even the simplest devices provide high-quality coverage over two hundred square meters. expensive and advanced repeaters are able to create a good connection within an entire building or office, the size of which is much larger than standard home parameters.

However, great attention should be paid to the correct installation of such amplifiers. You can do this yourself, saving on the services of third-party representatives. It is important to follow these rules:

  • an external antenna is installed outside. The directional type should face towards the base station;
  • the inner one is placed indoors, at a height that is more than five meters below the outer antenna;
  • both catchers are connected using a wire and a repeater;
  • the repeater is installed away from moisture and household frequency radiators.

If the location of the operator’s base station cannot be determined, then the assistance of one person is required. It is necessary to turn the external antenna and ask the assistant to monitor the signal level. When it turns out to be the best, you need to fix the antenna.

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If you decide to just change the melody to another built-in one, go to the settings.

Next, select a SIM card. Even if only one SIM is installed, you still need to choose one of the options. Let’s use the first SIM as an example.

We select a melody by tapping on it, after which it starts to play. If the melody suits you, just click on the “Back” button.

How to set SMS ringtone on Samsung phone?

Now let’s talk about how to set your melody as a ringtone for SMS.

Open the application “My files” or any other file manager.

We select the device memory where you saved your own ringtone. internal or external (memory card), if any. We have melodies stored in internal memory.

Long press to select the ringtone, then press “Copy”.

We return to the main memory section and open the Notifications folder.

Now we do everything the same as mentioned in the first part of the article: go to the settings, select the “Sounds and vibration” section, then. the item “Notification sounds”, the required SIM and And look in the list for a melody that will appear in this list, since we placed it in the Notifications folder. And here she is. tap on it and press “Back”.

If you transfer a ringtone from a computer or laptop, immediately transfer it to the Notifications folder, then the ringtone will instantly appear in the section with ringtones for notifications. The number of ringtones for this folder, as far as we know, is not limited.

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2 Ways to Really Increase Sound Volume on Samsung Galaxy

Depending on your phone Samsung duos a3, a5 2017, j5, j7 2016, s8, j1 2016, j4, j2, j3 2016, a7, a8 2018, j6, s9, c8, s8, g6, c5, j8, j4, a6, s7, s6, s3, s4 mini, a7 2018, gt e2121b, gt e2121b, sm g318h, gt e1182, e1150, g530h, x 700 speaker can sound soft or loud.

As a rule, the sound is usually quiet for us, and it is hard to hear on your smartphone. How to make the speaker louder?

Immediately you should pay your attention to the engineering menu. Samsung Galaxy lacks a full engineering menu.

There are some separate functions, but through the codes, for example, I could not turn up the volume of the speakers.

Who could. share. I have chosen other methods. I will not say that we managed to amplify the dynamics by 100%, but the effect is noticeable.

The first thing I did was to tackle the applications. On the Play market, many of them promise to add volume.

Only during the test it turned out that not all work the way I wanted, and some are compatible only with some phones and Android versions.

Samsung limits the volume of speakers and headphones, but if you wish, the restrictions can be removed. see how to do this here.

Boost the sound on a Samsung smartphone with the Speaker Boost app

If you have Android 4.1.2 or higher, you can use the pretty good Speaker Boost app.

It will turn out like a slider for adjusting the sound of the speakers from any point. After launching, you will need confirmation.

There is a certain limiter in the program that will not allow you to amplify the sound above 60 percent.

I do not advise you to take risks, but your business. those who wish, who are not afraid, can experiment with different values.

To amplify the sound, move the Boost panel to the right. First, choose a factor of 20% (this is just my recommendation), and then you can gradually increase, focusing on the dynamics.

If you cannot use the application above, I recommend trying another.

Increase the sound in a Samsung smartphone with the Speaker Booster app

This works in a different way. Instead of amplifying the sound, the Speaker Booster changes the equalizer settings, which leads to an increase in sound by about 15-30%.

Using the program is quite simple. run and install the required sound, and then click “Boost“.

After that, wait until the settings are completed, and everything is ready. the sound should be louder.

In both cases, I cannot guarantee you a 100% result. Much depends on android, ROM and hardware.

However, if your speakers are too quiet, you might want to try experimenting with your phone’s volume.

How to adjust the audio volume control on a Samsung Galaxy phone

Does the sound of your Samsung smartphone not suit you? You want to fine-tune the volume, but you cannot?

You can easily improve accuracy. By default, this is no more than 15 levels, but there is a solution that increases the accuracy of loudness.

The Precise Volume program will help with this, where the sound volume can be adjusted in the range from 1 to 100.

Want to make the volume 100? No problem. Run the application and click the line (button) “Additional settings”.

It’s only a good idea to tweak the settings first, while waiting for a more detailed sound level adjustment. In options, select the two fields at the top.

  • Split Ringer / Notification / System
  • Accurate ringer volume

Now go back to the main Precise Volume screen and click the Show button below the volume slider to open and show all possible sliders.

Now you have 6 sliders, each of which is responsible for a different element.

boost, signal, samsung, phone
  • Media. is responsible for the volume of media, that is, music, films, etc.
  • Call. responsible for the sound of the call.
  • Notifications. responsible for the volume of notifications.
  • Systems. responsible for the sound of system sounds (for example, when you touch the screen).
  • Conversation. responsible for the conversation.
  • Alarm clock. controls the volume of alarm sounds.

The slider can be adjusted on a scale of 1 to 100 for extremely precise volume control on your phone.

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of the app is that the precise audio adaptation is only valid in the Precise Volume app. this does not directly affect the system volume slider.

This means that every time you want to fine-tune the volume, you must launch the Precise Volume application and do it there. However, there is a way to make it easier

Configure volume profiles in Precise Volume. The application allows you to create so-called presets, that is, ready-made sets of volume settings. You can create popular profiles

  • Loudly.
  • Quiet.
  • Music.

For each of these sets, you can adjust the volume of each slider, and then you can switch between sets with two clicks on the Samsung home screen.

As a result, it replaces the need to use the system volume slider and allows you to quickly change settings without launching the Precise Volume application. How to do it?

First go to the Precise Volume app and under the Preset Volume click Edit. A list of all profiles will appear. Click the first sample set “Sample Preset”.

At the top, change the name (eg Loud) and then click the Add Volumes button to add more volume sliders for that setting.

Select all the volume sliders and then adjust the volume of each item for the Loud profile. Save changes using the button with the floppy disk icon in the upper right corner.

You will return to the edit settings screen. Click the plus sign in the lower right corner to add a new preset. This can be called “Mute” and, for example, set all volume levels to 0%.

At the very end, you can add a music kit that you will use when listening to music.

Set it according to your preference. You can also create other presets and then switch between them. Well how to do it right?

You can use the widget on the home screen to switch between the created profiles.

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Hold your finger on the Android home screen to display options for adding widgets. Add a widget named “Activate Preset”.

The speaker icon will now appear on the home screen. When you touch it, you can immediately switch between the selected profiles.

This way, you can set presets for every occasion, assign them precise volume levels, and then quickly switch between them. Success.

A software method for amplifying a cellular signal

This time we will not disassemble anything, but install a special MTK Engineering Mode application on Android, with which we will enter the engineering menu and change some parameters there. It is free and you can download it from the Play Market. Note that it is only suitable for devices powered by the MediaTek processor. You can find out which processor you have using the CPU-Z program, which can be downloaded, again, from the Play Market. So, we click on the shortcut of the program and immediately get into such a menu.

As a result, we will see on the display such a window with the settings, where we remove all the checkmarks. We leave only

  • EGSM900;
  • DCS1800;
  • WCDMA-GSM-900.

Thus, we turn off unnecessary frequencies that are not used in our country.

We do the same operation with SIM2.

Then go to the “Network selection” where we select the item GSM only. This is a 2G communication standard that originally appeared in the construction of telecommunication networks.

It has wide coverage across the country and handles voice calls perfectly. Choose this tab if you do not use 3G internet.

After these manipulations, your handset will work longer in time by turning off the scanning of unnecessary frequencies and hold the radio signal more steadily, since it will not jump between WCDMA and GSM standards.

Connecting a homemade antenna

Previously, cell phones had an external radio antenna or a connector under a plug located on the back of the case, into which any piece of wire could be inserted, which significantly increased reception.

Now everyone has modern smartphones, to which, apart from charging and headphones, nothing else can be connected. But, if you disassemble it, then inside, on the board, you can see a small golden cylindrical connector with a hole in the middle.

It is intended for network diagnostics and is used only in service centers. But, if you insert a small piece (no more than 5 cm) of a thin insulated wire into it, then you can observe a noticeable increase in the signal level.

Only in this case it is necessary to comply with some conditions. The wiring should not bend anywhere and touch live parts. It can be neatly laid inside the case, between the battery and the cover.

Again, this method is not suitable for everyone, since most devices are non-separable or do not have such a connector.

Sticker sticker

Often on sale you can find a universal compact antenna amplifier, which is a thin self-adhesive plate with a special geometric pattern made of metal tracks, which, according to the manufacturer, reduce the amount of interference and can significantly enhance the signal where there is practically no cellular communication.

A sticker is glued to the inner surface of the phone, under the battery. But in my opinion, there is no point in buying it. You can just as well put a piece of foil under the battery and the effect will be the same.

Here, with the help of such simple manipulations, you can do it yourself, using inexpensive materials, to strengthen a weak cellular signal on your phone.

P.S. I am attaching a screenshot of my earnings in affiliate programs. And I remind you that everyone can make money, even a beginner! The main thing is to do it correctly, which means to learn from those who are already earning, that is, from the professionals of the Internet business.

How to strengthen the cellular signal on your phone with your own hands

And today I want to talk about several ways to enhance cellular communication on the phone with my own hands and how really they help. But before you perform any actions with your device, you need to make sure that it is working properly.

After all, poor reception can be the result of a malfunction of the radio module, unreliable contact with the internal antenna or a flashed firmware.

It is very easy to make sure that your smartphone is working properly. It is enough to compare his level of acceptance with another, obviously working, not necessarily of the same model.

If it is very different, then, most likely, the mobile phone is faulty and it has a direct road to the repair shop. But there is no need to rush. I had a similar situation with Lenovo 316i, when the level bars on the display constantly disappeared, while other mobile phones worked fine. For some reason I have sinned on a buggy software.

And, of course, I tried to reflash it, but the result did not change. Having studied a considerable number of forums, I was inclined to conclude that the reason for an unimportant reception may be poor contact at the junction of the antenna and the motherboard.

This is a common disease in Chinese gadgets. The next step I decided on was to disassemble it.

And in fact, upon opening the case, I found that the middle spring tab on the board is slightly bent down and does not come into contact with the antenna, which is a flexible ribbon glued to the cover.

Armed with tweezers, I pushed it up a little, screwed everything back on, put the SIM-card and the battery in place, and pressed the power button. After booting the system, all four divisions appeared in the status bar and this time they did not disappear.

Thus, having the skills and certain knowledge, I myself managed to repair my mobile. But now let’s talk about the methods by which you can significantly improve the quality of communication.

How to strengthen the cellular signal on your phone with your own hands

How to strengthen the cellular signal on your phone with your own hands

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Dense urban development, terrain, mowing lines of power transmission lines and distance from transmission towers greatly affect the quality of signal reception, which can be lost at the most inopportune moment.

Installing the repeater

This option is ideal for use in the country or in the village, where, as a rule, the quality of communication is poor due to the remoteness of the towers.

Its principle of operation consists in capturing electromagnetic waves, preamplifying them and transmitting them to the user’s phone. The system consists of a repeater unit, external and internal antennas. The disadvantage of this equipment is the expensive price of the device, the complexity of installation, settings and a small range. But you can try to build a homemade installation yourself to amplify the signal.

To do this, we need a metal rod, about 50 cm long, a coaxial cable, a piece of foil about 100 by 40 mm in size, glued to plastic or plywood. It will be better if you have a foil-clad textolite.

So, we bend our rod in the shape of a diamond and solder a cable to it, the other end of which we solder to the foil.

An example of connecting a cable to a rod

We install our rhombus on the roof of the house or on a pole, preferably higher.

Now we check the amplifier. To do this, put the phone close to the plywood and notice how much the signal quality has improved.

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Samsung Galaxy Cellular Signal Measurement Method

Measuring the signal strength of the cellular network on the phone is often required to accurately diagnose problems due to which there is an interruption of calls, the phone “falling out” from the network, poor audibility, and the like. The reason is not always an insufficient signal level, which is why, before amplifying the signal, you need to determine its level and the frequency range in which the nearest base station operates.

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After selecting an item, you will see summary information in the service mode.

  • Sign “E”. 2G signal;
  • 2G-BASIC Info. 2G signal;
  • DCS1800. GSM-1800 (frequency range);
  • BCCH arfcn: 859. Number of active GSM-1800 channel;
  • Lvl:.68. GSM signal level in dBm;
  • Tx_Pwr_Lvl: 30. Signal level for transmission (the less this value, the greater the signal).


If your phone is in 3G (3g / h / h) mode, then you will see the following:

  • Sign “H”. 3G signal;
  • uarfcn: 10762. UMTS2100 channel number;
  • Ec / Lo:.7. The ratio of the received / reflected signal (Should be greater. 10. For example, Ec / Lo:.5. This is good.);
  • RSCP_CPICH:.90. Incoming signal level of the active channel;
  • CELL_DCH RSSI / TX:.83 /.19. Aggregate signal over channels from BS (dBm) / signal per transmission from subscriber (dBm)
  • WCDMA (2100). 3G signal in the UMTS2100 standard.


Disable WI-FI, dial the code # on your phone.

Select SIM card (STACK 1 or STACK 2)


If your phone is in 4G mode, then you will see the following:

  • 4G sign. 4G signal (LTE);
  • LTE-BASIC Info. 4G signal (LTE);
  • Band: 3. Frequency band number: 2.6 GHz.
  • RSRP:.92. Signal (dBm) from active BS (channel average) ≥.125 dBm.
  • RSRQ:.11. Signal quality (dB) from active BS (the more the better)
  • RSSI:.61. Total signal from active BS (dBm);
  • SINR: 9. signal / noise ≥0;
  • Tx_Pwr_Lvl: 9. Signal level for transmission (the less this value, the greater the signal).
boost, signal, samsung, phone
Name of the standard Generation Frequency ranges ARFCN value (UARFCN or EARFCN)
GSM-900 2G 900 MHz (Band 8) 0.14
GSM-1800 2G 1800 MHz (Band 3) 512.885
UMTS-900 3G 900 MHz (Band 8) 2937.2712
UMTS-2100 3G 2100 MHz (Band 1) 10562.10838
LTE-800 4G 800 MHz (Band 20) 6150.6449
LTE-1800 4G 1800 MHz (Band 3) 1200.1949
LTE2600 FDD 4G 2600 MHz (Band 7) 2750.3449
LTE2600 TDD 4G 2600 MHz (Band 38) 37750.38249

Absolute RF range of values.
. FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) uses DL / UL frequency division, which makes it possible to amplify this signal by an active amplifier (repeater).
. TDD (Time Division Duplex) uses DL / UL time division, which makes it impossible to amplify this signal by an active amplifier (repeater).

To enhance the cellular signal, we recommend paying attention to the cellular amplifiers and repeaters VEGATEL.

Signal Strengthening for Android: App or Antenna?

The loss of the signal on the smartphone lies in wait for you at the most unexpected moment. You just talked with a colleague, made an appointment with a friend, or chatted with a loved one. and suddenly the call ends. A second ago, they checked their e-mail, and now the 3G / 4G signal has disappeared.

“Press the button. and you will know the grace”. admonish the advertisements of applications for Android-systems.

But what is really going on? Can you really strengthen your connection just by installing software? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Why is the signal on my smartphone or tablet disappearing??

Because even in a big city, in the immediate vicinity of base stations, there is a lot of interference for the signals of a mobile operator. These are high-rise buildings, metal structures, and third-party networks.

Improving communication will also be required when you are out of town, at a considerable distance from the signal repeater.

Especially when it comes to smartphones. Did you know that even some cases can prevent you from enjoying Internet access? In fact, if your case contains metal inserts / elements that are designed to enhance the protection of your smartphone, this may affect the quality of the 3G or WI-FI signal. Don’t believe me? Do a little experiment: test the internet speed in two states, with and without a case. If the results differ, then your case is blocking more than just shocks to the case.

Features of special software

Modern software developers for smartphones and tablets promise you a perfect, uninterrupted connection anywhere in the world with the installation of one single application. Let me explain to you how it works.

In fact, the strengthening of communication in this case occurs due to reconnection to the nearest station. That’s all. Whether it’s 3G, 4G, LTE or WI-FI, your mobile device will only really work faster if the corresponding powerful station is found. This can work when you are in the city, but it will not help much when you leave for the country.

The advantages of such applications include notification that you are in a bad connection zone. However, it will not help in any way to strengthen the connection here. It’s just to know. not enough. something needs to be done.

When it comes to today’s popular tablets, the enhancement of communication, which was previously more important for WI-FI, now applies to calls. The ability to install a 3G / 4G card on such a device increased functionality, but left it dependent on the signal strength.

For more powerful Internet access, the tablet also has its own Android applications, however, due to their operation, the voltage on the WI-FI module itself may increase, and this already negatively affects the device itself. Also, keep in mind that these programs drain your battery very quickly.

What is the advantage of amplifying external signal?

Imagine a situation: you are waiting for an important call and running around your home or office in search of such a special area where your smartphone picks up the signal well. Sound familiar? Or going out into nature, when you just want to put a sign “Here is catching a net”.

Improving communication is actually not such a difficult task. Today for this there are quite different options for antennas, repeaters, which amplify the signal coming from the operator. Thus, you do not act on your smartphone or tablet, but on electromagnetic waves that should reach them.

And this is just the beginning. Because strengthening communication with the help of special equipment is an opportunity to provide a comfortable signal not for one smartphone, but for several devices. The optimal solution here is a 3G / 4G router with WI-FI, which works with the type of signals you need.

What applications can be useful?

Let’s be honest: in some cases, custom custom applications can be useful. Although they cannot strengthen the bond by themselves, they are nevertheless able to control its quality.

On the other hand, few smartphone users know that there is an option in the Android system settings that allows you to avoid a weak connection to WI-FI: finding a bad signal, your device will not even try to connect to it. And this is a significant saving in battery power.

Optimal solutions from GSM-Repeater.RU

No matter how attractive it may seem to install a single application that permanently saves your smartphone from losing the network, in the end it will not save you on a country road, in an elevator of a large office building or in the countryside. And if you spend a lot of time at such points, then it makes sense to strengthen the connection with a reliable method. by installing an antenna, repeater, router.

GSM-Repeaters.RU has been providing its customers with improved 3G / 4G communications since 2010. Regardless of whether you need to strengthen communication in a private house or in a corporate building, our specialists will select the most optimal solution using Vegatel, Picocell, Baltic Signal equipment.

You can see the full range of offers in the Catalog. Also, find out how we strengthen the connection with examples of Completed Objects.