How to block ads on iPhone

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If, after removing ads in the browser, he began to write that he could not connect to the proxy server

After you managed to get rid of ads in the browser automatically or manually, you may face the fact that pages and sites have stopped opening, and the browser reports that there was an error connecting to the proxy server.

In this case, open the Windows Control Panel, switch the view to “Icons” if you have “Categories” and open “Internet Options” or “Internet Options”. In the properties go to the “Connections” tab and click the “Network Settings” button.

Enable automatic detection of parameters and disable the use of a proxy server for local connections. Details on how to fix the “Unable to connect to proxy server” error.

Changes made by the virus to the hosts file to replace ads

Among other things, Adware, due to which advertising appeared in the browser, makes changes in the hosts file, which can be determined by multiple entries with google and other addresses.

Hosts file changes causing ads to appear

In order to fix the hosts file, run notepad as administrator, select file. open from the menu, specify that all files are displayed and go to Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \, and open the hosts file. Delete all lines below the last one starting with a hash, then save the file.

Removing programs that cause ads

Below I will list the most popular names for “programs” that cause this behavior in browsers, and then I will tell you where you can find them. So, what names should you pay attention to:

  • Pirrit Suggestor, pirritdesktop.exe (and all others with the word Pirrit)
  • Search Protect, Browser Protect (and also take a closer look at all programs and extensions containing the words Search and Protect in their names, except SearchIndexer. this is a Windows service, you don’t need to touch it.)
  • Conduit, Awesomehp and Babylon
  • Websocial and Webalta
  • Mobogenie
  • CodecDefaultKernel.exe
  • RSTUpdater.exe

It is better to delete all these things when found on the computer. If you have suspicions of some other process, try searching on the Internet: if a lot of people are looking for how to get rid of it, then it can also be added to this list.

And now about uninstallation. first go to the Windows Control Panel. Programs and Features and see if anything from the above is in the list of installed ones. If so, uninstall and restart your computer.

As a rule, such removal does not help to get rid of Adware completely, and they are also rarely displayed in the list of installed programs. The next step is to open the Task Manager and in Windows 7 go to the Processes tab, and in Windows 10 and 8. to the Details tab. Click the Show Processes of All Users button. Look for files with the specified names in the list of running processes. Update 2017: you can use the free CrowdInspect program to find dangerous processes.

Try right-clicking on the suspicious process and terminating it. Most likely, after that, it will immediately start again (and if it does not start, check the browser operation. whether the ads have disappeared and whether an error has appeared when connecting to the proxy server).

So, if the process that causes the ad to appear is found, but it cannot be completed, right-click on it and select “Open file location”. Remember where this file is located.

Press the Win keys (Windows key) R and enter msconfig, then click OK. On the “Boot” tab, put “Safe Mode” and click OK, restart your computer.

After entering safe mode, go to the control panel. folder options and enable the display of hidden and system files, then go to the folder where the suspicious file was located and delete all its contents. Run msconfig again, check if there is anything unnecessary on the “Startup” tab, remove unnecessary ones. Remove boot in Safe Mode and restart your computer. After that, view the extensions in your browser.

Additionally, it makes sense to check running Windows services and find links to the malicious process in the Windows registry (search for the file name).

If after deleting the files of the malicious program, the browser began to display an error related to the proxy server. the solution was described above.

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Advertising pops up in the browser. how to get rid of it

If you, like many users, are faced with the fact that your browser pops up or new browser windows open with ads, and on all sites. including those where it was not, then I can say that you are not alone in this problem, and I, in turn, will try to help and tell you how to remove ads.

Pop-up ads of this kind appear in the Yandex browser, Google Chrome, and for some, in the Opera. The signs are the same: when you click anywhere on any site, a pop-up window with ads appears, and on those sites where you could have seen advertising banners before, they are replaced by ads with offers to get rich and other dubious m. Another behavior option is spontaneous opening of new browser windows, even when you have not started it.

If you observe the same thing, then you have malware (AdWare), a browser extension, and possibly something else on your computer.

It may also be that you have already come across advice to install AdBlock, but as I understand it, the advice did not help (moreover, it could hurt, which I will also write about). Let’s start fixing the situation.

  • We remove ads in the browser automatically.
  • What to do if the browser stopped working after the automatic removal of ads, writes “Unable to connect to the proxy server”
  • How to manually find the cause of pop-up ads and remove them (with an important 2017 update)
  • Changes in the hosts file, causing the substitution of advertisements on sites
  • Important information about the AdBlock you most likely have installed
  • Additional Information
  • Video. how to get rid of pop-up ads.

Additional Information

If after the described actions the advertisement disappeared, but the start page in the browser changed, and changing it in the Chrome or Yandex browser settings does not lead to the desired result, you can simply create new shortcuts to launch the browser by deleting the old ones. Or, in the properties of the shortcut in the “Object” field, remove everything that is after the quotes (there will be the address of the unwanted start page). Details on the topic: How to check browser shortcuts in Windows.

In the future, be careful when installing programs and extensions, use official trusted sources for downloading. If the problem remains unresolved, describe the symptoms in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to help.

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Using Malwarebytes Antimalware to Get Rid of the Problem

Malwarebytes Antimalware is a free tool for removing malware, including Adware, that causes ads to appear in Google Chrome, Yandex browser and other programs.

How to block ads in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Although advertising is called the engine of progress, some sites have too much of it. Particularly annoying are pop-up advertisements trying by all means to send the user to another tab or even to the application page in the App Store. Deal with ads in Safari on iPhone and iPad once and for all can be helped by special ad blockers, the installation of which will be discussed in this tutorial.

Banners on the Web when surfing the mobile Safari browser can be divided into three conditional types:

  • Acceptable. regular banner ads that don’t feature any antics. They just look at the user from the side panels of the site, only the most intolerant of advertising people are indignant
  • Annoying. pop-up messages when going to a site or page, which most often, even when closed, will transfer the user to the advertised page.
  • Malicious. blocking Safari banners that require transferring a certain amount of money to the cracker to unblock it. It is not very easy to stumble upon such banners, but wherever users are not led by the address bar.

Any type of banner ad after the release of iOS 9 can be dealt with by dedicated ad blockers. Consider the process of downloading and installing one of them.

How to block ads in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Go to the App Store and download one of the popular Safari ad blockers like Adguarg Launch the Settings app

Go to Safari. Content blocking rules

Activate the ad blocker you downloaded from the App Store

In most cases, after that you will need to launch the blocker application, which will activate and configure the necessary parameters. Once the installation is complete, you can try the blocker in action. launch Safari and go to the site on which ads on which you were annoyed before.

Note: Almost all ad blockers have settings that users can manually change. You can customize a lot: a whitelist, blocking rules, select available filters, etc.

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How to remove YouTube ads on iPhone?

  • To hide ads in the YouTube app on iOS, download the Luna VPN app on your iPhone or iPad;
  • Enable it and add the proposed configuration to the trusted VPN list;
  • Now go to the developer’s site and download the Adblock Extension profile;

How to disable iOS 13 tracking limitation?

To do this, go to “Settings”, then fall into the “Privacy” section, go down to the end of the list and see the item “Advertising” there. This is where the “Limit tracking” checkbox is located. by default it is disabled.

How to Block All In-App Advertisements on Your iPhone!

Turn off ad restriction?

Go to Settings Privacy Advertising and then select Tracking Restriction. How to disable it on Android?

How to disable ads in VK in settings?

  • You need to open a standard application for dialing a phone number.
  • Dial the code ### and the debug page of the application will open.
  • At the bottom of the page, find the “Disable ads” section and check the box.
  • Close the application and start again.

How to remove ads in VK music on iPhone?

We go to the settings of your device. Confidentiality. Advertising (at the very bottom). turn on Limit ad tracking.

How to turn off pop-up ads on iPhone via Adblock for iOS

Blocking advertisements on YouTube (or any other website) is not illegal, but many content creators rely on ad revenue to support their channels. Therefore, when viewers use a YouTube blocker, the channel owners are not paid. Fortunately, there are ways to remove ads and still support the people who make and release videos.

AdBlock was once the best way to block ad content

There are various ad blockers for iOS and Android, but the easiest way to watch YouTube videos without spam is to use the Adblock browser available on Google Play and the Apple Store. User doesn’t need to root their Android device or jailbreak iPhone to enjoy watching YouTube.

If the user prefers to use the default iOS browser, Apple allows you to block YouTube ads in Safari using dedicated apps. After downloading them from the Apple Store, you need to activate the ad blocking function in the device settings:

  • Go to “Preferences” in Safari.
  • Activate the pop-up blocker toggle, then click Content Blocker.
  • You need to make sure blocking is enabled in the “Allow these content blockers” section.

Note! AdBlock iOS YouTube was a very useful utility, but it doesn’t work now. YouTube without iOS ads can no longer be done with this program.

If the viewer wants to continue supporting YouTube content creators, they can sign up for YouTube Premium, which also provides access to exclusive shows like Mind Field or Cobra Kai. Other ways to support your favorite YouTube creators include donating directly through services such as PayPal and Patreon, or through YouTube’s Superchat feature available during live streaming.

Blocking advertising content on YouTube can in some cases harm the channel owner

How to make YouTube ad-free on iOS. detailed instructions

Recently, YouTube representatives have started to conduct a rather aggressive advertising policy, inserting videos while watching videos. This interferes with a comfortable viewing of the content. Advertising can last from a few seconds to half an hour (or even more). In addition, if you do not turn off viewing in a timely manner, then the transition to another commercial will automatically begin. This article will tell you how to solve this problem on devices running iOS. These methods are very simple to implement, every owner of Apple mobile devices can use them.

Using third party YouTube clients

Another option to avoid annoying advertising content is to use a third-party app that will allow you to watch YouTube videos.

Note! Some third-party applications are free, and some Apple device owners will have to pay a certain amount.

Block spam with third-party apps for Apple devices

Blocking ads in iOS apps gives users the ability to watch videos without spam. If this function is not available in the official YouTube app, then in third-party applications you can opt out of viewing any advertising content while the video is playing. This is a kind of free alternative for watching videos on this service. Here is a list of the most popular iOS apps and their prices:

  • ProTube (299 rubles);
  • Video Tube (free);
  • Tubex (free);
  • BuzzTube (free);
  • YouPlayer (free).

Blocking YouTube ads with a VPN

One of the hardest methods to get rid of advertising content is to use a VPN. Apple AppStore is full of apps that promise to block ads on the iPhone, and get rid of annoying banners and pop-ups.

Note! If you look at the App Store reviews, you can see that there is no ad blocking app that is suitable for all situations.

Most applications use a VPN to block ads and filter content over a remote server. Along with slowing down your internet connection, this also poses security risks as the application running in the background basically monitors all internet traffic. How to enable ad blocker:

  • You need to download the selected program from the App Store. It is possible that the “Content Blocking” option will not appear in the “Settings” application if the corresponding application is not installed.
  • You need to open the “Settings” application.
  • Go to Safari to Content Blockers.
  • Enable blocker.

Connecting a premium subscription in YouTube on iPhone

The easiest (aka official) way is to purchase a subscription. To do this, the user needs to log into the YouTube system and purchase the package. But we must remember that residents of not every country can use this function. It is available for Russia, but not for most of the CIS countries. For more details on the list of countries where a YouTube subscription is available, follow the link.

Alternative programs to block ads

How to block ads on Android or iPhone

How to turn off ads on iPhone

Ads that are displayed on the screen when a user is watching their favorite YouTube videos on an iPhone (X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6s) can be a hassle. The good news is that there are many tricks you can use to block YouTube ads on iPhone.

The first option is to enable YouTube downloader to download the video and play it offline. The second option is to install a third-party program that will block any advertisements on YouTube. This article will go into details about these two options for blocking YouTube ads on iPhone.

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Important! Each user should remember that advertising is a forced action. Thus, channel owners are paid for their activities.

How to make YouTube ad-free on iOS

This section will take a closer look at how to disable ads on iPhone. The most popular methods, their advantages and disadvantages are listed below. How to disable pop-up ads on iPhone and can you do it yourself? Of course, and even so, you don’t need to have advanced knowledge in OS settings.

Access scheme for blocking spam in Apple devices

How to block ad content in iOS apps

YouTube without iPhone ads can be set up without any complications. To get rid of such content, which is called ad in English, you can use standard tools such as AdBlocker (block, blocker) or other methods. Typically, the browser uses this program to save the user from viewing unnecessary information. Most social networks, for example VK, are now overflowing with such content, which most users try to turn off, because it has a tendency to pop up and spoil work at the most inopportune moment.

It is possible to block spam content that interferes with full-fledged work not only with the help of paid services. Disabling is possible in the YouTube viewer itself. It is an order of magnitude more difficult to do this through a mobile browser, but each user can independently choose a convenient way for him to remove ads directly while viewing or permanently remove them.

How to remove ads in the calendar of iPhone and iPad?

Hi Hi! On my blog there is a wonderful (I really hope so) article in which I talk about various viruses on the iPhone (iPad) and how to deal with this disgrace. And, for the time being, everything was fine. people read, commented, asked questions, I answered them. Quiet and smooth! Was

Why was”? Because in the last month there just began to appear a huge number of questions related to the iPhone calendar.

They say that various advertising notifications appear in it on their own (you won, take a survey, easy money, take a prize, the security of the device is at risk and other spam nonsense), which are constantly displayed on the screen, “eat up the battery” and generally interfere with a normal life.

In this regard, it was decided to write a separate article and talk about where advertising in the iPhone calendar comes from and, most importantly, how to get rid of this spam with unnecessary events.

No sooner said than done. Go! And let’s start with the most important:

This is not a virus. Everything is fine with your iPhone and iPad. it is not infected and there is no malware on it.

The Google and Apple calendars are to blame for everything, as well as their “peculiarities”, because of which one very “funny” thing happens.

  • Someone knows your email or has access to change the calendar on your device.
  • This person (program, application) adds your mailbox to participate in the event (the description of the “event” contains links and has a name. you won, take a prize, last chance, your iPhone is at risk, etc.).
  • A reminder of this event is automatically generated in the calendar.
  • Many events. many notifications. iPhone and iPad owner suffers.

But that’s not the most interesting part. The whole “ficus” is that everything described above is not some kind of failure or flaw of programmers.

In theory, this should make life easier for users (created a meeting, added friends, reminders are ready, everyone is happy).

In fact, it made life easier for spammers (threw advertising events. maybe someone will “behave”).

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings. Privacy. Calendars and see which apps have access to your calendar. Do you see something extra? Feel free to disconnect!
  • Open “Settings. Calendar” and turn off the “Offer seats” option.

Did not help? Are there advertising notifications anyway? So they are “pushed” through account synchronization.

The most common problem is the Gmail account.

Method 1 (quick and decisive). On iPhone or iPad you need to go to “Settings. Passwords and accounts” and turn off the synchronization of accounts with the calendar.

Method 2 (slightly slower, but synchronization will remain). On the computer:

  • Open the Gmail calendar management site. here is the link.
  • Go to “Settings. Events”.
  • Find and disable the option “Automatically add invitations”.
  • We do the same with “Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar”.
  • Everything.

No more promotional messages will appear on your calendar.

Updated or very important! There is no need to get stuck and look for the problem only in “Gmail”. Be sure to check “Settings. Passwords and Accounts” for other accounts, find and disable (delete) anything that makes you suspicious. ad spam will disappear. Victory!

And how to delete all those events that have already been added to the calendar?

The answer will be disappointing. This will have to be done manually. unfortunately, there are no tools to remove “everything at once” Or are there? And the author just doesn’t know something? Write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. many people will thank you!

How to turn off Pop-up Blocker on iPhone?

How to turn pop-ups on or off

  • Open the Chrome app. on iPhone or iPad.
  • Click Settings.
  • Select Content Settings Block. float window.
  • Set the switch to the desired position.

How to remove ads from the feed in contact?

How to remove ads in the application for Android

  • We launch the mobile client and go to the settings.
  • We select the last item “About the program”, after which we will see brief information regarding the version and build of the application, as well as the dog’s face.
  • Now go to the dialer (dialer) and enter the code: ###

How to remove carrier ads on iPhone?

On the smartphone, go to the Settings Phone SIM-programs section, turn off everything that only contains annoying mention of advertising and spam. We go to the personal account of our operator (you can use the Internet, you can use a special mobile application) and also refuse push notifications.

Turn off ads in the YouTube mobile app?

This item is located in the “Settings”, then “Security” and the tab “Unknown sources”; As soon as you download the application to your phone, launch it and allow installation. Then, after launch, click the “Upload file” tab, and then click “Disable ads”.

How to remove ads in VK music on Android 2020?

Click on the picture with the dog or the VK logo three times, but you will not see any action. Open the Phone app immediately and dial the following code. ###. Click on the call button. The debug menu will open, where you need to find the item “Disable ads” and put a tick in front of.

How to remove pop-ups from the operator?

You can also disable the receipt of Kaleidoscope messages by entering a simple USSD key (just dial these numbers and characters in the dialer) 8080 #.

How to disable ads in VK 2019 iOS?

  • Open the standard phone dialer application
  • Dial the code ### (you do not need to press the call button)
  • The debugging page of the application will open with hidden settings
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box next to “Disable ads”

How to turn off YouTube ads on iPhone

The easiest way is to connect a paid subscription that YouTube users offer.

If this option does not suit you, then the following applications can help block ads:

  • In the Safari browser, click the Content Block button and then enable the app.
  • Download the free “Adblock Browser” from the App Store.
  • Completely free application “Adamant”, available for download in the App Store.
  • Application “1Blocker”, available in paid and free versions.
  • Paid blocking applications “Crystal” and “Purify”.

Some programs may not work for owners of older models, so these options are suitable only for owners of new generation iPhones.

How to remove ads in the browser on iPhone

Safari, the default browser for all Apple gadgets, can also use blockers to ignore pop-up ads. For these purposes, the following applications are useful: “Blockr”, “1Blocker” and “Crystal”.

How to remove ads on iPhone

Recently, advertising on phones has become more and more, and every day it becomes more and more intrusive. Even if you have a gadget from Apple, which has fewer annoying ads than Android, it would still not hurt to know how you can quickly and effectively get rid of it.

Let’s take a look at the main ways to eliminate unnecessary ads on iPhones.

How to remove ads on iPhone

In order to disable all ads and all redirects to applications you do not need, remove all pop-ups in browsers and programs, you should install the best ad blocker for iOS. iCareFone APP.

  • Download and Launch the iCareFone APP.
  • Find the “Remove Ads” button located on the main interface of the app. Scanning starts.
  • After scanning is complete, select the programs from which you want to exclude ads and pop-ups. Select them.
  • Confirm the changes when the uninstallation is finished.
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In addition to iCareFone, there are other applications that you may find useful for removing ads from iPhone:

  • “AdBlock”. The program uses VPN in its work, and it is able to block absolutely all ads on the phone.
  • “1Blocker”. Multifunctional blocker with very flexible settings: allows you to block pornographic content, independently create White and Black lists, as well as configure the use of cookies and notifications from social networks.
  • “Crystal”. The program does not hide small advertising banners. In demand for easy customization and the ability to create a “White List” for sites.
  • “Purify”. A simple program whose main function is to block pop-ups.

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clear links from being redirected to other sites

Often in shortcuts, a link leads to an extension with a fake link ending with “. chrome.url “. This is an invalid extension, url is an internet shortcut that leads to a viral site.

Therefore, clean the links, correcting at the end to “. exe “.

  • Hover over the shortcut, right-click and select Properties. Look at the link in the “Object” field and, if necessary, correct the ending.
  • Click “Apply”.
  • Next click on “File Location”.
  • A pop-up window will display an Internet shortcut that links to the malicious site. Delete it and save the file type application.

These steps are the same for all browsers.

How to remove ads in the Opera

  • Go to the “All” tab.
  • In the list of extensions, disable unnecessary ones. To block ads, even disable reliable ones. Experiment later: turn on any of your choice and see if ads appear.
  • Close the browser.

How to block ads in Internet Explorer

  • Experiment with disabling and enabling add-ons.
block, iphone

remove unnecessary and unfamiliar programs

  • Sort the list of programs by date: double-click the “Install” icon.
  • Remove unfamiliar programs installed at the same time as ads appear.

disable browser extensions

Often an extension that has been embedded in the browser is responsible for displaying ads. Do the following to uninstall unnecessary apps and disable unnecessary extensions.

How to remove ads in Chrome and Yandex

  • View the list of extensions: uncheck unnecessary checkboxes and remove them.
  • Close the browser.

Exactly the same actions can be used to block Yandex Direct ads.

How to remove ads in Mozile

  • Open Firefox browser and go to control menu.
  • Select the “Add-ons” section, the “Extensions” tab and disable unnecessary.
  • Open the “Plugins” tab and delete those that you do not use.

How to remove ads: proven instructions on how to remove ads from a computer

—Yandex Browser, Google Chrome and Mozilla

For them. You need to install additional plugins

The three most popular browsers will not be able to independently answer the question of how to remove ads on YouTube: neither Yandex browser, nor chrome, nor Mozilla have such capabilities. Chrome’s custom settings include a command to block intrusive ads, but this feature does not work for YouTube. To do this efficiently, additional plugins are needed. Let’s talk about this in more detail below.

In any of the browsers, plugins are installed like this:

  • Open settings (icon in the upper right corner).
  • Select “Add-ons”.
  • A list of compatible plugins that work with this browser will open.

That is, you need to install a plugin that will block ads.

UBlockOrigin is a completely free browser extension, after installation, a button will appear on the panel, which must be enabled for a block on each site, there are advanced adjustments.

AdRemover. can remove ads in videos on YouTube both on the main video hosting site and on other sites with embedded videos. Improves performance by disabling external URLs.

ADBlock. the creators of the extension have taken care of a separate product YouTubeAdBlock. Works absolutely free, invisible to the user, removes all commercial ads.

If you are not satisfied with chrome, yandex or opera, there are good alternative browsers that provide everything you need by default, including how to get rid of ads on YouTube:

  • Vivaldi is a great reviewer version from the creators of the opera. And convenient, and knows how to get rid of unnecessary without additional programs.
  • Pale Moon is a very adaptive interface, fully customizable for individual preferences, many themes, supports extensions from firefox, works flawlessly, protects your safety and peace, eliminating intrusive suggestions.
  • Avast Browser. has a number of advantages. It consumes little memory, hides everything unnecessary, has a built-in function for downloading videos from YouTube.

On smartphones

The answer to the question of how to block ads on YouTube depends on the operating system of your mobile device.

Now let’s look at how to remove YouTube ads on iPhone and iPad. There are not many methods for Apple devices, but they are still there.

FreeAdBlockerBrowser. available in the AppStore, allows you to watch YouTube through a browser, disabling all unnecessary ads.

Disable and Block YouTube Ads. Instructions

YouTube is good for everyone. a large selection of content, an individual approach to each viewer, a lot of settings. Frustrating, perhaps, only the abundance of advertising, it distracts and wastes our precious time.

Fortunately, you can fight this: how to remove ads in YouTube on PC and on mobile when watching videos. all the ways and little secrets that are relevant in 2020.

  • Disable ads on Computer
  • On Android phone and iPhone

Get rid of them on the computer

How we get rid of annoying banners and videos depends on the browser used.

Important: before trying to remove ads in YouTube on your computer, scan it with an antivirus. This must be done if extra advertising appeared relatively recently, and you notice a sharp increase in its number.

—Opera. allows you to turn off through the settings in 1 minute

Perhaps the functions provided in the opera are the simplest answer to the question of how to remove pop-up ads on YouTube quickly, and most importantly, for free.

  • Install the browser
  • Run installation, open opera.
  • Click on the settings icon at the top right.
  • Open the advanced settings section.
  • Activate the “Block ads” switch.
  • Optional: in the section for managing exclusions, you can delete some sites that by default cannot be cleaned.

In addition to the simplicity of Opera, another important advantage is the presence of a VPN enable button next to the address bar. While visiting torrents, you may face limited access issue due to ad blocker. In this case, you just need to turn on the VPN, and access will be resumed.

All methods. Paid and Free

Option 1. universal

Before diving into the study of blockers, browser settings, API and VPN, it is worth stopping your attention on a completely legal and very convenient way. YouTube Premium.

The only reason for the opponents of such a subscription is the need to pay money. But its cost is fully justified by all the advantages:

  • no commercial ads (except for those that bloggers themselves shoot as part of their videos);
  • additional services YouTube music and google music;
  • access to paid movies and TV series;
  • save playlists and offline viewing;
  • playing music when the screen is off.

All these goodies can be tested in the first free month, then the subscription costs 199 rubles per month. The cost fully justifies the result obtained.

If you got sick of YouTube ads, but you firmly decided not to spend money on subscriptions and do not know how to remove it, read this review.

On Android

Before removing ads on YouTube on Android, you should make a choice: watch the video through a browser or through a mobile application. In the first case, everything is somewhat simpler, but the official application is much more convenient for small screens.

So it is impossible to get rid of advertisements in the YouTube mobile application, you will have to use third-party applications.

FreeAdBlockerBrowser is an alternative to mobile Chrome. Removes all ads on viewed sites, but does not affect mobile applications. Knows how to make YouTube without ads, but you will have to watch only through this browser.

VLC is a video player that allows you to watch videos from yotube. Available for installation through the Play Market. The method is not entirely convenient, it is more suitable for watching large stories, in which advertising screensavers are often found. In the YouTube app, click Share and select VLC, it will start playing through the player without ads.

New Pipe is a replacement for the official app. It knows how to play without unnecessary screensavers and banners, download, does not support only authorization on the site. But you can export your playlists and upload them to newpipe.