How to apply protective glass on iPhone 7

How to apply glass protection on iPhone 6

Sometimes even professionals fail to glue the protection evenly and without air bubbles, aligning all the cutouts. To avoid mistakes, you need to follow the instructions that are suitable for iPhone 6:

  • Wipe the display with an alcohol pad to remove fingerprints, dirt and dust from the surface.
  • Do the same, but with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Apply a special blue tape to the phone to help remove particles invisible to the eye, and then remove it.
  • Take the glass in your hands around the edges and peel off the film with an adhesive layer.
  • Bring the cover as close as possible to the screen, align all the cutouts and carefully place it on the display.
  • Press lightly in the middle with your finger to start the gluing process automatically.
  • Remove air if present.

Important! Never press down on the edges of the protective surface if there is still air underneath. First of all, you need to squeeze it out of there, and only then finally press on the edges.

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The kit will help to glue the protection many times faster

How to apply protection on iPhone 7

The process of gluing the protection on the iPhone 7 is no different from the previous paragraph with the sixth model. Provided that a person doubts his capabilities, it is better to entrust this to a professional. If not, then the process is as follows:

  • Clean up the screen.
  • Remove dust from it with a special tape.
  • Place the cover on the screen gently and effortlessly.
  • Allow the glue to disperse and wipe it down, pressing firmly around the edges.

How to install protective glass on iPhone 5s

  • Remove the case from the phone.
  • Put it on a clean surface that is well lit.
  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth or tissue, which often comes with a protective cover. In some cases, special adhesive tape is used to collect dust.
  • Take the glass and remove the protective film.
  • Bring the cover to the phone by aligning the cutouts for the speaker, camera and home button.
  • Apply glass protection on the side of the earpiece and gradually lower it to the other side.
  • Give a little time for the adhesive layer to disperse.
  • Wipe the surface with a cloth, press the glass even harder.
  • Check screen operation.

You need to glue the film or glass in a well-lit room.

How to properly apply protective glass on iPhone

Before gluing the protective glass, you need to remove the case from your iPhone. If the screen has already been protected by an old and scratched surface, then it should be carefully removed. It is also important to wash your hands so that no dirt gets under the protection. Gluing should be done on a table with good lighting. This will allow you to see every speck of dust and get rid of it. Next, you are invited to view instructions for working with several popular iPhone models.

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How effective is protective glass, what is it for?

It is an ordinary glass that has been tempered through chemical and physical treatments. During its production, the material is subjected to strong heating and etching in chemical compositions. In the process of such processing, the composition of the substance changes slightly, as does its structure. This consists in the replacement of weak ions of the crystal lattice with stronger ones. As a result, the glass becomes stronger, less prone to scratches.

Gorilla Glass withstands up-arm drops

Despite all the advantages, the protective coating has one drawback: the stronger it resists impacts and damage to the plane, the more prone to splitting into the butt.

Important! The touch screen of a phone, which can easily withstand a flat strike on the ground, can completely crumble when dropped on a corner or edge of the device. This fact is recorded by the masters working in service centers.

It turns out that the only 100% effect of such a coating is protection from scratches and abrasions, but you should not neglect it, because it can save the “life” of the display when dropped from a low height.

It is not difficult to glue the coating at home

How to apply glass to new models: iPhone 8, iPhone X and XR

With newer models, things are the same as with older ones. Modern coating kits may include a slightly different set of screen cleaning tools, but in general, the process is the same:

  • Clean the display with an alcohol wipe or special cloth.
  • Perform additional cleaning with adhesive tape from the kit.
  • Remove the film and bring the coating close to the touchscreen.
  • Align all the cutouts and lower the glass.
  • Get rid of air bubbles, if any.

Removal of damaged or old glass must be done carefully

How to stick protective glass on iPhone. detailed instructions

Since the first touchscreen phones, one of the most popular methods of protecting a touchscreen has been the use of a screen protector or glass. The first gadgets without buttons were resistive and their plastic layer was quickly erased and covered with scratches. It was at this moment that the first films appeared, which were replaced by protective glasses. According to the assurance of manufacturers, such coatings are able to protect the device not only from scratches and abrasions on the display, but also from impacts and falls on a hard surface. This article will tell you how to stick protective glass on the iPhone of new and old models and what types of protective coatings are on Apple smartphones.

What are the types of protective glasses for iPhone

In modern phones, the most expensive part is the screen. Its replacement cost can be close to half the price of a gadget. That is why it is important to be as careful with it as possible and to be safe by putting on protective glass, of which there are many types:

  • 2D (transparent and not full size). It is suitable for phones with a flat display (in older models and some new budget versions). The glass is completely transparent and invisible to the eye, but if there were scratches on the screen, this can cause air bubbles.
  • Full-size Full Cover glass. It is usually used for smartphones with rounded edges. Glues to the entire surface or only to the frame.
  • Three-dimensional. Such glass is curved in a physical sense. It follows the curvature of the screen and differs from other analogs with rounded edges.
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Important! Each of the presented types has its own disadvantages and advantages. Most of the negative points are related to the price of glass and the fact that it is rather difficult to stick them on your own.

There is one more parameter according to which protective surfaces are usually subdivided into types. this is a coating. At the moment there are about a dozen different variations, sometimes combined with each other:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • oleophobic (prevents fingerprints);
  • having protection from peeping into the screen from the side;
  • protection of vision;
  • anti-glare;
  • antibacterial;
  • mirror;
  • colored;
  • brilliant.

Sticking protection to avoid accidental scratches

How to deal with a peeling edge or air build-up around the edges of a protective glass on iPhone 6?

High-quality protective glass or bulletproof glass without defect of the glue layer, instantly adheres to the smartphone display without the formation of “non-sticky” along its edges. In case this should be done as follows:

Wait a few days. Perhaps the glue base is not in a deplorable state and over time the protective glass will stick to the entire display area of ​​the iPhone 6. In such cases, we advise you to put the gadget on charge so that its body warms up a little. The temperature of the device will serve as a catalyst for the setting of the adhesive layer.

The protective glass on the iPhone 6 comes off at the edges? This happens, but not often. The smartphone display may be bent. It is quite easy to identify this problem. Apply protective glass from another manufacturer.

Before removing the adhesive film, we recommend re-checking the alignment of the protective glass. If everything is in order, gently peel off the pre-installation base and lower the protective glass onto the screen.

Important! Apply the glass, do not press with your finger, to re-verify that there is no dirt under the glass and it is centered relative to the iPhone 6 case.

Press the center of the protective glass with your index finger. When most of the air has escaped from under it, peel off the tape, starting from the front of the smartphone.

What to do before installing screen protector on iPhone 6? Preparatory work.

First of all, you should determine the location of the adhesive base on the protective glass. In 98%, manufacturers apply special inscriptions on the sticker from the side of the protective adhesive film. If you doubt the location of the adhesive layer, pull on the spine of the film (but do not peel it off!) And remember in which direction it comes off.

Cut two small pieces of tape and transfer them to your fingers as shown in the photo.

Transfer the tape from your fingers to the protective glass on the opposite adhesive side. Take iPhone 6 6S in your hand and attach the protective glass with adhesive tape. Center the glass over the top speaker and the Home button. Press it down with your thumb and secure the Tight Tape to the back of the iPhone.

As a result, you will get the “Loop” design, as shown in the photo.

Set of tools for installing protective glass

Let’s not get too far from our instructions. So, to install a protective glass on the iPhone 6S 6, we need:

Scotch tape and stickers will help us to glue the glass using the Petelek method. We advise you to use scotch tape, because Stickers are needed to remove dirt and dust particles from underneath the glued glass. The presence of microfiber in the instruments is required. Without it, it is impossible to remove fine dust and streaks from the use of alcohol or wet wipes.

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For which protective glasses is this gluing method suitable??

Currently, the market for accessories for the iPhone 6 has a colossal number of different options and sizes of protective glass. Our instructions consider bulletproof glass without a “Pre-installation platform”, which interferes with centering the glass relative to the smartphone body and the impossibility of using “Loops” for high-quality installation.

Why is it impossible to glue glass on an iPhone 6 with an adhesive platform using the proposed method? Everything is very simple. If you look at the pictures, it will immediately become clear. The platform will not allow you to center the glass; there are no through-cutouts for the Home button and the earpiece.

In the case of Benks, a similar design is usually used in the production of 3D glass. Instructions on how to glue 3D glass on iPhone 6, we published here.

Air under protective glass on iPhone. How to remove?

There are many ways to help you expel air from your phone’s protective glass. We’ll take a look at the most popular one. Our instructions are most suitable for localized (round) air bubble formation under protective glass. All you may need for this are short nails.

Determine the closest edge to where air is trapped. Gently pry up the edge of the protective glass using your fingernails. In the formed passage, expel the “Bubble” from under the protective glass of the iPhone 6.

Compare the dimensions of the protective glass for iPhone 6 and iPhone 7

Quite often, manufacturers of protective glasses send prototypes to our editorial office for testing and checking the quality of the silicone adhesive layer. In this tutorial, we will stick the prototypes of the iPhone 7 protective glass on the iPhone 6.

How to install Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 differ from each other in the size of the earpiece (in the iPhone 7 it is longer). If you look closely at the pictures, you will notice the main difference between the two smartphones. The only problem that can be encountered when gluing glass from one smartphone to another is the centering of the protective glass on the top of the device (relative to the earpiece).

To glue the glass on the iPhone 6 in the most accurate way, read the instructions below.

Attention! Protective glass from iPhone 6 cannot be applied to iPhone 7 without the formation of local air particles in the area of ​​the earpiece.

Cleaning the iPhone 6 screen

We return to the process of gluing the protective glass. First of all, the display should be degreased with an alcohol wipe. To remove dust and dirt particles, carefully, in a circular motion, wipe the screen with microfiber. Make sure your iPhone 6 is at the ideal display frequency.

Attention! After cleaning the screen, immediately proceed to the next step of our instructions for gluing the protective glass. The display will quickly become covered with dust if the room in which you are installing the glass is dusty or has low humidity. We recommend doing this in the bathroom.