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Apple Music doesn’t have this song, or how to add any track to your Apple Music playlist if it’s missing from the service

Apple Music is a super cool music service that lets you access 40 million songs from all over the world. Users can download their favorite tracks, albums and playlists on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch for streaming without access to the Internet. You can find almost everything in Apple Music, but, unfortunately, not all

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Perhaps every Apple Music user has come across a situation when, when searching for a sufficiently well-known song, the music service could not find it. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple way to add any song missing from the service to your Apple Music playlists.

How to add any song to your Apple Music playlist if it’s not on the service

Open iTunes on your computer (Mac or Windows) (you can download the latest version here).

On the iTunes menu bar, click the Account tab and sign in with the Apple ID you use for Apple Music.

Open iTunes preferences, go to the General tab and check the box next to iCloud Music Library.

From the File menu, select Add to Library.

Select the songs you want to add to iCloud Music Library and click Open.

On the left side of iTunes, select the Recently Added playlist and find the songs that were added in step 6.

Right click on each song you added and select Add to iCloud Music Library.

In the upper right corner, an indicator of the track uploading to iCloud Music Library will appear:

Right-click each song you added to your iCloud Music Library again, click the Add to Playlist option and select the desired playlist from the list.

Everything! After completing the above steps, the selected songs will be added to the iCloud Music Library and to the specified playlists on all your devices connected to Apple Music (iCloud Music Library must be enabled in the Music app settings).

If necessary, you can change the name of the song, add lyrics and cover. To do this, right-click on the song and select Song Details.

How to Add Music to Apple Music

Apple Music. is Apple’s music streaming service, comparable to other similar streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, Google Play Music, Tidal and more. With Apple Music, you can add your favorite artists, songs, and albums from the Apple Music Catalog to your library. But what if Apple Music doesn’t have the artist / song / album you want? Do not worry. You will be able to upload your music to Apple Music. You can put songs to Apple Music using iTunes, then you can access your music library on all your devices signed in with the same Apple ID. Keep Reading and Find Ways to Add Music to Apple Music.

Add Songs to Apple Music

  • How to Add Music from Apple Music to Your Library
  • How to Add Your Own Music to Apple Music with iTunes

On your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Music app. On your Android device, open the Apple Music app.

Find the music you want to add to your library.

To add a song, click the Plus icon. To add an entire album or playlist, click ADD.

Then you can find songs, albums and playlists that you added to the library.

On your mac

Find the music you want to add to your library.

To add a song, click the Plus icon. To add an entire album or playlist, click Add.

Then you will find that Apple Music will be imported to all Apple supported devices like IMOVIE.

After adding music, you can find songs and albums in the library and playlists in the sidebar.

How to Add Music from Apple Music to Your Library

If you find a song, album, or playlist on Apple Music that you like and want to manually add to your library, here’s how to do it.

On your PC

Find the music you want to put in your library.

To add a song, click the Plus sign. To add an entire album or playlist, click ADD.

You can find your songs and albums in the Library and playlists in the Library sidebar under Apple Music Playlists.

How to add music to iPhone?

Everyone who has encountered Apple products for the first time asks the question: “How can you download music to your gadget?” iTunes is the main program with which you can fill your phone with your favorite music.

Download and install the latest iTunes from Apple’s official website. At first it may seem that iTunes is quite easy to use, but pitfalls await an unprepared user literally at every step. Note that by default iTunes will look for media files in the My Documents folder. My music. You can change the path yourself and select any other folder containing audio files.

Next, you need to copy all the music into one folder and open the application itself. From the main screen, click File → Add Files to Library. or File → Add Folder to Library if you want to add the entire directory. In the pop-up window, specify the folder or file you want to transfer to iPhone.

Next, you need to sync iTunes with your smartphone. To do this, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and select it in the Devices section. To move music to iPhone, in the main iTunes menu, select the Music section and click on Apply or Sync in the lower right corner.

Wait a while while iTunes syncs with your device and downloads music to it. After disconnect your phone from your computer, open the Music app and enjoy your media library.

In order to free up space on your iPhone and delete music files, you will need to go to the Music section in iTunes and exclude files you no longer need from the list. After connecting your smartphone to the computer, select the gadget, go to the Music window and click the Apply button, or Synchronize.

# 2. How to Add Apple Music Tracks to Your iTunes Library on iPhone?

Open Apple Music.

Click the Search icon in the lower right corner of the screen and enter a song title to find a track.

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Find the song and click the “”.

When you see a check mark, it means the song has been successfully added to your library.

Note: Keep in mind that the song or album you added is in the cloud, so you’d better click the Cloud button to download it to your Mac.

#one. How to Add Apple Music Tracks to Your iTunes Library on iTunes?

If you want to add one song, select the track you want to keep, then click the ellipsis button next to it and click Add to My Music. If you want to add an album, select the entire album and click the “” button in the title bar of the album. After that, the icon will change to the check icon.

If your album or song has been successfully added to your music library, you can select the “My Music” option to check.

How to Add Songs from Apple Music to Your Library

Besides adding your own music to Apple Music, you can add songs from Apple Music to your library to have access to those songs on any iOS device.

How to Add Songs to Apple Music

Apple Music, announced in 2015, has a large library of 50 million songs. But have you ever wanted to add your current collection of indie hits, your own tracks, and underground songs to Apple Music? Or have you ever found that the song you want to play is not available for licensing reasons? If so, don’t worry, this article shows you how to add your own songs to Apple Music and add songs from Apple Music to your library effectively.

How to Add Your Own Music to Apple Music

In fact, when you join Apple Music initially, this service will automatically scan all local libraries that you already had to check if you have music that is available in the streaming archive. After that, if you want to add new music to Apple Music, please follow the below method. Before doing that, make sure you have installed iTunes on your computer and got Apple Music subscription.

First of all, launch iTunes and sign in to your account.

Then go to the File option in the top menu and select the Add File to Library option or the Add Folder to Library option from the dropdown to add a single song or folder.

Then, in the pop-up window, select the song or folder you want to add to iTunes and click “Open”.

When a song or file is added successfully, you can find songs in your library.

After that, you can right-click the song and select Add to Playlist to add the song to your playlist. If you want to remove a song from your library, just right-click, select “Remove from Library” and click “Remove Song” in the pop-up window.

How to Find Apple Music Songs You Added to Your Library?

Launch iTunes, go to File New Smart Playlist.

In the pop-up window, make sure you check “Compliance with the following rule” and then change the categories to “iCloud Status”, “Apple Music”.

How to Add MUSIC From Computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod

Make sure the “Current update” checkbox is checked and then click the “OK” button.

After that, all songs added to your library from Apple Music will show up in the automatically updated playlist.

In addition to this, you can change the categories to “Date added” before “month / day / year”. After that, Apple Music will collect all the songs you added from the Apple Music launch date to the date you enter.

A tip to enjoy Apple music for free forever

With Apple Music subscription, you can enjoy all Apple Music tracks easily. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access them after you cancel your Apple Music subscription. Therefore, to enjoy Apple Music for free forever, you can download Apple Music to MP3 before canceling your Apple Music subscription. For this, TuneFab Apple Music Converter should be an essential tool as it can remove DRM from Apple Music and convert Apple Music to multiple formats so that you can keep Apple Music songs forever and play them on multiple devices.

So just download this program to your computer by clicking the download button. Then select the appropriate category from the Playlists menu and mark the tracks one by one. After that, configure the output parameters in the “Output Settings” section and click the “Convert” button at the top to start the conversion.

If you want to add your music to Apple Music or songs from Apple Music to your library, you can use the above method. Also, don’t forget to put together this guide. But if you want to keep Apple Music tracks forever, you better download Apple Music tracks with TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

Turn on syncing for your library

The latest version of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS has library sync turned on by default. If you’ve turned off syncing for your library, you can turn it back on. Follow the steps specific to your device.

On a Mac computer

  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • At the top of the screen, select the “Music” menu “Settings”.
  • Go to the General tab and turn on Sync Library. If you are not subscribed to Apple Music or iTunes Match, the Sync Library option will not appear.
  • Click OK.

If you have a large media library, it may take a while to download and sync across all of your devices.

Here’s what you need

Apple Music and iTunes Match availability varies by country and region. Find out what’s available in your country or region.

Additional Information

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I have been using the iPhone for only a few years, all this time I have been subscribed to Apple Music. Some albums and tracks I need are not there, how can I add them myself?. Valery

There are several ways to add new songs to the music player on iPhone. It can be any music, not just tracks that are not in Apple Music.

On other devices

When you subscribe to Apple Music, you also get access to your music library on other devices that support the Music app (you don’t need to turn on Sync Library for this).

The main differences between iPhones and other smartphone models

In addition to the unusual process of transferring music, the iPhone has a number of other distinguishing features in comparison with other communicators, which we simply cannot pass by. The first feature is the incredible popularity of these devices in our country.

Today, there is such a variety of mobile devices on the market that when choosing the next device, eyes run up. With the help of a modern smartphone, you can not only make calls and send text messages, but even play, listen to music, use mobile applications, make video calls, shoot videos, take high quality photos, access the Internet.

How to Download Music to iPhone via iTunes

By default, iTunes uses AAC audio format at 128 kbps. This format is used to download ringtones obtained from the iTunes Store. However, you can configure the existing encoder in the program to the most common MP3 format today.

Sensor strength

Essentially an iPhone. the same smartphone as others. However, it was he who was the first phone that received a touch screen, and also combined the functions of a player, tablet and communicator in a single device. If you try to find the fundamental differences between traditional smartphones and iPhones, the most important thing should be noted. they have different operating systems.

iPhone runs on iOS, while other mobile phones run on Android or Windows. At the same time, special applications are developed for each of the operating systems, with the help of which various functions are performed, games are launched, and other telephone entertainment is realized. Previously, iPhone users could have certain problems with installing popular smartphone programs, but now developers are almost simultaneously releasing versions for all common operating systems, including iOS.

The iPhone also differs in price from other smartphones. As a rule, “Apple” novelties have high prices, while new models of well-known phone brands with the same set of functions can be estimated several times more modestly on the Russian market.

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Between fans of traditional smartphones running Android and iPhones, the debate continues over which is better. an elegant “apple” communicator or a smart device controlled by a “green robot”. Obviously, there are simply no rightists here, since each is his own. iPhone is distinguished by huge multimedia capabilities and multifunctionality of the operating system.

Working with m

After that, in the upper section of the main window in the tabs, check the boxes specifically for those sections that you want to synchronize. To start this process, which can take a long time, click Apply or Sync. The length of the process depends on the size of the applications and media files.

Music without borders

Note that music purchased from the iTunes Store has a built-in protection system, so it cannot be transformed into other formats. The user can get out of this situation in the following way: you need to record the songs you are interested in on a familiar disc, and then copy them from there in the required format.

To download your favorite music to your iPhone, follow the steps below. Go to the proprietary program, which we talked about in detail above. Click “File”, then select the item that is responsible for adding it to the library. In the window that opens in front of you, use the file search. After that add all found items to the contents of the program window. In the next step, open the tab called iPhone, specify the required downloads and click the “Sync” button. After completing these steps, you need to start your iPhone and check all the music you copied to your smartphone. To delete unnecessary music files, go to the “Music” folder, mark unwanted materials, click the Delete button.

Before we talk about how to download music to iPhone, let’s figure out what kind of device it is. Before us is not just a telephone, we are talking about a modern multimedia center. The device includes support for a huge variety of applications. This device has revolutionized the modern smartphone market. Today he is very popular.

However, the answer to the question of how to download music to iPhone should start with the fact that each user can add audio files through the iTunes Store service, but this action is paid. For a free download, you can use Apple’s iTunes computer program. You can also use third-party applications, but we do not recommend doing this.

How to download music to iPhone: device features

We will now take a closer look at how to download music to iPhone. This procedure has a number of peculiarities in comparison with the similar process on other mobile phones. In addition, we will try to find out more about this communicator.

about synchronization

This feature is incredibly convenient. Whenever you connect your iPhone to your computer, it will sync either in whole or in part as you wish, allowing you to add music or other files even faster. As in the first case, to synchronize, download the iTunes application on the official website of the manufacturer.

After starting the program and connecting the iPhone to a personal computer using a USB cable, on the left in the menu, you can see how the device is added to the list. To start synchronization, you need to download movies, music or applications to the program. You can do this by opening the appropriate section in the menu and dragging the necessary files into the program window.

How to Record Music from Computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod? (Instruction)

Today, in continuation of the series of articles “To help beginners”, we will tell you in detail how to record (sync) music from a computer to an iPhone, iPad or iPod in several ways.

First of all, you need to download and install iTunes on your computer (you can download it here, link at the bottom of the page).

The next step will be to create an iTunes library or in other words “copy songs to iTunes” for subsequent synchronization with iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can add songs to the program by dragging and dropping a file or folder into the iTunes window or using the “Add to Library” item in the File menu.

How to Record Music from Computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod?

Connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically. Then go to your device page. By default, the key with the name of the connected device is located in the upper right corner of the application window, or in the sidebar of iTunes, if it is enabled through the View menu.

Syncing music is the easiest way to transfer music from your computer to your iOS device. All that is required of you is to determine the amount of available memory on your device (the lower scale in iTunes will help with this).

Go to the Music tab and tick the Synchronize music box.

You can check the Synchronize entire media box, respectively, to synchronize all music from the iTunes library with your device.

You also have the opportunity to choose the synchronization of your favorite songs using the item Favorite playlists (you must first create them), artists, albums and genres.

In this mode, you can manually select the necessary songs to add to your iOS device. Selectable by artist, playlist, genre or album.

After selecting the necessary compositions, click on the Apply button and wait for the synchronization process to complete.

Record music from computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod without syncing with your library

Go to the device page in iTunes and check the box Manually handle music and videos.

How to Add Free Music to Apple Music Library without iTunes? (2021)

After that, open the folder with music in Finder (OS X) or Explorer (Windows) and simply drag the music Files to your device in iTunes (see screenshot below).

After that, you can go to the Music section and view the audio files stored on the device. If desired, they can be deleted using the context menu.

How to Transfer Music to iPhone Instantly with iTunes

Many treat iTunes as wildly awkward. And on the one hand, this is justified. All because of the long syncs. They are the reason for the long loading of multimedia data, including music, on the iPhone. But in today’s tutorial, we’re going to e simple option that makes iTunes a convenient way to transfer music to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Let’s deal with this.

Note! The method that will be described later will set up manual control of your media library. If you disable it, then everything will go back and the music will be automatically synced from iTunes to your device.

How to Transfer Tracks to Your iPhone Quickly | iPad | iPod Touch using iTunes?

The good thing about this method is that it won’t copy files other than music or video. It is also convenient to use iTunes in such a case if the application is actively synchronizing with your device over a wireless network. Data transfer speed may drop, but you don’t need to use a Lightning cable to do this.

Part 1. Add YouTube Music from iPhone / iPad / iPod to iTunes

If the downloaded YouTube music is on your mobile devices, you can use the iOS Data Manager to transfer it to your iTunes easily. Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer It is a good iTunes alternative that can transfer iOS data to iPhone / iPad / iPod quickly and securely. You are capable of backing up iPhone without iTunes with this iOS data manager.

Check out what it can do for you:

  • Transfer data from iPhone / iPad / iPod quickly and safely without data loss.
  • Easily manage files (add, remove duplicates and delete) on your iOS device to keep your device clean and orderly.
  • Sync files to iTunes / computer / other iOS device in one click.

How to Transfer YouTube Music to iTunes Library?

YouTube. is a modern video sharing site that is popular all over the world. You can often download fantastic music from YouTube to listen to it on mobile devices anytime. Add the downloaded YouTube music to your iTunes library and you can freely enjoy it on all your iOS devices.

  • Add YouTube Music from iPhone / iPad / iPod to iTunes
  • Transfer YouTube Music from Computer to iTunes
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Part 2. Transfer YouTube Music from Computer to iTunes

If you’ve downloaded YouTube music to your computer, it would be much easier to add it to your iTunes library. You just need to find the folder where the downloaded music is saved, then select the exact song and drag and drop it into your iTunes library. Or you can click the File button in the upper left corner of iTunes and choose Add File to Library. Then you just need to browse the folder where the downloaded YouTube music is saved and double-click the music you want to add it to your iTunes library. You can also save all downloaded YouTube music to a folder and then add the whole folder to iTunes library once.

After the YouTube music is imported into iTunes, you can check it out in iTunes Library Songs.

Also, you can add local YouTube music to Apple Music through iTunes and share to other synced devices.

Please note that if the music format is not compatible with iTunes, you will not be able to import it into iTunes successfully. For example, if the uploaded YouTube music is in FLAC format, iTunes will not accept it. In this case, you need to convert the music from FLAC format to MP3 or other iTunes compatible format first, then you can put it into iTunes successfully. This means you need an audio converting tool to help you convert YouTube music to iTunes compatible format. If you are unsure of which tool to choose, you can try Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate, which is a powerful video / audio conversion program that allows you to convert any popular video or audio format to any other format. So if you want to get background music from downloaded YouTube videos, you can also use this conversion tool to convert video to iTunes compatible audio format and then add it to your iTunes library.

How to Transfer YouTube Music from iOS Device to iTunes with iPhone Transfer

Step 1. Download and install this iOS data manager on your computer.

Step 2. Launch the software and connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 3. After the program successfully detects your device, it will scan your device and display all the data on your device in categories on the left sidebar.

It will take a few minutes if you have a lot of data on your device. Please just wait patiently.

You will find all the music on your device under the Media & Playlist category. To export downloaded YouTube music to iTunes, you just need to check the music you want to transfer, then click “Export to Export to iTunes Library”.

If the music format is not compatible with iTunes, Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer will automatically convert it to a compatible format for you. I have to say that this is a very friendly feature.

After the conversion is complete, you will find the music you just added in your iTunes library.

Of course, you can also add YouTube music to iTunes manually by connecting iPhone / iPad / iPod to iTunes via USB cable, but it will be difficult if YouTube music format is not suitable for iTunes.

How to Use Video Converter Ultimate to Convert Audio Format?

Step 1. Download and install this audio converter on your computer. Windows and Mac versions available.

Step 2. Launch the software and click the Add File button to load the audio file into this audio converter. Here we will take a song in.flac format, for example.

If you want to import YouTube videos to iMovie, you must convert video to MOV, MP4, etc. files with this software.

Step 3. Set the output format and destination of the file

Click the “Profile” button to set the desired output format. You can find the audio format you want in the search bar, or scroll down to find the format you want. Here we set the output format to.m4a. You also need to specify the destination of the folder to save the converted audio file.m4a.

After completing all the necessary settings, click the “Convert” button to start converting the FLAC audio file to M4A format.

After the FLAC music has been successfully converted to iTunes compatible format, you can find it at the specified destination and drag and drop it easily into your iTunes library using the method mentioned above.

If the music you downloaded from YouTube is not in a format compatible with iTunes, it would be more difficult to add it to iTunes. Therefore, it would be better if you download YouTube music or videos to your iPhone, then Apeaksoft iPhone Transfer can help you export them to iTunes with one click, whether the format is compatible with iTunes or not.

If you have any other good tools to recommend, we’d appreciate it if you can share with us in the comment below.

Add music to video on iPhone

In order for the video shot on the iPhone to be interesting and memorable, it is worth adding musical accompaniment to it. It’s easy to do right on your mobile device, and most apps can add effects and transitions to audio.


This completely free application developed by Apple is popular with iPhone, iPad and Mac owners. Supported, including older versions of iOS. During editing, you can add various effects, transitions, filters.

Before starting the process of connecting music and video, you need to add the desired files to your smartphone. To do this, we recommend reading the following articles.

If you already have the music and video you want, go to iMovie.

    Download the app from the App Store and open it.

To add music, find the plus sign in the editing panel.

In the menu that opens, find the “Audio” section.

All audio recordings that are on your iPhone will be shown here. When selected, the song is automatically played. Click “Use”.

The music will automatically be superimposed on your video. On the editing panel, you can click on an audio track to change its length, volume and speed.

After finishing the installation, click on the “Finish”.

To save a video, tap on the special “Share” icon and select “Save Video”. The user can also upload videos to social networks, messengers and mail.

Select the quality of the output video. After that, it will be saved to the device’s Media Library.

Add music to video

iPhone does not provide its owners with video editing capabilities with standard functions. Therefore, the only option to add music to the video is to download special applications from the App Store.


The application is actively used by Instagram bloggers, as it is convenient to use it to make videos for this particular social network. InShot offers all the basic functions for quality video editing. However, the application watermark will be present in the final saved recording. This can be fixed by purchasing the PRO version.

    Open the InShot app on your device.

Tap on “Video” to create a new project.

Add a song by clicking on the special icon. In the same menu, you can select the function of recording a voice from a microphone for its further addition to the video. Allow the app to access your Library.

Go to iTunes to find music on iPhone. When you click on any song, it will automatically start playing. Tap on “Use”.

By clicking on the audio track, you can change the volume of the music, cut it at the right moments. InShot also suggests adding fade and boost effects. When finished editing audio, click on the checkmark icon.

Click the check mark again to finish working with the audio track.

To save the video, find the item “Share”. “Save”. Here you can also choose which social networks to share: Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

There are other video editing apps that offer a variety of tools for the job, including adding music. You can read more about them individually in our articles.