How to add apps to sony TV

Installation via changing DNS

  • 36.218.194.
  • 17.30.89.
  • 79.190.156.

After that, the TV will try to connect to the network, and if the specified IP address is available from your region, then the Internet connection will be restored. Now, when launching the applications “”, “Theta”, “Lifeshow” through the Opera Store, Forkplayer will open.


Fork Player is an unofficial browser application. Users can view any video on almost all sites. The content is taken from the Internet and for the most part it is pirated. Using the global search, you can find any movie.

There is support for IPTV and m3u playlists, which the user can create independently. The advantage of the browser is the absence of problems with insufficient memory. Also, it does not require Flash Player to be installed.

Installing using the Opera store

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This method requires a little more steps, but it is more reliable. So, go to and register there. The following steps require a TV ID. We get it as follows: open the VEWD AppStore application and look for the “About” item, and there you will see the ID of your device. Next, on the site, go to the Paired devices item and enter the device ID that you found before in the appropriate field. Fill in the “Custom name” as you like. After that, you need to turn off and turn on the TV.

If all manipulations were successful, then in the VEWD AppStore application you will see the item “Developer”. We open this item, find there a new application “URL Loader” and enter the following address Click here “GO Current window” and confirm these actions by clicking OK. Now the Fork player is installed on your TV.

How to set up a Fork player on Sony Bravia

Setting up a Fork is also straightforward. Open the options by clicking on the image of the three stripes located at the top of the screen, and you will select the “Application settings” section.

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Then you can specify your parameters, or use the following:

  • Enter your time zone.
  • Turn on Live Search.
  • Set the maximum value for video quality. 1080p.
  • Activate third-party content.
  • Select your IPTV sorting, or put “From Russian to English”.
  • On opposite RemoteFork set to “Auto”.

The full list of parameters is shown in the screenshot. These settings are suitable for use with all TV models. Additionally, you can customize the start menu, for example, add frequently used applications and resources. Click on the options icon again and go to the “Start menu settings” section. The system will demonstrate the programs and services that can be transferred to the home screen. Mark them green and exit settings.

How to install Fork player on Sony Bravia

Many are wondering. how to download Forkplayer for Sony Smart TV? On the TVs of this company, you can install the application in question only through changing the DNS or using the Opera Store. Below we will consider the existing methods.

Fresh DNS on Sony for Forkplayer

  • 36.220.208.
  • 36.222.114.
  • 17.30.89.
  • 88.208.101.

Fork player for Sony Bravia in 2021

Forkplayer for Sony Bravia Smart TV is a great opportunity to significantly expand the functionality of your TV. The browser in question provides access to all popular sites with pirated content. Fork Player is fully adapted for modern TVs with Smart TV technology.

Forkplayer for Sony Bravia Smart TV 2021: installation and configuration

Previously, TVs performed only one main function. they broadcast channels. Now, these devices can be used for other purposes as well. For example, you can watch movies online, study news on the Internet, listen to music, or use other popular online services. Most applications in Smart TV are paid, but you can install Fork player for Sony Bravia and thereby expand the functionality of the TV.

What capabilities does ForkPlayer have for Sony Smart TV

The specificity of ForkPlayer for Sony Smart TV is that this TV application receives content directly from the site. But most of the programs on the Internet do not work in the format in which TV can perceive them. This application processes the signal and then converts its format. But these are not the only functions of the application:

  • The user can watch videos and listen to music from any site;
  • Downloading applications for Sony Bravia through ForkPlayer is much easier than from other browsers, again, due to the relatively large functional potential;
  • Having installed on Sony Bravia Smart TV, there is already used a list of the most popular sites and online cinemas, where the user could enter;
  • A person has the ability to save favorite playlists. Thus, it will be possible to view content even without using your Sony Bravia Smart TV, but from other devices where ForkPlayer is installed;
  • In addition, you can install and add other applications, both official and unofficial, but suitable for a specific model.

Installing Smart TV applications on Sony through ForkPlayer, like other functions, is possible only if you register on the official website of the application. When this procedure is carried out, the user will have to go to his personal account and add to the list other devices that can cooperate with each other.

Where to get apps for Sony Smart TV

All manufacturers of smart TVs install an original browser in the standard configuration of their devices, which is included in the package and other equipment. For Sony, this is ForkPlayer, which has a lot of interesting functions and makes the TV more convenient and enjoyable. But this player can be installed not only on Sony TVs, but also on other devices that run on the Android system.

  • View online channels, movies and videos from various sites;
  • And also the browser helps to view information on a USB flash drive, or stored in the TV’s memory.

Anyone can add this application to a Sony TV. The player is downloaded either from the official Sony website or from unofficial resources, of course, if you are not afraid to catch a virus or install a low-quality, outdated application.

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In addition, there is a standard Smart menu, which is also used as a search application if the user’s usual set of content does not suit the user. You can do whatever you want through the Smart menu, since this is the main tool for operating the device. It reflects any program that runs on the TV, and here, this list can be thinned out or replenished.

Sony Smart TV. Apps and How to Install Them

Smart TV is a feature found on all modern Sony TVs. Thanks to this, on devices you can perform all the same operations as on a computer, and even more. A user who has a Sony Bravia TV can now watch videos online directly from the TV, without having to go to the computer. But you need to connect the internet. In addition, it is possible to browse the web and install various applications.

In addition, in order to use the Smart TV function, it is not at all necessary to buy the most expensive Sony devices, but you can opt for the budget TV category. Particular attention should be paid to the programs and applications that you install on the TV, since their quantity and quality largely determines what functions the device can perform.

How to update web content from the Smart TV main menu

Updating web content on a TV is one of the most important steps in getting a device to work the way it should, regardless of what year it was released or how long ago the software was updated. You need to update the installed content with no less frequency than flashing, therefore we are trying to download new and update old applications that are already in the TV list.

This procedure is done in this way:

  • Take the remote control, and find the “Home” button on the panel. It will display in the menu where you need to find the “Settings” section, and select the “Network” sub-item;
  • In the “Network” menu, select the “Refresh Internet Content” item and wait until the automatic configuration is over;
  • When the update is over, go back to the Sony Smart TV, that is, press the “Home” button again. In the field “Processed” you will see those programs without which the television will not be able to work. They are installed by default. If there are not enough of them, it is possible to add a few more. To do this, go to the “All Applications” section;
  • If you find any additional widget that is not yet in the menu, you can add it to “My Applications”, after which it will also appear in the main “home” list.

After these settings, you can easily use Smart TV on Sony TV, watch TV and watch Internet content.

How to install widgets on Sony Smart TV using ForkPlayer

There are several ways to install widgets on Sony Bravia Smart TV using ForkPlayer. Now we will try to consider the two most popular ways.

  • Open the “Network Connection Settings” in the TV menu;
  • Choose a manual installation method that will allow you to connect or disconnect any module at the user’s request;
  • Further, in the settings, you should change the primary DNS. The added number should look like this: But not the fact that it will work. If you still fail to connect to the network, you can try to bypass it on the other side, and use a slightly different set of numbers: When that doesn’t work, the last option is usually ideal: Much depends on the TV model, so it is advisable to try everything;
  • Wait for the connection to the Internet network;

After the connection is over, you should launch the NOW.RU Theta application, although you can also use Lifeshow if you go through the Opera Store. This will launch the ForkPlayer widget. It remains to carry out simple settings and you can work.

Second way:

  • You need to register on the resource;
  • After registration is completed, a message about the ID address will appear on the TV screen, which is assigned to your Sony Bravia TV and from which it will work in the Opera Store for free;
  • You can view the ID like this: go to the Menu, go to the About tab. But you should hurry, because the address is only valid for fifteen minutes, and if you do not have time to enter it in the field, you will have to send a second request. This can be done by clicking on the #ID icon;
  • Having received the address, you need to bind the device by entering the code in a special line, after which the “Develop” category will appear in the Opera Store;
  • Go to the site by entering its parameters in the URL Loader column and save the information received;

In order to open the section “” and “tray.TV”, in the settings you will also need to change the DNS (DHCP) to or, as in the first option. After installing these widgets, customization of applications will become much more practical and convenient, and the next updates will take a minimum of time.

How to set up a Sony Bravia TV for digital TV

Many Sony Bravia TV owners have already appreciated the full benefits of digital television. In modern modifications there is a Smart TV function, thanks to which users have access to the Internet. Older models can also be integrated into the digital world using special attachments as a guide.

Anyone who does not know how to set up a Sony Bravia TV for digital TV should follow the step-by-step instructions. Thanks to this tutorial, they will be able to avoid the most common mistakes, and save money on the services of third-party masters.


Select the lightest part in the diagram. The contrast should be adjusted until the right area is very light. In this case, the difference between the right and left side of the screen should immediately catch your eye.

Color saturation

To achieve the most saturated colors in your image, look at the calibration chart and adjust until you achieve natural looking colors.

Extra options

After the basic functions are configured, you can start setting additional parameters. This should be done in the tab of the “settings” section. The link “system settings” is pressed, the subsection “eco” is located (the light sensor is turned off). The other parameters are set in the same way.

Manual channel search

digital channels on the Sony Bravia TV can be set manually. To do this, you will have to connect an analog antenna, take the remote control and use it to enter the main menu. In the manual search section, the frequencies are changed using the minus and plus keys. After the TV channels are found, everyone should fine-tune.
Thus, it will be possible to adjust the quality of digital broadcasting:

  • In the menu, select the item “manual”.
  • Frequency parameter entered in manual mode.
  • Leave “auto” in the window with the access code.
  • In manual mode, the symbol rate parameter is entered.
  • Click on the “start” button.

Automatic channel search

The user must find the appropriate connector on the TV and insert the antenna into it. After that, you will have to select the signal source of the same name. To prepare the TV to search for channels, disconnect all previously connected devices (optional).
Tuning channels on a Sony Bravia TV can be performed both manually and automatically. If the TV owner does not want to waste time, he can use the remote control to carry out automatic setup. To do this, the main menu is entered, the “parameters” section is located, the link “auto-tuning” is selected, the action is confirmed.

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Choice of broadcasting TV channels

After the TV is connected to the antenna, the owner must follow the instructions. It tells you how to tune channels on your TV and what to do next. The user will be prompted to select the method of receiving and transmitting the signal. For example, it is only planned to set up digital television on a sony TV. In this case, you need to click on the appropriate link, after which the search for the channels of the digital TV operator will begin. Also, the owner of the TV can give preference to cable TV, select on-air broadcasting and carry out analog tuning.

After that, parameters are selected in a separate tab:

  • online identifier;
  • scan type;
  • frequency.

Important! If necessary, you can change the default data. After confirming the action, TV will automatically search and display all available TV channels.

Platform functionality

An interesting feature of Sony’s Android TV is its excellent voice search integration. The most convenient way to interact with your TV is to use the One-Flick touchpad remote and microphone. As for the microphone itself, it is usually included in the kit immediately when purchasing expensive Sony models. If not included, the microphone can be purchased separately.

In this case, the microphone is needed not for karaoke lovers, but just in order to dictate their search queries, and not dial them from the remote control. However, it is also important that the One-Flick remote control is not always included in the kit, since the owners of modern smartphones can install a special application in it. TV SideView. This program will allow you to use the smartphone screen in the same way as a remote control with a touchpad. This approach is even more convenient and does not require the purchase of a special microphone, since the mobile device with the required application has both a keyboard for input and a built-in microphone that can be used for voice control.

over, TV SideView serves as both a recommendation center and a TV program at the same time. That is, you can watch the same programs directly from your mobile device as through your Sony TV.

Best Sony Android TV Apps

Android TV platform is a kind of analogue of Smart TV, opening up a number of wide possibilities for users with “smart” Sony TVs. Nevertheless, do not forget that, first of all, the TV is designed for watching TV shows and movies, so most applications are designed specifically for these purposes.

In addition to media applications, there are many others that it makes sense to install in order to use the functionality of Android TV to the fullest. Sony’s interface on this platform is divided into zones. One of them contains what the user is recommended, taking into account his preferences, then all other recommendations, games, sources and settings are located. Such distribution is visually convenient and allows you to spend less time searching for the necessary.

Game services

The porting of games on the Android platform should be noted separately, among the list of which you can find the most popular. Fans will appreciate this move, since playing on a large Sony TV screen is much more interesting and convenient than on a smartphone.

The more applications a user installs, the more they can use. In addition, it should be borne in mind that sometimes even when installing a certain program, not all of its functions may be available, which are opened when installing an additional file.

Google Cast technology will also be very useful, which allows you to broadcast videos from your smartphone directly to the TV screen. It is very convenient to find interesting things from a mobile device and view it on the big screen.

How to find the programs you want

To install applications on Android TV Sony, you need to use the Google Play search service, where you can select and download any of the existing programs. If the user needs a specific application, you can dictate its name by voice so as not to type from the keyboard and not scroll through the pages in the search. At the same time, if voice control is not available or is not always convenient, no one prohibits the use of standard tools, turning your TV almost into a personal computer.

Speaking of applications developed specifically for the Android TV platform, Google Play has many more options than for the same Smart TV, which means that the possibilities of the owners are wider. So, you can install yourself an IPTV, special browsers for surfing the Internet, games, radio and much more directly through the TVAPK files are also available.

When using the search for films or any information of interest on the Internet, you should know that when you send a voice request, the system will also respond with a voice, duplicating what was written. The platform itself works smoothly and fairly quickly. In addition, the developers are constantly improving it, but you still cannot use the Android operating system without applications.

Device and application adaptation

Many applications have been adapted for the Sony Android TV operating system, the most popular of which are the following:

Online TV player through which more than seventy Russian TV channels are available.

VideoMix, HDRezka Client, Tree, VideoBox, FS VideoBox, HD VideoBox.

ES Explorer. looks like a single-pane file manager with Internet access;

Network ADB for Windows. for working with Android file systems in Windows;

TV Bro Browser. a web browser specifically for Android TV;

App Cloner. to create shortcuts to application versions;

TV App Repo. an application for creating shortcuts to your favorite programs.

Kodi is a program for dividing media files into categories and playing them;

SBP TV. online TV system for free and by subscription, more than two hundred TV channels;

Forkplayer. for watching videos from different network resources.

In addition to the above, you should pay attention to the applications:

Torrent Stream Controller for watching movies and TV shows in ACE Stream technology;

TranslucentClock. a handy gadget in the form of a transparent clock with a date that is constantly displayed on the TV screen.

Many programs are provided for use free of charge.

The ability to install software on Sony Smart TVs

Since 2013, Sony TVs have supported the Sony Entertainment Network service, which allows users to access not only the popular Skype applications, etc. but also to streaming services Netflix, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. Currently, the company’s specialists have significantly expanded the interface capabilities of their Smart TV receivers, equipping them as standard with such modern technologies as:

  • operating system (OS) Android.TV;
  • Smart-TV application;
  • ForkPlayer browser;
  • Wi-Fi module, etc.
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All this has significantly expanded the functionality of “smart” TV equipment, allowing users to independently choose and install the applications they need.

In the domestic market, you can currently find Sony SmartTV TVs of two types: the first. with the Android-TV OS installed, the second. without it. In this case, in the first case, television receivers provide the user with the opportunity to install the applications he needs from the Google Play Store into the memory. And in the second case, “smart” TV equipment opens access to a large number of on-line services that allow you to watch and / or listen to video and audio content for free, but downloading and installing third-party applications is impossible in it. To determine to which category a particular Smart TV receiver model belongs, its owner must press the Home button on the remote control (RC) and compare the image of the main menu on the screen with the figures below.

Both of the above figures show the main menu of Smart TV receivers without Android OS, but related to different modifications.

Advice! You can determine if a particular TV model is equipped with the Android-TV operating system by unplugging the power cord from the power outlet. The next time you turn on the equipment, a loading splash will appear on the screen, which either looks like a stylized animation with the inscription Android, or is framed only with the image of the Sony Corporation logo.

Updating existing WEB content

The default applications are updated as follows:

  • on the remote control you need to press the Home button;
  • in the menu that opens, select the “Settings” section;
  • then you will need to open the “Network” menu;
  • then you need to select the item “Update Internet content” and run the update program.

The program will automatically connect the Smart TV receiver to the Sony servers and update the applications on its own. The main condition for the successful completion of the process is that during the software update, you cannot press any buttons on the TV and remote control. Also, do not turn off the television or unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

Rules for installing applications on Sony Smart TV

TV receivers of the Sony brand are known all over the world for their excellent picture quality, original design and high reliability in operation. For many years, Sony Corporation has been using the best technological solutions (in particular, Smart-TV), expanding the interface capabilities of its TVs, which has made it possible to turn them into multimedia centers. Despite the presence of diverse preinstalled programs, users, due to their taste preferences and ease of use, often need additional specific widgets. We will dwell on how to install applications on a Sony Smart TV in this article.

Installing Apps on Sony SmartTVs with Android-TV OS

Due to the fact that the Smart-TV functionality is based on the Android-TV platform, it will not be difficult for even an inexperienced user to install any application on a Sony Smart TV receiver. As a search application, you can use both the standard Smart menu and the capabilities of the built-in browser (often Google Chrome). And in order to successfully install new programs, the owner of “smart” equipment from Sony will need to update the existing default WEB content.

Installing widgets using the built-in ForkPlayer

There are many ways to install new applications using the built-in ForkPlayer software. In particular, you need to open the “Network connection settings” section in the TV-receiver menu and select the “Manual installation” item. Next, you need to change the primary address of the DNS server by specifying, or in the settings. Which of the following addresses is correct depends on the specific TV model, so it is recommended that you try each one. After the “smart” equipment connects to the Internet, you need to launch the NOW.RU Theta application. As a result of these manipulations, the ForkPlayer widget will be activated, with which, after a simple setup, you can work.

A similar result can be obtained if you follow the list of steps below.

  • First, you should register on the resource and get an ID-address assigned to the TV, from which it will work for free in the Opera Store. To see this information, you need to go to the menu, and then go to the About tab. But it should be remembered that the received ID-address is valid for only 15 minutes, after which it will be necessary to send a second request. You can duplicate the application by clicking on the #ID icon.
  • Then the received ID-address must be entered into a special line on the page, thereby linking the TV to the Opera Store. This will open the Develop category.
  • Next, in the URL Loader line of the Develop category that opens, you need to enter the address, and then go to this site and save the information received.

After installing these widgets, setting up programs will be much easier, and updating them will not take much time.

Installing third-party programs via external storage

Sony Bravia SmartTV TV receivers allow installation of applications from third-party sources, for example, from a USB flash drive. How to do this is described on

In this case, the owner of the TV should remember that Sony Corporation is a categorical opponent of illegal distribution of video content. In this regard, before copying an application of interest from a computer to a flash drive, the latter must be formatted correctly and the files must be written in the “correct” format. Otherwise, the Smart TV receiver simply will not see the distribution kit recorded on the flash drive. All requirements for external media are detailed in the pdf-instructions of specific models of television receivers (section “Playing photos / music / video via USB”). You can download this instruction on the official website of the company. For example, for the KDL-40WD653 TV, this is the page.

Installing new software through the menu

At the end of the update process, you need to press the Home button on the TV remote control. The default widgets will appear in the Processed window. If the user considers their number to be insufficient, then you can go to the “All applications” section, find the missing programs there and add them to “My applications”. After that, they will also appear in the main list.

Advice! Update WEB content at the same frequency as the TV OS firmware. This will serve as a guarantee of stable operation of the software and exclude unexpected failures when watching video content.

To add additional programs to the All Apps list, you need to use software such as Store Google Play, PlayMarket or OperaTVStore. Having opened any of the above services and having found the program of interest there (for the convenience of searching, all the software available for download is sorted by category), the user simply adds it to the list of “My applications”.