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1.2 How to Transfer Pictures from Laptop to Samsung Phone with One Click or Selectively

How to send photos from Samsung to laptop? Is this the same as above? You may have questions, but don’t worry, we will offer you a guide that you will understand to work with.

Steps to transfer pictures from laptop to Samsung with one click:

Install the app and connect Samsung to laptop

Download and install the Samsung Photos Transfer app first. Samsung Messages Backup to your laptop, then connect your Samsung device to laptop via USB cable.

Select photos in the app

This step is the same as above, go to Photos and. Then mark your photos that you want to transfer

Transfer Photos from Laptop to Samsung

After selection, you need to click the “Add” button to transfer images from laptop to Samsung device.

Note: How to transfer images from laptop to Samsung phone in 1 click? Please follow the instructions below.

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How to add a picture to your Android phone Contact

To add an image to contact on Android, you can take a photo and save it, take a picture from the Internet, or use any image already saved in the phone’s Gallery app. The image doesn’t even have to be a contact image. any image will do.

After the contact’s photo or any other suitable image is saved to your phone, follow these steps to update the contact’s information:

Find and display contact information.

Tap the Edit icon or, if not available, tap the Action Overflow icon or Menu icon and select Edit or Edit Contact.

Touch the icon to place the contact‘s picture or touch an existing picture assigned to the contact.

If no image is assigned, the icon shows a normal image of a person.

Tap the “Select Photo from Gallery” command.

The option could be titled “Select photo from gallery” or simply “Gallery”.

If you have another picture management app installed on your phone, you can instead select the app command from the list.

Browse the gallery to find a suitable image.

Tap the image you want to use for the contact.

You can use the picture as a guide, although the cropping tool on your phone may differ from the picture shown.

Click the “Save” button to set the cropped image.

At this point, the image is cropped and displayed in the contact information, but this information has not yet been saved.

If necessary, click the “Done” or “Save” button to complete editing the contact.

An image is assigned and it appears whenever a contact is mentioned on your phone.

A contact picture appears when a caller calls, in a text messaging app, and other times when a contact is mentioned on your phone.

If the contact has no picture, a regular picture or icon appears.

If you prefer to use your phone to take a photo of the contact, select Take Photo or Take a New Photo in Step 4. Take a photo using your phone’s camera application. After you have taken a photo, click OK or the checkmark icon and go to step 7.

Images can also be added by your friends and Gmail contacts when they add their images to their accounts.

You can also see the images assigned to your contacts based on images posted on or other social networks.

Some images in the gallery may not work with contact icons. For example, images synced to your online photo albums may not be available.

To remove or change a contact’s picture, follow steps 1-3 in the previous list. Select the “Delete Photo” command to get rid of the existing image.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 to Computer via Smart Switch

Smart Switch. is an app to help you transfer photos, settings, contacts, messages and other data from old Samsung phone to new one or from computer to Samsung device via USB cable or Wi-Fi. And how to transfer photos from Samsung S10 / S9 / S8 / S7 on PC? Smart Switch will help you with ease. However, when transferring photos from PC to phone, only Samsung phone can be used as the receiver, since it cannot transfer data to smartphones from other manufacturers.

Here’s a guide to use:

Download and Install Samsung Smart Switch

You must download Smart Switch to your PC in advance. Run it and confirm the items by clicking Accept.

Connect Samsung to PC

Then, connect Samsung to your computer with a USB cable. At the same time, make sure your phone is unlocked. If this is your first time using the app, you will be prompted to allow it to access your phone.

Transfer operation in the application

Wait for completion

Finally, when the transfer process is complete, click “OK.” Your photos are now transferred from your Samsung device to your computer.

How to Add Photo to Individual Contacts on Samsung Galaxy Tab “Tablets :: Gadget Hacks

When you’re looking for a contact to message, sometimes it’s better to see a face than a name. But it’s even better to have both! With Android OS on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, adding photos to contacts is easy. Select APPS

Solved: Adding Photos to My Contacts

None of the information provided is truly helpful and avoids the real issue here. Uploading photos to contacts on Samsung S8 is really easy. The first thing to understand is that the contact list comes in 2 forms; one lists the SIM and the other. on the phone. You can only upload photos to contacts in your phone list, which are then automatically, but not immediately, transferred to your SIM card list. To upload photos to contacts, do the following:.

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1) Go to the application list on the home screen and select “Contacts”.

2) The third line at the bottom will tell you if you are viewing the list “SIM card” or “Phone”; you need a list of phones, NOT a list of SIM cards. If you are on the phone list, ignore 3)

3) Select the phone list by touching the 3 horizontal bars on the left, the second line down, you will see the selected SIM card is highlighted in orange; tap the line that says “phone” above it. This will take you back to your contacts list and you will see that the third line says “phone” because you are now on the “phone” list.

4) Select a name from your contact list to which you want to attach a photo.

5) Above the name you will see a circle with the camera logo; click on it.

6) You will see 3 options; list of cartoon emoticons on the first line and the choice of “camera” or “gallery” on the second line.

7) You can choose “camera” where it will take an instant photo and attach it, or “gallery” where you can choose a photo from there.

Select the photo you want to attach, then tap Done and then Save. Close the app and reopen it and you will find it there!


9) Select the contact you want to change.

10) Tap “edit” in the middle of the bottom of the screen.

11) Make sure you are in the phone list and NOT in the SIM list. If you are in the list of SIM cards, you will see a choice of 3 options at the top of the screen; “phone”, SIM card “Google”; tap “phone”.

12) Tap the photo you want to change.

13) Select a photo as described in point 7) in the previous list.

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How to add photo to a contact on Galaxy S10 | assign a picture to your contact

Application of additional software

One of the drawbacks of standard methods is that when a person calls, the photo is displayed only on a part of the Samsung display. You may need to install an application to make the picture appear full screen. You can find many of these programs on the Play Store. Below are a few utilities to put a photo into Samsung.

  • Phone This is a simple and convenient application that allows you to personalize your incoming and outgoing calls. Developers are constantly adding new themes to replace uninteresting calls with brighter images. In addition to personalization, the program provides the function of synchronizing and backing up contacts to Samsung. Additional software functions. fast dialing, setting a standard picture or photo instead of a subscriber. Alternatively, you can even put a video greeting or flash on a call.
  • Full Screen Caller ID is a program that allows you to put a photo of the caller on the entire Samsung screen. The popularity of the utility is confirmed by more than 5 million downloads and 50,000 paid installations. Features of the software. using a video or photo from a smartphone to attach to a contact, customizing the design, supporting different themes, changing the button assignment, notification of missed calls and much more.
  • Photo Caller Screen is another program that allows you to attach a caller’s photo on the Samsung screen. This is one of the best utilities with more than a dozen interesting themes, easy installation, stable operation and other useful functions.

There are a number of other programs that allow you to put a photo on a contact in Samsung. The decision is made individually. The best way to make a choice is to download and try it out. As a last resort, the utility can always be removed.

How to replace / set a new photo to an old contact on Meizu

In the last Fri, we figured out how, in fact, to go to our saved contacts. But this is far from all that needs to be done. Next, we plan to set a photo to a contact in Meizu.

  • Clicks on the contact itself, it will open. We will see the name of the subscriber, and to the left of him a thumbnail of the image, where the photo will be placed in the future.
  • Click on the circle with the image next to the name.
  • Further, in the open window there will be an inscription “Update photo“, click on it.
  • After these actions, a new window will open, here you can select a ready-made avatar from the list below. But if you put a photo, then you need to click on the “Gallery” or “Camera”.
  • The first item will send us to the photo gallery, where you can select whatever you want, and the second will take a picture with the introduction of an integrated camera.
  • After we have taken a picture or selected a finished photo, the menu for creating an avatar will appear, where it is necessary to select a part of the image with a square (the best part of the photo). After that we press “Ok” and then “Done”.

That’s it, the photo on the contact in the Meizu phone is installed

How on MeizuMfive Note put a photo on a contact. step by step instructions

The first one is to go to the menu item “Phone”, next to the dialing of the number there will be a category “Contacts”. by clicking there, we will see a list of saved numbers.

With another method, you need to find the “Contacts” application, which is located on one of the system desktops. By clicking on it, we immediately get to the right place.

After these steps, you can finally take a photo. What needs to be done next, we will find out in the next paragraph.

How to set a photo on a contact in Meizu on a call

When you receive and make calls on your Meizu phone, you only see the phone number and contact name of the caller. But, this is not so curious, it is much more convenient and more pleasant to look at the photo of the calling interlocutor, or some kind of cool avatar with which you compare him.

Therefore, in this article I will tell you how to add and set a photo or avatar for the newest or existing subscriber in the phone. Meizu.

Is it possible on Meizu put a photo on contact?

Good to know: You can add a photo to your Meizu phone both for an existing subscriber and when developing a new one.

True, when developing a new contact, you first have to add it to the phone book and only later set a photo.

How to put a photo on a call on meizu. How to add or change contact picture in Meizu

You can transform the phone book of your own phone by making it the most comfortable and informative by setting an individual photo for each subscriber. This will allow, over time, to visually remember what kind of person he is and what matters can be solved with him. How to set a photo to a contact on a Meizu phone?

Launching the “Contacts” application, we look for the profile of a suitable subscriber and open it.

At the top of the screen there will be the name of the subscriber, and to the left of it there will be a small image that you need to click on, and after that. click on the “Update photo” button.

A window for changing the avatar will appear, where the usual set of avatars will be offered, as well as the opportunity to take a photo or select an existing image.

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If the camera is selected, then we take a picture and click on the “Finish” button, and after that we select the square area that will be displayed on the new avatar and confirm our action by clicking on “OK”.

The contact profile with the modified photo will be displayed on the screen.

Now the subscriber will be the most noticeable among the many other contacts in your smartphone’s phone book.

The caller’s photo is not displayed on the phone Meizu– prerequisites and methods for solving the problem

Another common problem in Meizu phones is for incoming calls, the caller’s photo is not displayed. Although the photo is in contact. There are several options for solving this problem.:

  • Check if contacts are established in your Google profile
  • Contacts must be in the phone and not on the SIM card
  • It can also help to remove contacts from the SIM card, leaving only in the phone and making a copy to the memory card.

How to put a photo on a contact on Meizu

You can add a photo to a contact on Android (m3 note, meizu m6 and other devices) at the time of creating an entry in the address book or after the number is added to the list.

On new

  • Go to the “Contacts” section using the corresponding icon on the screen or through the dialing menu.
  • Click on the “Add contact” button.
  • Enter the number and name of the subscriber, as well as additional information.
  • When the input is complete, press the circle with the silhouette of a person.
  • You can add a photo to the recording that was taken directly at the time of adding a contact from the camera, or downloaded from the gallery. We click on the appropriate item depending on the selected method.

Change photo of existing

If you need to add or change an avatar for a contact that is already included in the phone book, you must:

  • Go to the “Contacts” section, find the name of the required subscriber in the list and click on the number.
  • In the window that opens, click on the round icon with the image of a silhouette of a person.
  • Choose where the photo will be loaded from. from the gallery or taken now with the camera.
  • Save your changes.

How to put an image on a Meizu contact

How to put a photo on a Meizu contact in Flyme OS will be considered in more detail in the article. The standard contact creation process only allows you to see the caller’s name and number. To increase the information content, you can attach an image to the photo that will be displayed when you call, as a result, it will be much easier to remember the subscriber.

Adding images from social networks

The way how to put an image on a meizu contact via social networks is simplified as much as possible. The process of unloading photos for contacts is carried out automatically. It is necessary:

  • Download the mobile client of the social network application that you most often use (Viber, Contact, Odnoklassniki, etc.).
  • In the profile settings, specify the phone number that is installed in the smartphone.
  • Photos will be automatically updated for all contacts in your phone book and who also use this application.

If the process did not go automatically, you need to go to contacts on your phone, select the “Synchronization” item and indicate the social network from which you want to get information.

What to do if the image is not displayed on a call

The most common cause of the problem is that the contact is not installed in the smartphone’s memory, but on the SIM card. The SIM card memory is only enough to store names and numbers, adding photos and other information will not work. In order for the installed photo to be displayed during a call, you need to move or copy the contact to the phone memory.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Algorithm of actions

Now that the required tab is open, let’s look at several ways how to put a photo on a contact in Android

Method three

Consider another option, how to put a photo on the Android call.

    To do this, go to the menu of your device and enter the gallery.

How to put a photo on a contact in Android

Surely many of us like it when a photo of our friends or loved ones is displayed on the device when you call. This is realistically and very easy to do by setting the appropriate image to the subscriber. Today we will look at how to put a photo on a contact in Android.

Full screen photo on Android

Method two

  • On a previously opened contact in the upper right corner, click on the pencil icon. you will be taken to the “Edit contact” item.
  • Tap on the area that is for the image (plus).

Previously uploaded or taken pictures will instantly be called when a friend calls.

So we looked at the easiest and most convenient ways for you to add a photo to a call for a contact.

How to take a picture in the phone book

Let’s master a simple procedure. To change the subscriber’s picture in an iOS smartphone, you must:

  • Open the section “Contacts” or “Phone”.
  • Select a person’s already saved data or add a new number for which you want to set a photo.
  • Choose from the options provided. Gallery, Animoji, or take a new photo.
  • If necessary, change the scale of the photo.
  • Save the result.

If you wish, you can change the picture for the contact stored in the iPhone memory. To do this, follow the steps above sequentially.

How to put a photo on a contact in the phone

Recently, everyone has become accustomed to communicating on social networks and using various instant messengers. But calls are still a popular method of communication. Usually, in order not to lose contact of a person, his number and name are entered into the phone’s memory. Agree, it’s much more pleasant to see on the screen of your smartphone not only numbers, but also the smiling face of the caller. If everyone can cope with saving the number, then not everyone knows how to put a photo on a contact in the phone.

Most modern smartphones are based on the two popular operating systems Android and iOS. At the same time, phone settings, their functions and interface have similarities and significant differences. Let’s take an example of an Iphone two ways to set and save a photo to a contact so that you can immediately see who is calling.

How to set an avatar from the “Gallery

It’s easy enough to use the Photos app to change your profile icon. To do this, open the required picture on the smartphone screen, select the photo that you want to assign to the contact. In the lower left corner, click the “Share” button and the action that will need to be performed. Find the contact information of the subscriber in the phone book. The photo icon can be edited and scaled as desired. After that, you only need to save the result.

To change a photo on an Android phone, the steps are the same. The difference lies in the features of the smartphone interface. For example, in order to put a photo in Samsung phones, you need to follow four steps:

  • Open the address book and select a contact.
  • Decide on the image.
  • Optionally resize the icon.
  • Save the resulting photo.
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This is the whole instruction. If you cannot change the photo on the phone in the standard way, then you can search on Google Play for applications that work on the same principle. Some of the popular programs are Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD, Simpler, True Phone. Each of them has its own characteristics and additional capabilities.

Possible installation problems

In some cases, situations arise when, when using standard programs, a photo is not installed on a contact in the phone. It depends on the location of the required number in the address book. If the contact is stored on the SIM card, the procedure cannot be performed correctly. To solve the problem, you need to copy the subscriber data to the device memory and carry out the above actions in the standard sequence.

If an error is displayed on the phone screen during the installation of a photo, then this is due to the instability of the software and the congestion of the operating system. In such situations, the only correct solution would be to completely reboot the smartphone.

Photo does not snap

Perhaps the most common problem. The reasons can be very different, for example. perhaps you did not click on the “tick” or suddenly there was a bug. First of all, check your contact list. If in place of the selected profile the photo is “a silhouette of a man”, then the image remains unattached. Then repeat one of the above methods.

How to put a photo on a contact in Android

An important rule to consider. Before starting the installation, make sure that your contacts are saved in the device memory or on a Google account. Otherwise, if contacts are recorded only on a SIM card, you will not be able to launch this function. Be sure to copy and save your changes.

UltimateCaller ID Screen HD

The program displays the photo of the contact of the caller in full screen mode. In addition, messages that come to you can also be displayed in full screen. The functionality of the program allows you to customize photos for each person separately. Your contact list will always be in perfect order, the program will sort by images. Additionally, Caller ID Screen can block calls and add the numbers of “guilty” users to the blacklist, as well as set up commands through gestures. Feature of the program. it is able to reject an incoming call if you do not want to answer.

Consider the sequence of actions for attaching an image using this program:

  • Select “Contact Manager” in the menu (in this case, a single screen will be installed on all).
  • To set an individual photo, tap on the desired name. A menu will open.
  • Select the source where you want to take the image.
  • You can preview how the installed photo will look like. Done.

How to set a photo to a contact when making a call on Android

The contact is recorded only on the SIM card

As noted above: if you recorded the number only on a SIM card, then the image cannot be installed. Therefore, the way to solve the difficulty is to move all contacts to the device memory.

FullScreen Caller ID

Single-function app. opens a full-screen photo of a person when they call you. However, some people like this minimalism.

Installing a photo on the whole screen of the device using Ultimate Call Screen HD, Full Screen Caller ID

To display the photo in full screen of the device, you need special applications from the Google Play Market. There are many such applications, we will consider the most popular and functional ones. Most often they use Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD and Full Screen Caller ID.

How to set a photo to a contact in Samsung Galaxy A50. through the “Contacts” menu

You have just added a contact and want to link a photo to it. You can add a photo to a contact in Samsung Galaxy A50 through the Contacts menu. For this:

  • Open the Contacts menu and navigate to the contact to which you want to add a photo. Click on it.
  • You are on the contact page. In the upper right corner, you can see three icons.
  • Choose a pencil. This is the “Change” option. Next to the name is a circle with a “” symbol. Click on it.
  • A menu will open in which you will be asked to select a photo from the gallery or take a photo of a person directly.
  • Go to the gallery, select the photo you want by clicking on it.
  • Then adjust the selection around the image so that only the person’s face or the entire image is displayed as the contact image on the Samsung Galaxy A50.
  • Click Finish.

If you are taking the photo directly, select “OK” after you have taken the photo. Then adjust the selection around the image so that only the person’s face or the entire image is used as the contact photo. Click “Finish” on your Samsung Galaxy A50.

How to set a photo to a contact in Samsung Galaxy A50. using smartphone settings

Have you just photographed a friend or loved one and want to use it as a contact photo? You can add a photo to a contact on Samsung Galaxy A50 through the Photos app for this:

  • Go to the Photos app or also called Gallery. There, open the photo by clicking on it.
  • A panel will appear at the top of your Samsung Galaxy A50 with a menu represented by three aligned dots.
  • Select it, then go to “Install As”. Another menu will open.
  • Select “Contact Photo”. You will be redirected to the “Contacts” menu. Scroll through the list of contacts until you find the one you want. Click on it.
  • Adjust the selection around the image so that only the person’s face or the entire image is used as the contact photo. Click Finish.

Via a third party app on Samsung Galaxy A50

There are third-party apps that can help you put a photo into a contact. Some collect your private photos, others allow you to connect to social networks and apps to get contact photos on them and share them on your phone number.

Go to the Google Play Store and search for “contact photo”. You can find applications that allow you to put a photo in a contact. Feel free to browse them and read the opinions and comments in addition to the features to see if the app meets your expectations on your Samsung Galaxy A50.

Be careful, however, some apps are paid and others are free.

(Guide) How to Set Photo to Contact in Samsung Galaxy A50

You have a lot of repeated contacts, for example, several “Andrey” or 3 “Natalya” And despite the presence of the last name, sometimes you get confused as to which of them is who! The logical solution to this problem would be to link a person’s photo to contacts.

In today’s article I will tell you how to bind (photo) to a specific contact on a new device from Samsung Galaxy A50 using smartphone settings, as well as using a third-party application. Well, let’s get started

In custody

We just saw how to add a photo to a contact on a Samsung Galaxy A50.However, if you run into any problems, feel free to ask a friend for help who is familiar with this technology related to your Samsung Galaxy A50.