How to add a card to wallet on iPhone


The Apple Pay service came to the United States, which allowed users to make payments using their smartphones. An assistant in this was the Passbook application, where the holders of Apple smartphones now have the opportunity to add, in addition to loyalty cards, their own payment cards.

Configuring and managing

Open Apple Wallet and click on the card you want from the list, and then the ‘i’ icon on it to go to settings and get more information. The card is flipped, which is why we call this functionality the “reverse side of the card”. On the back of the card, you can do the following:

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Wallet Cards for Business

The launch of mobile wallets, specifically Apple Wallet, has forever changed the way brands, retailers, and even advertisers engage their customers. With the help of mobile wallets, companies were able to more easily and more efficiently deliver information about special offers, coupons and loyalty cards to customers wishing to receive them.

Learn more about the benefits of using Wallet cards in business in this article.

How to add a payment card to Apple Wallet

You can add a payment card in the following way:

You need to go to the Apple Wallet program and click on the text “Add payment card”. Then follow the instructions that will appear on the iPhone screen. Detailed instructions for adding a map are available on the Apple website. You can also add a card to Apple Wallet using the bank’s mobile application. For example, Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank and others.


After the launch of Apple Pay and the ability to add payment cards to the smartphone, the application was renamed from Passbook to Wallet. In addition, users have the opportunity to pay using the Apple Watch.

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How to use Apple’s Wallet app

»Apple Wallet is an application that has become part of our life as a universal storage of various cards, tickets, passes. With this program, you can pay for purchases directly from your phone, do not use paper tickets for transport or cinema, and even save time for check-in on the plane.

The Big Guide to Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet is available for iPhone users with iOS 9 or later. Apple Wallet is installed by default on all iPhones and cannot be removed.

The Big Guide to Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet is available for iPhone users with iOS 9 or later. Apple Wallet is installed by default on all iPhones and cannot be removed.

SOLVED! Cannot Add Cards to Apple iPhone Wallet Apple Pay?

On iOS 8 and below, the Passbook program is available, which has similar capabilities to Apple Wallet, except for payment.

How to use Wallet on iPhone

Apple has taken care of its customers by integrating the Wallet program into the latest models, a convenient virtual “warehouse” designed to store information about cards and tickets. This is definitely a big time-saver.

And it is useful for every owner to know how to use the Wallet app on iPhone.

How to add a discount card to wallet on iPhone 7

As a result, you will be able to pay with your smartphone as well as with a regular card.

The Wallet app comes preinstalled on all modern iPhones and iPod Touch players, but the Wallet app for iPad doesn’t exist. You have several ways to set up the app on your smartphone.

You can add data like this:

  • Using third-party programs;
  • Through the web version;
  • From your mail or messages;
  • Scanning the barcode of the card;

How to add a discount card to Wallet

Many owners of the technology of the popular Apple brand do not even suspect what a convenient application is installed on their mobile device.

Today we will talk about a universal utility.

In fact, this is a virtual wallet in which you can store your credit cards and discount cards.

From the article you will learn how the program works and how to add a discount card to the Wallet system.

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How to set up Apple Wallet on iPhone

The Wallet app comes preinstalled on all modern iPhones and iPod Touch players, but the Wallet app for iPad doesn’t exist. You have several ways to set up the app on your smartphone. You can add data like this:

  • Scanning the barcode of the card;
  • Through the web version;
  • From your mail or messages;
  • Using third-party programs;

If you received tickets by mail, then you can add them to Wallet with one click. If tickets have arrived, but the mail service does not offer to add tickets to Wallet, then this means that the application does not support these tickets. You can also add cards and tickets from other applications. For example, if you buy tickets in the official Aeroflot application, then after payment the tickets will be automatically displayed in your e-wallet.

You can edit all added maps and tickets. To do this, you need to select the “i” icon opposite the required card or ticket. Next, you will see a window where all available settings will be displayed.

In this window, you can delete the card or change its settings. You can also share data. You can allow the app to track your location and automatically suggest the map or tickets you want. For example, if you are at the airport, then thanks to the geo-location, the application will offer you a boarding pass, and at the train station. an Aeroexpress ticket.

For those who want to change the order of cards / tickets in the application, just click on the desired card and hold your finger and drag the card to the desired location. If you have multiple devices, then you can sync data between them using iCloud.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Wallet

Like anything, Apple Wallet has its advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, we propose to consider the positive aspects of the program:

  • Simplicity and convenience. It is enough to bring the phone to the terminal and the funds will be debited.
  • Security. When using the application, there is no chance of losing your bank or discount card.
  • Multifunctionality. Wallet, in addition to plastic cards, allows you to save tickets for transport, cinema, theater and other establishments.
  • High level of protection of confidential data. When making a payment, you must confirm the debiting via Touch or Face ID. Also, the contact of the smartphone with the terminal is minimal, which significantly reduces the likelihood of data interception by fraudsters.
  • The app is installed by default on the iPhone.
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Now let’s look at the negative aspects of the service, which are actually few:

Note that there are much fewer disadvantages than advantages, so Apple Wallet deserves the attention of users.

How to add a discount card to Wallet

  • Click on the card image located in the central menu of the application.

Click on the “Add to Apple Wallet” button

Now, when buying, it is enough to show the barcode from the plastic to the cashier or bring the iPhone to the terminal for a few seconds.

With the arrival of Apple Pay technology in Russia, Wallet has begun to treat our cards better. If before that the process of adding a card was reluctant, now the cards are coming in with a bang.

Wallet in the USA

Visa and MasterCard cards of many Russian banks are supported, including:

  • Alfa Bank
  • Bank “Saint-Petersburg
  • VTB 24
  • MDM B&N Bank
  • MTS
  • Opening a bank
  • Raiffeisenbank
  • Rocketbank
  • Russian Standard Bank
  • Tinkoff
  • Sberbank
  • Yandex money

Check out the official Apple Pay page on the Apple website for a complete list of supported banks. over, this new technology is rapidly expanding its influence on Russian banks.

  • S7
  • Aeroflot
  • Aeroexpress
  • Ostrovok Hotels
  • Hotels Hotels
  • AirBnb
  • Booking

A complete list of available applications can be found in the application itself. On the other hand, the purchased cards, coupons and tickets in these applications are immediately saved in a ready-to-use form in Wallet. Of the huge drawbacks, there are very few supported solutions in Russia, and the prospects for the development of these technologies for the current day are rather vague.