How to access YouTube from TV

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About the YouTube TV app

Most modern TV models are equipped with the YouTube application, which allows you to view various videos if you have Wi-Fi Internet and a built-in Wi-Fi module. This app is available for smart TVs, Android TV, Apple TV and Google TV. If you have such a TV, you can simply connect the TV to a local Wi-Fi network, launch this application through the TV menu, select the desired video, and enjoy watching your favorite video on YouTube.

The developers are constantly updating the interface, design and capabilities of the YouTube application, improving its functionality and compatibility with various models of “smart” TVs.
Video how to watch YouTube videos on TV (Russian subtitles):

How to connect your device to a YouTube TV or game console

Using a Wi-Fi network, you can connect a YouTube device (for example, a smartphone) to your TV or game console, and watch videos from your smartphone on the big screen. If your devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, it will be enough just to click the corresponding icon in the player’s menu, which looks like this: And then select the device for displaying the image (TV).

If automatic connection is not possible, we will do it differently, depending on the device you are using. We go to the YouTube application on a TV or set-top box, go to the settings, and there we click “bind device”. We receive a connection code consisting of letters and numbers. Further, depending on your device, we do the following:

For computer. We go to our YouTube account, select “Youtube Settings”, go to the “Connected TVs” menu item, enter the connection code received earlier and click “Add”.

For Android devices. Launch the YouTube app on your device, go to settings, select “Connected TVs”, and then click “Add TV”. In, enter the connection code and click “Add”.

For iOS devices. Launch the YouTube app on your Apple device, go to settings, select “Connected TVs”. Enter the connection code at and click “Add”.

Note that almost all modern game consoles have the YouTube application installed, but not everyone has access to YouTube for free. For example, to watch YouTube videos on Xbox 360, you need to purchase a paid subscription. Those owners of consoles who for some reason do not have this application can be advised to use the browser built into the functionality of the consoles and go to the YouTube website, for example:

For personal computers, it is enough to have an HDMI connector on the TV, through which you can connect a computer and watch video from a PC on a large TV screen. how to enter the code from the TV

Are you the proud owner of a YouTube account, love to watch a lot of videos, but still feel uncomfortable with the small screen size of your device? You want to increase the size of the picture, but do not know what to do and what tools to use?

I was also asked the same questions before, until I decided to try my TV as a device for outputting video from YouTube. The capabilities of the YouTube application installed on smartphones, tablets, game consoles and modern TV models allow you to view videos of this site on a large TV screen, enjoying high-quality HD images and sound. In this article, I will talk about how to watch YouTube videos both using the TV itself and by connecting another device (smartphone, tablet, game console, etc.) to the TV. I will tell you how to activate YouTube and enter the code from the TV into

How to use

You can take advantage of the YouTube TV app and link it to your Google profile and YouTube account. To sync your accounts, go to the YouTube app on your Smart TV by clicking Sign In. You will receive the required activation code from your TV. Then, on your device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), open the page with the address A window will appear with the entrance to your Google account, Go into it, and then enter the previously received activation code from the TV in the window that appears. Click “Next”, and then “Accept”, and wait for confirmation.

A visual demonstration of these actions can be found here:

Entering the code to connect your YouTube account to your TV

Using a Wi-Fi connection, users can connect a mobile device or computer to the TV by entering a specific code. It logs in and syncs your YouTube account on your TV. In this article, we will look at the connection process in detail, and also show how to use multiple profiles at the same time.

We connect the Google profile to the TV

There is nothing complicated in connecting a Google profile to a TV, all you need to do is set up an Internet connection in advance and prepare two devices for work. You can also use your smartphone or phone to connect, but you will need to use a browser rather than a mobile app. You are required to do the following:

    Turn on the TV, launch the YouTube application, click on the “Login” button or on the avatar at the top left of the window.

In the search box, enter the link below and click on it.

Select an account to connect or log into your profile, if you haven’t done so before.

The app will ask for permission to manage your account and view rentals and purchases. If you agree with this, then click “Allow”.

Upon successful connection, you will see the corresponding information on the site.

Now all that remains is to go back to the TV and watch videos using your Google account.

Connecting multiple profiles to a TV

Sometimes YouTube is used by several people at once. If everyone has their own separate account, then it would be best to add them all at once, so that later you can simply carry out quick switching without the need to constantly enter codes or passwords. This is done as follows:

    In the upper left corner of the window, click on your profile icon.

The randomly generated code will be displayed again in front of you. Follow all the same steps as described above with each account to connect to the TV.

  • In the window with profiles, click on “Account Management” if you want to remove it from this device.
  • When you want to switch between profiles, just click on the avatar and select one of the added ones, the transition will be carried out instantly.

    Today we took a closer look at the process of adding your Google profile to the YouTube app on TV. As you can see, there is nothing difficult about it, you only need to complete a few simple steps, and you can immediately enjoy watching your favorite videos. When you need to link a mobile device and a TV for more convenient control of YouTube, a slightly different connection method is used. Read more about this in our article at the link below.

    Hidden capabilities of technology

    It is likely that you have a variety of multimedia devices in your home that have unique features that you are not even aware of. Modern Smart TVs have the YouTube utility in their arsenal, regardless of the manufacturer. be it LG, Samsung (Samsung) or Sony Bravia (Sony).

    Accordingly, you can easily run the program on the “TV set” and enjoy not only the high-resolution image, but also the powerful sound that laptop speakers will never be able to reproduce.

    All you need to do is activate Activate to enable additional functionality of your TV. Similar functionality is also supported by Android TV, Apple TV, almost all Smart TVs. But with game consoles, not everything is so smooth, for example, to implement functionality on the Xbox, you need to purchase a premium Gold subscription.

    Solution # 1

    In the YouTube settings on TV, you should find the action “Link devices”, after which you will be given a password.

    It should be specified on the website by launching it in a browser on a computer (the account must be the same), in the “Connected TVs” section. You will see an input field and an add button:

    In addition, the page provides a short and clear instruction.

    Entering the TV code on full procedure description

    I would like to share some tips for YouTube com activate. enter the code from the TV and activate video viewing through Smart TV devices, computer.

    Without a doubt, YouTube is the most popular hosting for Video content. Every day, hundreds of thousands of videos of various topics are added here, which are viewed by millions of users around the world. And some clips are capable of gaining over a billion views in the shortest possible time. But it is not always convenient to contemplate high-quality video on a small monitor display. I would like to check it out on a TV with a large diagonal. Now I’ll tell you how to do it.

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    Solution # 4

    Do you want to do it differently? Then you should use a more sophisticated method.

    In the TV settings, you need to find the item responsible for connecting the screen to the mobile device. If you succeed in doing this, you will see the code on the display.

    Now we go from the smartphone to the browser, go here. we see the input field where the password should be inserted.

    Solution # 3

    This path is relevant for owners of devices with Android OS.

    • First, we get the password on the TV set (as described above);
    • Open the Youtub program on your Android smartphone, in the “Connected” menu. action “Add”;
    • It remains only to enter the code and add the device.

    We use WI-FI to connect

    The easiest way, which requires an appropriate wireless module on the TV receiver and a router that transmits the Internet signal. The main thing is that the smartphone from which the video will be broadcast is on the same network with the TV. Then, in the settings of the mobile gadget, you should select from the list the device to which the picture will be transmitted. I will not go into details, since this aspect was described in detail in one of the previous articles. here is the link.

    Solution # 2

    It seems to me the simplest option. Its essence is as follows. we launch YouTube on the TV, open the menu, select “Login”. The code should now display. The resulting numbers and letters must be registered on the website www YouTube com activate in the following window:

    Further actions

    After the connection is complete and the program is ready to work, you need to open the File menu item and the Capture tab. Next steps include:

    Choice of a capture method (the best thing to note is a digital camera. Capture From Digital Video Camera);

    Type from the keyboard any name for the future file, if the installed program offers it;

    Specify in which folder to save the recording;

    Press the start capture button in the editing program.

    It follows from the above that it is important to start the editing application first. After completing all these steps, you need to start the desired broadcast on the TV. When the broadcast is over, you must press the stop button and save the recorded. You can find it afterwards in the folder that you specified initially.

    It should be borne in mind that connection via HDMI ports requires a sufficient amount of hard disk memory on a computer or laptop and a processor frequency of at least 3 GHz for single-core equipment. It is important that the ports of the PC and TV are the same.

    Given the fact that modern technologies do not stand still, there are receiver models that allow you to receive a TV program directly from space, respectively, it is possible to record TV directly from this source.

    Recording Videos from TV to Computer

    Answering the question of how to record video from a TV to a computer, we can immediately note that no special software is required for all new TV models. The functions that are already built into them allow you to carry out the entire procedure with a minimum investment of time and effort, you only need a device for capturing and a program installed on a computer with the ability to edit video recordings.

    Regardless of whether you will be using a PC or laptop for video recording, you need to take a special AV cable, which is usually included with the device and does not require an additional purchase. This cable should be connected to your TV. If a prefix is ​​connected to the latter, the cable is connected to it. It is not difficult to figure out the cable insertion, as a standard the color of the plug must match the color of the port on the equipment.

    Next, you will need to connect an additional cable to the S-Video port, if any. If there is no such cable, you will have to use only AV, which will significantly affect the recording quality.

    When one side of the cord is plugged into the TV, the other should be plugged into a port on the PC. It takes a little time to recognize the device. Before this, the user must install any of the editing programs at his discretion, for example, Adobe Premiere or iMovie.

    Application of additional equipment

    If the TV is an older model and does not have the necessary ports, again a completely logical question arises, how to record a movie from the TV to a computer. There is a way out of this situation. the use of additional devices. The same editing program will serve as a recording device for television broadcasts, and a special card or tuner will serve as the so-called capture tool. Both are installed in special slots. Sometimes drivers and other recording applications come with these devices on DVDs.

    If it is possible to connect to the tuner via a USB cable, this will make the task easier, since the system unit does not have to be disassembled to get to the slots. However, external devices are more expensive than internal ones, since you need to bother with them less.

    Equipment setup principles:

    Insert a DVD disc into the drive of a laptop or PC, after which all further settings and recognition will be carried out automatically;

    Find manually the desired films that are broadcasted on television, which are then recorded by the program (its installation usually requires a computer restart).

    After you write down the desired file and save it, you can do almost anything with it. edit it at your discretion in additional programs with ample opportunities, improve the quality, and so on. However, before you record a program from TV, you should prepare everything in advance, since it will not take a couple of seconds.

    How to sign in to your account?

    To use the device sync feature, you first need to sign in to your personal account. This will require:

    • Go to the official website YouTube.
    • Open tab with account.
    • Enter username and password.
    • Sign in.

    When syncing your phone to your TV, you will need to log into your Google account on your smartphone. This operation does not cause any difficulties, it is enough to know the username and password to enter your account.

    How to enter the code on

    You can connect manually. You can connect from both a TV and a smartphone. Let’s look at both methods so that users can find the right option.

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    From the TV

    If you need to enter the code on from the TV, then you will need to follow the steps below to pair the devices:

    • Open the program “ Activate” on TV.
    • Go to application settings.
    • Click on the button to pair devices.
    • The application generates a password for the connection. It needs to be copied.
    • Open the YouTube profile on your laptop, find the section with connected TVs in it.
    • The site will ask for an activation code.
    • Enter the password you received earlier in the corresponding line.
    • Confirm the addition and wait for approval from the service.

    Another option is to go to the profile from the TV, having received the necessary code. Then on your PC you need to open the page, enter the existing password. Within a few seconds, the service will synchronize the devices.

    Automatic connection

    Modern smartphones support automatic syncing. For this, it is enough that the phone and TV are connected to the same router. You don’t have to make an additional connection, the video broadcast to the TV will be available by default.

    • you need to open the YouTube client on the TV;
    • go to the service application on your smartphone;
    • there is an icon with a signal at the top of the page. Click on it.

    Now you can use your TV to watch videos. To do this, click on the TV icon on the video preview. It will start playing on the TV.

    Combining with the console

    If your TV does not support Smart TV, you can pair your computer with the console. This requires:

    • Open settings.
    • Press the button to enter.
    • The system will issue a password for activation.
    • Go to on your PC and type in the code.

    What is

    YouTube is the most popular video hosting at the moment. This service has a number of advantages:

    • Availability of special applications for mobile devices and TVs.
    • Simple and intuitive interface.
    • Today YouTube is a monopolist. He has no serious competitors.
    • The service provides a wide range of settings. You can select the playback speed, video quality, etc.
    • Video hosting automatically adapts to the device of a specific user for stable recording playback.
    • The service is universal. It is suitable not only for watching videos, but also for streaming, listening to music, etc.
    • Content creators can upload unlimited videos.
    • There is a monetization system for channels.
    • You can use external advertising to make money.
    • Ordinary users will be able to compile a list of subscriptions and regularly receive interesting content.
    • There are a huge number of videos and channels on YouTube. Users will always find content that suits them.
    • The service is updated regularly and gets better over time.
    • You can purchase a premium account with additional features: no ads, offline viewing, etc.

    The main features of the service are available free of charge. Registration of channels on YouTube is free, so anyone can become a content creator. Additionally, the hosting interface includes a small studio where the creator gets useful tools.

    YouTube activation allows you to connect a Smart TV-enabled TV to your smartphone or laptop. Due to this, videos are broadcast on it. You can watch videos on a large screen, enjoy high-quality images and sound.

    From the phone

    To enter the code from your phone, you need:

    • Get a password in the application on the TV using the previously described algorithm;
    • Go to the official client of the service on your smartphone;
    • Find connected TVs in the settings, drive in a password and synchronize.

    Mobile app

    Let’s figure out how to log into YouTube through a mobile device. First, you need to install the program for your platform. If your smartphone or tablet is on Android, then download the program from here and the owners of Apple technology need to download YouTube from here Many people fail to download the application because it is installed on the smartphone by default. In this case, you need to update it to the latest version and proceed to authorization:

    • Launch the application and click on the profile icon in the right corner.
    • Click the “Login” button.
    • In the window that opens, click on “Add account”.
    • If the device has a password or pattern, enter it.
    • Then enter your Gmail email address.
    • Now enter your Google / YouTube password.
    • Select a verification method and enter the code. Read the terms of use and complete authorization.
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    An alternative way to log in is to link your account through the settings of the phone itself. The same principle works here as in the case of Google services. When authorizing in one service, the user will log in to all the others.

    How to sign in to your YouTube account

    As is the case with all Google services, you will need a single account to log into YouTube video hosting. If you already have a Gmail mail or use one of the sites of this company, then you do not need to register. Everyone else needs to first create a profile at and only then log into your YouTube account using our instructions. Consider authorization in your personal account on the official website, in the mobile application and on TVs.


    Owners of personal computers and laptops prefer to use YouTube through their main browser. The login procedure in this case is as follows:

    • Open the official YouTube website at
    • Click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner.
    • If a Google profile is already linked to your browser, then select it from the list. Otherwise, enter your login (Gmail email address).
    • At the second step, enter your profile password and click “Next”.
    • As a result, the YouTube main page will be loaded again, but with your personal account.

    The second method is authorization in any Google service. If the user enters the mail or through the main page then his personal account and all subscriptions will appear on YouTube. This procedure is performed as follows:

    • Open the main page of the search engine using the link above.
    • Click on the “Login” button in the right corner.
    • Select the linked account again or enter your username / password.
    • After authorization, an account icon will appear in the upper corner. Click on the menu button and go to the video site.

    If the user has forgotten the password, then the restoration of access is also carried out through the official website:

    • On the page enter the email address or phone number that is the login. Click “Next”.
    • Click on the link “Forgot your password?” Write down the last defensive combination you remember. If this option does not work, click “Other method”.
    • A confirmation email will be sent to your backup email. You need to enter the code on the Google website and come up with a new password.

    Smart TV

    To watch videos and manage your YouTube account via TV without additional equipment, you need a built-in Smart TV. This feature makes it possible to use the Internet, applications, watch movies, videos, and so on. To enter YouTube on the TV, you need to install the application through the branded directory from the device manufacturer. For example, on LG TVs, you need to download the program through the LG Content Store, Samsung products have their own App Store, and so on. After installation, do the following:
    1.Using the remote control, go to the TV settings and connect it to a Wi-Fi network or the same router using an Ethernet cable. The smartphone on which you are logged in to YouTube must be connected to the same network.

    Now launch the app on TV and click the “Login” button. The device starts searching for the nearest smartphone on the same Wi-Fi network.

    Take your smartphone and click on the profile icon, next to which a notification appears. Confirm authorization with the “Login to your account” button. Allow watching videos with this account. After a short synchronization (the inscription on the TV screen “Signing in”) you will see a greeting and a list of recommendations for your profile!

    And there is also a second method of connecting an account to YouTube on a TV with Smart TV:
    1. Follow 1-2 steps from the previous instruction.

    The code will be displayed on the main page of the app on TV. Go to YouTube on your PC or phone and through the settings open the “View on TV” section. Enter this code.

    Give permission to manage your YouTube account from another device.

    After successful authorization, you will see a corresponding notification on your computer or smartphone. This means that you can go to work with your profile on the TV!

    How to use a VPN to access YouTube in Russia:

    • Download the VPN app. Our pick. CyberGhost!
    • Install a VPN and connect to a server in the region you want to see content. If you just want to bypass a firewall at work or school, select the server closest to your physical location.
    • Enjoy access to YouTube!

    Unblock YouTube by changing its URL

    By changing the site URL, you can easily trick the firewall on your network. Most network administrators block sites manually by blacklisting their URLs. If your network administrator has added only the main YouTube URL ( to the blacklist, then you can access it by entering into the search bar.

    Unfortunately, this trick can only come in handy on private networks and will prevent you from accessing content that is geo-blocked or censored.

    Unblock YouTube videos from Russia in 2021 [FAST]

    Finally, you found the video you want, click on the title and you get an error message where it says that this video is not available because the author made it inaccessible for your country.

    If this situation annoys you enough that you are ready to shout at the screen, we have good news for you! There are many ways to bypass geoblocks and firewalls, and we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to access YouTube videos from anywhere in the world, including Russia.

    Some YouTube videos are not available in all countries

    Download YouTube videos directly without doing anything with the YouTube block

    There are several websites where you can download YouTube videos to watch on your device, but it can take a few tries to find the right one for you. This can be a good solution if you want to watch certain videos offline. However, you will only be able to watch videos that you have previously uploaded, so you need to know exactly what you want to watch before uploading a video.

    To download a video, you need to search for it through Google. A URL link will appear in the search results under the title of this video, which will need to be copied and pasted into the field on the site to download the YouTube video. And already here you can download the video to your device. This method is slow and not the easiest, but it will allow you to save the video to your device to watch it offline.

    Use a VPN to access YouTube if blocked

    VPN (virtual private network) is the easiest and safest way to access YouTube.

    VPN is a great solution for protecting your online data, your anonymity and access to blocked content, closed by firewalls, censorship or geoblocks. This secure network connects your device via a high-speed and encrypted path to a remote server. It assigns a new IP to your device to mask your original IP. From the point of view of YouTube and firewalls, it will appear that you are connecting to a site from a different country.

    VPNs encrypt all data that is transmitted over your connection, that is, your network administrator and ISP will not be able to see what content you want to access.

    Use YouTube proxy or addon to go to YouTube if the site is blocked

    Proxies are similar to VPNs, but the technology is much less reliable and secure. When you connect to a proxy service, your traffic is routed through its server to make it seem like you are in a different country. Yes, you can bypass firewalls and geoblocks this way.

    But, unlike a VPN, a proxy does not encrypt your data. This means that network administrators, ISPs, or various censorship agencies can see which sites you visit. Also, your personal data may be subject to various types of online attacks.

    There are three main ways to connect to a proxy: go to a proxy site, manually connect through your web browser, or use a browser add-on. There are many proxy sites on the web, and you just need to connect to them. At the same time, usually the proxy needs to be updated every time you load a new page, and this is time-consuming.

    You can also configure the proxy yourself. This requires technical skills, but once everything is ready, you can access the blocked content without having to update the proxy every time you load a new page. An easier alternative is to use a browser addon (like Ultrasurf or ProxTube). These addons create a channel between your device and a proxy server, but the choice of servers will be limited depending on your browser and device.

    Why YouTube is blocked?

    There are many reasons YouTube might be blocked on your network.

    If you are at a school or office, your network administrator can block access to YouTube using a firewall. Many companies and educational institutions enforce restrictions to eliminate distractions and improve student / employee productivity. These rules are important and must be respected, but we also believe that access to information should be free, like activity on the Internet.

    If you live in a country with strict online censorship, then the authorities can completely block access to YouTube. The level of online censorship can vary. For example, in China, YouTube is completely blocked, and in South Korea, only some videos are blocked.

    Even in countries where YouTube is not blocked (like in Russia), according to copyright laws, YouTube uses geoblocks to prevent users from certain regions from accessing the corresponding videos. For example, a TV channel may publish a preview that only US residents can see under license, so YouTube will prevent users in other countries from playing it.

    How many reasons why YouTube or some videos on it are blocked, so many ways to get access.

    Update YouTube on Samsung TV

    If the YouTube app does not open on your Samsung Smart TV, you can restore it to work by performing a software update. To do this, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions:

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    An alternative way to restore YouTube on a Samsung TV is to install the latest version through the settings. Open the basic TV settings, and then go to the menu in which the software is uninstalled. Find the app you want, and then select Update. Nothing complicated.

    Now you know how to update YouTube on your TV. You shouldn’t have a problem with that. Samsung TV operating systems are similar in interface to Android. Therefore, installation, updating, removal of software is carried out according to a similar principle.

    Why do you need YouTube on TV

    Regardless of the type of connection, the functionality of the television is extremely limited. Therefore, even satellite TV is extremely difficult today to surprise sophisticated users. Streaming services have reached the peak of their popularity, so everyone prefers to watch various new items there.

    The desire to install the YouTube app on Smart Samsung is more than justified. On YouTube, every user can find a lot of interesting content for themselves. Let’s consider only the most obvious directions:

    • Music videos;
    • Trailers of new films, TV series;
    • Video blogs, live broadcasts;
    • TV shows.

    On YouTube, you can watch movies, TV shows, and TV shows. Therefore, the installation of this application can be considered a full-fledged analogue of television. Of course, the video from this service can be opened through a browser, but the installation of the application looks more comfortable, convenient option.

    Install YouTube on Samsung Smart TV

    As noted earlier, you can access YouTube through a browser, but this is not very convenient. Therefore, it is better to use an alternative option. find and download a widget for Samsung Smart TV. TVs from the South Korean manufacturer Samsung operate under the Tizen operating system, which is developed on the basis of Linux. Users will not have to set up YouTube on TV, since the proprietary application of this service is included in the list of preinstalled programs.

    Let’s say you accidentally uninstall an app, so you need to install YouTube on your Samsung TV, how to do it? There is nothing complicated about it. Proceed in accordance with the step-by-step algorithm:

    For Smart TV, downloading the application will not be difficult. There is no need to download software from unverified sources, as pirated software can negatively affect the performance of the TV.

    An alternative way to restore the ability to watch videos from the YouTube service:

    • Download the widget of the same name specifically for your operating system.
    • Unpack the contents of the downloaded archive into a separate folder.
    • Insert the flash drive into the USB connector after turning off the TV.
    • Turn on the TV.
    • Launch Smart Hub. YouTube appears in the list of applications.

    Installing YouTube App on Samsung Smart TV

    It is possible that after the installation, the YouTube application does not work correctly, what should I do in such situations? Everyone can fix software glitches on their own. To do this, you just need to adhere to expert recommendations. However, first we will determine whether it is necessary to install this application on the TV at all, or you can still do without it.

    Installing and setting up the Video TV Cast app on Samsung

    Updating YouTube on a Samsung TV doesn’t always solve the problem. It is possible that downloading the latest software version will not give the expected result. However, there is an alternative way to solve the problem. install the Video TV Cast app on Samsung Smart TV.

    Key features of the program under consideration:

    • Regardless of the TV model, it functions correctly, without lags, delays, failures;
    • With this software, you can play video content uploaded to YouTube, as well as open all kinds of other pages;
    • The versatility of the program is manifested in the fact that it plays videos of any format.

    When the Internet connection is properly configured on all devices, you need to open the main menu of the application. Use it to open the web page that contains the video you want. If the software is installed on a mobile phone or tablet, then after opening the desired page, you can play the content with one click directly on the large TV screen.

    With the help of the TV Cast program, users will be able to play videos from the YouTube service. Pre-register a personal account in order to fully use the functionality of the service. You will get access to your personal video library, subscriptions and interesting channels.

    • Set up your TV internet connection via Wi-Fi, cable or adapter.
    • Install the Video TV Cast app.
    • Launch the software and enjoy its functionality.

    If you plan to set up a connection using an Ethernet cable, then you need to crimp the wire on both sides. Now you know how to download, update and restore YouTube to work correctly on your TV. There are other programs that allow you to play videos from this service.

    What is required to enable Miracast technology

    For Mirakast to work, your base (smartphone, tablet, computer) and end (TV) device must support this technology. This applies to both hardware and software.

    Operating Systems: Technology Support:
    Windows 8.1 and higher there is
    Android OS 4.2 and 5 there is
    Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) Not
    OS X and iOS Not

    Only early Android OS versions support Mirakast

    Instructions for iOS devices

    In the settings you need to find the “AirPlay” section. It is supplied by default in all devices and indicates that this function is supported. If it is missing, it is most likely that the hardware is fake and not original from Apple.

    How technology is applied

    Despite the fact that the “age” of such an innovative and promising technology is still small enough, it can still be applied to a large number of electronic devices. One of the advantages of Mirakast is that it is successfully used on various operating systems, including not only computer equipment, but also modern smartphones. It is this feature that predetermined the leadership of the technology over similar “products” of Google and Apple.

    Consumers are also amazed by such a feature of Mirakast as maintaining the absolute quality of the transmitted materials. It was for this reason that it was easy to part with HDMI, the strength of the connection to which, a commitment to it was formed over the course of a decade. By the way, if you own a TV that is not accompanied by Miracast support, you do not have to worry about being left out of the “board of modern technological progress”. You just need to purchase an adapter and connect it to the HDMI port.

    Basics of Miracast

    The fact that the Miracast standard allows you to establish a wireless connection between two gadgets is already clear to you. After such a connection, any information is easily transferred from one electronic source to another. The principle of the technology is based on a Wi-Fi Direct network connection. At the same time, video material is transmitted at maximum resolution and at the same time with impressive surround sound.

    Many users welcome this connection because it guarantees high quality transmission and broadcasting of any video and audio material. At the same time, it does not matter at all what formats, sizes they have, what codecs they need. It is also surprising that with the help of this technology it is possible to transfer even such files that were protected from writing by the manufacturer.

    Manual for PC with Windows 10

    First you need to activate Miracast on your TV. Depending on the TV model, you will need to click on the “Home” or “Smart” button. In the opened application menu select “Screen Share”.

    Next, you need to do the following:

    • In Windows 10, screen mirroring is found in the quick settings section of Action Center. Click the box (bubble) icon at the far right of the taskbar to launch the Action Center;
    • Then click there on the “Connect” button at the bottom of the screen;
      Click on “Connect” in the Notification Center
    • The menu that opens will display a list of available Miracast display devices. Click on the desired device to start the connection process.
      Click on the found TV to connect

    Depending on your device, you may need to enter a pin code to secure the connection.

    After a while, your TV will either mirror your computer screen or act as an extended monitor. Selecting the “Project” option in the Windows 10 connection menu (click on WinP) allows you to choose between mirroring, expanding the monitor and turning off the main PC display.

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    Synchronization problems

    If it happens that the connection is unstable and breaks down, or synchronization cannot succeed in any way, then the reasons may be as follows:

    • Receiver damaged.
    • The device lacks the necessary drivers.

    If the receiver is damaged, it must be repaired. If there are no drivers, you will need to update them (if there are already installed drivers) or initial installation.

    To update the drivers, you need to download them from the website of the company that released your Miracast module. After that, in the device manager, we look for our adapter, select it and click “Update”. We perform the procedure manually, specifying the path of the saved file that you downloaded earlier.

    How to enable Miracast on TV

    After confirming that the TV has a wireless transmission module, you can proceed to connecting devices.

    After the inscription “You can now share your over devace`s screen on your LG TV” appears, you need to find the TV in the menu of your smartphone or laptop and make a connection.

    On Android smartphones:

    • Find function icon. Depending on the model, it can be in the Quick Access Toolbar or in the Connections, Network, and Other Settings sections.
    • Activate.
    • Confirm the connection of the found device.

    On a laptop or personal computer with Windows 8 and higher, go to “Settings”. “Devices” and select “Add Bluetooth or other device”.

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    For devices on OS Windows 7, you must first install the Intel WiDi application.