How many cores are in the iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Max) Unboxing. Fortnite Battle Royale, Minecraft, PUBG Gameplay

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

A13 Bionic processor performance

The main processor received 6 cores, integrated graphics are also used. Engineers report that the main work is done by 4 cores, and the 2 main ones come into play only for resource-intensive tasks.

The Neural Engine 3 function deserves special attention. it is machine learning that allows the smartphone to perform better. This has a noticeable effect on all processes, but it is most noticeable when shooting in limited lighting conditions.

According to the developers, the performance of the Apple A13 Bionic used in the iPhone eleven Pro Max. increased by 20%. At the same time, during normal operation, the processor consumes 40% less power. Graphics accelerator is 30% more energy efficient.

The increase in productivity is noticeable not only when working in applications or mobile games, but also in everyday tasks. So, the processor and redesigned TrueDepth sensors accelerated the work of Face ID by a third.

Moisture protection, materials, design. features of the case

The iPhone will be available in four colors. The colors are matte, and therefore fans of bright smartphones will have to wait for exclusive versions or use a case. Interestingly, the Apple logo is now in the middle of the back, which is due to the cameras.

Contrary to initial assumptions, the square in which the cameras are located has the same color as the entire body.

The materials for the manufacture were stainless steel, and a special grade. surgical, and impact-resistant glass. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is absolutely not afraid of water: it can spend up to half an hour in it.

The dimensions of the iPhone firmware are 158 × 77.8 × 8.1 mm, and the weight of the smartphone is 226 g, that is, the gadget has become larger in comparison with the previous generation.


The exact battery characteristics of the iPhone 11 Pro Max have not been announced, and the test results will not be known until October. However, there is already some information about the battery. For example, fast charging will be available. With the help of an 18 W block, it will be possible to raise the charge level to 50% in 30 minutes.

Compared to previous year’s models, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will last 5 hours longer. By the way, the developers decided to keep the main Lightning connector, although earlier they talked about abandoning it in favor of USB-C.

HDR support

One of the innovations concerns the Smart HDR function. Through the use of machine learning, the iPhone can control the illumination of different areas of the image. This feature is indispensable when shooting at night.

DroidVotes: how many cores?

And again we forgot to launch the voting on the usual Tuesday and we will make up for lost time today. I propose to discuss the issue of multi-core, especially since there are more and more dual-core devices, and there are already rumors about quad-core gadgets.

And again we forgot to launch the voting on the usual Tuesday and we will make up for lost time today. I propose to discuss the issue of multi-core, especially since there are more and more dual-core devices, and there are already rumors about quad-core gadgets. Do we need it? buyers?

Voted? And now let’s call friends Santa Claus together to make the survey more interesting and informative. I propose to add, retweet, contact and just send a link to the vote to friends;)

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Already said:

unk: the more, the better, if the same tendency as that of the tegra remains, when more cores consume less power, the less

and in general, “the less the better. the battery dies quickly.” this is nonsense, it is better to have only one multi-core processor running in standby mode than the entire single-core percentage

baton: I think for devices such as tablets and smartphones, two cores are enough for any task. The same tegra 3 can have both 4 and 2 cores. And other things being equal, 2 cores will be significantly cheaper than 4.

Tell me, for what tasks on a smartphone you need 4 cores?

baton: So far, even on a PC, only a few programs (and very specialized ones) can use 4 or more cores. Although 4-core PC processors have been around for a very long time.

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So they will not find a use for them. And most importantly, no one is going to look for something.

It is fashionable to produce minicomputers with a telephone function called a smartphone. Better sound from more cores? Will you always be in the access zone now? Has the battery life increased? Will the device last longer than the previous one? All questions. no? Buyers of smartphones are simply cheated by selling them useless functions in a bright expensive wrapper. Yes, this is progress, but is it in that direction? Kindergarten, playing in the sandbox. (from)

From yourself: show me at least one popular application (not a game) that works with 2 cores.

Artyom: I think that even two cores are enough for us. people you do not think the way you need to. the most important thing is software. The OS can be optimized to such an extent that it almost does not use resources at all, so that it is better understood, I give a simple example. you can compose the same program in different ways, the first will have a large weight (long source code), and the other will have a small weight, but more operations (actions that are necessary to complete the task), and the third will have a small weight and few operations. as a result, the 1st will eat RAM, the second will eat both memory and percent, and the third will eat quite a bit of both and at the same time perform the same tasks as programs 1 and 2. and now about the technique. processors come with one core and two. For example, the first will be single-core at 2Hz, and the second will be dual-core and each core at 1Hz. firstly, the second core must be used, and secondly, if there is one, it must always be ready and will eat up, well, or it is illiterately used by the system and perform background tasks. and whatever one may say, it will eat up the battery. The OS should know that the second core must be turned on as needed, and more programs should know this, but the second core can be used even in such elementary cases as the “second process”, that is, as soon as two programs are turned on at once, even the background ones, at this moment the second core is already working and eating. and if you take a single-core percent, it has a very high ceiling, but this does not mean that the battery will always sit at maximum, a certain amount of energy is needed to perform a particular operation, which means that while the phone is just lying, it will not eat itself on at most, it will increase the need for the battery only when you start, for example, games. the same applies to RAM, why do we need 1GB? When we were little, we played counter and cooking on computers with 256MB of RAM, so why put 1GB in the phone. and even now there are netbooks with one core at 1.5Hz and the seven works fine there, and we are talking about the phone, which is even less demanding on resources.

it turns out that the android is poorly optimized that even dual-core phones with 1gig do not save it operatively and it sometimes slows down, but even theoretically it should work with a bang with much less resources. Why is there no 1GB of RAM in the new iPhone? because the need will double. why did you install a dual-core percent? in order to keep up with Googlephones, but because of this, some devices do not last even 10 hours. now let’s take Windows phone 7, which was released a year ago. Android has widgets, but they quickly drain the battery. Why does WP7 tiles consume a little power as opposed to Android widgets? The answer is simple, a special notification service is responsible for updating the information, the applications themselves cannot force the update of information in the background. Windows Phone has excellent resource and power management. It is for this reason that Microsoft has repeatedly stated that there is no need for multi-core processors yet. take Windows 8, this operating system is already more productive than Windows 7 according to tests, it requires only 280MB of RAM, while an antivirus is already built into it and it takes some of the resources for itself, but despite this, the OS does an excellent job despite the weak characteristics of the computers. and now the bottom line: we don’t need extra cores. they consume a lot of energy, but there is no sense in them because of the inability to use them in everyday activities and even games. We do not need extra RAM memory either, we do not play games equivalent to PCs on our phones. WE NEED GOOD OS OPTIMIZATION. Take an example from Windows Phone 7. I am not advertising the OS, I say the fact that in this OS engineers have coped with the task of optimizing resources. And even Apple in their new iPhone 4S made a bunch of jambs as always, including the need for a battery.

ex: @baton: I already wrote in the topic about HTC Edge, I will repeat: “What can you do if technologies are moving faster than there are ideas about where to adapt them.” A color screen in phones and a camera were also wild 10 years ago and there were a lot of it-downshifters shouting that “this is not necessary and who might need such nonsense at all” =)

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@Artem: everything will come, it’s just that the market is small, and all the developers are absolutely logical and do the right thing in the market conditions: they make universal programs for a wide range of devices. And therefore the development of “specially sharpened programs for 4-core processors” is absolutely unprofitable. Your position is still a little strange. You are offered “land for 10 hectares”, and you say “but we do not need, our house occupies only 100 squares, and in general we use only 50 squares, so you can even cut the area”, i.e. abandon stocks in advance, only the reason for this is not clear.

Maybe in the future there will be no TV consoles, media centers, game consoles, etc. There will be one small device and, for example, there will be some simple docking stations instead of all this abundance of devices. You come home, put Smart on the docking station, and now it works like a TV set-top box or game for you, you take a game controller in your hands and go, simultaneously charging Smart itself from this docking station. At the same time, thanks to the fast Internet, all this is loaded from the cloud, saves are stored there, etc. etc. Where does this “puritanism” in technology come from? 🙂

iPhone 11 Pro specifications

The phone is equipped with a delightful widescreen display. In the production of a frameless screen, the developers use OLED technology, which contributes to the transmission of a bright and colorful picture. The display has high color fidelity, so you can enjoy a variety of entertainment features of your Apple device, even in bright sunlight. IPhone 11 Pro’s increased maximum brightness delivers detailed and smooth gaming experiences for users.

Insane iPhone 11 UNBOXING (all 6 colors)

The applied oleophobic coating helps to reliably protect the device from fingerprints. Thanks to the built-in device in the form of a face scanner, Face ID performs the following functions:

  • instant unlocking;
  • protection of personal information data in mounted applications;
  • fast launch of games;
  • the ability to make purchases in a specialized AppStore.

Apple smartphones with a high-performance processor and advanced cameras. The functioning of the communicator of the updated line is carried out by means of the Apple A 13 Bionic chip. The chip is built by means of a nanometer technological process, has the ability of machine learning, and performs quick analysis of photo and video files. The wide range of memory in the iPhone 11 Pro with volumes of 64, 256, 512 GB allows you to store a huge number of different media content and applications.

Thanks to the optimized iOS hardware platform, programs and photo functions are quickly launched. The communicator has a powerful graphics processor that enables the user to process video and photos.

The new generation phone has a triple camera. The lens of each device has a resolution with a 12 megapixel mark in the form of:

  • wide;
  • ultra wide;
  • telephoto.

Thanks to the improved system, there is the possibility of simultaneous shooting of 3 frames and their automatic correction is provided in one clear image. The front camera’s wide-angle capabilities help you take stunning, vivid selfies and high-quality movies. The back panel is based on frosted glass, and the case has an IP68 protection class.

many, cores, iphone

How much does the iPhone 11 Pro cost?

The device supports wireless charging and it is possible to connect two sets of headphones at once. Thanks to the built-in multi-touch function, the device instantly responds to even the slightest touch of users. New-fashioned iPhone is waterproof and smudge-resistant.

How to enable all cores in Windows 10?

Multi-threaded mode can be activated by the system or using third-party utilities. It will be possible to enable all CPU components from Windows, and without even going to the desktop, that is, from BIOS.

Third Party Programs

How to enable CPU multithreading through the downloaded utility:

  • download one of the programs to your PC: CPU-Z, CPU-Control;

iPhone 11: All Colors In-Depth Comparison! Which is Best?

  • find the option responsible for manually configuring the CPU;
  • activate (on) the required number of cores;
  • if desired, you can change the activity of any components of the CPU.

How to find out the number of working cores on Windows 10 and enable them all

Many users are interested in learning how to independently enable (activate) all processor cores on Windows 10. After all, the more they are activated, the higher the PC performance. Initially, it is advisable to find out detailed information about the CPU of your device. All CPU components may already be running by default. The activity of the nuclei can be seen using the graph.

How many cores are involved by default

Before the start-up procedure, it is advisable to find out how many cores (cores) there are on a personal laptop or stationary PC. It will be possible to check their number using the built-in services of Win 10 or third-party programs.

If the manufacturer has enabled multi-threading, then in a multi-core processor, all cores, without exception, work by default, and are started depending on the load. True, cores function at different frequencies.

If multithreading is not activated or deactivated, PC performance is poor. To optimize work, it is advisable to use all available cores.

The way to check the CPU through the “Device Manager”:

  • through the “Start” enter the “Search”;
  • write the phrase: “Device Manager”;
  • find the word “Processors”;
  • expand branch.
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The way to check the CPU through the “Task Manager”:

  • find and activate the sub-item “Performance”;
  • a window with information about the CPU will open;
  • you can find out the activity of the cores by clicking on the graph and in the pop-up window select “Change schedule”, “Logical processors”.
  • activate Windows Settings;
  • in the sub-item “About the system” find the line “Processor”.

Important! The number of cores is indicated in each manual that comes with the device. Information about the CPU is located on the PC in the subsection “My Computer”, or rather, in the subsection “System Properties”.

Method of checking the CPU through the third-party utility “CPU-Z”:

  • go to the “CPU” subsection;
  • find the line “Number of active cores”.

Important! You can find out more detailed information about the processor using other third-party utilities (for example, AIDA 64 or Everest).

Deactivating kernels

If you deactivate several cores, leaving only one, you can reduce the power consumption mode and prolong the work of the PC on the battery. In the case of single-core operation, the device heats up less and its components wear out more slowly.

  • in the “CPU Cores” section, activate the required number of cores.

A way to disable specific threads through the Task Manager for a specific program:

  • run the desired program (game);
  • activate the “Task Manager”;
  • go to the sub-item “Processes” or “Details” for your program (game);
  • find the line “exe”;
  • click on it once with the right mouse button;
  • in the pop-up window activate “Set similarity (match)”;
  • the “Processor Matching” window will pop up;
  • find the option “On which processors explorer.exe can run”;
  • uncheck specific kernels.

How to deactivate multi-threaded mode via “System Configuration”:

  • call “Run”;
  • write: msconfig;
  • activate “Additional parameters” in it;
  • in the line “Number of processors” select a number, that is, set the number of active cores;


How to increase the number of active cores via BIOS:

  • find “Advanced Clock Calibration”;
  • go to the settings of this sub-item of the menu;
  • change the number of working cores;
  • set the value “All Cores” or “Auto”;

Important! In the BIOS menu, the section from which it is possible to activate all the kernels may be called differently on different PCs. For example, “CPU Active Core Control” or “AMD Core select”, “Processor Core”, “CPU Cores”. Multi-core activation is done using the words: “All cores“, “Enable” or “All”.

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How much RAM is in the iPhone 11

At the presentation on September 10, Apple did not say anything about RAM and battery capacity in new iPhones.

For many users, these are important characteristics. And when choosing smartphones, they will come in handy.

Apple has bumped up RAM in the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max by a third. Previously, only the most expensive iPad Pro models with 1TB storage used this memory.

In terms of battery, the biggest increase in battery capacity is seen in the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Apple says the iPhone 11 Pro Max lasts 5 hours longer than the iPhone XS Max. []

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IPhone 11 camera

Everyone has long understood that this particular model has become a replacement for last year’s iPhone XR.

There are not so many changes in the design, but the camera has become better and now you can see as many as two lenses.

Thus, Apple has decided to equate this year’s younger model with last year’s iPhone XS.

  • Main camera: 2 cameras of 12 megapixels (ultra wide-angle / 2.4, wide-angle. ƒ / 1.8 aperture).
  • Front camera: 12 MP (ƒ / 2.2 aperture).
  • iPhone 11

We now have a full-fledged portrait mode, with both objects and people.

Also, don’t forget about the new Night Mode and Deep Fusion. Now, photos in low light conditions are even better and more accurate.

How many megapixels are in the camera iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max?

iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max

From year to year, new smartphones from Apple surprise less and less, partially improving the design and camera.

many, cores, iphone

Basically, the camera gets the biggest changes and 2019 was no exception.

Today we’ll talk about how many megapixels the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max received.

Camera iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

As rumors said, Apple’s flagship received as many as three cameras, which certainly deserve the attention of any user.

It looks at first glance not very good, but looking closer you understand that the company tried to distinguish itself as much as possible from other brands.

And they did it. As in previous years, there were queues for the new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in the first days of sales.

  • Main camera: 3 cameras of 12 megapixels (ultra-wide-angle / 2.4, wide-angle. ƒ / 1.8 aperture, telephoto / 2.0 aperture).
  • Front camera: 12 MP (ƒ / 2.2 aperture).
  • iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

In addition to Night Mode and Deep Fusion, there is also a 2x optical zoom in and out.

So if you are into mobile photography, then this is your choice.