How Long Does It Take To Charge The Tribe Electric Scooter

How to charge an electric scooter. detailed guide

The electric scooter is an environmentally friendly mode of transport that allows you to move around the city without hindrance without spending extra money on fuel and car components. The power reserve of this type of personal vehicle is within 25 km, which, with intensive use, requires periodic recharging during the day. In the current article, we will consider how to charge an electric scooter, and how much range a full battery provides.

How to charge an electric scooter

The process of replenishing the battery capacity is quite simple. To complete the task, you must:

    Inspect the body of the device and find the charger connection socket. It is closed with a lid to prevent moisture and dust from entering the power supply contacts.

  • Insert the charging cord into the socket.
  • Connect the adapter to a regular 220V outlet.
  • Wait until the indicator on the scooter body shows a full charge: its color changes from red to green.
  • Disconnect the charger from the mains, unplug the cord from the electric scooter and tightly close the cover protecting the socket.
  • According to the operating rules, the electric scooter must not be charged for more than 24 hours. However, this figure is clearly overestimated. If you look at the technical specifications and find out how much the electric scooter charges, you will get a value within 2-8 hours. Accordingly, even the most capacious device will reach the maximum battery charge after 8 hours, the rest of the time, if the controller is broken, a recharge will occur.

    How to properly charge an electric scooter

    Despite the apparent simplicity, the process of replenishing the battery capacity requires the user to follow certain rules and recommendations that ensure a long battery life without the need for early replacement.

    Maintenance of the electric scooter battery requires the following rules:

    • The battery should be charged only with the supplied adapter or its analogue having identical characteristics. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the battery.
    • Only the manufacturer’s battery should be used in the electric scooter.
    • Do not open or disassemble the battery to avoid electric shock and short-circuiting that could damage sensitive boards and sensors.
  • The battery should be charged as soon as possible after each ride. In addition, full discharge has a negative effect when the scooter is deactivated and no longer responds to the rider’s actions.
  • Used batteries must be disposed of in a special way and must not be placed in containers with food waste. Failure to comply with disposal rules leads to serious environmental pollution.
  • Continuing the topic of how to charge an electric scooter, we will consider the conditions of its storage, which also have a significant impact on the operation of the battery:

    • The battery, like the transport itself, should not be exposed to extreme temperature values:.20 and 50 degrees Celsius. For example, do not leave the scooter in a closed car in direct sunlight or store it on your balcony during winter. It is also forbidden to leave electric vehicles near open flames. This can cause the unit to overheat or even ignite.
    • If the electric scooter is idle for a long time. more than 30 days, you should fully replenish the battery capacity and place the device in a dry, cool place. In the future, it is required to charge the battery every 60 days to avoid its failure, after which the possibility of warranty repair is excluded.
    • The charging process should take place in a temperature range of 5 to 25 degrees.
  • The use of an electric scooter that does not have a housing protection against moisture ingress during rain is prohibited. Water can enter electrical circuits, short-circuit, or damage the battery.
  • How long does it take to charge an electric scooter

    The range of an electric scooter depends on many factors. Despite the fact that in the technical characteristics of the device you can find the maximum distance traveled on a single charge, it should be borne in mind that these indicators are calculated when driving on a flat surface, with the optimal rider weight and speed.

    The battery life of the electric scooter is affected by:

    • The type of terrain that prevails at the site of use. Driving upward consumes more battery power than driving on a flat road. If descents prevail, then the motor-wheel can not be used at all, thereby significantly increasing the run distance.
    • Travel speed. Driving at top speed has a negative impact on the number of kilometers traveled on a single charge. Each electric scooter has its own optimal speed, which saves battery power (usually about 18 km / h).
    • Rider weight. A child will be able to travel further than an adult with a large body weight.

    On average, modern electric scooters are capable of traveling from 20 to 40 km on a single charge, which makes them an excellent way to get around in a city and allow you to get to almost any point of it without using your usual transport. Also check out our top electric scooters.

    How and for how long to properly charge an electric scooter

    The electric scooter does not require constant maintenance and liquid fuel from the driver. The owner needs to know how to charge the electric scooter, since the battery life and the distance that the electric scooter travels depends on the correct procedure. To increase the cruising range, use energy sparingly by coasting or avoiding sudden acceleration and deceleration.

    How does an electric scooter work. device and functions

    The electric scooter uses a DC motor that is connected to a lead or lithium battery through an additional controller that allows you to change the rotor speed. The battery is installed in a support platform or steering column, and a cover protects the chains from splashing water or dust. The torque from the motor is transmitted to the wheel by means of a belt drive; products with an engine located inside the wheel disk are found. The power drive rotor is directly connected to the wheel axle.

    The controls are located on the steering wheel, before driving, you need to turn on the power (with a button or key), and then select the desired driving mode. On some scooters, a burglar alarm is used, which is turned off by a signal from the standard control panel. Mechanical brakes are used to stop the vehicle. Electric motors on some scooters support regenerative braking, which provides additional recharging of the battery.

    To increase the power reserve and protect against accidental start of movement, the scooter acceleration method is used with the help of a foot. When a speed of 3-5 km / h is reached, the engine is automatically turned on, then the driver puts his feet on the supporting deck and rides like on a regular scooter.

    How to properly ride an electric scooter?

    Before you start riding an electric scooter, you need to learn how to ride a 2-wheeled vehicle with a muscle drive. The driver’s hands are placed on the steering wheel spokes, one foot is placed on the support deck and the other is used to initiate movement. After the scooter starts to move, you need to place your feet on the support deck. At the same time, the driver maintains balance, additional acceleration is given by pushing the foot against the ground.

    The foot brake acts on the outer part of the tire, while the parts of the scooters use disc mechanisms located on the front and rear wheels. An anti-lock braking module can be used in the design of the brake system.

    How long does it take to charge?

    The owner can ride the electric scooter for up to several hours. Battery life will vary based on original battery specifications and workmanshIP. Load weight, ambient temperature and riding style have an additional influence on the duration of use. For example, with sharp dynamic accelerations to maximum speed, the battery life is reduced by 4-5 times. Prolonged increased discharge current negatively affects the battery plates, causing degradation of the active substance on the plates of the current source.

    To approximate the range of a fully charged battery, divide the capacity of the power source by 10. The calculation uses the capacity in Wh. For example, a 250 Wh battery will provide a range of up to 25 km. If the owner charges the battery partially, then the operating time of the power source is reduced in proportion to the decrease in capacity. Connection of additional current consumers (headlight and side lights) and natural wear of the battery reduce the power reserve.

    How to properly charge an electric scooter?

    Before connecting to AC mains for the first time, read the instructions section for explanations on how to properly charge the built-in battery. To replenish the capacity, it is recommended to use a standard charger; in the event of a product breakdown, a similar device must be purchased. Original charging units are supplied as spare parts, it is not recommended to use universal equIPment.

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    General requirements when charging battery on an electric scooter:

    • Check circuit components and plugs for traces of moisture. Wet elements need to be wIPed with a dry cloth, and then finally dried naturally.
    • After connecting the charger to the network, you must wait for the control indicator to turn on, and then connect the plug to the connector on the scooter body. With the reverse switching sequence, there is a risk of damage to the scooter electronics by increased voltage (if the charging adapter breaks down at the moment of switching on).
    • The battery charging time is indicated in the documentation. The scooter device includes a battery overcharge protection unit that automatically cuts off the charging circuit. It is recommended to disconnect the charger when the indicator light comes on. If the design does not include a lamp, then the disconnection is performed by notching the charging time.

    Before installing the product for winter storage or when out of service for 1-2 months or more, it is recommended to discharge the battery by 50%. Every 2-3 months you need to charge the battery, the capacity of which drops due to the natural self-discharge process. Direct current sources are stored in a dry room at an air temperature of 18. 20 ° C. If the storage conditions are violated, the degradation of the battery cells begins, leading to a drop in capacity and the failure of the product.

    How and how much to charge the electric scooter

    The time how quickly the electric scooter charges directly depends on the battery and the charger. A large-capacity battery will take longer to charge with a regular charge than a small battery with a high-current charger. Let’s go in order and analyze all aspects of this issue.

    The volume of the battery. The larger the volume, the greater the distance the electric scooter can travel. This fact is known to everyone. But the larger the volume, the longer it will take to replenish the battery charge, since more energy will be required. Much depends on the quality of the battery and its voltage. Sometimes a battery of the same size may charge faster or slower than another similar battery model. Or it happens that the volume of the two batteries is the same, but the distance that can be covered on the electric scooter is different. These parameters can be identified only empirically, using an electric scooter.

    Charger. In the case of a charger, the speed of filling the battery depends on the output power of the charging itself. So devices with 2-3 amps will charge the battery much more slowly than chargers with 4-6 amps. This is when it comes to standard chargers that come with an electric scooter. It is preferable to use them, of course, as they are specially designed to charge the battery installed in the scooter, do not overload it and the risk of ruining the battery is minimized. It is not always recommended to use high-speed chargers instead of standard ones, since the battery is not designed for such input power.

    How and how much to charge the electric scooter

    The battery can be charged from any outlet if you are using the original charger. Before charging the electric scooter, check.

    • All items must be dry and clean. Remove moisture, contamination, if present. The charging socket on the battery deck often gets clogged if you actively use the electric scooter.
    • Always connect the charger to the mains first. Do not connect it to the electric scooter until the indicator on the unit comes on. If you do this right away, a power supply that suddenly fails can damage the battery or completely render it unusable.
    • Do not overcharge the battery. Although most electric scooters offer protection against such cases, remove the charger from the scooter and the mains after charging is complete.
    • In winter, it is recommended to keep the battery charge level at 50-70% in order to extend its life. Check the charge level once a month and recharge the electric scooter if necessary.

    In order to correctly calculate the mileage of your electric scooter and find out how much your electric scooter will actually travel, we recommend using our special calculator for exactly GoPro.

    How to properly charge an electric scooter: step by step instructions

    There are rules on how to charge an electric scooter in order to extend the life of the battery. You also need to carry out regular diagnostics and, preferably, calculate the battery power consumption.

    • General charging rules
    • Choosing a charger
    • Service rules
    • Battery discharge
    • Storage
    • Checking, cleaning and maintaining the scooter
    • How to extend battery life
    • Is there a scooter with charging on the go
    • How long does it take to charge
    • Power reserve calculation
    • Factors Affecting Charge and Range
    • How many charges are possible
    • Is it possible to charge an electric scooter with a laptop charger
    • Is it possible to charge an electric scooter from a car
    • Scooter power problems

    General charging rules

    • Connect the plug to the battery pack.
    • After that, connect to the 220 V network.
    • After finishing charging the battery, first pull out the plug from the 220 V network.
    • Then disconnect the connector from the battery.

    Choosing a charger

    How to charge an electric scooter if the original charger is lost or damaged? It is necessary to replace the charger with an analogue from the same manufacturer.

    • the scooter should be recharged with an adapter identical in power and voltage;
    • use a non-certified power supply only when absolutely necessary.

    Service rules

    Battery operation must be carried out in accordance with the established standards.

    • Use only the recommended charger, otherwise the battery life may be shortened.
    • After the battery is completely discharged (full stop of the electric scooter), you can charge the batteries to 95% within 4-5 hours, and a full charge will take 5-6 hours = 100%.
    • If the electric scooter is not used for 1 month, then the battery charge will lose approximately 35% of its power. Before use, it is recommended to charge the battery.
    • Charge in time to ensure that the mileage matches the maximum.
    • When charging, do not connect the positive and negative contacts directly to metal parts.
    • Charging a new scooter is 35-80%. Before using it, you need to recharge it for 3-4 hours.
    • The surface of the charger may become hot, the temperature is considered normal if it does not exceed 60 ° C.
    • After a complete discharge, the battery must be charged within the next 24 hours and, according to the charging time, at least 3 hours.

    Battery discharge

    If the battery is used inappropriately, the warranty service is canceled.

    • During a short circuit, the system will automatically go into protection mode, and the fuse will be automatically used if necessary, this will provide double protection. Then, replace the fuse. The battery can be reused at the earliest after 2 minutes.
    • If the current consumption is exceeded due to improper use of equIPment (such as a signal, backlight, speed, etc.), the battery will be disconnected for a short time, but after 10 seconds the power will be restored and this will not harm driving.
    • The operating temperature of the battery is in the range:.10. 55 ° С.
    • When the operating temperature level drops or rises, the battery power will also decrease, this is normal for extreme temperatures.


    If you intend to store the electric scooter for more than 1 month, then it is recommended to charge the battery by 60–80% every two months.

    Store the battery in a cool and dry place.

    Do not connect the plus and minus terminals together.

    It is forbidden to use the battery near an open fire, disassemble the battery, modify the battery.

    Checking, cleaning and maintaining the scooter

    Check that all parts are in the same place as when they were last used.

    • Check the brakes if they function normally.
    • Check your tires for punctures and cuts. Check the pressure in the tires, they should be at least 2/3 of their volume inflated. Normal tire pressure. 2.0 atm.
    • Check the charge indicator: its correct value on the display and full charge.
    • Before driving, you need to check all the bolts, tighten them if necessary.
    • The electric scooter cannot be washed under the shower or karcher, only wIPe with a damp cloth or sponge.
    • Required every 6 months. lubricate the guides of the folding mechanism, shock absorbers with silicone grease.

    How to extend battery life

    For operating tIPs, refer to the specific model manual. To properly charge the electric scooter and extend the battery’s uninterrupted life, you need to follow simple rules:

    • Only original accessories must be used for recharging. When using non-certified equIPment, there is a risk of damage to the on-board eco-transport system.
    • Do not overcharge the battery due to prolonged connection to the mains. Frequent overcharging leads to a decrease in the life of the power source, damage to the controller and inaccurate information on the instrument panel.
    • Charge the battery as much as possible before use. Incomplete replenishment of the battery leads to a calibration failure, which significantly reduces the quality characteristics of the battery.
    • It is not recommended to use the scooter outside the ambient temperature range. The nominal extreme values ​​are indicated in the passport of the device and do not go beyond the values. 1550 degrees Celsius.
    • Recharging should be done at room temperature, after keeping the electric scooter for some time without being connected to the network. The procedure will replenish the battery in the most efficient way.
    • When using electric transport for the first time after long-term storage, the battery must be fully charged.

    Is there a scooter with charging on the go

    On the AliExpress platform, there are external batteries for ecological transport. But when asked whether it is possible to charge an electric scooter from a power bank, a serious manufacturer will give a negative answer.

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    On the question of how to charge an electric scooter on the go, the major manufacturers Xiaomi and Kugoo found an alternative answer. The method consists in recuperating braking energy, which is converted into electrical energy, thereby recharging the scooter’s battery. Thus, when the owner decides to resort to a stop, the battery of his vehicle will receive an additional recharge.

    There are times when extra energy is needed:

    • trIPs during the cold season make the container discharge faster;
    • when driving over rough terrain, where the charge is consumed unevenly and it is difficult to calculate the distance of the route;
    • when the scooter is used by several people with different weights and riding habits.

    How long does it take to charge

    The user, depending on various factors, can ride for 3-4 hours. The duration of the trIP is influenced by:

    • basic characteristics of the battery;
    • owner’s total weight and additional cargo;
    • driving style of the driver;
    • weather;
    • road surface quality.

    Power reserve calculation

    To calculate the approximate power reserve at 100% charge, you need to use the formula.

    S = XAh / 10Where X is the battery capacity in mAh, S is the distance

    Thus, to find out the possible mileage of the trIP, divide the nominal battery capacity by 10. The data have an error of.2 km. The calculation will be correct at a constant speed, without sharp accelerations and excluding the use of additional energy consumers: headlights or audio speakers.

    Factors Affecting Charge and Range

    Additional nuances that have no small effect on the duration of the trIP may be:

    • head lighting;
    • parking lights;
    • connected gadgets.

    In such scooters as Kugoo S3 or Xiaomi mijia m365 pro, there is constant synchronization with a smartphone using a proprietary application. Xiaomi eco-transport has the ability to connect a gadget to recharge it. Useful features that also consume energy.

    How many charges are possible

    Electric scooter batteries are designed for approximately 1000 cycles. Thus, with moderate use, you can ride up to 4-5 years on one battery.

    Is it possible to charge an electric scooter with a laptop charger

    It will be correct to use an authorized charger from the device package. In the event that there is no other option, you can use a computer adapter. But it should be borne in mind that the power indicators for the chargers differ significantly.

    Is it possible to charge an electric scooter from a car

    In a situation where you plan to drive a car followed by riding an electric scooter, you should charge the device’s power supply to its maximum values. Additional recharge can be provided when using a car voltage inverter, it is purchased separately.

    Scooter power problems

    Up to 95% of faults occur during operation. With the exception of factors of the nature of irresistible force (expiration of the service life of the power supply unit, battery), other causes can be prevented by conducting periodic technical inspections of the vehicle.

    Primary diagnostics can be done at home. it is visual in nature and does not require special technical knowledge. But before the start of the season, it is better to contact the service center. Experts have complete information about the features of a particular electric scooter model and can test its systems at special stands.

    TOP 15 best electric scooters for adults: rating of 2019-2020 and which model to choose for the city in terms of price-quality ratio

    Electric scooters are no longer considered something unusual for a long time, and on the roads of large cities you can often see people of all ages, childishly playfully riding two-wheeled vehicles.

    We have prepared for you a rating of the best models in terms of price, quality and reliability.

    Rating of the TOP 15 best electric scooters for adults in 2020

    A placeNamePrice
    TOP 5 best electric scooters in price-quality ratio
    1Mijia Xiaomi M365Find out the price
    2KUGOO S3Find out the price
    3Ninebot Kickscooter ES2Find out the price
    4Mijia Xiaomi M365 ProFind out the price
    fiveKUGOO S3 ProFind out the price
    TOP 5 best electric scooters up to 120 kg
    1KUGOO ES2 8.8 AhFind out the price
    2Yamato PES 0809Find out the price
    3Yamato PES 0810Find out the price
    4ZAXBOARD ES-8iFind out the price
    fiveKUGOO M2Find out the price
    TOP-5 budget electric scooters
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    2KUGOO C1 11 AhFind out the price
    3iconBIT Kick Scooter TT v3Find out the price
    4KUGOO M4 11 AhFind out the price
    fiveKUGOO M4 Pro 13 AhFind out the price

    How to choose and what to look for?

    When choosing an electric scooter, pay attention to the following parameters:

    • power;
    • battery type;
    • depreciation;
    • type and size of wheels;
    • construction weight;
    • mobility.

    There are two types of batteries: lead and lithium. The former are considered obsolete, while lithium ones are superior in all respects: both in weight and in resource.

    The larger the wheel, the more comfortable it will roll on the road, the softer the ride and the easier it is to control. However, the construction itself will be heavier. keep this in mind.

    The optimum wheel size is 8-10 inches. Types of wheels: inflatable (pneumatic) and non-inflatable (on molded rubber). Cast ones cannot be punctured, but they do not absorb vibration as well as pneumatic ones.

    How Long Does It Take To Charge The Tribe Electric Scooter

    In pneumatic ones, on the contrary: the shell is easily punctured, but they perfectly absorb vibration of the stroke. Remember: for good roads, cast ones are suitable, for bad ones. pneumatic.

    There are 2 types of motors: motor-wheel and chain-driven.

    The speed starts at 10 km / h and can reach 80 km. Most of the scooters are designed for an indicator of 20-30 km / h.

    Scooter weight: from 5 to 50 kg. Super-light weighs up to 8 kg, light. from 8 to 12 kg, medium. from 12 to 16 kg, heavy and super heavy. from 16 kg.

    Secondary parameters:

    • wings from splashing water and dirt (not available on all models, you will have to buy);
    • on-board computer (reflects the most important indicators);
    • telescopic steering rack (needed for customers taller than 175 and below 170);
    • folding handlebars (which is convenient for transportation);

    The best electric scooters in price-quality ratio

    Mijia Xiaomi M365

    The Mijia Xiaomi M365 scooter is available in two color options: white and black. The construction is made of durable aluminum, equIPped with a powerful battery, ABS system, disc brakes and cruise control. It is worth noting that this is one of the best models of 2020.

    Powerful LED headlight.

    You can monitor the status of the device through a special application that is installed on a smartphone or Android.

    Suitable for regular trIPs both on city roads and sidewalks, and outside the city.

    It takes 5 hours to recharge.

    • Motor power: 250 W;
    • Battery capacity: 280 Wh;
    • Maximum speed: 25 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 100kg.


    • ease of management;
    • strong inflatable wheels;
    • light weight;
    • folds easily;
    • large battery capacity.


    • handles do not fold;
    • not suitable for a primer;
    • backlash steering wheel.

    KUGOO S3

    An improved model of the KUGOO series. Favorably stands out with a low price tag, includes all the necessary set of functions: LCD display, 2 disc brakes, a footrest, LED headlight.

    Lockers are made of high quality plastic.

    The handlebar height is adjustable. Braking is smooth. Wheel diameter. 200 mm. Material. rubber.

    Fully charged in 4 hours.

    • Motor power: 350 W;
    • Battery capacity: 6 Ah;
    • Maximum speed: 30 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 120kg.


    • affordable price;
    • light weight;
    • there is a carrying case;
    • folds in 1 touch.


    • no waterproofing;
    • the computer screen is not sealed.

    Ninebot Kickscooter ES2

    The manufacturer claims that this particular model is best suited for travel. Indeed: this model boasts not only speed and maneuverability, but also a special cruise control mode, high top speed, a capacious lithium battery and an excellent damping system.

    The LED headlight is medium in size, but illuminates the path sufficiently, in addition, both the rear and the front are backlit.

    The battery is lithium. Weight. 12.5 kg.

    Can also be used by teenagers (from 14 years old). A special application is provided for the smartphone and android through which you can carry out diagnostics, install the firmware and lock the scooter.

    • Motor power: 300 W;
    • Battery capacity: 5200 Ah;
    • Maximum speed: 25 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 100kg.


    • compact;
    • the battery charges quickly;
    • compact;
    • stable;
    • holds a charge even at sub-zero temperatures.


    • road components;
    • weak rear wing.

    Mijia Xiaomi M365 Pro

    A trendy device with good traction, compact and attractive appearance. Build quality is excellent, excellent overclocking.

    Speed ​​modes 3, there is cruise control.

    Replaces a bicycle in a metropolis, wins due to a smooth and soft ride.

    The engine is practically silent, the battery is large, power and speed do not drop until it is completely discharged.

    • Motor power: 350 W;
    • Battery capacity: 12800 mAh / 36V;
    • Maximum speed: 30 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 120kg.


    • you can install a child’s steering wheel;
    • good brakes;
    • bright headlights;
    • mobile.


    • weak shock absorbers;
    • low maximum speed;
    • small battery.

    KUGOO S3 Pro

    Reliable and user-friendly, with an intuitive interface and an affordable price. Shock absorbers are located both at the back and at the front.

    Ideal for driving on city highways and sidewalks.

    3 speed modes, cruise control and electric brake.

    Luminous display screen allows you to customize the scooter even in the dark.

    Compact and lightweight (only 11 kg), easy to fold. Lights (both rear and front) are very bright.

    • Motor power: 350 W;
    • Battery capacity: 7.8 Ah;
    • Maximum speed: 35 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 120kg.


    • accelerates quickly;
    • spectacular illumination;
    • good shock absorbers.


    • small power reserve;
    • weak signal.

    The best electric scooters up to 120 kg

    KUGOO ES2 8.8 Ah

    This model has won the title of the most versatile scooter of the past. Weighs less than 20 kg, and thanks to this, the device can be transported in the subway or car trunk.

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    The structure is solid, well-built, folds and unfolds quickly.

    Wide inflatable wheels ride smoothly both on the ground and on asphalt.

    Disc brake, loud bell. The handles are unscrewed, which allows the scooter to be folded.

    There are 3 speed modes: up to 15 km / h, up to 22 km / h, up to 30 km / h.

    The controller and battery are attached to the deck. Steering wheel connector allows you to charge your smartphone on the go.

    • Motor power: 350 W;
      Battery capacity: 8.8 Ah;
      Maximum speed: 30 km / h;
      Maximum load: 100kg.


    • good electronic brake;
    • controllability;
    • fashionable design;
    • high-quality assembly;
    • passability.


    • plastic body parts;
    • heavy;
    • smartphone app inconvenient.

    Yamato PES 0809

    If you want to purchase a model that is not burdened with unnecessary details and unnecessary functionality. Yamato PES 0809 is just for you.

    It is an elegant and easy-to-use model, thought out to the smallest detail, the main competitor of the Kugoo S3.

    Suitable for travel both in the city and on rural roads.

    It weighs a little. 9.5 kg, easily unfolds and folds, and this can be done literally with one finger.

    It stands out for its particularly soft and quiet stroke. There are 2 speed modes, LED backlighting is fixed on the back, on the display. 1 button. The interface is simple and straightforward.

    • Motor power: 250 W;
    • Battery capacity: 5.2 Ah;
    • Maximum speed: 25-27 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 12kg.


    • all wires are hidden in the case;
    • electronic brake;
    • excellent build;
    • the deck is protected from water (water protection IP56);
    • rear-wheel drive pulls well uphill;
    • the battery can withstand frosts up to 15 degrees.


    • weak call;
    • rear fender breaks often.

    Yamato PES 0810

    A compact tool at an affordable price. The scooter is made in black and white, the design is classic, without unnecessary details.

    One-piece welded construction for extra robustness with inflatable wheels and front shock absorber.

    The waterproof IP56 coating allows you to ride even in a downpour. Headlights only 2: rear with brake light and LED front.

    The battery is located on the deck for a smoother ride. Both speeds meet safety requirements.

    • Motor power: 250-370W;
    • Battery capacity: 10 Ah;
    • Maximum speed: 25 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 120kg.


    • bright display;
    • good level of aqua protection;
    • safe braking;
    • smooth start;
    • protection of the gas trigger from accidental pressing;
    • long deck.


    • water can easily get into the charging connector;
    • no cruise control.


    One of the most popular electric scooters among buyers. Nimble, holds charge well, folds easily.

    Has comfortable control.

    The battery holds a charge for a long time. This model is ideal for city driving. Charges in 4 hours.

    Excellent value for money, high level of moisture protection.

    3 year warranty.

    There are 24 LEDs on the steering wheel. Weighs 11 kg. Withstands frosts up to 15 degrees. Rear fender mounted brake light.

    • Motor power: 360 W;
    • Battery capacity: 7.8 Ah;
    • Maximum speed: 25 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 100kg.


    • light;
    • slows down smoothly;
    • instantly picks up speed;
    • easy transportation.


    • flimsy body.

    KUGOO M2

    A cheap but high-quality device with full-fledged content. It has everything you need: a handbrake, a comfortable motor-wheel, a loud horn, a strong suspension, a solid saddle, good shock absorption. This is one of the highest quality models for 2020.

    There is a rear drum brake and a one-piece rubber back cover.

    The weight is relatively light, which allows the scooter to be transported on public transport and up stairs.

    Easier to fold than previous models. Pivot and locking pins are well positioned, thick and strong.

    The high level of moisture protection allows you not to be afraid of even heavy rains and deep puddles.

    • Motor power: 350 W;
    • Battery capacity: 8.8 Ah;
    • Maximum speed: 35 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 120kg.


    • convenient to store;
    • huge volume of the deck;
    • large and comfortable seat;
    • the brake is not afraid of water;
    • good on-board computer;
    • bright lantern;
    • nimble.


    • fragile bolts and threads;
    • stiff springs;
    • the battery for the controller is not calibrated.

    Best budget electric scooters

    Tribe himba

    Compact and durable Chinese device that will make you forget about traffic jams.

    The scooter weighs only 12 kg, folds easily and lasts for a long time.

    Its wide wheels make the ride soft and smooth, and the dual braking system will prevent you from entering the wall at full speed and not tumbling into a hole.

    The battery is charged in 4 hours and lasts for 20 km. Withstands weight up to 120 kg. The brake and gear lever is located on the steering wheel.

    • Motor power: 250 W;
    • Battery capacity: 187 V / h;
    • Maximum speed: 25 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 120kg.


    • stylish design;
    • high-quality assembly;
    • smooth running.


    • the battery does not hold a charge well;
    • real speed is less than shown.

    KUGOO C1 11 Ah

    Walking model for adults with a spacious basket and a convenient display in the steering wheel area.

    There is a backlight. The wheels are rubber, the model itself is made of aluminum alloy.

    The soft, springy seat makes the ride comfortable and the brakes installed on each wheel are safe.

    Inflatable wheels easily dampen all road bumps. The scooter is equIPped with a loud alarm.

    High performance brushless motor. The waterproofing is good. Warranty. 1 year.

    • Motor power: 500 W;
    • Battery capacity: 48 W / h;
    • Maximum speed: 35 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 130kg.


    • pleasant beep;
    • the battery holds a charge well;
    • comfortable design;
    • handles fold.


    • sealing by zeros;
    • internal adjusting nut is not fixed.

    iconBIT Kick Scooter TT v3

    Lightweight, powerful and virtually silent electric scooter with regenerative braking technology and overcharge and short circuit protection.

    The structure is easy to fold for transportation. There is a built-in on-board computer with a display that shows the speed mode, battery charge and charge rate.

    Powerful motor built into the front wheel for a smooth and fast ride.

    The rear wheel fender has a red marker light and a powerful LED light on the front. Speeds 3. Battery lithium-ion.

    The scooter weighs 8.5 kg.

    • Motor power: 250 W;
    • Battery capacity: 5200mAh;
    • Maximum speed: 20 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 100kg.


    • the battery is charged when braking;
    • folds easily;
    • light;
    • agile;
    • excellent traction;
    • good build.


    • weak battery.

    KUGOO M4 11 Ah

    Convenient and modern electric scooter for adults with a powerful motor and convenient control.

    On the steering rack there are gearshift buttons, there are throttle and brake levers, and an ultra-modern on-board computer.

    The cruise control function makes it possible to maintain a continuous scooter speed at maximum speed.

    The device is compact and allows you to store the mechanism in any convenient buyer together. Brakes are located at the rear and front of the scooter.

    Warranty. 1 year.

    • Motor power: 500 W;
    • Battery capacity: 11 Ah;
    • Maximum speed: 45 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 120kg.


    • lensed headlight;
    • good shock absorption;
    • powerful;
    • enough for a long distance.


    • after winter storage, problems with the battery;
    • build quality is poor.

    KUGOO M4 Pro 13 Ah

    It is difficult to find an alternative to a device with such characteristics and at such a price. Stylish in appearance and very comfortable scooter costs quite cheaper than models with the same set of characteristics, but boasts a large load indicator and high riding speed.

    Low positioned seat allows you to feel comfortable even at maximum speed.

    Quiet running, good shock absorption, good disc brakes make the ride safe and pleasant.

    Steering beep is loud and audible from afar, housing illuminated from below.

    • Motor power: 500 W;
    • Battery capacity: 13 Ah;
    • Maximum speed: 40 km / h;
    • Maximum load: 130kg.


    • 4 degrees of depreciation;
    • good disc brakes;
    • a decent margin of battery consumption;
    • good speed.


    • weak headlights;
    • assembly leaves much to be desired;
    • the brakes cannot be adjusted.

    Electric scooter does not turn on

    Electric scooters of well-known brands, as a rule, are distinguished by high-quality assembly. If used correctly, the device will work successfully for 5 years, but there are situations when the transport does not turn on. The breakdown is quite complicated. it requires professional diagnostics, so the best solution would be to contact the service center.

    Breakdown reasons

    1. Contacts on the battery are coming off. A characteristic symptom. LEDs turn on, then go out one by one, the cycle repeats several times. To check the health of the contacts, you will need special equIPment.

    2. The battery wires are damaged. To diagnose a breakdown, it is necessary to diagnose the contacts and then reboot the system. This will also require special equIPment. If the breakage is confirmed, the master changes the wires.

    3. Damaged thermal sensor or fuse. First of all, the specialist measures the output voltage. To diagnose the fuse, you need to remove the BMS board (battery protection board).

    It is important! A multimeter is used for diagnostics. In good condition, the device shows “0” or a value close to it. If the result is “1”, repair is needed.

    To eliminate the malfunction, it is better to contact a specialist, since one awkward movement can damage the contacts. As practice shows, in 50% of cases, the malfunction can be eliminated by restarting the controller.

    The electric scooter won’t charge

    Breakdown reasons

    The cause of the malfunction should be found in:

    • cable;
    • battery.

    To confirm or deny this assumption is quite simple at home. It is enough to take another charger and try to charge the vehicle. If the charging process has not started, you need to contact a specialist.

    Another common cause is a broken network socket. If this is the case, the electric scooter will not charge and work.

    It is important! Monitor the condition of the device, regularly undergo diagnostics at the service center.

    In some cases, rebooting the system is enough to start the charging process. This can be triggered when the panel is green instead of a red LED. this indicates that the charger is not able to detect the electric vehicle.

    If you need diagnostics and repair of the electric scooter, do not waste time and contact the service center.