How Does Smart TV Box Work

What is a tuner for?

A digital TV tuner can expand the capabilities of conventional broadcasting. It is a small device that performs several functions:

  • digitization of terrestrial television broadcasting;
  • playback of multimedia files from USB-drives;
  • recording TV programs to flash media in.ts format;
  • allows you to pause live TV viewing;
  • TimeShift option makes it possible to postpone digital TV program viewing.

How Does Smart TV Box Work

Smart TV set-top boxes are a separate direction of tuners, they have wider functionality: online viewing, visiting Internet pages, wide gaming opportunities. The principle of operation of such devices can be of two types.

  • Storing files and programs on your own hard drive. To use the required application, it is pre-installed, after which it is launched.
  • Storage of all files in the cloud, access to them is possible only with an Internet connection.

The key advantage of a Smart set-top box is access to Internet resources and displaying information on a large screen. The tuner can have multiple slots for memory cards, supports many file formats. Games are installed on disk (or in the cloud), turning a familiar TV into a game console. You can connect a keyboard to it, chat with friends via Skype or SIMilar programs. Connect a set-top box for digital TV via HDMI, VGA or AV connectors.

Multiplex packets and a little about antennas

A multiplex is a packet of channels broadcast in digital format on a single frequency. Previously, broadcasting was carried out in the DVB-T format, but today many (mainly regional) stations have switched to the DVB-T2 standard.

There are two packages of shared channels: Multiplex 1 and Multiplex 2. They include 20 TV channels and several radio waves. The Multiplex 3 package is at the implementation stage, its coverage is limited to Moscow, as far as government representatives comment on it. in test mode. Over time, the broadcast is expected to cover the entire country as originally planned.

As for the choice of antenna, the requirements for it are minimal. It should receive decimeter waves and pick up the signal as well as possible. Depending on the location and distance from the signal source, an outdoor antenna may be needed, but a small piece of wire may be sufficient.

Choosing a digital set-top box for your TV

Digital set-top boxes expand the usual capabilities of televisions, both in the last years of production and 10 years ago. Recreation and entertainment are an integral part of the life of every modern person, and today TV is one of the means of family leisure. The range of receivers, they are also digital tuners, receivers or set-top boxes, is wide and varied. Such a device is capable of many things: from amplifying the broadcast signals of television channels to connecting to the Internet.

We connect several TVs to the set-top box

If there are several TVs in the house, and the user wants to connect them to one digital receiver, then the problem will have to be solved in one of the possible ways.

  • Creation of an internal home TV network, when all TVs duplicate one connected to the tuner. With this connection, all devices will show one channel.
  • Buying a receiver for each TV.
  • Another solution is also possible: connect only one TV to a digital set-top box, and the rest to an antenna, satellite or cable TV.

How to understand broadcast standards

Due to the fact that a digital TV receiver is a novelty for Russian users, sometimes various technical questions arise. So, it is not always clear whether it is possible to connect the receiver to a satellite dish (for example, “Tricolor”) instead of the usual one in order to improve the quality and use the functionality of the device. The answer is SIMple: yes, possible, but pointless. The receiver will broadcast channels of the terrestrial broadcasting standard, and the satellite dish will serve only as an antenna for receiving a signal.

Broadcasting standards in our country are different:

  • DVB (DVB-T, DVB-T2). digital broadcasting, which is caught by a conventional antenna: indoor or outdoor;
  • DVB-C. digital cable TV broadcasting, transmitted through fiber optic wires, as a rule, it is organized by various Internet providers;
  • DVB-H. broadcasting to mobile phones;
  • DVB-S. satellite digital television signals.

World Vision Foros Combo T2 / S2

Combined set-top box that allows you to watch digital terrestrial broadcasting, cable and satellite TV. The device is equipped with antenna jacks and tuners corresponding to broadcast formats. Powerful processor ensures stable operation. The specifications include a 3G modem and a Wi-Fi adapter, HDMI, 3.5, USB port. IPTV support announced, pre-installed YouTube and Megogo applications.

Digifors Smart 200 Android

This is a Smart set-top box with a DVB-T2 tuner and Wi-Fi modem. Runs Android 4.4.2, has 1 GB of operating memory and 8 GB of built-in storage, performance is provided by a 4-core processor. The list of interfaces includes RCA and HDMI connectors, antenna input and output, AV audio jack, 2 USB ports with support for connecting a mouse and keyboard.

Choosing a digital set-top box

The quality of digital signal reception depends on the equipment. When choosing a TV set-top box, you should take into account a number of technical parameters and factors that affect the usability of the device.

Before choosing a device, the buyer needs to decide on the required broadcasting standard, which were described above. To watch digital multiplexes (20 free terrestrial channels), the TV set-top box must be equipped with a DVB-T2 tuner. To connect cable or satellite TV, you need a receiver that matches this broadcasting format.

The TV owner should look at the available communication connectors in order to select a compatible TV set-top box and purchase, if necessary, the required connection cable: (RCA) or HDMI.

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Consider the key selection criteria.

  • Availability of useful interfaces. It is USB for viewing. photos and films from a flash drive. Audio jack for connecting headphones or other external speakers.
  • Not all set-top boxes have duplicate remote control buttons on the body. It is recommended to pay attention to a device with such a set of buttons. If the remote control fails, you can control the set-top box: turn on / off the device, select channels, pause viewing, rewind.
  • The device can be powered by a built-in or external power supply. The second option is preferable. The device is lighter and smaller in size, heats up less.
  • It’s good if a budget-level set-top box supports functions such as viewing an electronic program guide (EPG), recording programs on a USB flash drive and viewing control (PVR and TimeShift), is equipped with a built-in player.
  • Choosing a more advanced set-top box, you should give preference to a device with a Wi-Fi adapter running the operating system. Such a smart set-top box will expand the scope of using a conventional TV receiver.
  • Equipping the set-top box with support for the HD definition format is important if the TV is designed for high resolution settings. DisPlay on the case is an optional but handy addition.

up to 16,000 rubles. The most expensive are usually Smart tuners with a wide range of functions. If the choice is limited to conventional receivers, then here the price determines the number of different connectors and slots, functions, signal transmission rate.

Which prefix will be better depends on individual needs: budget ones are designed for a limited set of options, but for a garden or a summer cottage this is a good solution. expensive and multifunctional are needed when all the capabilities of the device will be used. When choosing a suitable model, it is worth determining what result the user needs.

Defender Smart Android HD2 review

Let’s take a closer look at the example of Defender Smart Android HD2.

On the box you can see the main features, and on the back. the technical specifications. Here are the main ones:

  • Dual Core Rockchip RK3066 processor running at 1.6 Ghz
  • Graphics accelerator Mali 400MP
  • Android 4.2
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • It is possible to connect microSD up to 32 GB
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth
  • 2 full-fledged USB connectors for connecting flash drives and other peripherals.

Other characteristics can be found on the official website. The console works very quickly, films and games run without problems. Unfortunately, now there is no way to test some powerful game like Asphalt 8, but I will definitely try.


In the kit you will find the Defender Smart Android HD2 box itself, a power adapter, an HDMI extension cable, a small manual, a warranty and a power cable with an additional USB connector.

As I already wrote, the set-top box is connected to the HDMI-connector of the TV. It can be connected either directly or through an extension cable. A power cable (microUSB connector) is also connected to the set-top box. which has another full-fledged USB connector. There is a slot for connecting microSD cards and another full-fledged USB (in total, two USB connectors for connecting flash drives, keyboards, mice, external HDDs, etc.). An indicator that glows when the device is operating is also present.

Everything is assembled soundly, the cables are normal in length.

Connecting the Defender Smart Android HD2 prefix

I first connected this TV box to a small 24 inch LG TV. I connected the power to the USB connector of the TV. Let me remind you that if your TV does not have USB, then the set-top box can be plugged into the outlet through the power adapter that is included.

I connected a wireless mouse adapter to one of the USB ports so that I could control the Android set-top box. And in the second I connected a USB flash drive to check how the films are going.

I sat for a while and realized that it would be more comfortable behind a 32-inch TV. Moved behind TV LG 32LN575U.

We connect everything, turn on the power of the set-top box (if the power is from USB, then it will turn on together with the TV). On the TV, you need to select the HDMI to which you connected the set-top box. Otherwise, the image will not appear. On LG TVs, this is done by pressing the INPUT button. Then you just need to select the active HDMI (if there are several of them on the TV).

If the set-top box has already loaded, you will see the main screen. No, this is not your regular Android 4.2 desktop. There is a special shell, which, by the way, is very convenient to use. It looks like this:

Let’s take a look at the functionality and capabilities.

We turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV. Review of Smart-TV set-top box Defender Smart Android HD2

I watch articles on the site that somehow relate to Smart TVs, and I understand that the topic is more popular than ever. Convenient: turn on the TV. and here’s a browser for visiting sites, online, games, social networks. Hardly anyone would argue that smart TVs have a future. Of course, they will not replace a computer, but as a device for entertainment they are excellent.

It was unwise to think that all the features of Android cannot be used on TVs. The companies that develop digital technology probably thought the same and created Smart-TV set-top boxes. In this article, we will consider one of these consoles from Defender. It is called Defender Smart Android HD2. The article should be interesting primarily to those who have TVs without Smart TVs. Or who are not satisfied with the capabilities and functionality of Smart TV. But you really want to watch a movie on the Internet or from a flash drive, go to social networks, play games. and all this on the TV screen.

What is a Smart-TV set-top box on Android?

Typically, this is a small device that plugs into the HDMI port of the TV and runs on the Android operating system. The set-top box is powered either from an adapter that can be plugged into an outlet, or from the USB connector of the TV. The set-top box itself, like, for example, a tablet, has a processor, RAM, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. It’s quite a tablet, just without a screen. The TV is the screen.

The set-top box can be controlled using a conventional keyboard and mouse. You can connect wireless devices, which is much more convenient, or via Bluetooth. For example, I connected a wireless headset. I can say that one mouse is enough to control such an Android set-top box. There are also dedicated Air-Mouse remote controls.

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There are even models with built-in cameras and microphones for Skype communication. For example, Defender Smart Call HD2. By the way, Smart Call HD2 can connect to older TVs that don’t have HDMI. And it is connected via the so-called “tulip” (composite AV-output). Air-Mouse included.

What you need to connect a Smart-TV set-top box to a TV?

  • The prefix itself. Without it, nowhere # 128578;
  • A regular computer mouse and / or keyboard for controlling an Android set-top box (if there is no remote control included).

Defender’s Android TV box functionality

There are 6 tabs on the home screen. I advise you to go to Setting first to connect to Wi-Fi (if you have a Wi-Fi network). adjust the time, etc. The settings are no different from those on a tablet or smartphone.

I connected to the wireless network without any problems (you can connect according to this instruction). The set-top box keeps a good and stable network.

I noticed only one problem, however, this problem is more likely Android. If the time and date are incorrectly set, the gray Wi-Fi icon will glow (as in my photo above, in the lower right corner). and the Internet will not work on Google Play. This is a popular problem of all Android devices, which I recently wrote about in a separate article: a gray Wi-Fi network icon on an Android tablet or phone. Google Play does not work (Play Market).

Therefore, set the date and time correctly. Set your time zone. And since these parameters, as far as I understand, are reset after the power is completely disconnected from the set-top box, it is better to set automatic configuration from the network.

In the settings, on the Display tab, you can select the screen resolution and refresh rate. The rest of the settings are almost the same as on other Android devices.

Let’s take a look at the 5 remaining sections that can be selected on the home screen.


In this section you will find programs with which you can watch movies from the device memory, memory card or flash drive, watch photos or listen to music from the Internet.

You can watch using the already installed MX Player. I believe this is the best player for Android. I used it all the time on my phone. As soon as you plug in the USB flash drive or memory card that has. it will immediately appear in MX Player. No need to search for it in folders.

Movies are going great.


If you open the TV folder on the main screen, then you will see the already installed programs for watching online, YouTube and Zoomby, where you will find many films and series.

YouTube looks like this:

Move on.


Here are the programs with which you can go to the Internet, sit on social networks, download files, etc.

Of course, go to # 128578;

If you don’t like the standard browser, then the Apps section has Google Chrome. For social networks, you can install official apps from the Play Store… it’s all there.


There you will find two installed games: Angry Birds and Cut the Rop.

Played a little Angry Birds.


Well, in the last section, you will find many installed useful programs, among which there is ES Explorer and Explorer for managing files, as well as programs for working with mail, maps, calendar, Play Store, etc.

Of course, do not forget about the hundreds of thousands of applications and games that you can install from the Play Store.

You also need to pay attention to the notification center in the lower right corner. It displays the clock, Wi-Fi connection status and other notifications. For example, about connecting a USB stick.

And in the left corner you can see a panel with buttons “back”, “home”, “view running applications”, “volume control”, “turn off the set-top box” (switch to standby mode). and a button that allows you to collapse this panel.

As far as I understand, it is impossible to turn off Defender Smart Android HD2 completely. We press the shutdown button and put the console into standby mode. She “wakes up” as soon as you move the mouse.

If the set-top box is powered by a USB TV, then it will turn off and turn on also with the TV. If it is powered from an outlet, I think it can be left on.

For example, you are using Defender Smart Android HD2 and want to watch TV: just switch to TV mode by selecting the desired input on your TV. When you want to switch to the set-top box again, select the desired HDMI.


I really liked the Defender Smart Android HD2 prefix itself. In general, the very ability to get all the functionality of Android on a TV is very cool. I can say with confidence that no TV with Smart TV, from any manufacturer, can compare with the capabilities of the Defender Smart Android HD2.

It will be interesting to see your opinion about such devices. How do you use the Smart capabilities of your TV? Are you satisfied with everything? You can share in the comments.

Benefits for old TV

Thanks to the way Smart TV set-top box works, you can use the old TV if the user is satisfied with the quality of the displayed image. The main functions are enclosed in a “smart” device, which is connected to expand additional capabilities. If there is a queue at your home computer to check your email, social media feed or see the weather forecast, google a question of interest or watch a football match online, connect your Android device. Only a Smart TV set-top box for TVs will solve the problem of the family’s versatile interests. you don’t need to understand how an electronic gadget works: just connect a plastic box to the old screen and use the TV rationally.

How to choose a prefix

There is no single standard software configuration for STBs. Each manufacturer offers its own idea of ​​the future use of TV, so pay attention to the following parameters of “smart” props:

  • The amount of RAM is at least 1-2 GB. If you plan to use it for computer games, then the minimum power reserve will be 3-4 GGB.
  • The more modern version of Android, the better the TV set-top box will work.
  • Users prefer the most powerful “stuffing” possible. Most consoles are equipped with a 4-core processor. For gamers, at least eight cores are recommended.

Features of modern TV set-top boxes for android

A stand-alone operating system allows you to upload documents, photos, files, edit and work with them. A short list of opportunities opening up in connection with the installation of android equipment:

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What it is

The new props for the “blue” screen can be compared to plugins for a website or electronic equipment for a car, which, in the already familiar mode, made the equipment convenient and comfortable to use. An Android TV box brings the power of your computer to your TV. The device has an operating system, a processor with memory, USB outputs for connecting a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, downloading games, Wi-Fi. It turns out that the mini-computer in the set-top box and the TV replace the monitor. Since modern models have a high screen resolution and diagonal size, in such an assembly the TV has more advantages.

The device is a plastic box, the software “filling” of which differs depending on the model and manufacturer. On the sides of the case there are input ports for connecting the constituent elements of electronic equipment.

Smart consoles for android: connection instructions and recommendations for choosing

The advent of a computer in the home has reduced consumer interest in television. Most viewers do not like to watch ads, they would like to independently control not only the settings of the row, the antenna, but also choose the program schedules. In the latest versions, it is possible to enter the menu and schedule viewing of your favorite TV programs, skip commercials, display several SIMultaneously running programs from different channels, but still the user does not feel full control over the situation. The computer still has more advantages and independence, so the Smart TV set-top box on Android is designed to add functions to the TV.

Best Smart Consoles: Top 5 Manufacturers This Year (Mini Reviews)

  • The Nexbox A5 s905x has a compact size and high power of a quad-core processor. Works on OS 6.0.1. The control is carried out using the remote control synchronized with the TV. There is a fan inside the gadget that successfully cope with the cooling of the black plastic box, decorated with a red brand logo.
  • Xiaomi BOX 3 variant. the updated version has a 4-core processor, Android 6.0. The model supports 4K Ultra HD image format. The props come on sale with installed applications. “Smart” remote control reads gestures Mi Bluetooth Remote.
  • TV set-top box with Wi-Fi Beelink R68 runs on Android 5.1 TV operating system. The device has an 8-core processor. Using the Bluetooth connector, connect speakers, headphones for listening to music. The USB port is for a portable keyboard and mouse. Manufacturers have installed 16 GB of RAM.
  • The S912 version runs on an 8-core processor. Android 6.0 is responsible for the variability of control and the number of functions. 16 GB of memory is allocated to install applications. For smooth operation, the device is equipped with an antenna.

Apple TV 4K 64GB

  • convenience
  • high quality
  • 4K resolution

The model is powered by Apple’s TVos. It is easy to set up. just bring the iPhone to the set-top box and the logins and passwords of accounts, wireless networks, etc. are transferred to the device’s memory. The smartbox produces high-quality picture and sound without braking or lags. When synchronizing with gadgets of other operating systems, connection errors are possible. Most online services for viewing on Apple devices will work after a paid subscription.

Apple TV 4K 32GB

  • 4K
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • remote control with gyroscope
  • no audio output
  • no Siri support in Russian

Apple ecosystem model that’s easy to customize. It quickly connects to the Internet and is controlled from any “apple” device. 3 GB of RAM and a powerful processor make it possible to watch movies in 4K and play heavy games. The disadvantages are that many applications are paid. YouTube is not playable in UHD quality due to issues between Google and Apple.

Dune HD Pro 4K Plus

  • UHD resolution at 60 fps
  • smartphone control
  • support for most formats
  • price
  • inconvenient remote control

Model running Android 7.1. Plays most and audio formats. Supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac protocol. Two external antennas provide a high-speed connection to the router. The rear panel houses a 3.5 mm audio output, coaxial, optical, composite ports, HDMI and USB connectors. several devices are SIMultaneously connected to the set-top box. High-quality picture and sound, high operating speed, reliability and functionality turn the set-top box into a home entertainment center.

Smart TV set-top boxes for TV with Wi-Fi

Dune HD Max 4K

  • UHD @ 60fps
  • multi-format
  • two remote controls
  • no HDD
  • high price

Top class model. DisPlay, HDMI audio output for multi-channel audio. It is possible to install two HDDs. A wired internet connection is recommended for the best quality. Good for home theater use. On the negative side. poorly optimized software. Some formats require downloading third-party software to play. The price of the console is too high.


  • Wi-Fi hotspot mode
  • support for 20 formats
  • good delivery set

A budget smart box with good functionality. Plays 4K. Connects to the Internet via cable and Wi-Fi. Serves as a network access point. The interface and content streaming are smooth, without brakes and lags. The set-top box has Android 7.1 installed. additional applications are easily downloaded from Google Play.

Rombica Cinema T2 v01

  • low price
  • TV tuner
  • recording broadcast to a USB flash drive

Inexpensive device for viewing and up to 20 free TV channels. It has good functionality: it supports many formats (including MKV) in FHD quality, records broadcasts to a USB flash drive. There is a TimeShift function. It does not get warm when working, the interface is informative and intuitive. The device can be easily connected to an old TV that does not have HDMI using the composite input. A good choice for a summer residence or a country house.

Beelink GT-King

  • Android 9.0
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • design
  • inconvenient remote buttons
  • no MKV support

Model running Android 9.0. A powerful processor and 4 GB of RAM will not only allow you to watch UHD content, but will also allow you to play heavy games. The media player connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cable. The controls are SIMple. Among the shortcomings. it does not support MKV format, so you need to install third-party applications. One of the best price-performance ratio in the presented rating.

Budget Smart TV set-top boxes (up to 4000 rubles)