How Can You Connect Your Phone To Your TV

Connecting as a media device (to listen to music)

Such a connection is possible if the device has an HDMI connector and supports this mode of operation.
An HDMI cable is connected to the TV. The second cable connector is connected to the smartphone. The TV turns on. The phone selects the mode of operation as a media device. Select HDMI output in the TV settings.

Control the display of the image on the TV screen using the smartphone software.
Connecting the phone to the TV using the Wi-Fi interface.
The easiest way to connect your smartphone to your TV using Wi-Fi is to purchase a special xBounds adapter. The device connects to the USB or HDMI port of the TV and allows after installing special programs on the smartphone to display the image without using wires.

USB cable

When you connect your phone to TV via USB interface, the mobile device will be used as a flash drive. That is, all actions performed on the smartphone will not be duplicated on the screen (as in the case of connecting via HDMI), but it will be possible to start and play individual media files.

Connection Guide: Take a USB cable (which is used for connecting with a PC and charging) and connect one end to the phone, and insert the other into the USB connector on the TV; On the TV, open the Source menu and select USB. Perform SIMilar actions on your mobile device (the window appears automatically). After that, an interface will launch on the TV, where you can navigate between the system folders on the phone (like an explorer on a PC) using the keys on the remote control. On some models, the TV can automatically check the device for media files, after which it will offer to play them (you will not be able to move between separate folders).

Connecting Samsung Phone to TV

Use Smart View to transfer pictures, music or to your TV. The files must be in the internal memory or on the memory card of the smartphone / tablet. The program even works with iOS.

Connecting to a Kiwi TV

Wi-Fi Direct.

This method is suitable for connecting all smartphones that support Wi-Fi Direct technology to TV. Of course, it should also be on TV.
Its plus is that there is no need to connect to a Wi-Fi router.
To connect via Wi-Fi Direct:
on your phone, go to the Wireless networks section, find and activate the Wi-Fi Direct function. on the TV, open the “Network” section of the menu and, among the connection methods, select and activate Wi-Fi Direct. after activation, the name of your smartphone should appear in the list of available devices. Click on it to send a connection request. confirm the connection of devices by pressing “Yes” on the phone.

Connect to Pan’s TV Sony

How Can You Connect Your Phone To Your TV

Another interesting innovation is Social Networking TV. This application is actually a client for and. but the peculiarity of it is that you can post new tweets and communicate through. without stopping watching TV.
Actually, the idea is to be able to share emotions when watching together. For example, let’s say you’re watching a football match with a friend (who may be on the other side of the world). And you can share your impressions via social networks while watching.

Another expansion of social capabilities was the update of the application. In version 2.0, it became possible to view the Wall and News, as well as basic information from the Profile.
Previously, only photos and recordings were available, which, frankly, did not allow the application to be called a full-fledged client of a social network. Now this deficiency has been corrected. And although there is still room for improvement, new opportunities may well satisfy us when we are not going to post something and actively communicate, but only want to check the news. By the way, the application is still presented only on Panasonic TVs.

Of course, working with both social applications will be much more convenient if you have a bluetooth keyboard (more precisely, in the case of Social TV Network, without it, you SIMply won’t be able to leave tweets promptly). But in addition, a tablet or smartphone based on iOS or Android can come to the rescue: the free VIERA Remote application is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We will dwell on this application in more detail, since it is of particular interest. We used a fourth generation Apple iPod touch and a VIERA WT50 series LCD TV as a test device.

Connecting to LG TV

In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect your phone to your LG Smart TV (and regular) in several ways:
Via USB Via Smart Share Via Wi-Fi Direct.

Let’s consider them in order:
Connecting in this way allows you to view the contents of the phone memory on the screen of your LG TV. Duplicating the display image of a mobile device via USB will fail.

Connecting to a Sony TV

Pick up the remote control, find the HOME button on it and click on it. Note! Some users are faced with the fact that after performing this action TV freezes and nothing happens. In this case, you must perform a power reset or reboot and then try again. If that doesn’t work, try disconnecting all devices from the TV and performing a factory reset. Next, you need to get to the Advanced settings interface. To do this, follow this path: Settings. NETWORKACCESSORIES. NETWORK. Advanced settings. On the Built-in.Wi-Fi tab, check the On box. Also set the On in the Wi-Fi.Direct box. Many users are also interested in how to find out the Wi-Fi Direct password on a Sony Bravia TV. This can be done in the same menu in the Show Network (SSID) / Password dialog. When pressed, a window with the network name and secret code will be displayed on the TV screen. These data are subsequently entered manually in the Wi-Fi debugs of the connected mobile device. If the connection was established successfully, a notification about this will appear on the TV-receiver monitor.

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Now you know how to connect Wi-Fi to your Sony Bravia TV. Immediately after performing the above actions, TV goes into synchronization mode and waits for binding. Here you can also set the confirmation of synchronization when trying to communicate with an unfamiliar device: on the remote control, click on the “Options” button and enable the item “Registration notification”.

How to connect iPhone to Sony Bravia TV via Wi-Fi.
Activate Wi-Fi Direct on TV using the instructions above. Go to iPhone settings and select Wi.Fi, then Dir-ect-xx-BRAVIA. In the window that opens, enter the WPA key displayed on the display of the TV receiver, click on Join. Wait while the pairing is established between the devices. This may take a few minutes. After that, the settings window will be displayed. If there is a label for the SSID on the iPhone side, and a dash on the Sony Bravia side, it means that the docking is established.

HDMI connection.

The easiest way. Ideally, your smartphone or tablet should have a dedicated mini HDMI connector for direct connection to a TV. If it is not there, then you can use a special microUSB to HDMI adapter or adapter. Thereafter:
Start the TV, in the source selection menu (where AV, USB, PC, etc.) select HDMI; Connect a mobile device using an HDMI cable or adapter (mini USB. HDMI); The image will automatically adjust to the screen resolution (for full picture display). If this did not happen, then go to the phone menu and specify the necessary parameters yourself (image frequency, resolution). Now all actions that are performed on the mobile will be displayed on the TV. For comfortable work, you can connect a computer mouse, keyboard via Bluetooth or USB OTJ. Turn off your smartphone screen to save battery power.

Advantages: You can connect a charger to a free USB connector, ensuring continuous operation of the device; Additionally, you can connect a mouse, keyboard, gamepad, USB flash drive; TV serves as a monitor.
Disadvantages: Not all smartphones support this type of connection; Additional adapter may be required, adapter.

Instructions for connecting smartphones on Android

By connecting your phone, you can view photos, watch or play games. and all this will be displayed on the TV screen. There are many possibilities for managing content via TV. It all depends on the phone model and operating system. In this case, let’s look at how to connect an Android phone to a TV using an HDMI cable.

Some time ago, major phone manufacturers equipped their devices with a mini HDMI port. Over time, well-known brands began to abandon this venture. The presence of the port significantly increased the cost of gadgets. Therefore, all modern mobile devices now have a USB connector.

If the smartphone is nevertheless equipped with a port for an HDMI cable, you need to follow a few steps to connect.

  • On the TV, you need to go to the settings. Select the desired item in the source menu. HDMI.
  • Then, using the HDMI cable, a mobile gadget is connected.
  • Next, the automatic adjustment of the image preview should start. If this did not happen, you need to open the phone settings and specify the required resolution frequency.

When connecting a phone via HDMI, keep in mind that the device will not charge. When using the gadget with a TV for a long time, you should connect the charger.

How to connect your phone to a TV via HDMI?

Due to the emergence of new technologies, users have the opportunity to view phone files on the TV screen. There are several ways to connect a gadget to a TV. One of them will be discussed in this article. How to connect a phone via an HDMI cable, and what adapters exist for the wire. this will be discussed below.

How can I connect via HDMI adapter?

If the phone lacks a mini HDMI port, then you should use a special adapter for connection. The MHL (mobile high-definition link) adapter combines the functionality of HDMI and USB elements. It should be noted that there are also several types of MHL cords: passive and active. The passive wire has both Micro USB and HDMI inputs and ensures smooth operation when paired with display devices. The active wire has an additional Micro USB input for connecting a power supply. In this case, during long-term operation via the telephone, the active cable must be connected to the additional power supply.

In order to display an image on a large screen through an MHL adapter via HDMI, you must first connect the adapter to the phone. After that, a regular HDMI wire is connected to the adapter. The other side of the HDMI cable is connected to the TV. On its rear panel there are all possible ports for connection. Further, the adjustment takes place automatically, and the image is displayed on the screen. The setup process may vary depending on the TV model. If automatic tuning has not occurred, then on the remote control you need to press the Source button. Then select HDMI.

After these steps, an image from the phone will appear on the TV screen.

The list of supported devices for the MHL adapter can be seen on the official page on the Internet. It should be noted that connecting the adapter to the phone does not require installation of drivers or special settings. A special encoding chip is responsible for signal transmission, which is located in mobile gadgets.

It should be remembered that when using a smartphone via HDMI, turn off the screen off option, or select the maximum turn off time. In case of inactivity, the screen will SIMply turn off, and the picture on the TV screen will disappear.

Possible problems

There are times when the phone does not connect to the TV. The TV does not see the smartphone for various reasons. Possible problems should be considered in more detail.

The first thing to look out for when connecting is the connection type on the phone itself. On smartphones based on Android OS, at the top of the screen, you need to open the shutter with a swipe down and change the connection type. If, when connecting a smartphone, the TV still does not show the connection type, you need to do the following steps:

  • connect your smartphone to your computer;
  • change the connection type again;
  • reconnect the phone to the TV.

When changing the connection, you need to take into account that if the TV does not see the smartphone when using in the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode, then you need to select the PTP mode or USB device.

If it’s not about connecting your phone, and the TV is still not displaying a picture on the screen, you need to make sure that the TV model supports this or that image // format of games. As a rule, the supported file type is indicated in the instruction manual. Using the converter, you need to convert files on your phone to the desired, supported format for your TV.

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Another problem with connection is the lack of TV support for some applications from the Play Market. In this case, the TV SIMply will not respond to the request to connect a mobile device.

The TV may not see the mobile device due to the HDMI-RCA connection. The wire looks like an HDMI plug on one end and with tulip tails on the other. This type of cable is used in older models. Connecting a phone through such a cable doesn’t make sense. The received signal will not be converted to digital, so connecting the phone will not produce any results. In the days of more advanced TV models, connection through such a wire is excluded. But this problem occurs in the case of new models.

If the connection is successful but there is no picture, the problem may be with the smartphone. Older devices have poor image quality and slower transfer rates. Therefore, when displayed on a TV screen, the picture will slow down or be completely absent. This should be taken into account when launching games on the big screen. As a rule, games have a specific meaning in terms of the rate of row refresh or frame refresh. Playing games through your phone on your TV won’t live up to expectations.

If there are breaks, cracks or other damage, the cord should be replaced. And also you need to check the status of the ports on the back of the TV. In case of visible external damage, contact the service center. You cannot fix the problem yourself.

The world of modern technologies does not stand still. The new ability to view files from the phone on the TV screen pleased many users. It is very convenient and interesting. You can watch it on the big screen. view photos, play, learn something new through smartphone apps. Connection between devices is possible in many ways. In a specific case, the HDMI cable acts as an excellent conductor from the phone to the display device.

Before connecting via an HDMI cable, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the devices to be paired. This article will help you understand the connection setup and help you troubleshoot some problems between devices.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV, see below.

Screen Mirroring for Samsung

If you have to combine two devices from Samsung at once, it is quite easy to solve the problem of connecting a TV and a smartphone. This manufacturer has a proprietary application Screen Mirroring, with which you can activate the duplication of data broadcast on the screen. The connection procedure will be as follows:

  • find the item “Tablet / smartphone visibility” in the Samsung phone settings;
  • activate this function;
  • on the TV, open the “curtain” of notifications, click on the Smart View icon;
  • from the remote control press the Menu button and select the Screen Mirroring item;
  • confirm pairing after displaying the corresponding information on the smartphone screen.


Using this method, you can combine any Android smartphone and TV that supports DLNA connection to the router. The principle of operation is SIMilar, but both devices are connected to the home Wi-Fi network created by the router. It is enough to combine the devices, and then you can use the gallery, making the projection of the data onto the screen with a high resolution. You can display files in different formats.

The connection order will be as follows:

  • connect both devices to a single network;
  • select the “DLNA connection” option in the TV settings;
  • launch the gallery in Android, open the file for broadcast, in its “Menu” go to the item to select a media device / player;
  • click on the TV model name in the drop-down list.

You can expand the settings and the range of available for playback, import of program files using third-party utilities.

How to connect your phone to your TV?

How to connect a phone to a TV, and why is it needed. users often face such questions after purchasing a modern Smart TV or an ordinary LED TV. Indeed, it is much more interesting to look at photos and files on a large screen, but not every user knows how to connect and synchronize two devices with seemingly different parameters and ports. A detailed overview of how you can display an image from a smartphone screen on a TV will give detailed answers to all questions.

Wireless connection methods

You can connect your phone to a TV using a wireless connection in several ways, depending on the brand, model, technical capabilities of the equipment.

However, there are other ways that you can pair devices and duplicate data.

To connect, you need a TV with a Wi-Fi module and an Android smartphone. You can bind devices without a router and a wired connection. TV acts as an access point for a cell phone. With this connection, you can set up sending media files from the smartphone menu to the screen of another device. Pairing is pretty SIMple.

  • On the Smart TV connected to the Network, enter the settings menu. In the section for activating wireless communication, enable Wi-Fi Direct.
  • On the smartphone, select “Wireless” as a network for connection. Find and enable the item called Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Wait until the search for devices is completed, select a TV.
  • Transfer audio, photo or files from the smartphone memory to TV through the “Send” menu.

Chromecast connection

This method is good because it is suitable for Android smartphones and iPhones, any TVs. To connect, you need a dongle. a special Google Chromecast media player. It connects to TV via HDMI, turning any equipment without Smart-functions into a full-fledged multimedia device.

To establish a connection, you need to connect the set-top box to a Wi-Fi network, install Google Home on your smartphone to control smart devices. All other settings are launched through the app and Google account.


The most modern and popular way of wired connection is via HDMI cable and corresponding ports. This option is suitable for phones running Android or iOS operating systems. The TV must have an HDMI connector. You will have to purchase a cable or adapter separately. it is usually not included in the package.

Such a connection can be used to mirror the signal from the smartphone screen. broadcast movies and TV shows, visit Internet sites, play installed applications.

Connection is made in a specific order.

  • Find or purchase a compatible cable. For a smartphone, this may be an option for connectors of different types. Make sure your phone supports this option.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the TV port and the mobile device. When using the adapter, first connect the smartphone to it, and then the cable from the TV.
  • Select HDMI on the TV via the Source menu. If there are several connectors, in the menu you need to designate the one that is used for pairing.
  • Wait for the image to appear. If you cannot get the picture, you need to enter the smartphone settings. Find image options here, set a different screen resolution.
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The easiest way to connect is on smartphones that already have a mini HDMI connector, allowing for direct connection. This element can be found in premium brands. Budget devices have to be connected via an adapter. To search and surf the web, you can connect a wireless keyboard or mouse to your smartphone. Turning off the backlight on the phone screen will help save battery.

What is it for?

There are many reasons for establishing a direct connection between your phone and your TV. Here are just a few of them.

This does not exhaust the connection potential between different devices. You just need to choose the right way to connect, and everyone will find the rest of the advantages of pairing a phone and a TV for themselves.

With Miracast

If your TV supports Miracast technology, you can mirror the streamed content from your compatible smartphone. This option is usually pre-installed on Smart TVs. If you have an HDMI port, you can equip other TVs with it, but through an adapter. It’s better to choose universal. for Chromecast, Miracast, AirPlay.

If you have Miracast by default, you just need to follow a series of steps.

  • Enter the menu. Select and enable Miracast.
  • On the smartphone, in the “Screen” item, select “Wireless Monitor”. Enable this option.
  • Choose a TV from the available devices.
  • Wait for the picture to appear on the TV screen.

Through the “tulips”

Quite complicated, but quite a working way to establish a connection between a smartphone and a TV. The pairing process in this case is done through a wire with a Micro USB connector at one end and RCA at the other. “Tulip” is connected to the same connectors as a DVD player or set-top box.

After connecting the cable to the TV, you can connect it to the smartphone.

Lightning Digital AV adapter

You need a special adapter to connect your iPhone to your TV. Lightning can deliver 1080p images.

Note! IPhone users can instantly convert lower quality images to HD.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

Many are interested in the question of how to properly connect the phone to the TV via Samsung Wi-Fi. The user should go to the settings by selecting the “Wireless connections and networks” option. Then you need to click on the “” button. Then the Wi-Fi direct option will open, that is, the device will turn on automatically. To confirm, select the “Ok” option.

The large screen will clearly indicate that the feature is enabled. Next, you need to go to the TV connection by going into the settings and select the “Network” option. Then you should click on the “Wi-Fi Direct” option.

Note! The next stage is the inclusion of technology.

You need to select the found network. Then you should agree with the system and click on the “Yes” option. On the smartphone, you need to confirm the connection by clicking on the “Ok” button. Next, a message will appear on the screen stating that Wi-Fi Direct is successfully connected.

Connection via SlimPort

The standard option that is most commonly used in practice is SlimPort. Widely used for LG and Samsung companies. Typically, SlimPort displays better quality images. When working with SlimPort, there is no crash when transferring snapshots or files.

Note! The maximum image quality transmitted to the TV screen is 1080p.

Among the shortcomings, there are high quality requirements for an HDMI cable. When purchasing a device at a low price, you need to prepare for noise and even no signal.

Connecting the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi

Many people often wonder how to connect a phone to a TV via Wi-Fi. There are a huge number of smartphones on the market today that are equipped with useful functions. In addition to calls and messages, the owners of mobile devices can access the Internet wirelessly, view various and photographs, install gambling and more. As a rule, only the small screen size is considered the only drawback. But you can use your gadget and not strain your eyes if you know how to connect your smartphone / iPhone to the TV via Wi-Fi.

Features of connecting the phone to TVs from different manufacturers

Today you can buy TVs of the most popular brands such as Philips, PanaSonyk, LG, Thomson, which offer many interesting features. Among them it should be noted:

IOS Setting. Wireless AirPlay

The TV box was introduced by Apple. It is an alternative solution for displaying content from an iOS device to a large screen. The streaming box provides good picture quality in 1080p. The delay is short only half a second.


Modern Android phones support Miracast. The wireless standard is released by Intel. Unfortunately, there are slight delays when using Miracast. This only applies to broadcasting an image from a mobile phone directly to a TV screen.

What you need to connect TV with a mobile phone

DLNA is the most widely used wireless standard and is designed for most TVs. In this case, TV-devices must have the function of connecting to Wi-Fi.

Note! Android smartphone owners should use the dedicated BubbleUPnP application so they can transfer music and photos from their mobile to TV.

Comparing Miracast and Airplay, DLNA display quality is not very good. This application is designed to transfer music, photos and other media files. In order to perform the actions correctly, step-by-step instructions are presented:

  • Initially, you need to select the HOME option, and then you will have to select “Network”. “Wi-Fi Direct”. “Enable”.
  • Then the user goes to the section “Wi-Fi Direct Settings”.
  • Selects the TV name displayed on the TV screen with Wi-Fi Direct device.


Connect your phone to a TV over Wi-Fi directly using the Wi-Fi Direct function. This is the most versatile way, it is based on the presence of the function on both devices. The connection will be made directly without using a router via Wi-Fi.

The first step is to configure the gadget. This is what the step-by-step stage looks like:

  • Open the settings folder, find a wireless network where you want to activate the Wi-Fi Direct function. After that, an activation confirmation message appears.

Note! To complete the process, you need to prepare a blue screen, go to the menu, find the network item, install the Wi-Fi Direct function and select a device. this is a phone. The request is sent to connect. It remains to confirm on the smartphone the permission to access the new device.