Hoverboard Ninebot By Segway S

Hoverboard Ninebot by Segway S-PRO Updated version of MinIPRO 320

Hoverboard Ninebot S-PRO (by Segway). it’s a new lifestyle, an opportunity to become faster in a world where time and speed matter so much! This is a new modification of the MinIPRO 320 hoverboard.

The hoverboard allows you to move four times faster than walking, without burdening yourself with bulky vehicles.

The Ninebot by Segway S-PRO hoverboard is an incredibly easy-to-use hoverboard. You don’t need hours of practice to master it.

The ergonomic design uses precision sensors to capture your every movement and maintain your balance. The knee control panel allows you to control the device more easily and accurately than two-wheeled gyros.

Ninebot by Segway mobile app

The Ninebot by Segway mobile app for iOS / Android will help you find travel companions for the S-PRO. the app has a function to find friends with such a hoverboard nearby. The application will also help you in mastering the gyro scooter, carry out its diagnostics, allow you to adjust the settings and LED backlighting. To provide protection against theft, the app allows you to block the hoverboard.

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The device is a stable two-wheeled platform with a center telescopic handle for added stability to the user. Body material. a magnesium alloy used in aircraft construction, which allows the hoverboard to be both strong and light enough. The weight of the product is only 12.8 kg with the possibility of lifting up to 120 kg (when climbing a hill with an angle of inclination up to 15º).

This model has several useful features: convenient training mode, 360-degree turn on the spot, dust and moisture protection of IP54 level, interaction with the control device via Bluetooth.


  • Lightweight, compact and durable

Lightweight and compact, the S-Pro can easily and neatly fit into small spaces such as the trunk of your car. The compact frame of the device is made of high quality aircraft grade magnesium alloy, which further increases strength and durability. The weight of the hoverboard is only 12.8 kilograms, which allows you to carry it in your hands.

  • Easily overcomes obstacles
  • S-PRO is adapted to all urban conditions. Engineers have developed a dynamic power aLGorithm that automatically detects small obstacles or inclines and dynamically adjusts power based on road conditions or rainfall.
  • LED backlight
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LED backlighting is not only a design element, but also serves as a user’s safety. The front lights provide illumination of the road. Rear. indicate your movement: blue. driving mode, red. braking, flashing yellow. turning.

  • Bluetooth remote control
Hoverboard Ninebot By Segway S

Use your smartphone as a remote control where you can adjust the speed and direction of travel. You can use your hoverboard to bring items to your friends, amuse or annoy your dog.

  • Convenient smartphone app

With the help of a special application, you can protect the hoverboard from theft by locking the device. The application also allows you to track the speed and routes traveled.

The automatic diagnostics of the device is also started. If a problem is found, the application will report it. This is another guarantee of user safety.

  • Thoughtful design

The steering handle is adjustable in height, which is very convenient. There is also a special retractable handle in order to roll the device in places not intended for driving.

  • S-PRO has a unique for similar devices protection against dust and moisture. IP54. Rain and wet road are not scary for your hoverboard.
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