Hoverboard Mekotron Hoverboard 6 Black / White

Review of MEKOTRON HoverBoard 6 White (HB-1861W) hoverboard

Hoverboard Mekotron Hoverboard 6 Black / White

Today we have a very interesting gyro scooter on our review. MEKOTRON HoverBoard 6 White. Let’s figure out what is so interesting about it.

Contents of delivery

The hoverboard came to us in a beautiful cardboard box. The box contains photos of the hoverboard itself and a lot of technical information. Inside the box is a charger, instructions, a warranty card and the gyro scooter itself.

Design and construction

MEKOTRON HoverBoard 6 White has a modern design. The combination of colors gives it a certain charm. White color with red tabs looks bright enough and attracts the eye of an ordinary person, which is good news.

The hoverboard consists of durable plastic, large quality wheels (6.5 inches) and does not vibrate under a person. It is worth saying that on cheaper counterparts with a low weight of the user, the gyro scooter began to vibrate and create unpleasant sensations for a person. With the same gyro scooter, no such problems were observed. For a while, the feeling that you are on a vehicle even disappears. Does not rattle when used.

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The platform for the feet is painted bright red and is made of quality rubber. Feet are firm in both shoes and socks. No slIPs.


Before starting a ride, I advise you to get knee pads, since at first you will most likely have to fall if you got on this vehicle for the first time.

In order to stand on the hoverboard, you need to put one foot on it, while leaving the center of gravity on the ground so that the hoverboard does not start to ride. After that move the second leg.

Depending on the inclination of your body, the gyro scooter will easily determine where to move. If you keep upright, then it will stand still. If you lean forward a little, then the gyro scooter, following the example of your body, will also begin to go straight. If you lean back, then he will go back, which is quite logical. To turn, you need to shift your center of gravity to the desired side and slightly tilt the desired half of the hoverboard forward or backward.

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In order to get off the gyro scooter, you first need to leave it, and then lower one foot to the ground, taking a step back. After that, move the second leg there.

MEKOTRON HoverBoard 6 White can reach speeds of up to 15 km / h. I advise you not to do this at the learning stages.

Operating time and charging

Before charging the hoverboard, make sure that the port is free of dust and should not be wet either.

Operating time without recharging is approximately 3 hours. If you drive on uneven surfaces, the operating time will decrease, albeit slightly.

If the icon on the body of the hoverboard glows green, it means that the charge is over 10%. When the icon changes its color to red, it means that the hoverboard is sending a warning signal that the use of the hoverboard is prohibited, and you need to charge it using the charger included in the package. At the same time, he sends a sound signal, so it is impossible not to notice that the hoverboard needs to be charged.

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I have never regretted buying a gyro scooter of this particular model. Sturdy enough with built-in security features. High quality, no unpleasant smell.

There are Chinese counterparts that are a little cheaper, but they are inferior in terms of controllability and safety, so it makes no sense to purchase them. If the cost of an analogue is 1000 rubles cheaper, you get a pig in a poke. The parts that these hoverboards are made of don’t always pass quality checks. over, the electronics that they put in sometimes “go crazy” and you can damage yourself. Imagine, you are driving a cheap analogue and then it suddenly jumps forward or backward, can jerk sharply or start spinning. Agree, this is rather unpleasant. In contrast, MEKOTRON HoverBoard 6 White has passed all the checks and has a certificate of conformity.

The hoverboard is designed for a user’s weight up to 100 kg. Now I have a little more and I did not hear any creak or crackle under me.