Haier 55 Smart TV bx review

In its price range. flagship.

Haier 55 SMART TV BX обзор. Оптимальный Смарт ТВ 2020 года

The voice assistant is a very handy bun. He opens applications, switches channels. It can be used for customization, search for information of interest in the operating system or in applications, even if the desired content is in unlicensed sources, such as HD Videobox. The voice is recognized correctly and quickly, which means it helps to ensure comfort.

You can play your favorite games. And you don’t need to buy them again. For complete comfort, you can connect the joystick from the brand new x-box to the TV via Bluetooth and get even more pleasure from the game.

You can connect a bunch of accessories to your TV. Soundbar for even more surround sound, webcam for communication, flash drive, keyboard.

haier, smart

The Chromcast technology leaves pleasant impressions. TV logs into your account and connects to your smartphone without any problems. There is a cool application for iPhones. Air Screen. With it, you can duplicate the screen on TV. You can even go to another room and switch music tracks, pictures from your phone or cartoons with small.

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Android. TV is the best operating system. 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 constant. You can also increase it using micro cd, for which there is a connector. Not needed yet. Yes, and reluctance to overload, since any overloaded system thinks longer.

The design is cool. The frames are thin, matte. On small metal legs located on the sides. It doesn’t look very good, but it is stable.

All necessary ports are available: USB, HDMI, RS-45, headphone output, etc.

The 4K image is high contrast. Refresh rate 60 Hz. Viewing angles 178/178.

The sound is normal, you can listen. I took advantage of the “enhancers” (surround sound, equalizer).

haier, smart

If you’re looking for a budget TV, take a look at this model. Android-TV provides good functionality, and the picture is not bad.