Haier 32 Smart TV bx review


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I love this OS. And all because there is a clear and familiar interface that strongly resembles the standard Android. In addition, a huge number of different parameters are additionally offered for flexible TV setup.

For example, you can select picture modes, easily manage storage and installed applications, quickly switch to another network or another remote control.

The TV also has technology that allows you to convert any image to 4K. Without a doubt, we can say that this is truly a flagship feature. Any videos in Full HD and HD format really get better.

Also, support for Google Chromecast Built-in technology has been implemented, which helps to broadcast an image from a smartphone. A very handy feature as it only requires a couple of clicks in the smartphone app. Synchronization with devices occurs using Bluetooth 5.0, and a stable Internet connection is provided by a 5 GHz Wi-Fi module.

The TV is controlled using the most common remote control. But that is not all. Haier Smart TV BX works with the Google Assistant voice assistant. I was very glad to have such a feature, because sometimes I am too lazy to pick up the remote control. And here you can ask the TV to show the weather forecast or open some application. Stunning!


Our today’s hero is part of a line consisting of three TVs with different screen diagonals. One could look at 32-inch or 50-inch versions, but I think these are not the best options for the home.

In my apartment, I want to watch a TV that at the same time will not take up too much space, but at the same time will be able to delight with a large and frameless screen. Haier Smart TV BX satisfied my need.

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55-inch screen with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. Yes, it’s 4K. I think that in our time the TV is simply obliged to have such a resolution. 16: 9 aspect ratio, 8ms response time, and 178-degree viewing angle.

The type of Direct LED backlight used. Someone might argue, why not OLED, it’s better. But this technology allows you to evenly distribute the luminous flux without third-party glare, while displaying a bright and rich picture. It is very important for me.

over, there is support for HDR10, which is also very cool, because now you cannot do without HDR content. The technology reflects the full color depth on the screen, resulting in the highest detail in any scene.

Display frequency 60 Hz. You can still put up with such a parameter, but I will hope that in the near future manufacturers will massively migrate at 100 Hz and higher. The display is relatively bright at 300 nits. Even if the sun shines from the window, it will not spoil the picture in any way. Contrast Ratio 6000: 1. I dare say that in this case, this is the highest figure among TVs with similar prices.

What’s great is the lack of a framework. True, they are actually not here, except that they left a not very large chin with the logo below. Large, bezel-less screen for incredible immersive viewing.

Actually, the dimensions of the TV are quite acceptable. 71 x 122.9 x 6.1 cm without a stand and 77.2 x 122.9 x 26.9 cm with a stand, respectively. It weighs only 13 kg. And you know, it’s very lightweight. It is convenient to install it anywhere. If you want, put it on legs, of which there are two, or you can even hang it on the wall. Supports VESA 200 pan / tilt arm as an optional extra.

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What are the connectors? Four HDMI 2.0, a couple of USB 2.0, one Ethernet port, one RCA for audio and video, and a 3.5mm mini-jack for headphones. It’s cool that you can insert a microSD card here. There are also digital tuners: T, T2, C, C2, S and S2.

The sound is very pleasant. It can be fine-tuned for yourself, but if there is no desire to bother with this, it is better to just choose one of the seven available presets ala “Cinema” or “Music”. The power of two 10 W stereo speakers is enough, and to create surround sound, I recommend turning on the Simulated Surround Sound function.

Haier Smart TV BX Review. Smart 55-inch TV with an affordable price

Buying a TV in 2020 is a big story. It allows you not only to watch TV shows, but also provides the opportunity to comfortably use a large number of different Internet services like Netflix or YouTube. And if you also connect the prefix, so in general, beauty turns out.

But is it possible for relatively little money to get a high-quality smart TV that will become a good companion for many years? I’ll say right away. yes. A perfect example is the new product from Haier. Meet the 55-inch Haier Smart TV BX!

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Cost and opinion

Of course, when choosing a new TV, many must pay attention not only to functionality, but also to cost. And the line of TVs Haier Smart TV BX is doing very well with this.

The 55-inch version is officially priced at 34,990 rubles. Just think, for that kind of money you get a TV with an unrealistically juicy display and, most importantly, a fresh multifunctional platform.

Yes, I would totally agree if someone claims that something is missing here. Perhaps some additional hardware capabilities that analogs can boast of. Such thoughts fade into the background after a few days of full use.

I am sure the acquisition of Haier Smart TV BX could be the right choice. I was convinced of this after intensive viewing of films and other 4K content. It was a great surprise for me when I really managed to feel the very flagship effect of immersion in the picture.

Such sensations became possible also thanks to good speakers, the sound from which can be adjusted for any scenario of use. Can you expect all these significant advantages from a TV set for a ridiculous 30 thousand? No, but I got such an experience, which means that at the end of 2020, Haier Smart TV BX 55 inches is an uncompromising solution that offers more for its price than you expect from it.