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Change the lock screen

There is a second Lite option for you. changing the screen lock so that when the phone turns on the next time it will have your message on it. It may be counterproductive to “RETURN MY PHONE TO ME,” but a “Please call me” message might work with a modest reward.

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You can try displaying a custom message on the lock screen

Have you tried this? Did not help? OK. It’s time to delete your data.

Delete your data

Applying the Clear function will completely erase all data from your phone or tablet remotely. This is the same as a factory reset, so all your settings, music, photos and applications (except the SD card) will be deleted. As with blocking, if the missing phone is turned off, then when it is connected to the network, this option will remotely erase everything from it.

When all is unsuccessful, delete your data remotely

If you are afraid to use this option, then you must log into your Google account and deny access to your missing phone. We would also recommend changing passwords for online services. The likelihood that your lost phone fell into the hands of the villains, and they got access to all the data, is small, but it will not take you long to apply this feature.

Use Android Device Manager to make your phone ring

often people just forget where they left the phone they lost, they steal it less often. To rule this out, use Android Device Manager to force your phone to ring at maximum volume for five minutes. This will allow you to find your phone if it fell on the floor of your car or was hidden in slippers by one of your children.

Try this before you go all bad. lost phones are often just found elsewhere

How to Delete Data from Android Phone Remotely

There is only one thing that is worse than losing your phone. a lost device with a lot of personal data in it. If the thought of someone else gaining access to your apps, email, or secret plans for world domination scares you, then we have a solution. Here’s how to delete data from Android phones remotely.

How to remotely wipe your phone

Oh no! Your phone is gone! It’s time to take action, and by “action” we mean the Android Device Manager. You can access Android Device Manager in two ways: via the Android Device Manager app on another Android device, or via the Android Device Manager website.

Once you are logged in, Android Device Manager will try to find the missing device. If it is possible to receive a signal, then you will see the location on the map. You will also see three options: call, block, or clear. If the device is disabled or cannot receive a signal, then Android Device Manager will report its location when it connects to Wi-Fi or cellular.

At this point, you can erase all data from your phone, but we highly recommend trying less drastic decisions before erasing everything. Try in this order:

Make sure you can delete your data while your phone is still with you

If you want to be able to remotely wipe data from your phone, there are two settings that you need to activate before your phone goes missing. They should be enabled by default, but it’s worth checking to make sure.

Go to Google Settings Security Android Device Manager. Find Remote Lock & Factory Reset and make sure this feature is enabled.

The second switch that you need to activate is also on the Android Device Manager screen: find Remote device search, and make sure that the function is active. If these options are not enabled, then Device Manager will not be able to locate the device.

If Android Device Manager cannot find your phone, it will wait for the device to connect to Wi-Fi or cellular

Android Device Manager works on tablets as well, but if you have multiple user accounts, only the person registered as the owner of the tablet can configure Android Device Manager settings.

Taking a few other measures is also a good idea: don’t store anything important on the MicroSD card (remote deletion can’t erase that too), make sure you have a strong code or a complex lock pattern, and consider investing in an app like. AirDroid or Lookout. Both apps offer a remote wipe feature, but they can also transfer sensitive data before deleting it.

What to do if Android Device Manager can’t connect?

If Android Device Manager can’t connect, there are two more things you can try. Google Maps tracks the history of your phone’s movement, or at least that happens if you have not disabled this feature in your Google account, so you can find out where the lost phone was by visiting the Location History page and find out the time. Not the fact that this will help you find out where your phone is now, but the function will tell you where it was.

Another option is to use an app like Android Lost that works great on older Android devices. This is one of the few solutions that can be installed remotely, so it’s a good option if you haven’t activated the above Android Device Manager features. The app and website looks terrible, but works well, although the device should still be online via a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Have you used Android Device Manager, AirDroid, or Lookout to find or clear your lost phone? Share with us in the comments.

How to find iPhone via Android

Apple’s Find iPhone application helps you see your device on a map, sound an alarm or display a custom message on your gadget’s lock screen. However, the application is available only for iOS, and sometimes it is not possible to find the same gadget when you lose your smartphone. Then the user wonders if it is possible to find an iPhone from Android. Our article is devoted to how to find an iPhone via Android, and describes the options for possible actions step by step.

If iPhone is in silent mode

One of the features in Find My iPhone is to play sound on your smartphone. The signal helps the owner to hear the device if the iPhone is lost nearby. Even if the phone is set to silent, this is not a problem for the app.

After logging in to the site, launch the Find iPhone program. Wait until the geolocation is determined and the connection to the device is established. Now it is enough to select the “Play sound” function. the service will autonomously change the phone settings and give a sound signal.

Instructions for finding iPhone via Android

If a gadget is lost or stolen, you can remotely track it and block access to personal data. Apple provides alternative ways to find iPhone via Android phone without an iOS device.

We use the service

For this method, you do not need to install additional applications on your smartphone. Algorithm of actions will help you find iPhone icloud from Android phone or even from PC.

  • Go to from the browser on your Android smartphone.
  • At the bottom of the additional browser menu bar, click on the image of three dots.
  • In the list that opens, select the action “Full version”.
  • The iCloud authorization window will appear in the tab. Enter your account’s Apple ID.
  • Among the available functions, find the shortcut “Find iPhone”, launch the application.

The program will show where the iPhone is located if the gadget is turned on. If the smartphone is not available, the last recorded position will be displayed.

Find My search function

The Find iPhone app contains several useful features, but the main one is Find My. The service establishes a remote connection with the gadget and opens access to all the possibilities: determining the location, locking the device, giving a sound signal. Basic search methods will become available if the user has activated “Find iPhone” before losing the device. Let’s take a look at the steps to help you find an iPhone from an Android or computer.

A detailed description for finding an iPhone is provided in the article “How to find an iPhone”.

If iPhone is disabled

In this case, you will not be able to find out the coordinates of the device or perform other actions. However, the application will help secure your data and restrict the smartphone’s operation the next time you turn it on. After authorization on the website, activate the Lost Mode in the Find iPhone application and enter the contact number. As soon as the smartphone enters the network, the number or information you specified will be displayed on the screen, and other functions will be limited.

If no one has contacted you by contact information or the smartphone is out of reach, the option remains to contact the police for help and search for the iPhone by IMEI. This is the internal number of any mobile phone. You can find out the IMEI in the user manual or on the sticker on the box. If the box with the instructions is lost, it is better to clarify and write down the number in advance. Enter the number # in the phone and in response you will receive a numeric IMEI identifier.

Third-party iPhone search software on Android

In addition to the described method, third-party services will help you find the device. The unification of protocols for determining coordinates and data exchange allows different manufacturers of smartphones to develop universal applications for finding lost gadgets. Such programs are useful if you have both iOS and Android devices. for example, Samsung’s remote search application.

In addition to registering an Android smartphone, the program allows you to add the iPhone and device to the list of tracked devices. For an Apple smartphone, you need to go through standard authorization, just like when connecting to iCloud. Additional features will help you find your iPhone using Android:

  • Remote backup.
  • “Add Trustees”. register other users and devices from which you can track iPhone.
  • Maps to display the device.

They called you and said that they found your iPhone or received an SMS

Consider what options for events can go with such a call.

You will be asked to meet and return your phone in a crowded place, or you will be asked to come. Meet, if you wish, thank you with some kind of reward. If you eat yourself, take someone with you.

They will offer to return the smartphone for a reward. Here everything can go according to two scenarios.

a) It is more likely that scammers called you and will try to ask you for a reward on their card. But in reality they do not have a telephone. So you can transfer money, and they will stop picking up the phone.

b) You really got a call from the person who found the smartphone who wants to cash in on the grief. Offer such a reward when you meet. Meet also in a crowded place and you can call the police with you. Since this is already extortion and it is generally not clear who is calling you with money for a meeting.

Important! A normal person will not offer you to return the phone for a fee, but will simply return it. And to give any encouragement to him or not, that’s up to you. Often such retention with ransom is classified in our country precisely as theft with extortion.

If you changed your SIM card and received an SMS with information that someone turned on the phone. There is a link that is suggested to go. do not do it. These scammers are trying to unlink your Apple ID so that the iPhone is white again. Do all actions with your smartphone exclusively through the official website. If you follow this link and provide any data, you can say goodbye to the device.

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Important! Often the link is a fake page, made very similar to the official iCloud website, where they simply steal data from your account. Look carefully at which site you are going to, this is extremely important.

Searching using SIRI

All the same actions can be done using SIRI from another iPhone. The main thing is that it is connected through the same Apple ID. So, through one account, as many as 6 devices can work.

Tell SIRI. where is my iPhone? She will send a beep to him so that you can quickly find.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

The most difficult thing is to find your device if it is turned off. the battery / accumulator has run out. So, the iPhone simply won’t transmit its location information. But, you can see where he was when he was last turned on.

Important! For the geolocation search function to work at all, it must be enabled in the phone settings. Settings. Privacy. Location Services. On.

Go to from a computer or other phone and enter your Apple ID information. Turn on Lost Mode and see where the device was last located. Set the checkbox “Notify me of a find” in the active position.

If you want, you can immediately erase your iPhone so that all data is erased. All the actions that you take on this page will work only when the phone is turned on and connected to the network.

All notifications will be sent to the email specified for your account: about turning on the device, playing a sound signal on it. So you will immediately know when it was turned on.

Go to the police with a missing person report. In some cases, the device can be found quite quickly, especially if you know roughly where the device was lost.

Important! I also highly recommend that you read the detailed material on what you need to do to find an iPhone via icloud.

Find iPhone by IMEI. How?

There is no direct way to find the iPhone itself by IMEY. Even if you contact your cellular operator with such a request, they will only be able to block the GSM network on the device. And they won’t look for a location.

Important! You can see the IMEI of the phone on the box from the smartphone or in the iCloud settings.

Be sure to give the data about IMEY to the police so that the law enforcement agencies are already looking for your smartphone using this code.

Ask cellular operators to block your device in their cellular networks using IMEY. Also add it on the site. This must be done so that no one can use the phone in the future.

Turn on Lost to have iPhone blacklisted by Apple.

How to find iPhone by phone number

Finding your device by phone number, as in the case of IMEY, is almost impossible. Cellular operators, again, will not do this, but rather simply block your number and issue a new SIM card.

Try calling your iPhone, the finder can pick up the phone and make an appointment with you.

Turn on Lost iPhone and enter a different contact number so that the finder phone can call you.

Find iPhone via iPhone or Computer. All Steps

Let’s start with the steps to take as soon as you discover your phone is missing. It will be very good if no one has managed to find it yet and you know the approximate place where you lost it.

Call him from another phone. So, we will check if it is turned on and beep. Find out the approximate location. If you are near, you can quickly find.

If someone has already found it, they can pick up the phone and return your device to you. If the iPhone is already turned off, and you remember that the charge was full, then most likely it was stolen. What to do in this situation is written below.

Go to the site. from a computer or another smartphone. Enter the details from your account. Select your iPhone from the list of devices and try beeping it. This is convenient if there is no other phone to call it.

If you can’t find it, turn on Lost Mode. Indicate your contact information by which the finder will be able to contact you. This is convenient, especially if you immediately change your SIM card.

If the phone is turned off and you know for sure that it was stolen. In the same window, you can immediately click on clear iPhone in order to erase all your data from it and attackers could not get access to them.

When you find a device, in the future everything can be restored from an iPhone backup.

After turning on the search function, look on the map where your device is located, move towards it, and turn on the beep to hear. If someone takes a smartphone, they will be able to contact you using the contact information you left.

Important! If, when the phone was lost, it did not have a password and it could be easily unlocked, then I recommend changing the passwords: from mail, Apple ID and others that a person could access from your phone. Change your Email password first.

If stolen 100%. After the above operations, call or go to your mobile operator and block the SIM card, in the office. reissue to be in touch.

There is a lot of data now: banks, access to sites and other actions require a phone number. And he will not be with you, in order to avoid problems, it is better to immediately make a lock or change the SIM card.

Go to the police, write a statement on the loss. I also highly recommend contacting your own and not only cellular company to make a blocking by IMEI. Also add it here.

Be sure to take documents with you to the police confirming that the phone is really yours and your documents.

If the device has not been found for a long time, then remove it from the list of trusted devices in iCloud.

Next, we will take a closer look at what you need to do in certain situations if your phone is lost.

Important! How to properly configure the locator on your device is described in detail in the material. locator on the iPhone. Always enable this feature on a new device.

How to find your iPhone: if it’s turned off, use its name and phone number

To find an iPhone if it is lost, to secure the information that is stored on it, Apple has developed a whole search and protection system for this.

In this article, we will analyze in detail how to find an iPhone from another iPhone, computer or smartphone, if it is lost, whether it is turned off or not. The main thing is to save Stihl and follow the instructions described in the article.

The previous article was devoted to the built-in function in Apple smartphones. iPhone locator. Today we will continue to analyze this topic, and you will find out all the ways to find a lost iPhone, if lost or in other cases. We will do this from a computer or from another iPhone.

Now you know how to find iPhone from another iPhone or computer, stolen or just forgotten online. And what actions need to be taken first of all in order to surely return your device to yourself.

How to find “iPhone” from “Android”: step-by-step instructions and tips

When developing modern gadgets, Apple developers make Accent for the safety of user data and device security. Apple products are integrated with the latest features that make it possible to find “iPhone” from “Android”.

Find My. location check function

One of the Apple device detection functions is Find My, which allows you to track a lost gadget by signal without connecting the police.

Find My. it is an integrated proprietary service for finding phones, computers and other modern Apple models. It is worth setting up and attaching your device in advance. To set up Find My, you need to go to the iCloud cloud storage settings and set your phone as a lost device, which can also be locked. This is one way to find “iPhone” quickly. Icloud from Android also allows you to get help finding your missing device.

Lost iPhone silent mode: what to do?

Users of branded smartphones have developed life hacks with the help of which it becomes possible to find an “iPhone” from an “Android”, even if the silent mode is set.

You need to do the following:

  • Open Find iPhone.
  • Select “Last Geolocation” so that the system gives the result as quickly as possible.
  • Establish a connection with the desired device.
  • Enter password and ID.
  • Select the item “Play sound”. After that, the lost phone in offline mode will change the settings, then give a signal to the owner.

It is imperative that the user should connect all necessary Apple devices to iCloud.

How to find “iPhone” using

If you do not know how to find “iPhone” through an Android device using iCloud, use the instructions below:

  • Go to in a new tab on “Android”.
  • The user will be redirected to a page with a “Find iPhone” button, which will provide information about the linked Apple gadgets.
  • No need to pay attention to the iOS iCloud page. You must immediately go to the “Share” box.
  • A window with new shortcuts should appear. After that, you should select the button “Full version of the site”. The usual “cloud” will appear on the new page when you sign in to iCloud.
  • The system will ask for the ID and password of the lost “iPhone”.
  • If the activation is successful, the user will have full access to their phone and will be able to use the Find iPhone service from Android.

Full activation via iCloud takes two to five minutes. This allows you to quickly find “iPhone” from “Android”. It is important to note that the search is carried out only if the “Find” iPhone “function is activated on the Apple device, and the device itself is turned on and an Internet connection is established.

An alternative program for finding an Apple device

Samsung’s remote search function has largely moved ahead of the Apple branded company. The program provides the following features:

  • Authorization without two-factor authentication from one device.
  • Working with two geographic resources (maps). This option is convenient for those regions that have little information about geolocation.
  • Tips for new users. If the user is looking for his “iPhone” for the first time, then intuitive tips will help you to do everything correctly.
  • The backup allows you to keep the latest data. To do this, the Internet must be turned on on the lost “iPhone”.
  • Adding Trustees. a new item that allows another user to track and signal devices.
  • To find an “iPhone” from an “Android” phone, you need to authorize the device through the Samsung website in the same way as through iCloud.

In the near future, Apple plans to surpass the competitor’s program with the new Apple-SIM security system. The function will resemble a chip that will be built into the “iPhone”, and in case of any loss or theft, the owner will immediately find his gadget without setting up geolocation and the Internet. Switching between operators will also be inside the phone and will not allow opening the cover to remove the SIM card. The corporation developed a similar innovation back in 2014, but the system had certain errors and required improvement.

Search for a disabled phone via “Android

IMEI is the basic phone number that helps to track the “iPhone” under all circumstances. In the factory settings, “iPhones” have a 15- or 16-digit number, which can be recognized by the number: #. The function is active when GPS data is turned on on the lost phone. The search is carried out over the network of the operator, which provides information about the location of the phone via a satellite signal.

This feature is not available to individuals, so it will take patience to find an “iPhone” on an Android phone. An application with a form and an explanation of the reason for the search is submitted to the police station. After its consideration, law enforcement agencies will connect a telecom operator and track the phone using GPS navigation. At least three days are allocated to process the request. If the loss is valuable, then it is better to start searching in other ways.

How to find “iPhone” through “Android”: application in the Play Market

You can find “iPhone” using the applications provided by the Play Market. One such free application is Find iPhone. You will also need iCloud to activate iOS. The application runs on the “Android” platform, can track any Apple device in Google Maps. Findi Phone has the following functions:

  • turning on and off the sound on the phone;
  • work on multiple accounts;
  • in a street search, indicates the direction to a device with voice playback;
  • result accurate to street and house.

Working with the application is also possible online. While working, you can check the paired devices on the Apple website and view their status at the moment.

In the application, green indicates the exact location of the found “iPhone”, and gray indicates that the device has been found, but the location cannot be established. If the device on the Android platform does not play the application, then you need to double-check the ability to establish a connection with active geolocations and turn them on if there was no Internet connection. It should be noted that the manufacturer is not an official Apple representative.

All applications are imperfect and various technical failures are possible. In England, there have been cases when an Apple user lost his gadget and tried to track it down through alternative applications on “Android”. The maps pointed to his own house, but the gadget was lost in a nearby cafe. This can happen due to the fact that the system remembered the last synchronization of the phone and could not find a connection to the new location. To exclude such cases, you need to enable GPS data, Internet and iCloud binding on the iPhone in advance.

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ICloud setup

To check the correctness of the actions performed, you need to check the binding of the device in the iCloud service. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • open the official page in your browser;
  • go to the “My devices” menu;
  • find your iPhone in the list that opens.

Naturally, in order for the device to be found, it must have an outlet to the network.


In order not to have problems in the future, experienced users and experts advise you to enable the “Find iPhone” function when setting up your smartphone for the first time. This is done very simply:

  • We enter the settings mode by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Then go to the iCloud item.
  • We log in if this was not done in advance.
  • We agree to combine data stored in the cloud and the gadget. This is optional, if you do not want to sync, please refuse this option.
  • Allow iCloud to use the gadget’s location.
  • Move the “Find iPhone” slider to the active position.

After that, you should see a message that the function is activated.

How to find someone else’s iPhone

To find the location of another subscriber, for example, a wife or a child, you should add their iPhones to your application, organize the so-called family access.

To do this, you need to know the username and password from the Apple ID account of your relative or friend, because without his consent to tracking, you will not be able to find the lost iPhone on your own.

How to find your iPhone phone

Modern Apple devices are very expensive. In addition, the device can store important and sometimes confidential information. Therefore, the loss of a smartphone always gives a lot of experience.

Finding where the iPhone is located will help the information presented in the article offered to your attention.

Activation Lock add-on

This addition is already mentioned above item “Lost Mode”.

When enabled, the smartphone cannot be used without unlocking with Apple ID. over, you will need to enter it every time you perform such actions:

  • turn off Find My iPhone;
  • clearing information from the iPhone;
  • when the smartphone is reactivated.

But the kidnapper will not be able to use your device. No radical remedies will help here, such as:

  • flashing;
  • recovery in DFU mode.


With the Find My iPhone application, you can follow the steps in the following table:

Function Description
Tracking capability Track the exact coordinates of your Apple device online.
Lost Mode It is impossible to use such a gadget without unlocking via iCloud. Kidnappers or people who accidentally find it will only be able to sell it for spare parts and then for a pittance.
Erase iPhone This feature will help the owner to remotely delete the information in the lost device.
Play sound You can turn on a loud sound when the monitored device is near you.

Tip 2

Turn on Lost Mode immediately after you discover that you have lost your smartphone. The less time we give the kidnapper, the more likely the gadget will return.

Search iPhone through a mobile operator

You can track the location of any person by his phone number, for this you need to obtain his permission and connect a special service through a mobile operator. Features:

  • The cost of connection and other tariffication conditions differ depending on the company that provides communication services.
  • Not all cellular operators allow you to share your location with friends (even after getting permission).
  • You can even track a turned off smartphone.
  • No need to install additional applications. To search, just send a short USSD command or log in to your personal account on the mobile operator’s website.

The service is suitable for those who want to track the location of children and relatives. Information can be accessed through your personal account or from another mobile phone. Check the features with the operator.

According to statistics, law enforcement agencies find the stolen device in the first days after the appeal. The faster the iPhone owner writes a statement, the higher the likelihood of finding it.

How to track a friend’s iPhone via “Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a free mobile application that allows you to share geolocation data with your friends. Allows you to remotely search for a device in case of loss. How to see the location of another iPhone:

You will then be able to find your friend’s iPhone and vice versa. The application allows you to find out where the person is (user permission is required) and can be used to search for their devices.

An attacker can reflash a found iPhone. Then you can track it by IMEI. To do this, you will have to seek help from a mobile operator through law enforcement agencies.

Find iPhone via Apple Watch

The method is suitable if the geolocation service is turned off on the iPhone. If the device was lost within the apartment and at the same time is paired with a “smart watch”:

  • Turn on Apple Watch and bring up the watch face (press the Digital Crown).
  • Launch Control Center. To do this, swipe up on the touchscreen.
  • An interface with available functions will open. Find the smartphone icon here and click on it.
  • After that, the iPhone will play a melody (even if silent mode is enabled).

When the phone is found, be sure to activate the Find iPhone service on it and allow the transfer of the last location to the server. This will help if next time you leave the device outside the apartment.

How to locate iPhone

An accidentally lost or stolen iPhone can be found using built-in features or special apps. over, this can be done from a computer or another smartphone. Next, we will tell you how to find an iPhone using another iPhone and analyze other possible methods.

Find iPhone with Find iPhone

Find iPhone is Apple’s proprietary service for finding and protecting Apple devices. Shows the location of the iPhone and allows you to lock it. Can only be used after preconfiguration:

  • Using another phone, sign in to Find My iPhone with your Apple ID. It is available as a free download from the App Store.
  • If there is no access to another mobile device, then use the browser on your computer. Open the iCloud website and sign in with your Apple ID. You need to use the account of the lost device (even if it is turned off).
  • In the main menu of the cloud service, select the function “Find iPhone” and re-enter your Apple account information.
  • If you are using multiple devices, select the one you need from the list. After that, the smartphone will be displayed on the map. Click Play Sound to play the melody.
  • If the device is turned on, then it will be possible to additionally send a message to it with a request to call back to the specified number. The text will be displayed on the screen.
  • If the iPhone was lost outside the apartment, then you can find out the approximate location by geolocation. To do this, you must enable the additional option “Last location” on the device.

The service can only be used if the lost iPhone is connected to the Internet. If it is turned off, then it will be possible to find out only its last location.

How to find iPhone by IMEI

IMEI is a unique 15-digit identifier that is assigned to each mobile device. It can be used to determine the location of the iPhone, but only if it has GPS or data enabled.

If your device has been lost or stolen, follow these steps:

  • Add iPhone IMEI to the online databases of stolen smartphones. This will help reduce the likelihood of the device being resold in the aftermarket.
  • Report the loss to law enforcement. To do this, you will have to additionally inform the device’s IMEI (available in the documentation, on the box) and Apple ID account details.
  • Try to find your iPhone yourself via IMEI-Poisk 2.0, TrackerPlus or SNDeepInfo. Relevant if found and connected to the network.

If the attacker has time to turn off the device and replace the SIM card, then the last location of the iPhone can be found through the mobile operator. Information is provided only after an official request from law enforcement agencies. That is why, in case of loss, it is necessary to write a statement about theft.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

If the device has run out of power or has been turned off, then you can find it by Apple ID. To do this, use the official “Find My iPhone” application. It shows the location of the iPhone at the moment or sends information to the server before disconnecting. Instructions:

  • Download the Find My iPhone application to another Apple device and search for it using your Apple ID (requires authorization). Or go to the service via iCloud from a computer.
  • Turn on Lost Mode through the Find My iPhone service. This can be done through another phone or computer (after authorization in the iCloud service using Apple ID). Then, after connecting the device to the network, the screen will display information with a request to contact the owner.

iPhone sends location data before shutting down. If after moving the device is connected to the Internet, the information on the map will be automatically updated.

There are many ways to track down a stolen or accidentally forgotten iPhone. The easiest way to do this is to use the built-in Find My Phone service, but if it has not been configured in advance, you will have to seek help from law enforcement agencies. Police officers will be able to find iPhone by IMEI.

How to track iPhone from Android. detailed description of ways

One of the biggest fears of an iPhone owner is losing it or forgetting it somewhere, where it will definitely be stolen. The smartphone can be left in the gym, cafe or restaurant. Naturally, he will not lie there for a long time. Most likely, if you come to this place in a couple of minutes, even if it is not crowded, the device will no longer be there. Rarely do you come across honest people who will wait for the owner or call one of the contacts in his phone book. In other cases, you have to track the gadget using various means. This significantly increases the chances of finding and returning it to yourself.

How to find Android from iPhone

The bottom line is that you need to configure the Android remote access functionality in advance. If after the loss it turns out that access has not been established, then only a miracle will help to return the phone.

  • Log in to any browser on the iPhone and go to your Google account (from any service). To do this, you need to click on the photo located in the upper right and select the “Account” item or click on the email address.
  • Go to the “Account Settings” page and find the “Recent Activity” section and the “Linked Devices” subsection.
  • Select the desired device and click on the link “Find my Android device using the” Remote control “service.
  • Select the name of the gadget again.
  • Wait until the application is processed and the card is opened, which will show exactly where the smartphone is.

Then you can do exactly the same thing as in the section with Android. The menu of the required device is called up and the function “Call”, “Lock” or “Clear memory” is selected. They work in the same way as on Apple technology. The ringing tone emits a strong squeak for some time, which does not depend on the volume of the system and its settings. Even if the phone has a silent mode, it will still beep. This helps if the gadget is lost in the country or in a country house.

Important! The lock function allows you to restrict the use of your smartphone and display custom text on the screen. In the text, you can write that the phone was lost and leave your contact number for communication.

The most radical feature is the complete cleaning of user data: photos, music, messages, notes, installed applications and more. It is made as a last resort and only when a person knows that his phone has been stolen and can be hacked to obtain valuable information. It is recommended to think twice before cleaning the device completely.

You can also watch and spy with the consent of the person, if it is a family

Is it possible to follow an iPhone from Android

There are many options when you might need to track an iPhone. For example, a mother wants to know where her children or wife is worried about her husband, a person has lost or stolen a gadget. There can be many reasons, but the bottom line is that the same solutions are suitable for them in the form of standard tools or third-party applications. Unfortunately, there are no pre-installed methods that would help link the Android and iOS operating systems for tracking and determining location.

An iPhone search application on Android exists and is standard

The thing is that iPhones are very conservative devices, and the Android platform is too democratic for the user. However, it is quite possible to find out where the iPhone is from an Android device and even without using third-party software.

Note! Most modern mobile devices have Wi-Fi, GPS, GPRS wireless communication modules. Although it was GPS that was developed to determine location, other standards can do it as well.

Android app to find iPhone. Apple’s website where you can find out the exact location of the gadget

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Track device location via Google maps

recently, Google has updated its maps and added the “Show where I am” function to them. It allows you to accurately determine the location of a person by the connected account. This option works on both Android and iPhone. For tracking on a lost smartphone and on the gadget that is used for searching, the latest version of the Google Maps application must be installed

If the condition is met, then they go to the account of the phone that was lost or was stolen and activate the corresponding function. To do this, you must specify your email address and the period during which other people will be able to find the smartphone on the map.

You need to look for the desired functions in the maps in the side menu

How to Track iPhone from Android

Everything can be done without any applications. It is enough to use the service. All that is required is to gain access from the icloud dashboard through your smartphone running the Android operating system or any other gadget. Using the service, you can not only find your gadget on the map, but also send an alarm, lock the device and even format its internal memory so that no one ever sees valuable confidential data.

To track iPhone on Android via iCloud you need:

  • Go to
  • Enter username and password from your Apple ID account.
  • Go to the control panel (main menu of the web application).
  • Click on the “Find My iPhone” program.
  • Select your device from the list and find out its location on an accurate map.

Important! In addition to this function, you can configure others: a call that will play for two minutes without stopping, blocking with the ability to leave a message on the display and formatting performed in case there is a suspicion of theft in order to find out personal data.

If the user is someone else’s subscriber, then you can disable cellular services.

Difference between Find iPhone and Android search apps

In fact, the difference between these apps is that they are developed by different companies. Their functionality is approximately the same. Both the Find iPhone app for Android and the iPhone’s capabilities allow you to connect to your phone remotely, lock it with a text message, dial out and completely clear the internal memory by returning the device to factory settings. over, both on one and on the other service a map is available to determine the location of the smartphone.

The difference is that accessing the iPhone app is much easier and has fewer steps. In addition, in the new version of iOS, the “Find iPhone” and “Find Friends” function allows you to find not only your gadget, but also help friends who are in trouble. Another advantage of the iPhone is that it does not require the installation and activation of the remote control function. It will be enough to activate “Share location”.

The phone lock function may also contain a special notification for the finder of the device.

Therefore, the answer to the question whether it is possible to track the iPhone from Android and find it will be positive. On both platforms, it is possible to configure remote access for blocking, cleaning and dialing devices. But people give the advantage to Apple for the ease of setup and the availability of functionality in a few clicks.

How to check on the iPhone where the person was

How can you check on the iPhone where the person was? To obtain information, it is enough to go through the following steps:

  • Enter the main menu and move to the “Privacy” block.
  • Select the subsection “Geolocation Services”, then. “System Services”.
  • Go to the sub-item “Frequently visited places”.

To determine the location of the object, the system uses geolocation services: GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Occasionally, identification can be done through cell towers. The constantly activated option “Significant places” significantly reduces the battery life of the mobile device.

If desired, information about movement in the terrain can be deleted. To do this, you need to go through the above path and click on the “Clear history” subsection. After confirming the operation, all information will be erased.

  • FindMyKids-Footprints.
  • “X-GPS Tracker”.
  • “Where I am”;
  • “Mom knows”;
  • “Where are the children”, etc.

Tracking software for iPhone helps to find out the address of the point where a person is sitting or walking / passing through GPS coordinates or cell number. The calculation accuracy increases several times compared to other services. The functionality works great even in areas of poor coverage of a cellular operator.

The programs allow tracking both one person and the whole group. But when using them, you must obtain consent from the alleged object.

Note! Group observation is more often used for tourist groups, when hiking in the mountains, deep in forests or swimming in kayaks.

Via iMessage on iPhone

To enable the function from the main menu enter the subsection “Privacy”, followed by “Geolocation services”. You can share a position from the same menu through the “System Services”. Then you will have to open a correspondence with the object in iMessage, select the name of the subscriber and in the “Information” item click on the subsection “Specify the location”.

How to track the location of a second phone

You can program the device for an hour, until the end of the day, for a day or indefinitely. until the functionality is turned off. A link to a map showing the location of the object will be automatically created in the correspondence. To remove an option, turn it off manually or delete the message from the correspondence.

Find My iPhone

You need to download the utility of the same name, install and open it. At the request of the system, the username and password from the Apple ID of the gadget being searched is entered. The program will automatically detect its location and display it on the map. Using the utility, you can create a message and display it on the display, after turning on the loss mode, lock the smartphone, erase all information from the device.

Important! The main feature of Find My iPhone is the ability to send a sound signal on the device, it will sound until it is turned off.

How to Track iPhone from Another iPhone on Demand or Unbeknownst

Loss, theft or ordinary curiosity make users of Apple products look for an answer to the question of how to track an iPhone from another iPhone. There are several legal methods to do this, but they are all performed with the knowledge of the second owner of a prestigious gadget. website

The user must log into the page and enter the Apple ID of the wanted device. After authorization, you need to select the “Find Cellular” utility and get information about its localization. It allows you to do all the additional actions, like the Find iPhone program.

Locator utility

Used in 13 operating systems and replaces older services. Its first subsection is specifically designed for tracing people. It shows the location of all members of “family access”, provided that they previously agreed to the offer of the option under which they will be monitored.

To interact with people from the specified list, you must choose one of three options:

  • “Contact” allows you to communicate with a person via email, messages or voice communication.
  • “Route” automatically opens “Maps” and builds a path to the desired person (using a car, public transport, taxi or walking).
  • “Notification”. the system displays a message when a person moves.

Important! From the same subsection, you can stop sending the exact location or remove a person from the list of favorites.

How to view a person’s location on iPhone

How to view a person’s geolocation on iPhone? Verification is carried out in two ways.


AirDroid is an application for remote control of iOS and Android devices.

Allows you to remotely send messages, control the phone, transfer to it and download files from it. The service is free in its basic version. To take advantage of the more advanced premium version, you need to pay from two dollars per month. Premium has access to the camera, phone search is available and there is no limit on the amount of data transferred.

How to connect Android to PC via AirDroid

Install the AirDroid app from Google Play on your Android device.

If you are using the app for the first time, you need to create a new AirDroid account.

Enable the necessary permissions for Airdroid to work properly.

Turn on the features you plan to use.

Visit AirDroid Web and sign in with the account you created above.

Once connected, you will see the main control panel. On the right is a set of tools with brief information about the phone. Left. all applications that allow you to control your phone.

Select the Files app to view files on your phone and transfer them from PC to phone and vice versa.

Select the Messages app to view saved messages on your phone or start a new conversation with someone on your contact list.

The Camera application is designed to remotely view and control the camera on your phone.

Android Device Manager

The service from Google, on the one hand, is the simplest in terms of features (there are no settings as such). On the other hand, there is no need to pay for or even download additional applications. It is optimal to use if you have lost your phone or stolen it from you.

Main features of Android Device Manager:

  • call to the number of the “linked” phone,
  • lock your phone at a distance,
  • emergency deletion of all data.

How to use Android Device Manager

Using the remote phone control service is easy. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Go to your browser (on a computer) at this link.
  • Enter the login and password of your Google account, in which you were authorized on the Android device.
  • Select the function you want using the menu on the left: call, block or clear.

Note. Remote control will not work if the Internet and geolocation are disabled on the phone. This is true for all other services listed in the article.

You can open the Android Device Manager service from another phone or browser on your PC. In both cases, this will allow you to remotely control Android, gaining access to basic functions.

The best apps to remotely control Android from a computer

Android Remote Control helps you solve a number of tasks at a distance. Setting up the phone, working with applications, emulating mobile games, access control, presenting photos on the TV. all this is done by remote control applications. They will be discussed in this review.

Mobizen mirroring

Mobizen Mirroring is one of the most powerful apps in the review, but it has the most limitations in the free version.

In the free version, connection is possible only via USB or in a local network, which will not allow you to communicate with a smartphone that is far from the computer. But there is:

  • support mobile device screen viewing,
  • application management,
  • file transfer and screen capture.
  • the ability to connect to the phone via 3G and 4G networks,
  • screen video recording,
  • display of mobile notifications.
  • Install the application on both your computer and smartphone.
  • When you first start, enter your email and password for access.
  • Run the program on your computer, click on the verification button. A 6-digit code will appear.
  • Enter the code into the application window on your smartphone and use a simple interface to manage.


ApowerMirror duplicates the screen of a mobile device on a PC. Possible platforms are iOS, Android (5), Windows and Mac. Accordingly, Chromecast technology should be supported on Android, and AirPlay on iOS. By default, all this is available “out of the box”, nothing extra needs to be installed.

The most optimal use of ApowerMirror is for multimedia presentation on a large screen. Optionally, the screen can be used in portrait or landscape mode.

Another option is to control Android from a PC, in particular, work with mobile applications. The fact is that there are a number of applications without a full desktop version, including mobile games. There is no need to run the emulator, root the device, etc., ApowerMirror solves these tasks much easier.

ApowerMirror application is also convenient to use for taking screenshots and recording what is happening on the phone screen.


One of the most popular programs of this type. Often used for communication between two computers, but can also work between a mobile device and a computer.

For personal use, this program is free, but to use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, you will need to pay from 2 thousand rubles per month. No configuration required for basic use.

  • remote control smartphone,
  • changing android settings,
  • installing applications,
  • taking screenshots,
  • viewing events on the home screen.

How to use TeamViewer

It is very easy to control a mobile device at a distance:


Vysor is a Chrome extension and desktop application (Windows / Mac OS / Linux) for remote smartphone control. With its help you can

  • manage mobile applications;
  • play Android games (using your computer’s mouse and keyboard) using Vysor as an emulator;
  • communicate on social networks and messengers installed on the phone.

One example of using Vysor is mirroring a device to another screen: a projector, TV, or desktop PC. It may be needed for the presentation of documents, photos, videos.

Other ways and applications for remote control

There are other apps with Android remote access functionality. We list, without going into details, several popular.

  • MobileGo. Allows you to connect using a convenient QR code. Has a backup function.
  • WebKey. Powerful paid app (with trial version) to manage multiple devices.
  • Air. An approximate analogue of AirDroid with similar functionality. Interesting in that it is completely free.