Error uploading photos to iPhone

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If the screen is white due to digitizer failure

The third option, why the screen is white when you turn on the iPhone, is the failure of the touch panel. It is easy to distinguish it from the previous one: if the LCD breaks down, the phone will receive calls even if you see only a white screen in front of you. To answer a call, you just need to swipe across the screen where the call acceptance slider should be. If you cannot answer, then the reason is precisely the inoperative touch panel (digitizer). What to do next:

  • open the gadget as described above
  • take off the old digitizer
  • install new
  • after assembling the white screen should not appear

It should be noted that you can independently repair a smartphone even if it is under warranty. Neither the digitizer nor the LCD panel is factory sealed, so you will not violate your warranty claims.

When iPhone screen turns white due to software errors

The most common reason a white screen comes on is a software error. If the display turns white for this very reason, then you’re in luck. Fixing your phone is easy, and you don’t need to take it to a service center. To get rid of the “glitch” when the iPhone screen turns white due to errors in applications or iOS, it is enough to adhere to the following algorithm:

  • hold down the Home button and the shutdown button
  • hold the buttons until the device reboots
  • make sure the iPhone is working

If the reboot does not occur, you can try another option. hold down Home, then press the volume up and off keys. If the problem was in the software, the iPhone should work fine. True, it is possible that the white display will reappear after some time, because software errors rarely disappear on their own. The options for getting out of the situation are a new firmware or the delivery of the gadget under warranty. In Apple branded services, such problem devices are easily repaired or replaced with new ones.

How to understand that your gadget has this particular malfunction

The “white screen of death”, as iPhone users often call this problem, can be easily distinguished from any other malfunctions. The main signs of a breakdown:

  • the white screen on the iPhone is on, and the smartphone does not perform any further actions
  • a white screen and a black apple are on (as when the device is booted), but the desktop does not turn on

In this case, the gadget usually turns off normally, but when turned on does not load the desktop. Both of these signs indicate that an error has occurred in the program, or the iPhone screen turns white due to hardware problems. As a rule, it is impossible to get rid of a white monitor using the usual methods. the gadget turns off, but when turned on it does not load the desktop, and the screen just continues to glow.

In some cases, getting rid of the “white screen of death” is quite simple, without even resorting to the help of specialists. However, if a gadget with an apple logo falls from a height, most likely the white monitor lights up due to mechanical damage, and it is far from always possible to get rid of it on your own.

IPhone screen and LCD panel

A broken LCD panel is a more serious problem. As a rule, this part cannot be repaired. However, a simpler outcome is also possible. if the panel itself is in order, and the contact simply disconnected. In this case, it is enough to do the following:

  • remove the back cover of your iPhone. arm yourself with small screwdrivers and a suction cup to gently remove the back cover
  • inspect all contacts (they are numbered). you should be interested in a contact
  • if it does not “sit” in the right slot. just gently insert it into place
  • assemble the device

If it was an LCD panel, then the white screen should stop glowing. After turning on the iPhone, it should boot normally.

White screen on iPhone

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Despite the fact that Apple produces fairly high-quality electronics, fans of gadgets with the apple logo are still not immune from problems, and one of them is the white screen on the iPhone. Sooner or later, such a nuisance can happen to every owner of a gadget, therefore it is better to immediately arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do in this situation.

Why does the iPhone screen turn white?

The symptoms described above may have different underlying causes. Let’s consider the probable causes of breakage and methods of “curing” the white screen on the iPhone:

  • software errors. “treated” by connecting to iTunes
  • breakage of the LCD panel. it needs to be replaced
  • breakdown of the digitizer (the device responsible for touch functions). replacement of the panel and digitizer is required
  • mechanical damage. diagnostics and restoration or replacement of parts is required

Fortunately, in all cases, except for the last one, the white display can be “cured” without contacting the service, which means that long waiting times can be avoided.

When to contact a specialist

The most problematic option is mechanical damage to the device. If the gadget falls and you have a white screen and a black apple, or vice versa. the iPhone’s apple turns white, and the screen itself becomes black (depending on the color of the case), it is rather difficult to identify the cause of the breakdown without special diagnostics. often than not, if you drop your iPhone, the screen turns white if the ribbon cable comes off. However, the fall of the device can lead to other unpleasant consequences that will entail the need to repair the iPhone:

  • breakdown of the touchscreen
  • breakage of the glass of the iPhone screen (a strip or “cobweb” appeared on the display)
  • disconnecting the loop from the touchscreen

If the screen glows white due to mechanical failure, it is best to contact an Apple Service Center. However, diagnostics and repairs can take a long time. If you are not ready to spend long weeks without your gadget, it is better to turn to private certified Yuda specialists. If you dropped your iPhone, leave a request on and experienced performers will respond to it, ready to quickly resolve the issue of the white monitor of the gadget. They only use original parts, so after troubleshooting, you can forget about the white screen on your iPhone.

If you have already encountered such a nuisance as a white screen on the iPhone, and your attempts to fix the malfunction yourself were unsuccessful, or the unpleasant situation repeats, it is best to immediately contact the specialists.

The exclamation mark in the photo in the iPhone. what does it mean?

Hello everyone! Let’s decide right away. if in the gallery of your iPhone you see blurry and low-quality photos (with an exclamation mark drawn on them), then there is nothing wrong with that. The photo is still there, and your hands still know how to take good pictures. So what’s the deal and where did the originals of the high-resolution photos go? Keep a short guide on this subject. Let’s go!

So, the first (and most important!) Thing to understand and remember: this situation is a consequence of the iPhone settings and its sync with iCloud. When sending photos to the “cloud”, it is possible to leave pictures in poor quality on the smartphone. to save memory. Yes, yes, yes, the usual setting of your gadget is to blame for everything.

Open “Settings. Photo”, at the very top we see the item “iCloud Media Library”.

Updated! In iOS 12, iOS 13, and iOS 14, Apple slightly changed the name (not the location!) Of the menu items. ICloud Photo Library is now called iCloud Photos. I will not rewrite the article (it’s silly to do this because of two words), just remember. if your device is running iOS 12 and older, then “iCloud Music Library” = “iCloud Photos”. The letters are different. the meaning is the same.

It is this option that is responsible for storing all photos in the “cloud”, which means that you can access them from absolutely any other device of yours. computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.

If “iCloud Photo Library” (“iCloud Photos”) is activated, then two more options appear:

  • Optimize storage on iPhone. When the space on the device runs out, the photos and videos are replaced with optimized images (muddy and blurry), and the originals (in good resolution and quality) are saved in iCloud. This, by the way, is signaled by the exclamation mark in the lower right corner (sometimes in the middle) of the image.
  • Preservation of originals. For the user, nothing changes. high-quality photos are stored both on the device and in iCloud. Accordingly, there will be no icons anywhere.

So, now we can answer the question posed in the title of the article: if you see an exclamation mark in the photo, you are viewing an unoriginal (compressed) file, because iCloud Media Library is enabled on the iPhone along with Storage Optimization. Is this good or bad?

  • This feature helps a lot to save space on the device. If you rarely view the entire photo album in its entirety, but more often refer to several pictures, this is a great chance to free up memory for other, more pressing tasks.
  • Want to use your photo in some way (send via AirDrop, upload to social networks, etc.) or watch a video? You definitely need the Internet! After all, all files are stored on the iPhone in a compressed form, and until they are fully downloaded, nothing can be done with them. Just look at the blurry previews.

Don’t want to use Optimize Storage and want to remove the exclamation mark from all photos and videos?

  • Open “Settings. Photo” and select “Saving originals”.
  • Wait for the files in their original resolution to download back to the device, and the exclamation mark disappears from all photos and videos. The process is not fast, it is advisable to have a good internet connection. Important! Your iPhone or iPad must have enough free memory.
  • Has everything loaded? ICloud Music Library can be turned off.

By the way, if “Optimize storage” and “iCloud Music Library” are disabled immediately (without downloading the originals), then the following warning appears:

Failed to upload high definition photos and videos to this iPhone. If you continue, the low-res versions of these photos and videos will be removed.

Despite this inscription, everything that was uploaded to the “cloud” should remain in it (until you perform the deletion yourself). These files can be accessed:

  • By going to
  • By entering your Apple ID and password.
  • Opening the “Photos” tab.

Finally, a very important tip! Before any manipulations, copy all the photos to your computer. Let it be such a kind of reinsurance in case something goes wrong. It is unlikely, of course, but you never know

Forgot your iPhone password? 3 Ways to Reset iPhone Passcode

I came up with a password on my iPhone and then forgot it. Be that as it may, it’s best to know how to unlock your iPhone if you forgot your password.

It happens to everyone. I came up with and set a password on my iPhone, and then forgot it. Or I haven’t used my smartphone for a long time. Be that as it may, it’s best to know what to do and how to unlock your iPhone if you forget your password.

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In this tutorial, I will describe three ways to reset iPhone password. These methods will not help if Apple ID is blocked, only contacting Apple Support will help here.

If the password is entered incorrectly 6 times, the iPhone will be locked for one minute, if you enter the wrong password again, the iPhone will be locked for 2 minutes, then 3 and so on. In general, it is not realistic to guess the password, life is not enough.

If you have activated the “Erase data” function, then guessing the password is dangerous. This function will erase all information from the iPhone if you enter the password incorrectly 10 times. To turn it off, you need to: go to the settings. password. opposite the “erase data” field, put the toggle switch into off mode.

Below are three ways to reset a forgotten iPhone password, here they are

How to Reset iPhone if Forgot Password

If you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes, you have no backup and the Find iPhone feature in iCloud is not activated, all that remains to remove the password is the recovery mode method. I note that this method always works, but not only the password will be erased on the iPhone, but all media files and information.

To enter recovery mode: turn off the iPhone, now hold down the “Home” button and without releasing it, insert the USB cable, the iTunes icon with a cord should appear.

If iTunes doesn’t open automatically, open it. You should immediately be prompted to update or restore iPhone.

Reset iPhone password by restoring from backup.

If you systematically sync your iPhone with iTunes, you should have backups and can restore one of the copies where the password is still set. This is the best way, all media and information will remain on the iPhone.

  • Connect iPhone to a computer that has backups and open iTunes.
  • Wait while iTunes syncs iPhone and creates another backup.
  • When synchronization is complete and a new copy is created, click on the “Restore” button.
  • When in the process of restoring iPhone, the setup screen should open, where you need to select “Restore from iTunes copy”.
  • Now look at the date which backup is right for you and select it. You have to remember when you set the passcode on your iPhone.

Reset password using Find My iPhone

If you have the “Find iPhone” function activated, you can use iCloud to remove the lock password, however, all data will be erased as well. This method works, forgot iPhone lock password, but remember Apple ID password.

  • Go to
  • Enter your Apple ID and password and press the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Click on the “Find iPhone” icon, in the “All devices” drop-down list, select the iPhone on which you want to reset the password.
  • Click on the “Erase iPhone” icon and all data on it will be erased, and the password will be deleted.

Now you can restore iPhone data from a backup or set it up as new.

There are still questions?

Do you still have questions about unlocking your phone if you forgot your iPhone password? Are you having trouble recovering a forgotten ID on your iPhone? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we will try to help you!

If none of the listed methods helped you or you don’t remember your Apple ID! Check out this guide What if I forgot for iCloud, iTunes, or the App Store? How to reset a forgotten Apple ID password

How to Fix “Device Unreachable” When Copying from iPhone

Hello everyone! Let’s not get overwhelmed and get down to business right away. So, today I urgently needed to transfer a lot of videos and photos from iPhone to computer. It would seem, what could be the problem? I take an iPhone (computer, wire), with a refined movement I combine all this stuff, on the phone I confidently press “Allow the device to access photos and videos”, select the necessary files, copy them to the folder I need and

This is where such troubles begin, for which life has not yet prepared me. In short, this is what happens. everything hangs tightly, files are not copied, and the best (as Microsoft tells us) Windows 10 operating system shows a “red cross” and a “wonderful” error “The device is unreachable”.

I, just in case, even took a screenshot.

I think, okay, maybe Windows 10 is “buggy”. I’ll deal with the computer later. In the meantime, I’ll take out a laptop with the good old “seven” and put the pictures there. no, but the solution to the problem.

I connect my iPhone to my Windows 7 laptop, start copying files and of course! History repeats itself! However, the error text has changed a little and now Windows reports that “The device attached to the system is not working.” But the meaning, as you understand, does not change much from this.

Time goes by, but photos and videos need to be thrown off.

  • I take another wire. everything is the same.
  • I transfer files via AirDrop to iPad and try to copy photos and videos through it. But with the iPad, everything is the same. either “The device is unreachable” (Win 10), or “The device connected to the system does not work” (Win 7).
  • I delete the normal iTunes (the one with the App Store and other “chips”) and put “normal”. there is no result.

And here I have a strong, as modern teenagers say, “burned out”.

There is one article for the entire Internet (only written in different words on different sites). In which it is assumed that everything is to blame:

  • “Curve” version of iOS (!).
  • Windows and iOS version compatibility (!!).
  • Wrong selection of data transfer function (.).

It’s a fiasco, bro! © Young man with a dog.

I must say right away that none of the above, of course, is the cause of the “Device unreachable” error.

The whole hitch is in the new file format that Apple introduced with iOS 11 and which, accordingly, smoothly flowed into the next firmware versions.

So, we are interested in two options on the iPhone or iPad:

  • Settings. Photos. Transfer to PC and Mac. The default is “Automatic”.
  • Settings. Camera. Formats. The default is “High Efficiency”.

iPhone (iPad) captures photos and videos in the new HEIF / HEVC formats (for high efficiency), and converts them to a compatible format when transferred to a computer. But if the size of the files is large, then at the stage of this conversion there is a slight freeze and, as a result, the error “Device is unreachable”.

  • Change just one setting. Open “Preferences. Photos. Transfer to PC and Mac” and select “Transfer originals”.
  • Perform a forced restart. How to hard reset. instructions for all iPhone models!

Everything. After that, there will be no problems when copying photos and videos from iPhone.

You ask: “What about the second option, the one that is” Camera. Formats “?” Here act as you wish.

  • If you want “standard” JPEG / H.264, then select “Most Compatible”.
  • If you want “newfangled” HEIF / HEVC, then leave “High efficiency”.

I chose “Most Compatible” just in case. Still, not all programs work with HEIF / HEVC formats, so let it be better if my iPhone shoots “the old fashioned way”. It will be calmer 🙂

On iPhone

The process of deleting stories on iPhone is similar, just select an entry in the desired section (current stories, “Actual” or “Archive”), call the context menu and use the “Delete” button to completely erase the content from your account.

How to delete a story from Instagram

It is necessary to clear your page on a social network of unnecessary Stories when changing content, when it becomes necessary to hide information from unauthorized users and subscribers, when deleting a profile on a social network.

Removal can be done in three ways:

  • Cancellation of loading content if it has not yet been loaded on your page;
  • Clearing the “Actual” and “Archive” sections.
  • Clearing Stories after publication.

Deletion during the download of history is possible only if the user of the social network publishes large content. In this case, the record takes a long time to load, as a result, there is an opportunity to click on the “Cancel” button. Deleting history during publication is also available when connecting to a network with an unstable and low speed, when downloading the user receives an error message, after which you can repeat the download or cancel it.

Which is not published

To delete a history that is not published for one reason or another, you can independently wait for an error message to appear with access to the download cancel button. Additionally, you can perform a number of actions to force stop the download:

  • After starting to publish content, disconnect the Internet connection using the top menu in the smartphone (deactivation of both mobile and wireless connections is required).
  • After a few minutes, reactivate the network connection.
  • Now the message “Failed to load” will appear next to the published content.
  • In the upper right corner of the publication, click on the image with three dots to open the context menu.
  • Select the item “Delete”.

How to delete Instagram Stories that won’t load on your phone

How do I delete an Instagram story if it doesn’t load on my phone? You can erase problem records directly from the “Stories” section, where the records are stored for no more than 24 hours, and from the “Relevant” section, where they are sent for subsequent storage. The need to delete the post may be required if there are problems with the download due to technical failures of the social network, or if the post on Instagram was made by accident.

On Android

How to delete an Instagram story if archived on an Android smartphone:

  • Go to your profile home page.
  • Open the side menu with the three-bar button.
  • Select the “Archive” section.
  • You will see a list of all stories that were automatically archived after 24 hours from the date of publication.
  • Select the desired entry.
  • Open the context menu with the three-dot button.
  • Select the “Delete” item, then press the button again to confirm your intention to delete the record.

After the performed manipulations, the history will be automatically deleted not only from the archive, but also from all sections where it ever appeared.

How to delete Instagram story on your phone

If, for one reason or another, you no longer need a story published on a social network, you can delete it until it disappears on its own (after 24 hours from the moment of publication, if automatic posting to the “Relevant” section is not configured).

To erase the history on your own on your phone, we follow a series of simple steps:

  • We open a personal profile on the social network by clicking on the image of your avatar in the bottom menu.
  • We click on the avatar, which is in the upper left part of the screen.
  • The downloaded story will open.
  • To call the context menu, you must click on the button with three dots, it is located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Delete” among the proposed items.
  • Confirm Content Removal.

Keep in mind that the history is permanently deleted, there is no possibility of recovery for users in the future.

Which does not load

How to delete Instagram Stories that won’t load? The problem with downloading content can be associated with some actions on the part of the user or with technical failures in the social network. The most common download problems are caused by:

  • A social network user deleted a photo or video from the gallery before the files were uploaded to the story;
  • The mobile gadget is connected to the network with an unstable and slow speed;
  • Technical failures on Instagram servers;

The downloaded file does not meet the established requirements of the social network: large weight, duration, size, resolution, etc.

If an error occurs while loading stories, a red line will appear at the bottom of the loading window, notifying of the problem, as well as a proposal to delete the content or try to download it again.

Why Instagram story isn’t deleted

If the history for one reason or another is not deleted (mainly the problem arises due to technical failures in the application itself), you can wait for a certain period of time, after which the record will be deleted automatically, if the save options are not set in the settings.

The iPhone has a loading icon all the time

What to do if the phone does not load beyond the screensaver?

Try turning off the phone, then immediately press the power key and the volume button. After the phone boots up, you will be taken to the recovery menu. Select Wipe Data and Factory Reset, reboot the phone, if the attempt was not successful then download the firmware for your phone from the official website and try to reflash your own device according to the manufacturer’s annotation. If it did not work out, then maybe they will be able to help you only in the service center

What to do if iPhone 7 freezes and does not turn off?

To do this, hold down the power off / lock key (Power) on the right.

Without releasing it, press the Volume Down button on the left side of the iPhone.

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And keep up the combination until you reboot.

If this does not help your iPhone “wake up”, then take it to the service center.

temporarily delete photos

If the download of a high-quality version of the photo failed due to an error, you should try to temporarily delete the image for subsequent recovery:

  • Select problem snapshot and delete it.
  • Go to the “Recently deleted” menu.
  • Select the previous photo and click on the “Restore” button.
  • Confirm your decision.

After that, the photo will be “reloaded” and access to it will be automatically restored.

check internet connection

It is impossible to view originals of photos without Internet access, since they are in iCloud. The smartphone gallery stores exclusively photo thumbnails. If an error occurs, you need to make sure you have an Internet connection. To do this, you can launch any site in a browser or include a video in the YouTube application.

If you have access to the Web, it is worth looking elsewhere for the cause of the problem with downloading high-quality versions. The inability to upload high-quality photos is often associated with a malfunction in the router. In this case, Internet access will be limited for all devices.

restart smartphone

If it was possible to establish that the cause of the error was not technical failures, then you should look for the problem in your smartphone. First of all, you need to restart your iPhone by holding down two keys, which vary depending on the model. It is recommended to turn on the device not immediately after turning it off, but 10-15 seconds later. This will significantly reduce the chance of errors when uploading high quality photos. Often, you can do without restarting your smartphone, limiting yourself to closing all background applications.

An error occurred while uploading a high quality version of this photo to iPhone: what to do

Most new smartphones have good cameras to take great pictures. iPhone is no exception to the rule. The quality of the photos taken with these devices satisfies the needs of even the most demanding Instagram bloggers. However, often when you try to upload a photo to the iPhone, a system notification appears “Failed to upload video. An error occurred while uploading a high quality version of this photo to iPhone. ” Possible solutions to the problem, as well as step-by-step instructions, are collected in the following text.

make sure there are no technical errors

The high-resolution photos taken with the iPhone are in Apple’s cloud storage. However, various errors and failures occur quite often on the servers, which lead to a temporary loss of access to the multimedia gallery. You can make sure that there are no errors on the official website You need to go to it through a mobile browser or from a computer and look at the status of the “Photos” section. If a green light is displayed opposite it, then the servers are currently working without any problems.

FIX! Importing error from phone to windows 10 full tutorial! (iOS to windows 10)

A red light indicates a system problem, the cause of which will be indicated in the comment. You will be able to view the originals of the photos on the iPhone only after the error has been eliminated. Usually all “bugs” are eliminated by the technical support service within a short time interval, not exceeding a few minutes.

check for software updates

If you are unable to load a high-resolution video or photo, it is possible that an outdated version of iOS is causing the problem. In this case, you should follow the steps in the following order:

  • Open the settings section.
  • Go to the “Basic” menu.
  • See the Software Update Tab.
  • If there are new versions of the operating system, tap on the “Install” button.

You can use a computer and a USB cable to update the OS on iPhone. You will need to open iTunes, go to the “General” section and select “Check for Updates”. If they are, you need to download them and install.

Reasons for an error when uploading a high quality version of a photo

Low-quality, blurry shots with an exclamation mark in the iPhone gallery do not bode well for any major problems. The original photos do not disappear anywhere, and the cause of the error is incorrect cloud storage settings or a failure that occurred when synchronizing the device with iCloud. When content is sent to the Cloud, only thumbnails remain on the smartphone, which are highly compressed to save free space and device resources. The problem is that in the absence of an Internet connection, access to high-quality original images is closed.

disable optimization

This option allows you to solve the problem with uploading high-quality images, even if the methods described above did not lead to a positive result. To do this, you need to turn off photo optimization, and then upload the original photos to the gallery. The process can take a long time. To disable optimization, you must:

  • Open the settings section.
  • Go to “Photos”.
  • Click on the “Save originals” button and wait until the transfer of full-size files from the cloud storage to the gallery is completed.
  • Find the item “iCloud Photos” and move the slider to the left.

It remains to confirm your choice and save the changes, after which the error that occurs when uploading high-quality photos should disappear.

technical error check

Since high quality photos from your iPhone are stored on Apple servers, we recommend that you make sure they work stable. Often there are minor errors, as a result of which access to images is lost. For verification, we will use the official website ( You need to go to it from your phone or computer, and then pay attention to the Photos item.

Checking that everything is in order with Apple’s servers

If a green light is on next to it, then everything is in order, and if it is red, there are some problems. There will also be a comment describing the failure. As you understand, until the error is eliminated, you will not be able to view the originals of the photo on the iPhone. But statistics show that small bugs are removed within a few minutes.

reboot smartphone

If the previous method did not help, then the cause of the problem should be looked for in your phone. But don’t worry, the first step is to restart your iPhone. To do this, depending on the model, you need to hold down a couple of keys. For example, the power button and volume up. And then it remains to move the slider to the right and confirm the shutdown. On older phones, you only need to hold down the power button.

We recommend that you wait a few seconds, and only then start your smartphone. This makes it more likely that you won’t get an error when downloading a high quality version of this photo. If you don’t want to restart your iPhone, you can close all background applications. In principle, this should be enough for a minor bug to disappear.

disable optimization

And finally, we left the option, which with a high degree of probability allows us to correct the error. The essence of the method is to disable image optimization and then upload the originals to the gallery. It takes a lot of time, but the result is impressive. Here’s a guide on how to get it right on iPhone:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “Photos” section.
  • Click “Saving originals”. We are waiting for the pictures to move from iCloud to the gallery.
  • Next to the “iCloud Photo” item, move the slider to the left and save the changes.

That’s it. the bug when uploading high quality version of the photo to iPhone has been fixed.!

checking internet connection

As it turned out, it is impossible to view the originals of the photo without an Internet connection. Everything is explained by the fact that only their thumbnails are stored in the gallery, and the rest is stored in the iCloud cloud storage. Therefore, we advise you to check that everything is fine with the network. For example, try opening something in your browser or launching a YouTube video. Does everything work correctly? So, the cause of the error when uploading a high-quality version of this photo must be looked for in another.

Enable / Disable Internet on iPhone

Note! Also, it should not be ruled out that problems are observed in the operation of the router. In this case, everything is fine with your iPhone, and the Internet will not be available on other devices.

temporary deletion of photos

If your iPhone fails when uploading a high-quality version of this photo, try temporarily deleting the photo. Yes, yes, you will have to get rid of it, and then restore it. Who doesn’t know, pay attention to the step-by-step instructions:

  • Select the problem photo and then delete it.
  • Go to the “Recently Deleted” section.
  • Select the previous picture, and then click “Restore”.
  • We confirm our intention.

As a result. the photo on your iPhone is like a “reboot”.

check for updates

Not sure what to do if there was an error uploading the high quality version of your photo? We suggest making sure you have the latest version of your operating system. It is important to keep your iOS up to date in order not to run into strange problems. To test this assumption, you need to do the following:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Go to the “Basic” section.
  • We go to the tab “Software update”.
  • If there are new versions of the system, then install them.

Also, remember that you can update your iPhone using a USB cable and a computer. In this case, go to iTunes, open the “General” menu and click “Check for Updates”. If they are present, then we download and install.

Cause of “Device unreachable” error

By default, new iPhones and iPads shoot photos and videos in HEIC and HEVC formats, respectively, while if you connect your phone to a computer with Windows 10 or 8.1, then with the default iPhone settings when copying these photos and videos, they are automatically converted by the phone itself to supported ones. computer formats. JPG and MP4 H.264.

The process of converting files by the phone during copying in some cases may “not keep up” with the speed of copying itself, as a result, Windows informs us that an error occurred while copying a file or folder and that the device is unreachable.

That is why more often an error occurs when copying large files (or groups of photos and videos at once), but it may not appear when copying photos to a computer one by one. There are two methods to fix this, which are described below.

Device is unreachable when copying photos and videos from iPhone. how to fix

When copying a photo or video via cable from an iPhone and iPad to a Windows 10 or 8.1 computer, you may receive a message that an error occurred while copying a file or folder with the information The device is unreachable. And sometimes some files are copied without problems, while others. with the specified error.

In this short instruction. about the reasons for what is happening and two ways to fix the “Device unreachable” error on iPhone and iPad when copying video files and photos from them to a computer or laptop with Windows. Also useful: Empty DCIM (iPhone Internal Storage) folder on iPhone. why and what to do.

How to Fix “Device Unreachable” Error on iPhone

Given the reasons for the error, there are two options for fixing it:

  • Disable converting photos and videos to iPhone when copying to a computer or laptop with Windows.
  • Slow down copying speed.

The first can be done as follows:

  • Disconnect your phone from your computer.
  • Go to “Settings”. “Photo”.
  • At the bottom of the Photos preferences page, under Transfer to Mac or PC, set Transfer Originals instead of Automatic.
  • Done. You can reconnect your iPhone and copy photos and videos, now without errors.

Please note that this will copy photos and videos to your computer in HEIC and HEVC formats, which may not be supported by your player or photo viewer. There are two solutions. enable photos in JPG on the iPhone so that shooting is immediately carried out in this format, or use special HEIF / HEIC codecs for Windows.

It is also possible to use third-party programs to open such files: Best photo viewers (XnView has a free plug-in for HEIC), VLC Media Player (can play HEVC H.265 videos).

The second method, namely “slowing down the copy speed” involves connecting your iPhone to your computer using a USB 2.0 port instead of 3.0. As a rule, in this case, the copying error “Device unreachable” does not occur, since the phone has time to convert files to the desired format.

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Hello! I can’t download photos and videos to my computer anyway, I included the original photo in the iPhone and it’s no use, before the iOS update there was no such problem! And it is very important for me to throw off the photo on a hard disk and print it later

When the original photo was turned on, was the phone itself disconnected from the computer at that time? And what does it write when trying to download? The same error. “device unreachable” or something else?

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Thank you so much, Human! I was worried, already tired and mad!

One toggle switch. and life began to play with normal copying!

Dmitry, on the contrary, cannot be thrown from a laptop to an iPhone. install firewood as you wrote in the article?

Ah that’s what. If from a laptop to an iPhone, then I would recommend either sending photos to iCloud from a computer, directly through Or use cloud services.

Asus ultrabook laptop, went into BIOS, changed USB parameters to auto. After uploading photos and videos, it is still interrupted. (the device connected to the system does not work) Background: before the format of the laptop, I threw pictures from all iPhones, everything was in order. After installing the new Windows 10, I ran into the problem “the folder is empty”, checked all the drivers, I trust the computer, reset the geo settings, set access to the iPhone with a USB screen lock, logged in to iTunes. Now he throws off a few photos and is interrupted, then he does not see again but it is necessary to transfer 20 GB. What to do next?

According to the description, the point is exactly what the article is about. too fast transfer. Further, depending on which model of Asus: 1. Connect the phone to the USB 2.0 connector, not 3.0 (those that are 3 are either blue or marked with two S). 2. On the phone, enable “transmission of originals”. Well, another option is to install an application for cloud storage, where you would be given the right place and put it there, and then download it, although in terms of time and convenience at 20 GB this is not the best option.

Hello Dmitry! Thank you for being in touch! There are 2 USB connectors on the laptop, both are blue. How to manually change 3.0 to 2.0?

Sometimes there is such an option in the BIOS, but if not, then I will not offer simple methods. But: if suddenly you have somewhere lying around some extension cable or USB splitter (by the way, there are still such built-in monitors in the monitors), then you can use it: they are many USB 2.0 and when we connect it to the 3.0 connector, and already in we will connect the cable from the iPhone to it, as a result we will get speeds of 2.0.

Thank you so much!! finally it turned out to throw everything off

Good day! If you make “transfer originals” in the settings, the computer cannot open them. I copy in small portions (15 photos at a time), it still hangs and turns off for 3-4 parties. I connect via USB 2.0 and nothing changes (what else? 13,000 photos are not a joke (it is no longer realistic to navigate these photos

Hello. Third-party photo viewers can open HEIC photos taken by the iPhone (i.e. the very originals). details:

Good afternoon, I get the same error as in the video, (after each sent video) all the settings are turned on as needed. Another iPhone on the right side, from the side of the screen, starts to warm up when connected. When connected to a laptop (Windows 10), the “Photos” application comes out, which indicates that something is wrong with the device, but the explorer is working. The iPhone 7 128 Gb device is completely crammed with photos and videos, and how evil is such a problem, while other iPhones have to drop files through AirDrop and then drop them on the computer. What can you try to do in such a situation?

Good day. Thanks for your information. I solved the problem with downloading thanks to your instructions, But I have the following problem, when I download a video for more than 1 minute to an HP all-in-one, it is very stupid, video and sound are not loaded, and when the video is opened through the Movavi video editor, there is sound but no video. Tell me how to be? But so far I have not tried all the methods. Changing video and photo settings on the iPhone XS Max itself

Movavi may not display video due to lack of codecs. but why the video is stupid. I don’t know. try to play with another player, VLC for example.

Good day! How to do it. so that the iPhone immediately photographed JPG? I checked it, changed it on the phone, did not automatically put it, but the original, now there is no disconnection, but I can not open the photo on the PC, it is very inconvenient. Now we need to look for these special codecs (

Hello. Third-party viewers can open: On the topic of how to make JPG right away.

It helped, thank you! 10 times already regretted switching to iPhone.

Thank you so much! Just a great gratitude to the author for the work. I could not solve the problem with data transfer for an hour!

Thank you, I was able to copy the files, otherwise not all Live photos were copied before.

Thank you, kind person! I almost lost my mind while trying to copy the video. According to this instruction, everything worked out right away!)))

In addition to the article, not an unimportant point: 1. Allow the use of USB in the security settings: TouchID and password-USB-accessories. 2. To fully verify that everything has entered into force, reboot the phone, and then connect to the PC.

It turned out in the first way, by switching to the option Transfer originals. Before that I suffered for a long time. thank you very much.

In general, my phone as a hard drive is not displayed after these interruptions. What to do?

Many thanks! Not for the first time the site helps out. You are one of the best

Unfortunately, it helps every other time. It is necessary to transfer 160 gigs of photos / videos without using the cloud. And it’s tough for how long. Either the PC does not see the files in the iPhone folder, or an error pops up when copying, copying is obtained only in small portions). On USB 2.0, as a rule, he does not see files at all, and on 3.0 he sometimes sees, but again, you can go crazy. Reinstalling the drivers does not help, rebooting does too. Everything is in originals. What is wrong with these iPhones and why people do not understand such punishment. Such cool photo quality and such confused software

Wow, good afternoon. Indeed, USB 2.0 helped, although I download in small portions (160 gigs heh)

What’s happening with Instagram now?

If there is a failure in insta, the user from different parts of the world needs to carry out a couple of easy actions. You should check for the following problems and their solutions:

Cannot Load Photo There was an Error Loading this Photo on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13/13.4. Fixed

  • This problem often occurs during the activation of public traffic. To rectify the situation, you need to go to the site on a computer and follow the link.
  • In the search engine, a transition is made to another page of instagram. If the program does not allow you to do this, the network is unavailable.
  • It is required to reconcile the network name and code. There is a chance that an error occurred while connecting.
  • It is important to check the speed of the Internet. It should not be less than 2 Mbps.
  • If you switch 3G / LTE incorrectly, the insta also stops working.
  • The person enters the free connection zone. Mobile internet is automatically turned off. You can fix it with a standard reboot.
  • Parameter settings are viewed IP address, gateway, dns.
  • Failure manifests itself due to an IP address mismatch.
error, uploading, photos, iphone

After carrying out the listed operations, you can contact the service. They know why this might be happening. But first, you should also check if other users like me have similar bugs. Patience must be resumed when there is public discontent.

Instagram crash today

There are many reasons for not being able to load the tape. The main thing is the presence of a bad connection. If this happens, it is important to change the connection option. After that, the following sequential manipulations are performed:

  • The preselected search engine is entered;
  • Social network opens;
  • Insta feed is being updated;
  • A similar operation is performed in the selected browser;
  • The network data is being checked. This avoids connecting to the wrong network.

The quality and speed of traffic is checked. For videos and photos to be loaded, an indicator of 2 Mit / second is required. If it is smaller, you need to change the connection options.

Why Instagram doesn’t work on the computer now?

The reasons that lead to the lack of functioning of the social network are divided into internal and external. Among the first are noted:

In the absence of a functioning social network, you should ask others. Write to your friends’ resource accounts. Ask if their profiles and portal functions are working. If a similar issue is reported, you can judge the update as a failure. These massive problems are fixed quickly.

Instagram does not work today on the phone

The main reason why Instagram is not working now is the weak connection speed. If the standard switching did not help, the following operations should be carried out:

  • A reboot is in progress;
  • The correctness of the established access parameters is checked. Additionally, you need to check the network access. It is important to understand how software and digital playback work;
  • Connection address does not match. The installed Internet access points and network access differ. You need to connect to other sources;
  • It is recommended to urgently restart the device. It is allowed to abruptly turn off and instantly start;
  • The application is removed and downloaded in an updated version.

The selected actions will correct the problems. These are standard solutions. There are methods suitable for the specific OS of the device. Android users should follow the same pattern. According to a different instruction, it is necessary to carry out manipulations for owners of iPhones.

What happened to Instagram today on the phone and computer

Instagram does not work. a question that occurs quite often on the network. This popular social network is malfunctioning. Most of the errors are related to the failure of the resource. With the quality of the connected traffic. Problems occur with different devices. OS doesn’t matter here. The article presents tips for your attention. You can find out the cause of the problem. How to eliminate errors. How to quickly restore the functioning of the portal.

Instagram stopped working after the update

Lack of uptime is a common situation this year. Why is this happening? The developers update regularly. The application crashes often after this. Before making the appropriate conclusion, it is worth checking the phone and the resource for performance. To understand why instagram does not work, you need to perform the following manipulations after the update:

  • The work of the social network on other devices with iOS 13 is checked;
  • A transition is made to the social network site through a standard search engine;
  • Remove the application, immediately download and install a new one.

If reinstalling the software does not fix the crash, you must wait. After a while, everything is getting better. The functions accept the changes made. After the next update, you should go through authorization in the My Profile section. If a failure is noted here, you will have to restore access.

On Android

If you have this device, you need to make sure that the device is connected to the network. To obtain information, the following operations are carried out:

  • Another application or page opens in a search engine.
  • Checking for active updates.
  • You need to find instu in the Play Store.
  • If the update option is active next to it, you should install the extreme version of the resource.
  • If the Open option is active, you can judge the relevance of the application.

If there was no update, you will have to look in other sources. You can wait and do nothing. If the failure is related to the next update, the developers will fix it after a few days. They take action quickly. Since there are many requests for support.

error, uploading, photos, iphone

What happened?

There are many reasons for the appearance of a failure of this nature. Having studied them, it becomes clear what is happening with Instagram today. A person must know them, understand how to act depending on the failure. The main problems include:

  • Low traffic speed.
  • Device overloaded with accumulated cache.
  • Access to the portal was not checked.
  • No reboot of the utility. This can be done using the usual disabling and enabling.

If it is not, you need to move it. According to the same scheme, you must act if you want to get the opposite result.

On iPhones, this operation is quick and easy. You just need to check the 4G feed. It should be replaced with LTE. If the problem persists after that, you need to write to support. Here it is possible to eliminate errors that occur when loading a profile and content in the feed.