Error 9 when restoring iPhone

Method 1: Hard Reset iOS Device to Fix iTunes Error 9

Step 1. Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button and the Home button at the same time.

Step 2. Keep pressing the two buttons for about 10 seconds.

Step 3. Don’t let go of them until you see the Apple logo.

Step 4. Do a hard restart of your iPhone or iPad to see if iTunes error 9 is fixed.

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Hard restarting iPhone is always an easy way to fix all types of iTunes errors. For example, you can also use it to fix iTunes Error 14.

Method 5: Check your security software and firewall

Step 1. Open your antivirus software to see if iTunes is blocked or not in the exclusion list.

Step 2. Find Windows Firewall and make sure iTunes is in the exclusion list.

Step 3. Disable virtualization applications and update your Windows or Mac OS version.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9 without Data Loss (Simple and Fast)

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Error 9 in iTunes: causes and solutions

Error 9 occurs in iTunes when users are unable to restore their iPhone device. Full error message: “The iPhone” iPhone “could not be restored. An unknown error has occurred (9) “.

Apple manufacturers acknowledged the error message and even posted the necessary documentation on their website about this. According to them, this error occurs if the Apple device turns off during an update or restore. We’ve put together some solutions that include major fixes to help you resolve your issue. Follow our recommendations consistently.

Unknown error 9 when restoring iPhone

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What error 9 means and why it happened?

So what does the message “iPhone [device name] could not be restored mean. An unknown error has occurred (9). ” I mean? Error 9 is an iTunes error that occurs during a firmware update or system restore on an iPhone or iPad using iTunes. Also, iTunes error 9 is always associated with the “iPhone is timeout” message. The moment iTunes error 9 appears, something is wrong with your iOS device or other factors. Thus, you need to find out the real cause before fixing iPhone error code 9.

There are many reasons that can cause error 9 in iTunes. The first is software and firewall protection. The process on Apple servers is blocked by these two factors. Also, your jailbroken iPhone or iPad can unexpectedly trigger error 9 and other iTunes codes. Also, you need to check your Internet status and USB connection, as poor Wi-Fi connection can lead to error 9 on iPhone or iPad. So, a network database on a computer that was previously used to jailbreak or jailbreak another iPhone or iPad and got corrupted may also explain the cause of error 9.

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What to do if the error continues to appear during the update / restore

In the event that the update / restore process cannot be completed due to an error, you must:

  • Try the procedure on a different computer.
  • Try to restore iPhone using a different USB cable or USB port.
  • Try reinstalling iTunes.

Update iPhone again

If error 9 when restoring iPhone occurs as a result of the device being disconnected from the computer during the update or restore process, the first step is to try updating the smartphone again. For this:

Install the latest version of iTunes. To update iTunes on a Windows computer, go to Help → Updates, on a Mac, the Updates tab in the Mac App Store.

Force restart your iPhone. To do this, simultaneously hold down the Power and Home buttons (the volume down button on the iPhone 7/7 Plus) and hold until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Connect iPhone to Computer with USB Cable.

When prompted by iTunes to update or restore your device, select Update. In this case, the data on the iPhone will be saved.

Note: if the update is successful, but the iPhone starts up again in recovery mode, then the procedure must be performed again, but at the final stage, select “Restore” rather than “Update”. Note that this operation provides for the complete deletion of data from the device, which can later be restored from a backup.

Error 9 when restoring iPhone. what to do

Error 9 accompanied by the message “Failed to restore iPhone [device name]. An unknown error has occurred (9) ”occurs when the USB connection of the device to iTunes is unexpectedly interrupted. This can happen if the user manually disconnects the device during the restore process. How to get rid of error 9 was described in this instruction.

Perform recovery via DFU mode

The method is similar to the previous one, with only one difference. Before connecting the iPhone to the computer, the smartphone must be put into DFU mode. For this:

Press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and continue holding the Home button until iTunes detects the smartphone in recovery mode (about 10 seconds).

Contact the service center

If the above steps did not help, then your problem is of a technical nature and it may be related to the battery, gyroscope loop or flash memory. The solution is to replace the problematic component or, as in the case of flash memory, re-solder it. It is not recommended to engage in such complex repairs without experience and the necessary tools, so the best option is to contact a service center.

Error 9 when restoring iPhone

Error number 9, which iPhone users sometimes encounter when installing updates, is a serious failure, the elimination of which is best left to a specialist. Usually, the problem occurs when flashing a smartphone, when, it would seem, everything went perfectly and the iPhone is disconnected from the USB connector. After displaying the error message 9, the smartphone does not respond to user actions and does not show signs of life. Is it possible to fix the malfunction on your own and bring the iPhone back to life?

In the event that it is not possible to deliver the device to the service center, you can try to solve the problem yourself. The computer is often to blame for a firmware failure, and in order to successfully complete the procedure, sometimes you just need to change the USB port. Also, the problem may lie in a malfunction of the cord through which the connection was made, therefore experts recommend resuming the update using a different cable. The smallest risk of encountering this error is for those iPhone owners who use the original cable to connect to the computer.

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Often, error 9 is associated with an error hidden in the firmware itself. It is almost impossible to determine on your own what led to the failure, so the only way for an ordinary user to restore the iPhone’s performance is to re-flash it using a known “working” file. Unfortunately, even after trying all the listed methods, many do not achieve a positive result. Only specialists of the service center can guarantee a high-quality reflash of a smartphone, because any operating system is a complex software mechanism in which even a small error can become critical.

The specialists of the MacSuper service center will make a professional flashing of your iPhone with a guarantee of a positive result. But if you have already made an unsuccessful attempt to reflash your smartphone and encountered error 9. do not be upset. our wizards will quickly bring your iPhone back to life. At the service center, the iPhone will be repaired very quickly, often right in the presence of the owner of the device. MacSuper service center offers only the highest quality services, while for iPhone repair are the best in the city.

Enabling Firmware Download

  • To recover from an operating system crash, the latest firmware must be downloaded to the iOS device.
  • The software recoNgnises the model, asks for confirmation, and offers the latest download.
  • Click the Download button. The process ends automatically.

iPhone Can Not Restore Error 9. 4005. 4013 or 4014

Using recovery mode

ITunes has a built-in recovery feature that allows your phone while in recovery mode to connect to your computer and perform basic operations, including updating or restoring your iPhone. This solution will delete your data, which is why we give this solution a very low priority. Proceed only if your important data is safely stored elsewhere.

  • Make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest version. Put it into recovery mode.
  • When the iPhone enters recovery mode, connect it to your computer and wait for iTunes to detect it.
  • Now, when prompted, select “Refresh” and wait for the process to finish. This may take a few minutes, so please be patient.

We hope that by using the above methods, you still managed to fix error 9 in iTunes and you restored / updated your Apple device.

Force restart an iOS device

Press the volume up button, then immediately the volume down button, and then press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Hold the on / off and volume down buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 6/5 / S / earlier and iPad:

Press and hold the Home and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

After a successful restart, reconnect your iPhone to your computer and check if the issue is resolved.

Comprehensive Troubleshoot and Repair Guide for Apple iPhone Error 9

Repair error 9 when updating / restoring iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes

Most often, this malfunction is hardware, that is, in 90% of cases, the problem lies in a malfunction of the motherboard. Below are statistics on motherboard malfunctions and methods that you can try at home. At the very bottom of the page is a video of one of the fixes for “error 9” on iPhone 5s. You can get a free consultation on this problem.

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Common causes of “error 9” by device model:

iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s: 70%. faulty Flash memory, 15%. problems with the processor, 15%. other malfunctions mat. fees.

iPhone 6/6: 85% CPU problems, 10%. faulty Flash memory, 5%. other malfunctions mat. fees.

iPhone 6s / 6s / 7/7: 60% Flash failure, 30% CPU issue, 10% other malfunctions mat. fees.

All of the above problems are subject to repair in our service center, regardless of the complexity of the problem, including repairs associated with a processor malfunction. The final verdict and cost are announced only after diagnostics by our engineers, since the symptoms are almost the same in almost all cases, and diagnostics by phone is tantamount to fortune telling by the stars 🙂

Error number 9 in the iPhone most often occurs during software updates and refers to quite serious failures that the user is usually unable to fix on his own. This nuisance is usually encountered when flashing a smartphone, and its insidiousness is that it occurs at the moment when, it would seem, the firmware has completed successfully and the iPhone is disconnected from the USB port of the computer. After error 9 appeared, the iPhone categorically refuses to respond to the owner’s commands and completely turns into a “brick”. How to deal with error 9 and is it possible to solve this problem on your own?

Despite the threatening symptoms, you can try to fix the trouble with error 9 yourself. Very often the computer port is to blame for the failure. To allow the firmware to complete normally, sometimes you just need to change the USB connector to the adjacent one. Often the cause of the error is a poor-quality or faulty connection cord. Statistics show that users using the original iPhone cable to connect to a computer are much less likely to fall victim to error 9. Therefore, one of the possible ways out of the situation may be to replace the cable with a known good one.

Also, the reason may be hidden in the firmware itself. If none of the above methods helped, you can try to start the procedure again, but using a guaranteed high-quality iPhone firmware. Alas, all the described methods of returning the iPhone to life after an unsuccessful firmware do not guarantee success. The operating system of any smartphone is a complex organism, which even a slight deviation from the norm can lead to a failure. That is why experts do not recommend flashing the iPhone on your own without having experience in this matter. The service center employees are guaranteed to successfully perform any work with both the software and the hardware of your device and the smartphone will work for a long time and without any “surprises”. But if the trouble has already occurred and error 9 has appeared on the screen of your gadget, do not be upset, since your smartphone can always be brought back to life in a specialized service center. In most cases, a visit to a qualified Apple repair technician is much cheaper than trying to do it yourself, unqualified repairs. The specialists of the Apple Service Center “Fixing Apples” will easily eliminate error 9 and will do it much cheaper than other workshops.