Error 9 when restoring ipad

Error 9 iPad in iTunes when restoring

Error 9 ipad is usually not similar to errors 4013/4014, but once you encounter an error, don’t be alarmed as it is easy to fix, just like other errors. Also other errors in iTunes, iPad error 9 when trying to update or restore iPhone 4/5/6/7/8 or iPad / iPad mini / iPad pro / iPad 10.5. This error can occur when:

  • Security software or firewall is blocking iTunes from visiting Apple servers;
  • USB interrupts connection due to faulty cable, ports or other;
  • Possible network parameters error; (iTunes could not connect with iPhone, iPad. Troubleshooting!)
  • iPhone / iPad is in a jailbroken state.

As you can see, it could be a hardware issue as well as a software issue. Since the hardware problem is much easier to spot, we will first try to fix the error 9 ipad from the hardware aspect, and then we will dig into the software-solution reviews.

IPad error 9, troubleshooting software issues.

Software issues are varied and complex. For casual users like us who know little about technology, all-in-one software is the best option.

Software use one easy way to fix various iOS system problems: bugs in iTunes, iPhone or iPad stuck in Recovery / dfu mode or black / red / blue screen so what about the software? You don’t have to find out what causes error 9 or try different solutions one at a time. Just follow the instructions on the program and press a few buttons. The software will take care of all technical specifications.

  • The program will automatically update your iPhone / iPad to the new iOS version after repair.
  • Jailbreak or unlock the SIM device, use the appropriate guide or lock again for free after the error is fixed.

Error 9 ipad, solving problems arising from problems with hardware.

Hardware issues are mainly external causes that relate to the USB connection: cable, port, computer, iPhone / iPad. When the USB connection is disconnected or loose, it can all cause errors in iTunes.

Cable: Make sure you are using a working Apple cable or another certified 30-pin cable that works with your iPad or iPhone. You could use a different cable to connect and see if error 9 appears.

USB ports: Try connecting your iPad or iPhone to a different USB port on your computer. Sometimes, it is one of the USB port that is damaged or does not work at all.

error, restoring, ipad

Computer: Try your operation on a different computer to restore or update your iPhone. Also make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes.

IOS devices: restart your iPhone or iPad to fix any possible glitches on your iOS device.

If error 9 ipad continues, you may need to apply some software solutions.

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Check Input Devices

The program will display information about the device. Check if the information on your device is correct. This is important because the program will download the plugin for your device according to the information.

Tip: If you are not sure about the model of your device, click on the question mark to see Instructions on how to check the model number on your iPhone or iPad.

Error 9 when restoring ipad

Make sure the USB cable is connected

The USB cable can be damaged if you choose to use a cable that did not come with your device. Here are the steps to ensure the USB cable is ok.

  • Make sure you are using an original USB cable. You can also try Apple’s standard USB cable.
  • Make sure the cable is not dislodged or disconnected. You may get iPhone error 9006 as well.
  • Plug the cable into a different USB port. It should connect directly to the computer and not to the keyboard.

dr.fone toolkit. iOS System Recovery

Fix with various iOS system problems like recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, girth at start, etc.

What to do if the error continues to appear during the update / restore

In the event that the update / restore process cannot be completed due to an error, you must:

  • Try the procedure on a different computer.
  • Try to restore iPhone using a different USB cable or USB port.
  • Try reinstalling iTunes.

For A Mac

  • Launch iTunes.
  • On your computer, click on iTunes Check for Updates in the top menu bar.
  • Follow these steps to install the updated version.

Solution for error 9 when restoring iPhone 5s

IPhone restore error 9 can appear quite often when restoring or updating a device. There is no single solution for this error that can fix everything, but this review has collected the best recommendations that can help you fix error nine on an iPad or iPhone. Many people work through the iTunes program, it is the owners of the iPhone 4s, iPhone (five) and other models who repeatedly update their smartphone through this software, but no one could have thought that one day the system update would end extremely tragically.

Hardware solutions for error 9

Although this problem seems incredibly terrible, and it seems that only professionals can cope with it, it turns out that error 9 can be eliminated even with their own hands, by ordinary ordinary people who have repeatedly used their iPhone and are no longer considered beginners.

EROR 9 can be caused by many factors, but the most common of them are:

error, restoring, ipad
  • A non-working port on a computer, that is, the problem can be solved simply by moving the cable from the device to another port on your PC;
  • Broken cable connecting the phone and the user’s personal computer;
  • The firmware of the device itself is violated, and the phone can be reanimated by using a completely different firmware, which can be downloaded on the site dedicated to the firmware for Apple devices.

What is error 9 when restoring iPhone 5s?

It turns out that this error occurs when the connection between the USB port between the laptop and the smartphone is unexpectedly lost. This can happen just in time for the recovery of the smartphone. The user also repeatedly could turn off the device with his own hand during an important procedure, or the USB cable could be broken. In short, if the contact between the mobile device and the computer is lost, then error 9 will appear on the iPhone 6.

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Trouble on the iPhone 5s error 9 may not be eliminated at home, but you should not get upset ahead of time, because the service centers in which professionals work have not been canceled yet. By contacting them, for a small cost, a person can get a profitable solution.

Already repeatedly, when a mobile phone was urgently needed, and such an error occurred due to a stupid system update, people were forced to run to the service center, which means that people involved in repairs should already knowingly know what details are worth paying attention to when smartphone owners appear complaining about this problem.

Mistake 9 over the past decades on the iPhone is a fairly frequent process, and owners have repeatedly wondered whether Apple will fix this defect in the future so that more people do not have to pay extra money to solve this problem.

Operating system update

The reason for the error with code 9 may well not be the program in which it occurs, but the operating system. its outdated version. This applies to both computer and iPhone / iPad / Apoda. And if with updating Windows or MacOS, in the environment of which iTunes is used, it is not difficult to complete this procedure, then on mobile devices, directly in our case, it is far from always available. At least, due to the fact that the problem considered in this article arises precisely in the process of updating or restoring.

information: How to update to the latest version of Windows / macOS How to update the OS on a computer or laptop is described in the articles provided on the links above. On the i-device, if it starts, you will need to go to the settings and try to download the update over the air, and then install it. If this option is not available, proceed to the next solutions.

Apple Error 9

Read more: How to update iPhone / iPad over the air

DFU recovery

In the vast majority of cases, the problem considered within the framework of this article is solved after one of the above or several recommendations is implemented at once, but sometimes this does not happen. Error code 9 in iTunes occurs when updating or restoring a mobile device from Apple in normal mode, but it should not appear in DFU (Device Firmware Update). This is a special recovery mode in which this procedure is performed bypassing the operating system. How to enter the iPhone and iPad into this state, and then return it to work, we previously wrote in separate instructions. Note that it is better to perform these actions on another computer in order to surely exclude all negative factors.

Important! Restoring in DFU mode is an emergency procedure that involves deleting all local data from the device, so it is necessary to resort to it only in extreme cases. Beforehand, it is imperative to create a backup copy.

Replacing the cable

Often considered and similar problems arise due to the Lightning-to-USB cable, moreover, this is possible both with the original product and with its copy, a fake. Apple branded cables wear out over time, which may well be damaged, which is not always noticeable externally, and only partially and, for example, provide a charge and identify the device in the system, but not transfer data. Non-original accessories may not meet specifications or simply be of poor quality. Therefore, to eliminate this reason, you must use another wire, and it is highly desirable that it be branded or at least recommended for use by the company. a list of those can be found on the official website.

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Reinstall iTunes

The factor that triggered the error code 9 on a Windows computer could very well be iTunes itself. The program components may have been damaged during an unsuccessful installation, after cleaning the computer from debris, or as a result of virus infection of the operating system. The solution in this case is a reinstallation, which is best done with the help of specialized software that effectively erases all temporary files and data, as well as entries in the system registry. We will use Revo Anistaller as an example.

Note: For current versions of macOS that do not have iTunes, you should skip this method.

    Download and install the program on your computer and then launch it. Make sure you are in the “Uninstaller” tab.

Find iTunes software in the list, select it and click on the “Remove” button.

How to Fix iPad Could Not Be Restored Error 4013/2015/9/14

Note: If iTunes was not downloaded from the official site, but installed from Microsoft Store, it will not be in the list of programs shown above, but in the “Windows Applications” tab. To start uninstalling, you need to click on its name with the right mouse button and select the “Delete” item or use the button of the same name located on the top panel.

Confirm your intention to get rid of the program and wait for the procedure to be completed.

In the next Revo window, in the Scan Modes section, select Moderate (for programs from the Microsoft Store, this parameter is determined automatically) and use the Scan button.

In the list of system registry entries that will appear in the next step, click “Select all” and “Delete” in sequence. Confirm your intentions in the pop-up window.

After the program is removed, restart your computer and install the latest version of iTunes.

Using a different USB port

Perhaps error 9 when trying to update or restore an Apple device in iTunes occurs due to an incorrectly working, damaged USB connector in the computer or a conflict with other devices connected to it. In this case, you must first disconnect all unused accessories (flash drives, adapters, receivers / sources of a wireless signal, etc.), and then alternately connect the cable to free connectors and try to perform the necessary actions in the program.

Important! If the USB connection is not carried out directly, but through a hub, card reader or extension cable, you should exclude an additional accessory from this bundle and connect directly to the connector.