Error 4013 when restoring iPhone 6s

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Fix iPhone error 4013 or iTunes error 4013 by clearing up space

IPhone error 4013 occurs when updating iOS. Thus, the problem can arise. if there is not enough space on your iPhone. to post a new update. Thus. you have to make sure. that there is enough space, and if not, then clean it.

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How to fix error 4013 when restoring iPhone

You can fix the bug on Apple on your own; this does not require special skills. The problem appears when trying to update iOS version or restore data after repair. Before taking the iPhone to the service and sinning on the manufacturer, you should make independent attempts to correct the situation. Depending on the method by which the firmware was updated, the solution will also be carried out in a similar way.

USB cable replacement

Try using a different USB cable to connect your gadget to the computer: it must be an original cable without any hint of damage (twists, kinks, oxidations, etc.).

iPhone Error

“The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error has occurred (4013) “.

Have you ever received this message? Well, since you are reading this here, I will assume that you have, which is why you want to know more about it. Well, to put it simply, this is a common error in iOS devices called iPhone Error 4013. As this error usually occurs when trying to restore iPhone using iTunes, also nicknamed iTunes Error 4013.

So if you want to know more about iPhone error 4013 or how to fix iPhone error 4013, then read on.

DFU mode

In some cases, the emergency DFU mode, which is launched in emergency cases, helps to correct the situation. To complete the procedure, you must do the following:

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ERROR 4013,4014,09 iPhone X,XR,11.SOLVED

  • turn off the iPhone;
  • we connect to the computer with the original USB cable;
  • launch iTunes;
  • press the “Power” button and hold it for 3 seconds and, without releasing it, press also “Home”;
  • hold the buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, then release the power button, and continue to hold the “Home” button until the program sees the iPhone in DFU mode.

After performing these manipulations, the “Restore iPhone” button will appear, by pressing which you will start the restoration.

OS update

Besides the latest version of the application installed, the latest Windows must also be installed. When flashing the device on an old version of the computer, a conflict between running programs may occur, which will lead to an error.

Various Ways to Fix 2003 and 2005 Errors in iTunes

Regardless of why the 2005 and 2003 errors occur, you can rest assured that one of the following solutions will work.

If you have a problem with your USB port, cable, dock, or hub, or if your device turns off during recovery, try troubleshooting the USB connection and then troubleshooting the software.

Common Errors: 13, 14, 1600-1629, 1643-1650, 2000-2009, 4000, 4005, 4013, 4014, 4016, Invalid Response and Request to Rebuild After Restore Completed.

To narrow down the problem, you can also change your hardware:

First, try closing iTunes, disconnect the device from your computer, and then reconnect it and see if it works.

Since the issue can also be caused by a faulty USB cable, change the USB cable and see if the 2005/2003 error in iTunes goes away. Use a different USB cable.

iPhone 6 Plus Error 4013. Stuck in Recovery Mode

Do not use a USB extension cable or adapter either. Instead, connect the USB cable directly to your computer.

Try using a different USB port.

If all of the above doesn’t work, try using a different computer. But if you do not have access to another computer, check if the drivers on your PC are up to date. If not, install them and then restart your computer before trying again. Connect the cable to a different USB port on your computer.

Connect your computer directly via a cable to the Internet, without using Wi-Fi.

If you see your error after changing USB connections, skip to the next section to troubleshoot your hardware.

Also see how to fix: slows down, glitches and freezes iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, what to do?

Fix 2: fix iTunes error 4013 while upgrading to iOS 14 without data loss.

If any of the above tips didn’t work for you, try iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery tool, which is the best software to fix all iOS related problems. These are incredible opportunities.

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Here are the steps to use it to fix problems easily.

Increase free space

The option is working, but it only helps in 10% of cases. To implement the plan, you need to free at least 2-3 gigabytes of free space on the internal memory of your smartphone, tablet or player. The easiest option is to upload some data to iCloud (especially photos), delete applications or data of some instant messengers. Before trying to update or restore the device again, you must reboot.

disconnect other devices

If during the recovery process other devices (with the exception of the mouse and keyboard) are connected to the USB ports of the computer, be sure to disconnect them, and then try to restore the gadget again.

reboot devices

If iTunes does not need an update, you should perform a regular restart of your computer, since quite often the cause of error 4014 is an ordinary system failure.

If the Apple device is in working order, it should also be restarted, but this must be done by force. To do this, simultaneously hold down the power and Home keys until the device is suddenly turned off. Wait for the gadget to finish downloading, then reconnect it to iTunes and try restoring the device again.

Causes of occurrence

Error 4013 occurs when connecting or updating a smartphone. Most often this says about communication failures when updating through iTunes (iTunes). Let’s consider ways to eliminate it in more detail.

OS update

Updating the operating system again is a much more powerful option. As already mentioned, for this you should:

  • download iTunes;
  • restart Apple;
  • hold down the “Power” and “Home” keys;
  • hold until the logo appears on the display;
  • connect iPhone and PC via USB port and cable;
  • when updating the OS in the window that opens from iTunes, select “Update”.

Checking the hosts file

For the ninth bug to be resolved more quickly, you need to clean the host file before flashing. It can be done like this:

  • put the phone into DFU state;
  • iReb choose iPhone (model number);
  • waiting for a message to appear about the possibility of sewing without closing iReb;
  • then hold down ShiftRestore;
  • choose a custom firmware and clean the host file.
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We repeat the reboot attempt after logging out of the account.

Reinstall iTunes

First we install iTunes on the computer, and we already unpack it via the phone.

Update iPhone again

If you were restoring your mobile and an unknown error 9 occurred on iPhone due to disconnect, the first and simplest thing everyone can do is update the phone a second time. Next, we show you step by step how to do this;

Note that if the attempt to update the device is successful, then the restore starts again. It must be executed, and the data from memory will still be lost. It is possible to restore them later from a backup.

Perform recovery via DFU mode

Similar to the previous method, but there is one difference: before connecting the iPhone and PC, the gadget should be switched to DFU mode.

  • press the Home and Power buttons at the same time;
  • keep them in this position for about 10 seconds;
  • you release the food, and keep the “Home” button so;
  • release, when iTunes detects the smartphone in recovery mode, it’s about 10 more seconds.

What does Error 9 mean when restoring iPhone

If error 9 occurs when restoring iPhone via iTunes, the accompanying message appears on the screen. “Failed to restore iPhone.” This difficulty arises under the following circumstances. the connection of the device with iTunes via the USB port is suddenly interrupted. This most often happens when the device crashes during a data reset.

Hardware problem

In 9 out of 10 cases, the reason why error 9 occurs is technical problems. This is either a bug of the gadget itself, or incorrect drivers on the computer, or problems with the state of the communication cable.

Solution to Error 9 when flashing iPhone via iTunes

The ninth error almost always appears during software updates and refers to serious failures. Experts do not recommend fixing them yourself, but if you are an advanced user and understand how the system works, it is quite possible to overcome the trouble. Such a problem arises when flashing a smartphone. Then the iPhone does not respond to commands at all and, as many users say, turns into a “brick”. Almost always the computer port is to blame for the breakdown. Less often, the reason lies in a poor-quality or faulty cord through which the connection is made.