Electric Scooter Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro

Review of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter PRO electric scooter

So, let’s see what new creators have added to the Pro version of their favorite electric scooter? The changes affected the appearance and technical equIPment.


The first thing to pay attention to is that the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter PRO scooter is noticeably heavier. Yes, this is still the same compact city transport, but future owners will have to come to terms with the new weight of the product now at 14.2 kilograms (the previous model weighed 12.5 kg). But the updated version has a longer range and a more powerful engine, and this is already a serious advantage.!

Otherwise, everything is as before: a portable design with a convenient folding lever located above the front wheel. Dimensions (108 x 46 x 49 cm) allow you to easily transport the scooter in transport, in the trunk of a car or store it in the closet.

The aluminum case of Mijia Electric Scooter Pro is designed to withstand heavy loads and will not be damaged if accidentally dropped. Even an adult man can ride it (of course, taking into account the maximum permissible weight of 100 kg), without fear that the parts will bend. Rear flashing red headlight serves as a reference point for other road users.

Electric Scooter Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro

Electric transport is characterized by good cross-country ability even in unfavorable conditions: snow, rain, grass cover, damp soil. This is due to the 8.5-inch wheels with inflatable tires. Anti-slIP texture and tread pattern are water-repellent.

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The rubberized platform with a volumetric pattern is reliable, the foot will not come off even when riding in the rain. On the left side of the platform, there is a hinged leg, which can be used during parking so that the scooter does not fall.

Mijia Electric Scooter Pro kit includes:

  • electric scooter;
  • network adapter;
  • hex key;
  • 2 screws;
  • documentation.


The main functional difference between the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter PRO scooter from the previous model is the increased engine power. 600 W. At the same time, the maximum speed that electric transport develops remains the same. 25 km / h with a rise of up to 15 degrees.

Thanks to the capacious lithium-ion battery, the maximum mileage has grown to 45 km (the Mijia Electric Scooter had a range of only 30 km). It takes 8-9 hours to fully charge the battery.

The number of speeds has also increased from two to three:

  • energy saving mode. driving at a speed of 15 km / h;
  • standard mode. speed 20 km / h;
  • sport mode. 25 km / h.
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Control is simple, smooth speed control on the steering wheel. You can accelerate both abruptly and gradually.


Unlike the previous version, the Mijia Electric Scooter Pro has a color multifunctional display on the steering wheel. It displays the current information about the driving speed, selected driving mode, battery level, Bluetooth connection, LED headlight on.

As before, the electric scooter can be connected with a smartphone via the Mi Home application and display the current data on the device screen.