Electric Scooter Kugoo Max Speed 11 Ah

Electric scooter Kugoo Max Speed ​​48v 11 Ah

The Kugoo Max Speed ​​scooter appeared on the market for a long time, but managed to win the love of modern people due to its functionality and ergonomics. This unit looks a bit like a small scooter, however, it is intended mainly for trIPs within the city and park areas.

Manufacturers took into account all the wishes of customers and created a comfortable and convenient electric transport, which is also safe.

  • The scooter motor has a power of 500 W, like many other models. This allows the vehicle to accelerate up to 50 km / h. In addition, the scooter has 3 speed levels that can be switched in seconds. The minimum speed is ideal for beginners who just got behind the wheel, but for more advanced drivers, Normal and Corsa modes are provided.
  • The powerful battery allows you to travel 50 km without recharging, provided that the battery has been fully charged before shIPping. In general, the battery is charged for 6 hours.
  • The convenience of the Kugoo Max Speed ​​scooter is confirmed by the presence of a non-slIP platform and a comfortable wide seat. Thanks to such a platform, for trIPs you can put on any shoes that are convenient for the driver.
  • The maximum weight that the electrical device promises to withstand is 160 kg. This characteristic allows even several people to be on the scooter at the same time, if the permissible norms are not violated.
  • In order to get under way, the driver does not need to make any additional efforts, but just take a position on the platform and press one button “Start”.
  • Manufacturers take care of their customers and install bright headlights on their scooters for movement at night. This model is no exception, so every owner of Kugoo Max Speed ​​can afford to ride a scooter in the evening.
  • In addition to the light signal, the scooter has a sound signal, thanks to which you can warn others about your approach.
  • With the help of a convenient footboard, the scooter can be parked without any support, because it will stand as level and stable as possible.
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All of the above characteristics make the Kugoo Max Speed ​​scooter very comfortable, functional and reliable. In addition, such transport can be used not only by an adult, but also by a teenager who wants to have fun in their free time. Nevertheless, when getting on a scooter, do not forget about protective equIPment, for example, a helmet.

  • Type electric scooter
  • Maximum load, kg 120
  • Maximum speed, km / h 40
  • Frame material aluminum alloy
  • Manual brake
  • There is a shock absorber, front and rear
  • Foldable yes
  • There is a saddle
  • There is a footrest
  • Disc brakes are
  • Li-ion battery
  • Battery capacity, Ah 11
  • Charging time, h 5-8
  • Maximum mileage on a single charge, km 40
  • Engine power, W 500
  • Quantity 2
  • Material rubber
  • Wheel size, inches 10
  • Type of wheels pneumatic (inflatable)
Electric Scooter Kugoo Max Speed 11 Ah

  • Weight, kg 22
  • Deck size (WxL), cm 22×58
  • Steering rack height, cm 104-110
  • Features Alarm, lens headlight, steering wheel height adjustable