Does Not Show TV Via Digital Set-Top Box

Automatic channel search

Before starting the process, the antenna is connected to the set-top box through the connector located on the rear panel. Sequencing:

  • we connect the cable via the RCA connector if direct connection is not supported;
  • go to the Source button menu by pressing on the remote control;
  • choose a country from the list provided, Finland or Sweden is suitable;
  • moving the arrows on the remote control, select “Digital TV”;
    Does Not Show TV Via Digital Set-Top Box
  • confirm and open the “Menu” by pressing on the remote control;
  • scrolling down the list and reaching the “Channels”, activate. “Autosearch”.

Upon completion, 20 free digital broadcasting programs will become available, as the system will analyze all possible frequency ranges.

Ether channels

An antenna is connected to search. Procedure:

  • open the main “Menu” through the button on the control panel;
  • scroll through and find the “Channels” section, open the “Manual search” tab;
  • enter the parameters, you can view the information on the Internet by typing into the browser “Digital TV coverage map”, for each area the parameters are different;
  • enter the information using the arrows on the remote control and press “Start”.
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Actions continue until all signals available for broadcast are unblocked.

Manual setting

The automatic system may not cope with the task and the number of TV programs found will be less than the expected volume. In such cases, the entire procedure is performed manually, the sequence varies depending on the type of connection.

Deleting and sorting channels

After a successful search, you can sort the found programs, for this a number is assigned on the remote control. How to sort:

  • move the arrows on the remote control through the list;
  • to delete. the red button, after pressing the frequency changes and the TV forgets the found signal;
  • rename. letters mode, on the remote control there is a green button with the inscription ATB;
  • move. the yellow button is pressed and the position in the list changes with the knob.

Checking for digital TV support on DEXP

Access to digital TV is provided by a special built-in tuner that converts the signal into DVB-2 format. If DVB-T is supported, then the model will not catch a digit without a prefix.

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How to tune DEXP TV to receive digital television channels

The first thing to do is check for connectivity. In order not to get confused and do everything right, instructions on how to set up digital television on a DEXP TV:

  • on the remote control, press the button to switch to Smart mode;
  • open and click “Settings”, confirm the action “Ok”;
  • go to “Channel”, indicate the type of connected antenna;
  • select “Auto-tuning” and wait for filling in the data necessary for the search;
  • go to the “Scanning” menu, select. “Full”;
  • when requesting network authorization, indicate. “Automatically”. “Search”.

Upon completion, the air will be replenished with 20 TV programs.

How to set up digital television on a DEXP TV. step by step instructions

The Dexp brand is a novelty of TVs, the models are characterized by a pleasant ratio of quality and price. Functions are not inferior to brand technology, in addition to the standard reception of an analog and digital signal, Smart technology is also built in, allowing you to access the Internet. Owners of newly purchased equipment are concerned about how to set up digital channels on a DEXP TV.

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Cable channels

The search for programs is carried out through a cable that is connected to the set-top box. Procedure:

  • press “Menu” on the remote control, scroll through the opened list and find “Channels”;
  • switch to manual search and enter information into the “Antenna” value, data plays a key role in signal search;
  • go to “Cable” and enter the numbers received from the TV provider.

After saving all initial settings, all available and active programs will be found.

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If your TV does not support digital TV

There are several options for solving the problem: one of them is buying a new TV with an already built-in set-top box and maintaining the required signal. This method hits the family budget dearly, an alternative is to connect via a set-top box.

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