How to make a TV from an old LCD monitor step by step

  • Selection of the v56 controller board
  • How do I know if the board is right for my LCD
  • Step by step installation
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If you have an older or more modern unnecessary LCD monitor, then you can make a full-fledged TV out of it. Or maybe you want to save money on buying a TV for the kitchen, car or garage? This possibility exists, let’s consider it.

There are enough methods of using a monitor in the form of a TV. You can make a TV out of a monitor using a set-top box or add money and connect a mini-computer to an old display. Although there is a more specific way.

How to make a TV out of a monitor. selecting a v56 controller board

Many LCD screens have input and output capability and are called LVDS. When you remove the back panel from the display and get to the inner parts, you will see that the connectors are arranged on a separate board. This board is connected to other parts with a flexible cable, similar to IDE for PC disks.

  • Frequency Range. 48.25 to 863.25 MHz.
  • Color Configuration. SECAM / PAL / NTSC.
  • Sound Configuration. B / G, NICAM / A2, D / K, l, M / N, BTSC.
  • Number of channels. 200.
  • Video Resolution Format (HDMI, VGA). 1920-1080 60 Hz.
  • Video Resolution. 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.
  • Sound amplifier. 2. 2.3 W (40) 1 HD N.

Then it will be necessary to solve the problem with the completion of the case. The new board will be larger, as it will have a built-in decoder to receive a TV signal. Among other things, you will need to create additional holes in the back cover to access the new connectors.

Further, when you finish the installation, you need to determine the voltage that will pass through the board to the matrix, and adjust it using a jumper (read the annotation for the purchased accessory). Electricity for the board comes from an external power source. It will take 12 volts. just such a voltage is needed for the display to work. Also, if you want, you can turn on the power from the board and get rid of unnecessary wires.

The board purchased for the purpose of upgrading, in most cases, contains an infrared sensor in the kit, as well as a remote control. In the most budgetary modifications, you will need to pay attention to the output of the receiver to the front panel of the device. The receiver can be connected to more expensive cards using an external port, as was previously done on old PCI TV tuners. This solution does not need additional holes and can be placed wherever it is convenient.

Then, after going through all the installation steps, you need to check the resulting TV for operability and make settings, following the instructions.

So we figured out the question: how to make a TV using a monitor. Despite the probable difficulties with dismantling, installation and adjustment, this transformation of the display is fully expedient. Most have old 17- and 19-inch monitors lying around. The cost of such used screens is quite low, and the picture quality is often not particularly worse than a new TV. This is a perfect option for, for example, a small room, kitchen or summer cottage for a small cost. 12-50 depending on the functionality and configuration.

  • Schematic diagram of a TV signal generator on a microcontroller
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Video on how to make a TV out of a monitor with your own hands:

Alteration methods

From the foregoing, it follows that in order for the monitor to show TV channels, you need to turn it into a receiver. There are several ways to achieve this goal. It is possible to purchase an external TV tuner for the monitor or a set-top box and connect them via the usual VGA or HDMI interface. Or you can go the other way and equip the screen itself with an additional board designed specifically for receiving a TV signal. Below we will take a closer look at these options.

What is required to connect

To make a TV out of a monitor, you will need:

  • Working monitor;
  • TV tuner (let’s focus on the external one);
  • All necessary power cables;
  • Cables for audio and video data transmission;
  • Speakers (in case there are no built-in speakers).


Of course, it is preferable to use an LCD monitor as a TV. It has higher resolution, less power consumption, and overall it is much more comfortable to use. Below are the basic steps that you can follow to successfully use the LCD monitor as a TV.

Connection via adapters

If the connectors do not match, it is possible to use special adapters that must contain the mandatory audio output. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect the sound. If you have a CRT monitor, an RCA to VGA adapter is recommended. For LCD, the HDMI converter is the best solution. This will achieve the best image quality.

It is important that the device is a converter, not an adapter. Digital and analog signals are completely different in nature, so soldering the two connectors will turn the adapter into a non-working disc. A complete converter contains a board that converts one signal type to another. In this case, the monitor will work and display the video image successfully.

Is it possible to use the monitor as a TV and what is the threat?

The first thing to find out is whether it is possible, in principle, to use the monitor as a TV. Yes, from a technical point of view, this is possible, but it will take some effort. Now let’s try to explain why.

The task of both the monitor and the TV is to display the image on the display. In the case of a monitor, information is received from the system unit about what value to set for each pixel. The flow of information is homogeneous and easy to read by the screen, so there are no overly complicated boards in the display. A TV set is a receiver of a complex signal containing both sound and video. The signal is transmitted through radio waves, and therefore requires serious decoding. This task is handled by an analog TV tuner or a digital one built into the TV cards. Some monitors have such microcircuits. However, in most cases they are absent as unnecessary, especially in old CRT monitors.

However, the lack of a tuner is not a verdict for the monitor. Various alteration methods are able to adapt the screen to receive a TV signal, and this will be discussed below. Of course, there is one more inconvenience in the form of the lack of a remote control. However, this is purely a matter of usability. The main thing is to get a signal.

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Smart TV box

Surely many have heard of Smart TV. This technology allows you not only to watch many channels, but also watch videos and movies online, play some games, and so on. Such a prefix makes sense if you have a good display, as well as a high-quality antenna and an Internet connection.

External TV tuner

The easiest option is to purchase an external TV tuner. It should be chosen based on the available monitor and antenna. The cathode ray tube is not capable of producing a high quality image, so you can stop at the analog version. If a monitor with a good resolution LCD screen, then, of course, a digital TV tuner will be the best choice.

In addition, there are two types of tuners. The first is a relatively stationary, Wi-Fi-sized router. An antenna is connected to it, as well as audio and video output cables. It has its own power supply, and therefore is completely autonomous. For such a tuner, it is enough to have a monitor and an audio output device. A remote control is included as a bonus. The problem with channel management is solved very quickly. The second type is USB TV tuner. As the name suggests, it plugs into a computer USB port. Although the portable tuner requires a system unit, it also has advantages. Takes up little space, does not require power, control is carried out from a computer. In addition, you can optionally record programs.

How to make a TV out of a monitor using a set-top box

The idea of ​​using a monitor as a TV is not new. There are a huge number of examples when craftsmen made TV with their own hands, using objects that were at hand. We offer a simpler option. to use equipment that has everything you need to watch TV.

One of the ways to make a TV from a monitor with your own hands is to use a special TV set-top box. If we compare its cost with the purchase price of a new household appliance, then it is inexpensive, and you can connect it yourself using the HDMI connector (if, of course, it is present) (Figure 2). If desired, the equipment can continue to be used with the computer. Even if the screen and the video card have several connectors, it is enough to connect the set-top box once, in order to turn it on later by simply pressing a key on the case.

A conventional TV box provides the following features:

  • Reception of communication, both analog and cable.
  • Faster channel search.
  • Improving the resulting image.
  • Simple interface.
  • Convenient control.
  • Ability to independently set the optimal brightness, contrast and color.

This method of watching TV through a monitor can have one significant drawback. the lack of sound. If the device already has speakers, then it becomes irrelevant, if not, you will also have to purchase an adapter with an audio output. Then it will be possible to connect speakers and other sound-reproducing equipment, and use the new “box” for pleasure. Also, recently, set-top boxes with built-in speakers or audio outputs began to appear on the market, so this problem has been solved. In the case of using the TV as a monitor, we recommend using various IPTV programs. They will allow you to watch cable channels over the Internet.

TV from monitor

Today it is simply impossible to imagine life without films and programs. All information from the media and not only is broadcast on the blue screen. It is with the help of TV that people not only get the opportunity to watch programs and films, but also receive information necessary for life and work. If you still do not have such a “window to the world”. it does not matter. It can be made from other household appliances.

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For example, from a computer monitor. When buying a new device, a fair question arises what to do with the old one. The option to sell has receded into the background since special devices have appeared that allow you to turn an old TV into a modern Smart TV. Indeed, why throw away that which can still serve in a new incarnation? How to make a TV out of a monitor will be discussed further.

DIY TV from the monitor

Those who have experience in repairing digital equipment and do not want to invest in the creation of a new or additional TV can use the following method. To do this, you need to crawl into the contents of the box and replace it with a universal scaler (controller) and LVDS cable (Figure 3).

  • Disassemble the equipment using a tech screwdriver.
  • Pull out the old board and insert the new one.

Remember, in order to use the monitor as a TV without a computer in the future, all work must be carried out very carefully, since the operability of not only the future TV, but also the device in general, directly depends on this. So, if the user does not want to send the device to junk, the easiest option would be to simply purchase a board and leave all the work to a professional. This will require additional financial investments, but it will still cost much less than buying a new TV.

Using the above method, you can make a TV from an LCD monitor with your own hands, of course, if the matrix is ​​not broken in it.

Note: It should be borne in mind that saving on scaler boards will lead to the fact that you can only watch analog TV, which will stop working by 2019.

Use your monitor as a TV with a TV tuner

To watch satellite or cable TV, you will need to install a DVB-C (“cable”) or DVB-S (“satellite”) tuner. Connecting a conventional set-top box is carried out in the same way.

The main thing is to check the presence of the corresponding connector (HDMI), since only with its help you can make a connection (Figure 4). But even if it is not in the device, you can use an adapter, but this option implies additional costs associated with its purchase, although in this case the price will be less than that of a real TV.

With the help of a TV tuner, you can increase the capabilities of a conventional screen, turning it into a real TV, which, when turned off, will continue to function as a monitor, which is very convenient if you want to have an additional TV at home or avoid buying an expensive household appliance. Usually, these tuners have Android OS, which allows you to download various Android applications to set-top boxes.

Use the recommendations presented on how to make a TV out of a computer monitor, and give new life to your old screen without much expenditure of finance and effort.