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How to install apps on a Sony TV

After connecting the TV to the Internet, you need to update the firmware for the Sony Bravia Smart TV. The instructions for updating the firmware can be found in the documentation for the Sony device.

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We will analyze the most necessary programs.

    The most popular YouTube video resource. For him, there is a special control and optimization of viewing directly on the TV remote. Press “SEN” on the remote. Having opened “My applications”, use the remote control arrows to point to the “” icon. Find the YouTube shortcut in the catalog and confirm with the right button on the remote control. “Open”. After opening the application, scrolling through the menu is done with the buttons on the remote up and down. Inside: settings, titles, thematic collections. After stopping at the line of the menu, TV will load a selection of plots that are scrolled in the same way on the remote control. You can start viewing by pressing the center key. The pause and rewind buttons on the remote control are equivalent to those on the application screen player. Return button returns to the previous menu.

Built-in browser for browsing the Internet. Find the “WWW” application, then. the central button of the remote control and press “Open”. To enter the address, use the arrows to translate the search to the address bar. Press the center button, and the arrows. to select letters and symbols. After writing, press “Enter”. On Bravia models 2012-2013 the address line drops out when you press the “Option” key on the remote control and select the “Enter URL” item.

Skype. Supported on TV over the Internet. If the TV does not have a built-in camera, you will need to purchase an external one specially for Sony of the same manufacturer. To add an icon to the My Apps screen, press SEN on the remote, then the plus sign in My Apps, find the Skype shortcut. The application is now in quick launch. At startup, enter the username, password for the application and communicate in the same way as on a computer or laptop.

The TV cannot completely replace the computer when installing applications on a Sony Smart TV. Complex page design slows down the performance of the operating system. Therefore, programs and pages will take longer to load than on a good PC. Some will not launch at all, as they will require browser plugins that Smart does not support.

How to install and set up Smart TV on Sony

To install a TV service on a Sony Smart TV, you need to connect your TV to the Internet. We will proceed from the assumption that the house, the apartment is “entangled in the global web”. You are already using it through devices: PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet. The apartment is equipped with a router that supports wired LAN-cable, wireless Wi-Fi. You can connect a TV in both ways. Let’s consider both options in more detail.

Sony Smart TV: making TV multifunctional

Sony’s Smart TV platform transforms a conventional TV into a multi-functional hub. Uses support for Google Assistant, hands-free control, entertainment content. All the possibilities, methods of configuration, installation and problems are described in the article.

Sony Smart TV features

Installing a smart operating system Sony Smart TV Bravia significantly expands the capabilities of television. After pressing the “HOME” button on the remote control of the TV receiver, press the “Installation menu”. Then. in the submenu “Network”, “Refresh Internet Content”.

After that, it will search for available content and download it. It is produced through the Sony Entertainment Network server. Loaded after the device and server addresses are authenticated. When the content has finished downloading, you will be asked to visit the Main Menu by pressing the HOME key. But you need to press the “SEN” button. This will immediately take us to the list of content. foreign and Russian applications, channels with Internet video.

After selecting the application, the “Open” sub-item will appear. The channel you like can be added to My Applications. After that, the icon of the selected application will be located in the quick access menu.

In addition to the general list of programs, it is possible to download additional programs through the Opera TV Store. In addition to video, a catalog of games is available, which can be controlled via a TV remote control.


To connect via a cable, you need an Ethernet cable, also called a patch cord. At the ends, crimped, prepared tips are required. A cross-patch cord is indistinguishable from a regular one, but only serves to connect computers to each other. Its contact order is different. Not suitable for our operation.

Before setting up, you must turn off both devices from the network. TV, router. Connect the patch cord connector and TV port until you hear a click. The other end of the cable is similarly connected to the router. Turn on both devices and wait 15-20 seconds for the router to boot.

Press “HOME” on the remote and visit the setup menu with the suitcase logo. After that. “Network” and “Network settings”. Next. “Setting up a network connection”.

After selecting the “Simple” window, the TV will not offer additional options when the network cable is connected. If everything is in order with the cable and the router is working, the test will pass. A successful internet connection icon will appear. Confirm by pressing “OK”.

In the case of a wireless connection, all operations are carried out in the same way until the network is selected. “HOME”, the suitcase icon, “Network”, “Network settings” and “Network connection settings”. Ignoring the choice of “Specialist”, press the “Simple” button and select the Wi-Fi connection.

  • enter a password in the proposed connection directory;
  • configure by pushing the WPS button.

To enter a password, use the buttons on the remote for letters and the center for symbols. Complete the password by pressing “Enter”.

Setting up when choosing WPS is easier. Press the button on the router and TV until the connection directory is displayed. The password is ignored and the connection is made directly between devices with WPS.

Solving Potential Problems

Complex devices often fail. The more multicomponent the device is, the greater their likelihood. Let’s take a look at a number of popular problems:

    Apps or online services are not working properly. Sites open normally. Most likely need a firmware update.

Lost a set of applications in the list of programs that open with the “SEN” menu and selection from the “” button. After a factory reset, it happens that the TV takes a long time to update the list of programs. If the program catalog does not appear, make sure the Internet is available. It is checked by logging into the Internet through a web browser with a “WWW” icon. This is a built-in program and is always present. If there is no operation, check the network availability again. If the browser is working correctly, return to the main menu. From the “HOME” button enter “Network Settings” and select “Update Internet Content”.

  • Occasionally, when working, sites require downloading additional plugins, more often Flash. Can I download them and make the TV work normally? Unfortunately this is not possible. The machine’s built-in browser does not accept updates. To view such sites, try downloading versions adapted for mobile devices.
  • During operation, the download speed changes, and sometimes it disappears altogether. It is worth checking the availability of access from other devices to make sure that the router is working. Try rebooting the access point. Sometimes a small glitch leads to a load drawdown.
  • If this does not help, disable IPv6 routing. This is done through system settings from a computer.

    To disable this function on Sony, go to “HOME” in “Settings” with a “suitcase”. From there. to “Network” and “IPv6 Setting”.

    In the settings, disable routing, confirming by pressing the “No” key.

    The second solution is to eliminate interference. The router should be close and within line of sight. Reinforced concrete walls, solid obstacles, and other devices can interfere. Disconnect all wireless connections in the apartment.

    It is always worth considering that the processor power of the TV is much lower than that of a computer and processes a limited range of tasks. The speed of loading sites, games and other programs is much slower than computer ones. And that’s ok.

    Connecting to the Network

    Internet access on Sony Bravia TVs can be configured in two ways: via WI-FI or using a cable.

    Software Update

    To complete this process, you need to press “HOME” on your Smart TV with Android TV OS, and then select “Applications”. “Help”. “System update”. “Auto download” or “Automatically check for updates”, then click “On” Some of the models will need to accept the company’s privacy policy.

    For Sony TVs with Linux OS, you need to press “HOME” and then on the screen select “Settings”. “Product Support” or “Customer Support”. Next, you need to click “Automatic update” or “Automatic software download”, and then “On” and “Enter”. The procedure may vary from model to model.

    Configuring Smart TVs on Linux

    After the firmware is updated, on Sony TVs with Linux OS, you need to open the menu with the “HOME” key on the remote control, then select “Settings”. “Network”. Now you need to click on “Refresh Internet Content”. This will automatically connect the device to the company’s servers to update the available applications and services. At the end of the process, a corresponding notification will appear.

    Then, by pressing the “SEN” button, you should go to the Smart-section of the TV receiver. Within a few seconds, a number of manufacturer-recommended apps will appear. To add other programs from the available ones to them, you need to click on “” or the “My Applications” button. Having selected the necessary widget, you can open it or place it in “My Applications” for quick access.

    Channel setup

    On Sony SmartTV, you can watch TV through an antenna or via the Internet.

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    Setting up Smart TVs on Android

    Installation is even easier on Sony TVs with the Android TV platform, and the Smart Service interface will seem familiar from smartphones and tablets running this platform. All you need to do to set up the Smart-functionality is to register in the Google Play service and log in to be able to download programs and games to your TV set.

    Advice! The most convenient way is to create a Google Play account on your computer, and then go to your profile on your TV. You can also use an existing account.


    WI-FI connection can be done in two ways:

    • using WPS technology, designed to simplify the wireless connection to the router and does not require entering a password from the local network;
    • in the classic way, in which you need to know the name of the home WI-FI network and the password to it.

    Connection via WPS is possible only if both the TV receiver and the router support this technology. It is also carried out in two ways: the first. using a button, the second. by entering a code. In the first case, you must press “HOME”, then on the screen select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “WPS (button)”. After that, you need to follow the instructions on the screen, where you will be asked to press the WPS button on the router and hold it until the connection is established. In the second case, you need to open the TV receiver menu from the remote control using the HOME key, select Settings. Network settings. Wireless settings. WPS (PIN). Further, you should also act according to the instructions on the TV screen. But with such a connection, you need to open the router’s web interface from the computer and add a new device (TV), specifying the PIN from the TV receiver screen as confirmation. After that the connection will be established.

    To connect in the standard way. using a password from the WI-FI network. you must press “HOME”, and then sequentially select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “Scan”. Next, in the list of found networks, you must specify the home and enter the password to establish a connection.

    For a detailed description of connecting to the WI-FI network for a specific model of the TV receiver, it is recommended to look at the instructions for it, since on different devices this process may differ depending on the type of menu and the name of the sections.

    Instructions for setting up Smart-TV on Sony TVs

    Sony Smart TV panels not only traditionally broadcast TV channels. they open up the opportunity for the user to watch a variety of video content online, including IPTV, chat with friends via social networks or Skype, play games on a big screen, surf the World Wide Web. and other activities of an entertainment nature related to Internet access. However, to take advantage of all this, you need to connect the TV receiver to the Network, and then set up Smart-TV on your Sony TV.


    Use the lightest part of the adjustment table to set the contrast. Change the level until the right side of the screen becomes extremely light. With the correct values, the difference between the right and left zone will be significant.

    You can adjust the contrast on the TV.

    Saturation of the color palette

    To make the image natural, saturated, change the dynamics of the palette until all transitions are pronounced on the central gradient.

    Features of Sony Bravia TVs

    Before connecting a digital TV, perform panel setup, check if the model has a digital tuner. If the model was released after 2015 for the Russian market, this option is 100% available. For old TVs, you can use the manufacturer’s official website, where in the search bar it is enough to drive in the TV modification. If your Sony Bravia TV does not have a built-in T2 tuner:

    • buy an external TV set-top box that allows you to receive and decode a digital signal;
    • update your TV. The old model is not always capable of producing a high-quality signal, providing access to all functions.


    Using the setup chart, define the darkest area in the gray bar on it. Using the remote control, change the value so that the black area located on the left side of the picture becomes extremely dark. If there are visible differences between the right and left sides, the brightness setting is correct.

    Extra options

    To prepare the TV for digital television, connect the antenna cable to the provided input, select the “Antenna” signal source in the settings. Make sure all additional devices are disabled.

    Sound setting

    The user can choose internal speakers or external acoustics as the main sound source. Then, just turn on the channel, adjust the volume to an acceptable level.

    How to set up your Sony Bravia TV?

    Modern Sony Bravia TVs, not only with Smart-TV function, can enjoy the benefits of digital TV without purchasing additional equipment. The search for available programs is carried out through the built-in receiver. Exclusively for users who have not previously encountered the equipment of a Japanese manufacturer, an instruction manual has been created to help adjust the image, sound, and other parameters.

    What capabilities does ForkPlayer have for Sony Smart TV

    The specificity of ForkPlayer for Sony Smart TV is that this TV application receives content directly from the site. But most of the programs on the Internet do not work in the format in which TV can perceive them. This application processes the signal and then converts its format. But these are not the only functions of the application:

    • The user can watch videos and listen to music from any site;
    • Downloading applications for Sony Bravia through ForkPlayer is much easier than from other browsers, again, due to the relatively large functional potential;
    • Having installed on Sony Bravia Smart TV, there is already used a list of the most popular sites and online cinemas, where the user could enter;
    • A person has the ability to save favorite playlists. Thus, it will be possible to view content even without using your Sony Bravia Smart TV, but from other devices where ForkPlayer is installed;
    • In addition, you can install and add other applications, both official and unofficial, but suitable for a specific model.

    Installing Smart TV applications on Sony through ForkPlayer, like other functions, is possible only if you register on the official website of the application. When this procedure is carried out, the user will have to go to his personal account and add to the list other devices that can cooperate with each other.

    How to install apps for Sony Smart TV

    Smart TV is a feature found on all modern Sony TVs. Thanks to this, on devices you can perform all the same operations as on a computer, and even more. A user who has a Sony Bravia TV can now watch videos online directly from the TV, without having to go to the computer. But you need to connect the internet. In addition, it is possible to browse the web and install various applications.

    In addition, in order to use the Smart TV function, it is not at all necessary to buy the most expensive Sony devices, but you can opt for the budget TV category. Particular attention should be paid to the programs and applications that you install on the TV, since their quantity and quality largely determines what functions the device can perform.

    Where to get apps for Sony Smart TV

    All manufacturers of smart TVs install an original browser in the standard configuration of their devices, which is included in the package and other equipment. For Sony, this is ForkPlayer, which has a lot of interesting functions and makes the TV more convenient and enjoyable. But this player can be installed not only on Sony TVs, but also on other devices that run on the Android system.

    • View online channels, movies and videos from various sites;
    • And also the browser helps to view information on a USB flash drive, or stored in the TV’s memory.

    Anyone can add this application to a Sony TV. The player is downloaded either from the official Sony website or from unofficial resources, of course, if you are not afraid to catch a virus or install a low-quality, outdated application.

    In addition, there is a standard Smart menu, which is also used as a search application if the user’s usual set of content does not suit the user. You can do whatever you want through the Smart menu, since this is the main tool for operating the device. It reflects any program that runs on the TV, and here, this list can be thinned out or replenished.

    How to update web content from the Smart TV main menu

    Updating web content on a TV is one of the most important steps in getting a device to work the way it should, regardless of what year it was released or how long ago the software was updated. You need to update the installed content with no less frequency than flashing, therefore we are trying to download new and update old applications that are already in the TV list.

    This procedure is done in this way:

    • Take the remote control, and find the “Home” button on the panel. It will display in the menu where you need to find the “Settings” section, and select the “Network” sub-item;
    • In the “Network” menu, select the “Refresh Internet Content” item and wait until the automatic configuration is over;
    • When the update is over, go back to the Sony Smart TV, that is, press the “Home” button again. In the field “Processed” you will see those programs without which the television will not be able to work. They are installed by default. If there are not enough of them, it is possible to add a few more. To do this, go to the “All Applications” section;
    • If you find any additional widget that is not yet in the menu, you can add it to “My Applications”, after which it will also appear in the main “home” list.

    After these settings, you can easily use Smart TV on Sony TV, watch TV and watch Internet content.

    How to install widgets on Sony Smart TV using ForkPlayer

    There are several ways to install widgets on Sony Bravia Smart TV using ForkPlayer. Now we will try to consider the two most popular ways.

    • Open the “Network Connection Settings” in the TV menu;
    • Choose a manual installation method that will allow you to connect or disconnect any module at the user’s request;
    • Further, in the settings, you should change the primary DNS. The added number should look like this: But not the fact that it will work. If you still fail to connect to the network, you can try to bypass it on the other side, and use a slightly different set of numbers: When that doesn’t work, the last option is usually ideal: Much depends on the TV model, so it is advisable to try everything;
    • Wait for the connection to the Internet network;

    After the connection is over, you should launch the NOW.RU Theta application, although you can also use Lifeshow if you go through the Opera Store. This will launch the ForkPlayer widget. It remains to carry out simple settings and you can work.

    • You need to register on the resource;
    • After registration is completed, a message about the ID address will appear on the TV screen, which is assigned to your Sony Bravia TV and from which it will work in the Opera Store for free;
    • You can view the ID like this: go to the Menu, go to the About tab. But you should hurry, because the address is only valid for fifteen minutes, and if you do not have time to enter it in the field, you will have to send a second request. This can be done by clicking on the #ID icon;
    • Having received the address, you need to bind the device by entering the code in a special line, after which the “Develop” category will appear in the Opera Store;
    • Go to the site by entering its parameters in the URL Loader column and save the information received;
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    In order to open the section “” and “tray.TV”, in the settings you will also need to change the DNS (DHCP) to or, as in the first option. After installing these widgets, customization of applications will become much more practical and convenient, and the next updates will take a minimum of time.

    Wi-Fi connection

    To understand how to install IPTV on a Sony Smart TV, you need to figure out if WI-FI is available.

    If a built-in wireless network is provided, then additional equipment is not required.

    • Press the “HOME” button on the remote.
    • Go to the “Settings” section.
    • Open “Network Setting”.
    • Select “Wireless Setup”.
    • Search for available points.
    • Open the point with the name of the installed router.
    • Enter access password.

    Setting ends after connecting to the access point.

    Some Sony TVs do not have a built-in Wi-Fi connection. For this, a UWA-BR100 adapter is purchased. The instruction is similar to the previous one, you just need to connect the device to the TV.

    IPTV setup

    Setting up IPTV on a Sony Smart TV begins with connecting to a Wi-Fi network or installing a UWA-BR100 wireless LAN adapter, which connects to the device via USB.

    Sony Bravia IPTV software, the configuration of which is necessary to connect to local TV broadcasting, is downloaded from the built-in application.

    Installing SS IPTV

    To connect IPTV on a Sony Bravia Smart TV, you need to follow these instructions:

    • Open the “All Applications” tab.
    • Find the Opera TV program (aka VEWD), open it.
    • Go to the “Settings”.
    • Using the remote, go to the development section by pressing three times to the right.
    • Press the “Generate ID” button, write down or remember the received code. Don’t turn off TV.
    • Register on the website, remember your email and password.
    • An email with a link will be sent to the specified email address, open it.
    • Enter TV model and ID, press the confirm button. The TV will start pairing.
    • Press “Confirm” on the TV, then go to the “Developer” section.
    • Open the program “URL Loader”, enter the site into the line, select the first button “GO”.
    • Agree to user agreement, select country and provider.

    This completes the IPTV settings on Sony Smart TVs, TV broadcasting is available through the program, you do not need to install a set-top box.

    Setting up IPTV on a Sony Bravia TV

    Sony Bravia IPTV is a TV that allows you to watch TV channels of local providers without using.

    Sony Bravia IPTV is a TV that allows you to watch TV channels of local providers without using additional equipment.

    To connect to TV broadcasting, you need to set up TV by connecting it to the Internet and installing the necessary programs.

    Installing Vintera TV

    Vintera TV application for Sony IPTV is similar in functionality to the previous one. Therefore, it is worth considering it because of the easier installation method:

    • Open the Opera TV application, in the search enter “Vintera TV”.
    • Click on the “Install” button.
    • Open the program, apply the necessary settings.

    This completes the installation of the IPTV program on the Sony TV.

    Additionally, you can download Vintera TV for Android and download Vintera TV for iOS to watch TV channels from mobile devices or TVs with Android OS.

    Sony TV brand has a wide range of applications that allow you to watch TV without a set-top box.

    List of applications on Smart TV from Sony Bravia

    As soon as the Internet is connected to the TV, it will immediately be possible to use all the functionality of the device. First of all, when you switch to Smart TV mode, a special window will appear.

    In one part of this window there will be television channels, which can later be sorted by level of interest. The other part contains the installed applications available for use. Initially, this part will be empty or very few programs. To expand the capabilities of the device, you will need to install the appropriate software.

    To do this, go to the All Applications tab by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen. A list of available channels and applications that you can install will appear. Among the popular programs, you can see various browsers, video hosting, music players, and the like.

    Traditional television channels will also be available, including both state and local ones. The TV provider Tricolor boasts a variety, perfect for use in smart TVs. Additionally, you can use the program “Opera TV Store” to improve the convenience of viewing channels. Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of using online games.

    Smart TV Sony Bravia. TV capabilities

    Sony Smart TV expands the capabilities of a conventional TV into a full-fledged multimedia center. In addition to the standard viewing of TV channels, the following options are now available to users:

    • using Skype for video calls;
    • the ability to communicate in social networks;
    • playing music in high quality;
    • use of various video hosting sites;
    • installation of simple games, etc.

    In addition to advanced functionality, the advantages also include an increased viewing angle, the ability to watch videos in high quality and no distortion, even with a dynamic image.

    The sound in such models is also at a high level. Advanced surround sound technology immerses the viewer in the world of cinema. Many devices support playback of files from blu-ray discs containing high quality materials. Also TVs support HD channels.

    Separately, it is worth highlighting the presence of additional technologies that significantly improve the usability of Smart TV. Most technology is present in all models, regardless of price or diagonal inches.

    Setting up and using Sony Smart TV

    Televisions are no longer a simple device for watching channels. Now these are real multimedia centers that open up ample opportunities for users. Smart TV technology dramatically improves the usability of content directly from your TV. Leading manufacturer Sony also offers users its smart devices under the name Sony Bravia. Consider the procedure for setting up Smart TV Sony and the features of applications that can be installed on such devices.

    Installing Smart TV on Sony Bravia

    After purchasing a Sony Bravia Smart TV device, you need to carry out its preliminary configuration, which consists in connecting to the Internet. Without this, it will be impossible to use the functions of the smart TV. Usually, the whole process can be seen in a good instruction, the use of which will significantly speed up the setup process.

    How to set up Smart TV on a Sony TV

    Setting up Smart TV on a Sony TV in most cases comes down to the process of connecting the Internet to the TV. In this case, you can use a wired or wireless connection. In any case, the process will be simple if you already have a router. This will avoid the need to manually enter parameters when directly connecting the cable to the TV.

    With a wired connection, you just need to connect the cable from the router to the corresponding port on the Sony Smart TV. Then, through the main menu, go to the “Network Settings” section and start the process of establishing a connection. If the check did not reveal any problems, then the connection will quickly be established. A message appears on the screen, after which you can start using the functions of the smart TV.

    The Wi-Fi connection works in much the same way. The difference is that the TV will have to independently find the networks available for connection. The user selects the desired network, then he needs to enter the password and hold down the “Connect” button. In a few moments, the device will connect to the Internet and notify the user about it.

    After connecting to the network, you need to find the item “Update Internet content” in the menu and start the corresponding process. The programs will receive the latest updates, and then a notification will appear on the screen that the TV is ready for use. It will not be superfluous to also update the firmware itself to the latest version. This will avoid numerous mistakes in the future.

    When working with a smart TV, various problems can occur, which in most cases are associated with an outdated version of the operating system. Therefore, when errors are found, the update should be the first user action. And only if after it errors remain, it is worth resorting to other methods of repair.

    Most of the problems arise precisely through the fault of the user, since manufacturers try to quickly correct all errors by constant firmware updates.

    Using Smart TV on Sony TVs

    All TV functionality on Sony Smart TVs is implemented through the Android operating system. This platform is extremely popular, so operating your TV will be intuitive. Using the capabilities of a TV will not be much different from using a regular smartphone. And you can even connect your Google account with the saved settings. Thus, the TV will be synchronized with other mobile devices.

    Sony smart TVs allow you to watch any channels and programs in real time, as well as record them on removable media. Almost all models have a built-in browser that allows you to easily search the Internet and use social networks. If social networks are used constantly, you can additionally install the corresponding application.

    TVs are equipped with webcams that will help you comfortably make video calls or even group conferences.

    Installing and configuring applications

    The control of applications on Sony Bravia TVs is carried out by built-in programs. Before installing any new applications, it is recommended to update the previously installed ones in order to avoid various errors. You can update programs in the “Preferences” section by going to the “Internet Content Update” tab. The device will automatically connect to the company’s servers and deliver the latest versions. At this time, the user only needs to make sure that the power or the Internet connection is not turned off.

    The device is easy to set up and quite convenient to operate. And an impressive margin of performance ensures that the TV will work great for a long time to be a flagship.

    Smart TV settings on Sony Bravia

    To fully enjoy the quality of use, you need to set up your Sony Smart TV. The first place to start is by connecting to the internet. This can be done in two ways:

    • using a wire;
    • remotely, wirelessly.

    Important! It is possible to confuse the desired patch cord with a cross patch cord. They are similar in appearance but intended for different uses.

    It is better to take the size of the wire with a margin, based on the distance from the distributor to the Smart TV.
    Procedure for setting up:

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      Insert one part of the wire into the desired Internet port on the TV, the other into the router connector;

    Important! The main thing, again, is not to confuse it with another connector that is not intended for Internet connection, otherwise nothing will come of it.

    The second way to connect to the Internet is via Wi. Fi. All the points of the previous connection are repeated, except that after clicking “Simple” a new window will be displayed, in which two options will be offered:

    • by pressing WSP;
    • by entering a password.

    Connection via WSP is carried out by pressing the corresponding button on the router.

    First of all, in setting up your Sony Smart TV, you need to install the appropriate updates. After that, you need to follow the following steps:

    • Entering the main menu with the “Home” button on the remote control;
    • Section “Settings”;
    • Item “Network”;
    • Next. “Updating Internet Content”.

    In this way, the TV will automatically join the Sony EntertainmentNetwork system. After setting, a prompt to exit to the menu will be displayed. Thus, it is now possible to switch channels, configure them and view them.

    Sony Bravia TV 40 inch Smart TV

    Smart TV is a feature on all modern TVs that adds a huge variety of capabilities. With them, TV work becomes more convenient, and using them is pleasant. Added features:

    • Internet access;
    • Bluetooth support (for synchronization with the phone);
    • video recording of TV programs;
    • mirroring (for synchronization with a computer);
    • light sensor.

    In this video, consider Sony Bravia TVs:

    Fork player for sony Smart TV

    Fork Player is a browser designed for Sony TV Smart TVs. With this application, you can watch movies, online channels from various sites that are usually not supported by TVs. The difference between this application is that all information from sites is read, processed and converted into the required format.

    Features of the

    There are a number of advantages in using IPTV technology:

    • no satellite dish or antenna required;
    • transmission of only high quality pictures;
    • providing appropriate sound;
    • the possibility of interactivity. recording TV shows or bookmarking them;
    • unlimited number of channels;
    • the ability to view data directly from a computer to TV.

    Features of sony bravia Smart TV

    SONY devices are constantly being modified. Sony bravia is a unique development that allows you to support Smart TVs of the highest quality. This technology has a number of innovative possibilities:

    • Slim Backlight Drive. Sony TV is built with two layers of LEDs. This function is able to analyze the picture and distribute the backlight level. From this it follows that light areas look brighter, and black ones. darker;
    • X. tended Dynamic RangeTM PRO. technology for balanced distribution of the same backlight. The contrast of the image can be improved by adjusting the brightness level. It is assumed that it will be 3 times higher than on a regular LED TV;
    • TRILUMINOSTM Display. The color gamut of shades is increased by up to 50% due to the technology’s ability to match and modify the color range. This effect is achieved thanks to additional LED backlighting and specially developed QDEF film;
    • Dual database processing. The processor reduces noise and increases picture quality up to 4K. Even if the video quality was previously poor, it looks great on the display. This is achieved through the use of two downloaded Sony databases containing a huge number of base images;
    • MotionflowTM XR. Almost cinematic quality is obtained with the help of technology. This follows from the fact that the technology adds missing frames, including movements. Blurring of the picture disappears.

    Set up Smart TV on your TV

    • ClearAudio Optimizes Smart TV sound based on the type of picture you are watching. This includes the best stereo system modifications from such enhancements as Clear Vocal, Sony Clear Phase, S. Force Surround;
    • Clear Phase. The technology eliminates inaccuracies in sound reproduction. Provides adequate clear sound.

    IPTV for Smart TV on Sony

    Various technologies are used to broadcast TV programs. In Russia, one of the most popular has become the modification of IPTV, which mainly uses Internet channels.


    One of the possibilities in the form of previously unavailable viewing of information from sites has already been considered. Other “skills” of this browser:

    • support for a flash player with which you can listen to music;
    • saving and creating your own Play. lists;
    • viewing Play. lists from other devices that support Fork Player;
    • access to the installation of unofficial applications.

    Experience the capabilities of Sony Smart TVs

    Sony Bravia Smart TV Functions and Features

    The interior of the TV is made according to the latest technology.

    The device has a built-in Android TV system, which greatly simplifies watching movies and TV series. Since this is a service from Google, you need to go through the registration process to use it.

    Do not forget! For full use, you need a high-quality Internet connection.

    You can connect your Sony Bravia TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi signal, modem or cable.

    However, please note that Smart TV functions may not work correctly with a slow or low-quality Internet connection.

    Separately, it is worth downloading the possibility of voice control for your smart device. To do this, press the corresponding button on the control panel and say by voice what you would like to see. Next, you will be offered all possible options.

    You can also show movies and TV shows played on other devices on a large TV screen. That is, you can turn on the series on a laptop and watch it on the big screen. To do this, simply connect the Chromecast service to your smartphone and select the appropriate option to transfer the image.

    If you are attracted by all of the above functions, then we will figure out how to connect Smart TV to Sony Bravia TV.

    Chromecast function

    Sony Bravia Smart TV

    In the modern world, every day there are more and more new devices that simplify and improve human life. New technologies open up more and more possibilities for users, and one of these discoveries is the Smart TV function for Sony TVs.

    Apps for Sony Bravia Smart TV

    When you open the smart TV mode, a special window will open in front of you.

    On the left you will see a list of the channels offered to you, and on the right there is an empty space. You can add your favorite channels there yourself so that they are always at hand.

    To get acquainted with all the proposed options, at the bottom of the screen there is a button “All applications”.

    Once you get there, you will see the whole range of applications. services for watching TV series and films in the best quality, a collection of cartoons for every taste, applications for watching videos on YouTube, and so on.

    If you like watching classic TV channels, then you can do this through Smart TV. you can choose to watch TNT, the Sport channel and all the rest. The picture quality will be at its best!

    General information about Sony Bravia with Smart TV

    The TV was released in 2016, but it still remains one of the main players in the smart TV market.

    Absolutely all users note the incredible image quality, which is understandable. 4K HDR video makes itself felt. With it, you can forget about any problems with the image. everything is clear and pleasing to the eye.

    In addition to excellent performance, the device itself looks aesthetically pleasing and will fit into any interior.

    Note! Features, functions and appearance may vary slightly depending on your region or country of residence.

    Next, let’s talk about the functionality and characteristics in more detail.

    Description of Smart TV technology

    The smart TV function allows you to combine your smartphone and the Internet on your TV. Internet connection required for full use.

    • Watching any TV series, cartoons and films at any convenient time of the day. You just need to enter the name of the movie you need in the search bar and you will be offered all the available options. You can also install a dedicated application for watching movies.
    • You can play games on the big screen TV.
    • It opens up the opportunity to use the TV like a computer. You can chat on social networks, check emails and search for information on the Internet.
    • You can watch videos on YouTube in full screen and enjoy the work of your favorite bloggers.

    Please note that for the Smart TV to work properly, your TV must meet the relevant requirements. We recommend that you make sure of this in advance.

    Connecting Sony Bravia to Smart TV technology

    There are 2 options for connecting the function to your TV. wireless and wired. This is due to the fact that Smart TV requires the Internet, therefore, there are only 2 methods. via a cable or via a Wi-Fi signal.

    To connect via Wi-Fi, select “Network” in the settings, find your network, enter the password and connect.

    So, when the network is found, follow these instructions:

    • Next, in the upper right corner, select the “Install” button, then the “Network” section.
    • To make the Internet work, go to “Network settings”, then “Network connection settings”.
    • A window will open in front of you, offering to choose the type of setting. for beginners and for advanced users. Choose the “Simple” option and the setting will be done automatically.

    It’s simple now. You will see a window with the choice of the desired network type. Choose your network.

    • After that, you need to restart the TV and set up Smart TV technology.
    • When the TV turns on, press the Home button, then go to the “Settings” section and then to the “Network”.
    • Click on the “Refresh Internet Content” button.

    Your Sony Bravia Smart TV will automatically connect to all Sony services. Now the installation and setup of Smart TV is officially finished. To start enjoying all the services, press the “Sen” button on the control panel.

    Next, let’s talk about applications and programs.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart TV on Sony Bravia TV

    Finally, we will tell you about the unique features, cons and advantages of this device and smart TV technology in general:

    • Convenient, pleasant and intuitively simple interface. Everything is designed to be extremely simple, with an emphasis on user-friendliness. Nothing will stop you from understanding and enjoying your favorite movies and TV series.
    • Convenient remote control. Using the remote control, you can easily navigate among all Smart TV offers and choose the best for yourself.
    • Best quality. On all TV channels, in all applications, the video and picture quality will be in 4K format with a resolution of 3996 x 2160 pixels.
    • Netflix. This rather popular TV channel requires registration, although it is not difficult.
    • Broadcast. The ability to broadcast video does not always function well in all applications.
    • Programs and applications may differ in quality and functionality in different countries.
    • The remote control does not always come with a TV set, but you can use your smartphone as a remote control.

    These are all common features. In your particular case, there may be positive or negative points.

    Please also note that the names of buttons and functions may vary slightly depending on your region of residence.