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ways to transfer all data from old iPhone to new iPhone

Buy iPhone 7 / X / 8 and need to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone? You can transfer all of our data using iCloud, iTunes or Tenorshare iCareFone. The missing process is lengthy and complex.

Transfer All Data from Old iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

If for some reason you cannot use the method of transferring data from iPhone to iPhone from iCloud, you will have to use iTunes. However, to use it, you will need to connect devices to your computer.

Connect your old iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. Back up using iTunes.

Turn on your iPhone 7, and choose these things:

Your language and country Regardless of whether you enable Location Services Wi-Fi network

When prompted to set up your device, select “Restore from iTunes Backup”.

Connect iPhone to iTunes, and back up your new iPhone using the same computer you used to back up your old iPhone.

iTunes will ask you to restore from a backup or set up as new. And select the backup of your old iPhone and select “Continue”.

Transfer All Data from Old iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

The way to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone 8 via iCloud is the most common one. First, before restoring data from an iCloud backup, you must save your data as photos, contacts, messages, notes, etc. on your old iPhone.

Click “Settings” on your old iPhone.

Click the Create Backup button. Wait for the process to finish.

When the backup of your old device is finished, turn on your iPhone 7. Follow the setup assistant and select these things:

  • On the iPhone you want to transfer data to, go to Settings → iCloud and log in with your iCloud account. If you have already been logged in, you can skip.
  • In the menu “Settings” → iCloud (on a new iPhone) activate the switch “Backup”.
  • Done! Your data after just a couple of minutes (time depends on the amount of data) will be transferred to the new iPhone.

Transfer All Data from Old iPhone to iPhone via Tenorshare iCareFone

Easily transfer files from iPhone, iPad and iPod to PC with Tenorshare iCareFone. Connect your device to your PC and you can start managing your data, including videos, photos, music, contacts, notes, calendars, apps, bookmarks, and more.

It is a very easy way to transfer your data from iPhone to iPhone.

Select the type of file you want to import.

Click the “Import” button and find the files that were previously saved on your computer. Wait for the process to complete and you will find these files on your iPhone now.

How To Transfer from iPhone to iPhone. Contacts, Pictures, Videos &

By using Tenorshare iCareFone, you can transfer all content like videos, notes, contacts, photos, music. messages, calendar, etc. to your new iPhone, regardless of whether your old iPhone is 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 7,8, X.

Instructions for transferring data from iPhone to iPhone

When buying a new iPhone, the user may be faced with the need to transfer his personal data from the old device. How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone? Read below.

iCloud transfer

This method is the simplest, you will need to use Apple’s proprietary iCloud service to transfer information to a new iPhone. It is a cloud storage that allows you to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone and to other iOS devices. It can also be useful when archiving critical files. So, to get started, grab your old iPhone and follow these steps:

  • Go to settings. Go to the iCloud menu, find Storage & Copies. At the bottom of the screen, the date of the last backup (copies of important device files) will be displayed. If you want to create a more recent version, click the Create a Copy button;
  • The phone will then copy the files to iCloud. This procedure can take quite a long time (depending on the memory of the device and the speed of the Internet connection).

This completes the manipulations with the old iPhone. Switch to your new iOS device and do the following:

  • Reset the settings to factory defaults. If the phone is new, you do not need to do this. After configuring the basic parameters (time, date, Wi-Fi network), click the “Recover from iCloud copy” button. In the menu that appears, enter your personal information (Apple ID and password). Accept the privacy terms;
  • In the new window, select the latest version of the backup made on the old device. Immediately after that, the process of copying data and settings from the old iPhone to the new one should begin.

After completing all the manipulations, the new smartphone will reboot and display information about the successful restoration of the backup.

data transfer via iTunes

For this method, we already need a computer with iTunes installed (preferably the latest version). Before starting work, connect the old device to the PC and wait for it to be detected by the program. iPhone will be highlighted in the top menu, click on its icon. Then go to the “This PC” window, where there is an item “Create a copy now”.

iTunes will ask for your permission to copy programs, confirm it using the button in the pop-up window. At the end of the procedure, iTunes will display the date of the last backup of the device.

Then you only need to reset the settings on the new iPhone to factory settings (if this is the first start of the phone, you do not need to reset anything). After manipulating the start screen, select the “Restore from a copy of iTunes” button. A window will appear in iTunes prompting you to restore from a backup, select “Restore from backup” and click “Continue”. At the end of the process, wait until all applications are fully synchronized.

data transfer through the AnyTrans utility

  • Connect your old and new iOS device to your computer using two USB cables. Launch AnyTrans and wait for the gadgets to sync. Its status will be displayed in the upper left corner of the program;
  • Select your old device from the menu, click on the iOS icon at the top of the window;
  • Click the “Content to iOS” button. In the next window, a menu will open with all possible files for transfer, their number will also be displayed here. Mark the necessary icons and confirm the transfer of all data;

That’s it, the operation is complete. As a reminder, when transferring contacts to a new iPhone, you will need to temporarily disable syncing of this device with iCloud. AnyTrans can also work with Android smartphones, where the USB debugging option is pre-enabled. We hope our data transfer guide was helpful to you.

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Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone. Quick Start

The function works on devices with iOS version 11 and higher. In this case, two phones should be in your hands, since the transfer will be carried out directly.

On the receiving iPhone, you need to do a full reset, otherwise you simply won’t be able to transfer the data. If you have not turned on the phone yet, then you do not need to reset.

Open the settings, go to the “General” section, then open the “Reset” menu item and click on “Erase content and settings”. If asked to enter a code word. do it.

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When you turn it on for the first time, you need to go to the settings stage (after selecting the language and region). Here you will be able to use the “Quick Start” function.

Bring the old iPhone to the new one, as close as possible, an information message will appear on its screen. click on the “Continue / Next” button.

copy, iphone

You will be asked to point the camera of the old smartphone at the screen of the new one to confirm the action. Next, you will need to enter the password code also from the old iPhone. The transfer will begin, after which all that remains is to do the initial setup of the new iPhone. This method is as simple and fast as possible.

Important! Do not interrupt the process, do not put away the old phone while there is a message on it stating that the transfer is still in progress. Otherwise, everything will have to start over.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone. Via iTunes

This option is suitable for those who cannot use the Quick Start feature and want to transfer data that exceeds their free iCloud space. ITunes must be installed on the computer.

Important! To avoid errors in the process. connect a wire no longer than 1 meter and preferably into the blue USB port of version 3.0.

Connect the iPhone to be copied to your computer and launch the program. Click on the icon of your phone, the “Overview” section should be open in the left column. In the right window, click on the “Create a copy now” button. Wait for the process to finish.

The new device must also be zeroed, reset the iPhone to factory settings, as we discussed in the first chapter. You can of course not do it, turn off the locator function in the settings and just click on the restore button in the program, but it’s easier to do just the reset.

When you turn on for the first time, go to the menu for choosing where you want to restore your device from. Connect iPhone to PC and launch iTunes. If prompted to make the device trusted. do it.

Select the option with iTunes on your smartphone, it may also be called “From Mac or PC from Windows”. Next, indicate that you want to restore from the copy and the copy itself. Follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the process to finish.

Interesting! If the copy was encrypted, you will be asked for a password. do it. Plus, when restoring a copy from Tunes, even those applications that are no longer in the App Store will be restored.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone: All Methods

There are several easy ways to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Apple has made this process as easy as possible for users.

Using them, you can quickly copy everything that is stored on your current smartphone to a new one, and even the settings will be transferred.

In the previous article, we examined in detail what to do if you forgot your Apple ID password. Now we will analyze in no less detail all possible ways of how to transfer data from one iPhone to another, for example, from the old to the new one, as simply and quickly as possible. The instruction will be with explanatory pictures to make it easier for you to understand. Also you can use it for iPad tablet.

About third-party programs and Bluetooth

Do not use third-party computer software to perform the transfer. Firstly, this does not make any sense, everything can be done with the functions described above. these are official ways. Secondly, the likelihood of losing your personal data is high, since often such software is malicious and it is not clear where your Apple ID or photos can get.

Only certain content can be transferred via Bluetooth, for example, contacts or photos. You can read how it works in the article. how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone.

What will be carried over to the new iPhone

Using the methods described below, the following content will be transferred to the new smartphone:

  • Settings
  • SMS
  • Phone book
  • Applications that were installed
  • Purchases
  • Notes, calendars, voicemail, and wherever you were
  • Photos, if their synchronization is not enabled separately in the settings
  • Health information
  • Passwords and keychains

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone. Via iCloud

We will transfer all information from the iCloud cloud to a new smartphone from an iPhone backup. In time, everything will take about the same as in the method described above.

copy, iphone

On the phone from which data will be transferred, open the settings and go to your account by clicking on your name. Next, open the section “iCloud”.

Here go to the “Backup” section and activate this function, immediately make a new copy.

The receiving iPhone should also be reset to factory settings if you’ve used it before. Do it as described in the previous chapter.

After enabling, you will be prompted to restore from iTunes or iCloud. select iCloud. Next, enter the data from your account on which the backup was made and wait for the process to finish.

Interesting! I also recommend that you read the material. Transferring Contacts from iPhone to iPhone. There are detailed ways of how to do this as easily and quickly as possible.

How to Copy iPhone to New iPhone

How exactly you can transfer data from one iPhone to another has already been said. However, it is equally important to know how to set up a new iPhone and how to reset the settings on an old one.

The latter, of course, is only done after a cloud backup has been created. What you need to do to perform a factory reset on your old device:

  • Turn on the phone, go to the “Settings” section.
  • Enter the subsection “Cellular data transmission network”.
  • Call the command “Reset settings”.
  • Select “Reset content and settings”.

Transfer All Data From iPhone To iPhone (Without iCloud or iTunes)

This starts the process of completely resetting the iPhone to factory settings. If a caller ID or automatic dialing was previously installed on the device, all this will also go away. That is why you need to copy the account in advance, that is, before the deletion process is started.

Important! After a reset, the phone will need to be turned off and then turned on again. The transition to factory settings will already be automatic, and nothing else needs to be done with the old device. Further work is underway only with the new phone.

copy, iphone

A complete transition to a new device is accompanied by the fact that you need to turn it on, change the language, translate the time, and the like. If difficulties arise, an assistant is installed in the smartphone, which will prompt what needs to be done. There are different options for how you can customize the phone for yourself. If necessary, you can remove geolocation.

Moving data from the old device is also done through the settings. You must select “Recover from iCloud copy“. After the user is authorized, the download of the backup will begin.

How to transfer data to another iPhone via iCloud

How to transfer information through iCloud has already been described many times. The most important thing to do is create a backup. Without this, further work is simply impossible.

In fact, the transfer takes place automatically and does not need maintenance. The person will only need to start the recovery, and then activate the account.

How to transfer everything from an old iPhone to a new one

Before copying the necessary files from one iPhone to another, you need to prepare. What you need to do:

  • For Apple Watch owners, before starting the entire procedure for transferring files, it is very important to turn off the connection between the gadget and the old device. If you do this, the data is automatically backed up by the hour. Accordingly, then it will be possible to restore everything;
  • be sure to create a backup copy of all available information (contacts, calls, records, applications, etc.);
  • prepare an Apple ID, as well as a password;
  • rearrange the SIM card in the new phone in advance. If the card does not fit the device, it is recommended to call your cellular operator.

There are three main ways how you can transfer data from one phone to another:

  • a special feature called “Quick Start”. How it is carried out was described earlier. The main advantage is that all settings and information transfer are automatic. The only condition is that the iPhone or iPad must have firmware version 11 or higher;
  • iCloud cloud storage. In essence, this is creating a backup copy in the cloud and then uploading it to a new device;
  • using a computer and iTunes. A backup copy is also created, but this time on a PC. The convenience of this method lies in the fact that data transmission occurs through a cable, which means that the time is significantly reduced. In addition to iTunes, you can use third-party programs.

How to transfer data via “Quick Start” without a PC

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using the “Quick Start” app, step by step:

  • The new phone must be switched on and placed next to the old one. For the data transfer to be successful, the old device must have iOS version 11 or higher installed. The Quick Start screen appears on your new phone. You will be prompted to use the settings with your Apple ID. Check the correctness of the identifier, click the “Continue” button. If the continue function is not displayed, it is recommended to check the Bluetooth connection.
  • An animation should appear on the screen of the new phone. The user needs to take the device in his hands and fix it over the old iPhone so that the animation is located in the center of the viewfinder. If everything is done correctly, the message “Completing on new (iPhone name)” will appear. You can authenticate manually if for some reason the camera cannot be used.
  • You will be prompted to enter the password on the new device.
  • Enable and configure Face ID or Touch ID, depending on the option selected.
  • When prompted, you should authorize your Apple ID on your new iPhone. If several devices are used at once, for example, also an iPad, then passwords are entered on each separately.
  • You will be prompted to transfer the backup from iCloud or update the backup and then restore the data. The user can independently determine what from the data he needs to download, for example, applications, geolocation, and what not, for example, music. During the transfer, a Wi-Fi connection must be configured.
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The procedure is quite simple and automated.

Note! If the user, in addition to the phone, has additional gadgets, for example, an Apple Watch, then during the data transfer, they can be automatically connected.

Transferring data “over the air” is a long process. It is recommended to use Wi-Fi connection and fast Internet.

What is Quick Start in iOS

Transferring data from iPhone to iPhone is made easy with Quick Start. The main purpose of the program is to transfer the necessary data from the old phone to the new one as quickly as possible.

After that, it will be possible to restore basic information on the new device using the backup copy on the icloud. Interestingly, when using the “Quick Start” program, information is transferred wirelessly over the air.

Important! Copying information involves both phones, so it is recommended that you choose the most appropriate time in advance.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone. Quick Start Feature

The purchase of a new iPhone is a joyous occasion for the Apple user. The problems that he may face are saving and transferring all the data accumulated on the old device. There are several options for how you can transfer the necessary information from one phone to another, and this is described below.

How to Transfer All Data from iPhone to iPhone

Answering the question of how to transfer data from one iPhone to another, it is worth paying attention to which iOS devices are installed. If in both cases the firmware version is 12 and higher, then the transfer can be carried out without any problems. The user can copy information both wirelessly and using a cable.

Important! It is recommended that you transfer files using a cable. So the speed will be much higher than with a wireless system. If, nevertheless, it is preferable to use the second transfer option, then the devices must be placed as close to each other as possible, having connected them to the Network in advance.

It should be understood that wireless data transfer is done using the Quick Start feature. How exactly the whole procedure is performed from start to finish is described in the previous paragraph.

To transfer data using a cable, the user will need a Lightning to USB3 adapter to connect the camera, as well as a Lightning USB cable. The adapter plugs into the new device, and the end of the cable is plugged into the old phone. The Lightning to USB3 adapter connects to the Lightning port of a 12W power supply. Next, transferring data via cable from iPhone to iPhone is as follows:

  • after connecting all the wires, the corresponding icon should appear, indicating that the phones are successfully connected;
  • as in the wireless case, you can independently determine what needs to be carried and what not.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. 3 ways

In this article, we will cover ways to quickly transfer contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone. Choose the option that suits you.

New iPhone models are released annually, and the contact list has remained practically unchanged for a long time, so the question of how to transfer the phone book of an old smartphone without loss to a new mobile device is very relevant. We will not consider the option of copying contacts via a SIM card. there are more convenient and faster ways to transfer data.

Transfer to iTunes

If you can’t use iCloud storage, transfer your contacts through iTunes. The only drawback of this method is the need to connect the iPhone to the computer. Otherwise, it is no more difficult to use than copying via iCloud.

Important: before using iTunes, make sure that the current version of the program is installed.

Alternatively, go to the iCloud settings on your smartphone and turn off syncing contacts with cloud storage. Further:

This is not a complete list of applications and methods for transferring contacts from one iPhone to another. If desired, you can use Google, Dropbox and other services for copying, transfer contacts as VCF files, but this will take much longer than applying the above methods.

Transfer Data iPhone to iPhone in 2021

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone. 2 Easy Ways

When buying a new iPhone, the owner is faced with the question of how to copy contacts from an old smartphone to a new one. In fact, there is nothing difficult about it. The article talks about two simple ways that will help you quickly transfer numbers from one eplophone to another.

How to Copy Numbers from iPhone via iTunes

Using iTunes is a fairly simple method of copying numbers from Apple devices. To use it, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop and follow these steps:

  • Connect the iPhone you want to copy contacts from and launch the iTunes app.
  • Select iPhone from the iTunes menu and go to the “Details” tab.
  • Activate the item “Synchronize contacts with:” in the window that opens. To do this, you just need to check the box and save the changes.

Important to consider: syncing contacts with iCloud should not be enabled at this point.

  • When the synchronization is complete, you need to disconnect the device from which the contacts were copied. Now you should connect the iPhone to which this data needs to be transferred.

Half the battle is done. What else is left. the table tells.

Tip: It is advisable to install the latest version of iTunes. On the computer, the presence of a new version of the application is checked through “Help”. “Updates”, and Mac owners need to go to the tab of the same name in the AppStore.

How to transfer numbers from iPhone using iCloud

Transferring contacts from one iPhone to another using iCloud is even easier than the previous option with iTunes. All you need is Internet access and a few simple operations. As with iTunes, everything happens in two stages. They are described in the table.

Advice: lovers of large screens, but those who are not chasing novelties, will like the eighth model with the Plus prefix. It has cool cameras, decent storage and an attractive design.

Recommendation: For fans of large, bezel-less displays and cool cameras, the top-end XS Max will do.

  • The operation time depends on the number of contacts.
  • You can make sure that all contacts have been copied by looking at their number. It is displayed at the bottom of the phone book.

Note: You can also check if your contacts are syncing to the cloud at If the number of contacts in the phone books (displayed at the bottom of the list) is identical, then copying was successful.

As you can see, copying numbers from one iPhone’s phone book to another is easy. Both methods do not take much time and do not require special skills. They differ only in that in the case of iTunes, you need not only iPhones, but also a PC, as well as a suitable cable. Another method of porting numbers involves the use of cloud storage, and therefore does not require a connection to a laptop, but a good Internet speed.

Via iCloud sync

Go to the settings of the current iPhone, open “iCloud” and turn off and then turn on the “Contacts” item. When to disable, specify “Leave on iPhone”, and when to enable “Combine”. This must be done, otherwise the phone book will not sync.

On the new iPhone, also go to Settings, go to Passwords & Accounts, and add an iCloud account. Make sure that the “Contacts” item is active. Phonebook is automatically synced and numbers are transferred.

If you do not want to connect your Apple ID to another device, go to the second or third chapter.

Export Backup Contact

Once launched, allow the application to access the book. Check the box to the right of the word “PRO” to select all mobiles or select them manually.

Click on the Export button and select Share Locally. The book will be created in VCF format and an offer to send the file will open immediately.

Contacts backup transfer

Immediately after starting, agree to the request to work with contacts, click on the “Create Backup” button and select “All Contacts”.

If a window pops up offering you to buy a PRO, just close and click on “Open Backup”. Choose a method to send the file and forward it.

Via iCloud to vCard

In this case, you need a computer, because you cannot do this from your phone. If the PC is not at hand, skip straight to Chapter 3.

Follow step 1 of the first chapter to sync the numbers. Next, open on a PC., log in with your account. Click on the “Contacts” section, click on the gear at the bottom left and export the vCard. The file will download to your desktop.

Send it in any convenient way to your new iPhone, for example, by mail. Just open it on your phone and agree to import contacts.

If you receive a message that the format is not supported, click on “Open in” and indicate the item to add to the phone book, see the picture above.

Applications in vCard

In this case, everything is simple. Install the app from the App Store, it creates a copy of the phone book in.VCF file format.

You need to transfer it to a new iPhone, open it and the phone book will be transferred immediately. Everything is done as quickly as possible. Also, I have already considered two of these applications in the article about transferring contacts from iPhone to Android.

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To transfer to a new iPhone. turn on Bluetooth on both devices. When the file transfer window appears in the application. just bring both phones to each other with the unlocked screen and select the target phone to transfer the book.

Use third-party cloud storage, for example, Google Photo or Yandex.Disk

Alternatively, use third-party cloud storage such as Google Photo (unlimited space for free, the program allows you to delete photos and videos uploaded to the “cloud” from the device), Yandex.Disk and so on, which often have a more loyal policy and provide more free space for free basis.

You can post photos permanently on social networks, for example, on Instagram (you can create albums) Odnoklassniki, etc.

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone (iPad) to Mac

On a Mac, open the stock File Explorer and select AirDrop from the left side menu. All that remains is to press the “Turn on Bluetooth” button (if it is off) and send files from the iPhone or any other iOS gadget using the method described above.

In case AirDrop is missing from the sidebar, go to Finder → Preferences (or press Command (⌘) comma (,)). There, open the “Side Menu” tab and in the “Side Menu Items” section, check the box next to the AirDrop item.

Upload all photos and videos to iCloud Music Library

Automatic upload of the entire library to the “cloud” iCloud solves problems with the storage and movement of photos and videos. The process is completely automatic and every new moment of life is immediately placed in its own storage on a remote Apple server, and then on all user’s devices linked by one Apple ID account.

Setting up such a system is very simple. on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, open Settings → Apple ID (topmost section) → iCloud → Photos and activate the switch opposite the item “iCloud Media Library”.

True, all this joy will last exactly until 5 free gigabytes of cloud storage allocated by Apple runs out. As an option. to purchase additional space. the are not so high, and the ecosystem created by the Cupertinos will work practically without restrictions, because the cloud still stores backups of all devices, documents and other data.

If there is no desire to buy something, then, as one of the temporary measures, optimization of the content for the displays of iOS devices can serve, instead of the original file size, although in most cases this option turns out to be useless due to the huge number of saved photos and videos on the device.

Download photos and videos from iPhone to computer (Windows or Mac) and then from computer to new iPhone

In addition to the fashionable wireless transfer of photos and videos between devices, there is an older one. transmission via cable. Since direct cable transmission between iOS devices is not supported by Apple, a computer is used as an intermediate link.

How to save photos and videos from iPhone (iPad) to a Mac or Windows computer, USB flash drive or external hard drive, we described in detail in this material.

After the necessary photos and videos are on the computer, transfer (copy) them to a new iPhone or iPad using any of the following methods:

  • Uploading photos and videos from a computer to cloud services, for example, Google Photo or Yandex.Disk. After the photos and videos are uploaded to the “cloud”, all that remains is to download the corresponding iOS applications to the new iPhone.
  • Copy photos and videos from computer to iPhone using iTunes application. Instructions: for photos and for videos.
  • Send a photo using AirDrop (Mac only).
  • Transfer photos using third-party applications such as BitTorrents Sync.
  • Sending photos and videos from computer to iPhone by email (e-mail).

How to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone (iPad, Mac) to another using AirDrop

AirDrop technology (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data transfer) is great for transferring data between iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac. The data transfer speed is quite decent.

How to Transfer Photos and Videos from One (Old) iPhone to Another (New)

Photos and videos are a part of our life. They allow you to quickly fill in the gaps in memory and reproduce certain moments with a few touches on the display. Therefore, their storage is of paramount importance. There are quite a few ways to transfer photos and videos from one iOS device to another, and in this article we will talk about some of them.

Of course, the easiest option would be to back up to iTunes, but at the same time other data, such as music, contacts, and so on, will be moved along with photos and videos. But what if you only need to move photos and videos? There are many solutions as always.

Transfer Data from iPhone to Android via iCareFone

You can use Tenorshare iCareFone tools to transfer data to computer.

Then use a USB cable to connect your Andriod phone to computer, and then transfer data from computer to Andriod phone. In addition, with this amazing tool, you can easily clean up unnecessary files and speed up your devices, manage contacts, photos, videos, music, applications, create backups and restore your iOS device in case of data loss, etc.

Transfer to iOS

To successfully transfer files from Android to iOS 11 using the Transfer to iOS app, the following conditions must be met:

  • The iPhone must be running iOS 11, and Android must be at least 4.0;
  • All programs affecting the functioning of the Wi-Fi module should be stopped or completely removed;
  • There must be enough free space on the iPhone for new data;
  • The batteries on the devices need to be fully charged;
  • Even a phone call can interrupt copying, so on smartphones it is better to temporarily disable incoming calls by activating airplane mode.

Download and install the application, then launch it. click “Continue” and then read and agree to the terms.

When setting up iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad as a new device, stop at the Apps and Data step and select Move Data from Android.

In the “Find the code” window, click “Next”, thereby activating the synchronization of mobile devices. And you can transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, Google accounts and calendar entries. This data may differ depending on the Android device.

After the data transfer process is complete, you can proceed with setting up your iPhone or iPad.

This application, which was released by Apple, is the easiest way to reload most of the files. Recommended for users with phone data.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Google Cloud Storage

You can use Google to sync contacts, notes, calendars, and other important information on iPhone 8. This is done in the following steps.

Open Settings, select Accounts and Google. Then click the Synchronize Contacts button. Then we will transfer all data from Android phone to Google cloud service.

Then there will be an extraction from the Google cloud storage on the iPhone. Open the settings on your iPhone, then go to the menu item Mail, addresses, calendars. Here click Add Account, and CardDAV Account. Enter your Server, User and Password. And finally press Forward, the list of data is transferred. Now all the information from the Android phone is on the iPhone 8.

This method is performed without a computer, it can be done only on the phone, and subsequent saving on one or several devices is not required, which significantly saves time.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android via iTunes

You can transfer files like contacts, photos, email, extra numbers or notes from iPhone to Android for free using iTunes.

It is necessary to launch the iTunes program, connect the Apple smartphone to the PC using a cable.

Then you should press the “Information” button, and put a tick in the “contact synchronization” item, select “Google Contacts” in the drop-down list.

You need to go to Google and wait until the synchronization of contacts from iPhone is completed.

How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone

Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone via Tenorshare iTransGo

Tenorshare iTransGo. is a PC / Mac based software for transferring data from iPhone to iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. It allows you to 1-Click to clone everything: from old phone to new one, or selectively copy from iPhone to iPad contacts, photos, notes, etc.

Download the program from the official website, install it on your computer and run.

If you want to transfer all data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, please select the Select All checkbox on your original iPhone. It will display the total data size you have selected and how much it will need for your iPhone. Click “Start Transfer” to start transferring full content to your new iPhone.

iCloud. How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

Turn on the old device, open “Settings”, and select “iCloud”, in the menu, click “Backup”, enable the button “Create a backup”.

On the new iPhone, set up the language, network, and in the “Settings” item, select “Restore from iCloud copy”, enter the Apple ID and password, go to iCloud, then you can freely save a copy to a new gadget.

Transfer notes from iPhone to Android using yandex

Plus, there is one option. service “Yandex.Move”, is an addition to the cloud storage “Disk”. It can copy data from iPhone, iPad, iPod to a cloud service, and off from the cloud to Android, the two devices exchange files through this method.

Install Yandex.Disk on iPhone. Set up a username, password from the account, click the “Next” button. Information will be moved to the cloud service.

Enter the same required data into the disk. And open Yandex.Move, go to the “Settings” section, click “Move from phone to phone”.

Write the previously generated code, tap “Start transfer”.