Connecting Phone To TV Via HDMI

How to connect your phone to a TV via HDMI

HDMI connection is the most common way to connect a phone to a TV, because almost any TV has an HDMI port with which you can connect any USB cable. For this type of connection, the phone must have a micro-HDMI connector, which may visually look like a USB port, but these are different connectors. The cord for such a connection must have an HDMI Type A connector on one side, and a micro-HDMI Tybe D connector on the other.

Connecting Phone To TV Via HDMI

When connecting the cord to the connectors, both devices must be turned off. Once connected, you can turn on your phone and TV. Then you need to find and set the HDMI signal source in the TV menu. It often happens that the TV has several of these connectors, but you need to choose the one to which the cord is connected. Then you can select those functions on the phone that you want to display on the TV screen: photo. applications, documents, etc. Sound and picture will also be transmitted.

In standard mode, all settings are initially set automatically. However, it may be that the picture is not displayed. Then the problem is most likely in the phone settings. To solve this problem, you need to go to the parameters and settings of the phone and find the item that is responsible for the HDMI format. Also in these parameters you can select the update frequency.

If the phone somehow does not have a connector for an HDMI connection, then you can use an auxiliary tool in the form of a micro-USB-HDMI converter that connects directly to the phone itself through the existing connector. Then you can connect to your TV using a standard HDMI cable.

Basic connection methods

Connection methods exist both wired and wireless. If you disassemble all the existing possible ways to connect the phone to the TV

Of course, the synchronization conditions depend on the availability of a connection cable, TV and phone model, WI-FI network and installed applications.

Connecting phone to TV via Smart Share

This function of connecting via Smart Share is also called DLNA settings. This is a so-called wireless connection that can transmit data wirelessly using installed applications. This feature is common on LG TVs. However, in order to use it, you need to disable the supported TV HbbTV function, if any.

To connect your phone to a TV in this way, you need to enter the settings of the phone itself and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Next, you need to select options or extensions for the selected network. In this parameters, you need to find an option such as “Wi-Fi Direct”. After selecting this function, a list of proposed devices should appear, in which this TV should also be.

If you have problems with such a connection, then first of all you need to check the operation of applications like HbbTV on the TV. it must be disabled.

How to display a phone display on a TV screen: options for connecting a smartphone to a TV, wireless connection

Smartphones have come to have many useful functions, from using the Internet and useful applications to a camera that is not inferior to the lens of a good camera. That is why there can be many reasons for connecting a phone display to a TV screen. But the essence of all the reasons is the same. displaying the display on a screen with a high resolution.

Unfortunately, paradoxically, but in this case, technical progress can slow down a person at the moment when it is necessary to use a function that has never been used before. So, due to the rapid updating of programs, phones and televisions, the methods of connecting to one or another screen often change; in addition, it often happens that the size of the media or the wire does not fit the TV connector. But fortunately there are quite a few connection methods: not only directly through the wire, but also using other functions.

It became even easier to deal with the issue of connecting the phone when Wi-Fi became ubiquitous. Sometimes users do not even use the TV as its direct purpose, but only as a way to display information from another medium. New technologies are followed by new methods of interaction between gadgets, which include ways to connect the phone to various devices using the Direct function. However, this works mainly on the latest TVs.

Of course, a phone can be used instead of a flash card, but you should not limit your understanding of the capabilities of a smartphone. While the flash card is only capable of being a file carrier and by connecting to the TV, you can view images or documents, and by connecting from the phone, you can duplicate the entire display of the phone and thus you can play games or use the phone applications on the large TV screen.

Connecting phone to TV via usb

The TV can also access the memory and data on the phone via the USB cable. This requires a suitable wire. To connect in this way, you must first connect the micro-usb connector to the phone, and the USB connector to the TV port. Sometimes a mobile device may ask for a type of connection, for which you just need to select the appropriate item in the “USB connection” selection menu. In order for the TV to start displaying the necessary files, you need to put the TV itself in the metafile reading mode, the connection of which depends on the TV model. This can be: Multimedia function, USB connection, Home or Source function. Select either Multimedia or USB as the source for reading information. Then you can select the type of the file that you want to display.

With this method of connection, the phone can be charged as well as from the computer.

Connecting your phone to a TV using AllShare

This function is suitable for Samsung phones and is a synchronization of gadgets with a TV. It is not necessary, of course, to have a phone from this particular company in order to connect in this way. It’s just that this function was originally built into Samsung, and also created for TVs with support for a Smart TV receiver. However, if necessary or due to the lack of this function on the phone, you can install the All Share module.

To connect All Share, you need to make sure that your phone and TV are connected to your home WI-FI wireless network. Then you need to go to the phone settings and in the sub-item “additional settings” find the parameter “available devices” and select the item “exchange modules”. All Share should be on the list of available devices. After launch, you will need to create an account if you did not have one before.

If the SmartTV function is previously installed on the TV, then using it in the menu of this function, you can enter the Smart Hub module and then use the search to find the AllShare Play application. After installing this app, you also need to create or log into an account on the TV.

Connecting your phone to a TV via AirPlay

AirPlay function was created by Apple for technologies of the same name. This is the so-called application with which you can easily connect from Apple phones to any devices on the network. However, this connection has limitations: the picture from the phone to the TV screen can be displayed at the same scale. It should also be borne in mind that in the case of playing dynamic images in the form or games, the picture may be transmitted with a delay. If you connect via AirPlay to AppleTV, then such problems will not arise.

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This type of connection requires a wireless Internet network. To connect to AirPlay, you need to download this application to your phone. Then go into it and register an account, if one is not available. To connect a TV to this system, you also need to download this application, but from the TV and do the same.

Connecting your phone to a TV directly via Wi-Fi

In the absence of a router or for some other reason, you can connect the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi-Direct directly. This function is located in the phone settings in the wireless networks section. On the TV, this function is also in the settings, which can be accessed through the main screen and is called “Wi-Fi Direct settings”. Then, through the TV remote control, you need to go to the parameters, find the “Guide” function, go to “Other methods”. Then you can transfer data from the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi Direct.

If it was not possible to connect in this way and the standby mode for Wi-Fi Direct mode is displayed, then you need to press the “Options” button and “select manually”. If the device has WPS, then you need to select it and then follow the instructions.

Connecting your phone to a TV via Screen Mirroring

This connection method is ideal for owners of Samsung devices, as it was created for them. With it, you can sync your gadgets with your Samsung TV without any wires or additional installations. However, this function is not available on all TVs of this company, but only on Samsung TVs F, J, K, M-series. But this does not mean that it cannot be installed on other TV models of this manufacturer.

To connect to Screen Mirroring, you need to click “Source” on the menu bar of this TV, then on the phone you need to open the quick settings panel and in the “advanced settings” area find the “Smart View” option. Then the phone can start looking for this TV and then display the name of its model, which you need to click. Then the phone display image will appear on the TV screen.

Ways to connect your phone to your TV:

Wireless connection via Bluetooth

If the TV is not equipped with this function, the problem can be solved by using an external adapter plugged into the USB connector. To pair two devices using Bluetooth, you need to do the following:

  • Find and install an application to control the TV receiver on your phone.
  • Activate the Bluetooth option on both devices.
  • Launch a special application on the gadget and check for available devices.
  • Pair with a specific device.

After pairing the gadgets, the real-time picture will be displayed on the big screen.

Bluetooth adapter for TV

Connecting Android to a TV through the “tulip

Modern phones based on the Android operating system can be connected to far outdated TVs. These TV models were predominantly equipped with RCA connectors, which are better known as “tulips”. To pair devices, the user will need an RCA-HDMI cable, as well as an appropriate adapter for a mobile device.

It is important to understand that with this method of device synchronization, you will not be able to contemplate high quality photos. In the TV settings when connecting, you will need to select the main source of the image from the “tulips”.

Using the Wi-Fi Direct method

The essence of this wireless connection is to synchronize devices via Wi-Fi directly, without the involvement of a router or router. In this case, the access point is the TV to which the smartphone is connected. To view the image on the big screen, just press “Send” through the standard phone menu.

The instruction looks like this:

  • Open your TV settings where you need to activate Wi-Fi Direct.
  • On your mobile gadget, go through the path: “Settings”. “Wireless networks”. “Wi-Fi”. “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • Soon the phone will start scanning for available devices, you need to select a specific TV.
  • Use the “Send” option to transfer photos and audio content.

The procedure is SIMple, there shouldn’t be any difficulties in setting up “television”.

Wireless connection of gadgets via Wi-Fi

How to connect Android to TV via Wi-Fi

Another way is to use wireless Internet networks (Wi-Fi). This method is convenient in that there is no need for a cable or any other equipment. The sequence of actions looks like this:

  • Make sure both devices are on the same wireless network. Such cases are common if the home router is capable of operating in two bands at the same time.
  • To pair devices, you must first enable the corresponding function on the TV, and activate the screencast mode on the mobile device. This can be done as follows: “Settings”. “Connected devices” / “Miracast” / “Broadcast”.
  • Start searching for wireless networks. As soon as TV is displayed on the screen, you will immediately need to enter the PIN-code for authorization.

The broadcast of the screen of the mobile device to the TV will begin as soon as the first one connects to TV using the Internet.

Note! If the TV is not equipped with the Smart function, but a set-top box is connected to it, the devices are synchronized in the same way.

How to connect phone to TV via Android USB cable

Many connoisseurs of technology are wondering how to watch TV through an Android phone. Today, almost all modern TV models are equipped with this function. Thanks to this, many ways have been invented on how to synchronize an Android smartphone with TV. One of the most popular is the USB cable connection.

Transferring images from an Android smartphone to a Smart TV

This is the easiest method to implement and allows you to use your mobile device as an external storage device. You can play only those media files that are stored in the smartphone’s memory.

Connection instructions are as follows:

  • Connect phone to TV with USB cable.
  • On the TV, select the USB port as the main source (Source).
  • In some cases, the system on the phone also requires confirmation of the action, which must be done.
  • The Smart TV will display a list of files and folders that the TV could recognize and scan. The view of the displayed packet data depends on the device model.

Connecting phone to TV via USB cable

Note! The native remote control is used to view files and navigate through folders.

How to connect Android to TV. detailed instructions

Modern technologies are developing at an enormous pace, so you won’t surprise anyone by watching smartphone content on the big screen of your TV. The pairing of these two gadgets can be carried out in different ways, but before connecting, be sure to make sure that the characteristics of the TV receiver and the smartphone are fully compatible. There are wireless and wired connections. which one to give preference, everyone decides for himself.


Another common way to wirelessly connect devices. Pairing is carried out at the expense of Wi-Fi, so you will first need to enable Wi-Fi Direct on your smartphone and TV set.

To display files on a large screen, you need to take slightly different steps compared to the previous method. The aLGorithm completely depends on the Android version. It can be found more accurately in the attached operating instructions or on the Internet.

General connection rules are as follows:

  • In the settings of the mobile device in the sections “Connection”. “Other networks” activate the Miracast option.
  • Enable Miracast option on TV. To do this, you need to go through the path “Menu”. “Networks”.
  • The phone screen will display all the devices found, among which there must be a TV.

Note! Miracast only works on modern TVs equipped with Smart TV.

How to connect phone to TV via HDMI cable Android

This method of connection allows you to use the TV as a full-fledged monitor and surf the Internet from it, play and watch online games. In some devices, the case is additionally equipped with a mini-HDMI connector, but this is very rare. If your smartphone does not have such a connector, you will need to additionally purchase the corresponding adapters.

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The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Use a compatible cable to pair the TV with your mobile device. If an adapter is additionally used, then you must first insert it into the mobile phone and only then connect the Android HDMI cable.
  • Select HDMI as the main source for the TV.

After a short period of time, the screen should automatically display an image. If suddenly this does not happen, you need to open the phone settings and change the screen resolution.

Types of connectors in HDMI cables

Note! Depending on the connector on your mobile device, you will need an appropriate cable or adapter. On the one hand, an unchanged HDMI connector, and on the other, USB-C, Lightning or microUSB.

How to connect Android to Samsung, Philips, Sony and LG TV

To transfer the image from your mobile device to the TV, as a rule, it is enough to turn on the Wi-Fi adapter, but there are exceptions. In some TV models, in addition, through the settings, you need to activate the wireless display function. The logic for all TV manufacturers is the same, but the required parameters can be set in different ways:

  • Samsung: to activate the required mode on the remote control, you must press the signal source selection button, then Screen Mirroring. Some more TV models from this manufacturer are equipped with additional display mirroring settings.
  • Philips: to activate this option on a TV of this brand, you need to go through the SIMple path “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wi-Fi Miracast”.
  • Sony Bravia: on the TV remote control, press the signal source selection button (located in most cases at the top of the remote control on the left side), then select “Screen mirroring”.

What an RCA to HDMI cable looks like

Depending on the make and model of the TV, the mode activation may differ slightly. Today, almost all modern TVs are equipped with this option.

The article examined the most optimal options for connecting an Android smartphone to a TV. If difficulties arise in this process, you should make sure that the devices are compatible.

How to display an image from a phone to a TV via MHL

One of the most modern and convenient wired connections today is MHL. This connection is made using specialized cables or adapters, one side connecting to the micro USB port, and the other to HDMI. Such pairing is capable of providing not only power supply of the connected device, but also the highest quality of playback, high speed of information exchange.

There are two types of these cables:

  • Active
  • Passive

In the first case, additional power is required, so this MHL cable has a second USB port. The next option is only compatible with devices that both SIMultaneously support the new MHL standards.

The connection process is SIMilar to HDMI pairing.

Another new development for combining gadgets and TV into one system is called SlimPort. It works with a special adapter, one side connected to the usb phone port, and the other to the TV receiver connector. Only in this case, when connected, the gadget will not be powered, and it can only be used on devices that mutually support this technology.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via USB, HDMI or wirelessly

I think you will agree with me that watching photos in large format is always more fun and easier. It is easy to play multimedia files on the TV, in addition, the phone memory can be used as a flash drive. There are several options for how to connect your phone to a TV via USB and wirelessly, it all depends on your technology and the availability of connection cables.

A SIMple solution how to connect your phone to your TV

For many, the more common option is to connect the phone to the TV using a USB cable. In this case, the device running on the Android platform will be detected as a USB storage device. Through TV, you have access to the internal memory of the gadget, as well as to information on the memory card.

For pairing you need:

  • Insert the cable that comes with it into the mobile device with the micro USB connector, and the other side into the TV port.
  • If the phone asks to select the connection mode, click on the “USB storage device”.
  • Depending on the model, the TV will need to be switched to a special mode for reading media files. After pressing the button, the selection menu exits.
  • We make a choice. Multimedia or USB, and then the file type: it can be. photo or audio.
  • After the files have been viewed, the TV needs to be put into its original mode.

This option will not only help you see what you wanted, but will also charge your mobile device.

Down with wires!

Support for Wi-Fi Direct technology is present today in almost all TVs that have a wireless connection function, and even more so, almost all phones have it. Thanks to this technology, devices are connected to each other without an access point. At the same time, TV sees the phone not as a SIMple storage device, but as a multimedia device. The process of pairing these two devices is as follows:

  • First of all, we turn on Wi-Fi Direct on the mobile gadget. With any version of the operating system, this mode is located in the wireless settings.
  • Next, we perform the same actions on TV. The option can be found in the network settings, its location may differ slightly depending on the brand of the device:
  • After activating this option, a list of devices available for pairing will appear on the TV monitor. Find your mobile device among them, choose it and wirelessly view anything on the big screen.

Talking about Wi-Fi Direct, we cannot fail to mention Wi-Fi Mirakast. Miracast is an improved and more advanced technology, so not all devices can support it yet. Miracast, like Direct, is able to connect gadgets without involving routers.

The main advantages of Miracast are:

  • Excellent quality of transmission of volumetric information (ideal for watching movies)
  • Pairing is protected by WPA2 encryption
  • Both the screen of the mobile device and vice versa are displayed
  • Easily conveys 3D and surround sound
  • Economical battery saving.

Connection instructions are as follows:

  • Enabling Miracast Mode in TV Settings.
  • Selection on the phone in the “Screen” section of the TV in the list of available devices for selection.

If your TV receiver does not have Mirakast support, but does support WiDi, you are also very lucky, you can use it too. Another good news for those whose devices do not support either the first or the second. there are special adapters that can easily perform the above functions. They look like SIMple USB sticks of large size, but at the same time they are easy to connect to the HDMI port.

The author recommends:

Manufacturer bonuses

A huge number of brands and brands are represented on the equipment market. Each of them is trying to “capture” a wider audience. So some manufacturers have created standards that make pairing devices of the same brand as easy as possible.

If you want to connect your Samsung phone to a TV of the same brand, you just need to enable the AllShare function on both gadgets. LG has a counterpart. “Smart Share”. You will find other interesting innovations in such proprietary technologies. For example, there are functions of automatic image quality improvement, prompt transformation of information into a format supported by the TV receiver, even a phone can be used as a remote control. But for this type of device connection, an access point will be needed.

HDMI connection of phone to TV

The order of pairing the two devices will be as follows:

  • Both devices must be turned off (the TV cable must be disconnected from the outlet);
  • The ends of the cable are connected to the jacks;
  • Phone and TV are included;
  • In the TV receiver menu, select the HDMI port as the signal source, after which the mobile screen is displayed on TV.

In the parameters of this connection, you can specify the frequency and resolution of the image. This connection is very convenient, but there are still some disadvantages. The biggest one is the battery draining quickly. So it will be necessary to keep it on a constant charge. In addition, there are old Android devices that do not transmit the entire amount of information via cable, or those that require the installation of an additional application.

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If your mobile phone does not have the ability to connect to the HDMI connector, you should stock up on an adapter.

And what about the “old people”?

Modern TVs, such as LG Smart TVs, easily independently connect to the Internet, through them you can speak on Skype, display photos, from a phone or other digital device that has support for the wireless DNLA protocol. Samsung Smart TVs also have these capabilities, but the cost of such TVs is usually much higher. In short, it’s good to have a smart TV. there are tons of options for connecting to a new unit, but what should owners of old TVs do? I can reassure you, there are not many options, but they are still there.

A more expensive alternative to such “laces” is a TV set-top box. This is a special device that gives a normal TV receiver Smart functions. There are those that run on the Android OS, and there are the familiar Windows systems. So to the question. is it possible to connect to an old TV, it is easy to give an affirmative answer with confidence. The set-top box will help to make a completely modern computer device out of any TV, which has a lot of interfaces for pairing with third-party devices.

These were the most popular and convenient options, so now you also know how to connect your phone to your TV. In fact, it is not difficult, and if you are already on fire with this idea, carefully consider the connectors on your TV, or even better, look at the instructions for the device, then it will immediately become clear which option is ideal for you. Well, in order not to miss valuable information, subscribe to blog updates and you will always be aware of the news. I would be interested to know which pairing method you use.

How to connect a phone to a TV

The need to connect your phone to a TV can arise for a variety of reasons. It really doesn’t matter what exactly prompted you to think about how to connect your phone to your TV. The main thing is that this feature is supported by your phone and TV. Today, there are several ways to display a picture from a smartphone on a TV, and in this review we will consider the most effective.

You can connect your phone to the TV:

  • Using a USB interface;
  • Via HDMI interface;
  • Using Wi-Fi.

There are other ways to connect a gadget to a TV, but it doesn’t make sense to list them all. We will tell you how to connect a smartphone to a TV using the most common methods, and you will choose the option that suits you best.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via HDMI

The above method does not allow displaying an image from a smartphone to a display TV, and therefore, for many, the option with USB is completely inappropriate. Fortunately, there are other ways to connect the gadget to the TV, which include the ability to duplicate the picture. If you want to know how to connect your phone to a TV in order to duplicate an image in high quality, then the best solution for you is to use the HDMI interface.

If you have a modern TV, then it will probably have an HDMI connector. As for the presence of an HDMI interface in the phone, then this can be difficult. Unfortunately, not all smartphones have an HDMI interface. However, the lack of a corresponding connector in your gadget does not mean that you will not be able to connect your phone to a TV via HDMI. To solve this problem, you need to purchase a suitable adapter or adapter.

HDMI guarantees high quality and speed of data transfer in digital format, and therefore, if you need to duplicate images from your smartphone to your TV, we recommend using this method. Unlike the wireless connection, which we will discuss below, the HDMI interface guarantees a high-quality picture without delay. The disadvantage of this method is the need to buy additional equipment, since most smartphones do not have HDMI.

To connect your smartphone to a TV via HDMI, follow these steps:

  • Connect your smartphone and TV with an HDMI cable (if your phone does not have an HDMI connector, use a special micro-USB to HDMI converter);
  • Wait until the end of the automatic setup of image duplication (if the automatic setup did not happen, you can do it manually: in the phone and TV menu select the signal source “HDMI”);
  • Turn on the HDMI mode on the TV (if the TV has several HDMI connectors, look at the number of the one through which the connection is made and select it on the TV).

Depending on the model of your gadget and TV, enabling HDMI mode may differ slightly, but the meaning remains the same. In fact, everything is extremely SIMple and understandable here, so no questions should arise. The main thing is to connect the phone and TV with a suitable wire.

How to connect your phone to a TV via USB

Let’s start with the most common way to connect a phone to a TV. USB connectivity is popular due to its affordability. A USB interface is found on every smartphone and on most modern TVs. The disadvantage of this method is that it does not allow you to display the picture from the phone to the TV. That is, you can use the gadget as a USB storage device, watch files stored on the device’s memory from TV. If you need to duplicate the picture, then go straight to the next method.

Connecting your phone to a TV via USB is straightforward and you hardly need a step-by-step guide. All you need is a USB cable. Plug one end into the appropriate jack on your phone and the other into one of the USB ports on your TV. If your smartphone prompts you to select a connection mode, select as USB storage. Now select the USB mode on the TV and you will access the gadget files.

Connecting your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi

If your TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module, then you can duplicate the image from your phone to TV via a wireless connection. You can connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi through a router (router), or using Wi-Fi Direct technology. The second option is more common.

If you have an LG or Samsung TV, and you have a smartphone from the same manufacturer, then you can connect your phone to the TV using special software from the manufacturer. LG TVs offer connectivity via Smart Share, while Samsung has AllShare. How exactly these functions work can be found in the documentation that came with your TV.

Particular attention should be paid to Wi-Fi Direct technology, which is universal and does not require a router. If your smartphone and TV support Wi-Fi Direct technology, then you can duplicate the image from the gadget to TV in a few steps.

To connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct, follow these steps:

  • Launch Wi-Fi Direct on your smartphone. To do this, in the device settings, open the “Wireless networks and connections” tab, find there an item called Wi-Fi Direct and activate it. If there is no tab with this name, then your device does not support Wi-Fi Direct technology and this method will not work for you.
  • Go to the TV menu and select the “Network” tab. Activate “Wi-Fi Direct” connection method.
  • After turning on the Wi-Fi Direct technology on both devices, the TV will be able to select a smartphone for connection. Select your phone and confirm the connection setting by pressing the “yes” button. After that, the image from the phone will appear on the TV.

We have listed the most common ways to connect your phone to your TV. Which one to choose is up to you. If you still have any questions, ask them in the comments.