Connect TV set-top box to TV via HDMI

The main role of HDMI inputs

The emergence of new digital interfaces such as HDMI contributed to the obsolescence of the previously used popular VGA. He not only transmitted the image with a lower quality, but also distorted it, which often caused difficulties in work. The connection in question has a large bandwidth and supports audio transmission.

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In addition to HDMI, several other types of digital data transmission interfaces are popular. DVI and DisplayPort. They all have different connectors and some characteristics, which allows you to use the required connection for different situations. Read more about comparing these interfaces in our articles on the links below.

Causes of HDMI malfunction

Sometimes there are problems in the operation of devices, this may also be due to the connection interface. When using HDMI, two problems are often observed. no picture and no sound. Incorrect device settings, outdated drivers, or physical breakdowns are considered to be the main causes of malfunctions. In such cases, it is recommended that you resort to one of several methods for solving the problems encountered. about them

Above, we examined in detail the main function of the HDMI interface, got acquainted with the types of cables, figured out how to turn on this connector on a laptop and talked about possible malfunctions. We hope our article was useful and you learned everything you need to know about connecting devices via the HDMI connector.

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How to enable HDMI on a laptop

The HDMI connection transfers multimedia data in good quality and high speed. The transfer of information is carried out through special cables connected to two or more necessary devices. HDMI is the most popular digital interface and has replaced the old analog one. In this article, we will explain in detail everything about this type of connection and analyze how to enable it on a laptop.

Varieties of HDMI cables

As mentioned earlier, the connection of two devices is made using special cables. They come in a variety of sizes, standards, and only support specific hardware. In addition, they have different connector types and specifications. You can read more about this in our other materials.

Enabling HDMI

It is automatically enabled on all HDMI devices. Users only need to make a few simple settings so that the connection of the two devices is successful, and a clear picture and sound appears on the screen.

Usually, it is enough to change just a few parameters of the operating system and you can immediately start working on the equipment. For detailed instructions on connecting computers and laptops to a monitor via HDMI, see our articles on the links below.

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Good day. Tell me, is it possible to use a laptop only as a monitor? Those. connect the laptop to the receiver (telecard) via HDMI cable, and receive the signal from the receiver to the laptop (as a TV). Or laptops only work on HDMI “Output” ?

Hello, Alexander. It all depends on the laptop model used. Tell me yours, and I will give you the exact answer to the question posed.

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Alexander, to determine the characteristics you need an exact model of your laptop. The article on the link below describes how to find it out on the example of laptops from ASUS. You can do exactly the same actions.

Hello laptop model Aspire 3
How to connect Playstation 4 to it ?

I have a question not only to you personally, but to information sites in general.
I am a user who wants to know the answer to 1 single question, how can I connect a Playstation 4 via HDMI to my laptop, I go to your website and start reading stories about what HDMI is, why is it needed, and when it was invented, and they throw me 5 more articles to enjoy reading very interesting and copied from Wikipedia, and here I sit, the chair is already on fire and I turn over 2 pages to get to the cherished words (to find out, read our one more article), and I think. wow, how cool, wow, so cool guys came up with, to a simple question of what to do, you answer with such useless articles that it is annoying, you would have 10 times more clients, article views, etc. if you just wrote 3 points in the center in black and bold type (or more, less, does not matter, this is according to the situation), how to do it.

Dear Anonymous, instead of writing canvases with unfounded criticism and accusations of copy-paste, you would normally use the search (both Google or Yandex, and the search specifically on our site, which was right here to the right of the comment input field), correctly formulating your request. Here is an article for you on a topic of interest, do not thank. the link below. And it was written by the author himself, and not stolen from Wikipedia, which, if anything, is about theory, not practice. So, hopefully, your chair will cool down as you successfully follow the link (a couple of lines below) and just read the article. Well, and less negative, please, because users who come to the site just read articles on topics of interest to them, ask questions, if any, and do not resent under articles that are not related to their problem.

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I have such a question. I reviewed a bunch of information and videos I can not understand anywhere. I have a laptop. It already has an HDMI input. I connect via HDMI, Playstation 4. The question is how to enable this HDMI. In the sense of which button to press or what to do? For example, on a TV. I turned it on. I selected the HDMI 3 port in the menu and you play. And how to do this in a laptop? Please tell me

Hello Dmitry. If you connect a laptop to a Playstation 4, the screen should switch automatically, or a separate function key on the laptop, for example, Fn F4, is responsible for this. In addition, to connect to the Playstation 4, you must have HDMI-In installed. Read more about this in our other material on this topic.

Hello. I have a Samsung laptop and instead of an HDMI connector there is just some kind of rubber plug. I can’t take it off, how to do it?