Connect Samsung A 50 via TV

Share Manager

The use of software is relevant where there is no router. TV and PC are connected directly by cable or via Wi-Fi (of course, provided that both devices are equipped with a wireless module).

After connecting, both devices need to set an IP address. This is done in the “Network Control Center” in the connection properties. For example, for PC we set the address, and for TV Leave the subnet mask the same.

Now you can run the installed program and do the following:

  • In the list, select the desired folder with files;
  • At the top, click on the folder icon with a green checkmark;
  • Next, click on “Sharing”, then “Set device policy”;
  • Change the status to “Accepted” and click “Set changed state”.

Apps for Samsung

What programs are there for this manufacturer to connect a TV to a PC:

  • Samsung AllShare is a home media server for sharing and playing content on devices that support DLNA;
  • Samsung PC Share Manager. media server for connecting TV and external device to the network.


For a video about the work of the program, see here:

To work, install the official media-server from Samsung on your computer or laptop and launch it. Next, follow the wizard’s prompts (after each step, click “Next”):

  • Check shared server.
  • Turn on the device (sometimes requires AllShare activation on the TV).
  • Configure device network.
  • Select a device to connect and click “Connect”. At the end, click “Completed”.
  • Select “Folder Settings”;
  • Install a shared folder. it will contain files for playback;
  • Set the folder for saving. content transferred from other devices will be stored here;
  • Go to “Rights Settings”;
  • Allow access to the connected TV;
  • Move the required file to the created shared folder, select it in the list, select the device for viewing.
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general information

What is DLNA? This is a set of standards, a technology thanks to which compatible devices transmit and receive images, videos, and music over a local network. Also with DLNA, media content can be displayed online. At the same time, the connection of compatible devices to the home network is possible wired and wirelessly.

3 groups of devices that support the technology:

  • Designed for work in a home network. network storages, network media players, TVs, printers, etc.
  • Mobile devices. smartphones, audio and media players, digital cameras that support Wi-Fi file transfer, etc.
  • Mobile devices for connecting mobile networks to home networks. for example, a modem.

How do you know if your TV is DLNA compatible? It’s simple. in the instructions or on a sticker on the receiver itself there will be an inscription: DLNA CERTIFIED. However, Honor needs some major manufacturers to brand the technology. Samsung Smart TV, which will be discussed below, has DLNA called AllShare.

How to set up DLNA on Samsung TVs: easy instructions

Hey! Today we will talk about DLNA technology on Samsung TVs and how to set it up. First, I will briefly and popularly tell you what it is all about, and then move on to the main topic of the article.

If you have experience setting up a Samsung DLNA TV, you are welcome in the comments for tips. If someone has questions or problems, feel free to write to us.!

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Universal way

To connect a TV to a computer or laptop, there are specialized programs from the manufacturer’s developers. But there is also universal software compatible with all TV models. Home media server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP).

Instructions for working with the application are available in the format

Before proceeding with the setup, check that your TV and PC are connected to the same router. cable or Wi-Fi, it doesn‘t matter.

And now step-by-step instructions on how to work with the Home Media Server program (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP), which will help you connect any TV to your computer:

  • Install the utility on a PC or laptop: download the archive and run the installation file, then follow the prompts of the Installation Wizard.
  • Launch the software and go to Settings, where in the Media Resources section you will need to select the files you want to open on TV. To allow access for all content, you need to check the box “Local drives”.
  • To be able to view videos, photos and listen to music from an external storage, click on the right “Add” and mark the desired device.

How to connect Samsung A50 Plus mobile to LED TV

  • After settings click “OK” and confirm directory scan.
  • After the end of the scan, look for “Start” from above and click.
  • Turn on the TV and look for it in the “Playback devices” section and click “Refresh”.
  • Checking the work. Click on “Movies”, “Music” or “Photos”, while the file that we have given access to will be displayed in a separate window on the right. Click RMB, then “Play to”, look for your TV.
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You can open the files you need directly from TV:

  • We leave the program running, you can just minimize it;
  • On the TV, go to the section related to DLNA. for Samsung it is “AllShare” (in some models the button is displayed for convenience on the remote control).

If the settings are correct, the screen will display all files available for viewing.

Windows Media Player

To connect your TV to a PC and view any content on the big screen using DLNA technology, you do not need to download third-party software. you can use the Windows tool. This is a standard Windows audio and video player.

  • We connect TV and a computer or laptop to the same network. by cable or “over the air”. You can connect directly, without using a router. in this case, you need to set an IP address for both devices (as in the previous instructions).
  • Launch the player and select the “Stream” tab. In the drop-down menu, we allow all actions: “Allow Internet access to the home media library”, “Allow remote control of the player”, “Enable streaming media in the home group”.
  • Click the “Arrange” tab and select “Apply changes to media information”.
  • On a Samsung TV, go to the “AllShare” section. If everything is in order, we will see the files available for viewing on the screen.

That’s all. As you can see, it is not difficult to take advantage of DLNA technology. The main thing is to choose a method that is convenient for yourself.