Connect phone to TV via wi-fi Samsung

Basic ways to connect a smartphone to a TV

Both wired and wireless techniques can be used to connect an iPhone to a full-screen TV. The first type is the most affordable, as it is suitable even for old TV models that did not yet have a Wi-Fi module. However, wireless communication is much more convenient, there are no unnecessary difficulties with the connection. Each option has its own advantages, you can decide on the most suitable method depending on the characteristics of a particular TV model.

Let’s consider how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV, in more detail, define the main advantages and disadvantages of each method.

HDMI connection

Sometimes the question arises of how to connect a Samsung TV via an iPhone, if a Wi-Fi module was not yet provided in the old model. In this case, an HDMI cable connection is a good solution. It connects to the corresponding connector and is used to transmit a video signal to display a picture on a television screen.

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This wired connection allows you to stream video files with the highest picture quality: from Full HD to Ultra HD 8K. Since there is no such connector on the iPhone itself, you will need to purchase a special adapter adapter. Its type depends on the model of the smartphone used:

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV?

The cable is connected to the corresponding connector, the other end is connected to the smartphone. After that, automatic synchronization starts, no additional settings need to be made. You will only need to manually complete the configuration if errors occur. In the TV menu, you need to specify the cable as the main input source for playback.

Connecting a smartphone to a TV via USB

Another common option is to connect your TV to your smartphone or iPad using a USB cable. A socket for it is present on almost every TV model, usually it is located on the back or side panel. The connection is as simple as possible: you need to connect the cable to the smartphone and to the TV, wait until the synchronization is complete.

However, the resulting connection cannot be used to display an image from the network online. Connecting via the USB port makes it possible to use the smartphone only as a storage device, on which you need to download the required files in advance in order to play them on the TV later. Also, this option is suitable for viewing photos and videos that are filmed by the user using the camera.

You can try to get around this limitation using a special Jailbreak utility. it is installed from unofficial sources and opens access to the iPhone file system. As a result, the usability of the smartphone expands, but it is difficult to guarantee that it will work stably. When installing applications from unofficial sources, the user loses the right to service and repair the smartphone under warranty.

Benefits of connecting a TV to a smartphone

Smart TV is a “smart” functionality that allows you to use the TV not only as a channel receiver, but also as a full-fledged computer through which you can go online, surf the Internet or watch any video. However, these same functions will be available even for older TVs if they are properly connected to a modern mobile phone. Smartphones from Apple do not lose popularity due to the rich set of possibilities, with their help you can work with various types of content.

It’s worth connecting your iPhone to your Samsung Smart TV to add a whole host of new features:

  • View videos on the big screen in high quality. The small screen of the smartphone is not very convenient, despite the high resolution and clarity of the picture. Connecting to a TV will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite movies, even small details can be clearly seen on the screen.
  • Video communication using a large screen. On iPhone, you can install Skype and other types of popular instant messengers for constant contact with friends and family.
  • Remote videoconferencing and other business events. Large diagonal screen provides professional-quality video calling, convenient to use if the TV is installed in the office.
  • View photos and videos taken with your phone camera.

There are several ways to display an image from the display of a mobile device on a Samsung TV screen, each of them has its own pros and cons.

Using analog cables for connection

A rarer way to connect a smartphone is to use the VGA interface. With its help, you can connect old TV models to your smartphone, which do not yet have new types of connectors.

For such devices, you will need to purchase a Digital AV adapter for synchronization, as well as a VGA cable or an AV cable. Connection is carried out according to the following instructions:

  • The AV cable has three types of connectors: they differ in color for easy connection. The connectors are installed in the TV sockets with the corresponding markings.
  • The other end of the wire through the adapter is connected to the smartphone.
  • Additionally, a charger is connected via the Lightning connector, which is responsible for supplying the smartphone with energy in the process of synchronous work with the TV.
  • Additionally, with such a connection, you will need to output an audio signal through a separate channel. To do this, you need to use a special connector, for example, MiniJack.

There is no need to install special applications if you connect your smartphone to the TV just for playing audio recordings. The devices are connected to each other using a standard audio cable, as a result, the audio signal is transmitted to the TV and played through its speakers. This will allow you to listen to your favorite music in high sound quality at an acceptable volume.

Many owners of TV sets without Smart TV functions are interested in whether the iPhone can be connected to a Samsung TV. Connecting a smartphone makes Internet TV available, that is, the ability to play video files on the screen online. Devices can be connected to each other in various ways: via WI-FI, via cables, special applications and set-top boxes. The choice of method depends on the TV model and its capabilities, as well as on the user’s readiness for additional costs. Let’s take a closer look at why and how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV.

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Wi-Fi connection

A Wi-Fi connection is the easiest way to connect two different devices. No need to stretch wires through the living area, there will be no unnecessary inconveniences.

You can put either the original AllShare TV-Cast application, which was developed specifically for Samsung TVs, on your mobile phone, or its convenient analogue, for example, you can choose iMediaShare. This is one of the most popular and demanded applications of this type.

To ensure that devices communicate, you need to make sure they are connected to a wireless network via a router or Wi-Fi Direct. On the TV, it is advisable to initially update the firmware to the latest version, this will ensure the correct operation of the application. To send a video file for playback from the TV screen, you need to select it from the list and send it through the application. The synchronized device will receive the signal and initiate the start.

Turn on Direct on your phone

Go to the settings and in the “Wireless and networks” section click on the “” button (this is the case for me on HTC One V, you may call these settings differently). Click on Wi-Fi direct to enable it. Confirm by turning on by clicking on Ok.

A message appears that the function is enabled.

Okay, let’s go to TV.

Launch Wi-Fi Direct on TV (LG)

Go to the settings (there is a special button on the remote for this) and go to the Network tab. Then select “Wi-Fi Direct”.

Then we turn on the technology, just set the switch to the On position. and wait for the TV to find our phone. Selecting the found network.

Then just click Yes. You can also check the box next to “Connect automatically without prompting”, so that later the connection would be faster.

At this moment, a window will appear awaiting confirmation.

You need to confirm the connection on the phone. Just click Ok.

That’s it, a message should appear on the TV that the connection is established.

As you can see, nothing complicated! Good luck!

We connect the TV to the phone (tablet) directly, using the Wi-Fi Direct technology updated: December 19, 2013 by the author: admin

LAN connection: via router

If a local network is configured in the room and wi-fi is distributed through a router, then:

    We need to connect the TV to a wi-fi network. Go to the section “Settings”, then “Network”, then “Network connections” and make the settings for the network connection.

  • Connect your smartphone, phone to a local wi-fi network
  • To watch media files on TV, download and install software, the most popular software is DLNA or UPnP. this is a Universal Plug and Play service that allows you to automatically recognize and synchronize devices on the LAN.
  • How to Connect Smart View to Samsung TV

    To launch Samsung Smart View, you first need to download the program. After downloading the utility to the phone, its installation starts in automatic mode.

    After completing the installation process, you can use certain functions in View to customize it. Then you need to connect to the Internet and find TV using the Refresh button. If your smartphone does not see your Samsung TV, you need to make sure they are on the same network. When the phone can detect Smart TV, you need to find it in the list and join it.

    Once connected, the smartphone image appears on the TV screen. When watching files, the broadcast may be delayed by 10 seconds.

    Let’s consider the option of wireless connection using an Android phone in stages:

    • Samsung Smart View is installed on your phone. It is uploaded via Istore or Google Play.
    • Phone and screen connect to adapter.
    • Then you should turn on the TV and turn on the utility.
    • TV will appear on the screen of the mobile device, which can be connected.

    After these manipulations, the device is ready for use.

    You can access the Smart View application from the computer.

    To do this, you must perform the following actions:

    • The program should be downloaded to your computer. Then unpack it and install.
    • If the process slows down, you may need to additionally use the Net Framework program, and then try to install Smart View again.
    • You need to connect to the same network that the PC is working on.
    • Then you should open the application.
    • A tab will appear in which you will need to find the TV. After that, you should click OK and wait until the PC connects to the TV.

    After installation, you have access to all the functions of the application. a free playlist and watching videos.

    Connecting Smart View to Samsung and what to do if the app does not see the TV

    Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular. Such devices provide many useful features, which include controlling equipment via a smartphone and using files from a PC.

    Many users are attracted by Samsung TVs. If you have Smart TV, you can connect your phone and watch files without installing complex programs.

    If the equipment belongs to another company, it is also used, but this requires the Samsung Smart View app. You can find out how to connect SmarTView to a Samsung TV from our review.

    How to connect a phone to a TV via Wi-Fi without a router

      Wi-Fi Direct is a data transfer standard that allows you to organize a local network without a router between devices that support this standard. If you want to connect a TV to a phone via Direct, then both the gadget and the TV must support this standard. Wi-Fi Direct service must be supported by the TV. On the Wi-Fi Direct picture on LG TV

    Use Wi-Fi Direct to connect your phone to your TV

  • Wi-Fi miracast is a popular technology for connecting devices (smartphone, tablet) to a TV and playing content on a wide screen. In the case of miracast, the conditions are the same: the devices used must support this technology. This technology duplicates the content being played and transmits it to the TV screen. Easy to set up and connect, you can play 3D content, communication without using a router.
  • How to connect a phone or smartphone to a TV via wi-fi

    TV is an integral part of modern life and in order to use it to the maximum, I suggest you read this article. In the material, we will consider the options and analyze in detail how to connect a smartphone to a TV via wi-fi. Agree: it’s nice to watch pictures or movies, go online and watch movies online on a large TV screen in good resolution, because today your smartphone is not just a dialer, but a whole media center. Phone. a smartphone to a TV set can be connected in the following ways:

    • The local network
    • Wi-Fi direct technology
    • Wi-Fi miracast technology

    The article will describe how you can connect your TV to your phone (or vice versa) using a wireless connection.

    What to say

    First of all, this information can help you when choosing a device: a smartphone or a TV. When you choose a device, carefully study the technical specifications, ask a consultant what technologies the gadget you want to purchase supports, and then you can easily set up the equipment for signal transmission via wi-fi and enjoy a high-quality picture on a widescreen TV screen, without using wires.

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    Using a mobile phone as a media server

    Now you will learn how to make sure that all the multimedia files that are on a mobile phone are available for playback on the big screen. That is, you will control the media library using the remote control, and the Android gadget will act as the storage for this. In order to crank this, follow the necessary steps, namely:

    • open “Settings. Sharing and connection”;
    • there you will see the “Media Server” menu, click on it;
    • in a new tab, activate the line “Content access mode”;
    • after this action, a search will begin for all devices that are available for sharing within the network to which you decided to connect Smart;
    • for all devices that the phone finds, you need to set permission or deny access to data;
    • now take PU, find your Android in the “Change Mode” menu, click on it to launch a window with all the files;

    Then you can reproduce what you need.

    Image transmission via Miracast

    This is a very convenient service, as it allows you to show any image from your smartphone on the TV screen. For example, you can play, watch a movie through some kind of player, or even correspond in a messenger. all this will be displayed.

    Attention! The only drawback is the low latency of the data transfer. It does not exceed one second, so it is invisible if you are watching or reading. But in games, such a ping can provoke discomfort.

    To start broadcasting, follow these steps:

    • go to “Settings. Connected devices. Broadcast”;
    • you will be greeted by a window with a choice of TVs to which you can share the video;
    • we connect the devices, having found our TV there;
    • use the remote control to confirm pairing.

    Now everything that will be on the phone is relayed to the TV until you turn off the function.

    How to connect your phone to a TV over Wi-Fi

    TV, like smartphones, are becoming smarter and are “overgrown” with useful functions that are convenient to use. In this article, we will tell you how to connect your phone to a TV via WI-FI, consider all the ways to set up a broadcast so that everyone chooses the one that will be more convenient.

    Via YouTube

    The world’s most popular video hosting service offers built-in services for transferring images to other devices. All you need to do is:

    • make sure TV has a YouTube widget;
    • install the official YouTube application from the Play Market on your Android device, if it has not been downloaded yet;
    • start the video that you want to share (transfer) to the big screen;
    • click on the broadcast icon, indicated by the screen with the Wi-Fi icon, located in the upper right corner of the display;
    • wait until the window with available TVs unfolds, choose your own;

    After that, the video transmitted from the phone will open on the TV monitor.

    Play via Android player

    The stock media player, as well as almost everyone else from third-party manufacturers, can transfer content from the smart screen to the TV. Players have different interfaces, so the instructions may differ. You must understand the principle of interaction in order to find the same menu in your player and start the broadcast. We connect like this:

    • open your media player via the applications menu;
    • start the video you want to display;
    • find the icon that symbolizes the transfer of the image, tap on it;
    • a menu for selecting devices for pairing will start, mark your TV there;
    • using the remote control, confirm on TV the request to connect a new phone.

    Volume control, rewinding and video switching are performed on the smartphone.

    Options for connecting your phone to TV

    Let’s discuss five working methods that will help you get TV to broadcast an image from a mobile phone in a short time.

    What you need to connect TV with a mobile phone?

    You will need to do minimal preparation to be able to connect your smartphone to your TV.

    • TV must be with Smart TV.
    • Make sure the TV is set up for a WI-FI connection and is connected to the same network as the smartphone.

    If everything is as indicated, it’s time to move on to pairing devices.

    Using programs from the Play Store

    If for some reason the previous methods did not work or you just don’t like them, then use the Bubble UPnP UPnPDLNA application, for this:

    • you will see a list of available TVs on the same network that you can connect;
    • select the one you need there to start working only with it;
    • swipe your finger across the display from right to left;
    • open the desired folder, then the file that you want to share;
    • confirm the connection request on the big screen using the PU.

    Thus, not only videos are broadcast, but also music, as well as photos are displayed. You can manage your library not only on your phone, but also on your TV.

    You can also perform the operation through other programs, but they do not offer more convenient methods to connect equipment, so feel free to download Bubble UPnP UPnPDLNA. As you can see, the TV and Android developers have optimized the connection well, so in five minutes you can connect from cell to TV for streaming media content.

    Instructions for Android phones

    Many technologies are known that allow you to display images from Android to TV. Most of them have already sunk into oblivion, and therefore we propose to consider several methods. If you use other devices, the principle of operation will remain approximately the same (but the names of the menu items may differ).

    An Android device can be connected to a TV in two ways: wired and wireless (Figure 2). The use of a cable is suitable when using this method of connection at home, since it eliminates the intense discharge of the battery and makes it possible to even watch videos for a long time or play games.

    For public places and offices, wireless communication is more suitable. It, however, is characterized by increased energy consumption and is more suitable for short-term broadcasts.

    To connect Android to your TV, you will need to use an HDMI cable. Connecting with it is very easy to do. It is enough just to insert the wire into the desired connector to the TV with one side and the other side. to the mobile device using micro USB.

    How to connect your phone to a TV using a USB cable

    This connection is possible via MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) via microUSB. This option is considered the most convenient in terms of power consumption of the device and even allows it to be recharged during operation (Figure 5).

    Note: The only drawback of such a connection is that the resolution of the picture on the big screen will be the same as on the phone, but it can be controlled even from the remote control of your TV.

    Instructions for iPhones

    IPhone can only be connected wirelessly. This can be done as follows:

    • Make sure Apple TV and iPhone are within range of the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Open the “Control Center” on the device.
    • Click “Screen Repeat” (Figure 3).
    • Select TV from the list of devices.
    • Duplicate the appeared code on iPhone for pairing.
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    Then you will be able to see on TV what is happening on the phone. You can try using special broadcast applications that are available on our website.

    How to connect your phone to your TV

    The “Screen Mirroring” function allows you to display everything that happens on the device on the big screen. In fact, you get the opportunity to use your smartphone more conveniently and even use it as a tool for working and watching media. How to connect a smartphone and TV will be discussed in this article.

    Manual for LG

    To connect your phone to LG, you need to do the following:

    • In the settings, find “Wireless connections and networks”.
    • Click “” (this button may be called differently, depending on the model).
    • Click on Wi-Fi direct to activate the function.
    • Confirm Action.
    • Wait for confirmation to enable the option.
    • Go to TV settings.
    • Find the “Network” tab.
    • Find Wi-Fi direct and turn it on.
    • Wait for the device to find the smartphone (Figure 7).
    • Agree with the changes and, if you plan to use the function repeatedly, indicate “Connect automatically without prompting”.
    • Wait for confirmation of the operation.
    • Confirm the connection on your phone.

    Connection confirmation should appear on the TV.

    Connect your phone to TVs of different models

    The methods of connecting to the TV differ from the features of the specific model. How to connect certain models to a smartphone will be discussed below.


    For those for whom the above methods are not suitable, since they just want to watch YouTube videos on a big TV, they will like the built-in function in the service client on their smartphone. After launching the application on your phone, open its settings and go to the “view on TV” menu item. In a standard situation, you will see a list of TVs on which you can display content. If this does not happen, then forcibly turn on YouTube on TV and go to the settings. Click “connect manually”. the code will be displayed, which should be entered in the “specify the code” window on your mobile phone.

    Now the applications are synchronized, and you can now control them through your mobile gadget, which is much more convenient than entering requests with the remote control in the TV version.

    DLNA network connection

    If you want to connect your smartphone to TV as a storage device, that is, you do not need to broadcast the screen, but only need to run certain content, then you can create a local network using DLNA technology. In this case, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, you need to install on TV or phone the application through which the launch will be carried out. If you plan to watch videos or display photos, then a VLC player for your smartphone would be a good solution.

    For a full-fledged file exchange or access to them, you can use the DLNA Server utility. this is a kind of file manager for working in a local network via a mobile device.

    Some TVs with DLNA local connection support already have a built-in media server in Smart TV functions. LG calls it Smart Share. having connected to one Wi-Fi connection, you need to launch the Smart functions of the TV panel and go to the tab of the same name. Now, through the LG webOS interface, you can manage files on your mobile phone. open photos and videos or copy to a drive connected to the TV.

    Wi-Fi Direct technology

    Since the introduction of Smart TV functions into TVs and the installation of a wireless module, manufacturers have begun to work on technology that could allow content to be transmitted wirelessly, that is, via Wi-Fi. The first development was Wi-Fi Direct, which evolved over time into Miracast and the interchangeable WiDi technology. With it, you can effortlessly cast your phone screen to your TV display.

    The first thing to do is find out if the TV has support for the option. All modern models with Wi-Fi have either WiDi or Miracast, that is, they can be synchronized with the phone. Older TVs may not have it. You can clarify by looking at the device specifications, or in the settings, the network section. there must be an on / off switch for the option.

    If there is one or Smart TV is modern (the option is always on), then you need to lower the shutter down in your Samsung phone and find the “Screen Mirroring” icon. By tapping on it, a window with available TVs will open, it remains to pair and the device screen will be immediately displayed on TV. As a rule, there are no difficulties when connecting, but some devices may be prompted to enter a password, or you will need to confirm the synchronization using the remote control.

    If the application icon is not on the quick access bar, then the application is probably not installed by default on the smartphone. You can download it from the Play Market or find an alternative for it. just enter the query “broadcast” in the application search bar.

    Screen Mirroring is convenient because you do not need the Internet to work. the network is established between two devices.

    Now we will connect a Samsung phone to the TV via Wi-Fi in order to broadcast the desired one. How, I’ll explain now

    Good afternoon, dear readers of my blog! Anyone sometimes comes across the fact that, having come to visit friends, he wants to show them photos from the trip or a funny video shot on a smartphone. This can be done on the screen of the device, but even the largest diagonals can turn out to be small for a large company. In this case, a decision appears to display the picture on the TV, and then the thought of the need to look for wires, to tune something. The idea seems difficult to implement, but nothing prevents you from using a wireless network. Today I will show you how to connect Samsung phone to TV via Wi-Fi.

    If TV is not Smart

    If you are the owner of an old TV or it does not provide Internet access, then you still do not need to use wires to broadcast content. Having bought a Smart Box with Android, you can make a Smart out of your usual panel. Such consoles have a built-in Wi-Fi module with support for Mirakast and Wai Dai technologies. The setting in this case is no different. the set-top box is connected via HDMI, on the TV we turn on the signal source of the selected connector, and then everything is similar to the usual Smart TV.

    Do not forget to share this information with your friends in social networks and messengers by clicking on the “button” at the bottom of the article.

    Thanks for attention! And see you soon on the blog! Best regards, Rostislav Kuzmin.