Connect a digital set-top box to Smart TV

Initial settings

After this debugging, point the remote control at the screen, and select the “AV” section. In the settings section, you will need to configure the following parameters:

  • automatic search;
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  • manual mode;
  • filter for adding channels and radio stations;
  • region of registration (indicate the country of residence);
  • LCN.
  • antenna power activation.
  • if it doesn’t matter to you in what order the channels are stored in memory, then start autosearch without special commands;
  • autosearch finds frequencies with a high signal strength, identifies them and stores them (this applies to all frequency zones that are in the region of operation);
  • if the order of displaying and saving is important to you, choose manual search;
  • when using manual tuning, you are prompted to set the numbering, frequency band, frequency, beep.
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Program manager

A tool like a file manager allows owners to do the following:

  • change the channel name;
  • create thematic blocks and folders. movies, news, children’s, nationwide, sports, music, and so on;
  • block and encode third-party broadcast streams;
  • sort ether.

Connecting the device

Let’s start with the main thing. connecting the device to Smart TV. By default, the HDMI connector is used for this, which is available on almost all models of modern technology. But if it is not on TV, it is possible to purchase ordinary “tulips” with an adapter. The general scheme is simple. using a cable, you connect the set-top box to the TV, and the antenna itself enters the corresponding Denn jacks. A successful signal marker is a corresponding notification on the TV screen. To do this, select HDMI as the source.

How to connect and configure digital channels on a Denn set-top box: instruction

How to connect and set up a Denn digital set-top box? and more people prefer high-quality digital television, and for several years Denn has taken the leading position in this rating in Russia. If you have just purchased a tuner and still do not know the specifics of its tuning, then this article is for you. In a detailed and understandable instruction, you will find answers to all questions about self-tuning channels.

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Basic operations

When you have specified some basic options, the main menu appears on the TV screen. Its main operations are as follows:

  • narrow settings for searching digital broadcasting channels;
  • file manager. distribution to folders, renaming, deleting, moving;
  • personal presets. subtitles, interface language;
  • multimedia performance and video playback.

How to connect Denn set-top box to TV for digital TV reception

The process of establishing a connection itself takes several steps:

  • physical debugging via cable;
  • custom presets for starting work;
  • installation and administration of specialized software;
  • parameters of the broadcast picture;
  • search for channels and save them;
  • basic system settings for correct operation.

Image Adjustment

Picture quality is one of the most important parameters for the viewer. The perception of information and comfort depends on this. Therefore, in the Denn digital cinema it is possible to adjust the following indicators:

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