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How to transfer a photo or other file via AirDrop?

Transferring a file using AirDrop is just as easy as sending it via email. To send, say, a photo, you need to act like this:

On iPhone, go to the built-in Photos app and select the photo you want to share.

Click on the upward pointing arrow located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Once the photo is highlighted, click the “Next” button in the upper right corner.

A menu will pop up from the bottom, consisting of three sections. The topmost section will contain a list of contacts to whom you can send a photo. Select one of the recipients and click on his avatar.

Once the transfer has been successfully completed, you will see the message “Sent” on the display. Then it’s up to the recipient of the file. A notification will appear on the screen of his gadget that another iPhone user wants to share a picture with him.

After the recipient clicks “Accept”, the picture will be downloaded to his smartphone.

How to enable AirDrop?

Users trying to find AirDrop in the “Settings” iPhone are too “tricky”: this function is activated through the “Control Center” (“Control Center”), which can be called up by swiping from the bottom up. The AirDrop icon is located just below the volume slider of the music player.

To enable AirDrop, click on the icon. A menu will appear offering three modes:

    “Off”. to completely deactivate the function. “Contacts Only”. only those people whose numbers are present in the phone book will be able to send files to the device. This item is selected by default. Everyone. iPhone will accept files from all AirDrop-enabled devices.

It is recommended to select the item “For everyone”. then you will be sure that you will receive the file. However, if you are in a public place, this mode is not the most suitable.

After you select the desired mode, the AirDrop icon changes from gray to white. At the same time, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules will be activated.

You need to enable AirDrop on all devices between which data is exchanged.

How to use AirDrop on iPhone?

The AirDrop function is an iOS 7 innovation designed to facilitate the exchange of information and content between owners of Apple gadgets. The procedure for using AirDrop itself is similar to the transfer of information via Bluetooth or via NFC technology, which is actively integrated into devices with Android operating systems.

The main advantage of sharing data via AirDrop is that there is no need to connect your smartphone to the 3G Internet. you don’t have to worry about the connection being too slow to send a file.

AirDrop not working: what is the reason?

AirDrop is still a fairly crude technology, so it is common to experience crashes. Among Apple users, the two most common complaints about AirDrop are:

The first problem will probably be solved by one of the following recommendations:

Reboot both devices. It is recommended to reboot before each AirDrop transfer.

Check if so-called Bluetooth pairs (Bluetooth Wi-Fi) are activated on both devices. To do this, just open the “Control Center” with a swipe from bottom to top and see if the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons are darkened.

If both icons are white, then the cause of the malfunction lies not in the Bluetooth pair.

Check if the “Handoff” and “Continuity” functions are activated. Both functions actually serve to combine several Apple devices: an activated “Handoff” option, for example, allows the user to continue reading an article on the Internet on a Mac from where he left off when reading from his iPhone. To activate “Handoff” you need to go along the path “Settings”. “Basic”. “Handoff and the proposed software” and activate the toggle switch opposite to “Handoff”. On some versions of iOS 8, this feature is right in the “General”.

To activate “Continuity”, go to the “Face Time” settings and move the “iPhone Cellular Calls” slider.

The “Continuity” and “Handoff” functions are present on iOS version 8 and higher. Searching for them is pointless on iOS 7.

If you encounter problems transferring data from iPhone to Mac, you need to check the Bluetooth version of your computer. HCI version must be at least 0x6, otherwise you cannot do without replacing the module.

Can’t transfer files via AirDrop to Windows PC!

To solve the second problem (there is no AirDrop icon), you have to delve into the gadget’s settings:

Follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Restrictions”.

Enter restrictions password.

In the “Allow” block, activate the AirDrop toggle switch.

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As soon as you complete these operations, the AirDrop icon will appear in the “Control Center”.

What AirDrop is and how it works?

Apple is positioning AirDrop as the easiest and most configuration-free way to send a file from one Apple device to another. This communication technology uses the iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module at the same time to form a peer-to-peer network. Within this network, files are transmitted in encrypted form, so this method of exchanging information is also safe.

AirDrop sharing requires compliance with the following conditions:

There is no need to search for an available Wi-Fi network and connect devices to it.

The list of files that can be sent is limited; for example, you cannot transfer music and ringtones via AirDrop. The function allows you to share the contents of the built-in applications “Contacts”, “Photos”, “Maps”, the Safari browser.

Not all Apple devices can use AirDrop. only the following:

Even if iOS 7 is installed on the iPhone 4th modification, the AirDrop function is not available to its owner. Also, owners of Macs with OS X and Apple computers released earlier than 2010 are forced to do without AirDrop.

Method one

We set up the Internet using the iPhone itself. To do this, you need to have a SIM card installed in the iPhone, otherwise you will not be able to connect the gadget to the grid. We insert the SIM-ku. Following actions:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choosing Cellular.
  • Find the item Cellular Data.
  • Switch the slider to active mode to turn on the Internet.

Next, we check if the Internet is working. We go into any application or browser where you need to connect to the grid.

A little advice: choose a tariff with an unlimited Internet connection, as this is the best option so that you do not receive huge bills, because mobile traffic is not cheap. If you are an active Internet user, then this is the best choice.

What if there is no network connection? You need to check the following:

  • Is the SIM card working, see if there are antenna divisions.
  • Check balance. If your Internet connection is not unlimited, you may simply not have enough funds to connect.
  • Check cellular data settings (Usually they are set automatically. As soon as the SIM card is activated, the settings are sent in the form of SMS and saved to the iPhone)

If for some reason your cellular data settings have not been saved or lost, then we configure them manually, for this you need to:

  • Find out the necessary data from the operator via SMS or by phone (These services are free).
  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Select Cellular.
  • Next, go to the Cellular data network.
  • Enter the data transmitted by the operator.

If possible, if the operator supports LTE (4g) connection, enter the data in the LTE fields. We enter all the data in the appropriate fields. If you are going to use your iPhone as a modem for your computer, then enter the settings for Modem Mode. How to make a modem out of your iPhone and distribute Wi-Fi from it, read another article.

Third method

To use this method, you need a stationary computer or laptop with a built-in Wi-Fi module or a Wi-Fi adapter. Before starting, check if the wifi module is working to avoid network outage problems.

  • On the computer, go to the Start menu, look for the Control Panel. Choosing the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Next, go to the Wireless Network Management menu.
  • Click Add.
  • Choosing the connection Computer. Computer.
  • Enter the desired name for your grid, create a password.
  • Click next, and it is IMPORTANT not to press the share button, just click Close.
  • We go to Network connections and select a network with our name.
  • Next, put both checkboxes.
  • Now, at the first connection via Wi-Fi, we select from the connection types Home.

All that remains is to turn on Wi-Fi on your iPhone and connect. Everything works fine now.

How to turn off internet on iPhone

If you chose the first reception, then you should also go to the settings and switch the slider of the cellular data settings to inactive mode. If this was the second or third way to connect via Wi-Fi, then just turn off Wi-Fi. Starting with iOS 7, slide your finger upward across the entire screen. A menu will open where you can click on the Wi-Fi icon so that it is off. Keep in mind that as long as the Internet connection is working, the battery will be consumed much faster.

We hope that thanks to this article, anyone can set up an Internet with incredible ease. After that, you can plunge into the world wide web with your head. Also watch the video:

Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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Problems connecting to mobile internet on iPhone

Method two

This method allows you to connect your iPhone to the World Wide Web via Wi-Fi using a router.

  • Go to Settings and select Wi-Fi.
  • Move the slider.
  • After a few seconds, the iPhone finds available Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • We select your network, click on it.
  • Enter the password, click Connect.

If after that the connection does not work, then check the Internet on the computer. Alternatively, your ISP or the router itself may be to blame (perhaps you just need to turn it on).

Setting up Internet connection on iPhone

We all use the Internet. Over the past ten years, people have become so accustomed to the World Wide Web that they cannot live without it. After all, even the iPhone can only be fully used if there is a network connection. Social networks, useful games, news and videos. for all this, you often need an Internet connection.

But, having taken a brand new iPhone out of the box, the owner of the apple device will be upset. After all, by default, the Internet is not connected on the iPhone. Or in another situation: the network does not work due to a firmware update or some other failure in the system. In this article, we will analyze how to set up Internet on iPhone.

How do you connect your device to the Internet? There are 3 main methods. The first method is to connect the device using a SIM card, mobile Internet 2g, 3, 4g (LTE). The second is via a Wi-Fi router. The third, and last, connection of the iPhone to the grid via a stationary computer or laptop with a built-in Wi-Fi module. All these methods are different, but they have the same essence, connect your apple smartphone to the kingdom of endless possibilities.

LTE does not work on iPhone

The iPhone isn’t just for making calls. First of all, it is a convenient device for accessing the Internet. For gadgets with LTE, you do not need a Wi-Fi connection. The new type of connection is more convenient and modern. What to do if LTE does not work on the iPhone, and before that everything was fine.

What can be done?

Before contacting a specialist, any iPhone owner can take the following steps:

  • Turning on. Set parameters for LTE connection in device settings. Even if the operator sends a message that the data operator has not been certified, the mode can still be turned on.
  • Reset. This process applies to network settings on iPhone. Next, you need to reboot. The device data will be saved with a one-part update of the service information, but the network codes are deleted forever.
  • iOS system. Updating to the newest version will help solve the problem of why LTE is not working.
  • Reset. Rebooting sometimes also helps if LTE is not working on the iPhone, which is available to any user.

None of the methods produced the desired result? This means that the problem of the inoperability of the LTE service on the Apple device lies inside the phone itself. In this case, contacting the professionals of the service center will be the only correct solution.

What could be the cause of the malfunction?

It is worth noting right away that it is better to trust a specialist for problems with IP connection technology, but you can try some methods yourself. First of all, you need to establish the reason why LTE does not work on the iPhone, there may be several of them:

  • faulty LTE module of the device;
  • there is no coverage area of ​​the user’s cellular operator;
  • an error has occurred on the iOS operating system;
  • SIM card does not work correctly.

Sometimes LTE does not work on the iPhone for no apparent reason and using the services of various mobile operators in the country. In this case, there are methods available to each Apple owner to fix everything and restore the connection.

If LTE does not work on the iPhone, the wizard can detect the following malfunctions:

  • the LTE circuit or chip responsible for the optimal process of powering the microcircuit has various breakdowns;
  • malfunctions may lie in the modem, in the motherboard or its components. In this case, you will need special equipment for qualified iPhone repair.

Sometimes a bad telecom operator can get caught, providing low-quality services. Regular SIM change automatically eliminates all problems with setting up and correct operation of the Long Term Evolution mode on an Apple smartphone.

“Symptoms” of the problem

Let’s start with how we can determine that we have problems with Wi-Fi. The main symptoms of the problem are:

  • The smartphone does not connect to available points, despite the fact that other gadgets are catching the network as expected;
  • The Wi-Fi icon is inactive (grayed out);
  • You know for sure that there are connections available, but your iPhone cannot see them;
  • The network periodically “falls off”.

Wi-Fi not working on iPhone: does not turn on or disappears

Internet access is a basic function of any smartphone. Most of the functionality, from the ability to use the browser to updates, depends on the availability of a network connection. The easiest way to connect is a home or public router.

If you have problems with the connection, you can almost always find out yourself why Wi-Fi may not work on your iPhone. Sometimes you need to change the settings. In other cases, you cannot do without reinstalling the system or even hardware repair.

Network reset

Before proceeding with more complex manipulations, it is advisable to simply reset the network settings. This applies, first of all, to constantly used connections to the router. home, work, in your favorite cafe.

If Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone 6 (the problem is typical for this model), then you should always start with the following manipulations:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • We select the sub-item “Basic”.
  • We find the option “Reset network settings”.

At the same time, the Wi-Fi connection is lost, but it is restored after a while.

Sometimes such a measure is enough to restore the stability of the network. The phone simply updates all the settings on its own, getting rid of the accumulated errors. The Wi-Fi problem on the iPhone 6 causes inconvenience to many phone owners, but it is also easy to “cure” without requiring additional intervention or manipulation.


In other cases, the problem with not working Wi-Fi appears after an iOS update. The situation concerns just new products. For example, Wi-Fi may not work on an iPhone 7 or 8, or even a brand new X or XR. This is called a “beta firmware problem” and is fixed as follows:

  • You will have to use iTunes again.
  • We go to the same menu “Settings”.
  • Here, in addition to “Update”, we find the “Restore” option.
  • We choose it.

It is advisable to make a backup copy of all data available on the phone. contacts, photos, videos. In theory, everything you need is stored on iCloud, but additional protection is never superfluous.

Restoring your phone can also help if Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is not working on iPhone 7. This function is now rarely used for its original purpose. to transfer files. But Apple used it to connect to wireless headphones. Therefore, if branded Airpods have stopped connecting, you may also have to restore the phone through iTunes options.

Hardware problems

Wireless problems are almost always software glitches. They arise from “bugs” and “bugs”. Especially if the phone is no longer new, iOS was updated several times “over the air”, and besides, the owner of the gadget takes part in beta testing of new versions of the operating system.

The reason why Wi-Fi does not work or disappears on the iPhone can be considered more serious if none of the methods helped. Or if the connection icon itself remains “gray” and is inaccessible, regardless of the presence of a router. They indicate a breakdown of the module. that is, a hardware malfunction, which will have to be repaired by opening and reinstalling spare parts.

Similar malfunctions may occur on iPad or iPod.

Before taking the device to the service center, make sure:

  • That the router itself works. Sometimes the problem is in it, then all “home” gadgets refuse to connect. If a non-Apple computer or laptop also does not work, this is a router firmware failure.
  • That the phone is not a Jailbrake. Many “illegal” iPhones start to behave unpredictably from time to time.
  • That a test has been carried out for possible software problems.

A Wi-Fi module on any device rarely breaks down by itself. Remember if you dropped the device, did not get water. A positive answer to this question most likely indicates a malfunction with contacts or a completely burned out part.

There is network coverage, but the internet is not working

LTE connection errors most often come from the mobile operator. Typically, this problem occurs after a hard reset or factory reset. Even with good network coverage, unlimited internet may not function. Distinguishing this problem from others is easy. the cellular antenna is displayed in the status bar, but the icon disappears. The following actions will help to correct the situation:

communication, iphone, does, work
  • go to iPhone settings
  • select the tab “Cellular”
  • find the menu “Data Transfer”
  • type APN and username, after specifying them with your mobile operator

However, before checking the settings, make sure that you have paid for the Internet, have network coverage, and the operator provides this service. Check the details of the tariffs for mobile communications. If your Internet often does not work correctly, discuss technical assistance with your cellular operator. Some users, in order to eliminate the problems that arise, change the mobile operator to a more suitable one.

Data network problems

You may not be connected to the internet if your cellular data network is off. Look in the parameters of your mobile phone. if it is disabled, the icon disappears in the status bar. To connect the network, follow these steps:

  • go to the connection settings menu
  • make sure that in the items “Cellular data” and “Enable 3G” the slider is in the activated state
  • turn on the transmission of cellular data if necessary

Even if the cellular connection was working properly, the coverage of the cellular network may be different, which is why the smartphone does not receive a signal everywhere. Operators cannot provide the same good cellular reception in different parts of the city. If the 3G icon changes to E or H, this is not considered a malfunction.

Why LTE stopped turning on

The reasons why the Internet does not work on the iPhone are different. The most common problems faced by iPhone users are:

  • error in wireless network settings or 3G connection
  • iOS system error
  • iPhone hardware breakdown
  • incorrect operation of the SIM card

In most cases (especially when it comes to software problems), you can fix the situation yourself.

How to connect modem mode

If the mobile Internet on your smartphone does not work in modem mode or the device does not allow you to connect to the network in access point mode, make sure that the corresponding function is turned on. It’s easy to do:

  • go to the settings menu
  • select “Modem mode” or “Cellular data”. “Modem mode”
  • move the slider to the on position
  • check the settings and the password that your mobile phone will generate

If everything is in order, you should restart your phone. Typically, the modem mode function is then restored. It is recommended to perform the same actions if it is not possible to create access. Another way is to reset the settings to factory defaults and then enter all the parameters manually.

If the 3G icon is missing

When the 3G icon is displayed in the status bar, but the browser does not load the pages, you should rule out the browser issue. The easiest way is to download all the proposed updates to the application, or uninstall and reinstall it. If you are using a standard browser, try the following steps:

  • disable javascript in browser
  • restart phone (Power Home)
  • close the browser by double-clicking on the Home key and swiping up the application tab
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Many iPhone owners have experienced poor page loading and following links after updating the operating system to version 9.3. Updating the iOS system to the latest version will help solve the problem.

The methods described above are relevant only if the problem is caused by a browser error, and there are no problems with LTE mobile communication on the part of the cellular operator. If the network or cellular data icon still disappears, you should look for other reasons.

How to identify the problem

Problems with unlimited mobile internet can be easily distinguished from any others. The main symptoms of a problem are:

  • you cannot go online on your iPhone (via 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi)
  • tethering won’t turn on (or iPhone doesn’t work as a Wi-Fi hotspot)
  • Internet works intermittently or pages are not displayed on the mobile phone screen if there is a connection icon

If you encounter a system error, just restart your smartphone. after turning on, the unlimited Internet function should work as usual. It also sometimes helps to switch to Airplane mode and then return to normal mode. If simple actions did not help, the error should be looked for in the phone settings, software or hardware.

Internet does not work on iPhone

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Apple produces high-end smartphones, but this does not exclude the problem that gadget users sometimes face. the Internet does not work on the iPhone. The problem arises with different mobile operators. Most often, incorrect settings are to blame, but there are also more serious reasons. Follow these simple instructions to understand why the internet sometimes doesn’t work well on smartphones and how you can fix iPhone malfunctions on your own.

System crash

Restarting your phone can help resolve problems connecting to websites. If restarting the device does not help, you should update the operating system. The operation is performed in the “Settings” menu, the “General” section, the “Firmware update” function.

You can completely reset the parameters for connecting to the Internet in the “General” section at the bottom of the list, find “Reset”, select the command “Reset network settings”.

The operation will reset the settings for Wi-Fi, mobile data settings, and VPN and APN information that were previously used.

What to do when there is no internet connection on iPhone

Each smartphone connects to the World Wide Web in two ways:

When the phone is simultaneously in the range of mobile communication and in the place of coverage of the “familiar” wi-fi, priority when connecting to web pages is given to the Wi-Fi connection.

The function to connect / disconnect data transfer methods is in the “Control Center”, which opens by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. We sequentially activate one and the other service and determine with which method of communication the smartphone does not load websites.

An active cellular data connection is indicated by a green indicator, an active wireless connection is indicated by a blue light. Gray icons indicate that Internet communication services are disabled.

No connection via mobile network

There are four reasons why the Internet does not work on an iPhone when connected via a cellular connection:

  • Weak or unstable signal. To download sites and work applications, you need a high-speed connection, which is displayed by the icons 3G, LTE or H. If the “E” symbol is lit next to the mobile signal indicator, the speed of the connection to the network will not be sufficient for normal Internet operation. To restore the Internet connection, you just need to choose another place.
  • Limited features of the subscriber’s tariff plan or negative account balance. Mobile operators have service packages in which Internet traffic is not included in the tariff. In this case, you need to change the tariff plan, purchase additional gigabytes or top up the phone balance.
  • Malfunction of the SIM card. The problem is relevant for new devices, into which old SIM cards are inserted. SIM cards released before 2015 do not support LTE and 4G standards. Mechanical damage to the chip can also lead to improper operation of the SIM card.
  • Incorrect network settings. When the SIM card is activated for the first time, the parameters of the connection with the mobile operator are registered in the phone automatically.

You can check the data in the “Settings” menu, section “Cellular”.

Disconnection and subsequent connection of “Cellular Data Transfer” will solve the problem with the mobile Internet. If the problem persists, you need to reset the settings and enter the data yourself. The correct cellular settings can be obtained by contacting Support. The operator will send the settings by SMS.

Defining the problem

On the iPhone, Internet problems are associated with the following reasons:

  • There are errors when connecting to mobile data;
  • Wi-Fi is incorrectly configured;
  • Failure of the iOS operating system;
  • Technical problems with the device.

The user can identify and eliminate the first three reasons on their own. To do this, you need to determine at what type of connection the Internet is lost on the iPhone.

What to do when applications do not load read in the material Android applications crash and Android programs do not start

Internet does not work on iPhone

Without a stable internet connection, smartphone functions become limited. In fact, without a connection to the “World Wide Web”, the prestigious iPhone turns into a regular phone. Find out why the Internet on the iPhone is not working, and this article will help you troubleshoot.

iPhone won’t load websites when connected to Wi-Fi

When the wireless network is working properly, the Wi-Fi symbol appears on the smartphone screen. In the “Control Center” you can see the name of the connected access point.

When the Internet connection symbol is active, and the browser on the phone does not load, the first step is to restart the router and make sure that the network cable is connected to the device.

The following parameters must be set on the phone:

iOS 13/13.4: Dictation Not Working on iPhone and iPad [Here’s the Fix]

  • In “Settings”, section Wi-Fi, the checkbox must be in the enabled state (green).
  • The connected network must be ticked.

When working with Wi-Fi, the iPhone warns the owner about possible failures:

  • The “Unable to connect to the network” error is resolved by rebooting the phone and router.
  • “No Internet connection” means that the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, but access to the World Wide Web is blocked. The reason may be a negative balance or incorrect operation of the access point.
  • “Invalid password”. the phone cannot connect to the router due to entering incorrect authorization data.
  • “Insecure network”. appears when iPhone is connected to public or unsecured Wi-Fi.

If the router is in the access zone, while other devices use it to access the Internet, and the iPhone does not see the wireless network, then this indicates a mechanical breakdown of the phone. We recommend updating the software before taking your iPhone for repair.

In response to the question: “What to do if the Internet does not work on the iPhone?” you can recommend:

  • Reboot the smartphone, re-enable the wireless network and data transfer;
  • Update the operating system;
  • Establish which connection does not load the browser;
  • Check SIM card, tariff and phone balance;
  • Restart the hotspot and check which Wi-Fi networks the phone sees.
  • Reset settings and enter new parameters.

If the problems cannot be resolved, then there is a mechanical breakdown of the phone, which can be fixed at the service center.

proven recommendations if the speaker does not work on the iPhone

IPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6s, iPhone se, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone x, iPhone 7, iPhone 2g, iPhone 8, like others, have 2 speakers: upper and lower, and sometimes it happens that 1 speaker does not work, and the second works.

communication, iphone, does, work

over, if one ear (auditory) speaker does not work, that is, the spoken one, and the speakerphone or external (headphones) can work.

There are several reasons and most can usually be eliminated on their own without visiting specialized places.

If both speakers stop working at once, the situation becomes more complicated, but it often gives in to an independent solution.

It also happens that the speaker works quietly or poorly during a conversation, for example, wheezes. we will also consider this situation below.

Sometimes you even need to get inside the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone se, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 plus and so on, but I hope this future will bypass you.

NOTE: Believe it or not, there is an application that can actually restore the speakers on the iPhone. here it is. Recommend to try.

Cause of the fourth iPhone fell and the speakers do not work

If the phone is dropped into water, the speaker could easily be damaged. However, not only the speaker, but any element responsible for the sound.

The same can happen if you fell into the snow and lay there a little. the phone is warm, the snow melts water gets into the device.

Once my wife dropped it into the water (incidentally, I also dropped it into the water while fishing, but I got carried away), so not only the sound did not work or it didn’t turn on, but the phone didn’t even fit for repair.

If someone, after a fall, flooded the iPhone with water, then the sooner you need to remove the battery (the smartphone partially works even when it is turned off) in order to avoid short circuits on the board.

The second reason why the speakers on the iPhone do not work is the headphone jack

If you often use headphones, then the connector is very often damaged, while the smartphone writes headphones are connected (it may not write).

What to do. For a short time, it can solve the problem if you insert and pull out the headphone cable from the device several times.

You can also pick a match in the connector, but if you continue to use the headphones, you will soon have to replace the connector.

This is not only a problem with smartphones, but it also happens so often on TV. In the connector, the metal plate simply does not return to its original position and the device behaves as if headphones are connected.

The first reason why the speakers on the iPhone do not work. it is simply turned off

Apple devices have an almost imperceptible button on the case and you can accidentally hook it. it mutes the sound (see the picture above).

What to do? Just move the button to a different position (so that the red or yellow stripe does not appear on the side) and see what happens.

Also, the sound can be turned off through the settings. the built-in do not disturb function is launched (on Android there is also one).

Then you will not hear if someone calls you. This is a crescent-shaped icon. make it inactive (grayed out).

The third reason why the speaker on the iPhone does not work is the Bluetooth function is turned on

Apple smartphones can redirect sound to a Bluetooth accessory then the speakers will not work.

What to do? Just go to the settings and turn off Bluetooth. if the sound appears, then you can turn off this function.

If it doesn’t appear, then it’s not something else, such as software. Then just do a factory reset.

How to do this here I will not, because here on the site there is already a ready-made instruction. here is the guide.

Signs of damage to the modem or antenna

It is not uncommon for the iPhone to stop seeing the network due to damage to the antenna or modem part. This can happen due to the impact of the smartphone, ingress of moisture and subsequent oxidation of the board. Also, this may be due to poor-quality repairs or non-original cheap parts. There are such breakdowns in the iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 series, as well as in the iPhone X.

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To check if there really is a problem with the modem, you need to:

  • go to “Settings” and go to the “General” submenu;
  • click the “About this device” menu;
  • find the field “Modem firmware”.

If it is empty, then the modem really has damage, which can only be repaired at a service center. This is a rather difficult and painstaking work and it is impossible to carry out it yourself, without the help of a qualified master.

An antenna malfunction can be judged by the appearance of the phone: if the gadget falls, gets damaged, it is quite possible that the antenna is out of order. In addition, an inoperative Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can also talk about damage to the antenna. Such damage should also be repaired only by an authorized service center.

Network disappeared after Jailbreak

Sometimes iPhone network gets lost after jailbreak. This is especially true for those models that were originally locked for a specific telecom operator. In such cases, it is best to take the phone to a service center, where it will be unlocked by IMEI. However, this procedure can take several days, depending on which operator the smartphone is blocked by.

Loss of network after replacing the SIM card

There are also cases when the iPhone does not see the network after replacing the SIM card. Such a problem, like the previous ones, can occur in absolutely any model. If this happens, then the first thing to do is to get out and examine the SIM card. It can deteriorate when trimmed by yourself, when water gets on it, or for some other reason. In the event that it is damaged, it will have to be replaced with a new one. The operability of the card can be checked by inserting it into another smartphone.

In some cases, it helps to simply pull out the card and put it back in again. It happens that the network simply “glitches”, and such a simple procedure can restart it. Also, as in the previous cases, you can try to turn off and then turn on the smartphone, or several times to activate and deactivate the “Airplane” mode.

Why the iPhone does not see the network?

Apple makes one of the best smartphones out there. iPhone. But even he sometimes fails his owners. There are times when “Search” or “No network” is written on the phone screen instead of the operator’s logo. Questions about why the network disappeared on a smartphone most often come from owners of iPhone models 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, X, less often. XR, XS, XS Max.

What could be the reason for this? What if the smartphone does not catch or is constantly looking for the network? Does this mean that something is wrong with the device and it is broken? In this article, we will try to figure out why this is happening, consider the most likely causes of such a problem and offer options for solving it on the iPhone.

No network when roaming

It often happens that the iPhone loses the network of the cellular operator abroad when using the roaming service. The most likely solution to this problem is to switch your smartphone from 4G to 3G mode. The fact is that mobile operators, for the most part, do not provide services abroad in LTE networks. Plus, owners of the latest iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max often complain about network issues when using 4G mode. Therefore, it will be advisable to switch to a third generation network. This can be done in the menu “Settings”. “Cellular”. “Voice and data”.

If this does not help, then you can do the following:

  • turn the device off and on again;
  • take out and re-insert the SIM-card;
  • reset network settings in the menu “Settings”. “General”. “Reset”;
  • update to the latest software version;
  • reset your smartphone to factory settings;
  • update the settings of the mobile operator in the “Settings”. “General”. “About this device” menu when Wi-Fi is on.

It may also be that the mobile Internet does not work in roaming. In such cases, you need:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • go to the “Cellular” submenu;
  • find the menu item “Data parameters”;
  • move the slider “Data roaming” to the active position.

If none of the above worked and the smartphone still shows that the network is unavailable, then you should contact the technical support of the operator for help.

Another reason the iPhone can’t find the network is that the mobile operator is not providing its services in the region. That is, it happens that when entering an area where the coverage of a telecom operator is absent, the network disappears, and leaving it does not appear. In some cases, this can be corrected by activating the “Airplane” mode for a while or by turning the device off and on again. This will help reboot the frozen network.

No network after flashing, iOS update, factory reset

Sometimes it happens that after repairing the device, updating the operating system, flashing or resetting to factory settings, the iPhone loses the network, and the operator’s logo does not appear on its display. Instead, you can see “Searching” or “No network” on the screen. This is especially true for iPhone models 7 and 8, as well as earlier. 4, 5 and 6. The first thing to do in such cases is to make sure that the SIM card is working properly. To do this, you just need to install it in any other phone.

If the SIM card is working, but the problem remains, you should pay attention to the correctness of the time display on the device display. If the current date and time is displayed incorrectly, which happens quite often after repairing a smartphone in a service center, as well as after self-flashing or updating, you must perform the following steps:

  • connect to Wi-Fi;
  • go to the “Settings” menu item;
  • in the submenu “General” find “Date and time”;
  • move the “Automatic” slider to the active state;
  • if this item is active by default, deactivate and reactivate the slider;
  • restart smartphone.

It should be remembered that the phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network without fail, otherwise no changes will occur to the cellular network.

If there is no access point nearby, you can create a Wi-Fi connection using a second iPhone that has access to the mobile Internet. This can be done as follows:

  • enter the “Settings” menu and go to the “Cellular” menu;
  • click on the item “Cellular data network”;
  • go to the “Modem mode” section;
  • enter the network identifier in the APN field, which can be found in the technical support of your operator;
  • the fields “Username” and “Password” are optional;
  • return to the “Cellular” submenu and switch the “Modem mode” slider to active state.

After these manipulations, the gadget will begin to “distribute” the Internet.

How to avoid future network problems

Why iPhone sensor doesn’t work?

There are many reasons why the sensor does not work on the iPhone. The touchscreen iPhone may stop working due to a factory defect in the touchscreen, a fall from a height, or a shock. However, in addition to damage to the display module, a common reason why the iРhone sensor stopped working is a malfunction of the motherboard. Damage to the device board can be either a shock or a fall on a hard surface, or moisture ingress into the smartphone case, which will lead to corrosion of the conductive elements of microcircuits.

But most often, the malfunctioning of the touchscreen, regardless of the iPhone model, is caused by mechanical damage due to the failure of the owner of the smartphone to follow the basic rules of operation and banal carelessness. This leads to the fact that as a result of falls, the microcircuits that are responsible for the operation of the iPhone sensor are damaged and the touchscreen begins to work intermittently. In order to find out the exact reason why the sensor on the iPhone does not work, you need a specialist consultation and smartphone diagnostics. If the problem with the device’s sensor is not in the display module, then the iPhone motherboard needs to be repaired. The specialists of the X-Repair service center will promptly repair your iPhone at the best price.

Repair of a faulty iPhone sensor at the “X-Repair” service center

You removed the protective film and rebooted the device, but the sensor on the iPhone still doesn’t work? Here you cannot do without the help of specialists. If the display module of the smartphone is intact and serviceable, the reason for the failure of the sensor of your device is damage to the motherboard. Certified employees of the X-Repair service center will quickly and efficiently repair your iPhone at the best price. Branches of our network are conveniently located within walking distance from the metro stations of the capital (see on the map). If you do not have time or opportunity to bring your device to us, use the courier delivery service.

What to do if the iPhone sensor does not work

Apple products are renowned for their quality throughout the world. However, despite the excellent build and high-quality components, all iPhones have their weak points. Gadget owners often complain that the touchscreen does not work in their iPhone. In this article, you will learn why this happens and what to do if the sensor does not work on the iPhone.

How iPhone sensor problems manifest:

  • There is absolutely no reaction of the iPhone touchscreen to touches;
  • There is no sensor response in some areas of the display;
  • The response of the sensor to the command is delayed;
  • The touchscreen of the smartphone does not respond to all user commands;
  • The iPhone’s sensor triggers randomly. the device itself opens and closes applications or documents, types text without user intervention, etc.

Our network of service centers where you can get your iPhone sensor repaired

What to do if the touchscreen does not work on iPhone?

If the sensor on your iPhone stops working, don’t panic, use our tips:

If your iPhone has a screen protector (glass), remove it and wipe the screen with a tissue. Perhaps the reason for the incorrect operation of the touchscreen is in the not neatly glued protective film (glass) or in the ingress of air bubbles, small debris or dust under it.

Restart your smartphone by simultaneously holding down the Home and Power buttons for 15-20 seconds.

If the tips above did not help and the iPhone sensor still does not work properly, contact a professional. Experienced masters of the X-Repair service center will carry out free diagnostics of the gadget to determine the reasons for the breakdown, for which the sensor does not work in the iPhone. If the problems with the touchscreen of the smartphone are not in the display module, the iPhone motherboard needs to be repaired, which will be done at the “X-Repair” SC at the best price.

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