Check iPhone number on Apple website

Where can I check the iPhone for authenticity by serial number?

In fact, there are a large number of resources providing such services. I advise you to use only two. Why?

  • All requests are free.
  • Information reliability. 100%.

This, in my opinion, is quite enough. What are these sites? I already talked about one of them in the article on how to find out the date and place of iPhone purchase. There is also an instruction on how to use this service. And the second place where you can check the iPhone serial number thoroughly and thoroughly is, of course, the Apple website. Let’s talk about this procedure in a little more detail today.

Step-by-step instructions for checking iPhone by IMEI on the Apple website

This action is carried out in several elementary steps.

  • We find the IMEI of the device. This should not cause any particular difficulties, you can see it on the back cover of the gadget or in the settings menu. details about this. here.
  • We open a special section for verification on the Apple website. Enter the previously found serial number and click the “Continue” button.
  • Examining the results.

Here you can see the model and color of the device, find out when the phone support and warranty expires. Also, in the same section, a notification will be provided on the need to carry out the activation procedure, if it has not been performed earlier.

Already based on this information, you can do:

  • Conclusions about the originality of the iPhone (although there are easier ways to do this).
  • Determine if the body has changed?
  • Find out if the serial number is correct for this specific model?

Helpful advice! The presented instructions allow you to check not only the iPhone, but also other “apple” devices: iPad, Mac computers, Apple TV set-top boxes, Airpods wireless headphones, as well as some additional accessories.

P.S. Did the data on the Apple website coincide in reality? Like it”! Not? Write in the comments. let’s try to figure it out together!

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How and where to check iPhone by IMEI (serial number). Apple website and not only

Good time everyone! The need to check IMEI arises, firstly, when buying an “apple” gadget from your hands, and secondly, if you purchase it from an unknown seller, for example, via the Internet. An appropriate check (for example, on the official Apple website) will allow you to find out whether the device is original, whether its warranty has expired and whether you can use the support services.

To “break through” all the information mentioned, you just need to know the serial number, and then use it to get data either from the office. site or through other sources. Which ones? Now you will find out everything! And yes, an important note, the information is provided absolutely free of charge to everyone.

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Hello. When I check my iPhone, it says that the amount of memory is 64 GB, although I have 16. What does this mean? Thanks for attention.

Hello. If there is no error, then this means that this serial number does not belong to your iPhone.

this means that the phone was not original or was opened

Apple‘s website can be tricky with determining the color when checking by IMEI. If you are sure of the originality of the iPhone, then you should not worry.

Hello! How to check the phone for originality, that it is not Ref. If you buy a phone from your hands and the guarantee on its website does not break. And you can’t really tell them apart by sight !?

Hello. If the guarantee on the site does not break through, then anything can “slip”. now there are a lot of craftsmen. Checking anything in this case is difficult (if not impossible).

I have an iPhone with a broken screen. I need a screen, but I can not understand which model. on the serial I check it says that 6s plus. but in appearance the 7th. and on the check and on the box it says that the 7th. how to be. I don’t know which screen to take on it. diagonal 4.7

Watch a YouTube video and find a device similar to yours.

What other videos are on YouTube? Don’t listen to counselors. On the back of the case you have the Phone Model. Type it into any search engine. For example: iPhone model A1524 and the search engine will show that it is iPhone 6 plus. If you’re worried that 150,000 Google searches are wrong, Apple’s website has a spec for each model. For example, at 6 here but in general, Google will immediately orient you. Relying on the “eye” and video is dangerous because youtube.

This is also possible. The only thing (given the fact that a person has big problems with determining the correct serial) is that the case on this particular iPhone may be “not native”. This means that either be without any inscriptions at all, or the data on the model will be indicated incorrectly.

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Good day. If on the Apple website, when checking, it gives out: “This serial number corresponds to the product that was replaced”, then the refurbished phone too?

Kind. Not. Here is an article about “iPhone serial number corresponds to the replaced product”. please read it, there is a detailed answer to your question.

Check iPhone imei or Serial number for any APPLE device

Good day. Advise how to be. There is an iPhone 6c. Was purchased from officials in Canada. Brought to Russia and donated (reliable person). Half a year has passed and so at some point the network falls off and says “No network” but the phone works as usual, catches the waffle, there are no brakes. From the operator’s side, all the rules, from the technical side, it is possible that they thought about the modem or antenna, but they are determined inside the modem, it reads the SIM card (they checked in the service and did not find a breakdown, we want to turn to another place. but is it necessary). So the fact is that they checked it by name and it says that the phone has been disposed of. And it seems that this is exactly the problem. How to be now, what will you advise. Is it possible that someone “there” entered it by mistake into the recycling database? And how to prove that nothing happened on our side and that the most important thing is who to contact the Russian service or the Canadian one (there will be no problems with delivery)

Good. I have an article about “the serial number of the iPhone corresponds to the product that was replaced.” You are about it, right?
The situation is, of course, very strange. And I, frankly, have not encountered this.
Perhaps it is worth contacting the “native” service in Canada with this problem. Since, judging by various reports, Apple’s service in other countries is much more loyal and competent in such matters.
P.S. It seems to me that the original purchase receipt will help you a lot. you definitely need to try to get it.

Yes, the original check is available (miraculously survived) Let’s try to local offs. services to contact for a start, if not, then he is sent to Canada for a replacement, because he has already heard that they can be changed there even without a check. There is certainly no other option. Well, or go “where you need to” but these are such troubles

Complementing. Yesterday it was somehow unblocked and it ceased to be disposed of, it simply ceased to be a warranty (it is indicated that your phone was sold in another country and contact there). An acquaintance lives in Canada who told about this, and the sellers were stunned, so to speak, by what happened (perhaps they tried). But the problem “No network” remained)) After reading several articles, I realized that the matter may be in the signal transmitter (amplifier)

Hello! When checking the iPhone on the site, I gave out that it was necessary to activate it, after activation I asked for the date of purchase, but after that, the difference with the date of purchase and activation is about a week. What can this talk about?

Hello. Here is an article about the date of iPhone activation and purchase. perhaps there you will find the answer to your question.

good afternoon, I bought an iPhone, the girl warned that she was taking it to the official Apple service center because it was buggy and she was given a new one, but the box was not changed. but all receipts and information about the replacement are there. Now have one on the phone and another on the box. it’s not scary?

Good day. If the iPhone is replaced under warranty, then only a new phone (with a new serial number) is issued. The box and accessories remain from the old one. Therefore, in your case, everything is “OK”. this is how it should be.

Hello, I want to buy an Apple Watch, the seller says that the box is sealed, throws it off, I check it and the program gives a picture and the name of the other watch. What to do?!

In the comments (to this article or some other. I don’t remember anymore), we and the readers found out that the Apple website (when checked by IMEI) may be wrong about the color of the device. if this is the only problem, then you should not worry.

find out the release date of the iPhone

To check the iPhone release year, go to this site. Here you need to enter the received CH in the appropriate line. Make sure the Apple category is selected above it (the default):

After that, an expanded window with information appears. Here you see the model, as well as the 2 items we need. Here you will be able to check the year of release of the iPhone. The age and country of production are written here. Take a look at the details:

Is my device original? If the device is displayed after entering the serial number from the link above, then it is real, since the resource is connected to the Apple database. We told how to check the iPhone for authenticity in a separate article.

Find out if “iPhone” has been used before

If you write the verification code incorrectly, then instead of the usual error message, you can get to a page informing about the denial of access to the device’s data. Do not worry. Just go back and try again. When you log in successfully, you will see an activation prompt. It will appear only if the device is new. This is how the information on the screen of a never-used Apple phone will look like:

Otherwise, you will be able to contemplate how much is left until the end of the warranty, as well as other information. It is impossible to check the iPhone production date on the official website. By the way, this method is also suitable for determining the authenticity, since only official numbers are displayed.

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look at the serial number of the iPhone

It is in the serial number (CH) that all useful information is encrypted. To be more precise, it is stored on the manufacturer’s website, where you enter the CH. The resource link will be provided in the next section on how to check the iPhone release date. The instructions below are relevant for smartphones and tablets. Just using the iPad as an example, we will analyze all the functions, since the items in the menu of these devices are called the same.

To get started, go to the settings, then visit the “General” section. Here find the line “About this device”:

Here you can see the model. It is signed in the factory format, but if you enter it into a search engine, you will see what kind of device it is. For our purpose, find the line “Serial number”, and then copy it or rewrite it:

The CH iPhone, the release date we are looking into, is also available via iTunes. Log in to the service, select a device and visit the “Overview” tab. There will be the necessary information:

Remember also the fact that each electronic device has a serial number, with which you can check the iPhone, what year it is, is indicated on the box. It looks like this:

As you can see, IMEI is also located in all sections. It is also suitable for our purposes. It is easier to rewrite it, since the line is composed exclusively of numbers. This is where the manipulations with the phone and its software internals end. Let’s move on to the main part.

Good to know: there is no letter O in the serial number of Apple gadgets. Instead, only the number 0. This is done so that users do not get confused when entering.

How to check how old an iPhone is?

Even without being used, the technique is destroyed by the external environment. Therefore, it is more profitable to buy the newest device models. Let’s still figure out how to check how old an iPhone is by setting the year of issue.

  • set the level of novelty of the smartphone;
  • satisfy personal curiosity;
  • make sure the seller is honest.


This is all the information on how to check what year an iPhone is. There is nothing more to add here. Just find the serial number and enter it on the above site, and then read.

Checking iPhone before buying from gray dealers

As a rule, the cheapest devices are phones from the showcase or replaced by previous customers. Whether the iPhone has been replaced can be found by the IMEI (links at the end of the review). Examine the box carefully to ensure that the protective films are in place without air bubbles underneath.

Buying an iPhone from a “gray” supplier can save 5. 20 percent of the cost of the device at official points of sale. Usually “gray” smartphones enter the Russian market from Europe and Asia. However, there is some chance that the iPhone was already in use.

The first sign that the device has already been used is that it does not need to be activated. At the same time, the activation request does not mean at all that the iPhone is new. The fact is that the activation procedure must be repeated every time after installing a new firmware. That is, this method is not 100% effective.

But you can still check the device. For this you need:

  • Go to Apple’s website to Check Service and Support Eligibility.
  • Enter the serial standard iPhone into the appropriate field (you can find it out in the activation menu by pressing the “i” key on the right side of the window or in Settings. General. About this device)
  • Press the Continue key.

If the smartphone is new or officially restored, a message like. You need to activate the iPhone will be displayed in a new window.

If the device has been activated, then in the Right to Service and Support section, the warranty expiration date (356 days from the date of activation) will be entered.
A one-year warranty is proof that your iPhone is new.

SIM card slot

Remember a real iPhone has only one SIM card slot and that is in microsym format, in the iPhone 4S the slot is located on the side of the device, but also note that in any iPhone the SIM card is taken from the outside of the slot. If you find that the SIM card is inserted after removing the back cover of the iPhone, you should know that this is a wicked iPhone.

Other helpful articles:

  • How to distinguish an iphone from a fake
  • What you need to know about iPhone security
  • What is jailbreak
  • What is unlock iphone

1 Check iPhone by Model

By the model number, you can find out from which country this iPhone was brought.
Letters after the numbers before the “/” sign indicate the region of sale and warranty service.

For example MC131 TA / A. iPhone 3G 16Gb Black phone purchased in Taiwan (Chunghwa Telecom)

Official Russian telephones (PCT) have the following numbers:
MB489RS / A, MB496RS / A, MB500RS / A, MC131RS / A, MC132RS / A, MC133RS / A, MC134RS / A

How to check if iPhone is original or not by IMEI?

Check for originality is also carried out through the IMEY iPhone. You can find out the IMEI number in several ways:

Find on the packaging with a barcode. IMEI is lower than the serial number.

Through the “Settings” of the gadget. The path that the user needs to go through. “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

Through a combination. It is enough to dial # and the IMEI number will appear on the screen.

IMEY consists of 15 digits. alphabetic characters do not occur.

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It is possible to check the authenticity of the gadget by IMEI using two services:

IPhone hand-held check

I myself had to buy and sell such smartphones. Therefore, for myself, I have defined the following iPhone verification rules, in descending order of importance.

  • 0. We look at the seller. If the person is outwardly sane, then we communicate further. We determine if this is a real iPhone or a fake. Here’s an article on how to spot a fake iPhone.
  • 1. See if the “Find my iPhone” function is enabled in iCloud “Settings. iCloud. Find iPhone”. Please disable. Or at least turn it off and on again. It is important to make sure that the phone is not stolen.
  • 2. We make an external examination for scratches, chips. We examine the screws to see if the case has been opened. The screw heads on the bottom end must not be damaged. The charging port and headphone jack must be the same color as the phone.
  • 3. We twist the case slightly. Nothing should creak. If the case creaks, then the phone fell well.
  • 4. Push all the buttons. There should be no backlash and work every other time. In the iPhone 5, the Power button was on many with a factory defect and repairs cost a decent amount.
  • 5. Insert your SIM card. If the phone is not locked, then the iPhone should connect to your network.
    It happens that you have to wait a little, or even reboot the device.
  • 6. We call someone. We check how the caller is heard, and vice versa, how he hears you.
  • 7. We output the sound to the speakerphone. Checking how the speakers work.
  • 8. Checking the accelerometer. Rotate the iPhone. the screen should rotate to follow the device.
  • 9. Open the white page in Safari. We carefully look at the backlighting of the screen. The light should be uniform. If there is more brightness at the edge, the backlight will be replaced soon.
  • 10. Checking how the camera works. We take several shots in the automatic machine and with manual focusing. Let’s see what happened. Here is an iPhone check for the quality of the resulting images.
  • 11. Checking the operation of the GPS module. We launch the maps, determine our position.
  • 12. If the seller claims that his phone is new, and even a fly has not yet sat on it, check the serial number for the Apple warranty. Here enter the IMEI number (on the back of the smartphone at the bottom. 14 digits). If the iPhone is really new, there will be an inscription “iPhone must be activated”, or the warranty period is close to 365 days.

I do not recommend buying a device older than two years. IPhone batteries don’t last forever.

5 Activation Lock Status Checks

For the first time, the Activation Lock feature appeared in the iOS 7 operating system and as of December last year it is activated on 78% of all iPhones. After its appearance, the level of theft of iPhones and iPads decreased significantly. Since January 27, 2017, Apple has unexpectedly closed access to the page on the iPhone and iPad activation lock status check site, which allows users to track down stolen gadgets.

Now an error page opens at
For what purpose Apple disabled this device verification feature is unknown.
Now the company does not offer any way to determine the activation lock for iPhone and iPad.

How to find the serial number / have an iPhone?

If you want to check your iPhone for originality, then first you have to find out its IMEI. There are just a lot of ways.

There are options when the device is active, as well as those when you cannot turn it on, but you somehow need to find out the serial number.

Now I’ll tell you about each of them, and you already choose the most convenient for you:

    Through Settings. In absolutely any iPhone, you can find the IMEI in Settings. To do this, you need to go to Settings. General. About this device. Serial number.

Settings. General. About this device. Serial number

Just turn the packaging over and you can find a sticker with many barcodes. There you will find the information you need.
iTunes. The option with the iTunes program has not yet been canceled, and it is also quite easy to find the desired IMEI in it.

We select the connected device, Overview and on the right side you will find the number you need.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to find out IMEI and you just have to choose the most convenient one for you.

How to check iPhone for authenticity by IMEI on Apple website?

The iPhone is becoming more expensive every year and therefore, before buying both a new and a used smartphone, I want to make sure that it is genuine and you can use it without any problems.

check, iphone, number, apple, website

To do this, it is possible to check the serial number, and on the official Apple website. Let’s talk about everything in order.

Checking iPhone for originality / authenticity by serial number on the official Apple website

When you already know the serial number, it’s time to move on to the most basic thing. checking the iPhone on the official website.

It is very easy to do this, because there is a special section., where you need to enter the number and click Continue (do not forget about the captcha).

Checking IMEI iPhone on the official Apple website

Then, all the necessary information on the device will appear: its warranty, date of purchase, etc. If your phone is in the database, then you bought a genuine iPhone.