Change the battery on the iPhone 7

When to replace the 7 Plus battery?

It’s important to note that an iPhone 7 Plus battery has a duty cycle of approximately 500 to 1,300 charges. That is, if you notice that the gadget is quickly discharging, reboots without a preliminary command, or turns off altogether, these are signs that you should not hesitate and contact our service center as soon as possible to replace the battery.

We have masters with high qualifications and more than 5 years of experience. That is why the problem associated with replacing the battery is solved quickly and professionally.

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IPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement

In the 21st century, almost everyone has a mobile phone. Every day, new updates are created, thereby improving smartphones to a perfect state. To date, the hearts of people have been conquered by Apple, which introduced a stunning gadget model. iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Plus is packed with all the innovations that satisfy everyone. But the user one way or another will be forced to face such a need as replacing the battery in the iPhone 7 Plus.

What is the difference between the Original and Copy 7 Plus batteries?

The original batteries we install come from Huizhou Desay Battery factory, the same factory produces batteries from iPhone XS to iPhone 11 Pro Max. These batteries have the same capacity as the one in your iPhone. The “battery wear” indicator will show the percentage as well as before the replacement.

change, battery, iphone

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Guide (How To). ScandiTech

Copies are made at other factories, their name does not always coincide with what is stated on the battery. Their quality is an order of magnitude worse, we recommend placing them only after understanding the fact that this is a fake.

Very often our clients have a question: what is the reason for the rapid discharge? There are several influencing factors:

  • low-quality smartphone firmware;
  • the charging connector is defective, therefore, the electrical energy cannot be supplied properly;
  • the gadget has been dropped from a height, severely hit, or subjected to pressure;
  • the user has used a counterfeit (of Chinese origin) or mismatched charger.

In order for the “apple” electronic equipment to serve for a long time, the masters recommend:

  • Handle the iPhone 7 Plus connector and plug with the utmost care;
  • under no circumstances use a counterfeit and broken charger to recharge the phone;
  • do not install applications on your smartphone that do not initially inspire confidence;
  • be careful not to let the gadget fall on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt (use special covers).

The employees of our service center can handle any breakdown. We will carry out a comprehensive and comprehensive diagnostics of the device to see if there are any other breakdowns, provide a free consultation, answer all questions and, most importantly, replace the battery with an original battery.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement-How To

Replacing the battery (battery) iPhone 7

Not so long ago, the new iPhone Apple 7 was released. It is more advanced than its predecessors. However, despite this, it is not immune to battery problems. As in previous models, the battery can be damaged in it. Most often the problem is due to the natural wear and tear of the battery. the iPhone 7 has a Li-Po battery, which, due to its chemical composition, lasts no more than 1500 charge / discharge cycles. Those. On average 2-3 years. But there are cases of improper operation, non-observance of elementary rules when charging the phone, due to which the battery stops working as before.

What is the difference between the Original and the Copy

The original batteries that we install are produced at the Huizhou Desay Battery factory, the same factory produced batteries for the new iPhone 7. These batteries have the same capacity as the one in your iPhone. The “battery wear” indicator will show the percentage as well as before the replacement.

Copies are made at other factories, their name does not always coincide with what is stated on the battery. Their quality is an order of magnitude worse, we recommend putting them only after understanding the fact that this is a fake.

It should be noted that the battery life is 1-2 years. If you have been using the same battery for much longer, then it is time to think about replacing it.

Waterproof after battery replacement

iPhone 7 has an IP67 rating, which allows it to be submerged up to 5 meters. When replacing the battery, we suggest that you restore the water protection with factory gluing-tape. The cost of this service is 100 UAH.

Where to replace the battery?

If you notice one or more signs, then it’s time to think about replacing the battery. Of course, it is worth doing this in case of emergency, when one of the above problems is really present. Our service center can replace the iPhone 7 battery in 30 minutes and with a 12 month warranty. AppleLab specialists are ready to help with solving this problem and will do everything to ensure that your smartphone works again as before. You can replace the battery on the iPhone 7 at our branch in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Lviv. When replacing, only the battery from official Apple suppliers is used.

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When the battery wears out?

One of the common problems that can arise during the use of iPhone is associated with a failure of the battery. fast discharge of the phone. This problem is faced by 100% of iPhone 7 owners. Signs of battery failure can be the following:

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Signs that your iPhone battery has failed:

  • If the battery is charging very slowly and discharging very quickly.
  • If the smartphone suddenly turns off during a phone call or at any other inopportune moment.
  • If it is noticeable that the battery is swollen and the glass protrudes somewhat from the case.
  • If the battery has passed its useful life.

IPhone won’t turn on? Call us for hot line!

A modern telephone is not only and not so much as a means of communication, but also an archive of necessary documents, photo and video files, a media player with thousands of melodies. However, it happens that for no apparent reason the gadget refuses to work, it simply does not turn on. There may be several breakdown options, but how do you know which one is correct? offers a qualified free consultation at a single number for Russia 8-800-100-39-13. You can also use it to make an appointment with a specialist at a convenient time, so as not to part with apple technology, not to leave it in the service.

In case of prior arrangement, an employee will take care of the renovation immediately after your arrival. Replacing the battery on the iPhone is done in the presence of the owner of the smartphone, after 20 minutes the device will be in working order in your hands. If you cannot drive up to the service center, discuss the service of a field master. A professional with tools will arrive at the specified address or St. Petersburg so that you do not have to waste time.

IPhone Battery Replacement

Imagine that you have to work non-stop 24-7, and “eat” periodically. Will the efficiency be enough for a long time? And the batteries of Apple technology, despite the reliability laid down by the manufacturers, do not withstand in this mode. In the best case, the owner notices in a timely manner that the smartphone holds a charge worse and turns to the service to replace the iPhone battery. At worst, it delays the repair to the last and as a result gets faulty electronics, requiring expensive “intervention”.

High quality iPhone battery replacement guaranteed

If you have any problems, such as: the phone does not turn on, it quickly loses its charge, or the battery has already started to “swell”, it is better to immediately contact the service and fix the problem. It is important that the quality of the part to be replaced meets the requirements of operation, otherwise it is easy to get the most complex breakdown. To replace the iPhone battery, specialists, a network of federal-level service centers, use Original class components designed for Apple electronics, therefore they provide a mandatory 3-month warranty for all types of spare parts and work.

Usually, battery repair for iPhones 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X is necessary when:

  • expiration of the loading limit;
  • ingress of moisture inside the case;
  • regular overheating of the smartphone;
  • using a charger not recommended for apple phones.

Low for replacing the iPhone battery, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia

Even for expensive spare parts for apple devices, you can achieve adequate for repairs. Our service buys components at wholesale cost from trusted suppliers, without intermediaries. This approach makes it possible to replace the iPhone battery that is available to users. Call so that the smartphone does not lose its performance and pleases you with its functionality for a long time.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone battery?

Device Price onsite Price in service centers

iPhone 11 5,990 rubles. 5 990 rub.
iPhone 11 Pro 7 490 rbl. 7 490 rbl.
iPhone 11 Pro Max RUB 7,990. RUB 7,990.
iPhone 12 8 490 rbl. 8 490 rbl.
iPhone 12 mini 11 090 rub. 11 090 rub.
iPhone 12 Pro 11 090 rub. 11 090 rub.
iPhone 12 Pro Max 11 090 rub. 11 090 rub.
iPhone 4 1 190 rub. 1 190 rub.
iPhone 4s 1 190 rub. 1 190 rub.
iPhone 5 1 390 rbl. 1 390 rbl.
iPhone 5c 1 390 rbl. 1 390 rbl.
iPhone 5s 1 390 rbl. 1 390 rbl.
iPhone 6 RUB 1,590. RUB 1,590.
iPhone 6 Plus 1 690 rub. 1 690 rub.
iPhone 6s 1 690 rub. 1 690 rub.
iPhone 6s Plus 1 790 rub. 1 790 rub.
iPhone 7 2 090 rub. 2 090 rub.
iPhone 7 Plus 2 290 rbl. 2 290 rbl.
iPhone 8 RUB 2,490. RUB 2,490.
iPhone 8 Plus 2 790 rub. 2 790 rub.
iPhone SE 1 390 rbl. 1 390 rbl.
iPhone SE 2 RUB 2,490. RUB 2,490.
iPhone X 3 490 rbl. 3 490 rbl.
iPhone XR RUB 3,990. RUB 3,990.
iPhone XS RUB 3,990. RUB 3,990.
iPhone XS Max 4,990 rbl. 4,990 rbl.

The battery can only be replaced when the device is turned off. Using a screwdriver, you need to unscrew the screws at the bottom of the gadget, then carefully separate the case and screen by about 90% and fix the latter. To remove the old battery, you must first disconnect the ribbon cable leading from the battery to the motherboard. After that, you can safely pull out the worn part, and, having previously glued two strips of double-sided tape, install a new part and assemble the iPhone in the reverse order.

To prolong battery life, there are a few guidelines to follow:

    Use only original charger

The analogue of the charger is not always able to safely charge the gadget, since it does not have most of the protection stages that are present in the original chargers.

The ideal time to recharge your device is 20-30% of the remaining charge. If you lower the charge level below the specified bar, then over time this can negatively affect the capacity of your battery.

Try not to use or charge your iPhone in cold and hot weather

If it nevertheless happened that you had to use the gadget at a very low or high temperature, then in no case immediately put the device on charging. Wait until the body of the device reaches room temperature, and only then feel free to charge the phone.

Using iPhone while charging is not recommended

This advice is a consequence of the previous one. Since during active use of the device, it heats up, recharging at this moment can negatively affect the operation of the battery.

At the end of the article, I would like to note that over a year of operation of the iPhone, the battery can lose both 50% of its capacity and 5%. It all depends on how you charge and use it.

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Moscow, st. Ordzhonikidze, house 11, building 1a, pom. XIII and fl. 2 off. 6m.

St. Petersburg, st. Professor Katchalov, house 11, letter A, floor 7, room. twenty.

to improve the quality of service, your conversation can be recorded

repair time may vary depending on the model of the device and the complexity of the work carried out

How to change the battery on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Replacing the battery on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Difficult but real.

If you notice, or know for sure thanks to this method, that the battery of your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus has outlived its usefulness, then it must be replaced with a new one. This process is far from the easiest, but if you have experience in parsing smartphones and the right tools, you can cope with it at home. How to replace the battery on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus was described in detail in this manual.

Difficulty: high. Time required: 30-120 minutes.

What is needed

  • Phillips (1.3 mm, 1.6 mm, and 1.9 mm), 3.5 mm five-point (Pentalobe), and three-point (1.2 mm and 2.4 mm) screwdrivers.
  • Dielectric blade (Spudger).
  • Sucker.
  • Blunt tweezers.
  • Plastic tool.
  • iOpener (or an alternative such as an electric heating pad).
  • New battery for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

How to change the battery on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Important! Before disassembling an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, discharge your smartphone battery to below 25%. Even a half-charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire or explode if accidentally punctured.

Important! Opening the display on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will damage the waterproof seals. If you don’t replace these seals, your smartphone will no longer be water resistant.

Turn off your smartphone and remove the two 3.5mm star screws near the Lightning connector.

Prepare the iOpener (or an alternative such as a heating pad) and place it on the edge of the front panel to loosen the adhesive that holds the display panel. Wait about a minute for the glue to heat up.

Attach a suction cup to the bottom half of the display above the Home button. Make sure the suction cup is not covering the button.

Pull on the suction cup to create a small gap between the display and the back bezel. Insert the flat edge of the dielectric blade into the gap that appears. Important! The waterproof adhesive that holds the display in place is very strong, which makes it very difficult to create an initial gap.

Swipe the dielectric spatula to the left along the bottom edge of the iPhone. Rotate the paddle 90 ° to widen the gap between the smartphone body and the bezel.

Swipe up on the left side of the iPhone with a spatula. Important! Do not tamper with the top of the case as this could damage the plastic clips that secure the display.

Insert the flat edge of the dielectric spatula into the lower right corner of the iPhone case. Rotate the paddle 90 ° to widen the gap. Return the shoulder blade to its original position and slide it along the right side from bottom to top.

Pull lightly on the suction cup to lift the display and open the iPhone. Important! Do not lift the display more than 10 °, as there are cables on the right side of the device that connect the display to the motherboard.

Gently run a plastic tool (alternatively a plastic card) along the top edge of the iPhone between the back of the case and the display panel to remove any remaining glue. In this case, the screen must be held in place. Be careful not to damage the plastic clips on the top edge of the smartphone.

Pull the display down slightly to release the clips that secure it to the back of the case. Then open the iPhone by flipping the display up on the left side. Do not try to completely separate the display from the case, as ribbon cables still connect it to the motherboard.

Unscrew the following Y000 three-point screws from the bottom holder:

Using the sharp end of a plastic tool or tweezers, detach:

Unscrew the two 1.3 mm screws that secure the holder and remove it.

Disconnect the front panel sensor cable. Please note that when assembling, it is recommended to connect this cable over the entire area at once in order to minimize the risk of bending.

Completely remove the display that is no longer connected to the back of the case.

Unscrew the two 1.9 mm Phillips screws securing the barometric plug and remove it.

Detach the Taptic Engine ribbon cable.

Unscrew the three 1.6mm screws holding the Taptic Engine and remove it.

Important! Never use pointed tweezers, as this may puncture the battery. Using blunt tweezers, peel off one of the adhesive strips first on one side of the bottom edge of the battery:

Slowly while maintaining a constant tension, pull out one of the strips. For best results, pull the strip at an angle of 60 ° or less. Note that the strip will stretch to several times the size of the battery, so be prepared to grab it at the base and continue pulling. Important! Try not to twist the strips or stick to anything. Otherwise, the process of their extraction can be significantly difficult.

Repeat the previous step for the second strip while supporting the battery with your hand.

Remove the battery from the iPhone case, install the adhesive strips (how to do it), a new battery, and then reassemble the device in the reverse order.

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How to calibrate iPhone battery and why you need it?

Hello everyone! The iPhone has a lithium-ion battery, and these batteries are not known to have a memory effect. Then why calibrate them at all? The fact is that the capacity of the battery drops over time (how to check its current state) and if you have had the phone for a long time, then in the absence of battery calibration, strange things begin

It happens that the iPhone “does not understand” what the current battery capacity is and cannot correctly display information about the battery charge level. As a result, various non-standard situations occur: an unexpected shutdown by 20-30%, freezing of the charging indicator (long display of one value), incorrect data is shown about how charged the iPhone is and other disgrace.

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By the way, although in this article I write everywhere about the iPhone, this method of battery calibration is great for other Apple equipment: iPad and iPod.

But first, let’s summarize the signs that clearly indicate that the iPhone battery needs to be calibrated.

  • iPhone shuts down when there is still charge percentage. It would seem that he still has to work and work, but he bam and turned off.
  • In some cases, calibration will help those users who run out of battery very quickly. True, this is just one of the methods of dealing with an instantly discharging smartphone.
  • If the iPhone freezes for a long time at one percent of the charge, and then the indicator sharply “jumps” by several tens of percent.
  • It is advisable to perform calibration every 2-3 months for absolutely all iPhone and iPad users. If you’ve never done it, now is the time!

At least one of the described cases is your situation?

Then read on and learn how to properly calibrate the iPhone battery.!

How to replace iPhone 7 Battery in 3 minutes

  • Wait until the device is completely discharged. It is entirely and completely (absolutely, “to zero”, so that it is not included at all).
  • We put it on charge (preferably from the network) and do not touch it (of course, you can answer an urgent call, but you do not need to play and use). We wait until it is charged to 100%.
  • We leave connected for another hour or two. What for? For reliability! After all, the iPhone does not show charging correctly? Wrong! So, you can’t trust him. And despite the fact that the screen displays 100% charge, the battery may not be fully charged! Therefore, to be sure, after reaching 100%, we do not turn off the plug immediately, but wait at least another hour.
  • Disconnect from the network and do a hard reboot. To do this, press and hold two keys. Home and Power on, until the apple icon lights up on the screen. Updated! This combination of buttons does not work for all devices. How to be? Here is a detailed instruction on how to Hard Reset any iPhone.!
  • We use the device until it is completely discharged.
  • We repeat this procedure 2-3 times.

As you can see, there is nothing super complicated. And the only “narrow” moment is time.

But there’s nothing you can do about it, battery calibration is not a quick thing.

Important! When you start doing the second loop, you do not need to recharge your iPhone for a short time! The circuit should be exactly like this. from 100% to 0%, then to full charge without interruption, charged, hard reset and discharged to 0% without recharging.

Only then will the calibration be truly correct and will benefit your iPhone’s battery.

Should you change your iPhone battery?

A similar question is asked by many users today, especially after the hype around the noticed software slowdown of Apple smartphones and the preferential program for replacing components that was launched after that.

Almost every iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 owner is at a crossroads today. Now we will help you decide.

Who else should think about

IPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners are the first to run for a new battery. Their devices have been living for more than three years, the warranty has ended long ago, there is nothing to worry about.

Owners of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have slightly more recent gadgets. Especially if the device was bought not at the start of sales, but after six months or a year. In any case, the decision on replacement should be based on the level of battery wear.

For the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, water resistance is key. No service center will return the smartphone to its original state after opening. Even the most skilled craftsman will give out a device with worse tightness than out of the box.

We recommend changing the battery for those whose battery condition is very deplorable or the smartphone has already been repaired and opened.

Do I need to change at all?

First, conduct a simple test to understand if our smartphone needs a battery replacement or if you can sleep peacefully for another year and a half.

Many experts recommend focusing on two battery indicators: the number of charge cycles and the loss of nominal capacity.

The battery should be replaced if the battery has lost more than 20% of its capacity or passed more than 500 cycles. If both happened, it is strongly recommended to change.

Still need to change

Regardless of how Apple resolves the issue of braking the device, I recommend replacing the battery on an old smartphone with serious wear and tear and a lot of battery cycles.

In any case, we will increase the autonomy of the iPhone and its performance (there will be no software slowdown with the new battery) right now. No matter how Apple decides to change the algorithms of iOS, after replacing the battery, we will not care.

Why it will get worse after iOS update

Apple has promised to disable software slowdown of smartphones in iOS 11.3. After the release of the first beta version, the user experience was quite controversial. Not everyone noticed the performance gain.

If battery wear is severe and iOS degrades device performance to increase battery life, guess what happens after disabling software slowdown.

At full power, the iPhone will eat up the entire charge even faster and will ask for the outlet a couple of hours earlier. In the most severe cases, users will find a banal disconnection of their smartphone during laborious processes.

Imagine if the Cupertinians do not add the coveted switch, but instead simply forcibly turn off the deceleration. Then, instead of an iPhone that slows down but survives until the end of the day, we will get a smartphone that works normally for half the day.

We are already used to putting up with performance, because we use the device every day and know roughly what to expect, but a sharp drop in autonomy can be very critical for many owners of old devices.