Change iPhone to a new one with surcharge

How to return an iPhone under warranty with a refund

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You can make a replacement with a small surcharge, but still get a newer model

Note! It is possible to exchange a broken device for a new one with a small surcharge, for example, when the seller does not have the same model, but there is another, more expensive one.

IPhone replacement under warranty with a new one

If the warranty for the phone still remains, then the user has the opportunity to change his apple device to a new one or return the money for it. It’s easy to do.

On the official website of the service, you can find out the necessary information

Where to go for an exchange under warranty or to repair a broken iPhone

However, many power users recommend contacting Apple Support directly. This procedure has several advantages:

  • Experts can check a broken phone even using remote access. In some cases, even this will be enough to find out what problems the iPhone is having.
  • The owner can be sent a new spare part to replace the broken one for self-repair.
  • If a major repair or replacement of an iPhone is required, all transportation costs will be paid by the company, and the user will only have to hand over the device to the courier.

How to change iPhone under warranty

Apple works in such a way that in the event of a breakdown, it offers to replace the device with a new one, rather than repair it. Representatives claim that for any problem, the user can contact the official service department if more than a year has passed since the date of purchase. In such a case, it is important to provide all documents for the device (and preferably a box).

After receiving a new iPhone, a person will be given new documents for it, which are also recommended to be kept, because the warranty period in this case will be nullified and will be valid for the next year. In the future, this will allow you to solve all arising issues of warranty service without any problems.

Note! To check if the phone can be replaced under warranty, it is recommended to go to the “Device Information” section. The presence of characters “q3-q9 qc, qd, qf, qg, qh, qj” in the serial number indicates that warranty service is possible.

IPhone broken under warranty. what to do

Before you change your iPhone under warranty for a new one, you should decide what to do. The owner should understand what exactly he wants to achieve from the service center. There are several options:

  • A refund.
  • Replacing a smartphone with a new, working gadget.
  • Repair and correction of errors in the purchased device.

Replacing an iPhone under warranty with a new one. what to do if it’s broken

There are a lot of people who want to become owners of new iPhones. It’s good when shopping is a joy. But, unfortunately, there are cases when only the purchased device starts to work poorly. In such a situation, the question arises of how to replace the iPhone under warranty with a new one.

IPhone warranty

Until 2017, iPhone owners had two options in the event of a device breakdown:

  • Get back spent money.
  • Change the device to a new one under warranty.

Replacing an old iPhone with a new one under warranty is quite possible

Under an official guarantee, the service center is ready to replace the iPhone with another workable device, but it is possible that it has already been used by someone else. Not everyone can buy a new device every time. Fortunately, in the spring of 2017, Russia began to supply original spare parts for iPhones, which made it possible to repair devices. However, there are several cases when the phone warranty will not help and you will not be able to replace the iPhone for free:

  • The manufacturer of the device is America, so if the device is bought on the market in China and released by someone else, it cannot be replaced.
  • Improper use of the phone, mechanical damage due to the user’s fault (for example, if the device was tried to break).
  • Ingress of moisture into the device.
  • Any accident or theft.
  • Unreadable phone serial number.
  • Repairs not in the service center.

If there are such problems, it is unfortunately not possible to replace the iPhone with a new one or get a refund under warranty. Warranty cases also do not include a battery malfunction, dents on the case, damage to protective coatings and the fact that the battery does not hold the charge well.

It is important for any iPhone buyer to know the following:

  • After purchase, the warranty period is 1 year. During this time, you can exchange for a new device free of charge.
  • After the replacement has been carried out, the new device also receives a warranty period of 1 year.

Attention! The exchange at the service center does not take much time.

It is recommended to contact the service center with all documents

In what cases change the iPhone to a new one under warranty

IPhone replacement under warranty with a new one is carried out in the following cases:

  • The presence of a crack in the corner without the presence of a cobweb.
  • Front camera offset.
  • The presence of unnecessary elements under the screen, the presence of “broken” pixels.
  • Damage to the GSM module when the device does not catch the operator’s network.
  • Sound problems.
  • Malfunction of the charging chip.
  • Overheating of the device due to battery problems.

In the presence of such phenomena, you can immediately go to the service center.

Changing your iPhone for a new one under warranty isn’t as difficult as it sounds. If any problems appear, do not delay, it is better to immediately contact the service center, where specialists will carry out the necessary diagnostics and troubleshoot.

Replacing old iPhones with new ones with a surcharge is now officially in Russia

The famous trade-in Apple has also reached Russia. The bottom line is simple, you bring your “old man”, the retail staff evaluate the device according to the Apple base and make an exchange. On the Apple website, you can see the approximate cost of evaluating your smartphone yourself.

Evaluation of smartphones in the US, in Russia will differ.

Yes, the score is not always sweet. Yes, on avito or elsewhere you can sell more profitably. But the essence of the trade-in is simple: bypassing the inconvenience of resale, you can quickly get a new device with a good discount. After all, not everyone will want to bargain on the trading floor, explain to the buyer why you are selling your smartphone, make an appointment and pick up. But this famous “I give five rubles, I won’t give any more, where to pick it up?”, They still know such messages. It’s definitely better to use the official trade-in.

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The exchange program even includes iPhone 4. So if you have an orphan iPhone lying around somewhere, you can just get a discount by taking it with you.

Apple’s official trade-in partners: M.Video, Svyaznoy, re: Store. Throughout Russia, you can exchange an old iPhone for a new one at 100 retail outlets so far. According to experts, thanks to trade-in, Apple can increase iPhone sales in Russia by 10%.

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Kapets 70 bucks for 5S. I bought it for 20,000 rubles a year ago! Cupertino collapsed from the oak. I understand used, but this is an iPhone, not a Chinese Xiaomi cool one, which unfortunately will be a conveyor tomorrow.

From the article, I still did not understand, the service in Russia has already been launched?

Well, it is written in Russian that you can change in M ​​Video Svyaznoy re: Store just come to the store in any of the list and say I want to change the phone using the trade-in Apple program

I have an iPhone 6s plus, from which I will give it for a discount of 15 thousand when you can sell it for 35 thousand to someone?

restore has one condition: “The returned iPhone must be purchased from an Apple Authorized Partner in Russia.”

Thank you neighing, Restoor gives a discount of UP TO 30% on a new phone, hand in 6s and change it to iPhone 7. you turn out to be the most important loser in Russia

The article should have been called “Loh-trade launched in Russia”

That is, you mean. that you can come to the same video with the purchased 7rka from January under warranty and change it to a new one for no reason at no extra charge ?

How to use the iPhone Migration Tool in iOS 12.4 and higher

For the sake of interest, I brought in a liaison almost a new 4s, in a box, a complete set, PCT. Appreciated at 1000 rubles 🙂

How to get a new iPhone instead of a broken one

Most people don’t know about this, but a broken iPhone or any other Apple device is often much more profitable to change for a new one than to repair it. over, the change is not just anywhere, but at Apple itself. it offers such a service. The only important condition is a valid warranty. In this article, we talked about how to change a broken iPhone for a new one in order to both save decent money and get a lot of extra buns.

Suppose you are the owner of an iPhone X. Under unpleasant circumstances, your screen broke. glass and matrix to smithereens. What to do? Replacing the screen with the original one will cost a lot. about 18,000 rubles. In this case, there will be the following jambs:

Move data between iPhones

  • violation of moisture resistance,
  • not a factory one, albeit an original screen (what is the difference told here),
  • screen holding glue of inferior quality compared to the factory,
  • loss of warranty.

The prospect of such a repair is not very bright, but most users do just that. People just don’t know about the alternative.

On the other hand, we have a little-known option. the official exchange of a device for a new one instead of repair which is cheaper compared to renovation. Along with this, you get the following benefits:

There is only one drawback of exchanging a broken device for a new one. a relatively long waiting time. Usually it takes about 5-7 business days to wait.

With the pros and cons, everything is clear. We will deal with questions that may arise from people who first learned about the official exchange option.

The SC broke the price. what to do?

Russian service centers often feel distant from Apple and sometimes do offer an exchange at a greatly inflated price. In this case, you just need to contact another SC.

An important point: do not make several exchange requests to different service centers at the same time. In this case, the exchange may simply be refused. there were many such cases from impatient users. If they refuse at least once, considering you suspicious, then the exchange option of this kind will be blocked forever.

It will be a used device or a completely new one?

You receive a new device that has not been used by anyone before. This will be signaled by the factory tapes.

Is it possible to change color or memory?

There is no such possibility, even with a surcharge. An absolutely identical device will be returned to you.

What devices can be exchanged? What is the average exchange cost?

You can exchange any device via Apple: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Airpods, Mac, MacBook, iMac, whatever. Main Condition. Valid Apple Warranty.

, but

How To Transfer Everything From Old iPhone To New iPhone

Buying an iPhone

Buy PCT iPhone. He’s under warranty. Do you want to save? Then don’t complain.

Don’t buy an iPhone from the market. Or from the hands. It will contain someone else’s Apple ID or non-original internals. If you really need to, buy from hands with a friend who understands this. Pay him 10%.

You spent two of your mom’s salaries on an iPhone. It was not enough to break it. Have pity on the woman, buy a cover.

Buying an iPhone? Think for what. Selling a used iPhone with minimal storage is easier. But the video from Friday alcoholic drinks will not fit into it.

Moving from Android to iPhone? Download Move to iOS. The program will transfer photos, contacts and applications to iPhone.

If you buy an iPhone in America, do it in the Apple Store. In networks, sellers are blunt or cheating.

Buy an iPhone on credit? Get your insurance back. Find out on the Internet how.

Can’t pick an iPhone? Take the very last one. It will last longer.


Read everything the iPhone tells you. Each toast and text below the radio buttons. It’s not written there for nothing.

Turn on auto brightness. Your iPhone is smarter than you. It will match the brightness better.

Hammer your pinky into Touch ID. You can eat a burger and unlock your iPhone.

Broke your iPhone? Find a good master. A good craftsman is expensive and provides a guarantee. The rest will be deceived.

Find an authorized service center. Sometimes changing an iPhone for a new one with a surcharge is more profitable than repairing.

Don’t dip your iPhone in water. Even if it’s waterproof. You won’t prove anything to anyone.

Don’t update iOS in McDuck. Although no, update. You made a backup?

Use iOS search. He even searches the Internet.

Got a 16GB iPhone? Buy a seat on iCloud. Your dull selfies and videos from Friday alcoholic drinks will be saved reliably and will not take up space on the iPhone.

Some apps store data in iCloud. Find out which ones in iCloud settings.

Do not unload applications from memory. iPhone won’t work faster.

Stop listening to music from VK in a shameful quality. Buy an Apple Music subscription. Buy a student subscription if you have no money.

Sync purchased ringtones to iTunes.

Disable Live Photos if your iPhone has less than 64GB.

If you have a non-Mac with a retina display and a non-4k TV, enable 1080p 60fps in the video settings. This is the maximum you can use for your iPhone.

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IPhone accessories are under warranty. Save your iPhone receipt. You bought a PCT iPhone?

Move your watch to your iPhone 10 minutes ahead. At least sometimes you won’t be late.

Configure FaceTime. Calling FaceTime Audio is free. And you hear better.

Tap the clock icon at the top of the screen to quickly scroll up any list.

To quickly charge your iPhone, turn it off.

If you deleted contacts from iCloud, restore them to

A factory reset solves a lot of problems. If something is wrong, reset all settings.

Apple has free Russian-speaking support. Call them if factory reset doesn’t help. 8 800 333-51-73.

If you’ve deleted everything from your iPhone and your memory is still low, reinstall iOS. Call support if you don’t know how.

Your iPhone shuts down in freezing temperatures because the battery chemistry slows down. Your Neighbor’s Samsung Doesn’t Turn Off Because He’s At Risk.


Set up an Apple ID with the @ domain. Your mailru will hack a 13-year-old schoolboy and lock your iPhone.

Write down your Apple ID information on a piece of paper. Don’t rely on memory. You will forget anyway.

Saved the fingerprint in Touch ID, remember the password. Write it down. The iPhone will ask you for a password after restarting. Not a fingerprint, but a password.

Don’t skimp on charges. The Chinese cable will cost more than the original one. Do not prove otherwise. Banned.

Make sure you are not being hacked before entering your password. Check the authenticity of the site. Think with your head.

Make a backup. There is a check mark in iCloud settings. There you will realize.

Turn on two-factor authentication. Everywhere: iCloud, mail, VK.

Remember: One User. One Apple ID.

Don’t rely on Find My iPhone. If your iPhone is stolen, go to the police right away. Hot on the trail 70% of crimes are solved.

Don’t enter someone else’s Apple ID into your iPhone. And vice versa. I will not explain why.

Buy 1Password. Store your iCloud password, card pincode and everything else there. Write your 1Password on a piece of paper.

Change your password. No, qwerty123 doesn’t work. Generate password in 1Password and save.

How much does the old device cost?

Before commercially replacing the iPhone, it is recommended that you review the approximate for used iPhones:

  • 4S: 3200-6300 p.;
  • 5: 7200-10500 p.;
  • 5S: 11000-16500 p.;
  • 6: 20,000-31,000 rubles;
  • 6S: 30,000-58,000 r.

Since it is possible to change not only the old iPhone for a new one, you should consider the for other Apple devices:

  • iPad: 2000-38000 p.;
  • MacBook Air: 14,000-45,000 rubles;
  • MacBook Pro: 20,000-78,000 rubles;
  • Apple Watch: 12,000-48,000 rubles;
  • iMac: 14000-78000 r.

If you are not satisfied with the prices, you may not exchange your iPhone for a new one. If desired, a mobile device can be sold at a better price through Avito or another similar bulletin board. Do not forget that in this case, you will have to wait indefinitely. It is also important to remember about safety. Sometimes scammers use bulletin boards.

Where can you make an exchange

  • ru.

Of course, if you search, you can find other websites that exchange Apple technology. It should be noted that using third-party resources can be dangerous as fraudsters can take advantage of the situation and then take over the iPhone.

How to use the service

In order not to ride in cities, it is recommended to send an email to the company’s email address. The text should contain the following information:

  • Device model (including color and memory size);
  • List the complete set (charging, headset, flash drive);
  • IPhone serial number;
  • 7 photos in good quality and from different angles;
  • Whether the phone was being repaired (if so, indicate the reason for the breakdown);
  • Specify the device to which the exchange will be made (iPhone 7 or something else).

In the near future, a preliminary assessment of the device will be made based on photographs. Then an email will be sent indicating the cost of the phone.

If you are satisfied with the assessment results, you need to go to the company’s office, where the old iPhone will be exchanged for a new one with a surcharge. All that remains is to pay the missing amount and you can pick up a brand new iPhone.

Benefits of the trade in procedure

Before getting an iPhone 7, you need to familiarize yourself with the benefits of the service. The most advantageous offer was made by Onlyphones:

  • Any equipment produced in the period from 2006 to 2016 is subject to exchange;
  • It is possible to exchange not only a phone to a phone, but also any device (iPad to iPhone 7, etc.);
  • To estimate the cost of a device, experts can use ad sites. This is necessary in order for the device to be valued at market value;
  • The assessment is carried out only in your presence, thus, it will be possible to avoid deception;
  • Immediately after the assessment, the iPhone will be replaced with a new one;
  • When the exchange for iPhone 7 is complete, specialists will transfer all data from the old device.

The exchange procedure is carried out within half an hour. Another important point is the conditions for replacing the sixth or another iPhone model.


Exchange a used iPhone to another used iPhone

The option of exchanging a used iPhone for another used iPhone in “like new” condition attracts with its probable maximum benefit. Everything is simple here. you will have to pay extra for the exchange the least compared to the exchange for a new smartphone.

  • Exchange iPhone 7 32 GB for iPhone XR 64 GB will turn out with an additional payment of 24 550 rubles.
  • Exchange iPhone XR 128 GB to iPhone XS 64 GB can be performed with a surcharge of 5 750 rubles.

Comparison with Avito would be extremely pertinent here as well. For example, the average iPhone XR is 37,000 rubles. Using the services of an ad platform, it will be possible to change one smartphone for another by sequential sale and purchase with an additional payment of 22,500 rubles.

Bottom line: again, reselling through an ad platform will be somewhat more profitable than exchanging via trade-in. However, it is worth remembering the nuances: an exchange by trade-in gives a guarantee and eliminates the need to first sell your iPhone, and then look for a normal seller of the smartphone you are interested in.

An important point. the exchange can be arranged in an interest-free installment plan. Payment by installments is made after the client has applied for an exchange and approved the conditions with the company’s employees.

What are the requirements for smartphones

First of all, only Apple and Samsung smartphones can be exchanged under the new trade-in program. Devices from other manufacturers cannot be exchanged, at least not yet.

Restrictions on the type of device for exchange exist for specific trade-in programs.

  • Used for new: it is possible to exchange iPhone for iPhone or Samsung smartphones for Samsung / iPhone.
  • Defective for New: Only exchange for iPhone to iPhone. Bonus. exchanging broken Apple Watch for new ones.
  • Used to used: only exchange iPhone to iPhone.

Regardless of the program, smartphones must comply with several basic requirements:

  • There should be no soldering marks on the device. At the same time, smartphones that were previously repaired are accepted for exchange. The fact of repair must be indicated when filling out an application for trade-in.
  • There should be no critical damage on the smartphone. A smartphone with a heavily deformed body or no part of the body or display will not be accepted.
  • iPhone must be untied from iCloud. The fact of decoupling, of course, is additionally checked by the company’s specialists.
  • iPhone doesn’t need to be repaired. Alas, “refs” are not accepted under trade-in programs. However, this is practiced by all retailers offering the exchange of smartphones.
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Trade-in of a new generation. With a guarantee

Great Steve launched a new trade-in program. She offers three exchange options, two of which are completely atypical for Russia.

  • Exchange used for a new one. Traditional exchange under the trade-in program allows you to exchange an old smartphone for a new one with a surcharge.
  • Exchange of a defective smartphone for a new one. Customers are offered to exchange broken, drowned and out of order smartphones for new ones. The exchange is performed for exactly the same iPhone model. which is leased under the trade-in program. Turn in a broken silver iPhone X with 64GB of storage. get a new silver iPhone X with the same 64GB of storage.
  • Exchange of second-hand for second-hand. The program allows you to exchange a smartphone for another with a minimum surcharge. The resulting smartphone will be used, but in a condition “like new”.

In the case of each program, customers are provided with a full-fledged guarantee. When exchanging a used smartphone for a new one, the warranty is two years: a year from the manufacturer and a year for consumer protection. When exchanging a defective smartphone for a new one, a warranty is provided for a year from the manufacturer. By exchanging used for used, customers receive a three-month warranty from Great Steve itself.

Exchange Broken iPhone for New

The calculation of the benefit from exchanging a broken iPhone for a new one must be performed depending on the breakdown. For example, let’s take an iPhone X 64 GB with a broken display, on which vertical stripes appeared along the entire height.

The exchange of such an iPhone X for a new one under the trade-in program will be possible with an additional payment of 15,000 rubles.

For comparison, the average, for analogs. 9,990 rubles.

Bottom line: exchanging a faulty iPhone for a new one under the trade-in program is often much more profitable than repairing. It should be remembered that a new iPhone received in trade-in will have a full warranty. an additional plus.

An old and even broken iPhone can now be exchanged for a new one under the trade-in program. And this is in Russia

A new flexible trade-in program was launched in Russia with unique conditions. The Russians now have the opportunity to exchange used and even faulty iPhones and Samsung smartphones for new or used devices. The exchange is made with a surcharge, which is calculated depending on the state of the old smartphone and the device selected for receiving.

Is it profitable? We studied the work of the new trade-in program and talked about all the details you need to know about.

How the smartphone is evaluated

An important stage of any trade-in program is the calculation of the financial component. To do this, the Great Steve website has special calculators created for each individual program.

The evaluation process requires the specification of the smartphone model, color, memory size, operating time, place of purchase and other standard details. Out of the ordinary: the client needs to indicate the state of the smartphone and list the available equipment of the device (if any).

At the last stage, it remains to choose a replacement smartphone. Under the trade-in program, it is possible to exchange old iPhones for current models: iPhone XR, iPhone SE 2nd generation, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Among Samsung smartphones, there is more choice. about 10 models, ranging from the latest Galaxy S20, S20 and S20 Ultra, to the budget Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71.

When all the parameters are entered, the calculator tells you the amount you need to pay for the exchange.

How profitable is all this? Let’s understand with real examples.

Exchange your old working iPhone for a new one

First, bare numbers. Calculations were made on the assumption that the iPhone is in good condition and has been in use for up to two years.

  • Exchange of iPhone 7 32 GB for iPhone XR 64 GB is possible with an additional payment of 37,050 rubles.
  • Exchange of iPhone 6s 32 GB for iPhone SE 2nd generation 64 GB is subject to an additional payment of 33,000 rubles.
  • It is possible to exchange an iPhone X 256 GB for an iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB with a surcharge of 55 240 rubles for the Rostest version or 50 240 rubles for Eurotest or the American version of the smartphone (this option is valid only for the iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max).
  • You can change the 64 GB iPhone XR to the 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro Max with an additional payment of 67,500 rubles for the Rostest version or 59,000 rubles for the Eurotest or the American version of the smartphone.

So, when exchanging under the trade-in program, the iPhone XR in good condition is estimated at 32,490 rubles, while the average

However, the difference is not always significant. For example, the iPhone 7 discussed above is priced at 12,940 rubles in trade-in, while the average Benefit from the sale of a smartphone on the ad site is minimal.

Besides, simplicity plays in favor of trade-in. Selling iPhones in the secondary market is always difficult. Potential buyers ask to drop the price, require additional checks, the presence of a receipt and packaging, etc. In trade-in, as noted above, you can hand over a smartphone even without a receipt.

Bottom line: Selling a used smartphone on Avito may be more profitable, but not always. It is necessary to evaluate a specific model and remember that the sale of the iPhone on the “secondary” can be delayed for a long time. Plus, it is worth remembering that by trade-in, you can change your smartphone to the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max Eurotest or the American version. In this case, the benefit will be several thousand rubles more.

Where and how to exchange

Two main trade-in programs offering the exchange of a used smartphone for a new one and a used one for a used one at the time of writing are available in six cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Tula, Belgorod and Stavropol. Great Steve offices are in the process of opening in ten more cities of Russia. applications are already being accepted on the website.

Exchange of a defective smartphone for a new one is possible from any city in Russia and the CIS countries. To exchange, the client needs to create an application for trade-in, approve it after contacting the company’s specialists and transfer the smartphone for exchange.

How does smartphone transfer work? It all depends on whether there is a Great Steve office in your city.

In the six cities listed above, in which there are offices of Great Steve, the company’s specialists will take care of everything. They will come themselves, pick up the smartphone and draw up all the necessary transfer documents.

It is important to mention here the flexibility of the trade-in program, which is atypical for most Russian counterparts. You can exchange a defective smartphone for a new one right on the day of contact or within 10 working days. In the latter case, you will have to pay less for the exchange. the benefit is up to several thousand rubles.

Customers from other cities in Russia and CIS countries will need to send their smartphone by courier service (for example, DPD). Sending is carried out at the expense of Great Steve. no money to spend.

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