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Disassembling any iPhone, starting with the 2008 iPhone 3G model, begins by unscrewing two screws located at the bottom of the device.

As with later models, the perimeter of the iPhone 7 display module is glued with water-repellent tape, however, on our patient, the module has already been changed to an analogue, and the tape has been removed. Otherwise, you need to slightly warm the glass surface to facilitate the parsing process.

Using a suction cup, starting from the bottom, create a gap where we place a plastic spatula and carefully raise the display assembly with a frame around the perimeter.

The last frontier will be the latches at the top of the phone. We slightly pull the module towards ourselves and without sudden movements we open the victim like a book. the two parts of the phone are held by the connected cables. They will need to be disabled.

We start with the protective strip of the main cables, under which we hide the connectors we need for the display, sensor and battery. The stickers on the internal elements and the system board tell us that the phone is refurbished and was repaired earlier.

We unscrew the screws that have a tricky triangular slot. Apple strives to reduce the number of repairs outside of official service centers and complicates the task in every possible way, including for an independent attempt to repair.

First of all, we turn off the battery cable, we don’t need unnecessary problems and accidents.

Next, we disconnect the two module loops, it is better to use a wide plastic spatula, so as not to bend the rather elongated connector and not break the contacts.

It remains to disconnect the top cable to the camera and the earpiece. its connection point is hidden under another protective bar held by two screws.

Unscrew and completely disconnect the display module.

IPhone 7 display replacement. instructions

I got my hands on an iPhone 7 with the most typical problem. the glass of the display module is broken, a crack from the lower left corner over the entire area. The solution is one. we change the broken one for a new one!

Display assembly

The display has been fully tested and must be installed, which means it is necessary to transfer elements and plug-in peripherals from the module being replaced.

  • The metal substrate is the base of the display module;
  • The “Home” button and the base holding it;
  • Loop for the camera, microphone, sensors and contacts of the earpiece;
  • Conversational speaker and lining that fixes it;
  • Earpiece mesh

We start with the side screws holding the backing panel. there are 6 of them, 3 on each side.

The next in line is the touch button “Home”, it is fixed by an overlay with four screws. unscrew and set aside.

Disconnect the button connector and bend it to the side, gently pry the cable held on the plastic with tape with a thin metal spatula.

On this model, the button is removed from the back, outer side of the display, we will also install it on a new spare part “from the end”.

The next part is the upper part. namely, the speaker, camera and earpiece mesh. There are already 6 screws, 3 of them hold the speaker cover, 2 fix the speaker itself and the last bracket with the speaker’s protective mesh.

Important: keep the order of the screws, their lengths are different and, if they do not match, may damage the display or glass.

We remove the metal cover, release the speaker and bend the cable with the camera to the side.

Do not forget the plastic holder of the front camera. it centers the front camera on the window and protects it from dust, in the future we will fix it with glue.

We peel off the top cable, trying not to damage it, it is glued with the base of the microphone and contacts on the earpiece. To facilitate the process, you can slightly heat the display module from the bottom side or add a little isopropyl alcohol.

The last ones to dismantle the earpiece mesh and the plastic retainer for the proximity / light sensor. we recommend fixing it with glue.

We transfer the prepared components and peripherals to the new spare part in the reverse order, observing the location of all screws and elements with utmost care.

Parts check

We are preparing a new spare part. an original display module. In this case, the replacement is not equipped with hinged elements, such as the earpiece and cable to the front camera, sensors / microphone, they will need to be transferred from the broken.

We connect two loops to the sensor and the display to check the new spare part, last of all, we connect the battery and turn on the smartphone.

We check the picture, color, brightness and uniformity of the backlight, the absence of graphic distortions both on white and on a dark background.

The sensor can be checked in two ways:

Applying scotch tape

Since the iPhones are supplied from the factory with gluing, we will restore it in this case with a special kit. adhesive tape for assembly. It will eliminate backlash, unnecessary gaps and will be protection against accidental moisture and dirt.

Peel off the shipping film on one side and apply adhesive tape to the previously cleaned and degreased base of the case. Iron the edges tightly and remove the last film. everything is ready to install the newly assembled display module. Do not forget to replace the protective strips and the screws holding them.

Everything works. perfect. We put back the two lower screws and proceed to the final check.

How To Replace A Shattered iPhone 7 Screen

A few tips that can come in handy when replacing your iPhone screen:

  • Unfold the screws in the order of their disassembly and location: this will eliminate errors and possible malfunctions;
  • Take photos BEFORE parsing: save yourself time and nerves if you suddenly forget what and where.
  • Start snapping in the display module from the upper edge. there are two protrusions that slide into special grooves in the case. Next, the side latches, starting with the top and last, the bottom.

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iPhone 7 glass replacement


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If you google “iPhone 7 glass replacement in Kiev”, then the nightmare of many smartphone owners has become a reality for you. Of course, at first you simply refuse to believe what happened! But time cannot be returned, it is pointless to hope for a miracle. It is necessary to quickly eliminate the defect by re-gluing the glass.

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Of course, over time you get used to the cracked glass of the display, and you are glad that only aesthetics have suffered. However, if you really care about your smartphone and do not want to increase the cost of repairs at times, do not get used to cracks, but immediately take the gadget to the workshop. If you ignore the problem and continue using the device, other troubles may arise, for example:

  • incorrect display operation;
  • the appearance of spots on the screen or “dead zones”;
  • reduced sensor sensitivity;
  • uncontrolled pressing on the sensor;
  • other breakdowns of the smartphone and the need for modular repair.

For the same reasons, it is strongly discouraged to carry out plywood without the necessary skills and tools. Even a high-quality YouTube video guide does not guarantee the correct result.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to simply change the glass. the top layer, which is glued to the display, and under which there are capacitive sensors, a tactile response. Replacement of the screen module is required if the matrix is ​​damaged. Symptoms of such a problem are a poorly functioning sensor, including the appearance of spots of any color on the screen.

To prevent cracks on the screen, use protective glass and handle your device with care. According to the statistics of our service, the most common cause of damage is falling from a height. But strong pressure, tangential blows and chewing (by animals or children) also lead to the problem.

FIX4U is a workshop that specializes in servicing various Apple equipment, including we inexpensively repair broken glass front, back glass and camera glass. And if it so happens that you need to repair the glass of the iPhone 7, then you are sure to contact us!

Where can you change the glass on iPhone 7

In our workshop, iPhone 7 glass replacement is performed by professionals with a guaranteed result. We are often found thanks to our customers’ Комментарии и мнения владельцев on Google Maps, which highlight the main benefits:

  • qualified craftsmen with work experience;
  • the ability to quickly diagnose and eliminate other malfunctions if necessary;
  • democratic cost of services and an honest price list. How much does it cost to replace the iPhone 7 glass, you can find out by phone, the price is also indicated on the website;
  • the office is located in the center of the capital, we work according to a convenient schedule;
  • we provide a guarantee for the work performed;
  • the possibility of making a replacement in your presence. And vice versa, if the client wishes, the repaired gadget will be delivered by taxi;
  • at the choice of the client, during the repair we can use original or high quality glass. (Note that the original is now discounted).

FIX4U is a workshop you can trust! We will be happy to help you by taking care of your smartphone. If you have any questions, click “free consultation”, and our manager will call you back shortly.

How to determine if you can change the glass separately from the display?

Replacing the glass separately is possible on an original part that has no damage to the display, touch panel and flexible connections. In a simple way: if you broke glass for the first time on this iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and used it for a few more days and it turned out that everything works, then you will be able to replace the glass.

Looks like this is the place for a special offer!

Our special offer is valid today, tomorrow and every day!

Nothing special, we just do exactly what we promised, and for exactly as much as it is written on the site.

Warranty service first!

All small services with us are completely free, come!

Iron guarantee

A guarantee you can count on! We do not look for reasons to refuse service and carry out warranty repairs as quickly as the main one.

Not only renovation

And also an upgrade and other maintenance. We share knowledge and provide assistance in working with the software completely free of charge.

How strong are the glasses we put on the iPhone 7?

It is impossible to measure the strength of glass in a service center. What is known for sure: the glass that we install belongs to the same type of chemically hardened glass as the original, most likely it differs slightly in strength.

Fixed prices

From the very first day we have been working according to a fixed price list published on the website. This is our principled position.

Replacing glass and display on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Despite the increased strength of the glass, the iPhone 7 still shatters quite often. Today we offer two repair options: replacing the glass separately and replacing the display assembly (remanufactured original). If only the glass is broken and the display is working properly, it makes sense to replace only the glass. If, in addition to cracks on the glass, there is damage to the display (dark or colored spots, the image is damaged), then the complete part will have to be replaced.

iPhone 7 Replacing glass separately from the display. 4,990 ₽ Replacing the display assembly. 8,490 ₽ (original remanufactured)

iPhone 7 Plus Replacing the glass separately from the display. 5,990 ₽ Replacing the display assembly. 10,990 ₽ (original rebuild)

Both jobs are completed within 30 minutes. Glass replacement is performed on your display after the replacement part has been delivered to you.

What displays on the iPhone 7/7 Plus are currently in stock?

Today it is possible to install a refurbished part with original display, touch panel and 3D touch. Such display modules are identical in consumer qualities to the parts installed on the iPhone when sold. Compatible parts for iPhone 7 are already available for purchase, but we do not recommend installing them, after all, this is still a new phone, it may last for several more years, and the glass on compatible parts is much less durable. If your iPhone is especially dear to you and you want to get a new original part and are ready to pay extra, then you need to contact an authorized center!

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement shown in 5 minutes

How to change the display on iPhone 7

The most common iPhone 7 breakage is damage to the touch screen or glass. In such cases, people are forced to carry the phone for repair in order to have the iPhone 7 display replaced. Where you can change the display, at what prices, and how to replace the display module yourself, will be described below.

Why do I need to change the screen and where to do it?

The need to replace the display module arises:

If you decide to make your own screen replacement in iPhone 7, we advise you to use the instructions described below.!

In order to replace the screen yourself, the following tools are useful:

Small Phillips & Blade Screwdriver.

Any thin object (to open the display).

In order not to be mistaken, you need to carefully read the following replacement instructions:

Before starting iPhone repair, namely replacing the display, you must turn off the phone itself, after which you can start.

At the bottom of the screen, you need to carefully unscrew the necessary bolts. Then, using a suction cup, start to smoothly separate the display from the case. If it does not give in, then into the formed gap, it is worth shoving some thin object and holding it along the perimeter of the case.

As soon as this works, the screen will separate from the case, but you need to be careful. It is necessary to slightly raise the screen, and disconnect the cable that connects the display to the case. It is necessary to hold the display with one hand, and with the other carefully unscrew the remaining small screws, there will be 4 of them, after which, separate the small metal cover, under which are the cables supporting the screen.

These cables will need to be carefully snapped off with tweezers, and the screen can be safely removed. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the wires.

After detaching the screen from the case, you need to turn it over and disassemble all the components that are there in order to move it to a new display. At this stage, you need to be more careful not to damage the trains. First of all, you need to unscrew all the screws in the plug, there will be 2 of them, and then pull out everything you need. Along the entire perimeter of the module, you need to unscrew all the screws to remove the metal protection of the display.

As soon as the screws are unscrewed, you should disconnect the cover, but so that the cables do not tear off, it is better to use tweezers in this case. At the top, a small guard will be installed, but it is easy to remove it by simply picking it up. Using tweezers, you need to get all the necessary components (camera lens, speaker filter, sensors, etc.).

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Go to the HOME button. To remove the button, you must first remove the metal cover, which is held in place by two screws. Using the same tweezers. Unstick the button and remove the train. You need to be very careful with the train, it is easy to tear it off. To remove it, you need to snap it off from the back. It is necessary to take into account that the button and the cable are one whole, so there is no need to pull it.

Well, then the reverse process is going on. assembly. Now you need to take a new display module, and perform all the same actions, only in reverse order. This is much easier to handle than disassembly.

This method of changing the module is similar for almost all versions of the iPhone. You do all this, at your own peril and risk, with a poor-quality screen change, the iPhone may not start. But if you doubt your accuracy and think that you will not be able to cope, in this case it is better to give the phone for repair to experienced people, although you will have to give a little money, but you will know for sure that the screen replacement will be done with high quality.

There are no original screens for the iPhone, but what do the services offer then?

A split second and your iPhone meets His Majesty asphalt. Mesh screen, cracks all over the display surface, peeling pieces of glass.

We are looking for a service center. Found! The price is 50-60% lower, moreover, they promise to deliver the original screen from Apple itself, and to finish the entire repair in 20-30 minutes

Gave it for repairs? You were divorced at the same moment when they said that they would put the “original”. Do not believe! Let’s figure out why.

IPhone Display Classes

There are several classes of alternatives to the original displays from Apple: each has its own quality, its own color rendition, its own skeletons in the closet. From the lowest quality display to the original (best) display, all iPhone displays can be arranged in the following order:

China of unknown origin. Without clan, tribe and any guarantees.

Analogue of class A. This will be delivered to you in most small service centers in the country

Analogue of class AAA. There are many variations: somewhere the matrix is ​​better, but plastic is worse; others have excellent protective glass, matrix and plastic, but not very high-quality cables.

Analogue of the Original class. It’s expensive, but it’s the best you can find.

Original Apple display. You have one and you get it when you buy a smartphone. Take care of it.

The difference between iPhone display types is illustrated in this table:

Glass. the impact resistance of the entire display assembly depends on it, protection from dirt and prints, resistance to haze also affect the price.

Matrix. color rendering, “correct” brightness and uniformity of illumination. With the permission, in principle, everything is not so bad. even handicraft Chinese manufacturers adhere to it.

Plastic. It may turn yellow or white after a few months (white / black iPhone). You pay for how soon this happens.

Loops. glitches, brakes, response speed, sensitivity. it all depends on the quality of the loops.

Frame metal. a low quality screen can simply peel off or loose immediately after replacement.

Glue is another factor that affects the speed of screen delamination (glass separation from the case).

And now the sad statistics. Most service centers prefer AAA or A grade displays. They account for about 90% of repairs in Russia. The analogue of the “Original” class has long been a native of the Red Book. Finding a service center that installs these displays is not easy.

There are no original displays for iPhone

Apple’s policy is to completely stop selling original parts for the iPhone and iPad. It is not customary in the company to distribute spare parts between service centers.

Broke your screen? Apple will offer a replacement for the entire device at a surcharge. The cost of such a “repair” is much higher, but you yourself chose the iPhone. accept.

Conclusion: Are you assured in the service center that they will put the “original screen”? Feet in and out.

So what kind of screens do they put on us??

What kind of screen do we risk getting by turning to specialists for help? With the original sorted out. they do not exist. Those. the original screen is the one installed on the iPhone upon purchase. Service centers can offer:

Factory Chinese is an adequate display that is factory scaled. Remember that the iPhone (and almost all Apple equipment) is assembled at the Chinese factory Foxconn. No cause for concern.

“Donor” from the original is the only option to get an original screen for your smartphone, provided that the previous owner did not change the screen.

Cheap China. no comment here. Such displays are produced by small Chinese offices that collect “original” components in the literal sense of the word “on the knee”.

The image quality of the replaced display depends on the type of matrix installed. There is also a wide range of choices:

  • Used matrix taken from a donor (made by LG, Sharp)
  • New matrix from LG, Sharp
  • Cheap Chinese counterpart of unknown origin

As a result, there is a significant variation in without any control. You can be supplied with a Chinese display with a low-quality matrix, assuring that it is the original. On the contrary? You don’t believe in fairy tales, really?

How to understand which display the service center offered

It is difficult to identify a cheap fake “by eye”. However, there are a few points, drawing attention to which, you can at least try to avoid an outright divorce for money.

Price. The cost of the screen is 50-70% lower than the offers of competitors, but you are assured that this is an “Original” class display? Don’t believe it. Displays in this class are significantly more expensive than AAA. There is an abyss between class “Original” and “A”.

Guarantee. Up to three months is the most appropriate period. Nobody else will give. And then, as luck would have it: either it will work for a long time and reliably, or the glass will begin to peel off, the sensitivity drops, the coating peels off.

Offering less than a month warranty? Come on by.

Illumination uniformity. Remember, the replacement screen of the “Original” class (yes, the one that is the most expensive) has an even distribution of the backlight over the entire area. No “darker here, brighter here, and there is a little fog in the corners”, especially around the edges.

Immediately after installation, without leaving the threshold of the service center that provided services, check the quality of the wizard’s work. Are there any backlashes, whether the iPhone case was bent while removing the “native” broken screen and whether the new one responds well to presses, strokes, touches with several fingers.

Remember, if you decide to save money, you run the risk of getting your iPhone for regular screen replacement. Will be more expensive for you and for the health of your gadget.

What breakdowns do the owners of the iPhone 7 come to us with??

Often, phone malfunctions appear after an unsuccessful fall. Mechanical impact on the smartphone leads to cracks on the case, chips, cracks on the display, and so on. Glass often breaks and the sensor continues to function normally. Our service center carries out a separate glass replacement, leaving the original display. If the screen is damaged. replacement of the entire display module is required, it consists of: glass, matrix, sensor, frame, backlight and glass. Our service changes the display module in one hour, and the smartphone will delight you for many more years.

Replacing glass and screen on iPhone 7

The service center is equipped with special tools and equipment that allow you to separate the glass from the display module and replace it with a new one. But the cost of such a repair is quite justified, because the display module costs 3 times more than glass replacement. Replacing the display module is the most effective solution when the top glass of your phone is broken. As in all models of iPhones, after a fall, the case, buttons and charging connector suffer. In this case, we do urgent repair of iPhone 7 in Kiev.

Another reason for contacting Apple smartphone owners to our service is software failures of the device. Some applications may not open, the system may freeze. This behavior of the phone is a consequence of an incorrect update of the iOS operating system. Engineers of the service center in half an hour identify the cause of this behavior of the iPhone iPhone 7 and eliminate it.

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IPhone 7 repair in Kiev

iPhone 7 is a new generation of smartphones with different functionality. In terms of speed, the mobile device is one of the fastest in the world. In addition, the model has a large battery that lasts longer without additional charging than its predecessors. All this, combined with quality and reliability, as well as a stylish and slim body, makes the phone popular among consumers.

Despite the build quality, reliability of parts and moisture resistance, there may still be situations when the smartphone fails. In this case, iPhone 7 repair is required, which can be done at our Apple Service Center.

Why you need to repair your iPhone 7 in a specialized service center?

The price of Apple phones is high, so mistakes during repairs are simply unacceptable. Our service center has a number of advantages:

  • accurate diagnostics of breakdowns due to the use of special equipment and software;
  • urgent repairs;
  • use of quality components;
  • provision of a guarantee for repair work and installed spare parts.

To determine the cost of repairing the phone, diagnostics are performed. Only after that the master will calculate the cost of parts and work. If you have any questions, the client expects a competent and professional answer.

What to change, glass or display?

We often hear a question from customers with a broken display module on iPhone 7: “Why change the entire screen if only glass is broken and everything works?”.

Display “seven” is a single piece, which consists of glass, sensor, front polarizing layer, matrix, rear polarizing layer, backlight and frame. All these components are glued and soldered at the factory, which makes glass plywood difficult without an experienced engineer and professional equipment: a pressure chamber, a separator, a laminator, a dust-free room and high-quality consumables.

The most important link, of course, is the engineer, whose experience reduces to zero the risks associated with the repair of the device and the further operation of the gadget. IFix SC provides an extended warranty for a period of 6 months for this service. Replacing glass on iPhone is the most demanded service and can significantly reduce the cost of repairs without losing quality. All branches of the iFix network are equipped with the necessary equipment and spare parts for urgent repairs.

Replacing the battery

May be required when reaching 500-700 charge cycles. Portable and car chargers significantly accelerate wear and tear. It is also undesirable to use charging power supplies with a nominal value higher than 1A. The reference is to use the complete unit and USB-cable. If, nevertheless, the battery began to quickly lose charge, turn off at low ambient temperatures or heats up significantly, then it’s time to contact the nearest iFix department for competent diagnostics and repair. I would also like to note that a fast discharge is not always associated with a “planted” battery, but may be the cause of consumption created by the U2 charge controller microcircuit or a consequence of moisture ingress.

IPhone 7 repair in Kiev

The new iPhone comes in six colors: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Matte Black, Gloss Black, and Red.

The presence of 3D Touch technology facilitates the execution of actions with a minimum number of clicks. 7 megapixel camera with advanced Quad Full HD technology captures high definition video even in low light.

The powerful A10 processor allows you to launch applications even faster, and thanks to the improved autonomy, the smartphone can last significantly longer on a single charge.

iPhone 7 has a convenient and functional 4.7-inch screen and is capable of capturing high-quality video in both slow motion and fast motion. The device lacks a 3.5mm jack, now the headphones are equipped with a Lightning connector.

The device has a sturdy metal case and a high-quality IPS display. But all these advantages cease to please in the event of serious damage to the device.

SC iFix has extensive practical experience in the field of professional Apple repair. Urgent replacement of broken glass, installation of a new battery, express cleaning after water ingress, replacement of the charging connector. this is a small list of services that we provide in the workshop in your presence.

Cleaning / prophylaxis after liquid spills

iPhone of the seventh model, like previous generations, is no less susceptible to flooding and failure. The manufacturer claims that the device has a waterproof rating that complies with the IP67 index. In practice, the number of calls to the iFix network from the iPhone 7 after water ingress has not decreased. Do not forget that Apple does not cover heated devices with a warranty.

If, nevertheless, a trouble happened to you and the smartphone was flooded, we recommend that you do not try to fix the problem yourself: dry it with a hairdryer, on a battery, or try to connect it to a charger. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of a successful repair and will guaranteed to increase the cost of repairs. Try to contact the nearest branch of the iFix SC. We immediately open heated devices on the spot and perform urgent cleaning.

Benefits of contacting iFix SC

iFix has been operating since 2013 and has 12 branches in Kiev. We work seven days a week and specialize in urgent repairs for iPhones and the entire Apple line. For residents of other cities and regions, it is possible to send the device by courier delivery service “New Mail”.

The iFix team is confident in the quality of their work, so we provide a guarantee from 3 to 12 months.

We love apple technology, so you can be sure that your gadget will be refurbished at the highest level in iFix.

Replacing glass and display on iPhone 7

Perhaps one of the most common problems today. It is enough to miss the phone. cracks, broken pixels or colored stripes appear on the screen.

Replacing the iPhone 7 glass is done if you see cracks, but the display and touchscreen are working properly. With the help of special equipment, we remove the remnants of broken glass and glue a new one, adhering to the factory technology.

If the image is deformed and the touchscreen does not work. need a replacement display. To do this, we use the original screen from donor phones or a high-quality copy at your request.

IPhone 7 Repair

Service name Price, UAH Time
Diagnostics External examination of the device, determination of possible causes of malfunction. Is free 10 min.
Glass replacement (original LCD is preserved) Chipped and cracked glass, display and touchscreen work. 700 UAH. 1 hour
Display replacement (original) Color stripes appear, touchscreen does not work. 1450 UAH. 15 minutes.
Display replacement (high quality copy) Colored stripes appear, the touchscreen does not work. 800 UAH. 15 minutes.
Full diagnostics Internal inspection of the device, identification of possible causes of malfunction using special equipment.

In rare cases, it can take up to several days, for example, after a short circuit on the board or after moisture has entered

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

Camera issues on iPhone 7

Have you noticed deterioration in image quality, incorrect focusing, or a black screen when the camera is turned on? The reasons may be:

We will conduct a free diagnosis and help you solve the problem.

Network, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth not working on iPhone 7

It happens that the iPhone does not respond to the SIM card, giving “Search”. If the problem is not in the SIM card, then the communication modem is faulty. The repair includes the replacement of a non-working microcircuit on the motherboard using the exact desoldering method.

When Wi-Fi does not work correctly, you need to look for the reason in the Wi-Fi module. For this we offer comprehensive diagnostics.

When troubleshooting Bluetooth problems, you need to start by properly flashing your iPhone 7. If it doesn’t solve the problem, you need to replace the faulty antenna or chip. We will help you determine the exact cause of the breakdown and fix the phone.

Sound and Speaker Issues on iPhone 7

Speaker malfunction and sound problems occur if:

glitches in software or misalignment of the audio chip.

often than not, the sound stops working correctly if dust gets on the speaker. You can solve the problem with a simple cleaning. In the case when the speaker has been working for a long time in a dirty state, it is necessary to change the loop itself.