Can I Play Games On TV

The first way to download the game

So, if you are planning to install a new game on your PC, the size of which exceeds 1 gigabyte, then you will need a completely different toolkit. There are two most popular ways to download games from the Internet to your computer. The first of them is a game client, a kind of program that allows you to download game files from a specific server. This happens most often for free and applies to online games. Here’s how to download games over the Internet in the first way. Then you launch the client, and you can start the game, while your opponents will be people connected to this server. To start using the client, you just need to download it, it has a small size and a fairly user-friendly interface, it already depends on the manufacturer. The most popular is the gaming center. as well as Steam, so you can download games to your computer via the Internet and enjoy them to the fullest. When all the operations are over, you just need to open the game client. and the game will start.

How to download games from the Internet to your computer

When the download is complete, you will need to unzip the file. It will launch and your torrent client icon will appear on your desktop. After that, you can enter it, all such programs have both a preinstalled catalog of various media content and a search bar with which you can independently search for the game you need. The torrent client will display all games that are SIMilar in name and rank them by size. Once you have decided on a specific genre and name, you can press the “Download” button. The program will download the link file to your computer, you will need to find it and run it. and your game will start downloading. The progress of the download and the remaining time to completion can be observed on the main screen of the program, or on the icon in the taskbar. The download time of any game depends on its actual size and the speed of your internet connection. Another advantage of torrent clients is that they work in the background and do not distract significant PC resources, which means that you can upload the file and continue using your computer.

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If you want a new game

Are you tired of the game, have you passed it or, on the contrary, cannot overcome it, and you want something new? Having entered the network, you can immediately stumble upon a variety of offers to download the game for free. However, when you try to download the game, you come across a message in which you are offered to send you a short SMS-number, and after that the game will supposedly become available for download. In one case, this is true, but most often this is a SIMple deception, common among scammers, you SIMply lose money without getting absolutely nothing in return. It is really possible to download Internet games to a computer for free, but it all depends on the format and quality of the game itself. If these are the SIMplest flash games, then you can either play directly online or install them on your computer directly from the site by clicking the appropriate button. The download will go automatically, then you need to find the appropriate file and just run it. and the game will appear on your device. Typically, these games take up little space on your hard drive and do not cause installation problems. serious games require the same approach.

How to download games from the Internet to your computer is SIMple and hassle-free

Computer games. a very interesting thing, and in certain cases useful and informative, both adults and children are fond of them. When all the twists and turns of the game are over, you want new sensations. This is where the question arises: how to download games from the Internet to your computer without losing your wallet and compromising the security of your computer? Let’s try to figure it out.

Alternative option

The second method is somewhat different, but in general it is very SIMilar to the first. Many novice users often hear the word “torrent” and assume that this is an incredibly difficult thing that they cannot understand, much less figure it out. In fact, everything is quite SIMple and will not cause difficulties even for a person who has sat down at a computer for the first time. Torrent. it is a specially written protocol for exchanging files between network users: each of them uploads his own file that anyone can download. The advantage of this method is that the download does not involve the server directly, it acts only as a coordinator. The more the number of people who download the file, the higher the download speed. In order to use this method, you need to download any torrent client you like from the network, there is a wide variety of them, but uTorrent and Mediaget are steadily popular.

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“Pitfalls” of downloading from the Internet

Now you know the two most common ways to download games from the Internet to your computer and enjoy them. However, it should be borne in mind that for the most part files posted on the Internet are not subjected to serious virus scanning, so there is always the possibility of getting a virus along with the long-awaited game on your computer. Therefore, before unpacking the file, be sure to check it with your antivirus program, and best of all. complex verification with several utilities. And of course, the source from where the file is downloaded is of great importance, so use only well-proven trackers, which will minimize the risk of infecting your PC.


Install the program on the TV?

Even 5 years ago, for such a question, your interlocutor would twist his finger at his temple. But technology is developing so rapidly that it will not be surprising if in a few years we will update the firmware on washing machines, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators.

By itself, the Smart-TV shell. this is a set of programs that allows the TV to work as a digital multimedia center from which you can view files, listen to music, “flip” pages on social networks and even run various kinds of applications and games.

The pre-installed base on the TV is enough to fully use the capabilities of this technology. However, if you want to diversify the work with the “smart TV” and demand more from it, you may need additional programs for Smart-TV, which can be downloaded from specialized sites on the Internet.


You can view the full catalog of applications on this website.

over, new models from this manufacturer support gesture control. That is, you are sitting on the couch, you have nothing in your hands. A wave of the palm and the TV has already switched the channel, made a definite movement and he made the sound quieter or louder. The remote control is essentially no longer needed. It’s a pleasure to play games on this TV.

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Take a look and everything will become much clearer:

Can I Play Games On TV

LG can be called the second company in our ranking, as there are still fewer applications for their TVs, but company leaders are doing everything to catch up with the moment. There is even a special competition for application developers who can receive large rewards. The competition takes place on this site. A list of all available apps can be found through your TV menu or on

On this silent one you will see how easy it is to install applications on LG TVs. It’s a little strange that the creator does not use the Magic remote control, perhaps he lost it or the TV model is older.

What? Where? When?

Where can you get apps for your Smart TV:

Unfortunately, not all TVs support the installation of applications from third-party sources (2 and 3 points). In other words, not every manufacturer will allow, for example, to install software written on a USB flash drive, previously downloaded from some site.

Is it possible to download programs for Smart-TV from the Internet?

Smart-TV is a platform for television of a new format, in which it is the user who determines what content and at what time he needs. Thanks to the capabilities of “smart TVs”, we have gained access to the Internet space through a conventional TV set, and now we can combine two key information and leisure panels in one device.


The main advantage of smart TVs is their ability to be constantly updated. You can customize your TV in the most convenient way, so that the necessary content is available to you at any time, which, moreover, will be sorted and structured in a way that suits you. Smart-TV technologies can provide all of this. You just need to understand them, and the new television will open its doors for you.