Backlight missing on LG TV

Replacing the backlight on the LG 32LB561V TV. Very dark shows.

Hello everyone. I usually don’t fix TVs, but I couldn’t refuse my godfather. He says the backlight has darkened. I talked about how I repaired my TV in this article, by the way it has been working for half a year and everything is clear. Despite the original Chinese highlight from Aliexpress. Apparently LG TVs often have problems with backlighting. Well, now to the point.

backlight, missing

The godfather brought the TV. The TV seems to show, the picture is visible, but very dark, the brightness was added to the whole, but you can watch it only in the dark. Those. the backlight worked, but somehow halfway. Started disassembling TV.

  • Unscrew the legs and 11 screws, remove the cover.


We remove the speakers, unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the TV frame.

Unfasten the matrix cables and CAREFULLY unfasten the plastic frame together with the matrix from the case. Here I must say: Everything that you do you do at your own peril and risk. If you are not sure, do not take risks, give it to the master. The matrix is ​​a very fragile and expensive part of the TV.

�� Blue Picture on the UHD TV LG 43UF640V, 43UF6407, 43UF6400. How to fix backlight

We remove all the filters (without mixing them) and begin to remove the last white reflector. It is fastened with little white snaps. You need to unfasten them carefully. The little ones just turn and pull out. Large ones must be hooked on the other side.

So we got to the LED backlighting of our LG TV. I decided to turn it on and see how the backlight is on. I saw that she was all lit up dimly, and two LEDs did not light at all.

LG TV has no backlights no picture: fixed!

I already had experience in replacing, we just warm up the old backlight with a hairdryer and tear it off the case. Chips with wires unfasten very badly, you need to carefully pry them with something and remove them up. A new backlight came, first I connected it to check.

All LEDs were working and shining brightly. So I made the diagnosis correctly :).

Replaced, collected everything and for 3 weeks the telly has been working like new.

By the way, I want to note that the illumination of this seller, in my opinion, is better than the one that stood.

It was just textolite, and the new backlight on an aluminum substrate.

expensive, of course, but if you need faster, then as an option.

By the way, is this illumination according to the information of this seller? suitable for other LG TV models

How to properly adjust the picture on your LG TV

Many users wonder if they need to adjust the picture on their TV after purchase. LG equipment manufacturers, despite the large production volumes, perform debugging of all TV functions. But nevertheless, it is worth considering that factors and conditions in which your LG TV will be used play an equally important role. The signal source, the height at which it will be installed or hung, the distance from which you plan to watch TV, the size of the room, and even the level of light in the room. everything has a role to play. So you can customize the image “for yourself” only at home after installing and starting up your TV. It is easy to do it yourself, without calling the master at home.

As with any equipment, you should start adjusting the picture on your LG TV by reading the User’s Guide (instructions).

All current LG TVs run on Web OS, which makes operating options intuitive. The easiest way to customize your image. enable the “Intelligent Picture Mode” function. When this mode is active, the TV itself selects the best picture settings for each broadcast.

  • Press the Home button on the remote. Find in the menu the item “Settings” (Icon “Gear”), then in the upper right corner of the screen, select three points located in a row above each other.
  • Find in the opened list “Screen”, in it you will see the line “Intelligent image mode”.
  • Activate “Intelligent Picture Mode” with the “On” button.

Important: This option is not active in all regions.

If the Smart Mode function is not active in your country, you can manually adjust the picture on your LG TV.

  • Press the Home button on the remote. Find in the menu the item “Settings” (Icon “Gear”), then in the upper right corner of the screen, select three points located in a row above each other.
  • Find the line “Screen” in the menu that opens. Picture Mode Settings. “Screen mode”.
  • All you need to do is decide which mode you need depending on what kind of content and genre you are going to watch at the moment.

Picture adjustment modes for LG TVs

Standard: Adjust brightness, contrast and sharpness in standard mode.

Vivid: After you turn on this mode, the TV picture will be brighter, more contrasting and sharper by increasing these settings.

“Eco / APS” (depending on the model): When this mode is activated, the picture adjustments can save power consumption.

Cinema: A mode designed for watching movies and TV series.

Sports / Football / Cricket (Mode availability and name depending on model and country): Picture settings allow you to watch sports events in the best quality, including due to increased sharpness of objects moving at high speed.

Games: This mode is specially designed to connect LG TVs to game consoles. In particular, the image is displayed without delay.

Photo (Only supported by Ultra HD TVs): Optimized mode for viewing images with minimal loss of color.

ISFccc Expert: This mode is exclusively for ISF Certified Image Adjustment Professionals.

In this mode, you can adjust the image using test charts and samples.

What other picture options can you adjust on your LG TV?

In the “Image mode settings” section of the menu (how to open it, see above), you can also adjust other image parameters:

Backlight: The stronger the backlight, the brighter the screen image.

OLED Light: Adjust the brightness of the OLED panel backlight.

Contrast: Adjusts the contrast between light and dark parts of the image.

Brightness: Adjusts the brightness of the screen image.

Sharpness: Adjusts the sharpness of the picture.

  • Horizontal Clarity: Adjusts the clarity of the horizontal border,
  • Sharpness Vertical: Adjusts the sharpness of the vertical border.

Color: Adjusts the color intensity of the image.

Tint: Adjusts the RGB color balance. The closer to R50, the more pronounced the red tones. The closer to the G50, the richer the greens.

Color Temperature: Adjusts the color balance from cool to warm tones.

Also in the “Image settings” menu there is a sub-item “Additional settings” / “Additional settings. Settings “. A number of other parameters can be configured in it:

Dynamic Contrast: Corrects the difference between light and dark on the screen.

Dynamic Color: Corrects the saturation and brightness of colors on the screen.

“Color Corrector”: Optimal ratio of colors on the screen for the visual perception of the viewer.

“Preferred Color”: Correction of individual image settings depending on the individual wishes of the owner.

Super Resolution: Improves the clarity of a blurry picture.

Expand Boundaries: Increase the detail around the edges of the screen.

Sample: Setting Tables Used in Expert Mode.

“White balance”: Corrects images with warm or cool tones.

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To reset the selected image settings, you need to select the “Reset” item in the “Image mode settings” (how to open it, see above “).

Power supply does not work

If LG video equipment has sound, but there is no image or the picture jerks, then the problem lies in the breakdown of the power supply. You can independently carry out the following series of manipulations.

  • Turn off the TV from the network. This will discharge the capacitors. Next, you need to unscrew the fixing bolts and remove the back cover. Check cables and cables for damage. It is also worth paying attention to the performance of the buttons and fuses.
  • Inspect the power supply for melted or damaged resistors and capacitors.
  • Measure the voltage of the output circuits of the power adapter. Indicators must correspond to those specified in the instructions.
  • Tap gently on the TV cabinet. In the case of the normalization of the operation of the equipment, it is worth carrying out a full diagnosis of the power supply. Poor adhesion may be the cause.

In this case, it is best to seek help from a master or the nearest service center, since improvised tools can aggravate the breakdown.

backlight, missing

Burnt capacitors

Strong voltage surges in the network greatly affect the operation of capacitors. The main symptom that a capacitor has broken is a dimming display. Also, the transmission disappears immediately after switching on or after a short time the picture begins to double, the brightness may disappear.

If you disassemble the device itself, then on the board you can see a swollen or exploded capacitor. The fuse also blows out. By the way, after a power surge, the TV’s power supply does not turn on first. In this situation, you need to turn to specially trained people for help. If you do not fix the breakdown in time, then the problem will become more complicated, as it will lead to a breakdown of the power supply.

Types of malfunctions

The most common causes of missing images on Korean LG TVs are:

  • equipment broadcasts sound, but the image itself on the screen has disappeared;
  • the screen is black;
  • the backlight does not work;
  • distortion of the image;
  • dullness and dimness of the picture;
  • periodic disappearance of the image or the screen goes blank;
  • color reproduction in green or black and white.

The main reason is a malfunction of some components. Problems can be very different.


The simplest thing that an average user can do is to conduct a visual inspection of the equipment. Within reasonable limits, it is even permissible to disassemble the TV and carry out its internal cleaning. How to independently detect breakdowns?

  • Discharge of capacitors by disconnecting equipment from the network.
  • Opening the back cover of the TV.
  • Inspect cables for possible kinks and breaks.
  • Inspect the power supply for swelling and melting of capacitors or resistors.
  • If you have special tools, you can measure the voltage of the input circuits of the power supply.
  • Gently tapping the TV case, you can understand the quality of the soldering of the modules and wires (if the technician reacts by blinking during manipulations).

When examining the insides of technology, you should pay special attention to the condition of the boards and capacitors. But it is still better to entrust their repair to a professional if problems are found.

Matrix loop

Symptoms of malfunction of the matrix loop:

  • the TV does not show the image, the picture periodically disappears;
  • the appearance of ripples or interference in the broadcast;
  • the display on the screen is distorted. stripes or duplication of the picture.

It will definitely require repairs in the technical center. The breakdown can be eliminated depending on the specifics of the loop damage. At an early stage, the detected malfunction is eliminated by re-soldering the damaged sections of the element. Otherwise, you will have to replace the part completely.

It is wiser to replace the loop, as repairs can be impractical and very difficult. It is strictly not recommended to carry out repairs on your own.

Cable problem

If the broadcast volume is normal and the screen is dark, then it is worth testing the antenna cable and HDMI cable. It may well be that the reason is the dishonest work of the provider or the breakdown of the cable TV set-top box. The Moninfo utility will help you detect probable failures.

You also need to check the quality of the connection of the cable contacts and their integrity. To do this, it is recommended, with the TV turned off, to pull out and reinsert the plugs of the antenna wires and the electric cable into the connectors. If the problem lies in the quality of the HDMI cable connection or connecting wire, then it is enough to restart the set-top box or replace the docking cable.

Additionally, you need to pay attention to the router. is the indicator blinking (the connection to the Internet may have been interrupted). And if the cable connector itself is loose, then the replacement should be done as soon as possible. Damage to the cable insulation is extremely dangerous and fraught with the closure of the equipment contacts. In addition, the user may be injured.

LG TV has sound but no picture: reasons and repairs

Sometimes even high-quality equipment can fail. It is very unpleasant when the TV works, but like a radio. In some cases, you can make repairs on your own, but you may need the help of a specialist. First, you need to figure out why the LG TV has sound, but no picture. What are the reasons?

Backlight does not work on LG TV

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Screen backlighting is one of the most important components of modern LCD TVs. It provides the appearance of an image on the screen. The backlight consists of lamps or LEDs. If you turn on the TV and the screen does not light up, the problem is in it. But other nodes are also involved in the work of the backlight. a driver, an inverter and a power supply. You can find out the cause of the malfunction in the LG TV repair service center.

Tv disassembly

Disassembling an LCD TV is a complicated and time-consuming process, so if you are not sure that you can do it carefully, do not risk it. If other parts are damaged, you will not only void the warranty, but also increase the cost of repairing the backlight.

First of all, prepare your work area, preferably a large empty table on which you can neatly lay out all the details. Be sure to wash your hands so that grease does not remain on the filters and matrix.

  • The TV is equipped with three key boards: main, T-CON and a power adapter. They will be the first items you see after removing the back cover.
  • Disconnect the cables and unscrew the bolts between them to disconnect and remove the T-CON board.
  • Unscrew the bolts to remove the protective elements from the decoders. Be careful not to damage the rubber mounts.
  • To remove the front frame, you need to unscrew the screws located around the perimeter of the device.
  • Turn the screen over so that the decoders are on top and remove the rubber mounts. Do not forget to hold the matrix while doing this.
  • Remove the die and place it gently on the table. Now you can start repair work.

There is no picture on the TV, but there is sound. how to fix the problem

In our time, a rare person does without a TV. Every year, the models are getting thinner, larger and offer more and more new functionalities. Modern plasma screens with Smart TV technology have little in common with devices that were on sale some ten years ago. However, the commonality between the old and new generations still remains. breakdowns and malfunctions still happen. The reasons for this can be very different: blows, falling, ingress of moisture and direct sunlight, or an elementary marriage. In this article, we will take a closer look at what to do if the TV has lost the image, but there is sound. Let’s figure it out. Go!

What to do if there is no picture on the TV

First, it should be noted that such a malfunction occurs quite often in a variety of TV brands. TVs of all brands are equally affected by this: Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Panasonic and many others. Therefore, there is no point in blaming the manufacturer.

There are many reasons for the absence of an image on the screen, and you are unlikely to be able to determine it yourself by eye. Most likely, you still have to contact a service center or other repair service. It all depends on the nature of the problem. on this below.

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It happens that when you turn on the TV, a splash screen with the manufacturer’s logo appears first (LG, Samsung, Philips, and so on), after which the screen just goes blank. With this, you can change channels and hear the sound. Some users noticed that after a while the image appears, but when you turn it on again, everything repeats and the picture is absent. In this case, try the following tips:

  • Check the connection of the receiver cord as it may have become disconnected. Make sure the cord is plugged in securely. If there is no video signal from the set-top box, many TVs simply turn off the screen.
  • Also, the problem may be in the cable itself. The wire may be damaged or simply be of poor quality. This applies not only to HDMI cables, but also to cables with bells. In them, the transmission of audio and video signals occurs on separate wires, and the problem may lie simply in a broken wire or poor contact. In some cases, replacing the wire can correct the situation.
  • Check the power cable. It must also be securely connected.
  • Some users have found a rather original way to solve the problem. to increase the volume to the maximum (or close to it). After a few seconds, the image will appear and then you can set an acceptable volume level.

Please note that all of the above tips will only help if the screen is working. This is indicated by the splash screen when the TV is switched on. If there is no screensaver and the screen is constantly dark, this already indicates that some component of the TV that is responsible for the image is out of order.

There are several components, failure of which can cause no picture on the screen. It is quite common that the inverter breaks down, which supplies voltage to the backlight lamps. The lamps themselves can also fail, and this, in turn, provokes a breakdown of the power supply. In addition to the above malfunctions, it is not uncommon for a matrix or motherboard to break down. Also, the problem may lie in the loops, converter and decoder. In this case, non-working parts and elements will have to be replaced with new ones.

It is not recommended to carry out repairs yourself, since modern TVs are rather complex devices, and you risk aggravating the situation even more. If the above simple tips did not help, then the best solution would be to contact the professionals, since the TV will need to be disassembled. It can be a service center of a manufacturing company or a private office, where repairs will be carried out efficiently and quickly.

One way or another, it is impossible to determine what is the reason for the breakdown of your TV without a thorough examination. In any case, the device must be disassembled and diagnosed for non-working parts and components. It is best if this is done in a workshop with the appropriate conditions, however, if you do not like this option, then many telemasters provide all these services at home.

Of course, replacing some parts can cost a pretty penny, but it should be noted that matrices or motherboards themselves rarely fail. Usually, breakage occurs as a result of physical damage to the part, for example, when the TV falls or gets wet. In general, you cannot do without a telemaster.

Now you know what to do if the TV has lost the picture, but there is sound. You will also understand what could be the reason for such a malfunction. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if this article was useful for you, share with other users your experience in solving similar situations, and ask any questions of this article.

Why does a black screen appear on TV and sound works

Try to find out if your TV has a mute function. This is true for newer LCD / LED TVs such as:

  • Philips (Philips);
  • Toshiba (Toshiba);
  • Sony (Sony);
  • LG (LG);
  • Samsung (Samsung).

Certain TVs have the ability to turn off the picture: this function allows you to listen to the sound of the TV or DVD player when the picture is turned off on the screen Make sure not to enable this function.

But if we exclude all factors from the outside, then only the problem remains at the hardware level. Let’s take a look at what’s the matter.

A common cause of malfunction of new TVs, due to which the image disappears when there is sound, is the failure of the lamps or LEDs of the screen backlight.

The easiest way to determine whether the problem is in the backlight or not is: take any light source (lamp, hand-held flashlight, or even a flashlight on your phone) and, with the TV turned on, bring the light source to the screen.

If you see that there is an image, but it is very difficult to see it, then your lamps or LED strip are out of order. Of course, there is a possibility that the chromaticity module, power supply, frame and line scan unit, tuner or matrix are out of order.

If you are not an expert in this matter, it is rather difficult to replace or repair the listed parts, therefore, this work should be carried out only by a TV repair specialist.

Why is there a black screen on the TV, but the sound remains?

You are faced with such a problem on TV: the TV screen is black, but there is sound. Naturally, due to this malfunction, viewing the programs is not possible. In this article, we’ll show you what to do about this problem. What caused the picture to disappear? Let’s look at the internal and external causes of the problem.

  • To understand what went wrong, the first thing: we look at the equipment. If the equipment is completely new, this malfunction may appear due to the manufacturer’s defect.
  • If the device has served you for several years, there is a possibility that the batteries or backlights are out of order.

It follows from practice that the technology itself most often has absolutely nothing to do with it: this malfunction is not always the result of a failure of the equipment. Uninterrupted image reproduction depends not only on internal elements (boards, circuits, blocks), but also on external ones (antenna cable, distribution box, etc.)

Don’t be discouraged if you just see a black screen when you turn on the TV.

There is a possibility that the solution to the problem is very close:

  • Antenna cable (cord);
  • Distribution box;
  • Plug;
  • An external antenna located on the roof is the most vulnerable element in this problem.

Inspect these items, especially the plug. Basically, it is connected from the back to a special connector (socket).

First you need to pull it out of the connector and insert it back. There is a possibility that due to poor contact, the signal coming through the plug is weak. This could be one of the sources of image fading.

Next, you need to connect a second TV (of course, a working one) to the antenna wire in order to check the signal quality.

If, after connecting, a poor-quality signal began to arrive or there is simply no image, then most likely the problem is either in the external antenna or in the antenna cable.

If there is a problem with the external antenna, then it remains only to call the organization responsible for its maintenance.

Proper handling of the TV is the key to its long-term service.!

Often equipment breaks down due to improper operation.

Unscrupulous attitude to the appearance of minor malfunctions, mechanical stress, penetration of moisture into the body. all this leads to wear of the components, as a result of which malfunctions appear.

One of the most vulnerable spots in modern TVs is the inverter. This part often fails. An inverter is an expensive part, so a specialist will most often recommend repairing it rather than changing it. This problem, for which the picture is missing, is typical for TVs of LG and Samsung models.

What is the reason for the disappearance of the image on the TV screen connected via HDMI?

Let’s just superficially touch on the connection via HDMI of a computer to a TV. In rare cases, with this connection, the image may disappear quite often. The first thing to do is test the HDMI cable itself. Also check if hibernation is running on your computer.

How To Fix LG TV Blank Screen for Zero Cost !

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The sound can also be played, but the picture will never be. Basically, everyone can cope with the HDMI cable connection, and this is not a serious problem if you have a whole and working HDMI cable. But this issue has its own pitfalls that the user may encounter.

So what to do. If you do not have an image when connecting, check the cable for kinks, bends, breaks, if there is such damage, you need to replace the HDMI cable.

You also need to check the settings and make sure that the computer has not entered sleep mode. Another option is connector failure. In this case, you need to refer the technician for repair to specialists.

These are the main reasons due to which, when the TV is connected via HDMI, the image is not displayed.

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Repair of backlight in TV 42LB67

The TV has an intelligent backlight of 5 lines of 9 diodes, each in turn consists of two separate parts, 5 and 4 diodes. Standard 3V diodes used LG 3530 130.150 mA

We check each line with a tester or LBP, monitoring the current consumption.

In this panel, very often the root of all problems is not the LEDs themselves, but the junction points of the two parts of the LED lines, we throw jumpers.

You can buy a new backlight for LG 42LB675V, 42LB677V, 42LB671V, 42LB679V, 42LB673V 6916L-1684A, 6916L-1685B, 6916L-1683B, 6916L-1682A TVs with free shipping from a trusted seller on the Aliexpress global site. link

If the link is not working, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will fix it.

Backlight disappears on TV LG 42LB673V

The composition of the TV LG 42LB673V:

Main (motherboard): EAX65384003

Power Supply: EAX65424001 (2.3) LGP42-14LPB

Panel: LC420DUH (PG) (F1)

LED backlight / backlight (led string): 42 ″ V14 Slim DRT REV0.6 6916L-1684A, 6916L-1685B, 6916L-1683B, 6916L-1682A

There is no picture on the TV 42LB673V, what to do?

Due to numerous requests from our readers, we decided to write a detailed article on how to disassemble and repair an LG 42LB673V TV (this instruction can be applied to its neighboring brothers LG 42LB675V, 42LB677V, 42LB671V, 42LB679V) The 42LB673V TV belongs to the frameless series, be very careful when disassembling movement and matrix will chip, which will lead to inappropriate repair.

This TV was brought in for repair with a problem of dark spots on the screen, but this defect can also manifest itself as a complete lack of backlight (there is no image, but there is sound).

do all actions at your own peril and risk. Self-assembly and repair is not recommended.

Parsing TV LG 42LB673V

Place the TV face down on a flat, hard surface.

We unscrew the bolts from the back cover and remove it

We unscrew the bottom end bolts of the speaker panel and carefully remove it by pressing the two latches on the edges and disconnecting the Wi-fi module with the power-control button.

Unscrew and remove the lower protective strips

We unscrew two screws in the right and upper corners that secure the “U-shaped” frame, remove it.

We unscrew and remove the strips holding the glass matrix around the perimeter.

  • Bottom planks
  • Side strips holding the matrix

Raise the “metal trough” by the protruding parts of the bracket attachment.

Removing filters and diffusing plastic.

On the reverse side of the “trough”, remove the fasteners holding the reflector

Modification of the power supply unit EAX65424001

As a refinement of the power supply, it is necessary to increase the resistance of all current sensors from 1.5 ohms to 2.4 ohms (it is possible and more, even with an increase in resistance to 4.7 ohms, the backlight will work at a fairly comfortable level). The photo shows the resistances that need to be replaced.

If the resistance is not changed, then be sure to turn off the backlight programmatically:

Menu. advanced settings. screen. image settings. backlight (set no more than 80)

LG 42lb561v TV backlight repair

At first glance, repairing LED TVs may seem like a daunting task. But, in reality, this is not the case, if you know exactly what is the cause of the problem. Many of them are corrected by the device owners themselves. In particular, those related to lights and cables.

Malfunctions and their elimination for Algie TVs

Any household appliances break down and repair of LG TVs at some point becomes an urgent need for their owners. They can detect light spots or streaks on the TV screen. It may happen that the picture disappeared or the sound disappears. There are many other symptoms of the problems you come across if you have Smart-TV.

A common problem with this model is the problem with the backlight.

And each of these problems requires its own solution. So, if some part is broken, for example, the TV screen is broken, then the only way to fix it is to replace it. The same may be required if the indicator on the LG TV does not turn on. a clear sign of a broken power supply.

backlight, missing

You can repair LCD TVs both in specialized services and with your own hands. Of course, if the owner does not know what to do if the image is simply in the wrong format, then repairing it may seem too difficult for him. But actually it is not.

Does not turn on

Most often, owners of LG TVs have to deal with the fact that the device simply does not turn on. That is, the screen does not light up, remaining dark, and the LG TV’s power supply does not turn on, and the indicator light does not even turn red.

In most cases, this is due to cable breakdowns. The most common problem with the wires connecting the electrical network to the TV is damage to the wires, which happens due to the fact that the cable is often stepped on. In addition to the cores, the track on the microcircuit can also be damaged, since the cable is often tugged. The fact is that a digital receiver in modern conditions is a small microcircuit covered with shielding materials. In this regard, it is assembled together with a cable connector.

In this video, you will learn more about the repair of this TV:

The main problem of repairing such a breakdown is the need to handle electronic elements with exceptional accuracy. Before proceeding to repair the damage, they are pulled out of the connector. Once this was done without additional damage, the cable itself is repaired using a soldering iron and glue. The wires are returned to their proper places.

Replacing LEDs

Consumers already know that if their LG TV does not show an image, but there is sound, then the whole point is in the screen illumination. the diode backlight does not work. But, for many, repairing LED backlight diodes is so difficult that they prefer replacing the entire screen.

Such a solution may have its merits, but nevertheless, repairing such breakdowns of LED TVs does not have to be too expensive. A good alternative to repairing each diode is to simply replace them.

First of all, when replacing, the plates of the old diodes are disconnected. Since they are fastened with a special double-sided tape, to disconnect it, they are heated either with a powerful household or soldering hair dryer. The bar is fixed in the holder, after which the device is turned on at the required power and wait until the tin melts on the scotch tape. Brazing takes place in the same way, which eliminates the risk of damage by replacing the part.

Attention! The lenses on the lamps are fixed with a compound, so it is imperative to be very careful when removing them and placing them in their original place. Otherwise, it will lead to a loss of focus.

In some cases, the lamps have a large negative area in comparison with the positive one. In this case, the place of contact is cut to the desired size before soldering.

Matrix replacement

Replacing the matrix on an LG TV is a mandatory procedure if it breaks down. It cannot be repaired. One of the signs that this is necessary is the frequent freeze of the LG TV. Another sign: when you connect the display and start the Smart function, or when you turn on other functions, it turns off immediately. It is better to replace the matrix in a specialized service center.