At What Height To Hang A 55-Inch TV

Diagonal 55 inches is how many cm the TV: height and width

The question is, a 55-inch diagonal is how many cm a TV, its dimensions in width and height, are often asked by those who want to put a large TV in the living room. Its dimensions are needed for the correct installation of the device in 55 ″ and easy viewing in digital TV mode. TV sizes have to be converted from inches to centimeters.

At What Height To Hang A 55-Inch TV

Why is the screen measured diagonally

The 55-inch diagonal is 139.7 centimeters. This size is easy to calculate the length and width of the TV, through the size of the monitor and frame. You can prepare a place for it before purchasing equipment.

The first picture tubes were spherical. The width and height of the screen could only be measured conditionally. Therefore, the size of the TV set was determined by the generatrix and was indicated in cm, and not in inches. Then the ray tubes were gradually shortened, the screen became less curved and rectangular.

Length converter from centimeters to inches and vice versa.

Since the end of the last century, they began to produce domestic models with a ratio. width and height according to the international standard 16: 9. Ergonomics experts say that it is most convenient to see the picture at this aspect ratio.

Now the diagonal was characterized in English units and was the maximum. 32 inches. Television capabilities were limited. On a larger monitor, the picture was blurry, indistinct.

With the development of digital television and improved picture quality, 55-inch televisions have become the most popular. It is ideal for a hall in a standard apartment. The length and width allow you to set it up correctly and watch the gears in comfort. A 55 ″ flat monitor does not require much space. Most models SIMply hang on the wall and watch analog and digital TV broadcasts.

Marketers argue that it is easier to characterize equipment with one number in inches than two or more. Manufacturers of various products indicate the size of the monitor. the diagonal and the width of the frame around it.

How to check the size of the diagonal

When buying a new TV, the screen size can be found in the model name. This parameter is indicated in inches right after the manufacturer’s name. For instance:

  • LG 55SK8500-PLA.
  • Samsung UE-55NU7402.
  • Sony KD-55XF9005.

The marking should be looked for:

  • on the side of the box;
  • in the technical passport;
  • on the back panel;
  • in the TV menu.

If the packaging and passport have not been preserved, and the equipment is difficult to remove from the wall, you should turn on the TV and press the “Menu” button on the remote control.

The diagonal is easiest to measure yourself with a tape measure or an ordinary tailor’s tape measure. The size is taken between the top and bottom corners of the monitor. the inner corners of the case.

Having determined how much its dimensions are in cm, it is easy to translate them into inches by SIMple calculation. The standard ratio accepted by all countries is as follows: 1 inch is 2.54 cm.If you need to find out how many centimeters this diagonal is, then it is enough to multiply 2.54 by 55 inches and get a value equal to 139.7 cm.


A normal TV has standard aspect ratios where the width is 16 parts and the height is 9 parts. There are widescreen monitors with other sizes. 21: 9. These are mainly concave home theater systems.

You can move to the side by no more than 10 degrees. Otherwise, the colors lose their brightness, become black, the picture is blurred.

The concave screen makes it possible to focus the image and see the picture clearly, off-center by more than 15 degrees. This allows a large number of viewers to watch programs and films at the same time.

When the ratio is 21: 9, the dimensions change. The diagonal of a 55-inch TV is a different size for width and height. Comparison for the dimensions of different types of screens with this diagonal is given in the table.

Screen shape Width, cm Width in inches Height, cm Height, inches
Flat 16: 9 121 47.94 68.5 26.96
Concave 21: 9 128.4 50.55 55 21.67

In this case, the type of screen and its shape do not matter. For an accurate calculation of the dimensions, you only need to know the diagonal and which ratio: normal or wide format.

How to find out the width and height of the screen

The length and width of the TV screen have a standard ratio of 16: 9. The diagonal in inches represents the hypotenuse of a right triangle. You can find out what the height and width of the TV monitor is using the Pythagorean formula through the square root.

In order not to make complex calculations in inches, you should use the already calculated ratio of the dimensions of the diagonal and the sides:

  • height. 1.14;
  • width. 2.04.

The procedure is not complicated at all. When buying, the diagonal on the model’s marking in inches first looks. Then it is calculated on a calculator by multiplying by 2.54 and it is determined how many centimeters the screen will be. Then it is divided by the coefficient of the desired parameter. A calculator in your mobile phone is enough for this operation.

The TV is slightly larger. You can see a frame around the monitor. It does not exceed 5 centimeters or 2 inches in each direction in modern models. The dimensions of the case should be added to the data obtained during the calculations. The dimensions of the equipment are of great importance when placing the TV in a niche of furniture or a wall.

What is determined diagonally

You can comfortably watch programs only if the TV is correctly installed. The distance from the screen to the eyes should be 3-4 diagonals. First, it is determined how many cm or inches is the distance from one corner of the screen to another. Then the distance to the sofa or chair is calculated. The viewer must sit at a distance of 4.2 meters from the 55 ″ screen.

Some types of TV with high resolution allow you to see the picture well at close range. TV distance can be reduced to 2.2 meters.

The second factor for clear picture and free viewing is monitor height. Ergonomics dictates that the center of the screen should be at or below eye level within a 10 degree angle from the horizontal. If family members are of different heights, the TV is installed 50–70 cm above the floor. For a 139.7cm screen, the optimal bottom edge to the floor is 55cm.

It is necessary to stretch the threads from the side edges of the monitor to the center of the eyes. The optimal angle between them is 20 degrees. Close-up makes it difficult to see the entire screen. Then the head will constantly turn following the movement of the heroes to the right and left. This will lead to rapid eye and neck fatigue.

At what height to hang the TV on the wall: rules and recommendations

Clear rules on how high to hang the TV, from the series “Only this way, and not otherwise!” in this case does not exist. People are different, TVs too. so in each case the problem has to be solved anew. However, there are a number of general recommendations that it makes sense to listen to. or at least find out what others think about this.

At what height should the TV be hung in the bedroom

The bedroom is a special place where, first of all, you want to relax. Therefore, here they watch TV, as a rule, lying or reclining in bed. Consequence. the screen can be hung at eye level of a lying person or noticeably higher, and at an angle.

If the direction of view is close to horizontal, as in the above images, the height of the TV installation on the wall in the bedroom will be 1. 1.5 m above the floor (depending on the height of the bed and the position of the viewer).

If a person prefers to look at the screen with his head back on the pillow, it is necessary to raise the TV to the height of his gaze and tilt the top edge of the panel away from the wall. The lifting height depends on the posture and is usually 15. 20 degrees. Well, the plane of the screen should be perpendicular to the “ray” of the gaze.

Accordingly, in the bedroom, the screen is sometimes hung almost under the ceiling, on an inclined bracket (or tilt-swivel, tilt-retractable). You can choose the distance from the floor to the TV on the wall (to the center of the screen) equal to 1.5. 2 m.

If you plan to mount the device not on the wall, but on the ceiling (on a special ceiling bracket), the height of the TV from the bedroom floor will cease to be constant. it will change depending on which position of the bracket fragments is selected.

Interestingly, with some types of bracket, you can hang the TV not on the wall opposite the head of the bed, but directly above the bed. True, in this case, you need to seriously attend to the strength of the fasteners and the reliability of the system as a whole. and just in case, choose not very heavy models.

In terms of convenience

When we watch TV, we must consider the following:

  • the posture in this case is usually relaxed, sometimes semi-recumbent. However, throwing your head back or, on the contrary, constantly keeping it tilted or turned, is uncomfortable. the neck becomes numb. That is, the screen should be approximately at the level of the eyes of a person sitting in the usual position;
  • the distance to the center of the panel should be approximately equal to twice the screen diagonal. Example: you have a 55-inch TV, we convert it to centimeters (that is, we multiply the number by 2.5, see more details here). 140 cm. Multiply by two and get about three meters from the eyes of a seated person to the center of the screen. In some cases, this distance cannot be maintained horizontally, then you can place the equipment higher and get the desired distance. but you will have to watch films and programs lying down. For a bedroom, this is a good option.
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Sometimes the problem of the height of the TV from the floor is solved according to the principle “where it fits, we will hang it there.” This happens if a niche for an LCD panel is provided in the furniture wall, or the shelves and racks are snug in their places, you don’t want to change them. In this case, it is worth checking whether it will be convenient to watch TV: just sit at the planned place and look approximately at the center of the empty space. Convenient, your neck doesn’t feel numb, you don’t have to turn your head? Excellent! Inconvenient? It means that something needs to be changed. either a sofa (bed, chair, etc.), or a place for equipment.

So, at eye level of a seated person, there should be approximately the center of the screen. Another option is possible. at this level there should be a point offset by about a third from the bottom edge of the panel.

This option will be more convenient if the person periodically changes posture, sitting higher or lower. But there is another nuance. it is desirable to be able to change the tilt of the screen.

Let’s try to generalize. at what height to hang the TV on the wall:

  • at eye level of a seated person, either the center point of the screen should be located, or located at a height of 1/3 from the bottom of the panel;
  • the distance from the floor to this point should be 1. 1.3 m. For people with a height of up to 160 cm, we take the lower limit, at 160. 180 cm. 1.1. 1.15 m, for higher ones. 1.2. 1. 3 m. We take into account the height of the sofa!
  • if the viewing is from different points of the room, from different poses. sitting, standing, lying down. we choose the arithmetic mean, that is, after all, at the level of a sitting person;
  • we take into account the possibility of tilting / rotating the screen.

For different sizes of TVs, recommendations can be summarized in the table.

Diagonal in inches Height, cm Distance from the bottom of the screen to the center, cm Distance from the floor to the center of the screen (eye level of a seated person), cm TV height from the floor in the living room (height from the floor), cm TV installation height on the wall (at the top edge of the panel), cm
19 42 21 100. 120 79. 99 121. 141
21 46.5 23 77. 97 123. 143
22 49 25 75. 95 125. 145
24 53 26.5 74. 94 126.5. 146
28 62 31 69. 89 131. 151
32 71 35.5 65. 85 135.5. 156
40 86 43 57. 77 143. 163
43 95 47.5 53. 73 147.5. 168
49 108 54 46. 66 154. 174
50 111 55.5 44. 64 155.5. 176
55 122 61 39. 59 161. 181
58 128 64 36. 56 164. 184

Looking closely, you can understand that if you follow these standards, TVs with a large diagonal will have to be hung almost above the floor, which is risky in terms of the integrity of the equipment. Therefore, an amendment can be introduced. If the minimum distance obtained is less than half a meter, it is worth increasing it to this value.

Here follows the position of the central point to take the average between its placement for a seated and a standing person. Example: children from 120 cm in height and adults with an average height of 170 cm are watching TV as usual, a child 140 cm in height plays “fights without rules” using an “augmented reality” device. Therefore, the center of the screen should be approximately 125 cm high.

At what height to hang the TV in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where TV is listened to more than watched. Especially women sin with this. after all, cooking is better for your favorite TV show, and small, but tedious homework is easier to do. At the same time, the eyes are busy, but the ears are almost always free!

Deciding at what height to hang the TV in the kitchen should be primarily based on the overall layout of the room. It should be either at eye level of a seated person. if users watch programs while eating, or at eye level of a standing hostess. if it is she who watches the programs while moving around the kitchen. Accordingly, the height of the center of the screen varies from one to 1.65 m (or more, depending on the height of the viewer).

Further, you must not hang or build a TV set over kitchen appliances that emit heat during operation! Even if this is where it fits best into the interior, you should think about the safety of the matrix and plastic parts.

And the last. in the kitchen more than anywhere else, a bracket with several degrees of freedom is useful. Rotating, tilting, extending or raising / lowering the screen in this room is not a luxury at all, but a vital necessity. In this case, it is better to choose a model with the ability to rotate 15. 45 degrees, tilt 15. 30 degrees, and move 5. 50 cm vertically and / or horizontally.

Brackets are also quite convenient, allowing you to “hide” the TV in a special niche on the ceiling with the subsequent closing of the hatch cover.

At what height should the TV be hung in the hall

If the TV is installed in a general purpose room and the seating area is seated, the above recommendations apply.

The amendment should be made in the case of very low sofas. in this case, an amendment is made for the difference between the typical sofa height and the real one. For a typical sofa or armchair, the seat height is usually 40. 50 cm, for a low one it can start from 10 cm (these are actually cushions on the floor, now such models “in Japanese style” are very popular). Accordingly, the answer to the question “at what height to hang the TV in the living room” can be SIMple. 10. 15 cm above the floor level (the level of the lower edge).

If the question, at what distance from the floor to hang the TV, causes controversy or strongly depends on the specific user, it is rational to use a special equipment rack with the ability to move the supporting structure vertically. An example is shown below. in mobile (NB AVA 1500-60-1P, allows you to move the screen 50 cm up and down) and stationary (Sonorous Neo 95-B-BLK, here only /. 15 cm).

Having figured out how to hang the TV on the wall in height, do not rush to drill holes for the bracket, check everything again! After all, covering up holes in the wall and drilling new ones is a thankless task, especially if the surface finish does not make it easy to mask defects.

The easiest way to check is to hang on the site of the future “cinema” a sheet of paper of about the same size with the outline of the center, and sit for at least 15. 20 minutes at the planned place, looking at the “screen”.

TV installation in the nursery

Not all parents welcome the presence of equipment in the children’s room, but still they often install a TV there. When installing it, it is important to take into account the age, height of the child, and his mobility. It is worth putting the TV so that there is a good view from any point: floor, bed, armchair. Often the equipment is positioned in a corner with a movable arm.

Why height matters so much

Few people think to put the TV on the floor. After all, it will be almost impossible to watch it from the sofa in this position. Bedside tables also come in different heights. And the fasteners to the wall give free rein to the imagination of the owner of an apartment, house.

What can the incorrect position of the TV lead to?

  • Ceiling mounted or too high. You have to watch your favorite films from the bottom up. Constant neck tension leads to muscle cramps, headaches, and even dizziness.
  • Placed on the floor or on a very low stand. The opposite action to high fasteners. To view, you have to constantly look down. A tilted head leads to discomfort. And even to migraines, fatigue, bad mood.

There are two ways out. Purchase a suitable bedside table or fix the panel to the wall, which allows you to make a bracket, fasteners included in the TV package. It remains to choose at what height to hang the TV on the wall.

General recommendations for TV placement

All formulas, advice on the position of technology, based on convenience, medical recommendations can be summarized. And display 4 SIMple nuances of the location of the TV:

  • At eye level of the seated viewer, the center point of the display should be located, which is located at the level of one third from the bottom of the TV.
  • The approximate distance from the floor to the center point is from 1 to 1.3 m.
  • The growth of a person is taken into account. If the viewer is up to 160 cm, then the location to the point is from 1.1 to 1.15 m, for tall cinema-goers. from 1.2 to 1.3 meters.
  • It is important to consider the height of the furniture.
  • When TV is constantly watched from different points, then the average height of the TV on the wall is taken, taking into account the viewer sitting on the sofa.
  • It is necessary to leave room for the possibility of turning the technique. For this, movable fasteners are provided in the kit.

The main parameters when choosing the display location are the height from the floor to the center of the display and the distance of the audience. See the table below for averages.

Diagonal (inches)

Distances from the bottom of the display to the center (cm)

Parameter from floor to center (cm)

Height from floor to bottom edge (cm)

Alignment to the top edge of the floor (cm)

Separate adjustments to the height of the position of the equipment are made by consoles, Xbox, and other equipment required for work. Game consoles are placed at an average height between a seated and a standing spectator. And also the growth of the players is taken into account, because the console is used by children and adults. Therefore, the average distance from the floor to the center of the screen is 125 cm.

How to arrange equipment in terms of convenience

Not everyone is pleased to use formulas, calculations to understand at what height to hang a TV on the wall. Most users do not calculate the exact distance to the TV or the height from the floor.

Council. It is better to decide on the location of the equipment before buying a TV. After all, the diagonal and distance from TV affects the perception of the picture. Screens that are too large in a small room spoil the movie experience.

Let’s figure out at what height to hang the TV, without complicated calculations:

  • It is important to keep in mind that the posture changes when watching TV. They often watch movies in a reclining position, lying down. And you have to keep your head tilted or turned to the side. As a result, the neck becomes numb. Therefore, the screen should be placed at the level of the person’s eyes in a relaxed, familiar position.
  • The SIMplest scheme for calculating the minimum distance from TV to the sofa is to double the screen diagonal. For example, we multiply 45 inches by 2.5 (this is to get centimeters from inches) and it turns out that you need to put the TV at a distance of 112.5 cm.

Council. If the TV is located in the corner diagonally from the bed or sofa, then you should not hang equipment. It is better to place it on a special pedestal to be able to rotate the screen if necessary.

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Installing appliances in the bedroom

The optimal height of the TV on the wall in the bedroom depends on the dimensions of the room itself and on the location of the bed from which you are viewing. Most often, the technique is placed on the opposite surface. The level depends on the height of the furniture.

If a person watches TV lying down, then it is worth placing the screen parallel to the furniture so that the center of the screen is at eye level. It should be borne in mind that the LCD panels will have to bend a little, by about 30 ⁰ in order to get the most comfortable viewing angle.

In the bedroom, you should also give preference to adjustable brackets. This will avoid making new holes in the wall to move the vehicle.

How does the room affect the location of the TV

At what height from the floor to hang the TV depends not only on the parameters of the equipment, but also on the room where it is located. There are some recommendations for placing TV in the hall, living room, bedroom, kitchen. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

At what height should the TV be hung

Retractable bedroom brackets

A modern solution for placing the TV in a small or, on the contrary, a very spacious bedroom. above the head of the bed. For this, special retractable brackets are used, which in the expanded form position the screen opposite the eyes in the supine position.

It is important to consider the quality of the fasteners. It is possible to install equipment in this way only when you are completely sure that the screws will not unscrew and the mechanisms will not fail. Also, if you have children, this method is not recommended. Toddlers can play with fasteners and ruin them.

Advantages and disadvantages of wall fixing

Suspended positioning of equipment has a number of advantages:

  • Independent choice of location height;
  • Ease of fixation due to the presence of fasteners in the package;
  • Saving useful free space in rooms.

There is only one drawback. you need to accurately calculate the height of the mount, so as not to redo the holes to correct errors. After all, the drilled holes for fasteners will have to be covered with decorative elements or new repairs.

At what height should the TV be hung?

Television is still the most popular home appliance today. we can spend our free time with our family watching television programs, and follow world news. Like any device, a TV needs a high-quality choice of mounting location. We will figure out at what height it is correct to hang the TV receiver in rooms, and what distance from the viewing place to the TV screen is considered optimal.

In the kitchen

In the case of installing a TV in the kitchen, there are 3 universal options: above the refrigerator, on the bedside table or on the wall. However, despite these universal positions, it is always worth taking into account the size of your kitchen and the number of people who are usually in it. So, in small kitchens, where 2-3 people are already cramped, the TV is usually installed for the background and does not perform a visual function, in this case the location of the device does not play a special role.

If you have at your disposal a large kitchen with many places for relaxation, which can accommodate up to 6-7 people at the same time, then you need to consider several subtleties when choosing the optimal place for the TV.

  • Installation near household appliances, stoves, sinks and microwave ovens is not allowed. It is fraught with damage to the device or contamination of the TV screen.
  • The kitchen is designed not only for eating food, but also for cooking it, and then the height of the TV should be chosen based on your height. The TV screen should be in the line of your eyes anyway. The same principle of height selection works in a situation where you like to watch TV while eating while sitting.
  • During the day, while watching TV, which is placed near the windows, you will be faced with the appearance of annoying glare that will light up the picture. Either do not install the device near windows, or buy impenetrable textile curtains (roll-up are suitable) that will create good shade.
  • The TV set can only be placed on stable surfaces; ordinary kitchen tables will not work here. As an optimal solution, you can use niches or shelves specially designed for the screen size.

How to determine the optimal distance?

There are several standard schemes and rules for determining the optimal distance from the TV to the audience, regardless of the chosen room.

In addition, the closer a person sits to the big screen, the more difficult it is for his eyes to follow everything that happens on it. This feeling can be compared to going to a movie theater, where you have to look at a huge screen from the front rows.

There are two formulas regarding the distance from TV to the viewing point. The first refers specifically to viewing LCD TV models, and the second refers to viewing plasma options. So, when viewing LCD TVs with a diagonal of 65 inches (or 165 cm), the standard or optimal distance to the resting place is 3.3-5 m, and for the same plasma model this indicator is even greater. from 5 to 6.6 m.

As for the comfortable height at which you need to mount the TV, there are also some tricks here. To find a standard and optimal TV placement on the wall, SIMply sit on the sofa or where you plan to watch TV and close your eyes for a few moments. Then open. a point on the wall, which will be right in front of your eyes and will indicate the optimal height of the device suspension (or the center of the screen).

When choosing height indicators, you should also focus on the height of the resting places, of which there may be several in the room. In this case, it is recommended to act according to the following scheme: calculate the average growth rate of all household members, then divide it by 2 and add it up with the height of the main resting place. About this level from the floor should be the center of the TV screen.

Some people prefer to calculate the mounting height of the device relative to the TV diagonal itself. The following scheme works here: the larger the diagonal, the lower the device itself is. So, with a diagonal of 32 inches, a mounting height of 120 cm (from the floor to the center of the screen) is recommended, and with a diagonal of 55 inches, the TV should hang at a distance of 95-100 cm from the floor.

In the living room

The biggest problems when choosing a TV height begin when the device is mounted in a living room or hall. Today the living room can perform two functions at once:

  • chosen as a place to gather guests;
  • is a place for the whole family.

In any case, several people will watch the TV from different points of the room.

In the living room, people usually watch TV from three convenient points: from an armchair, from a sofa or from a desk. To choose the best place for mounting your TV, sit at each of these points and determine the place where it will be most convenient for you to watch.

If the viewer’s head is slightly thrown back or tilted down while watching TV, the position should be changed, since this position puts additional stress on the spine and cervical regions. In this case, the head should not be turned.

When choosing a place to install a TV in the living room, you also need to take into account the distance from the resting place to the device. This indicator directly depends on the diagonal of the TV screen itself. So, with a diagonal of 100 cm, a distance of at least 2-3 meters from the resting place to the device is recommended. This indicator applies specifically to new LCD models, for conventional TVs the distance should be 25-30% more.

And also a lot depends on the installation height of the TV. It depends on the height of the beholders and the height of the resting places themselves (sofas, chairs, beds). To choose the optimal height indicator, as already mentioned, you need to add up the height of all household members and choose the average option. In addition, you need to remember that each person has an individual resting place. it is one thing to reclining on a bed, and another thing to watch TV, sitting upright in a chair. Based on the described indicators, it is recommended to choose the optimal height option. usually from 0.75 to 1.35 m.

What determines the mounting height?

The mounting height of a TV depends on a number of factors, each of which must be taken into account. Failure to comply with any of them may affect your health or the safety of using the device.

  • Room area. The smaller the room where the TV will be located, the fewer potential places from which households can watch it. If this is a small room where the bed is the main resting place, then the TV is installed on the wall opposite to the bed at a height that takes into account the height of the bed itself and the average height of the residents of the apartment.
  • The growth of the watchers. To determine the optimal height for hanging the TV, usually add the height of all family members who watch TV and get an average. In this case, you need to consider from what position you usually prefer to watch TV. sitting, reclining, standing or lying.
  • Safety. The height of the TV should be based on whether you have small children or animals at home. Both those and others during active games can touch the TV screen and both damage the equipment and harm themselves. At the same time, many children like to watch TV from the floor, and the height should be appropriate here. Do not forget about the curiosity of kids, who love to stick their hands anywhere. and therefore the height should be sufficient so that the child does not have access to the cables and wires of the TV.
  • Screen. The hanging height of the TV also depends on the diagonal of the screen, its type and resolution. Some TV models will show a distorted or darkened picture at the wrong height.
  • Resting-place. In addition to the growth rates of all households, it is also worth considering the height of the main resting places in the room. TV is usually watched from a sofa, chair or bed.

In the nursery

When choosing a place to install a TV in a nursery, there are as many features as when placing a device in a living room. All problems begin with the fact that children spend a lot of time playing and constantly changing their location in the room. Often, children watch TV sideways, while doing their own business. The main task of parents in this case is to find the optimal mounting point for the device.

The height of your child in a sitting position will help determine the height of the placement. Combine the child’s height when viewed on the bed and when viewed on the floor, then find the average height.

It is very important to take care of the safety of both the device itself and your child. There are several points to consider here.

  • The equipment should be placed at a sufficient height so that the child does not touch it during active games. This can not only ruin the TV, but also injure the baby himself.
  • Place the TV at such a height that the child cannot reach the outlet or cables by himself.
  • The viewing angle of the TV will greatly affect the baby’s vision. The picture from any angle should be clear, not overexposed or darkened. The adjustable bracket is also useful for this.
  • In the case of a nursery, the distance from the TV to the viewing position also depends on the diagonal of the device screen. So, experts advise to plant children at a distance of at least 2.5 m from the TV screen.
  • Remember that a TV placed at the wrong height can have a detrimental effect on the development of the cervical spine.
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Children grow up very quickly, and therefore from time to time check whether it is convenient for the child to watch TV in the current position.

Positioning the TV in different rooms

When buying a TV, most people do not think about the fact that different conditions for installing this device must be observed for different rooms. And here it is important to remember that each room in the apartment is designed for the individual needs of a person. Many of the following TV mounting guidelines are general, but some are specific to specific rooms.

In the bedroom

The most logical option for mounting a TV in the bedroom is to mount it on the wall opposite the main bed. Installing the device in front of the bed will make viewing the most comfortable and pleasant, and will not limit you in choosing a place on the bed. this position will be optimal in any case.

To watch TV in a reclining position, it is better to buy models with an adjustable bracket, where you can freely change the angle of the device screen. this function should be provided specifically in LCD TVs. Usually the screen is tilted no more than 30 degrees. If this tilt is not present, the broadcast picture will be less bright and darker.

You should be especially careful with TVs with a TFT matrix. This technology distorts the picture unpleasantly when the screen is placed in a non-standard tilt angle.

It should also be mentioned that doctors generally do not recommend installing televisions in sleeping rooms. The bedroom is the place where our eyes (like the whole body) should rest, and not strain.

Installation tips

Experts have prepared a short list of tips to help you quickly cope with the placement and hanging of the TV.

  • We insulate the wires. Before you hang the TV on a permanent place, you need to take care of such a moment as aesthetic design. Leaking wires and connecting cables can not only spoil the overall appearance of the device, but also potentially harm your children or pets. Usually, the owners resort to 3 ways of insulating cables: placement in the wall, in a cable channel or equipment of a special TV zone. The most popular is the cable channel, which hides absolutely all cables and looks from the outside like a narrow ledge in the partition.
  • Choosing a mount and a wall. Modern TV models weigh relatively little (usually no more than 40 kg), but still need a strong mount in the form of a special TV bracket. And also it is worth taking care of the strength of the wall on which you will install the device. So, walls made of solid materials such as stone or brick will withstand even the heaviest models without problems, but walls made of plasterboard or chipboard will need an additional horizontal beam or rack. Make sure there are no wires or piping in the wall where you want to place the bracket.
  • Choosing a bracket. Recently, it is the universal or adjustable brackets that have become more and more popular. And not in vain. despite the high cost, these devices allow you to change the angle of the TV at any time, turn the device in the right direction and place it in absolutely any room.

How to hang the TV on the wall, see below.

At what height to hang the TV in the bedroom

In any room, the height of the TV mounting depends on the size of the furniture, on which you will watch this TV. Therefore, at what height to hang the TV in the bedroom depends on the size (height) of the bed. How do I calculate the height? As in the previous case, the height of the TV in the bedroom is determined as follows: lie on the bed in a position that is comfortable for you (as if you are looking at a TV screen) and close your eyes, and after a minute open them. Where the eye immediately falls, there should be the center of the screen.

Practice shows that in the bedroom, the TV must be suspended higher than in the living room, so apply one more rule here: the angle of deviation from the center of the screen to the viewer’s eyes should not be more than 30 0. This rule is recommended to prevent curvature of the spine.

Very good for adjusting the angle of deflection, special mounts for the brackets, which come with hanging shelves or brackets, help. These mounts change the angle of inclination of the plane of the screen. It is recommended to use brackets with adjustment of the TV body in two planes.

At what height to hang the TV in the living room

When placing your TV in the living room or living room, take into account how many people will be watching it. Check with everyone to figure out the best place for your TV, but don’t forget the scientific approach. If you intend to install a TV on the wall in the hall and view from an armchair or on a sofa, then it is best to hang the panel at a height of about a meter (0.7-1.4 m), based on the arithmetic average height of all family members.

If the living room is large, then install the TV not high from the floor level. it will be more convenient for everyone to look at the screen. both children on the floor and adults on a sofa or in armchairs. The recommended height for mounting a shelf or bracket for a TV panel is calculated from the height of the upholstered furniture in the living room. That is, the higher the sofa or armchairs, the higher you install the TV.

Recommended installation height of the TV in the apartment

Flat liquid crystal and plasma TVs (led TV, 3D HD TV) are convenient and modern, but their operation has revealed a new problem. how, apart from being installed on a shelf and a bedside table, to install the device, at what height to hang the TV, and what structure can be used for this use fasteners. Therefore, the question automatically arose. how to calculate the height that would be comfortable and safe for viewing, and how to calculate the safest distance to the screen. Mathematical calculations are not very appropriate here, but practical tips and advice from professionals will come in handy.

  • At what height to hang the TV. position calculation
  • At what height to hang the TV in the living room
  • At what height to hang the TV in the bedroom
  • What height do you need to install a TV in the kitchen
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What height do you need to install a TV in the kitchen

In the kitchen, it is difficult to maintain a comfortable height for installing the TV (the middle part of the screen should be at eye level) due to the usually small area of ​​the room. In addition, cooking leaves almost no time for watching, and usually they listen to TV. Hence the question: at what height from the floor to hang the TV in the kitchen?

An LCD TV with a TFT matrix in the kitchen is great, because horizontally it has a large viewing angle with an almost imperceptible decrease in contrast. But changing the viewing angle vertically will lead to darkening (turning down) or backlighting the screen (turning up). Therefore, at what distance it is optimal to place the monitor in the kitchen, it is obvious: at the height from which the TV is often watched, and constructively this can be solved by turning the bracket for each case. Adjusting the angle of rotation with the bracket will allow you to adjust the angle of inclination and viewing, which means that the TV can be viewed from any position.

At what height to hang the TV. position calculation

For the sake of comfortable rest and watching TV, in fact, a TV is bought, but for each room the height of its placement will be different. Why and at what height is it better to hang the monitor? Watching programs in the kitchen rather turns into listening, so the height of the screen is not very critical, and in the kitchen the TV panel is hung above the calculated height so that it does not interfere with work. Such a mount does not cause discomfort when watching programs.

To decide at what height to hang the TV in the living room, they start from the maximum viewing comfort. Medical research has proven that the best way is to mount the TV so that the distance from the bottom of the screen to the floor is 0.75-1 m.

And at what height to hang the TV on the wall in the bedroom? The recommended mounting height of the panel will be slightly higher than in the hall or in the living room, and you can determine the location of the device in the same way as in the previous solution, only lying on the bed. The basic rule when calculating the mounting height of a television panel is your viewing comfort.

In modern TV models, the picture does not flicker, and the screen does not emit electromagnetic waves, that is, it does not pose a danger to the eyes. Therefore, you can watch an LCD or plasma TV at any convenient distance, and installation of the TV on the wall is possible in any case. But the optimal ratio of the TV diagonal (the diagonal is the distance between the screen corners) and the distance from it to the viewers’ eyes still exists. The distance that doctors recommend to set when watching TV is 3-4 sizes of the diagonal of the device. Therefore, when buying, proceed from the size of the room in which the TV will be located.

  • When calculating at what height to hang the TV in the living room, the distance to the TV set with 720p resolution should be equal to the size of the screen diagonal multiplied by a factor of 2.3.
  • The distance from the 1080p TV to the viewer should be equal to the screen diagonal multiplied by a factor of 1.56.

The distance comfortable for eyes from the plasma panel is from three to four diagonals of the screen, for a liquid crystal monitor. from two to three diagonals.

Example: a 42-inch TV is recommended to be viewed at a distance of 84-126 (for LCD model) or 126-168 inches (for plasma model), or 210-320 cm and 320-430 cm.

Interesting topic

How and at what height to hang a TV in a brick house. The shows how to securely mount a Vogels-type wall mount with detailed instructions for assembling and installing the brackets. Installation site: old building, brick walls, decrepit plaster. The wall is crumbling, so for strength, a couple of additional holes were made for fastening the bracket.