At what height should the TV be properly hung

Mount selection

Your next step will be to choose a mount or bracket with which the TV will be attached to the wall. In general, for each specific brand and model, there is, or at least is recommended by the manufacturer, a separate type of mounts. All of them are standardized, but the most popular is the category with the abbreviation VESA.

  • Hard.
  • Inclined.
  • Turning.

Rigid fasteners are a cantilever system, the elements of which will always be in the same strictly fixed position. Tilt and swivel types mean a movable system, that is, a bracket. Let’s consider each type of fasteners in more detail.

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Rigid fasteners

Provided that the TV is hung on a rigid mount, there will be a gap of several centimeters between the device and the wall. Since it will not be possible to adjust the tilt of the panel, you need to decide right away at what height to hang the TV, so that subsequently neither the sun’s rays nor the rearrangement of furniture in the room interfere with viewing. The main advantages of this type of fastening are its reliability and low cost.

How to hang a TV on a bracket?

Regardless of which type of bracket you choose, it will consist of two parts: the first is mounted on the wall, the second is on the TV. The whole process of fixing a television panel is as follows:

  • The part for attaching to the device itself is screwed to the back of the case with the screws supplied with the bracket.
  • Measure the distance between the edges of the TV and the mounts.
  • Mark on the wall the place for the second part of the bracket using the information with measurements.
  • Using a drill, make holes in the wall at the place of the future attachment of the second part and screw it with screws.
  • The last step is to install the TV on the wall part and fix both parts of the bracket according to the instructions.

At what height should the TV be hung on the wall. How to hang the TV properly

Today, TVs in terms of their technical and external characteristics have gone far from their predecessors with picture tubes and a volumetric rear part. The current video equipment looks more like a panel, as it is called, by the way. it is wide enough, has minimal depth and frames. It is these design features of modern TVs that allow you to place equipment anywhere and in any way. on a bedside table, in a living room headset, even on the ceiling. However, the most common location for this device is a regular wall. How to hang a TV correctly, and will be discussed in this article.

TV specifications

Examine the rear of the TV carefully. Pay attention to how many notches there are for the fasteners, as well as their location. The next item is the weight of the device itself and its dimensions. The heavier the panel, the more secure the fixing must be.

How to hang an LCD TV or plasma panel

If you know how to handle measuring tools and a screwdriver, then you can easily cope with this procedure on your own, spending no more than two hours on all the work. After the place of the future deployment of the TV has been chosen, you can proceed directly to the process of its installation.

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Choosing a place for the TV

Since a wall-mounted television panel in most cases is fixed for a sufficiently long period of time and subsequently rarely changes its location, it is rather difficult to choose a corner for its placement. Especially if the apartment is small and full of furniture. Therefore, before you hang the TV on a wall or in a corner, you need to carefully consider the place where it will be located.

When choosing a location, you should be guided by the following factors:

Calculating the optimal height for installing the TV on a wall

There are no dogmatic rules that determine at what height to hang a TV on the wall. There are some useful expert recommendations that every user should take into account. This is the only way to choose the correct position for installing the TV.

Everyone is able to independently correctly calculate the height and determine the place to install the TV. There is nothing complicated about it. Consider the specifics of the room, the diagonal of the TV screen, as well as other important factors, which will be discussed below.

Interesting video on the topic

How and at what height to hang a TV in a brick house. The video shows how to securely mount a Vogels type wall mount with detailed instructions for assembling and installing the brackets. Place of installation: old building, brick walls, decrepit plaster layer. The wall is crumbling, so for strength, a couple of additional holes were made for fastening the bracket.

Room and screen dimensions

The square of the room and the diagonal of the screen largely determine the location of the TV on the wall. Experts believe that the distance from the viewing area to TV should be approximately 3 diagonals.

Before calculating the height, you need to choose a place to install the TV. In many ways, this aspect has an impact on the viewing comfort. To calculate the optimal point, you need to position yourself at the viewing location. Get into a comfortable position. When you are at the viewing point, it will automatically become clear which of the walls the TV should be installed on.

Experts constantly emphasize that the best location is a straight line (from the center of the viewing area to the wall). As for the height of the TV fixing, it is calculated a little later. If you install the LCD TV in this way, all people at the viewing point can enjoy the movie, TV series or TV show, there will be no convenience.

The size of an apartment or a house directly affects the choice of a place for TV installation. For example, if you have a one-room apartment, then the screen should be located diagonally from the center of the sofa, chair or bed. This position avoids discomfort while watching. The screen will be visible from anywhere in the room.

Certain adjustments to the calculation process are made by the arrangement of furniture and interior items. It is possible that you will have to slightly change the position of the sofa or bed. When the best point for installing the TV is determined, you can proceed to calculating the height.

There are two ways in which you can determine the height for the position of the TV screen. The first is based on the experience of ordinary users. It was the maximum comfort that was taken into account. The second approach to the calculation is based on the recommendations of doctors and equipment manufacturers.

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What height do you need to install a TV in the kitchen

In the kitchen, it is difficult to maintain a comfortable height for installing the TV (the middle part of the screen should be at eye level) due to the usually small area of ​​the room. In addition, cooking leaves almost no time for watching, and usually they listen to TV. Hence the question: at what height from the floor to hang the TV in the kitchen?

An LCD TV with a TFT matrix in the kitchen is great, since horizontally it has a wide viewing angle with an almost imperceptible decrease in contrast. But changing the viewing angle vertically will lead to darkening (turning down) or backlighting the screen (turning up). Therefore, at what distance it is optimal to place the monitor in the kitchen, it is obvious: at the height from which the TV is often watched, and constructively this can be solved by turning the bracket for each case. Adjusting the angle of rotation with a bracket will allow you to adjust the angle of inclination and viewing, which means that the TV can be viewed from any position.

At what height to hang the TV in the living room

When placing your TV in a living room or living room, take into account how many people will be watching it. Check with everyone to figure out the best place for your TV, but do not forget about the scientific approach. If you intend to install a TV on the wall in the hall and view from an armchair or on a sofa, then it is best to hang the panel at a height of about a meter (0.7-1.4 m), based on the arithmetic average height of all family members.

If you have not yet purchased a TV, then you have a good opportunity for experiment: take a poster the size of your future TV, and use the scientific poke method to find the optimal panel height that will suit all family members.

If the living room is large, then install the TV not high from the floor level. it will be more convenient for everyone to look at the screen. both children on the floor and adults on a sofa or in armchairs. The recommended height for mounting a shelf or bracket for a TV panel is calculated from the height of the upholstered furniture in the living room. That is, the higher the sofa or armchairs, the higher set the TV.

At what height to hang the TV. position calculation

For the sake of comfortable rest and watching TV, in fact, a TV is bought, but for each room the height of its placement will be different. Why and at what height is it better to hang the monitor? Watching programs in the kitchen rather turns into listening, so the height of the screen is not very critical, and in the kitchen the TV panel is hung higher than the calculated height so that it does not interfere with work. Such a mount does not cause discomfort when watching programs.

To decide at what height to hang the TV in the living room, they start from the maximum viewing comfort. Medical research has proven that it is best to mount the TV so that the distance from the bottom of the screen to the floor is 0.75-1 m.

Also, doctors give practical advice on how to intuitively calculate the distance from the viewer to the TV screen. To do this, sit in the place from which you intend to watch TV, close your eyes, and after a minute open them. Where your eye immediately fell, that place is the middle of the screen.

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And at what height should the TV be hung on the wall in the bedroom? The recommended mounting height of the panel will be slightly higher than in the hall or in the living room, and you can determine the location of the device in the same way as in the previous solution, only lying on the bed. The basic rule when calculating the mounting height of a television panel is your viewing comfort.

Now television receivers have different screen resolutions. HDTV receivers are 1080p TVs that deliver images much sharper and brighter than 720p TVs. Therefore, when choosing and buying an LED or 3D panel, take into account the screen resolution.

  • When calculating at what height to hang the TV in the living room, the distance to the TV set with 720p resolution should be equal to the size of the screen diagonal multiplied by a factor of 2.3.
  • The distance from the 1080p TV to the viewer should be equal to the diagonal of the screen multiplied by a factor of 1.56.

The distance comfortable for the eyes from the plasma panel is from three to four diagonals of the screen, for a liquid crystal monitor. from two to three diagonals.

Example: a 42-inch TV is recommended to be viewed at a distance of 84-126 (for LCD model) or 126-168 inches (for plasma model), or 210-320 cm and 320-430 cm.

At what distance from the floor should the TV be properly hung?

Flat liquid crystal and plasma TVs (led TV, 3D HD TV) are convenient and modern, but their operation has revealed a new problem. how, apart from being installed on a shelf and a bedside table, to install the device, at what height to hang the TV, and what structure can be used for this use fasteners. Therefore, automatically

Flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs (led TV, 3D HD TV) are convenient and modern, but their operation has revealed a new problem. how, apart from being installed on a shelf and a bedside table, to install the device, at what height to hang the TV, and what structure can be used for this use fasteners. Therefore, the question automatically arose. how to calculate the height that would be comfortable and safe for viewing, and how to calculate the safest distance to the screen. Mathematical calculations are not very appropriate here, but practical tips and advice from professionals will come in handy.

Second way

This approach involves performing mathematical calculations. The recommendations of the doctors were taken into account. First, there must be a screen at eye level. If it is higher or lower, then the image is distorted. Secondly, the optimal distance from the viewing point of an LCD TV is the diagonal multiplied by 3. If we are talking about plasma, then the display size is multiplied by 4.

When installing LED or 3D TV equipment, consider not only the diagonal, but also the screen resolution. 720p or 1080p? These parameters affect the image quality and, with it, the viewing comfort. The calculation of the mounting height of such devices is carried out according to the following principle:

  • For devices with 720p resolution, the height of the mount will be equal to the diagonal multiplied by 2.3.
  • For 1080p models, the mounting height is calculated by multiplying the diagonal by a factor of 1.6.

When determining the height, take into account the distance from the viewing point to the screen, as well as from the eyes to the device.