At what height should the TV be hung

How to find out at what height to hang the TV?

CRTs have become flat, and now there is no need to allocate a niche in the wall and space on the bedside table for the TV. The screen size has increased, so it is necessary to calculate at what height to hang the TV on the wall for comfortable viewing of programs. Calculations begin even before buying plasma.

Consideration should be given to the purpose and size of the room where the infotainment equipment will be located, the type of monitor and its resolution.


height, hung

You can check the correctness of the calculations by the angle between the conditional line perpendicular to the plane of the TV and the direction of gaze in the supine position. The angle should not exceed 30 °. Otherwise, the eyes will get tired quickly.

In front of a double bed, the TV is installed on the wall opposite the headboard, in the center of the mattress. In a bedroom for one person, when the bed is sideways to the wall, the screen is positioned offset from the axis of the bed by 10-15 °. Convenient to look at in any position, lying on your back, on your side and sitting.

At what height should the TV be hung in the bedroom

The bedroom is a special place where, first of all, you want to relax. Therefore, here they watch TV, as a rule, lying or reclining in bed. Consequence. the screen can be hung at eye level of a lying person or noticeably higher, and at an angle.

If the direction of view is close to horizontal, as in the above images, the height of the TV installation on the wall in the bedroom will be 1 1.5 m above the floor (depending on the height of the bed and the position of the viewer).

If a person prefers to look at the screen with his head thrown back on the pillow, it is necessary to raise the TV to the height of his gaze and tilt the top edge of the panel away from the wall. The lifting height depends on the posture and is usually 15 20 degrees. Well, the plane of the screen should be perpendicular to the “ray” of the gaze.

Accordingly, in the bedroom, the screen is sometimes hung almost under the ceiling, on an inclined bracket (or tilt-swivel, tilt-retractable). You can choose the distance from the floor to the TV on the wall (to the center of the screen) equal to 1.5 2 m.

If you plan to mount the device not on the wall, but on the ceiling (on a special ceiling bracket), the height of the TV from the floor in the bedroom will no longer be constant. it will change depending on which position of the bracket fragments is chosen.

Interestingly, with some types of bracket, you can hang the TV not on the wall opposite from the head of the bed, but directly above the bed. True, in this case, you need to seriously attend to the strength of the mounts and the reliability of the system as a whole. and just in case, choose not very heavy models.

How to hang a screen in the bedroom?

The distance from the floor in the bedroom and in the nursery is measured to the middle of the screen. Place it, as a rule, opposite the bed. Here it is important for Honor that it does not interfere with comfortable movement around the room.

When determining at what height to hang a TV in the bedroom, one should take into account the size of the screen and the distance from the bed, from which TV programs and films are usually watched before going to bed. Experts believe that the optimal size will be 130 cm when removed by 4 sizes of the diagonal.

In this case, sitting on the sofa and lying down, the angle of the direction of gaze will not exceed 30 °.

For the convenience of viewing from different positions, it is convenient to use the mount, which makes it possible to change the position of the screen, rotate it around the horizontal axis. In this case, the angle between the position of the monitor plane and the eyes can be minimized.

To determine at what height to hang TVs in each room of the apartment, the table below is given. Dimensions are recommendations only.

Diagonal, cm Diagonal, inches Width, cm Height, cm Distance from the floor, cm
81.3 32 70.8 37.4 110
101.6 40 88.6 49.8 105
106.7 42 93 52.3 105
119.4 47 101.5 58.6 101
124.5 49 108.5 61 one hundred
127 fifty 110.7 62.3 99
152.4 60 132.8 74.7 93

precisely, the height of the center of the image from the floor in the bedroom is calculated by the formula: the height of the bed is half the height.

For example, a bed is 45 cm high, a person’s height is 170 cm.The formula gives:

The figures for the calculation are taken averages for the height of a person and the height of standard furniture. They may be different on a case-by-case basis. The center of the screen should be opposite the eyes of the person sitting on the bed.

The wall must be strong

Before installing the TV on a wall, make sure it is solid. Modern models weigh relatively little, 30-50 kg, depending on the size.

But even this weight is enough to destroy the gypsum plasterboard used when sheathing the room as dry plaster.

Before hanging the monitor, make sure the wall is solid, brick or other solid material. And also the fact that wires and pipes do not run in the place where the holes are drilled for the brackets.

If you decide to sheathe the partition with plasterboard, fiberboard or chipboard, a horizontal beam is installed when installing the frame from the profile. A bracket is attached to it through a sheet, and then a TV is hung.

Installation of the TV set on sheathed hollow walls is possible on a stand combined with a cable channel, or on a special durable vertical part of the partition.

At what height should the TV be hung in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where TV is listened to more than watched. Especially women sin with this. after all, cooking is better for your favorite TV show, and small, but tedious homework is easier to do. At the same time, the eyes are busy, but the ears are almost always free.!

Deciding at what height to hang the TV in the kitchen should be primarily based on the overall layout of the room.

It should be either at eye level of a seated person. if users watch programs while eating, or at eye level of a standing hostess. if it is she who watches the programs while moving around the kitchen. Accordingly, the height of the center of the screen varies from one to 1.65 m (or more, depending on the height of the viewer).

Further, you must not hang or build a TV set over kitchen appliances that radiate heat during operation! Even if it is there that it fits best into the interior, you should think about the safety of the matrix and plastic parts.

And the last. in the kitchen more than anywhere else, a bracket with several degrees of freedom is useful. Rotating, tilting, extending or raising / lowering the screen in this room is not a luxury at all, but a vital necessity. In this case, it is better to choose a model with the ability to rotate 15 45 degrees, tilt 15 30 degrees, and move 5 50 cm vertically and / or horizontally.

Brackets are also quite convenient, allowing you to “hide” the TV in a special niche on the ceiling with the subsequent closing of the hatch cover.

Basic parameters for TV placement

When preparing a place on the wall for a new LCD TV (Led TV or 3D HDTV), various parameters must be taken into account:

  • diagonal size;
  • monitor type;
  • position of the body when viewing;
  • wall quality;
  • ophthalmologist’s recommendations.

The minimum distance from the floor to the TV on the wall, for safety installation, should be at least 1 meter. If the screen is located lower, it may be exposed to impacts and friction of various objects in the hands of adults passing by and playing children.

You can protect your monitor from damage by placing it on a TV stand.

Ophthalmologists recommend hanging the TV correctly, namely:

  • The distance from the eyes to the screen must be equal to the sum of 4 diagonals.
  • The angle of rotation to the side must be 15–20 °, the maximum allowable is 30 °.
  • Unfolded viewing angle in width. up to 40 °.
  • The middle of the screen should be at eye level.

The angle formed by the lines from the sides of the TV to the eyes, the smaller the better. The optimum is 25-30 °. The minimum should be 10 °. further, to see the image, you will have to strain your eyes. The maximum angle is 40 °, only myopic people who see well into the distance can sit closer.

At the same time, doctors insist that it is necessary to watch the programs while sitting, with a flat back, perpendicular to the floor, and a head slightly tilted forward. This posture, according to experts, will minimize the risk of scoliosis and the development of myopia.

The height of the TV from the floor depends on where it is placed. The distance to the TV depends on the type of monitor, its resolution. The SD has a resolution of 625 pixels. Removal should be maximum, more than 4 diagonals. For Simple HD with a resolution of 720 pixels, it is allowed to install monitors at a distance of 3 diagonals.

Liquid crystal screens have high resolution, practically do not cause eye fatigue and visual impairment. It is enough to move away from them at a distance of 1.6 times the diagonal. The problem can only arise with the view of the entire screen. To keep track of the actions of the heroes, you will have to turn your head all the time.

People have different eyesight. To practically determine the optimal height of the TV, you need to sit in your favorite chair in a relaxed position and close your eyes. Open in a couple of minutes. The place where the eye fell indicates the optimal position of the upper third of the screen.

Recommendations: at what height to hang the TV on the wall in the nursery

Many parents prefer to equip the children’s room with a TV, and it will be much more practical to hang the structure than to put it within the reach of the baby. It is best to place such a product perpendicular to the bed. Thus, it is much easier to watch your favorite TV shows, however, parallel placement of equipment is permissible.

How exactly the TV panel will be installed depends on:

  • Interior;
  • Furniture parameter;
  • Room size.

The central part of the screen should be directly opposite the eyes and oblique observation is strictly prohibited. To simplify the viewing process, you need to maintain a certain angle of inclination of the monitor, and only 30ᵒ is permissible.

Important! To place the TV on a wall surface with maximum comfort for viewing, it is better to give preference to adjustable brackets, due to which it is possible to choose a certain level of inclination not only forward, but also to the side. This option is more convenient for those who often rearrange furniture.

There are now a large number of wide viewing angle TVs on the market, but they are sensitive to vertical deflection, and therefore they should be placed as low as possible to increase contrast and avoid darkening or lightening the screen. The ideal option is to place the product in the middle of the wall.

When calculating at what distance from the floor the TV should be placed in the children’s room, you should rely on the growth of the baby, and place the panel so that it is impossible to reach it and viewing is as convenient as possible. It is enough to raise the panel to a height of 1.5 m, and adjust the level of the direction of the screen.

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Tips: how to properly hang your TV on the wall

If the layout of the room allows the installation of the TV specifically on the wall, then initially you need to prepare everything you need to carry out such a procedure, and also check the reliability of the wall. For example, if the wall is built from gypsum plasterboard, then the plasma cannot hang on the wall if it has too much weight, in particular, more than 30-35 kg.

  • Stylish;
  • Handsomely;
  • Creatively;
  • Safely;
  • Saving space.

To connect a TV, you will need to place 3 sockets on the wall behind the monitor and 1 TV.

They will connect a monitor, tuner, possibly a router or adapter. Absolutely all outputs can be masked by the TV screen, if you place the outlet at a distance of 10 cm below the level of the upper edge of the device. If you plan to install a TV stand under the device for watching movies, on which, as a rule, there are other technical devices, then the sockets can be placed behind it. In the event that the repair has already been done, you will need to install a special device called a cable channel, which is mounted directly on the wall surface and allows you to hide all the necessary communications. When placing the TV opposite the window opening, you should pay attention to the advice on masking the wires behind the curtains on the surface of the cornice. In such a place, you will need to make an additional socket under the ceiling, and the wires need to be laid along the ceiling, again using a cable channel.

The nuances of installation or how to install the TV on the wall

The hinge of the TV in the kitchen or in any other room, above the table or just on the wall is carried out according to preliminary calculations, marking, certain rules.

  • So that the TV is not installed in front of the window.
  • This will cause permanent reflections on the screen.
  • You will not be able to watch programs without image problems.
  • There is a way out of this situation, and this is hanging thick curtains when you turn on the TV, but you will have to spend almost all the time in a dark room, which is unlikely to look cozy and comfortable.

In addition, the height of the TV must be chosen so that, if necessary, it is possible to remove the case for troubleshooting, as well as for repair. In addition, Honor needs that if a flash drive or a wire from a computer is connected, then the TV must be installed as conveniently as possible.

You should know: at what height to hang the TV in the living room

The process of installing a TV in the living room must be correct, competent, so that the panel looks great in the interior. It is better to choose a hanging method when placing the TV in the hall, than it will stand on the table. This will require additional purchase of furniture, it will take extra squares, which are sometimes so small, and it may not be safe to operate the device.

The recommended height at which you need to put the TV on the brackets directly depends on the parameters of the room. If the living room is small, then it is best to choose a TV of the appropriate diagonal in order to exclude discomfort when viewing and harm to eye health. The optimal height at which the TV is suspended varies from 0.7-1.4 m, and the height of the sofa must be taken into account.

We calculate at what height to hang the TV in the bedroom

At what level should the TV be installed in the bedroom? You need to hang the TV in such a way that you can view from the bed while lying down and half-sitting without discomfort, and the angle of deviation from the central part of the screen is no more than 30ᵒ.

Before you can find the optimal floor distance to your intended TV location, Honor needs factors such as:

  • Height of upholstered furniture;
  • Place of installation of the bed;
  • TV Panel Size.

For suspension, mounts in the form of a bracket are suitable, which allows you to tilt the panel in the desired direction, not only forward, but also sideways. The best option would be the height of the product from the floor by 1.5 m, and the unit, which includes 4 sockets, is installed behind the product at a distance of 25 cm from the mountings. In order for the screen not to cause harm to the eyes and discomfort when viewing, it is necessary that the element be installed relative to the eyes of a person at a distance that exceeds the diagonal of the device by 4 times.

If it is supposed to install a digital model, then a two-fold value is permissible.

If the LCD panel is suspended, then the Honor needs its feature in the form of a viewing angle. In other words, when installed in the horizontal plane, there is no change in contrast, but the vertical plane can be variable. For example, if you place the device very low, then the display will be darker than it should be, and if it is too high, then it will be lighter. Each person has his own specific position, thanks to which watching TV is more comfortable and, starting from it, you need to choose the installation point of the equipment and the angle of its inclination.

Parameters: at what height to hang the TV

Choosing the optimal height for installing your TV is quite simple, because you just need to have your personal preferences and expert recommendations from Honor. Thus, you can get an excellent result in the form of comfortable TV viewing.


You can choose the optimal height for placing the TV on the wall in one of two ways. The first is based on the usual viewing comfort, and the second is based on medical advice and advice from the manufacturer.

  • You can determine the height level where the bracket mounts will be located if you lie in your favorite position on the bed, close your eyes for a second, and then open them sharply and immediately look at the wall. The point at which your gaze rests will be the middle of the television screen. This means that this is where the main bracket will be located. Choosing this option, it should be understood that parameters such as the distance from the bed to the wall and the dimensions of the diagonal of the screen are not taken into account here. So, choosing this method, you cannot be sure of the safety and comfort of your eyes when watching TV, hung in this way.
  • The second method is based on mathematical calculations and advice from doctors. The optimal distance between the eyes and a device with a liquid crystal screen is considered to be its diagonal multiplied by three, and for plasma screens this is the product of the diagonal and the number 4.

New TVs with an LED or 3D panel can have absolutely any screen diagonal size, but a different extension, for example 720 or 1080 units. The mounting height of such TVs is calculated using a special formula:

  • For TVs with a screen extension of 720 units, the mounting height is equal to the product of the screen diagonal by a factor of 2.3.
  • For TVs with an extension of 1080 units, this value is equal to the product of the diagonal by a factor of 1.6.

But when choosing a height, it is also necessary to take into account the distance from the bed and directly the eyes to the device screen.

At what height should the TV be hung in the bedroom?

After repairs in the bedroom, many people also update the equipment in this room. After purchasing a TV, many do not know at what height to hang it. Indeed, not only viewing convenience, but also safety will depend on its correct location.

Optimal distance

Many ophthalmologists say that the minimum distance from the eyes to the TV cannot be less than its diagonal multiplied by two. This recommendation is fully justified, but it does not take into account the type of screen of this device and the magnitude of its resolution. Therefore, this method of calculating the distance from the eyes to the screen is applicable only to old models.

The distance from the eyes to the LCD TV should be no less than the sum of its two diagonals, and from the plasma monitor to the eyes. no less than the product of its diagonal and the number 3.


Before deciding at what height to hang the TV in the bedroom, you first need to decide on the place where it will be located. The choice of the right place will depend on both the viewing comfort and the height at which the device itself will hang.

To determine the location, you need to lie on a sofa or bed in the bedroom in a comfortable and familiar position for you. Now you need to determine on which wall the TV should be mounted so that it is as convenient and comfortable to watch it as possible.

Experienced experts say that the optimal location is a point drawn in a straight line from the center of the bed to the wall, and the height of this point will be adjusted later. It is with this arrangement that the TV will be clearly visible to all people who are located in the bedroom, and when viewing it there will be no inconvenience.

If the device is to be hung in a single room or nursery, it must be positioned diagonally from the center of the bed. In this case, even when turning, there will be no discomfort when viewing, and the screen will be clearly visible from any position.

When the potential location of the TV has already been selected, you can directly start calculating the height at which it will need to be fixed.

Helpful hints

In order to watch the TV attached to the wall, it was not only convenient, but also safe, it is recommended to follow the following tips during its installation:

  • The maximum angle of deviation from the TV screen when viewing should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • The minimum height from the floor for installing the TV must not be less than 1 meter. Otherwise, there is a risk that the TV can be accidentally hooked and it will fall.
  • It is best to place outlets no more than 45 cm from the center bracket.
  • It is also very important to consider the height of the furniture over which the gadget will be located. The minimum distance from the chest of drawers or sofa armrests to it is 25 cm.
  • It is best to install an adjustable bracket whenever possible. This will allow, if necessary, to change the angle of inclination of the TV depending on the position on the bed and the number of people who will watch it.
  • If the TV is installed in a children’s bedroom, then it is better not to limit yourself to just one bracket. Your best bet is to purchase a dedicated TV wall stand. In general, the height for its installation is selected by any of the above methods.
  • When purchasing a bracket, make sure it can support the weight of your TV. It is best to purchase brackets specifically designed for your TV model.
  • It is recommended that you periodically check how secure the TV is.

Finally, I would like to note once again that the correct height at which the TV should be mounted in the bedroom should be selected in accordance with all the above parameters, that is, the height of the furniture, the size of the room, the distance from the screen to the eyes. This is the only way to find the correct and safe height for its attachment.

Arrangement and parameters of furniture

The installation of the monitor in the bedroom will depend on the correct arrangement of the furniture. Installing the TV screen on the wall should be perpendicular to the bed (parallel placement is also acceptable). With this mount, you can feel comfortable and enjoy the clarity of the image when viewing.

Accommodation in the children’s bedroom

Mounting the device in a children’s room has its own nuances:

  • Do not place the monitor too low in relation to the floor. During the game, the child can accidentally scratch or even break it. If you place the screen higher than the child’s height, he may drop it on himself.
  • The tilt angle of the monitor from the viewing direction to the center of the screen should not exceed 30 °. In this case, the child will not feel discomfort due to throwing his head back.
  • It is worth relying on the growth of the baby and the placement of children’s furniture in the room, and also take into account the age. For children aged 3-6 years, it is better to mount the TV on the wall using a support or an adjustable bracket.

The presented table allows you to find out the distance from a person to a TV monitor.

What do experts recommend

In the instructions for the TV, there is no clear recommendation about the height at which to hang the equipment on the wall. But there are medical tips that recommend the following:

  • the viewing angle from the center of the screen should not deviate more than 30 °;
  • depending on the diagonal of the TV, it is better to mount it at a height of 75 cm to 1.2 m from the floor.
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When installing a television panel, the height of the furniture in the living room also plays an important role. The higher it is, the higher you need to install the monitor.

It is also worth considering the fact that the center of the screen should be approximately at the level of the viewer’s eyes. This option will be optimal not only for adults sitting on the couch, but also for children playing on the floor.

If it is located too high, it will negatively affect the cervical vertebrae. Since a person will be forced to raise his head in an unnatural position when viewing.

Where to post

  • in the nightstand;
  • over the refrigerator;
  • on the wall (if the height of the center of the screen from the floor varies from 1.2 m to 1.5 m).

Do not just allow the device or its wires to be near source of fire (gas), hood or other heat, including a microwave oven.

TV to the kitchen

A question that worries many people: at what height should the TV be placed in the kitchen? It is rare to watch TV in the kitchen for several hours at a time. It often plays the role of a sound background, so there are no special restrictions on its installation.

At what height to hang the TV on the wall: a guide in 3 points

Mounting a TV is a practical and elegant solution. A panel with a diagonal of 24 inches or more, placed on a vertical surface, will decorate the interior. This method will also help save space and protect expensive equipment from falling off the table. At what height is it recommended to hang the TV on the wall in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from possible complications. further in the material.

Basic installation rules

To get started, Honor needs 3 main rules:

  • Make sure that the wall on which the TV screen will be installed can withstand it. A device weighing more than 30 kg will not work on a thin drywall wall. Hemming a thick plywood sheet will help to strengthen such a wall. From above, you can build a plasterboard ledge to avoid the destruction of the support.
  • Provide free air circulation through the ventilation holes in the equipment. This condition does not allow installing a TV screen in a niche due to possible overheating and failure of the device. But if, nevertheless, such an installation cannot be avoided, you should think about it in advance. Make the niche larger than the device itself so that there are gaps on all sides. And for the tightest niches, specially designed LSD panels are suitable.
  • When installing the plasma on a movable bracket, the tension of the power cable is excluded. When making a purchase of the TV itself, it does not hurt to immediately stock up on this holder. There are many variations of brackets, so choosing the right one will not be a problem.

At what height should the TV be hung?

Determine at what height to hang the TV. The TV is hung at a height that corresponds to the position of the eyes of seated users. this is approximately 1.2-1.4 meters from the floor to the middle of the screen. But with a greater distance of the device from the audience, the height can reach 1.8 meters or even more. It all depends on the comfortable position of the user’s head when viewing.

Children’s room

The height of the TV in a room where there are children is determined not only by the comfort of viewing, but also by the task of making the device safe for babies.

If the device is low, the child may knock it or damage it while playing.

If you place the TV taller than the baby’s height, then children can drop it on themselves.

  • The angle of deviation of the screen surface from the viewing direction should not exceed 30 degrees.
  • Viewing should not cause discomfort due to strong throwing back of the head.

The most logical solution would be to equip a separate viewing area, where you can accurately calculate the height of the user and correlate it with the height of the TV.

For example, in rooms with children between the ages of 3 and 6, it is best to mount the TV to a support or use reliable brackets.


Unlike the living room, in the bedroom they watch TV mostly lying down. But this does not mean that there should be only 40-60 cm to the middle of the screen. the user’s eyes are approximately at this height.

It’s all about the direction of the gaze. It is much more convenient for the viewer in a recumbent position to watch TV at an angle. The angle depends on the usual position. someone is watching TV on their side, someone is leaning their backs on the headboard, and someone wants to watch a movie without changing their head position. In the latter case, the screen can even be placed on the ceiling.

To find a comfortable location for the TV, you can use the following algorithm:

  • A TV model (a box from it or any flat surface comparable to its dimensions) is placed on a wall or stand.
  • The user takes their usual positions on the bed and looks in the direction of the layout.
  • If there are several regular spectators, the procedure is carried out for them as well.

If the deviation of the screen surface exceeds 30 degrees from the direction of view (normally the surface should be perpendicular), then use special brackets to change the angle of inclination of the TV.

How to calculate a comfortable height

It is best to build on your own preferences and feelings. If you feel that watching TV at a given height causes discomfort, you need to change it.

A number of simple measurements can be taken to position the screen comfortably at eye level. You will need a tape measure or a long ruler. The algorithm is as follows:

  • The user takes a sitting position where they plan to watch TV. This could be a sofa, armchair, or other furniture.
  • The ruler measures the distance from the floor to the eyes.
  • If there are several users, then several measurements are taken. The final indicator is averaged. summed up and divided by the number of users.
  • The result is the distance to the middle of the screen.
  • It remains to correlate the middle of the screen with the mounting points if the TV is hung on a wall, or with the height of the support if it is installed on a horizontal surface.

Depending on the position of the user, the calculation procedure and typical dimensions may vary.


In the kitchen, TV is usually watched in two positions:

  • Sitting at the table);
  • Standing (while cooking).

If you do not watch TV while cooking, then measurements should be taken based only on a sitting position.

A good height will be considered as the average between:

  • Distance from floor to eyes in a standing position;
  • Distance from floor to eyes in a sitting position.

Make sure that the angle of deviation of the screen surface from the viewing direction does not exceed 30 degrees. Otherwise, viewing will be uncomfortable. Then the position of the TV should be shifted in favor of the most preferable option. the position in which you often watch TV in the kitchen.

An alternative solution can be a movable bracket, which will allow you to change the position of the screen to a comfortable one in a couple of simple movements.

Do not forget about observing the conditions for placing the device in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, because the kitchen has the most powerful household appliances that create interference and a high level of humidity, as well as an unfavorable temperature regime.

Standards in force

The system of GOSTs and SNiPs regulates almost all areas of our life. Televisions are no exception. But the requirements set out in the current standards specify only a few points:

  • Safety regulations;
  • Maximum permissible levels of radiation and other harmful effects;
  • Terms of compatibility and functionality;
  • Manufacturers’ warranties;
  • Connection rules, etc.

There is not a single standard that would regulate the exact norms and dimensions in the field of installation of household appliances.

When choosing a location for the TV, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • The device does not interfere with free movement around the room.
  • The humidity level in the room does not exceed the standards established by the manufacturer.
  • Screen and cabinet are not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • There is a separate socket for connecting to the AC mains (the use of adapters and extension cords is permissible, but undesirable).
  • There are no powerful electrical appliances or moving surfaces nearby.
  • The distance to the TV and its diagonal fit into the comfort standards, which correlate as 1 to 3 or 1 to 4. The diagonal and distance must be brought into one measurement system. According to this formula, for a diagonal of 32 inches, a distance of 250 cm will be comfortable.

Hall and living room

This is where the TV is most often placed. Viewing takes place mainly in a sitting or semi-recumbent position. Several people can watch TV at the same time.

The calculation algorithm completely coincides with the given beginning:

  • We measure the height of the eyes of users in a sitting position;
  • We average the value depending on the measurements for all households.
  • We get the optimal distance to the middle of the screen.

In most cases, a distance of 1.2-1.4 m will be optimal.But it can be revised in favor of increasing or decreasing based on the availability of available surfaces for installing the device and the individual preferences of users.

Optimal TV height from the floor. maximum comfort when watching movies

Installing a TV on the wall is a seemingly very simple task. Prepare to face some challenges, however. This primarily concerns the distance from the floor to the TV itself. Family members often disagree on how best to attach the equipment so that it is most convenient to watch programs and films. And the owner of the apartment himself sometimes cannot decide, choosing from several options. After reading our article, you will learn how best to install a TV in accordance with the technical features of your device, as well as medical research conducted on this subject.

The height of the TV from the floor largely depends on the exact room in which it is located. Based on the purpose of the room, you can begin to determine the optimal mounting height. Let’s take a look at the living room first, because this is where most people install their TVs. This is due to the fact that the halls always receive guests, hold holidays and family celebrations. As a rule, most of the time is spent in the living room, so you have to watch TV from various points. from behind a desk, from an armchair, sofa or bed.

It is best if in the living room, the TV screen will be within 120-140 cm from the floor.

Experts who have conducted research on our topic claim that the middle of the TV should be located at a distance of 80 to 170 cm. It is best if the screen is located within 120-140 cm from the floor. This will provide the greatest level of viewing comfort and also cause the least health problems. To properly hang your TV, there are some important factors to consider:

  • Average height of family members;
  • Diagonal of the TV panel;
  • Where the viewing is most often done. from a sofa, bed, armchair, etc.

For example, if you often watch movies while at the dining table or desk, then the screen should be located slightly higher. If you are used to watching programs from the comfort of sitting or even lying on the couch, then the height should be slightly less. Naturally, you can go experimentally and independently determine the location of the TV. So, sitting down in a position convenient for you, look at the wall. It is in this place that it is recommended, according to experts, to install a TV. In addition, you can listen to some other recommendations:

  • 1. When viewing, in no case should the head be thrown back or forward, which can lead to increased stress on the vertebrae of the cervical spine.
  • 2. There are various proportions to determine the distance from the person to the TV. So, in accordance with the standards, the distance to the TV should be two to three times the diagonal of the panel. That is, having bought a new model with a huge diagonal of 120 cm, such a miracle of technology should be attached to the wall at least three meters from the viewing place.

Honor should be aware of the fact that improper placement of the TV in the living room, as well as too small or large distance from the eyes to the panel itself, can lead to serious visual impairment. Therefore, it is necessary to mount the TV in accordance with the recommendations given if you want to harm your health.

It is very important that a person’s eyes when watching TV are located either in the center of the screen or in the upper third. If the eyes are looking at the bottom of the TV, it should be attached slightly lower.

Very often you don’t even have to think about how high the panel will be. This happens when the TV is placed on a cabinet or installed in a special niche in the furniture. However, this approach is not always correct, since the cabinet or niche may be located at the wrong height. Therefore, when buying furniture for a TV, it is imperative to take into account the height of the cabinet. If, after the purchase, you notice that your eyes or neck become very tired while watching, then you need to act very decisively, if possible, purchasing new furniture for TV.

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The height of the TV in the bedroom largely depends on the parameters and location of the furniture. The best option is if the panel is perpendicular to the bed on the wall. In this case, the maximum comfort is provided when watching TV programs in a sitting, lying or half-sitting position. The center of the TV should be in front of your eyes when watching movies in a seated position.

In the bedroom, the TV should be mounted exclusively on the bracket

In bedrooms, TV panels should only be hung on brackets or other similar devices. This is due to the fact that the brackets allow you to change the viewing angle. After all, if in a sitting position the TV is exactly opposite the eyes, and watching films, accordingly, does not cause any inconvenience, then lying down watching programs will not be so pleasant. In addition, viewing LCD screens at an angle leads to loss of contrast, dimming. If you tilt the bracket at a certain angle, then all these unpleasant moments can be easily avoided.

As you can see, it is quite simple to determine the height of the TV mount in the bedroom, since viewing is usually carried out from one or two positions. If we talk about installing TV in the nursery, then the key factor here will be the growth of the child. After all, it is very, very difficult to calculate the optimal height, since children lead an active and mobile lifestyle, therefore they watch cartoons lying on the floor, beds, sitting on various surfaces, even standing.

Therefore, it is required to install the TV exactly so that during the games the child does not touch it with his hands and head. This can lead to injury to the baby, as well as damage to expensive equipment. Again, it is recommended to use movable arms, which will allow you to change the viewing angle, which will have a positive effect on the quality of broadcasting, picture darkening and image contrast.

In the kitchen, as well as in the living room, it can be quite difficult to properly hang the TV on the wall. The choice of location depends largely on the purpose of the room based on its size. So, a small kitchen is used by several people at the same time and serves exclusively for cooking and eating. Usually the TV plays in the background in such rooms. If the kitchen is large enough, then there may be additional pieces of furniture, including cabinets, armchairs, sofas, which allows you to spend more time in the kitchen and watch your favorite TV shows.

In the kitchen, the TV is most often mounted above the refrigerator.

Three main points are chosen as a place for installing the TV on the wall: above the refrigerator, at a height of one to one and a half meters in any free space, and also on a special bedside table. Naturally, it is far from always possible to install a TV over the refrigerator, because some models have huge parameters, so it will not be very comfortable to lift your head to watch movies. You can take note of some other tips:

  • Thick textile or roller blinds should be hung on the windows so that the reflections and glare of sunlight on the screen do not spoil or darken the image;
  • If you usually watch TV while cooking, the monitor should be positioned so that its center is opposite your eyes when standing. If in the kitchen you are accustomed to relaxing sitting behind the sofa, then the eyes should be either exactly in the center of the TV, or in its upper part, by analogy with the TV in the living room;
  • It is strictly forbidden to mount monitors near sinks and other sources of water, as well as in the neighborhood of ovens, stoves and washing machines.

The above recommendations are not binding, except perhaps for ovens and other equipment in the vicinity of the TV. You yourself can completely decide at what height it is better to install the LCD panel, based on your own habits, a comfortable posture, height, as well as the frequent places of watching movies, TV shows and TV shows.

  • 1. Oblique
  • 2. Hard
  • 3. Universal

The first two types are used in cases where the exact location of the TV has already been determined and no rearrangements of furniture are planned in the near future. So, rigid brackets do not lend themselves to adjustments, such fasteners are best suited for a living room or kitchen.

A tilt bracket should be purchased for the bedroom. As already noted, such designs make it possible to change the viewing angle vertically, which allows you to watch TV shows and films with maximum convenience in any position, without distorting colors and contrast.

Universal brackets are the best choice for any room. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that the position of the TV changes not only vertically, but also horizontally. However, such devices are quite expensive compared to other analogs, which is primarily due to the presence of a large number of moving mechanisms. But you don’t need to save either, because a cheap and low-quality universal bracket can fail due to the constant load from the TV.

At what height to hang the TV. position calculation

For the sake of comfortable rest and watching TV, in fact, a TV is bought, but for each room the height of its placement will be different. Why and at what height is it better to hang the monitor? Watching programs in the kitchen rather turns into listening, so the height of the screen is not very critical, and in the kitchen the TV panel is hung higher than the calculated height so that it does not interfere with work. Such a mount does not cause discomfort when watching programs.

To decide at what height to hang the TV in the living room, they start from the maximum viewing comfort. Medical research has proven that it is best to mount the TV so that the distance from the bottom of the screen to the floor is 0.75-1 m.

Also, doctors give practical advice on how to intuitively calculate the distance from the viewer to the TV screen. To do this, sit in the place from which you intend to watch TV, close your eyes, and after a minute open them. Where your eye immediately fell, that place is the middle of the screen.

And at what height should the TV be hung on the wall in the bedroom? The recommended mounting height of the panel will be slightly higher than in the hall or in the living room, and you can determine the location of the device in the same way as in the previous solution, only lying on the bed. The basic rule when calculating the mounting height of a television panel is your viewing comfort.

In modern TV models, the picture does not flicker, and the screen does not emit electromagnetic waves, that is, it does not pose a danger to the eyes. Therefore, you can watch an LCD or plasma TV at any convenient distance, and installation of the TV on the wall is possible in any case. But the optimal ratio of the TV diagonal (diagonal is the distance between the corners of the screen) and the distance from it to the viewers’ eyes still exists. The distance that doctors recommend setting when watching TV is 3-4 sizes of the diagonal of the device. Therefore, when buying, proceed from the size of the room in which the TV will be located.

Now television receivers have different screen resolutions. HDTV receivers are 1080p TVs that deliver images much sharper and brighter than 720p TVs. Therefore, when choosing and buying an LED or 3D panel, take into account the screen resolution.

  • When calculating at what height to hang the TV in the living room, the distance to the TV set with 720p resolution should be equal to the size of the screen diagonal multiplied by a factor of 2.3.
  • The distance from the 1080p TV to the viewer should be equal to the diagonal of the screen multiplied by a factor of 1.56.

The distance comfortable for the eyes from the plasma panel is from three to four diagonals of the screen, for a liquid crystal monitor. from two to three diagonals.

Example: a 42-inch TV is recommended to be viewed at a distance of 84-126 (for LCD model) or 126-168 inches (for plasma model), or 210-320 cm and 320-430 cm.

What height do you need to install a TV in the kitchen

In the kitchen, it is difficult to maintain a comfortable height for installing the TV (the middle part of the screen should be at eye level) due to the usually small area of ​​the room. In addition, cooking leaves almost no time for watching, and usually they listen to TV. Hence the question: at what height from the floor to hang the TV in the kitchen?

An LCD TV with a TFT matrix in the kitchen is great, since horizontally it has a wide viewing angle with an almost imperceptible decrease in contrast. But changing the viewing angle vertically will lead to darkening (turning down) or backlighting the screen (turning up). Therefore, at what distance it is optimal to place the monitor in the kitchen, it is obvious: at the height from which the TV is often watched, and constructively this can be solved by turning the bracket for each case. Adjusting the angle of rotation with a bracket will allow you to adjust the angle of inclination and viewing, which means that the TV can be viewed from any position.

Recommended installation height of the TV in the apartment

Flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs (led TV, 3D HD TV) are convenient and modern, but their operation has revealed a new problem. how, apart from being installed on a shelf and a bedside table, to install the device, at what height to hang the TV, and what structure can be used for this use fasteners. Therefore, the question automatically arose. how to calculate the height that would be comfortable and safe for viewing, and how to calculate the safest distance to the screen. Mathematical calculations are not very appropriate here, but practical tips and advice from professionals will come in handy.

At what height to hang the TV in the bedroom

In any room, the height of the TV mount depends on the size of the furniture, on which you will watch this TV. Therefore, at what height to hang the TV in the bedroom depends on the size (height) of the bed. How do I calculate the height? As in the previous case, the height of the TV in the bedroom is determined as follows: lie on the bed in a position that is comfortable for you (as if you are looking at a TV screen) and close your eyes, and after a minute open them. Where the eye immediately falls, there should be the center of the screen.

Practice shows that in the bedroom, the TV must be suspended higher than in the living room, so apply one more rule here: the angle of deviation from the center of the screen to the viewer’s eyes should not be more than 30 0. This rule is recommended to prevent curvature of the spine.

Very good for adjusting the angle of deflection, special mounts for brackets, which come with hanging shelves or brackets, help. These mounts change the angle of inclination of the plane of the screen. It is recommended to use brackets with adjustment of the TV body in two planes.

At what height to hang the TV in the living room

When placing your TV in a living room or living room, take into account how many people will be watching it. Check with everyone to figure out the best place for your TV, but do not forget about the scientific approach. If you intend to install a TV on the wall in the hall and view from an armchair or on a sofa, then it is best to hang the panel at a height of about a meter (0.7-1.4 m), based on the arithmetic average height of all family members.

If you have not yet purchased a TV, then you have a good opportunity for experiment: take a poster the size of your future TV, and use the scientific poke method to find the optimal panel height that will suit all family members.

If the living room is large, then install the TV not high from the floor level. it will be more convenient for everyone to look at the screen. both children on the floor and adults on a sofa or in armchairs. The recommended height for mounting a shelf or bracket for a TV panel is calculated from the height of the upholstered furniture in the living room. That is, the higher the sofa or armchairs, the higher set the TV.

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