At what height should a 65-inch TV be hung

Standard installation options

According to safety regulations, the TV set should be hung or placed in the hall at a height not lower than 1 meter from the floor. Otherwise, the equipment may be exposed to mechanical shock, it can be damaged, dropped.

Typically, the monitor is attached to a special arm. They come in all shapes and sizes. In rare cases, the plasma is allowed to hang tightly against the wall. It is important to note that the surface material must be of high quality and fairly durable.

height, hung

There are standards for placing the monitor on the wall, depending on the size of the diagonal. However, it should be remembered that this data is not a clear guide to action. They are advisory in nature:

  • 32 inches. 110 cm from the floor;
  • 40 inches. distance from the floor 105 cm;
  • 50 inches. distance from the floor 100 cm;
  • 60 inches. distance from floor 99 cm.

And there are also standards for the distance from the eyes to the screen, depending on the size of the diagonal:

  • 32 inches. distance to eyes from 3 to 4 meters;
  • 40 inches. distance to eyes from 5 to 7 meters;
  • 50 inches. distance to eyes from 5 to 7 meters;
  • 60 inches. eye distance from 7 to 10 meters.

These sizes are rather arbitrary. For a more accurate result, Honor needs all the settings for placing the TV, and use simple calculations. This will be discussed further.

The height of the TV from the floor in the living room

Watching your favorite show or an interesting movie should be as comfortable and convenient as possible. One of the conditions for enjoying the time spent in front of the TV screen is its location. Therefore, it is very important to place the monitor correctly at the optimum height from the floor.

Non-standard ideas

In addition to correctly positioning the TV on the wall, it is important to pay attention to its design. When creating an original design for a living room, a monitor can become a highlight of the entire interior. This is especially true for rooms with a small area.

The original solution will be wall cladding in the color of the monitor. When watching a show or movie, only the borderless screen will be visible. This will give the impression of viewing the image directly on the wall.

The back of the TV can be fitted with a multi-colored backlight that will turn on when the room is dark and create a magical home atmosphere. Such special effects contribute to relaxation, deeper immersion in what is happening on the screen.

Sometimes you can find the placement of the TV behind the cabinet doors. The technician can only be found after opening the door. This solution is quite original and suitable for lovers of minimalism.

A non-standard camouflage solution would be to decorate the screen in the form of a mirror.

Plasma installed above the decorative fireplace creates an incredible impression. Especially when the monitor and the fireplace are made in the same style and, as it were, complement each other.

What determines the height?

New technologies make it possible to expand the space of the room. Flat screens, which have so rapidly burst into our lives, are distinguished not only by excellent image quality, but also by compact placement. Mounting the TV on a wall has become a common practice. It is convenient, practical, especially when it comes to small rooms.

However, this placement has its own nuances. If you do not pay attention to them, then discomfort will be not only when watching TV, but also when examining the interior.

Thus, it is advisable to be puzzled about the placement of the monitor before purchasing it.

When installing the TV at the correct distance from the living room floor, consider the following:

  • area of ​​the room;
  • screen type;
  • screen resolution;
  • diagonal size;
  • installation site;
  • the location of the eyes when viewing;
  • seating arrangement;
  • seating height.

In addition to convenience, comfort while viewing, it is important to avoid harmful effects on eyesight. For preventive purposes, it is recommended to place the screen according to certain rules.

  • The monitor should be hung at eye level. The very center of the screen should be at pupil level.
  • The angle of rotation to the sides should be no more than 20-30 degrees.
  • The distance between the eyes and the screen must be in accordance with safe standards. You can use conditional standards, or you can make simple calculations.

How to find the optimal distance?

Correct monitor placement includes not only the height from the floor, but also the distance from the seating area.

The larger the screen diagonal, the further sofas, armchairs and chairs should be located. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase large plasma in a small room. Even despite the fact that the resolution of such screens is quite high, and they practically do not cause eye fatigue, inconveniences arise when the vision of the entire screen is covered.

Small plasma is also undesirable, since constant gazing at the screen leads to eye strain, curvature of posture.

There is a practical method for determining the height of the TV. To do this, you need to sit on a comfortable sofa or chair, close your eyelids, and relax. After a few minutes, you need to open your eyes and remember the place where the gaze was originally directed. This point is considered optimal for the location of the top of the screen.

It should be noted that the height of the TV is measured from the floor to the center point of the screen. You can use conditional standards, but for a more accurate result, it is better to calculate this indicator by calculation. The height of a sofa or chair is taken and half the height of a person is added.

And also the distance to the eyes can be calculated using the formula, where to obtain the required value, you need to multiply the size of the screen diagonal by 4.

Correct and beautiful placement of equipment will allow you to get real pleasure from the time spent while watching TV.

For information on where to place the TV in the living room, see the video.

At what height should the TV be hung on the wall in different rooms

4K or Ultra HD TV viewing distance

The updated 4K TVs offer high picture quality and good sensor response. However, it also has its own standards for watching TV channels. For example, for consoles with a minimum diagonal (from 32 inches), you need to maintain a distance of up to two meters, and if you take a model with a diagonal of 95 inches, then you need to sit at a distance of 4 meters or further.

How far is it better to stay from the screen when watching TV

The diagonals of all TVs are different, and the viewing area will also be different. The main rule here is that viewing should be carried out at a distance of two or three diagonals. But this is not the only rule: the distance from the area where the TV is located to the viewing area also changes depending on the type of screen resolution.

How to properly hang the TV on the wall in a children’s room

The first thing you need to know to place a TV in a nursery is the height of the child. Toddlers are always very mobile, and programs will often be viewed from different angles.

When doing this, ensure maximum safety. It is important that children do not hit or overturn the appliance in any way. Accordingly, it must be fixed either higher or more reliably. It is important to remember the main rule: it is necessary to allocate a special area for watching TV, and to do it so that there is no strain on the eyes and spine.

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Watching TV in Full HD format: useful nuances

When setting up a room, it is best to start with the furniture, then mark the place for the supposed TV placement. Based on this data, you can buy a TV of the required diagonal. If we talk about plasma with images in Full HD, it is worth noting the optimal viewing angle equal to 30 °.

At what height should the TV be hung in the bedroom

To be completely honest, the TV in the bedroom is not always appropriate, or rather, it is not needed at all, because this room is designed for relaxation and healthy sleep. Especially for those who cannot get used to these rules and still place a TV receiver in the bedroom, with some tips.

  • As a rule, in the bedroom, the TV is most often viewed lying or half-sitting, and in order to comfortably set up TV for regular viewing and forget about poor eyesight, you need to install the device perpendicular to the bed. However, it is always best to be able to adjust the tilt and swivel angle. Here special brackets come to the rescue.
  • The angle of inclination of the TV relative to the wall, if the user is lying on the pillow, should be 30 °.
  • If you have a TV with a TFT matrix, it will distort the picture if it stands strictly vertically or, conversely, has an inappropriate angle. Therefore, always adjust the device to suit your personal comfort. A clear image is the key to healthy vision.

How to independently hang a TV on the wall, taking into account all standards

Now you no longer need to try to hang a bulky box on the wall, because TVs have evolved quickly, and today they are quite successfully mounted even without special skills. with milestones.

  • Prepare your chosen location. Make markings for attaching the bracket, use a drill to drill the holes and fill the bracket in them.
  • Then fix the TV receiver to the bracket. It usually has special connectors for such fixation. Fix the TV well, set the optimal angle of inclination and rotation of the stand.
  • It is better to perform this manipulation with an assistant: one determines the distance, the other corrects it and changes the position of the screen.

For more detailed instructions on safe installation, see the video below.

How does the room affect the location of the TV

At what height from the floor to hang the TV depends not only on the parameters of the equipment, but also on the room where it is located. There are some recommendations for placing TV in the hall, living room, bedroom, kitchen. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

General recommendations for TV placement

All formulas, advice on the position of technology, based on convenience, the recommendations of doctors can be summarized. And display 4 simple nuances of the location of the TV:

  • At eye level of the seated viewer, the center point of the display should be located, which is located at the level of one third from the bottom of the TV.
  • The approximate distance from the floor to the center point is from 1 to 1.3 m.
  • The growth of a person is taken into account. If the viewer is up to 160 cm, then the location to the point is from 1.1 to 1.15 m, for tall cinema-goers. from 1.2 to 1.3 meters.
  • Important for Honor the height of the furniture.
  • When TV is constantly watched from different points, then the average height of the TV on the wall is taken, taking into account the viewer sitting on the sofa.
  • It is necessary to leave room for the possibility of turning the technique. For this, movable fasteners are provided in the kit.

The main parameters when choosing the location of the display are the height from the floor to the center of the display and the distance of the audience. To take average values ​​as a basis, see the table below.

Distances from the bottom of the display to the center (cm)

Alignment to the top edge of the floor (cm)

Important! The larger the diagonal, the lower the technique is to the floor. But this reduces the level of security. After all, breaking a low-hanging panel is easier. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the height of the TV on the wall from the floor up to 1.5 meters.

Separate adjustments to the height of the position of the equipment are made by consoles, Xbox, and other equipment needed for work. Game consoles are placed at a medium height between a seated and a standing spectator. And also the growth of the players is taken into account, because the console is used by children and adults. Therefore, the average distance from the floor to the center of the screen is 125 cm.

Kitchen arrangement TV

In the kitchen, it is important to take into account not only the distance to the equipment, the height, but also the location of other household appliances. Do not install TV close to heating radiators, gas stove or other heating element. It’s too hot in there and the TV will quickly deteriorate. It is also worth bypassing the installation near a sink, sink, or other source of water. High humidity is the enemy of digital technology.

Most often, in small kitchens, where no more than 2 people are at one time, the TV is installed for the background. It includes serials or music channels. In this version, TV is often installed on a separate bedside table or on the refrigerator.

Wall mounting is possible in large rooms such as a dining room. There it is already worth considering the distance from the dining table, the height of chairs, sofas. And follow the general rules for placing the screen at the eye level of the beholder.

Important! Do not hang TV in front of the window. Direct sunlight is source of glare that interferes with viewing. If this is the only place where you can hang equipment, it is worth buying thick textile curtains that do not let in direct rays.

TV installation in the nursery

Not all parents welcome the presence of equipment in the children’s room, but nevertheless they often install a TV there. When installing it, it is important to take into account the age, height of the child, and his mobility. It is worth putting the TV so that there is a good view from any point: floor, bed, armchair. Often the equipment is positioned in a corner with a movable arm.

Important! In the nursery, the height of the TV outlet on the wall is taken into account. Children should not play with electricity, especially small ones. Therefore, the sockets are placed as high as possible, covering them with decorative panels or other furniture.

How to arrange equipment in terms of convenience

It is not pleasant for everyone to use formulas, calculations to understand at what height to hang a TV on the wall. Most users do not calculate the exact distance to the TV or the height from the floor.

Advice. It is better to decide on the location of the equipment before buying a TV. After all, the diagonal and distance from TV affects the perception of the picture. Too large screens in a small room spoil the experience of watching movies.

Let’s figure out at what height to hang the TV, without complicated calculations:

  • It is important to keep in mind that the posture changes when watching TV. They often watch movies in a reclining position, lying down. And you have to keep your head tilted or turned to the side. As a result, the neck becomes numb. Therefore, the screen should be placed at the level of the person’s eyes in a relaxed, familiar position.
  • The simplest scheme for calculating the minimum distance from TV to the sofa is to double the screen diagonal. For example, we multiply 45 inches by 2.5 (this is to get centimeters from inches) and it turns out that you need to put the TV at a distance of 112.5 cm.

Advice. If the TV is located in the corner diagonally from the bed or sofa, then you should not hang equipment. It is better to place it on a special pedestal so that you can rotate the screen if necessary.

Why height matters so much

Few people think to put the TV on the floor. After all, it will be almost impossible to watch it from the sofa in this position. Bedside tables also come in different heights. And the fasteners to the wall give free rein to the imagination of the owner of an apartment, house.

What can the incorrect position of the TV lead to??

  • Ceiling mounted or too high. You have to watch your favorite films from the bottom up. Constant neck tension leads to muscle cramps, headaches and even dizziness.
  • Placed on the floor or on a very low stand. The opposite action to high fasteners. To view, you have to constantly look down. A tilted head leads to discomfort. And even to migraines, fatigue, bad mood.

There are two ways out. Purchase a bedside table of a suitable size or fix the panel to the wall, which allows you to make a bracket, fasteners included in the TV package. It remains to choose at what height to hang the TV on the wall.

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Advantages and disadvantages of fixing to the wall

The location of equipment in a “suspended” state has a number of advantages:

  • Independent choice of location height;
  • Ease of fixation due to the presence of fasteners in the package;
  • Saving useful free space in rooms.

There is only one drawback. you need to accurately calculate the height of the mount, so as not to redo the holes to correct errors. After all, the drilled holes for fasteners will have to be covered with decorative elements or new repairs.

At what height should the TV be hung?

Television today is still the most popular home appliance. we can spend our free time with our family watching television programs, and follow world news. Like any device, a TV needs a high-quality choice of mounting location. We will figure out at what height it is correct to hang the TV receiver in rooms, and what is the optimal distance from the viewing place to the TV screen.

Positioning the TV in different rooms

When buying a TV, most people do not think about the fact that different conditions for installing this device must be observed for different rooms. And here it is important to remember that each room in the apartment is designed for the individual needs of a person. Many of the following TV mounting guidelines are general, but some are specific to specific rooms.

In the kitchen

In the case of installing a TV in the kitchen, there are 3 universal options: above the refrigerator, on the bedside table or on the wall. However, despite these universal positions, it is always worth taking into account the size of your kitchen and the number of people who usually stay in it. So, in small kitchens, where 2-3 people are already cramped, the TV is usually installed for the background and does not perform a visual function, in this case the location of the device does not play a special role.

If you have at your disposal a large kitchen with many places for relaxation, which can accommodate up to 6-7 people at the same time, then you need to take into account several subtleties when choosing the optimal place for the TV.

  • Installation near household kitchen appliances, stoves, sinks and microwave ovens is not allowed. This is fraught with damage to the device or contamination of the TV screen.
  • The kitchen is designed not only for eating food, but also for cooking it, and then the height of the TV should be chosen based on your height. The TV screen should be in the line of your eyes anyway. The same principle of height selection works in a situation where you like to watch TV while eating while sitting.
  • During the day, while watching TV, which is located near the windows, you will be faced with the appearance of annoying glare that will light up the picture. Either do not install the device near windows, or buy impervious textile curtains (roll-up are suitable) that will create a good shade.
  • The TV can only be placed on stable surfaces; ordinary kitchen tables will not work here. As an optimal solution, you can use niches or shelves specially designed for the screen size.

What determines the mounting height?

The mounting height of a TV depends on a number of factors, each of which must be taken into account. Failure to follow any of them may affect your health or the safety of using the device.

  • The area of ​​the room. The smaller the room where the TV will be located, the fewer potential places from which households can watch it. If this is a small room where the bed is the main resting place, then the TV is installed on the wall opposite to the bed at a height that takes into account the height of the bed itself and the average height of the residents of the apartment.
  • The growth of the watchers. To determine the optimal height for hanging the TV, usually add the height of all family members who watch TV and get an average. In this case, you need to consider from what position you usually prefer to watch TV. sitting, reclining, standing or lying.
  • Security. The height of the TV should be based on whether you have small children or pets at home. Both of them, during active games, can touch the TV screen and both damage the equipment and harm themselves. At the same time, many children like to watch TV from the floor, and the height should be appropriate here. Do not forget about the curiosity of kids who love to stick their hands anywhere. and therefore the height should be sufficient so that the child does not have access to the cables and wires of the TV.
  • Screen. The hanging height of the TV also depends on the diagonal of the screen, its type and resolution. Some TV models will show a distorted or darkened picture at the wrong height.
  • Resting-place. In addition to the growth rates of all households, it is also worth considering the height of the main resting places in the room. TV is usually watched from a sofa, chair or bed.

In the living room

The biggest problems when choosing the height of the TV placement begin when the device is installed in the living room or hall. Today, the living room can perform two functions at once:

  • is chosen as a place for gathering guests;
  • is a place for the whole family to relax.

In any case, the TV will be watched by several people from different points of the room.

The choice of height is complicated by the individual growth of guests and the places in the room where they are located.

In the living room, people usually watch TV from three convenient points: from an armchair, from a sofa or from a desk. To choose the best place for mounting your TV, sit at each of these points and determine the place where it will be most convenient for you to watch.

The main rule of installing a TV indoors is that the screen is always in the line of the eyes.

If the viewer’s head is slightly thrown back or tilted down while watching TV, the position should be changed, since this position puts additional stress on the spine and cervical regions. In this case, the head should not be turned.

When choosing a place to install a TV in the living room, you also need to take into account the distance from the resting place to the device. This indicator directly depends on the diagonal of the TV screen itself. So, with a diagonal of 100 cm, a distance of at least 2-3 meters from the resting place to the device is recommended. This indicator applies specifically to new LCD models; for conventional TVs, the distance should be 25-30% more.

And also a lot depends on the installation height of the TV. It depends on the height of the beholders and the height of the resting places themselves (sofas, chairs, beds). To choose the optimal height indicator, as already mentioned, you need to add up the growth of all household members and choose the average option. In addition, you need to remember that each person has an individual resting place. it is one thing to reclining on the bed, and another thing to watch TV while sitting upright in a chair. Based on the described indicators, it is recommended to choose the optimal height option. usually it is from 0.75 to 1.35 m.

Often, children love to play on the floor and watch their favorite shows or cartoons there. In this case, a minimum installation height for the TV is recommended.

In the bedroom

The most logical option for mounting a TV in the bedroom is to mount it on the wall opposite the main bed. Installing the device in front of the bed will make viewing the most comfortable and pleasant, and will not limit you in choosing a place on the bed. this position will be optimal in any case.

The same principle applies to the bedroom. the TV must be at eye level. In this case, we mean watching programs in a sitting position.

To watch TV in a reclining position, it is better to buy models with an adjustable bracket, where you can freely change the angle of the device screen. this function should be provided specifically in LCD TVs. Usually the screen is tilted no more than 30 degrees. If this tilt is not present, the broadcast picture will be less bright and darker.

You should be especially careful with TVs with a TFT matrix. This technology distorts the picture unpleasantly when the screen is placed in a non-standard tilt angle.

The angle of deflection of the TV screen when placed in any room should be no more than 30 degrees.

It should also be mentioned that doctors generally do not recommend installing televisions in sleeping rooms. The bedroom is the place where our eyes (like the whole body) should rest, and not strain.

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How to determine the optimal distance?

There are several standard schemes and rules for determining the optimal distance from the TV to the audience, regardless of the chosen room.

The larger the diagonal of the TV itself, the greater the recommended viewing distance. That is why it is not advised to buy large plasma models in small rooms.

In addition, the closer a person sits to a large screen, the more difficult it is for his eyes to follow everything that happens on it. This feeling can be compared to visiting a movie theater, where you have to look at a huge screen from the front rows.

There are two formulas regarding the distance from TV to the viewing point. The first refers specifically to viewing LCD TV models, and the second refers to viewing plasma options. So, when viewing LCD TVs with a diagonal of 65 inches (or 165 cm), the standard or optimal distance to the resting place is 3.3-5 m, and for the same plasma model this figure is even greater. from 5 to 6.6 m.

As for the comfortable height at which you need to mount the TV, there are also some tricks here. To find a standard and optimal TV placement on the wall, simply sit on the sofa or where you plan to watch TV and close your eyes for a few moments. Then open. a point on the wall, which will be right in front of your eyes and will indicate the optimal height of the device (or the center of the screen).

When choosing height indicators, you should also be guided by the height of the resting places, of which there may be several in the room. In this case, it is recommended to act according to the following scheme: calculate the average growth rate of all household members, then divide it by 2 and add it up with the height of the main resting place. About this level from the floor should be the center of the TV screen.

Some people prefer to calculate the height of the device mounting relative to the TV diagonal itself. The following scheme works here: the larger the diagonal, the lower the device itself is located. So, with a diagonal of 32 inches, a mounting height of 120 cm (from the floor to the center of the screen) is recommended, and with a diagonal of 55 inches, the TV should hang at a distance of 95-100 cm from the floor.

Screen dimensions

The location is determined in direct proportion to the diagonal of the TV screen and the distance to the device. The larger the TV panel, the longer must be the distance to the locations of the viewers, including the height in relation to the floor.

Farther away from the large screen, the viewing angle narrows. The completeness of the survey is influenced by the interior items, which the household members sit on to watch programs on TV. You should take into account the height of chairs, armchairs, a sofa, as well as the arrangement of other furniture in the room, choosing the optimal place on the wall for the TV.

Methods for determining the height from the floor to the TV panel

Having previously determined the place on the wall, you can start choosing the height of the mount relative to the floor. You can choose the place for mounting the bracket, focusing on the feeling of comfort and aesthetics, or relying on mathematical calculations.

By my own feelings

The method is simple, implemented collegially by adult household members. One needs to sit comfortably on the couch, close his eyes for a few seconds, and open his gaze to the wall. In the place where the “viewer” is looking, the second can mount the bracket. It will be useful to listen to the comments: to the left, to the right, slightly higher or lower.

Important! This method of height selection does not take into account the parameters of the distance from the viewing area to the screen and the diagonal of the TV, as well as the viewing angle. So there is a chance of eye strain.

Installing the panel in the bedroom or nursery

The height of the LCD panel in the bedroom depends on the arrangement and parameters of the furniture, the ideal option is to place the TV on the wall, perpendicular to the bed. Thus, it is convenient to watch movies in a lying or half-sitting position. But parallel installation is also allowed.

The center of the screen should be in front of your eyes when you are seated, but Honor follows that the screen should be tilted approximately 30 °. A distinctive feature of liquid crystal monitors is that when viewed at an angle, contrast is lost, the image darkens, which has a negative effect on vision. The tilt of the panel will provide a direct view from a prone or half-sitting position.

It is important to know! Choose adjustable brackets for maximum comfort. They can be used to tilt the panel or turn the TV left or right. If you are thinking of a small rearrangement, or you like to watch movies in different positions, the screen direction can be easily adjusted.

LCD panels with a TFT matrix have a fairly wide viewing angle, but are sensitive to vertical deflection: a low position increases the contrast and darkens the screen, and too high, on the contrary, brightens.

As for the nursery, then, when calculating at what height to hang the TV, rely on the height of the child. The panel should hang in such a way that during the game, kids do not touch it with their head or hands, this can injure children, as well as ruin an expensive thing.

The active lifestyle of the younger generation means watching TV from different points: from the floor, from the bed, from the desk or even while standing. Therefore, it is difficult to calculate the optimal position, here the individual furnishings of the room play an important role. It is important for Honor to tilt the angle so that the contrast and darkening of the picture does not harm children’s eyes and does not create stress on the spine, which has not yet matured at a young age.

What affects the height of TV placement on the wall

Several factors affect the choice of wall location for hanging a large screen and height from the floor. The purpose of the room is taken into account: it is a living room, a bedroom or a kitchen, and the existing furnishings. After all, it is important that the TV on the wall fits harmoniously into the interior, and does not spoil the aesthetics of the wall with wires. The main criteria in deciding the choice of placing the TV in height are the dimensions of the room and the panel itself.

TV in the kitchen

A good option for placement within the kitchen is selected based on its area and purpose. If the room is small, it is most likely used for one or two people to cook and eat. Here, the device often serves as a background. A spacious kitchen can include a dining area, a sofa, a curbstone, which allows you to watch programs for a long time.

There are three optimal places: on the bedside table; on a wall when the height of the center of the TV is between 1.2 m and 1.5 m from the floor; over the refrigerator. Can I put the TV directly on the refrigerator? This neighborhood has certain nuances. It is also important to note:

  • the panel is not hung next to the stove, oven or water sources;
  • the center of the monitor should be located opposite the eyes when standing, when prolonged viewing is not meant, or from a sitting position, if the kitchen is equipped and designed for relaxation;
  • sunlight from windows creates glare and reflections on the screen, this must be eliminated with roller or thick textile curtains, location.

Do not forget about your own preferences or habits. Such subjective problems cannot be solved based only on what experts and electronics manufacturers recommend. The height of the TV is always adjusted based on the most frequent viewing places, person’s height, comfortable poses.

Optimal TV Installation Height

The installation height of the TV can be difficult. Often the opinions of family members differ, or the owner himself is lost among two or three options. In reality, there are no strict requirements and rules in this regard, but there are a number of useful recommendations based on medical research and technical features of devices. It doesn’t matter how many TVs are in your house, it is important in which room you plan to install them: in the bedroom, kitchen, living room. Based on the purpose of the premises, you can begin to calculate the ideal location for the panel.