Are the headphones included with the iPhone

Innovative third-party headphones

Lightning headphones do not need an external battery to take advantage of the new features. For example, the digital interface allows for better noise cancellation. In addition, Lightning-connected headphones can become an activity tracker and realize VR capabilities.

Higher sound quality

Earphones with a 3.5mm jack for previous generations of iPhones are pretty good, but may not work for a number of reasons. This is primarily about the analog interface through which they connect to the smartphone. Buyers of the iPhone 7 are lucky in this sense: the bundled headphones are equipped with a Lightning connector. Since they are digital, they sound better than the 3.5mm version.

Smartphones with a 3.5mm jack contain their own DAC for playing music, which is then fed through an integrated amplifier. The size and cost of smartphones is a limitation for these components. But in the case of Lightning headphones, the DAC is built directly into the headphones, which allows the manufacturer to control the sound quality. In a recent test, three Lightning headphones ranging from 45 to 800 sounded better than comparable analog 3.5mm models.

5 Reasons Why Lightning Headphone Jack Is Better Than 3.5mm

The launch of a new smartphone is usually accompanied by discussions about its technical parameters and new functions. But in the case of the iPhone 7, it seems that everyone is interested in only one question: how did Apple justify its decision to abandon the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack.?

Apple says that the iPhone 7 comes with Lightning headphones and a dedicated 3.5mm adapter to connect headphones. The company also offers smartphone owners to use wireless headphones, primarily their own Airpods.

At a presentation in San Francisco, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller called the company’s decision to ditch the traditional headphone jack “an act of courage.” In fact, this decision has several far-reaching implications.

Thinner devices in the future

Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, called the iPhone’s 3.5mm audio jack “an air-filled hole” that impeded forward movement and took up valuable space inside the device. “The connector prevented us from implementing a number of technologies that we would like to apply to the iPhone. It was a battle for space to improve camera performance, processor and battery life, ”Riccio explained. By ditching the 3.5mm jack, Apple can innovate and reduce the thickness of its devices.

A new round of progress for headphones

When Apple switched from the 30-pin connector to Lightning, it was marketed as a more convenient accessory solution. However, for a long time, the most important thing was not among these very accessories. headphones. But now the situation is changing. In anticipation of the launch of the iPhone 7, which lacks a 3.5mm audio jack, manufacturers are increasingly releasing models with a Lightning interface. Leaving no choice to companies, Apple provided users with not just an alternative, but completely new opportunities and a transition to the next quality level.

Best on-ear wireless headphones for iPhone

Motorola VerveRider: classic “earplugs” with a nape

headphones, included, iphone

Motorola has released several gorgeous headsets that are still in great demand. One of them is VerveRider. It is a cordless product and comes with a fairly large occipital loop. Some people find it uncomfortable. they put it on their necks.

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing. What’s Included!

Capacious batteries are built into this bow, thanks to which you can listen to music for 12 hours using these headphones. And there are also buttons, thanks to which you can adjust the volume and answer the call. But the main feature of the device is support for aptX. a special profile, thanks to which music is transmitted without much loss in quality.

  • Increased radius of action;
  • The aptX profile is supported;
  • You can answer the call and change the volume;
  • Long battery life;
  • Good sound.
  • The design may seem awkward (short wires);
  • Low-functional application;
  • The cost seems overpriced;
  • No moisture protection.

5 best wireless vacuum earbuds

Best wireless earbuds for iPhone

Plantronics BackBeat PRO: two speakers per ear

It’s not in vain that these headphones are much more expensive than the vast majority of competitors. The fact is that a special design is used here. Each cup contains one 40mm speaker. But at the same time it is a two-driver one. Each driver is responsible for its own frequencies, as a result of which the user has the feeling that the sound is coming from two speakers.

The very convenient design of the headphones should be noted separately. If the headset runs out of battery, you can connect it to your smartphone via the supplied cable. But the battery supply is enough for 15-20 hours of music playback, so you will rarely remember about the existence of the wire.

As expected, the headset offers call control and music playback. Signal reception is carried out via Bluetooth 4.0. At the same time, there is support for the aptX profile, thanks to which CD-quality sound is achieved. The NFC chip speeds up the connection to a new device. Included with the headphones, you will find a quite decent case.

  • Decent radius of action;
  • There are buttons to control the volume and calls;
  • Multipoint supported;
  • Built-in NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 modules;
  • Nice case included;
  • Built-in support for aptX profile;
  • If necessary, you can use a cable;
  • Two-driver implementation.
  • Some people can’t afford such headphones;
  • Weak shumodav;
  • Sizes may seem large.
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Pioneer SE-MJ553BT: 15-hour battery life

Some people will think this headset looks too simple. Indeed, there are no frills in the design of the headphones. At the same time, they are quite expensive. such a purchase will not be affordable for everyone. The high cost is due to the capacious batteries included in the Pioneer SE-MJ553BT headphones.

They provide up to 15 hours of continuous music playback! At the same time, the headset weighs only 170 grams. this parameter was achieved, among other things, by reducing the diameter of the membranes.

Can a headset disappoint? You can find fault here only by the charging time. it is equal to four hours. A very long process, most often these headphones are charged twice as fast. Otherwise, there are no big complaints about the headphones. They sound great, fold comfortably and connect to multiple devices at once.

  • Multipoint function support;
  • Low weight;
  • Reliable construction;
  • Good sound;
  • Long working time.
  • The cable cannot be connected;
  • The sound is not perfect;
  • Long charging time.

Recommendations: 10 best earbuds for the Iphone. Wireless headphones for iPhones: features and cost. How to turn off Headphone mode in iPhone

In today’s article, we will consider those headsets that perfectly sync with any “iPhone”. All of them are equipped with a microphone, which allows you to talk with the interlocutor. over, on their body you can often find buttons for controlling calls and playing music. In our case, we will focus strictly on wireless models. But this does not mean that only classic earbuds or in-ear headsets will be mentioned.

Apple Airpods: a definite hit

The Cupertino-based company has been developing its own wireless headphones for a long time. She took as a basis her standard headset, which comes with every iPhone. As a result, Apple Airpods differ only in the absence of wires.

Their complete absence. there is not even a tying cord here. This makes the earbuds seem easy to lose. But in fact, after you stop listening to music, they are put in a case, from where they cannot go anywhere. In the same case, they are charged, as it acts as a portable battery.

Apple’s headset is very lightweight and practical. And it is also endowed with proprietary functionality. In particular, if one earbud is pulled out of the ear, then music playback is paused. Where else have you seen this?

  • Unique functionality;
  • Supplied with a battery case;
  • Minimum dimensions and weight;
  • Comes with a Lightning cable;
  • Quick access to Siri.

11 best Bluetooth headsets for your phone

Option to purchase EarPods separately

In this case, EarPods are included with the new iPhone, but what about if it is damaged and cannot be restored? What headphones are needed for the iPhone?

Now, many manufacturers of headsets for top-end smartphones offer their customers a unique opportunity to acquire EarPods, while you will have a chance to choose a model that is additionally equipped with a special adapter for 3.5 mm jacks.

What headphones are included with the iPhone x10?

Now we’re going to take a look at the headphones on the iPhone x plus, which have caused too much controversy among Apple fans. Unfortunately, the developers’ attempts to understand what headphones are needed for the iPhone have not been crowned with success. EarPods do not differ in high quality and sound level. this is a mediocre representative of its segment.

Among the innovations that these manufacturers are used to surprising are the lack of connectivity via 3.5 mm. Lightning connector only. At the same time, many owners of flagship gadgets immediately buy wireless headsets, refusing those that come with the kit.

Pros and cons of the new EarPods

What are the advantages of the included headphones:

  • The design turned out to be really stylish, the aesthetic component is on top. They will not stand out from your style, do not cling to clothes;
  • The presence of a special compact remote control makes it easy to control calls;
  • The lower frequencies have improved, now the sound has become clearer, if we draw parallels with previous solutions. The earbuds that ship with the iPhone 10 perform well;
  • Thanks to the use of a flat plug, the problem with the connection and playback of tracks disappeared, everything works extremely well;
  • The novelty is absolutely compatible with other devices on IOS, the only requirement is the Lightning connector, without it you simply won’t be able to connect a headset;
  • Durability and reliability. Any product of this brand is distinguished by these qualities, manufacturers do everything in order to constantly raise their own bar.
  • The sound is at an average level if we draw parallels with alternative models. Audiophiles do not leave the complete headset. it is not good enough, you have to look for analogues among other manufacturers. And considering the cost, you can pick up a powerful, affordable solution;
  • One-sidedness of use. There is no way to connect to PC, other devices without a special connector. This significantly limits functionality;
  • The most serious drawback is the incredibly high price, yes, the headphones are complete, but no one will buy them again in the event of a breakdown, you can find affordable analogs;
  • The landing is quite awkward. The plastic case is positioned as a stylish solution, but it cannot compete with reliable vacuum plugs. If you fail to guess the size of the headset, your ears will constantly hurt, and the headphones will fly out of them, which creates great discomfort, especially for fans of listening to music in training;
  • The cable is notable for its unreliability. It is subject to significant mechanical damage, many owners complain about this. The manufacturers have failed to make it extremely reliable. This is a serious problem for owners of new iPhones.

Why are EarPods so skeptical, does it make sense to immediately consider buying new headphones?

There are several models that will perfectly fit your iphone x 10. Therefore, if the included headphones do not suit you, you can choose others that fully suit your preferences. You can use any wireless headset that is compatible with IOS, as well as Lightning.

There are flagships that will never lose their popularity. for example, Sennheiser offers a unique headset with incredible sound quality. In addition, it can be noted Audeze, there are manufacturers from China, but their products are of rather dubious quality.

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Headphones for iPhone. simplicity and convenience

Why are they so fond of standard, original iPhone headphones? Headphones (or a headset, whatever you want, call it that) that come with the Apple iPhone are really very comfortable and practical. The headset will allow you to communicate on the phone without hands, using a microphone, and will also become an indispensable accessory when listening to music. The headphones have a remote control for your iPhone’s iPod that can switch songs, turn up the volume, or pause. And all this can be done with a small external control panel.

Headphones for iPhone with a microphone, instructions for use

Headphones for iPhone are the most essential accessory in the arsenal of irreplaceable items. The same simple, stylish and of course. high quality, like all Apple technology. Created in a strict style and only in white color scheme. They are able to reproduce high-quality, deep sound saturated with both low and high frequencies. The headphone also has a built-in microphone for making calls. Headset for iPhone, you can also call these headphones.

How to use the remote control on iPhone headphones?

The remote control on the iPhone headphones is made in the style of Apple, ingeniously simple and straightforward. The remote is equipped with three functional buttons that do 100% of the tasks

The central button on the control panel has several functions that need to be dealt with in more detail. This button can switch between pause or playback of a track (Play. Pause), accept or reject a call, or quickly double-click to switch the song in the playlist to the next track. Also, Apple slightly changed the center button and now with a quick triple click you can go to the previous track.

The center button on the headphones can

When listening to music on your iPod:

  • One quick press: Play. Pause
  • Double quick press. switch song forward (Next Track)
  • Triple quick press. switch song back (Previous Track)

If used for conversations:

  • One quick press. receiving a call
  • Double quick press. drop an incoming call
  • Press and hold the button for a few seconds. voice call. iPhone itself will dial the phone number after you say the name of the person in the address book.

The other two buttons are used to increase or decrease the volume level, both during a conversation and when listening to music.

One button may not be as convenient as several different ones, but that’s Apple. ease of use comes first! 🙂

What the headphones look like when used:

And this is what the headphones look like when used. You can clearly see where the control panel is located.


The overall impression of the remote control remains positive. Form factor makes it easy to find and use the desired button by touch.

Lighting-headphones and adapters do not work. why do they turn off?

Hello everyone! Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack and most likely will not revert to this outdated (in its opinion, arguable) interface in all subsequent models of its mobile devices. This means that, willy-nilly, Lighting-headphones (or special adapters) will gain popularity. You just can’t get away from this. you want to listen to music.

No, of course there are also Bluetooth “ears”, but they have a couple of significant drawbacks. Firstly, they are not included with the iPhone. Secondly, the price. Therefore, congratulations to all of us. the era of a new interface has come. But along with this “wonderful” event, as usual, problems come. where can we go without them? The fact is that in some cases, the iPhone may either not see the Lighting-headphones at all, or they will simply turn off after some time, and the user will see the inscription on the screen. “the product is not supported”.

Why is this happening? Let’s figure it out now, let’s go!

In addition to headphones, the article should also consider adapters with Lighting to 3.5 mm. Indeed, in essence, it is practically the same thing. Their input is the same, but only the output will differ. either two ears or a 3.5 mm interface.

Probably, it is worth starting with “global” problems and listing the reasons why the headphones in the iPhone do not work at all:

  • Dirt and dust in the Lighting connector. You can gently remove dirt with a folded piece of paper, a toothpick, or a brush. Once again, I repeat that you do not need to use metal objects for this procedure.
  • Ingress of moisture. Of course, all modern iPhones are water resistant, but this does not mean that headphones should be plugged into a socket filled with liquid. Better wait for it to dry.
  • Check if it’s paired with a bluetooth headset or speaker? Perhaps the iPhone “sends” the sound to these accessories.
  • Damaged audio codec or Lighting connector. Most often, “trouble does not come alone” and all this is characterized by additional problems. In the first case, there will be no sound not only in the headphones, but also in the speakers. In the second, the iPhone will refuse to charge. What to do? Go to the service center. Because if you can somehow replace the connector “at home”, then you can rewire the audio codec without special equipment more likely no than yes.

But do not immediately run to the workshop, because there is another reason for the inoperability of the “ears” and it, in my opinion, is the most common. True, most often she has slightly different symptoms

Let’s imagine that the headphones still work through the adapter, but they do it somehow strange after a while they turn off (the screen displays an inscription. the accessory is not supported), and the sound starts to be output to the speakers.

And if you pull them out and insert them, then nothing changes. A forced restart of the iPhone saves for a short time, but after a couple of songs, the shutdown is repeated. What is the reason?

It is worth noting the main thing: it’s not about the software. flashing, resetting, and other manipulations will not help.

It’s simple. the problem lies in the Lighting headphones and adapters themselves, since such problems occur only with non-certified accessories. “The Chinese do not sleep” and the market is simply overwhelmed with non-original products.

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over, sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish them visually. they look exactly like real Apple accessories. But there is one trick here, which they have not yet learned to fake. just connect the adapter to the Lighting connector of the iPhone, look at the screen and in the pop-up window it may be written:

  • USB 2.0 Device.
  • USB Audio Device.
  • Headphones.

Only the last inscription indicates that you are using a certified accessory. Everything else may indicate that the adapter is not original, which means you need to prepare for poor sound quality, periodic shutdowns and other “joys”.

Why is this happening? The fact is that Apple uses a special chip in its Lighting accessories, which ensures full compatibility and high-quality work with iOS devices. And so to fake it, apparently, it has not yet been possible.

Features of headphones for iPhone

Headphones designed for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus have the following features:

  • a unique design that copies the structure of the auricle;
  • the presence of two “mini-speakers” along the edges of the earphone surface;
  • a large number of acoustic holes for high-quality sound;
  • the ability to transmit low frequencies by moderate vibration in the ear;
  • satisfactory noise reduction.

Original headphones for IPhone 8: genuine quality or another “brand” trinket

When buying a brand new, long-awaited iPhone 8, you really want everything in its package to be perfect: headphones, a charger, the smartphone itself. Has the Californian manufacturer decided to indulge the sophisticated customer this time around? Will Apple please with the quality of its products or disappoint its “fans”? What to expect from the headphones that come with the iPhone 8: quality or primitive sound? These and other questions can be answered by reading the article below.

About the manufacturer

The California corporation Apple is one of the pioneers in the production of personal use equipment: computers, laptops, smartphones, “smart” watches, audio players. The products of this organization are considered high-end premium electronics, which has allowed Apple to firmly consolidate its leadership position in terms of market capitalization since 2011.

The current CEO of the global “giant” is Tim Cook, who for a long time held the position of Chief Operating Officer.

The main contributor to Apple’s revenue comes from worldwide IPhone sales. That is why buyers, when purchasing an expensive smartphone, expect high quality not only from the product itself, but also from its components, in particular, headphones.

Headphones included in the basic configuration

The standard headphones supplied by the manufacturer are wired EarPods. The original Apple earbuds are designed to closely match the geometry of the human ear. This fact makes listening to music with their help even more comfortable.

Speakers for base EarPods are specially positioned to minimize audio loss and maximize sound quality when using them.

Standard headphones have a button to switch tracks, pause, accept and reject an incoming call. It is extremely convenient, according to iPhone users, the function of calling Siri (personal assistant of the IOS operating system) by pressing this button located on the headphone cable.

Basic configuration

The basic configuration of the 8 iPhone line, which includes the 8 and 8 Plus models, assumes the presence of:

  • smartphone;
  • charger;
  • EarPods with Lightning connector;
  • various documentation;
  • staples to remove the SIM card tray.

All components are packed in a branded box with an IPhone image on the front side. In addition to the exact image of the purchased phone, the package contains information about the amount of memory of the selected model.

Wireless “magic

The manufacturer promises not only automatic music playback at the time of putting the headphones in the ear, but also self-shutdown when removing the device from the place intended for its operation.

Airpods start syncing instantly with other Apple devices of the same owner in the vicinity, without additional commands. The button for switching tracks, making or rejecting calls, activating Siri, in this model, replaces the touch of the headphones themselves.

How to distinguish a fake from an original

In the event of a breakdown or loss of the headphones that are included in the standard package, it is important to know the main differences between the original and the copy, so that at the time of purchase you do not give money for a low-quality replica. The buyer should carefully consider not only the packaging of the products, but also the EarPods themselves.

To begin with, you should pay attention to the correct spelling of the Apple logo. The phrase “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China” followed by the serial number of the product must be written with precision in each letter in one color, approximately 15-20 cm from the plug. After making sure of its presence, you can proceed to further “examination” of the device.

Firstly, the headphones that come with the iPhone are packed in a transparent blue-tinted box made of high-quality plastic. Copy packages are usually less accurate in execution, and their color “gives off yellowness”.

Secondly, the original EarPods do not have any gaps and crevices at their base, which is what even the highest quality replicas are “famous for”.

Thirdly, you need to make sure that there is a designation for the right and left earphones. Genuine Apple product will have an L / R stamped on it.

Fourthly, the rag mesh of the speaker will give out a fake, since the mesh of the original is made of high-quality metal, visible to the naked eye.

Fifth, you should take a closer look at the EarPods remote control. In the original version, a microphone is painted on it, and pressing the button is soft, producing a “muffled”, barely audible click. Unlike the original, the button on the counterfeit control panel is pressed with force and a loud characteristic sound.

In general, the headphones that the California-based manufacturer iPhone 8 and IPhone 8 Plus are equipped with have incomparable sound quality, accurate reproduction of the frequencies being played, beautiful design and physiological shape that ideally fits any auricle. The above information proves once again the premium quality of Apple products, designed to make life easier for people through the use of comfortable gadgets.