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Determining the number

In the settings of the standard “dialer” application in the iPhone there is also an option “Show number”, when deactivated, you can make calls anonymously. However, such secrecy often has the other side of the coin. the operator or network settings of other subscribers can prevent them from calling your iPhone.

At the same time, many users complain that the “Show number” option turns off spontaneously after restarting the iPhone. To make sure that it is active, you should find the appropriate item in the “Settings → Phone” menu.

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You can’t get through or you couldn’t get through on iPhone, what to do?

Quite often, inexperienced iPhone users (as well as other smartphones) are faced with the problem of receiving incoming calls. precisely, other devices simply cannot get through to the subscriber, and this can happen for a number of reasons, which complicates the diagnosis.

In this guide, we will list the most common situations that lead to blocking of incoming calls on iPhone, as well as ways to resolve them.

Can’t get through to you (or you). Teletype or Virtual TTY is on

Sometimes, while exploring the capabilities of a smartphone, a novice user resembles a puppy in a new apartment. he tries all the possible functions, options and modes that he finds in the settings. The result is usually unpleasant but easily reversible consequences. For example, you may not be able to reach your iPhone if you activate the TTY feature (designed for people with limited or total hearing loss) in Settings → Accessibility → TTY. The activation of this function will also be indicated by the icon at the top of the home screen.

Can’t get through to you. Do not disturb and Airplane mode are on

Perhaps the most common case is that the user lifts the “shutter” of the Control Center and accidentally activates “Airplane mode” (a button with an airplane image) or “Do not disturb” (a button with a crescent moon), after which it becomes impossible to reach the subscriber.

  • If you call a contact whose “Airplane mode” is activated, then the handset will tell you that “the subscriber’s device is turned off or is out of the network coverage area”.

The activation of these modes will be notified by the corresponding icon in the status bar of the desktop, and you can disable them in the same Control Center or in the main settings menu. Also note that the “Do not disturb” mode can be turned on automatically at a certain time of the day, if such a condition is specified in its parameters.

The mechanism of the “Do not disturb” function is described in more detail in this article.

SIM card problems and operator settings

They can’t get through to you even after a full flashing of the iPhone through recovery. In this case, you need to make sure that there are no problems with the SIM card itself (the easiest way to do this is by installing it in another phone), and also contact the operator that provides mobile services.

They can’t get through to you (or you). check the “Black List

In the case when only one or several subscribers cannot get through to you, especially if it is an ex-boyfriend or an annoying work colleague, it will not be superfluous to check the list of blocked contacts.

To delete a person from the “black list”, go to the menu “Settings → Phone → Blocked contacts”, swipe left to the contact you want to amnesty, and click “Unblock”.

Tweaks, bugs, crashes

Naturally, there are still a whole host of very rare, but still probable reasons for blocking incoming calls. These can be incorrectly configured jailbreak tweaks, errors of the test version of the operating system, third-party plugins with user-signed certificates, etc.

If you cannot establish the exact cause, then you should reset the network settings, perform a full reset, or reinstall (restore) iOS, using our detailed guides if necessary.

IPhone hardware problems

If all of the above possible reasons for blocking incoming calls and methods for solving the problem have been tested, but have not yielded results, then there is probably a hardware failure of the smartphone. We highly do not recommend solving such problems on their own with the help of an improvised tool for novice users. in most cases, contacting a service center will save your time and save the iPhone from additional damage.

Program loading stuck? Pause and start downloading again!

  • Go to the App Store.
  • We are looking for an application that is stuck in a waiting state.
  • Press the button “install”.
  • The app is being updated or reinstalled.

By the way, if something is missing, then try restarting the App Store and resetting its cache. There is a very interesting way for this.

Logging in and out of your account will solve the problem of frozen applications

Sometimes, you just need to sign out of your Apple ID account and sign in again. One of the most versatile ways. it even helps to get rid of errors with Apple ID servers! What can we say about some pending programs 🙂

The algorithm of actions is simple. first we log out of the account:

  • Opening the settings.
  • Click iTunes Store, App Store.
  • At the top we see our Apple ID, click on it.
  • Go out.

To be sure, reboot and repeat all steps in reverse order, i.e. go to your account on your phone or tablet.

Apps not fully downloaded? We use iTunes!

You can try to download the programs to the end using iTunes. To do this, we perform the following steps:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  • We are waiting for iTunes to detect the device.
  • Click on the application tab.
  • We synchronize.

After that, iTunes will be able to manage all the programs that are on your device. Including those “waiting”. Trying to update, delete or download them again.

How to remove the “waiting” sign on applications in iOS?

Hello everyone! Recently, I ran into a rather unusual problem. on my iPhone, the icons of several applications turned gray and the words “waiting” or “cleaning” appeared at the bottom. Usually this happens when the program is updated. it starts downloading again, the inscription “waiting” (if you have not changed the system language to Russian) appears, after a few seconds it disappears and the download starts. Generally standard situation.

But this time it was different. There were several such “waiting” applications and, despite a good connection to the Internet, the download did not start. Why is there a download! Even uninstalling these programs in various ways did not work. It’s a strange problem, but it can and should be solved. Now we’ll find out how, let’s go!

Naturally, despite the fact that the title of the article appears on the iPhone. all of the following methods will work on the iPad, iPod Touch and any other device from Apple on the iOS operating system (you never know what else she will release there :))

Is the application “pending”? Reboot will help!

Let’s start with the simplest options and gradually move on to more complex ones. And the easiest manipulation will be a hard reboot (instructions for different iPhone models) of the device. Yes, yes, yes, this is the most popular solution that has helped many people! Just reboot your device and, with a high degree of probability, the download will resume, and the “waiting” message from the application icon will disappear.

Why and in what cases does it work? Most likely, you are trying to update or download a large application over the cellular network, and Apple simply does not allow you to do this and the applications hang. So, reboot is one of the points for solving this problem. on this in this article.

A few more reasons for “waiting” for applications on the iPhone and iPad

If all the previous methods did not help, then there are a few more points worth paying attention to.

  • Check your internet connection and try to connect to a different Wi-Fi network.
  • There may well be problems on the Apple side and with its servers. You can find out if everything is good with the company’s services now from this article.
  • In some cases, applications actually download, but so slowly that it is not noticeable! But you can speed up the download. read about it here!
  • Check the available memory on the device. With each new version, the programs grow in size and for their installation, there may simply not be enough free space. By the way, that is why, in addition to the inscription “waiting”, under the application you can see the word “cleaning”.
  • A security-locked Apple ID can also cause these problems. unlocking guide. Why is this happening? Because applications start downloading. the account does not pass verification. and everything stops, pauses until you confirm the account.

As you can see, the methods are quite diverse and there is no single solution. Reboot helps someone, other actions help someone. But at the same time, they are quite simple and it won’t take much time to try them all.!

If exe files do not start (instruction for Windows 7 and Windows 8)

Restoring the launch of programs in the command line

  • Press CtrlAltDel to launch the task manager
  • In the manager select “File”. “New task”.
  • Enter the command cmd and press Enter or “Open”. this is to launch the command line
  • In the command line, type notepad and press Enter. Notepad will start
  • Paste the following text into notepad:
  • Select File. Save As. In the file type field, change the text document to “all files”, set the encoding to Unicode, and save the file with the.reg extension to the C drive.
  • We return to the command line and enter the command: REG IMPORTC: \ saved_file_name.reg
  • To the system’s request for entering data into the register, we answer “Yes”
  • Restart your computer. programs should start as before.
  • Click Start. Run
  • Type Explorer and hit Enter
  • Go to the Windows folder on the system drive
  • Find the file regedit.exe, run it as administrator with unauthorized access protection disabled
  • In the registry editor, find the key HKEY_Current_User / Software / Classes /.exe
  • Delete this key
  • Also delete the secfile key in the same registry key
  • Close Registry Editor and restart your computer.
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Why shortcuts do not open or are opened by the same program

This happens for various reasons. sometimes the user is to blame for inaccurately setting the opening of shortcuts or executable files through a specific program. (In this case, when you try to launch a program shortcut or exe file, you may open some program not intended for this. a browser, notepad, archiver or something else). It can also be a side effect of malicious software.

One way or another, but the essence of the reason why programs from shortcuts stopped starting properly is that Windows has established the appropriate association. Our job is to fix it.

How to fix launching shortcuts and programs

The easiest way is to search the Internet for files to fix this error. Search keywords are fix exe and fix lnk. You should find the files with the reg extension (pay attention to the Windows version in the description) and import the data from them into your registry. For some reason I don’t upload files myself. But I will describe how to solve the problem manually.

Shortcuts and programs do not start

Sometimes you have to deal with such a situation when the shortcuts on the desktop stopped running. It also happens that it is not the shortcuts that do not start, but the programs themselves. files with the exe extension. In these cases, users often think that they need computer repair, although the problem is not so difficult and it is quite possible to solve it yourself. So what to do if desktop shortcuts do not start.

Most of the time, the problem is caused by a glitch in Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10 file associations, which are easy to fix. The following are ways to fix file associations for Windows 7 and 8.1, in a separate instruction you can find How to restore Windows 10 file associations.

If other file types do not open

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Hello help such a problem installed the game started everything worked out then I restart the game on the splash screen the download crashes and writes the work is stopped close the program but if you go into the folder with the game and start the game from there, then everything works, tell me what happened to the shortcut or the game and what to do now?

I don’t know, to be honest, what happened to the label. But from ideas: re-create a shortcut from the executable file of the game, check if it works, if so, replace the “damaged” one with a new one.

Thanks for the answer and did it so far)

I have such a problem that the game browsers cannot open (a window appears in it that says this format is not supported) even the cmd command does not work what to do?

And now the torrent opens and displays a window it is impossible to load the “program name” the torrent is incorrectly encoded

Maybe there are recovery points? Does the control panel open? If yes, then there is recovery.

Hello, such a misfortune worries. Some applications won’t open. You start it, and that’s it, nothing else happens, it doesn’t give out any errors, nothing. In the task manager in processes, it is open. But in the application tab it is not. This does not happen with all applications, some open, and some do not. Windows 7.

Error 0xc0000005 appeared after installing some program. I removed these programs, and also performed all the troubleshooting steps that I knew and could find on the network with the computer.

Including, I did everything according to your instructions. When executed in the command line of the reg-file, this warning. “We answer” Yes “to the system’s request to enter data into the registry”. was not there, there was only a message about the successful completion of this operation.

After restarting the computer, nothing has changed, programs do not open, or only this warning. “Error 0xc0000005” opens. After rebooting and running the file from the Administrator, this key is not in the registry. HKEY_Current_User / Software / Classes /.exe, and there is also no “secfile key in the same registry key”.

Windows 7 Ultimate 86 eng. Please help with advice on how to fix this error.

I can’t even open the task manager what to do?

Can’t use the reg file either? In safe mode, the same behavior?

Recently, the desktop shortcuts stopped working, apparently I pressed something somewhere and knocked down some settings. How to fix?

Only on the desktop, the shortcuts do not work or any? What happens when you try to launch something from a shortcut?
In general, restoring file associations.lnk should help.

What’s happening?
1) nothing (normal pressing);
2) ave. Part of the mouse. menu: file location.
If you click on the icon of the copied file (not a shortcut). opera.exe. System error.
The code execution cannot continue because the system did not find opera_elf.dll. To fix this problem, try reinstalling the program.
Or: when you click the Opera icon on the work bar:
There is no application comparable to this file to perform this action. Install the app or, if already installed, create an association from the default apps settings page.
You can exit to the browser from the work panel through the file location. On the screen, as it were, an overhead double background and everything is terribly slowed down.
(Same with other icons and labels).

And if you try to create a new Windows user, go under it and try to start there, it works there?
By the way, maybe there are system restore points? (control panel. recovery) If there is, then you can use them.

it is very difficult for me skype writes a verified publisher then writes that this type does not work on my number 601. thanks

I didn’t quite understand the situation. Only Skype won’t launch? Then it may be sufficient to remove it and reinstall it from the official website.?

Hello. I have in HKEY_Current_User / Software / Classes / no exe what to do?

Try to find the file in the System32 folder:
If it is alive there (that is, without changes in the name and dll extensions), then the answer is complicated.
I solved the problem myself, it was
Changing the name to the initial one, everything worked!

I can not open Google and the opera does not work, while nothing does not write what to do?

Check, maybe there are system restore points? (Control Panel. Recovery).

good day.
The situation is this.
On a laptop (views 10), the shortcuts stopped clicking with the left mouse button.
Right click and “open” open.
I tried everything that you advised and others. Doesn’t help.
Possible to solve without reinstalling Windows?

And other elements (the start button, for example) react to the left click?
And by right-clicking the top highlighted item is “Open” or there is something else as the first item?
Perhaps there are also system restore points?

After installing the downloaded program, all actions with the programs cause the opening of the Windows live center. How can I fix it?

And if you just uninstall Windows Live (if you don’t need it)?
I’m really not sure here that my advice is correct, since the situation is not completely clear from the comment.

Thanks, unfortunately, the deletion did not change the situation, we did a system restore, most likely a virus.

How to identify the problem

Problems with unlimited mobile internet can be easily distinguished from any others. The main symptoms of a problem are:

  • you cannot go online on your iPhone (via 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi)
  • tethering won’t turn on (or iPhone doesn’t work as a Wi-Fi hotspot)
  • Internet works intermittently or pages are not displayed on the mobile phone screen if there is a connection icon

If you encounter a system error, just restart your smartphone. after turning on, the unlimited Internet function should work as usual. It also sometimes helps to switch to Airplane mode and then return to normal mode. If simple actions did not help, the error should be looked for in the phone settings, software or hardware.

There is network coverage, but the internet is not working

LTE connection errors most often come from the mobile operator. Typically, this problem occurs after a hard reset or factory reset. Even with good network coverage, unlimited internet may not function. It is easy to distinguish this problem from others. the cellular antenna is displayed in the status bar, but the icon disappears. The following actions will help to correct the situation:

  • go to iPhone settings
  • select the tab “Cellular”
  • find the menu “Data Transfer”
  • type APN and username, after specifying them with your mobile operator

However, before checking the settings, make sure that you have paid for the Internet, have network coverage, and the operator provides this service. Check the details of the tariffs for mobile communications. If your Internet often does not work correctly, discuss technical assistance with your cellular operator. Some users, in order to eliminate the problems that arise, change the mobile operator to a more suitable one.

Why LTE stopped turning on

The reasons why the Internet does not work on the iPhone are different. The most common problems faced by iPhone users are:

  • error in wireless settings or 3G connection
  • iOS system error
  • iPhone hardware breakdown
  • incorrect operation of the SIM card

In most cases (especially when it comes to software problems), you can fix the situation yourself.

How to connect modem mode

If the mobile Internet on your smartphone does not work in modem mode or the device does not allow you to connect to the network in access point mode, make sure that the corresponding function is turned on. It is easy to do this:

  • go to the settings menu
  • select “Modem mode” or “Cellular data”. “Modem mode”
  • move the slider to the on position
  • check the settings and the password that your mobile phone will generate

If everything is in order, you should restart your phone. Typically, the modem mode function is then restored. It is recommended to perform the same actions if it is not possible to create access. Another way is to reset the settings to factory defaults and then enter all the parameters manually.

Data network problems

You may not be connected to the internet if your cellular data network is off. Look in the parameters of your mobile phone. if it is disabled, then the icon disappears in the status bar. To connect the network, follow these steps:

  • go to the connection settings menu
  • make sure that in the items “Cellular data” and “Enable 3G” the slider is in the activated state
  • turn on the transmission of cellular data if necessary

Even if the cellular connection was working properly, the coverage of the cellular network may be different, which is why the smartphone does not receive a signal everywhere. Operators cannot provide the same good cellular reception in different parts of the city. If the 3G icon changes to E or H, it is not considered a malfunction.

Internet does not work on iPhone

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

Apple produces high-end smartphones, but this does not exclude the problem that gadget users sometimes face. the Internet does not work on the iPhone. The problem arises with different mobile operators. Most often, incorrect settings are to blame, but there are also more serious reasons. Follow these simple instructions to understand why the internet sometimes doesn’t work well on smartphones and how you can fix iPhone malfunctions on your own.

If the 3G icon is missing

When the 3G icon is displayed in the status bar, but the browser does not load the pages, you should rule out the browser issue. The easiest way is to download all the proposed updates to the application, or uninstall and reinstall it. If you are using a standard browser, try the following steps:

  • disable javascript in browser
  • restart phone (Power Home)
  • close the browser by double-clicking on the Home key and swiping up the application tab
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Many iPhone owners have experienced poor page loading and following links after updating the operating system to version 9.3. Updating the iOS system to the latest version will help solve the problem.

The methods described above are relevant only if the problem is caused by a browser error, and there are no problems with LTE mobile communication on the part of the cellular operator. If the network or cellular data icon still disappears, you should look for other reasons.

Screen Recorder crash

Some older iPhones and iPads are not compatible with iOS 13, iOS 12, or iOS 11. And you know that every iOS system has corresponding supporting devices. Thus, if you force install iOS 11, iOS 12, or iOS 13 on incompatible devices, you will not be able to use this feature properly.

What to do if iPhone won’t save screen recording?

Disable / enable screen recording

Try disabling screen recording and re-enabling it. It is better to do it this way:

  • Open “Settings → General → Restrictions → Game Center.
  • Turn off “Screen Recorder”, restart iphone.
  • Enable recording after phone boot.

Restart iPhone

The next step, as well as after adding the parameter, restart the device. Turn off the power and wait for a while, 20-30 seconds is enough. When booting the system, do not rush to check if the error is gone. Let the device fully load components, files, applications running in the background.

After that, you can check again whether the error has disappeared or not. If iPhone still won’t save, move on to a deeper check.

IPhone Screen Recording Error: How to Fix?

IPhone users often face various problems, one of which is the case when they cannot save the screen recording. In this case, an error appears on the phone: “Failed to save screen recording”. Someone’s text may differ slightly, but the meaning is clear.

Reset all settings

If the above methods don’t solve the problem, try resetting your iPhone. This method will not delete data from iPhone. Just go to Settings.> General.> Reset.> Reset All Settings.

Clear iPhone browser cache

Clearing the browser cache on your iphone is sometimes helpful. For this:

  • Open Preferences.> Safari.
  • Select Clear History and Website Data.
  • After deleting the history, the settings are usually highlighted in gray.

Upgrade to the latest iOS version

If the above solutions were able to fix your screen recording problem, try updating your iOS device to the latest version of iOS. Each update contains some bug fixes, improvements. An iOS update can fix the bug effortlessly.

Why apps won’t launch on iPhone yet

For example, as in the video below. The device seems to be working, but the Mail application does not start.

Mail isn’t the only program that doesn’t work when your iPhone runs out of memory. In particular, problems are observed with third-party applications like Instagram, and even Uber. Due to the fact that the warning about the lack of memory does not appear, users are puzzled about what happened to their smartphones.

The answer lies in “Settings”. “General”. “Storage and iCloud”. Here you can see that there is almost no free space on the device, and there is only one solution. to clear the memory so that the applications can work again.

How to do it? There are many options. You can use special utilities, clean up “Other”, delete “Documents and data”, at worst, remove unnecessary applications.

So if you suddenly stopped opening certain applications, this is a sign that it’s time to clean up on your device.

Apps won’t open on iPhone

In addition to lack of memory (we’ll talk about this below), applications on the iPhone can crash due to problems with the SDK of third-party services. For example, the SDK of a social network can cause spontaneous crashes of applications in which it was embedded. It is used by many applications. from messengers like Viber to Yandex.Navigator. As a result of the crash, all these applications simply stop opening on the iPhone.

As a workaround, you can run one of the VPN services. see here how to do it. Developers, as a rule, quickly fix such failures, but if you do not have time to wait, a VPN will be an excellent way out of the situation.

Apps stopped opening on iPhone? There is a solution

When your iPhone runs out of free space (owners of smartphones with 16 GB of memory will understand me), the system, as a rule, warns about this with a special message. However, sometimes, for some unknown reason, this does not happen, which entails far from the most pleasant consequences. In addition, applications on the iPhone crash not only because the device has run out of free memory: sometimes the problem may be in the incompatibility of the program version and the iOS version, as well as in the SDK of third-party services used, for example, for authorization.

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Why iPhone won’t play What to do?

If the iPhone does not play videos, there can be many reasons. We will analyze step by step what you can do in such a situation.

  • Check format and file
  • Reboot your smartphone
  • Check your internet connection
  • Set the correct date and time

What to do if iPhone won’t play video?

Sometimes iPhone owners are faced with an unpleasant problem. video does not play on Apple smartphones. There may be several reasons for this trouble, as well as its solutions.

If the video file does not load on Safari, YouTube, or social media, you must first check your smartphone’s internet connection. Turn Wi-Fi off and on, reconnect to the selected network, and restart iPhone.

Sometimes, defective applications can be the cause of a video failure. Perhaps, during the download or update of the program, there was some kind of failure, as a result of which it cannot play video. In this case, it is better to delete the defective application and download it again.

If the iPhone does not play a video stored in the smartphone’s memory, the cause of this may be damage to the video file itself. In this case, you need to delete the damaged file and download the desired video again.

Also, remember that the iPhone plays videos of a specific format. The standard iPhone player plays AVI, MP4, MOV, and M4V files and uses four compression standards:

  • H.264 (up to 1.5 Mbps). 640 x 480 pixels, supported formats: MP4, MOV and M4V.
  • H.264 (up to 768 Kb / s). 320 x 240 pixels, supported formats: MP4, MOV and M4V.
  • MPEG-4 (up to 2.5 Mbps). 640 x 480 pixels, supported formats: MP4, MOV and M4V.
  • M-JPEG (up to 35 Mb / s). 1280 x 720 pixels, supported format: AVI.

Set the correct date and time

It happens that the cause of various problems in the operation of Apple devices is the wrong date and time, or, to be precise, problems in the automatic determination of these parameters. Therefore, they need to be set manually.

  • In the settings, open the “General” section.
  • Select “Date and Time”.
  • Turn off automatic installation. put the switch next to the inscription “Automatic” in the “Off” position. (it will turn white).
  • Set these parameters a little lower manually.

If none of this helps, contact Support Apple.

iPhone won’t play videos from gallery

iOS 8 glitch (delete videos and photos), how to solve!

(Part 1) Doesn’t show video on Samsung smartphone or Android devices

Does not play video on the phone taken by the phone itself. SOLUTION OF THE PROBLEM 100% !!)))

iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 no sound when recording video. Phone repair

(Part 2) Doesn’t show video on Samsung smartphone or Android devices

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Home »New» iPhone does not play videos from gallery

iPhone (iPad) does not play videos from YouTube and VK [Solution]

UPDATE from 09/26/2015: If after updating to iOS 9, the YouTube application displays the message “Error loading. Click to repeat “, read at the very bottom of this article.

So, at one point, the phone began to refuse to play any video clips in the above program. At the same time, a message like “Failed to connect to the server. Try it in a few minutes “. At first I decided that the problem was in the program itself, but after reinstalling the problem did not disappear. over, an attempt to play the video in the standard YouTube application gave the message “Failed to perform the operation”. This clearly meant that the problem was not in the application.

Everything fell into place when I “softly” rebooted the phone (hold down the POWER button for 3 seconds, and then swipe across the screen). over, a hard restart (holding the POWER and HOME buttons at the same time) did NOT help. Apparently, a “piece” of an application is frozen in the iPhone’s memory, or an internal failure has occurred. Anyway, a soft restart restored YouTube to working and playing other videos on the iPhone.

If you have similar problems, and your iPhone (iPad, iPod) does not play videos from YouTube or VK, just try restarting your gadget. Should help in 90% of cases.

Check your internet connection

Oddly enough, in some cases, a banal reconnection to the Internet helps. This means that you need to turn off Wi-Fi or mobile connection in the settings, and then turn it on again.

If this does not help, you can try changing the DNS address of the connection.

  • Open the settings, go to the “Wi-Fi” section.
  • Next to the connection you are using, click on the information icon (in the form of the letter “i” in a circle).
  • In the “DNS” field, enter “”.

The method is quite controversial, but it helps.

Photo Applications

  • Disconnect iPhone from computer.
  • Press the Home button, which is located under the screen, two times. On new devices without the Home key, you need to swipe from the bottom to the middle of the screen.
  • Now hold down one of the running applications with your finger.
  • Click on the close icon or simply swipe on the preview window of the application that uses photos.

When you have exited all photo applications, reconnect iPhone to PC and check for files in iTunes.

Why not all iPhone photos are displayed on the computer?

With the help of proprietary software iTunes and cloud storage iCloud, users can view the content on the phone through a personal computer. However, there are often problems with displaying certain files. Today we will figure out why not all photos from the iPhone are displayed on the computer.

This manual is suitable for all generations of iPhone and versions of the iOS operating system.

ITunes and iOS update

Legacy software is also common among Apple device owners. You need to install the latest version of iTunes on your computer, as well as update iOS on your phone.

If you are using Windows 10, then update iTunes using the functionality of the standard Microsoft Store app. You can completely uninstall the software, then restart your computer and reinstall the utility with the driver again. To do this, find the corresponding application through the search.

You can also download a separate iTunes installer from the company’s official website. To do this, open the link provided and select the version suitable for your computer.

The required driver is already included in the iTunes software, so you don’t have to install it separately.

Now grab your iPhone and open basic settings. In the “Software Update” section, select the “Download and Install” option if the system has found a new version. Accept the license terms and wait for the download and then the installation to complete.

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Photos in the cloud

The second possible reason for “missing” photos is uploading to the cloud storage. If sync with iCloud is enabled on your phone, then the gallery will display all photos. from the device’s storage and from the “cloud”. When you connect your device to your computer, iTunes displays content on the iPhone’s internal hard drive.

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you will not be able to access photos in the cloud. Because of this, the problem of displaying files arises: all photos are shown on the phone with the Internet, and only files from the drive are displayed on the computer.

If you have iCloud sync enabled on your mobile device and computer, you do not need to connect iPhone to PC to view photos. You just need to go to the official resource, log in with your Apple ID and view the materials uploaded to the “cloud”.

If the problem is not related to damage to the drive or operating system, then our guide will help you get the photo back on your PC in most cases. Breakdown of internal storage or OS crashes require serious intervention. repair or installation of new firmware, respectively.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the iPhone and connecting to a computer, we are waiting for your messages under this material.

Logging in to your account again

You can reanimate a frozen application by logging out of the account with re-authorization.

Reboot iOS device

As another option for treating a “gray” application that is stuck and stuck on loading, you can resort to restarting the device.

Solution: Hold down the Power key and unplug the device. Once turned on again, the application can automatically start the installation. Alternatively, use a hard reset: hold down the Power and Home keys for a few seconds.

Stop loading

A hanging gray icon that remains in the “Waiting” or “Downloading” status for a long time is a reason to stop downloading.

Solution: Tap on the icon, thereby stopping the download. Repeated tap can solve problems and the application will start loading.

Remove app and reinstall

Complete removal of the application (if possible) with further reinstallation can help in this situation.

Check internet connection

The reason why the application may not load or update may be a banal lack of Internet traffic or problems in the operation of the wireless Wi-Fi network around you. The icon of a working Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE still says nothing.

Solution: Open the Safari browser and go to any web page. If everything is in order with the connection, we move on.

Apps from the App Store are not downloaded or updated. What to do

Ten consecutive solutions to the problem.

Apple does not comment on problems with updating software and an error when downloading applications. You have to look for a solution by going through all the stages one by one: from simple to complex.

Note: To combat the problem of “gray waiting icons” and errors when downloading applications from the App Store, it is recommended to perform all the steps one by one. At any time, the download can go further and there will be no need to carry out the subsequent steps described in this manual.

Fault categories

Iphone apps have a big impact on the performance of a mobile device. Therefore, due to their installation, all kinds of problems arise.

All problems associated with the programs installed on the gadget are divided into three main categories:

  • Termination of the functioning of the software installed before the purchase of the mobile device.
  • Some programs stopped functioning and began to crash after launch. The rest of the utilities work normally.
  • After transferring applications from iTunes, they cannot be launched. Existing programs work as before before installing the application.

Apps on iPhone won’t open. Apps won’t launch. What to do?

Often after buying a new “iPhone” there are minor issues that affect the correct operation of the mobile device. One of these problems is when applications on the gadget do not start.

In today’s post, we’ll cover why Iphone won’t launch apps.

Apps won’t open on iPhone. Solving problems with opening applications

These categories of problems are closely related to jailbreak on the gadget. Also, one of the possible reasons is downloading software from unofficial sites. We recommend downloading programs to the “iPhone” exclusively through the AppStore. Otherwise, the operating system will constantly accumulate all kinds of errors that prevent the correct functioning of applications.

Apps won’t open on the iPhone, and this greatly affects the performance of the mobile device? Probably the reason for the denial of working with applications is the lack of free space on the phone. Initially, the system should notify about this problem in every possible way. However, in most cases, users are simply unaware of the lack of memory on a mobile device. Lack of memory causes problems with the functioning of many applications.

IPhone XR Not Touching | Can’t Open Apps | Can’t Turn Off

Apps on iPhone won’t open, possibly due to debris. Of course, the main solution will be to clean the operating system from all the junk that clogs the device’s memory. It is highly recommended that you also uninstall third-party applications that negatively affect the functionality of your mobile device. For example, all sorts. Instagram, Uber or any games are undesirable to store on a mobile device.

To make sure you have free space on your phone, you need to do the following:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Basic” section.
  • Finding “Storage and iCloud”.

This folder contains complete information about the available space on the mobile device.

For the correct removal of programs, it is recommended to use special utilities. An alternative way is to manually uninstall applications yourself. Applications do not open on the “iPhone” often precisely because of this problem.

The opinion of experts and specialists

If you cannot solve the problem on your own, and all kinds of advice from the Internet do not help, you should seek help from professionals.

The most correct solution in this case is to contact an official service center for help. Specially trained people will diagnose your phone and identify possible problems in the operating system.

Reset all settings

If the application does not open. reset all settings on your iPhone. This method also helped some users to deal with this problem. But the downside is that all your personalized data and customized app settings will also be deleted in the process.

Go to “Settings” “General” “Reset” “Erase all settings”.

After factory reset, try to install apps again.

Update iOS system and apps

Sometimes this app is not updated, resulting in a crash. Therefore, we suggest that you update your iPhone to the latest iOS version and also go to the App Store to update any app with update reminder.

IOS Update: Select “Settings” “General” “Software Update”.
Updating Applications: Open the App Store on iPhone “Updates” “Update All”.

Completely remove the app from settings

This is by far the most effective method if apps 1 stopped opening. This will remove the stuck app from your iPhone or iPad, hence you can reinstall one app from the App Store. Go to Settings → General → Storage & iCloud → Manage. Select an app that you cannot download or update and uninstall it. After uninstalling it, open the App Store and reinstall the app you uninstalled earlier.

Force restart your iPhone

Press and hold the Home button and the Wake / Sleep button until the Apple logo appears. For iPhone 7 users, press the Home button and the Volume Down button to do this. For iPhone8 / X users: press and quickly release the Volume Up button, then press and quickly release the Volume Down button, finally press and hold the Side (Sleep / Wake) button until the Apple logo appears.

What to do if apps won’t open and run on iPhone 8 / X

“I have a new iPhone X, and every time I try to open the messaging app, the app won’t open. What should I do to fix this problem?”

Troubleshooting with Tenorshare ReiBoot

If you’ve tried all of the solutions we’ve listed, but the program doesn’t work on iPhone, you can fix your operating system with the Tenorshare ReiBoot iPhone Repair Tool, which provides a FREE solution to fix all iOS problems. Now let’s see how it works.

Click the “Solve All iOS Freezes” button in the main window to enter System Restore.

Click “Fix Now” and download the firmware package.

It will install the latest firmware. Then you can get an updated iPhone X.

IPhone screen not responding to touch: what to do

Apple users have a problem with iPhone not responding to touch. What to do in such a situation and how to fix the malfunction?

It is not uncommon for users to encounter a problem when the iPhone does not respond to touch. This can be caused by a variety of factors, from dust ingress to display breakage. In such a situation, you need to know what to do and how to fix the problem. Therefore, we will consider the main reasons for such a malfunction and how to solve them.

How to troubleshoot?

In cases where the screen of the iPhone 5 does not respond to touch, then it does not necessarily need to be replaced. First, analyze the condition of the phone and make sure that there is no external damage. Eliminate the possibility of moisture ingress.

Try to lock and unlock your phone, in case of minor glitches it helps. If this does not work, then restart the device. To do this when the sensor does not work, you need to:

  • Squeeze the lock button.
  • Even after the shutdown screen appears, continue to hold it until the power is completely turned off.

If the button does not respond and the phone is frozen, then a complete reboot is required, for it:

  • Hold down the lock button and “Home”, on new models where the “Home” key is missing, volume control is used.
  • Hold down the keys for 20 seconds.
  • Wait for iPhone to clear memory and restart.

Consequences of hard reset iPhone

If the iPhone 7 does not respond to touch, then the hard reset described earlier is applied. In general, it will not bring any harm to the phone, but we note:

  • with frequent use of this method, there is a risk of losing information from the phone’s memory;
  • the phone’s RAM may also fail.

Therefore, you should not abuse this method.

Why iPhone won’t respond to touch?

The cause of such a malfunction can be a large number of factors, the most common of which are:

  • Display wear and tear.
  • The phone could simply freeze, in which case, not only the iPhone does not respond to the sensor, but nothing happens when the buttons are pressed.
  • There was a failure in the system, which also leads to the inoperability of the sensor.
  • The gadget is overheated. In such a situation, part of the screen may not work or it may be all.

In such cases, various failures may appear, for example:

  • The screen on an iPhone is not responding partially or completely.
  • Response to pressing is delayed.
  • Incorrect sensor operation.
  • Complete display failure.

Or other signs. If your iPhone 6 is not responding to touch, what to do in this situation?

What to do if these methods didn’t work?

There are a few more ways you can try yourself and save your iPhone. In particular:

  • The most simple, wait for it to discharge and turn off automatically, then try to charge and turn it on. This is a safe way that might help.
  • Another option is to try to restore your phone using iTunes, in case you have a backup. To do this, connect your phone via USB to your computer, go to the program, click “Browse” and then “Restore iPhone”.

This will reset the settings and restore the system to the factory state. Please note that all files and data will be deleted. Therefore, it is worth making a backup and saving it.

And if after that nothing has changed and the iPhone screen is faulty, then the last option is to repair it. Contact the service center to diagnose the gadget and, if necessary, replace the display to restore your iPhone.