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Mirroring360 is a paid program for receiving broadcasts via AirPlay from iOS devices as well as from other PCs or smartphones. You can use the 7-day free trial to try out its features.

  • Download Mirroring360 from the official website
  • After installing the program, click Request Free Trial, enter your E-mail and desired password, and then click Activate.
  • You don’t need to do anything in the running program: just start broadcasting by turning on the “Screen Repeat” function on your iPhone (select the device with the name of your computer from the list), as in previous such utilities.

Among the interesting functions of the program is broadcasting an image from your computer to the Internet: after clicking the Start Sharing button in the main window of Mirroring360, you will receive a link by which other users can see your screen.

How to Output Image from iPhone to Windows Computer

Windows does not have built-in tools for receiving broadcast from iPhone using AirPlay over Wi-Fi, but this can be done using shareware programs, which we’ll talk about. To use them, both devices must be connected to the same wireless network. In case you have problems connecting, try disabling the firewall on your computer.


LetsView is completely free software that allows you to easily AirPlay your iPhone screen to your computer or laptop with both Windows and Mac OS. There is the possibility of simple video recording from the screen and other additional functions.

LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver

LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver is a very simple program that regularly performs its function: receiving images from iPhone and iPad via AirPlay (built-in broadcast technology in iOS).

  • Install LonelyScreen from the official site and run the program.
  • In the control point on the iPhone (opens with a gesture upward from the bottom edge of the screen), click on “Screen repeat”.
  • In the list of available devices for transmission, you will see LonelyScreen, click on it.
  • After connecting, the iPhone screen will be reflected on the computer in the program window.

No additional actions are required, except that it is worth noting that the program has an iPhone screen recording function (to do this, click on the arrow in the lower right corner).

Until recently, the program was free, now, unfortunately, it asks for a license, but for some time it works without it. Interestingly, the free version of LonelyScreen is still installed on my computer (I have not updated it since the installation) and it works properly.


ApowerMirror also allows you to use its functions for free (but there is also a paid version with advanced functionality). After downloading, installing the program and registering a free account, just select the “iOS” tab in it, and you will see everything you need to do: open the iPhone control center and display the image on your computer.

Everything works properly and quickly, and if you wish, you can record your phone screen or create screenshots right away on your computer. ApowerMirror download is available on the official website

IOS Image Output on Mac in QuickTime Player

You can use QuickTime Player to cast the iPhone screen to the Mac and, if necessary, record the content, using this method:

  • Connect the iPhone with a cable to your Mac, when prompted whether you need to trust the computer. confirm trust.
  • Launch QuickTime Player on Mac OS (via the Applications folder or search in the status bar at the top right). From the QuickTime Player menu, choose File. New Video.
  • In the window that opens, click on the arrow next to the record button and in the “Camera” point, select iPhone.
application, downloading, iphone, computer

Immediately after that, his screen will be reflected on the Mac OS desktop. If you need to record video, you can specify the quality of the recording, the source of the sound recording.


5KPlayer is a completely free program that allows you to broadcast from iPhone to computer, as well as record video from the screen (and at the same time work as a media player).

  • Download 5KPlayer from the official site and install the program on your computer.
  • When requesting access to networks from Windows Firewall, give this permission.
  • During the first launch, the program will ask you to register: it is not necessary to do this, it is enough to refuse registration once (the bottom button in the window).
  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Control (swipe from the bottom of the screen) and select “Screen Repeat”.
  • Select 5KPlayer from the list.

After the connection is made, the screen of your iOS device will be reflected on the computer screen. you can use and, if necessary, record a video with sound.

How to Transfer Image from iPhone to Windows or Mac OS Computer

If you need to display an image from an iPhone to a PC or laptop via Wi-Fi, it is relatively easy to do this: Windows programs are available for transferring images via AirPlay, and Mac OS also has a built-in method of broadcasting from an iOS device.

This tutorial shows the ways to transfer the image from iPhone to computer (which works also for iPad). Unfortunately, none of the features involve on-screen control of an iOS device; such functionality is not provided by Apple for security reasons. See also: How to Transfer Image from Android to Windows 10 Computer.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows 10 Computer

To transfer images to a Windows PC of the latest versions, several proven methods are used:
Use iTunes. First, you need to install iTunes on your Windows computer. The distribution kit of the program is free and is located on the Apple website.

Import images as from physical media. The phone cannot be used as a full-fledged flash drive, but it is possible to import materials. It is enough to connect the device to a PC via USB. My Computer in Windows displays the connected devices, one of which is the Iphone. You can open the device and copy photos from it to any directory on your computer.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer Quickly!

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer via iTunes and more. we’ll tell you! The number of smartphone users is growing at an incredible rate. With the help of these devices, people today do everything. communicate, engage in creativity, work, know the news and have fun. With the development of selfie fashion, the number of photos taken using mobile devices has also increased significantly. Good front cameras and monopods help make photos interesting and beautiful, you immediately want to share them with friends or save them to your collection, and today we will teach you how to save photos from iPhones to your computer.!

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How To Transfer Files From iPhone To PC

How to Copy Photos from iPhone to iOS Computer (Mac)

To copy data to, for example, a MacBook, you need to connect the two devices using a USB cable. After connecting, the “Image Capture” window will appear on the computer screen. All photos taken by the device are displayed in the program window. In addition, in the program window, you can see useful data about the date and size of each image. In the lower corner of the Image Capture program, there are “import” and “import all” buttons. When you activate the “import all” command, all images and videos will be downloaded to your computer. The “Import” button is intended for downloading individual files. Before activating this command, you need to select the images necessary for copying.

Copy photos from iphone to PC using social networks (VK, OK, FB)

Before figuring out how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer via social networks, you must first install applications on your smartphone. For each social network, the method is approximately the same, therefore, it is enough to clearly explain the process using the example of one social media. “”.

To copy photos to a computer via. you need to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  • Download and install the application on the Iphone via the App Store.
  • Register the application in the smartphone.
  • Go to app and open photo albums.
  • In the photo album window, click on the “add photos” button.
  • Mark photos from your smartphone library and upload to social network.
  • Go to your albums via PC.
  • Select the desired photo, click on it.
  • Select “save as” from the list of opened commands and save the photo.

Programs and applications for copying photos from iphone to computer

Users can be advised to use only original programs from Apple, this guarantees correct work with files and competent answers to any questions from the company’s support team. Among the most popular programs and applications for copying images from iphone to computer, the following stand out:

  • Image Capture.
  • IPhoto.
  • Itools.

Transfer Files From iPhone To PC | iOS Data Transfer to Windows PC or Mac (2020). EaseUS MobiMover

Downloading Photos from Iphone: Useful Tips

For experienced users, all these operations are not a problem, but for the owners of the popular Apple Iphone brand, sharing photos is somewhat more difficult than for others. The computer does not perceive this phone as a regular flash drive, but you shouldn’t be upset. There are several ways how to easily and quickly transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer Using the Cloud

There are several cloud services in great demand at once. These are Icloud, Google Photos, Cloud Mail, Yandex Drive and some others. Apple users use Icloud more often than others, but not everyone knows how to copy photos from iPhone to computer. To start the process, use the function on the Iphone. “My Photo Stream”. Also, you need to have the Icloud program installed on your computer.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Download and install Icloud PC software.
  • Set up the Icloud program, register with your ID in Apple.
  • Go to the library on the Iphone device.
  • Mark photos and send them to icloud album.
  • Download the same photos, but from Icloud to PC.

How to Cast iPhone Screen to Windows and Mac OS Computer?

For the convenience of recording video from the screen of a smartphone running iOS, or for viewing content, it is better to display the image from a mobile device on the computer display. Since Apple’s operating system is proprietary, not every program is suitable for this. However, there is a whole list of applications for both Windows and Mac OS, among which everyone can choose the most suitable one. Let’s take a closer look at how to stream video from the iPhone screen to a computer, and what you need to do.


This program has two versions. The free has a slightly curtailed functionality, but for an ordinary user it is more than enough. The program is simply installed on your computer, then you need to register and select the “iOS” tab. Further, on the mobile device in the control point, the screen repeat is selected, and in the list you need to find the computer.


Let’s move on to paid programs. The first one is Reflector, which costs 13, but you can try it for free for 7 days. The main advantages are ease of installation and configuration, as well as the ability to password-protect the connection.


Instructions for using the program are described in the following

The latest free solution that doesn’t have many features. In fact, there are only two of them: displaying an image and recording it. The installation also needs permission to access the firewall. Also, some antiviruses may react negatively to the application, so it is recommended to add it to the list of exclusions.

Displaying an image from the screen on Windows

There are several programs that allow you to perform this operation. Let’s consider each separately.

What is needed to display the image?

If the picture from the smartphone screen needs to be displayed on a computer running Mac OS, then it is enough to have a standard charging cable for the iPhone. In other cases, you need the appropriate software, and you also need the phone and the computer to be in the same Wi-Fi network. The main plus is that it is not necessary to keep the smartphone next to the PC.

In any case, the computer will not be able to interact with objects on the phone screen in any way: this restriction was introduced by Apple to prevent unauthorized access to the device.


The utility is more difficult to install, however, it has an important plus: there is no paid version and all functions can be used immediately after downloading. Even the item about registration, which the program will ask for during installation, can be skipped.

When launched, it will require permission to access the network. You have to agree. And then everything is standard: screen replay starts on the phone, and 5KPlayer is selected in the list.

Transfer Photos to iPhone and iPad

Your vacation photos will look great on your iPad screen and are now very easy to transfer there! You don’t need to launch iTunes or turn on iCloud sync to do this: just iMazing is enough. Connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer and start sorting your mobile photo albums. Even Wi-Fi connection is supported.

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Mac or PC

Easily export photos and videos without iCloud or iTunes. Access to them from a computer via USB or Wi-Fi. Reliable backup.

iMazing and photos

iMazing: Reliable photo and video export software to any Mac or Windows computer without iCloud and iTunes.

Supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod models.
Compatible with Mac and Windows.
Latest version: 2.13.5. Last updated: Feb 26, 2021 Latest version: 2.13.5. Last updated: Feb 26, 2021 Latest version: 2.13.5. Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Best memories are always with you

Easily save your favorite photos to your Mac or PC. Export photos and videos from iPhone or iPad by simply dragging and dropping them to your computer. If needed, iMazing will even convert HEIC, Apple’s new graphics format, to JPEG. You can finally forget about unreliable cloud storage and complex syncing with iTunes.

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Access to hidden albums

With iMazing, you have access to all your photos, including those you would normally not be able to view. In addition to the usual Smart Albums (such as Favorites, Selfie, or Slow Motion), iMazing features:

Save space

Running out of space on the iPhone? Take a look at the Camera Roll. it may be worth putting things in order for a long time. You don’t have to select unwanted photos one by one on the small screen of your phone. just quickly mark them from your computer. And even if you accidentally delete something you need. iMazing always keeps a copy of your data in a safe place.

Detailed information

Easy way to transfer photos for Windows

iTunes can be installed optionally on any Windows, and you can sync your iPhone with your computer just as if it were a MAC. But since the system from Microsoft is capable of detecting any phones, including the iPhone, as a physical medium, it is easier to work with it as with a regular drive. For this:

After that, it remains to create a folder on the Yandex service for storing photos and transfer the selected images to it. They will become available on any device with the Yandex.Disk application installed.

Wi-Fi transfer

You can move photos wirelessly. The steps are the same as with iPhoto.

  • The first step is to enable the device synchronization mode via a wireless connection. To do this, connect your device to your PC and then turn on iTunes.
  • Select the connected device. It can be found on the left.
  • Click on the “Overview” tab, then “Options”.
  • Check the box next to the inscription: “Synchronize device via Wi-Fi”.

Synchronization over a wireless connection must also be configured on the phone itself.

  • Open settings.
  • Select “Basic”.
  • Click “Sync with iTunes over Wi-Fi”.

Now with two-way sync, you can move, add files without using a cord.

  • fast synchronization;
  • you can transfer files without a cable connection.
  • Internet is required;
  • there may be problems when synchronizing different versions of Mac OS and IOS.

IPhoto app

You can transfer photos from iPhone to your computer using the iPhoto utility. All smartphones from Apple support it.

  • Connect your phone to PC.
  • The application will start automatically on the IPhone and PC.
  • A list of photos will appear in front of the user. Highlight the amount you want.
  • In the upper right corner, import files via the button.
  • After moving the photos, the program will offer to delete the original photos from the iPhone, you can agree or refuse.
application, downloading, iphone, computer

Important: deleting the original photos from your phone will significantly free up space. In case of transferring to another disk, it is recommended to confirm the process of erasing files.

  • convenient directory for storing photos;
  • fast file import;
  • easy to use;
  • there is a built-in editor.
  • the ability to integrate with
  • supported only for version x and older;
  • narrow functionality of the photo editor;
  • no filter setting.

Instructions for Windows 10

  • Select the transfer method “From USB device”.

Select a device for transmission, a directory for saving information and mark the desired photos.

  • high import speed;
  • the quality of photos is not lost;
  • detailed setting.
  • does not support old firmware;
  • may display the amount of data incorrectly.

Transfer photos from iPhone to computer Windows 7, 8, 10?

You can transfer photos from iPhone to PC without using additional programs. For Windows OS, self-launching of those devices that are connected to a personal computer is provided.

Photo Movement Guide

Connect your phone, tablet to your computer using a standard cable. After a few seconds, the media setup will start.

In the “Computer” item, you can find the name of the media. Click on it to go further.

After opening the drive, find the “DCIM” folder. As a rule, it contains all the user’s photos.

It is quite convenient to work with the Windows operating system when connecting various devices. Thanks to autorun, there is no need to wait for additional drivers and utilities to be installed.

Important: sometimes photos can be located in the “Photos” folder.

Transferring photos through iTunes

The main program for editing, managing Apple media is iTunes. First of all, the user needs to download it from the manufacturer’s official website. and then install.

Step-by-step instructions for moving

  • wide functionality;
  • access to all types of files;
  • device firmware update supported.
  • requires detailed configuration of the directory for exporting data;
  • can only be used on one device;
  • sometimes it may not recognize the device.

Using iCloud functionality

In addition to using third-party resources, you can transfer images using cloud solutions. First, the user needs to set up a photo library.

  • Click on the iCloud icon. If it is not there, then go to the “Settings” item, and then at the bottom find the cloud application.
  • Check the amount of free memory in the storage. By default, the user has the right to use 5GB.
  • Click on “Photos”.
  • Next to iCloud Music Library, move the slider to the right to enable syncing. All photos will be uploaded to the cloud service.
  • After that, the user can log into iCloud via PC to access the images from the computer.
  • Turn on your computer. Open your web browser. Go to the official storage site
  • Sign in to your current account.
  • Click on “Photos”. All saved files are on the right.
  • Mark the images by pressing the Ctrl (Command) combination LMB. A down arrow icon will appear at the top. click it to download the file.
  • To automatically move photos in the storage, you need to move the “My Photo Stream” slider to the right.
  • convenient storage;
  • wide functionality;
  • the ability to set up shared access to devices.
  • limited amount of memory;
  • availability of paid services;
  • iCloud support from IOS 8.0 and above.

Instructions for Windows 7

  • Check the box next to the phrase “Always execute for the next device”.

Easy Ways to Move Photos from iPhone to Computer

Before transferring a photo from an iPhone to a computer, the user will need a standard USB cable, a connection to a wireless Wi-Fi network, or the latest version of iTunes.

Tweetbot 5 for

If you are a user of a social network like. then you should definitely pay attention to the application called Tweetbot 5.

This program was produced by a third party developer, but this does not mean that it is of poor quality. You won’t see constant full-screen ads here.

The application includes a pleasant and intuitive interface, which is good news.

Many well-known sites point out that Tweetbot 5 is currently the best social network client for iPhone.

You can always change the bookmark line. The application can be controlled using gestures.

DataMan. track data usage

If you want to track the data that you transmit over four Ji networks, then this application was developed especially for you.

With it, you can always set a limiter that allows you to avoid overpaying for the megabytes you spent.

After downloading the program, you must indicate your tariff plan, as well as the time period for its renewal. The application will always notify you if you have exceeded the set limit.

The application has a convenient widget that can quickly show you the number of consumed megabytes.

Feedly. Smart News Reader

If you are a reader of RSS feeds, then most likely an application called “Fidley” is installed on your mobile phone. After all, it allows you to sync your subscriptions.

If we are talking about a free RSS news feed reader for iPhone, then this program is the best.


Are you a music lover? Do you often listen to music? Then you just need to download an app called Shazam.

After all, it allows you to find out the name of the artist of the song that is currently playing.

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Shazam knows absolutely all the music that humanity has invented. So there is no need to doubt the performance of this program.


Copid is one of the best iPhone programs with which you can manage the data on the clipboard. It must be said that the application exists for both macOS and IOS.

Unfortunately, Apple’s system has recently made major changes, namely, it limited the automatic recording of the contents of the clipboard, which very upset a large number of people.

The application offers absolutely any clipboard content, between which you can switch, and you can always change it.

Manual. RAW Camera

It is worth noting that last year the software for the iPhone began to support RAW format, and the camera of the devices just released in September this year is one of the best among those on the market.

If you take advantage of these two advantages, then believe me, you will not have any desire to take a DSLR camera with you anywhere.

If this is your case, then the Manual application simply must be on your mobile phone, it will allow you to shoot photos in RAW format, as well as control all shooting settings, which is very important.

Using this program, you will be able to independently choose the light sensitivity, as well as control the shutter speed.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

If you are a user of such a social network as Instagram, then you simply have to read about the application called “VSCO”.

After all, this program will allow you to produce high-quality images. You have the ability to edit any photos using numerous functions.

Many users point out that the application has a too sophisticated artistic interface.

You must first use this application. If you succeed, your photos will stand out from thousands of gaudy photos.

File manager for iPhone

Here the situation with the transfer and viewing of documents and objects, including pdf, is somewhat different. There is no built-in manager in the iPhone, so you have to resort to third-party solutions in order to conveniently transfer any data between devices and transfer them inside the gadget itself.

  • The most popular solution for working with any file is iFile. This program can be installed on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. It allows you to drop any information into another directory, copy, create any files and folders, as well as transfer them to the memory of the iPhone itself. The application works with pdf-documents and doc, as well as zip, rar and 7z archives, system files c, java, css and many others.

Only a few data types can be edited through the standard iFile viewer: txt, doc, docx, rtf, htm, html, sql. Through third-party solutions, you can edit pdf documents, repack archives and do much more.

The application has its own twist: you can transfer any files to the iPhone via the web interface. This is especially true for small documents in pdf format and archives, which in a couple of seconds will get into the device “over the air”. The data can be dropped in the opposite direction, it is enough just to activate the function of the web server in the phone itself. And then from the computer it will be possible to view any directory of the phone and transfer any document to it.

File managers for iPhone

A file manager is required for any mobile device. In iPhones, this problem is especially acute, since Apple is famous for its habits of creating devices that perfectly interact with all products of the American brand, but contact with third-party manufacturers is very problematic.

There are two types of file managers for the iPhone: programs that run on your computer and applications that are installed on the iPhone itself. Naturally, their purpose is different, because computer utilities must ensure the transfer of files between the iPhone’s memory and the PC itself, but mobile applications are needed to work with documents directly on the gadget.

Computer file managers

To transfer data from iPhone to PC and vice versa (in other words, synchronize devices), they usually use a proprietary utility. Apple’s file manager for iPhone is called iTunes. Actually, this is the only official manager for the iPhone. All other applications are developed by third parties.

iTunes allows you to transfer files between your computer and iPhone, as well as all other gadgets from Apple. You can transfer any data: it can be pdf documents, multimedia content, and contacts. You can transfer information between any devices, so iTunes is a universal solution for iPhone, MacBook, and many other devices.

Plus, it’s a huge multimedia storage. There is always data that will definitely be of interest to users: tens of thousands of films and audio tracks, applications, games and much more. All this can be dropped on the iPhone in just a few clicks.

In general, about this manager, you can tell a lot of useful things, which we tried to do in the iTunes review, and within the framework of this article we will continue to reveal the capabilities of other programs.

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I transferred the file from the laptop to the iPhone. and it was saved in the “Video” application. and I can’t drag it from there, and you can’t put it on Instagram. how to fix ?

You need to delete this crap video prog and put the vlc player in the aytyuns, find common files and download through the player

IStorage File Manager

  • This program also refers to a file manager to some extent, but it cannot upload files to and from a computer. But it can do a lot more: work on devices without jailbreak and open popular file formats: PDF, MS Office, iWork, HTML, audio and video.

To load information into the application, it is enough to copy the data to the Documents folder through any computer file manager. Then you should go to the same folder on your smartphone and select the desired file. The program will open it in a suitable editor and allow you to view and edit. It is worth noting the convenient display of information on a mobile device.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

ITools File Manager

It is a third party computer application that is the best analogue of the official iTunes. This manager works an order of magnitude more stable than the original program and eliminates all kinds of glitches that are so characteristic of it. In addition, its functionality is somewhat broader: you can freely transfer pdf documents to iBooks, make backups of programs and much more.

Throwing a photo via iTools is not difficult, because the intuitive interface makes file transfer as simple and understandable as possible, even for a baby. Through this manager, you can also synchronize your computer, iPhone and other Apple devices, which is very convenient from the point of view of organizing work.

One of the useful “chips” of the application for working with data is the “Desktop” section. In the “Icons” tab, you can work with the iPhone desktop and perform synchronization in real time. Folders can be created, moved, deleted, renamed, and various objects can be placed in them. It is possible to back up iPhone desktop files to your computer to avoid data loss.