Apple Watch won’t connect to iPhone

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How to control Apple Watch

Apple Watch is controlled by a single physical button, Digital Crown, touchscreen and Siri voice assistant.

The button is used to call the “Friends” application and to turn on / off the watch. The Digital Crown is a kind of Home button. Pressing the wheel returns you to the home screen, double-clicking returns to the last running application, and rotating the Digital Crown changes the scale.

The Apple Watch was the first Apple device to feature a Force Touch screen. This means that in addition to the usual touches and swipes (smooth movements of the fingers on the screen), the watch understands the force of pressing. Depending on how strong the touch was, the watch reacts differently.

Almost all device settings can be made using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

For installation:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone;
  • In the “My Watch” tab, scroll down the list to the application you need;
  • Click on the name of the application;
  • In the menu that opens, activate the option “Show application on Apple Watch”;
  • Confirm app installation on watch.

To uninstall the program, you must turn off the “Show application on Apple Watch” option or use the method familiar to everyone from the iPhone. Hold your finger on the Apple Watch desktop for a few seconds, when all the icons start to “shake” click on the cross next to the application to uninstall.

Installing and uninstalling applications

Adding an application to the watch can be divided into 2 stages: download and installation.

For loading:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone;
  • Go to the “Selection” tab;
  • Find the application you need and download it as you usually do with iPhone applications;

How to take a screenshot

To take a screenshot of your Apple Watch:

  • Hold the side button;
  • Press and release the Digital Crown.

After this manipulation, a white flash will appear on the watch screen and a shutter sound will sound, and the finished screenshot will be added to the “Camera Roll” of your iPhone.

10 Tips for Apple Watch Newbies

Here are 10 tips for Apple Watch newbies. Apple Watch is a complete computer on your wrist. This small device can do a lot and its capabilities are constantly expanding. Below is a short list of tips and information to help you get started with your Apple Watch. So, our 10 tips for Apple Watch newbies!

Connecting Apple Watch to iPhone

First, check if Bluetooth is turned on on the iPhone. Connect the watch to the mains to recharge. Turn on your Apple Watch (press and hold the side button under the Digital Crown until the Apple logo appears). Choose your Apple Watch interface language.

To pair your watch and phone:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone;
  • Click “Start pairing”;
  • Point the phone camera at the watch so that the Apple Watch display falls into the yellow outline that appears on the iPhone screen;
  • The watch will connect to the iPhone and you will continue to either set the watch as new (or restore a copy from a backup, if you have already used the watch and made backups);
  • Choose on which wrist you will wear the watch;
  • Agree to the iTunes terms of use;
  • Enter your Apple ID;
  • Click “OK” on the next 3 pages with information about location services, “Siri” and diagnostics;
  • Set a password. The password must be entered on the Apple Watch;
  • Indicate whether you want the watch to be unlocked at the same time as the iPhone;
  • Choose how you want to install applications. If the applications on your iPhone have versions for watches, then they can all be installed automatically, or you can later independently install only the programs you need;
  • Wait for the devices to sync.

Sign in with your Apple ID

When prompted, enter your Apple ID password. If you don’t see this prompt, you can sign in later in the Apple Watch app by choosing Basic Apple IDs, then sign in. Some features that require a mobile phone number will only work on a cellular-enabled Apple Watch after you sign in to iCloud.

If your iPhone is not set to Find My, you will be asked to turn on Activation Lock. If you see the Activation Lock screen, your Apple Watch is already linked to your Apple ID. To proceed with setup, enter the email address and password for the corresponding Apple ID account. If your Apple Watch previously had a different owner, you may need to contact him to remove Activation Lock.

Breaking and re-creating a bond

  • On the Watch, select the “Settings” item, find the “Reset” section and tap on the inscription “Erase content and settings”.
  • Open the Apple Watch program on the phone, break the pair.
  • Create a new pair.

How to check the connection

  • Upgrade a mobile gadget to the final version of the operating system.
  • Start Bluetooth.
  • Connect your device to the internet.
  • Open and put on the device. To do this, you need to hold down the button located on the side until the company sign pops up. The procedure takes a few minutes.
  • Bring smart Watch and mobile device closer together. The phone screen must be on, we are waiting for the pop-up notification to appear. At the bottom of the text, click on the “Next” button. In the absence of this notification, click in the Watch settings and click on the “Create a pair” item. Until the transfer of information stops, keep 2 devices nearby.
  • Position the phone above the animation. Place the display module of the clock under the camera of the gadget. After waiting for the end of the binding technique. If this method did not work, then click on “Create a pair with Apple Watch manually.” Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • If this is not a new watch, then upload a backup copy. After a while, you will be prompted to update the equipment to a new version, it is recommended to do this immediately.
  • Then wait for a notification asking you to enter data from Apple What to do if Apple Watch does not see the iPhone
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Bring Apple Watch to iPhone

Wait until the iPhone displays the message “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch,” then click Continue. If this message doesn’t appear, open the Apple Watch app and click Pair.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Your Apple Watch must be near your iPhone before completing these steps.

Set your watch as new or restore its data from a backup

If this is your first Apple Watch, tap Set Up Apple Watch. If not, choose a backup. When prompted, update watchOS on your Apple Watch to the latest version.

Review the Terms and Conditions and click Accept, then click Accept again to continue.

Why Apple Watch won’t connect to iPhone 5s and iPhone 6

Thus, now many iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 users, who have an Apple Watch updated to watchOS 6, simply cannot use the watch. This problem applies both to new watches that Apple continues to release and sell even on the official website, for example, the Apple Watch Series 3, and to those that were already purchased before the update was released. In just a week, we received about a dozen letters from our readers in the mail, who, not finding an answer from Apple itself, come to us for help. But how can we help them? Is that Apple’s appeals to common sense.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Yes, Apple hasn’t released iOS 13 for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 because their software support has expired. Of course. One received all operating system updates for six years, and the other five. This is more than enough for smartphones. But where does the Apple Watch, whose owners continue to depend on outdated smartphones, which two weeks ago were quite relevant to keep the watch running? Reminiscent of the story from the fairy tale “The Brave Tailor”, who boasted that he killed seven with one blow.

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Check Apple Watch connection

You can check if your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone in 2 ways. On the watch, the check is performed through the “Control Center” section. The “Watch” application is used for this purpose on the phone.

In the first option, they make a gesture upward to open the “Control Panel” section. A red icon in the form of a crossed-out phone or a red cross appears in the upper left corner. This indicates a lack of communication between electronic devices.

Turning on the Watch app shows that there is contact with the iPhone. If there is no connection during the next check, then turn on and off the “Airplane mode” button. The connection should be restored.


To set up and use Apple Watch, you need an iPhone with the latest version of iOS.

watchOS 6 is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 and later. WatchOS 6 requires an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13 or later.

Also, make sure Bluetooth is turned on on iPhone and connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

If your Apple Watch is already set up but you want to use it with another iPhone, you can transfer your Apple Watch settings and content to your new iPhone.

Checking the connection of two gadgets

The most accurate diagnosis of the lack of connection is as follows. My watch is not receiving new notifications, calls or messages from iPhone.

When the two devices are not paired, a red cross appears on the Apple Watch face. Another option to display the absence of a pair is the crossed-out phone icon.

A green phone icon is displayed when pairing correctly.

Apple Watch won’t sync with iPhone

Now we will figure out why the Apple Watch does not sync with the iPhone and what needs to be done to solve the problem.

This article applies to all iPhone 11 / XS (r) / X / 8/7/6 and Plus models on iOS 13. Older versions may have different or missing menu items and hardware support specified in the article.

First, we check the connection of a pair of watch phone.

In a situation when a red iPhone icon is displayed or during pairing it is not possible to see the “i” icon, we connect the smart watch to the device again. You can solve the problem by correctly connecting the gadgets, creating a gap and reconnecting the pair.

We connect two devices

If there are problems with the synchronization of the smartwatch with the iPhone, we perform pairing again. We follow the instructions clearly:

The process of replacing communication elements requires a certain skill and experience from the user. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is better to contact the service center with hardware problems.

iPhone Locked: How to Save Information (Contacts, SMS, Music, Videos and Photos)

In the comments, we are often asked 2 questions:

Before we got acquainted with one great utility, we answered something like: “To reset the lock password, you need to restore the iPhone in DFU mode, this cannot be done without data loss.” But they were wrong, or rather right, but not quite. Why? Answer under the cut.

Indeed, to reset iPhone lock password, it needs to be restored in iTunes in DFU or Recovery Mode. This cannot be done without iTunes and without connecting the iPhone to a computer via USB, but in order to get by with a little blood, data from the memory of an iOS device can be extracted using the Mac utility FoneTrans (for Mac) and FoneTrans without the “Mac” prefix (for Windows).

How to extract information from the memory of a locked iPhone and iPad?

Suppose that you have allowed access to information on the iPhone (you need to do this after each iPhone restore) and there are no obstacles to retrieving it.

To save data (see above) from a password-locked iPhone:

    Launch Mac FoneTrans or FoneTrans. if using Windows.

  • Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.
  • Wait for the utility to recognize the connected device.
  • To export the necessary information, use the appropriate menu:
  • Media. all media content: music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, ringtones, audiobooks, and others;
  • Playlists. playlists;
  • Photos. photos from the camera roll and albums;
  • Books. books in epub and PDF;
  • Contacts. contacts and contact groups;
  • SMS. SMS and iMessages (including attachments).
  • Don’t worry, if you want to extract everything at once, use the separate Toolkit menu, the To Folder function:
  • In the line “Output folder” select the path where you want to save the contents of the iPhone and click on “Start”.

    As a result, the contents of the memory will be grouped (by data type) in a subdirectory in the designated folder. Then the lock password can be reset, and then (after flashing in DFU mode) reload the information into the device memory using the same utility.

    Mac FoneTrans is an extremely useful tool to help you extract data from iPhone and iPad locked with a password or with a damaged screen. Utility usage scenarios can be very different.

    What information can be retrieved from a password-locked iPhone and iPad?


    • photographs (Camera Roll and albums);
    • video (movies, clips, TV shows, own video recorded on the iPhone camera);
    • music (including podcasts and audiobooks);
    • contacts (selected, or the entire phone book in vCard or CSV);
    • books (epub and PDF);
    • SMS / iMessage (including attachments).

    Unfortunately, in the case of Mac FoneTrans (we will consider the version for Mac, since I do not have a Windows computer at my disposal), Bosch was not without pitfalls:

    For Mac FoneTrans to work, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and in the “Trust this computer” window that appears, tap on “Trust”. In this case, your iPhone should be working normally (that is, it should not be locked). If you do not do this, you will not be able to save information from the locked iPhone in the future. It will not be possible to extract data, including if you have never connected the device to a computer and have not launched iTunes.

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    Cases where Mac FoneTrans will help

    • How to completely replace iTunes.
    • Mechanical damage to the iPhone screen, provided that the device is working normally (sound notifications about an incoming call or SMS are heard).
    • You have removed the English keyboard layout, a complex lock password is activated on iPhone using English letters. Example here.
    • Zooming in on the iPhone screen (Zoom mode in the Accessibility menu) prevents you from entering your lock password. It happens.

    Tell us in the comments in what situation Mac FoneTrans helped you (if it helped).

    How to untie (unpair) Apple Watch from iPhone if both devices are in front of you. method 1

    Place both gadgets next to each other;

    Open the Apple Watch application on the smartphone;

    In the window that opens, at the bottom, there will be a menu “My watch”. you should click on it;

    After that, you should click on the item “Apple Watch”, on the next screen, you must click on “i”.

    By clicking on the “Unpair Apple Watch” button, you must confirm the cancellation of the synchronization of devices, after which all data about the watch will be deleted from the communicator.

    How to untie Apple Watch from iPhone (unpair): 3 ways

    If you have a desire to sell your Apple Watch (or pair with another iPhone), then you will certainly face the need to untie the device from the iPhone (break the pair). It is very simple to do this: you just need to perform a number of simple actions, and this can be done even in the absence of a smartphone.

    You may also need to unlink Apple Watch from iPhone if one of the gadgets malfunctions.

    How to untie (unpair) Apple Watch without iPhone. method 2

    It is possible to untie the watch from the smartphone, even if both devices are not close to each other (for example, if the iPhone is lost). To do this, go to the “Settings” application on the Apple Watch (the gear icon), go from there to the “General” section, select the “Reset” menu and click on the “Erase all content” item.

    This action will reset Apple Watch to factory settings (all data will be deleted) and also unpair the existing iPhone pair.

    How to untie (unpair) Apple Watch from iPhone, if the watch has a passcode, but you forgot it

    There is a method to unlink the Apple Watch from the iPhone, even if a passcode was set on the watch, which you accidentally forgot. For this:

    Press and hold the side button until the Off slider appears.

    Press firmly on the Off slider. and swipe up, then the Erase content and settings button will appear on the watch screen.

    Click on the Erase content and settings button and confirm the action. The watch will be reset to factory settings (all data will be deleted), in addition, the Apple Watch will unlink from the iPhone.

    What you need to connect Apple Pay

    • To use the default card, double-click the side button, then look at the iPhone to authenticate with Face ID or enter a passcode.
    • Hold the top of the iPhone a few centimeters from the proximity reader until the display shows Done with a check mark.
    • To use the default card, place your finger on the Touch ID sensor.
    • Hold the top of the iPhone a few centimeters from the proximity reader until the display shows Done with a check mark.
    • Put your Apple Watch on your wrist and enter your password.
    • To pay, double-click the side button on the watch, select the card and bring the Apple Watch to the terminal with the display. The terminal will report the successful completion of the transaction.

    Instructions on how to properly connect Apple Watch to Android device

    Owners of Apple Watch for the initial personalization still need to get a smartphone on Android for a while, from which it is necessary to:

    • install the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS app from Google Play on your smartwatch;
    • while the application is being installed, it’s time to install BLE Utility on iOS.

    After installing all the apps, Apple Watch setup and sync with Android begins. Further connection point by point:

    How To FIX Apple Watch Not Connecting To iPhone!

    • Aerlink must be launched, iOS Service must be activated, and the alert disabled message must be ignored.
    • In the installed BLE Utility program, you will need to open the Peripheral tab and leave the application alone.
    • Open the Aerlink alert on your watch, if it is lost, you must repeat the first paragraph.
    • If successful, the watch will notify you with the appropriate message, otherwise you should repeat the procedure again.

    Follow the steps that apply to your situation.

    If you have an old iPhone and the data hasn’t been erased from it

    Unpair your Apple Watch and your old iPhone. Then choose one of the following options based on when you set up your new iPhone.

    • If you’ve just restored your new iPhone from the latest backup, pair it between the devices. Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are up to date or the backup may not appear in the list. When prompted, choose to restore from a watch backup. The most recent version of Activity, Workout and settings data may be lost depending on when the backup was saved.
    • If your iPhone was backed up a few days or weeks ago and you want to keep as much information as possible, erase your new iPhone. Then transfer content from your old iPhone to your new one. Some data may not be available on a new iPhone. Remember to pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again.

    Sound volume detector

    The microphone of the watch will notify you if you are in a noisy place and may damage your hearing. In case of danger, the body will vibrate. You can also see the noise level in the corresponding application “Hearing”.

    If iPhone doesn’t prompt to use Apple Watch during setup

    Unpair your Apple Watch and your old iPhone, then pair with your new iPhone. When prompted, restore your Apple Watch from a backup. Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are up to date, otherwise the backup may not appear in the list.

    If you don’t have an old iPhone or have data erased from it

    If so, your Apple Watch may still be paired with your old iPhone. To break a pair, follow these steps.

    • Erase data from Apple Watch.
    • Set up your new iPhone and sign in to iCloud. If your device is already configured and signed in, skip this step.
    • Open the Apple Watch app on your new iPhone and pair your watch with your new iPhone.
    • Try restoring from a backup. Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are up to date or the backup may not appear in the list. Data from the Activity app, Workout app, or settings on the watch that have changed since the last backup will be lost. If you are using iCloud with iOS 11 and later, your Health and Activity app data is stored in iCloud and automatically syncs across devices signed in with the same Apple ID.
    • If you are prompted to restore from a watch backup, select the most recent copy.
    • If you don’t have one, you’ll need to set up your Apple Watch as new.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.
  • Start using your Apple Watch with your new iPhone. You may need to wait a few days for all your data in iCloud to be displayed.
  • Description

    Today a new version of the model is available: IWO 11.

    Smart watch IWO 8 is the 2019 version of the analogue of the “apple” brand of the IWO Smart watch line. The closest resemblance to the “apple watch” of the 4th series.

    The IWO 8 watch is endowed with an upgraded processor. The new model has the maximum similarity with the Apple Watch 4 model: displays, button, ceramic heart rate monitor and contactless charging. In contrast, the IWO 6 are very similar to the Apple Watch 3.

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    Smart watch IWO 8 is endowed with animated displays with display on the display: indicators: heart rate, step count and other data. The range of communication with a smartphone via Bluetooth has been improved, in contrast to previous versions. In addition, the stability of the synchronization of the smartphone itself (on IOS or Android) with the IWO 8 watch shell has significantly increased. After synchronization, the clock does not “fly out”, as it was often observed in versions: 4, 6.

    The new model of the 8th version inherited from the 6th version the red button at the end, albeit a modified one, which has an exact resemblance to the apple 4th series. The ceramic heart rate monitor measures the heart rate indicator much more accurately. the pulse. The appearance of the ceramic charging connector with a heart rate monitor is exactly like the Apple Watch 4 series. Charging system. wireless.

    Smart watches IWO 8. the most accurate analogue of the “apple” brand of the fourth series. is indisputable. External resemblance to Apple Watch 4. 1: 1.

    Smart watch IWO 8 have dimensions: 42 35 10.7 mm.

    There are additional straps and bracelets for Smart watches IWO8: made of silicone, leather and metal. Some of the straps can be seen here, but not all available ones are posted on the site yet. ask our sales managers.

    Tracking your menstrual cycle

    Special software appeared in watchOS 6. It allows you to mark the days when your period occurs and receive notifications about the favorable period for conception.

    How to use Apple Watch when you have Android. It’s hard

    There are plenty of discussions on the web about connecting Apple Watch to Android smartphones. It is the most popular smartwatch on the market with a quick interface and a convenient strap replacement system. It’s no surprise that iPhone owners aren’t the only ones who want to wear them.

    But is it possible? Previously, this question could be answered unequivocally. no. Today the situation has changed, and we will give some advice on this matter.

    What features of the Apple Watch will not be available anyway

    Call and write messages from Apple Watch without eSIM and iPhone will not work

    We were unable to access the capabilities of Apple Watch, which use the usual cellular networks. these are standard calls and SMS.

    Nevertheless, today these are not the most demanded features even in smartphones, and there is no need to talk about smartwatches. This nuance can be neglected.

    Choose the latest watchOS 6 watch: Series 3, 4, or 5

    New Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 3, which are still on sale

    Yes, with the release of watchOS 6, the Apple Watch has become a fairly independent device. After installing the update, it is not necessary to have an iPhone in your during regular use.

    One of the features of the new version of the operating system is the built-in App Store, which can be used directly from the smartwatch screen. Any software with its help can be installed on them without the help of an Apple smartphone.

    “Dictaphone”, “Calculator”, “Podcasts”. all these new applications, together with the update, can be tried even on Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 2. But today their power for this is frankly not enough.

    It’s best to stick with Series 3, Series 4 or the new Series 5. you can unleash almost all of their capabilities on watchOS 6 even with a smartphone based on the Android operating system.

    How to connect Apple Watch to Android smartphone

    iPhone 11 will do the job too

    ❶ Activate Apple Watch via iPhone. To use a smartwatch with Android, you can’t do 100% without an Apple smartphone. It is needed for the initial setup of smart watches, updating them, uploading music to them for offline listening through wireless headphones.

    Any Apple smartphone running iOS 13 will work. This version of the operating system is available on iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and newer devices. You don’t have to carry it with you, so it can even be a gadget in an absolutely dead state.

    It’s a pity, but the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 on iOS 12 will work with Apple Watch only on watchOS 5. It is noticeably less independent, so our venture will fail with it.

    iPhone becomes a server for Apple Watch

    Connect iPhone to the network and leave at home. Experiencingly, we managed to find out that you can receive Push notifications on the watch from most applications, even if the iPhone is not nearby. For example, this definitely works with Telegram.

    The iPhone to which the Apple Watch is tied, in this case, acts as a server for notifications. Therefore, it must be connected to the Internet, but it can be hundreds of kilometers away from the smartwatch.

    It can be connected to a power supply and wireless network and dropped into a desktop drawer. There is almost no need to get it out of there.

    Apple Watch connects seamlessly to any Wi-Fi

    ❸ Connect watch to Android tethering mode. Apple started making its smartwatches as self-contained as possible when it added an eSIM to it. It happened on Apple Watch Series 3 in 2017.

    According to the company’s logic, the watch along with the electronic version of the SIM-card can be taken with you where the iPhone cannot. For example, you can safely go to the water park with them, call and correspond without a smartphone.

    It is a pity that eSIM in Apple Watch is still not available with us. Therefore, if the watch is near the iPhone, it uses its mobile data or wireless network connection. If not, connect to Wi-Fi.

    Sharing the Internet on Apple Watch. a matter of a couple of seconds

    If you use Apple Watch with Android, no one bothers you to activate the tethering mode on your smartphone and connect your smart watch to it.

    In this case, you will be able to fully use all applications with access to the Internet, even outside the Wi-Fi network. It will turn out, for example, to listen to music in Apple Music through Airpods.

    Stop! And you can’t officially connect Apple Watch to Android?

    No official connectivity

    It will not work officially. But if you can’t and really want to, then you can. albeit in a roundabout way.

    Officially, Apple smartwatches are only compatible with the iPhone. There is no Google Play and it is unlikely that there will be an application for connecting the coveted gadget to the operating system of the main competitor.

    Apple Watch cannot be connected to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth to receive call and notification notifications, as it does with other smartwatches.

    But how can all this stop you?

    Summing up: what you need to connect Apple Watch to Android

    Apple Watch can be connected to Android

    How To Fix My Apple Watch Won’t Pair With My iPhone [Solved]

    For our venture, we can’t do without an Apple smartphone. An iPhone SE, iPhone 6s running iOS 13, or something newer will do. It is needed for the initial setting of the clock and will become a server for receiving notifications. However, you can leave it at home.

    From Android to Apple Watch without eSIM, calls over cellular networks and SMS will not work. The rest will start without any problems. For applications that need an internet connection, a modem mode from any smartphone is suitable.

    As a result, today the Apple Watch Android bundle becomes one step more possible. It is especially relevant if you just have two smartphones on different systems. Then they will show themselves perfectly together with smartwatches.