An error occured while uploading iPhone photo

Fixing errors when uploading images to WordPress (HTTP Error, etc.)

Today I will consider several situations when you may get an HTTP error when uploading a photo to WordPress, and at the same time I will tell you what to do in this case. This problem occurs immediately after clicking on the “Add media” button on the post editing page or in the “Media” section. as soon as you select the file on your computer that you want to use. In this case, the phrase “HTTP Error” will be displayed in the bootloader window.

Unfortunately, WordPress cannot independently determine what the problem actually is, and therefore shows the general answer. On the other hand, this message also does not tell the user anything in particular. he will have to try several approaches in order to find the correct solution to the problem.

Before considering a little more original options, I will give a couple of common trivial methods for solving HTTP errors in WordPress, which beginners and not only should use the very first.

Hosting problem

First, try uploading the image again after a few minutes. It is possible that at the time of the first attempt, some temporary failures occurred on the server.

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If the glitch is still there, you need to select some other file to add: with a simpler name (without special characters and Russian letters) or in the wrong format (for example, PNG instead of JPG).

Sometimes hosters set a limit on the weight of objects imported to the site. 2MB, 4MB, 8MB, etc. Use the lighter image to retest. Attention! This can be easily fixed by increasing the maximum upload file size.

Unable to Load Video An Error Occurred while Loading a Higher Quality Version of this Video iOS 14.4

When uploading an image to WordPress, an HTTP error can occur when a specific hosting directory does not have write permission. Go to FTP in the wp-content / uploads / directory and then look at the access rights for the folder you need.

If your WP-project places graphics by years and months, then you should check the corresponding address, for example, wp-content / uploads / 2018/10. Adding files to the server is allowed with the value “775” / “777”, while “666” or “664” prohibit this procedure. In the last two situations, simply change the permissions for the corresponding folder.

Software problem

It happens that in a certain specific browser, for some mythical reason, they do not want to execute certain scripts. Either because of their old versions, or because of the installed add-ons, but this sometimes happens. Just try a different browser. Another feature related to the same software is clearing the local cache (it is advisable to check it too).

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The second important nuance in this “subsection” is the old PHP version on the server. WordPress since branch 3.2 requires at least PHP 5.2.4. Check / update this software yourself or contact your host for help.

ImageMagick setup via htaccess

If you enable the GD Library, then by adding a little.htaccess, you will be able to control the use of the server resources by the ImageMagick library. Find the file in the root directory and edit it via FTP by adding the line:

This option forces it to use only one thread to process images instead of multiple connections. This in turn can prevent an HTTP error in WordPress.

If the code above doesn’t help, try another one:

SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPOST Off

# Exclude the file upload and WP CRON scripts from authentication Satisfy Any Order allow, deny Allow from all Deny from none

Increase memory_limit

I highlighted the item as a separate one, since it is often found. our CMS is very voracious to resources.

In general, you need to tweak the wp-config.php file located in the hosting root directory. You write the line in it:

I think a value of 128M for the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT parameter will also be sufficient, especially when using basic modules / themes. Sometimes this code does not work. see how else you can increase PHP Memory Limit in WordPress.

How to activate uploading photos and videos to iCloud (enable iCloud Photo Library) on iPhone and iPad

On an iOS device, go to Settings → Apple ID → iCloud → Photos and turn the iCloud Photos switch to the active position.

Yandex.Traffic jams: how it works and how to use it correctly on a computer, iOS and Android.

error, uploading, iphone, photo stores your entire iCloud Photo Library. All you need to do is go to the appropriate site and enter the username and password from your Apple ID.

Go to from any web browser on any computer.

In the list that appears, select the icon of the Photo web application.

Note: if this is your first time opening your photos in the web version, it may take a while.

IPhone Retouching: The Best iOS Photo Retouching Apps.

How to share a photo or video via

In the Photos app, select a photo or video, and then tap the Share icon (a square with an upward pointing arrow).

Select the service through which you want to share (Mail, etc.).

How to create a double in a photo (clone objects) on iPhone.

How to remove a photo or video from your library

In the Photos application, select the file (s) to be deleted, and then click on the icon with the image of the trash can.

In the menu that appears, click Delete (or Cancel, if you suddenly change your mind).

Photoscan from Google for iPhone, or how to post old paper photos to Instagram without glare.

How to download a photo or video from to your computer

If you need a digital copy of your media “here and now”. just download it from the web version of iCloud. To do this, click on the desired file and click on the corresponding icon, in our case it is a cloud with an arrow down (the button is in the upper right corner). The download will start automatically.

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How to draw, add text and magnifying glass to photos on iPhone and iPad without installing additional applications.

Turn off iCloud Music Library?

It is enough to turn off this item in the settings of all devices that are connected to your media library. But within 30 days, all photos and videos will be stored in the cloud, from where they can be downloaded through the website.

How to view photos in iCloud

Open your browser, go to and sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Click on the “Photos” web application icon.

In the Photos app you will find all the photos and videos uploaded from your mobile device with information about the last time the iCloud content was updated.

  • upload new images from a computer to a mobile device;
  • save photos from iCloud to your PC;
  • delete photos from the iCloud library (and therefore from all devices using a common Apple ID);
  • share media files in and send them by mail;
  • add photos to albums.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question or something didn’t work out for you, and there is no suitable solution in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, ask your question through our help form. It’s fast, simple, convenient and doesn’t require registration. You will find answers to your own and other questions in this section.

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The most attentive users of iOS devices have probably noticed a new item in the operating system settings long ago. iCloud Media Library (Settings-iCloud-Photos). The most risky and advanced are already using this innovation from Apple with might and main, despite the fact that iCloud Media Library is still in beta status! It works fine now, but it will be released from beta status in the final version of iOS 8.3.

What is iCloud Music Library?

What will change in the user’s life if he turns it on on his devices? I will write everything down point by point, so that in the minds of readers everything will fall on the shelves.

ICloud Music Library lets you store all of your photos and videos in iCloud Drive. The key word here is “Everyone”! Let me remind you that by default the system has a photostream that stores only 1000 of the latest photos in the cloud. Also the important word “video”. before this video was stored exclusively on the device on which it was filmed.

The user has the opportunity to store thumbnail copies of photos and optimized videos on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac. Due to this, the user can free up a significant amount of space on their devices. Especially the savings will be noticeable with a large number of photos and videos. But this saving has its drawback. more about it below.

If you transfer all of your iDevices to the iCloud Library, you will get all the benefits of syncing with the cloud (iCloud Drive). Photos and changes in them will appear on all your devices, that is, you have a single media library. A scheme like this: “took a picture on an iPad, edited on a Mac, posted on Instagram from an iPhone” will finally work as it should!

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Due to the fact that an unlimited number of photos will be stored in the cloud, most likely free 5 gigabytes will not be enough for the user. The user will have to switch to paid plans. Now a month. This is not much, and for most users, this number of gigabytes will be enough for the eyes. If not, then the tariffs are more expensive and more serious at your service.

How to fix cannot load photo there was an error loading this photo on ipone and ipad in ios 14

Instead of two albums, Camera Roll and My Photo Stream, in the Photo program, a single album “All Photos” will appear.

The library becomes available through the website anywhere in the world.

Error solution: An error occurred while loading data.

Full error text: An error occurred while loading data. Check your network connection. This error occurs in VK app. The application does not load news, messages and other sections. There may be several reasons for the error:


Find the application in the device settings. Go to the permissions section. In the list, you will see “Memory”. It is necessary to disable this item, restart the phone and enable this item again. An error while loading data could occur due to a glitch with access rights to certain files. cached avatars of your friends and other files.

When you try to turn off this permission, you may see a similar message: “This application was developed for an earlier version of Android. Revoking this permission may cause operational problems.” We select the item “Reject”, because later this item will be turned on again.

If the error still appears, go back to the application settings. The problem may be not only in the absence of an Internet connection, but also in a damaged file in the cache. The application cannot display the page and as a result, it gives a data loading error. First of all, go to the settings, find the application and clear the cache memory.

Clean and try to run the application again.


On Apple devices, most often the problem occurs due to an outdated application. Periodically, older versions of the application are no longer supported. Therefore, first of all, we check for updates. After the update, go to the settings and clear the cache, reboot the device and look again:

Other possible reasons related to the Internet connection:

  • If you are using an older version of the app, please update it. Outdated version may not be supported.
  • Make sure that the Internet connection is stable and there are no traffic restrictions set for the application.
  • Try to go to the site If the site is not available, it is probably blocked by your operator or network administrator (for example, Wi-Fi at your work). Try to switch to another Wi-Fi router or connect via a mobile connection. If access is blocked by the operator, use proxy services.

If you find another solution to the error when loading VK data. share the solution with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.