A horizontal bar appears on the TV screen

Horizontal bar on the TV screen

This type of TV malfunction is perhaps in third place after the line and power supply breakdowns. A narrow horizontal white stripe on the TV screen indicates a malfunction of the vertical scan.

A malfunction such as a horizontal stripe on the TV screen can occur for several reasons:

  • Malfunction of the personnel microcircuit;
  • The capacitors of the strapping of the personnel microcircuit are faulty;
  • There is no power supply for the personnel microcircuit;
  • Annular cracks in the frame scan elements (CR).

It can manifest itself in different ways. it is a bright narrow horizontal strip on the screen or a strip 3-4 cm wide.It depends on which element and which cascade is faulty.

Perhaps you need to start with the simplest, check the microcircuit and its strapping for the presence of ring cracks in the soldering. For some, they appear even after a year of operation (for example, for Erisson), for others after many years, here it is enough to solder the leads to eliminate the malfunction.

Next, we check for the presence of supply voltages. Depending on the microcircuit used, the voltage can be one or two, for example 9 volts and 45 volts. The low voltage feeds the preliminary stage of the microcircuit, and the high voltage feeds the output stage.

The power supply of the KR is mainly carried out from the TDKS, however, there are TVs in which voltages are supplied from the power supply.

Let’s consider the CD of the Rolsen 72FS10T-5 TV on the TDA8356 chip

The power supply of the KR is carried out with a voltage of 16 V (pin 3) and 45 V (pin 6) through break resistors R405. 1 Ohm and R416 22 Ohm. When these resistors break off, a horizontal strip will be observed on the TV screen. A break in these resistors may indicate a malfunction of the personnel microcircuit or some kind of load in the KR. If the resistors are intact, then the microcircuit is most likely alive and it is necessary to change the electrolytes in its strapping.

As I wrote above, a horizontal strip on the TV screen may appear with faulty capacitors in the strapping of the personnel microcircuit. Here, the very first thing you should pay attention to is whether there are swollen capacitors in the power supply of the microcircuit and in the output stage (usually these are large capacitors 1000-2000 uF). For example, let’s take a look at the Rolsen C2135 TV set:

Here we change the main ones: C406. for power supply, C405. voltage boost, C406. The best thing is to check the parts by replacing, but in some cases you can “throw in” an additional capacitance, that is, solder the capacitor and see the result.

When analyzing the performance of the microcircuit, see if there is any damage on the case, and if it is getting hot. You can also check it in this way, evaporate the microcircuit and check the resistance of the power terminals (in this case, 3 and 6) to the negative terminal (case), there should not be a short circuit and too little resistance.

Of course, a malfunction with a horizontal stripe on the TV screen can also occur with the output of other elements, for example, the breakage of frame coils, but they are quite rare and I have never come across.

Why do horizontal stripes appear

The problem that has arisen in the form of horizontal stripes on the TV screen has specific reasons. For example, a narrow white band means that the frame scan is the source of the problem. The problems that caused the trouble could be as follows:

  • Capacitors of the strapping of the personnel microcircuit are damaged.
  • The personnel chip has no power.
  • Cracks have formed in the elements of the RR (frame scan).

If horizontal or vertical stripes appear on the monitor, the following factors may be causing the problem:

  • in case of matrix malfunctions, colored verticals appear;
  • horizontal stripes of different nuances inform about the disconnection of the loop from the matrix;
  • if the matrix makes a mistake, then a thin vertical appears;
  • decoder failure is characterized by black bars;
  • white horizontal means problems with personnel scanning.

In these cases, you need to contact a specialist.

If a narrow white vertical appears on the monitor, this indicates a single matrix error. If the reason is a change in voltage, then after a while the TV is restored and continues the demonstration as usual.

One or more vertical single-color stripes appear due to matrix breakage. A partial repair or replacement of an entire part will help here. Horizontal multi-colored stripes mean that the contact of the loop with the matrix is ​​weakened. Or the connection between them has completely disappeared. To solve the problem, it will be enough to re-solder the contacts.

Horizontal stripes on the TV screen

If streaks appear on the screen, this indicates a malfunction of the TV. It is best to invite a technician who will professionally repair the device. If the owner himself wants to understand the problem, one must not forget about safety precautions.

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Broken frame coils

One of the reasons for the appearance of the white stripe is the breakage of the frame coils. This is a very rare type of malfunction. As a rule, they should be replaced to correct the defect.

Why do horizontal stripes appear on the TV screen? If, near the rations on the socket of the deflecting system, the conclusions “turn off”, they should be restored. This does not require replacement of parts. The wires here are quite thick and rarely break. But turn-to-turn closure requires a complete replacement of the coils. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to find on sale. Therefore, the specialist makes and winds them himself, which is very time consuming and difficult. You should also see if the coils at the terminals are soldered.

Microcircuit malfunction

It is necessary to make sure that there are no ring cracks in the soldering in the microcircuit itself and the strapping. This problem can be the root cause of the problem. If cracks are found, then it is necessary to re-solder the pins of the part.

Then you need to look at the stress distribution. It can be 9 volts or 45 volts, depending on the microcircuit. The component pre-stage is powered low and the output channel is high.

As a rule, the frame scan is powered by the TDKS. But there are TV models that receive voltage from the power supply. So, power is supplied through breaking resistors and is applied to the corresponding inputs. When these resistors break, the TV starts broadcasting a white line. Also, an open resistor may indicate:

  • malfunction of the personnel microcircuit;
  • the existence of any load in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Do you see a horizontal bar on your TV screen? To solve the problem, you need to look for swollen capacitors in the piping, in the output stage, in the power supply of the circuit itself. Usually they have a large capacity: 1000-2000 uF. They can be soldered, or even better replaced.

Decoder malfunctions

The appearance of a white stripe indicates a problem in the decoder of columns (rows) on the matrix. The cause of trouble can be a power surge or a shock during a thunderstorm. If you do not immediately resort to repairs, the bandwidth will increase.

If the decoder malfunctions, it is necessary to change the matrix, and its cost is quite expensive. The part is located on the matrix or on the cable located in front of it. Warming up the junction of the loop with the matrix helps for a short time or does not help at all.

But it is not always necessary to resort to an expensive procedure. Sometimes the problem of horizontal stripes in the TV is:

  • the need to replace the T-KON board;
  • loose position of the matrix cable.

A small surgical intervention will quickly solve the problem.

Possible reasons for the violation of the integrity of the image

First of all, carefully check all connectors. Avoid the possibility of a loose peripheral cable or clogged video output. After that, enter the TV menu and select automatic settings. If stripes reappear on your LCD TV screen, then the problem lies within.

You can observe both vertical and horizontal stripes, which have the same nature of occurrence and are eliminated using the same techniques. It is important to remember that no TV is immune from such problems. Even the top LCD TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips are just household appliances that are subject to both external and internal influences.

External manifestations Probable malfunction
Thin vertical line Matrix error
One or more colored vertical lines Matrix defect
Multicolored horizontal stripes, stains Disconnecting the contact loop from the matrix
White horizontal line Frame alignment defect
Black vertical or horizontal stripes Decoder failure

A narrow vertical line indicates a random single matrix error that could have been caused by an unexpected voltage drop. In this case, it is worth waiting for a while, the strip may disappear by itself.

One or more vertical stripes of a certain color is an indicator of matrix breakage. It is undesirable to delay time, because their number can increase and occupy the entire screen. In case of minor damage, repair is possible, in case of an extensive defect, a complete replacement of the matrix may be required.

Horizontal stripes of different colors, streaks, ripples and screen distortion are the result of loose or missing connection of the contact loop with the matrix. To eliminate the malfunction, you just need to re-solder the contacts.

A thin white horizontal line indicates a frame defect. It can appear due to constant voltage surges, short circuits or lightning discharges, after which the contacts melt, and cracks appear on the microcircuit. The measures to be taken depend on the degree of damage.

Vertical or horizontal black stripes without a single pixel require the most expensive repairs. Usually they mean a breakdown of the decoder, so you have to change the entire matrix completely. Otherwise, these lines will get wider and wider until they finally fill the entire screen.

How to fix the problem with stripes on the TV screen

Stripes on the screen are a symptom of a malfunctioning TV or problems with the incoming signal. According to them, an experienced telemaster can identify and eliminate the breakdown. On the other hand, the stripes on the screen interfere with the comfort of watching movies and TV shows.

The most common causes of streaking are:

  • Problems with the signal source from the repeater or antenna. In the second case, powerful devices next to your antenna, its incorrect installation or configuration are to blame.
  • Cable problems. This is especially true for cable television. A weak analogue antenna signal will rather “make noise” than give bands.
  • Breakdown of the TV. It can be a loose plume, a burnt out or mechanically damaged matrix, etc.
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You can try to fix the first two problems yourself, and it is better to entrust the repair of the device to professionals.

Preventing the appearance of stripes on the screen

Do not worry if streaking occurs on the LCD TV screen. Almost all breakdowns are subject to repair. Fortunately, today the official services of large TV manufacturers. Samsung, Phillips, Sony, PanSonyk, LG. are available in almost all cities of Russia. over, if your device is still under warranty, the repair procedure will cost you completely free. Read also how to independently remove scratches from the screen and check TV for dead pixels.

How to remove stripes?

The presence of any stripes on the screen interferes with the comfortable viewing of films and programs. Corrective actions directly depend on the origin of the problem. So, if the stripes appeared after the TV fell, or as a result of an impact, then in this case, damage to the LCD crystals and their joints, as well as the transparent inner glass, usually occurs. In this case, replacing the internal elements of the matrix will not work. the panel must be replaced completely.

Possible reasons for the appearance

Horizontal and vertical stripes may appear on the TV receiver screen, sometimes various defects may indicate one breakdown. therefore, it is very important to understand as much as possible which bands may occur and which breakdown indicate.

There is no such technique that would be insured against failure of any system modules. Even TVs from world renowned manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Sony break down from time to time. The probable cause of a breakdown can be determined by the nature of the stripes.

A vertically located black bar often indicates the presence of interruptions in the functioning of the matrix. The reason for such an unpleasant phenomenon is most often a sudden power surge. However, there is no need to rush to the service center and even more so to disassemble the TV yourself. It is likely that after a couple of days the malfunction will disappear by itself. you need to disconnect the device from the power supply, and after a while reconnect it.

horizontal, appears, screen

The appearance of one or several dark or light lines appear. the reason for the failure of the matrix. In this case, it is not worth tightening with the repair, since after a short period of time the number of strips will only increase, and their width will increase. If the matrix is ​​not completely broken, then a large-scale repair will still be required. the damage is usually eliminated by a complete replacement of the block.

If distortions appear on the image transmitting device and horizontal colored LED strips appear, then this indicates incorrect operation of the matrix contact loop.

Most likely, the contact has weakened, since if it had completely departed, then the video content would not have been able to broadcast. Usually, such a breakdown is eliminated by re-soldering the contacts or completely replacing the loop with a new one.

A thin, snow-white horizontal stripe that runs at the top of the screen, in the middle or bottom, usually occurs due to problems with vertical scanning. The cause of such a malfunction is usually a short circuit associated with sudden voltage fluctuations. Due to too high voltage, the contacts begin to melt, and the microcircuit becomes covered with cracks.

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The most difficult malfunction is represented by black stripes, regardless of whether they are located horizontally or vertically. Elimination of such a strip requires significant financial investments. Most often, such a defect indicates a malfunction of the decoder, therefore the masters are forced to change the entire matrix. If you do not do this, then gradually the number of black bars will grow, and in addition, they will become wider, making it impossible to comfortably watch television programs and movies.

Stripes from top to bottom in combination with spots of various sizes often occur due to moisture getting inside the TV. in this case, the plasma matrix is ​​destroyed.

Colored lines of a similar direction appear due to corrosion processes that began in the matrix.

If you have problems with contact

As we mentioned earlier, vertical stripes on TV screens often appear due to poor contact quality. Basically, this happens if the TV is initially assembled incorrectly. In addition, it is possible that the owner of the equipment did not follow the rules for operating the equipment. even an incorrect cleaning of the panel often leads to defects.

It is very easy to find out whether it was contact problems that were the catalyst for the appearance of lines. A simple visual inspection is usually sufficient. Any irregularities in the connection points are visible to the naked eye: oxidized contacts look green.

If the wiring is oxidized, then you can clean them with a knife, blade or any other sharpened improvised tool.

Keep in mind: if the scale of the defeat is too large, it will be extremely difficult to cope with such a malfunction. After you remove the plaque, you definitely need to check the voltage, for this, the contacts are called with a multimeter.

Replacing the loop

Another common reason for the appearance of stripes on the TV display is the breakdown of the matrix cable. Such a defect is very easy to identify, for this you need to slightly move the train or slightly press on it. If at the moment of contact the defects disappear, therefore, the cause of the malfunction is diagnosed correctly.

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In order to correct the situation, you should take a magnifying glass, and then use it to find the area of ​​damage to the loop wiring. Keep in mind that it will not be easy to do this. such a repair is a very painstaking and almost jewelry work. The restoration of the coating takes place by heating the contacts to a certain temperature or using a conductive varnish. It is best to entrust this work to professionals, because even the slightest overheating often leads to an aggravation of the problem.

Sometimes it turns out that not only the wiring of the equipment is damaged, but the entire loop. This means that you will have to completely replace this part.

The matrix cable (from the point of view of the TV design) is a hardware connection block. In order to remove it, you need to untwist the television panel and take out some of the parts. Almost all manufacturers install standard fasteners, for this reason, the bolts must be unscrewed strictly against the natural direction of movement of the clockwise. In some models, the connecting cable and related wiring are fixed directly to the cover, in this situation, during the parsing of the TV, remove the parts very smoothly. so that nothing in them is damaged.

In case of damage to the matrix and its components

Suddenly appearing lines also indicate this problem. Such a nuisance, as a rule, appears due to a short circuit or mechanical damage. It so happens that after a couple of days, the stripes pass by themselves, but if 5-7 days have passed, and the defects remain, then this indicates a serious problem with the technique. It is very difficult to replace the matrix on your own, therefore, such repair work should be carried out exclusively in service workshops. However, the cost of such services usually reaches 70-80% of the price of a new TV set. That is why, to begin with, be sure to find out how much the restoration will cost you, and only after that make a decision whether to agree to repair or refuse it. It is possible that service will be simply unprofitable for you.

horizontal, appears, screen

If you notice thin lines of dark color on the screen of a television device, it means that the matrix decoder is out of order. Their width will only increase over time, so there is no need to delay the repair. it is better to immediately contact the masters, and to do this the sooner the better.

In some cases, all conductors are compact and lightweight, so it is likely that during work you will damage one of the existing conductors by careless handling. For work, you will need not only professional skills, but also the appropriate tools: magnifying magnifiers, an IR soldering station and some others.

Stripes and other defects on the screen surface can be the result of both minor and serious breakdowns, so users often face the question of whether it is worth doing repairs on their own. Yes, when it comes to stripping, for example, a cable from the current. But you do not need to replace any important system modules at home. the risk that you will permanently disable the equipment is very high.

In any case, it is wiser to contact a qualified craftsman.


In fairness, we note that the appearance of stripes does not always indicate a serious malfunction and does not mean that the TV should be carried to a professional craftsman as soon as possible. Sometimes they occur due to the user’s negligence, this may be due to dust getting into the device or incorrectly set image settings. Both problems can be solved independently.

In any case, first of all, you should conduct a self-diagnosis.

To do this, go through the menu to the TV settings. Then select the “Support” option. In it, click on the “Self-diagnosis” block. Then it remains only to start testing the image.

If the reason why stripes appeared on the TV screen is of software origin, then the system should be flashed, for this a series of sequential manipulations are performed:

  • connect the TV receiver via cable or Wi-Fi to the Internet;
  • in the opened settings, find the “Support” block;
  • select “Software Update”.

After that, the system will automatically start checking for correct updates. It is imperative to wait until it finishes downloading, as a rule, the time directly depends on the speed of the Internet connection.

After installation, the TV needs to be rebooted.

Stripes on the TV screen: causes and elimination of breakdowns

The appearance of stripes on the TV screen is one of the most common defects, while stripes can have very different directions (horizontal and vertical), as well as differ in color (most often black-and-white, blue, red, gray, almost transparent or multi-colored) In any case, their appearance directly indicates a hardware malfunction of the TV receiver, this may be the result of mechanical shock, short circuit or system failure.

In our review, we will dwell in more detail on clarifying the causes of such breakdowns and give recommendations on what to do to the owner of the equipment if he is faced with such an unpleasant situation.